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154 thoughts on “How Many Tories Can You Fit Round a Small Table?

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  • Herbie

    The Tories shouldn’t win an election in a time of austerity.

    It’s the Lib Dems. The spoiler party.

    They’re the real problem.

    They’ll need to shore up the neoliberal vote, now that the Blairite faction are incapable, and UKIP have been dissolved.

    It’s time people saw these Lib Dems for the political frauds they are.

    • Habbabkuk

      It’s curious to call the Lib Dems the “spoiler” party, isn’t it.

      Of course, they “spoil” things for those who hate the idea that anyone other than the Socialists should form the government.

      But they certainly don’t “spoil” things for the democratic process as such.

      People who seem to believe that there should only be two parties are not much better than those who believe in one party systems.

      I hope Herbie doesn’t belong to the one party crowd.

      Although that would certainly explain a lot.

      • nevermind

        The Lib dems aren’t the spoilers they could have been had they any idea of the implications of a refere3ndum that did not go their way, but after a weeks of speed dating, being hurried up by the offshore enthusiast in the City of London, they barely could raise their wrists to abstain from the issue then.

        This shows us that the Lib Dems had no clue whatsoever of the implications, that they were desperate to go to bed with the Tories and begotten by their big ideas, the perks and power.

        Now they are claiming that the wind has always blown in the direction their flag is waving today, and tomorrow? ah well lets see what the gullible voters will let us get away with.

        3000 jobs sold down the drain in London, EU business that will now be done by Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Berlin or Warsaw. But wail not ye Zebedee’s, more food distribution centres, they are not banks, will open and soon every 2 out of 8 working people will live in low wage poverty, thats taking back control over the increases in suffering.

        • reel guid

          “…EU business that will now be done by Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Berlin or Warsaw.”

          It would be good to add Edinburgh to that list.

        • Sharp Ears

          They colluded in the despoliation of OUR NHS in the passing into law of the Health and Social Care Act, 2012. One of their MPs was even one of Lansley’s ministers – Paul Burstow. Long gone and forgotten. Anne Milton (now dep chief whip) and Simon Burns were the others.

          Did anyone see the first episode of this series on Ch 4 last night?

          ‘That reflected the most disturbing fact of many put forward by this documentary. The NHS is haemorrhaging its future: one in every 10 junior doctors is currently quitting over the demands of a system that’s been pushed to breaking point. That is not only a shocking waste of talent and training but an indictment of those who should be ensuring that the taxpayer money poured into their education pays off in the long run.

          Confessions of a Junior Doctor balanced politics with human stories, and it rang with a truth of experience that no politician’s waffle could hope to counter.’

          ‘Destabilize. Demoralize. Dismantle.’ That is the Tory mantra.

          • Stu

            Anyone who lived through 2010-2015 and believes that the Lib Dems are a progressive option is a fool or a Tory in denial.

          • michael norton

            Tony Blair – Peter Mandelson – Jack Straw – Neil Kinnock


  • Herbie

    This is amusing:


    Bill Gates has invested a few of his billions into a pedagogic system known as Common Core, to be rolled out in public schools across the US.

    Common Core has been attacked for turning children into robotic processors of information, rather than thinking human beings.

    Chris Kendall phones Bill Gates old posh private preppy elite school to see whether they’ll be using Bill Gates’ Common Core.

    • Habbabkuk

      Interesting to see that the above commenter appears to be against billionaires dishing out some of their billions for philanthropic purposes.

      Perhaps he would prefer them to keep every last cent for themselves and their family.

      I imagine that would, on balance, give him even more to complain about.

      Habbabkuk says : be positive about philanthropy, don’t be a wrecker.

    • Stu

      I am skeptical about any political action involving wealth hoarders.

      However Common Core seems to be a positive to response to the Charter School movement which should be opposed at any opportunity. Our current predicament is summed up by a movement driven by billionaires to ensure that poor children are not properly educated.

  • Seersuckers

    Its Bolshevism 2.0 all right, the original Russian version came with its trotskys, the US version now has its chucktoddskys,madcows and mahers, and the UK version its nickrobinsons,sopels and kuennsbergs. You gotta hand to the shull though, regional accents and esler is as well taqqiya as he could ever be, albeit the deep throat give away of the gay cohorts at the Beeb. But really now its all about Bolshevism 3.0, about david milliband, has he completed his tutelage in kissingers charity across the pond, and what will be its next subterfuge? Will it be in time for the upcoming GE?

  • reel guid

    Former Tory MP Mary MacLeod, who lost the Brentford & Isleworth seat to Labour in 2015 has put her name forward for the Tory nomination again this time.

    Londoner Mary has Scottish parentage, was educated at Glasgow University and according to Wikipedia is a member of the Church of Scotland. After losing her seat two years ago she was appointed an advisor to David Mundell.

    If MacLeod returns to the Commons, Mundell loses in DCT and the Tories fail to take a rural seat off the SNP could she be Mundell’s and Davidson’s recommendation to Theresa May as Scottish Secretary?

  • Frank Hovis

    Although I visit this and other sites fairly regularly, I don’t as a rule post comments but the pedant (and cartographer) in me has led me to break with tradition after I read this comment by Zebedee in response to Republic of Scotland:

    [“Only Scotland is tiny, well according to the BBC’s weather map that is”

    The technical term is “Mercator Projection” but you no doubt prefer to think of it as a conspiracy against Scotland.

    Allow me to reassure you that it is simply a matter of translating a globe into a flat map that is easy to use. And no, Marcator wasn’t an English Tory but a Flemish geographer and cartographer. No conspiracy there RoS.]

    It’s not possible for the BBC weather map to use the Mercator projection because Mercator is a “Cylindrical” projection and if you notice, when they zoom out to show more than just the British Isles, the map becomes more and more spherical and shows the poles. With cylindrical projections, the further you move away from the equator, the greater the distortion of the features and at the poles, the distortion becomes infinite and therefore it is impossible to depict them using cylindrical projections. Hence Greenland and Northern Canada and what you can see of Antarctica on a Mercator map look ridiculously large. The BBC map most probably uses an Azimuthal equal area projection. So in fact if the map were a Mercator map, this would have the effect of making Scotland look larger than it really is compared with England, being further away from the Equator. Hope this clears things up and I also hope some of you are still awake after all that.

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