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Jimmy Savile met the Royal family not just on many official occasions, but frequently socially. He was a private Hogmanay guest of the Prime Minister on seven occasions. Of course not only on 31 December, I just think that fact illustrates how close he was.

I do not believe that all of these people knew nothing about his persistent and repeated behaviour.

It is not only that I do not believe they could fail to notice. It is that anyone with that level of frequent access to the Prime Minister, other ministers and Royal family would be checked out by the security services. He would not have experienced full positive vetting (now called direct vetting), but a level of vetting would have been carried out on Savile himself. And many of his friends were subject to frequent direct vetting and it is impossible that a picture of Savile would not have built up tangentially. MI5, Special Branch (now also renamed) and GCHQ have tens of thousands of employees. What do you think these people do all day?

When I passed my last direct vetting, the interviewing officer had spent four months of his life doing nothing but investigate me full time. He noted that I continued to have a rather extensive love life, but as it involved only consenting adults and I did not appear open to blackmail, it was no reason to fail me. We discussed this openly. He concluded by saying – and this may not be 100% his words but it is damn close and the sentiment was certainly this:

“Makes a change to be looking at relationships with women in a Foreign Office case. It’s usually small boys!”

We both laughed. Now I swear to you, at the time I really did think he was just joking. I must have been very naïve.

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  • Republicofscotland

    “The blown out gas well in California was massive yes and they are lucky it didn’t ignite but it was from an underground gas storage site with a safety valve removed to save money. No fracking was ever involved in this case.”


    Squonk yes, you are correct, but I suppose such an incident could happen here if full scale fracking occurs.

    It’s within the realms of possibility for a leak (maybe not as large) to occur. As companies try to drive down costs.

  • Republicofscotland

    “So how did that methane get into the storage tank Squonk, did they have to lure it in with a sweetie?”


    Nice one Nevermind, more frightening though is (UCG) Underground Coal Gasification. Where underground coal seams are set on fire and the residual gases are syphoned off.

    A witches brew of carcinogenic coal tars are produced in the burn cavity, that could leak into the water table.

    The coal seams could burn for hundreds of years destablising otherwise stable areas of land or seabed. Do we really want that in Britain?


  • Suhayl Saadi

    Some of the allegations made by Tom Watson, MP and Simon Danczuk have proven to be dubious and it has been argued politically motivated. This whole area is suffused with agendas (Right, Left, Centre and Other) and possible disinformation of various kinds. There are allegations about some members of Royalty too. There also seem to be various witch-hunts/settling of scores at work. We shall have to await the outcome of the current Lowell Inquiry – this of course means waiting years. That there was abuse has been proven. That powerful people got away with it for decades/forever has been proven. That is was organised, or systematically covered up, by organs of the state has not (yet) been proven. To state the obvious, that is the key question in all of this. None of us really knows. That is why it remains a question.

  • Herbie

    “What it means is the six o’clock news is already split into two equal parts, one for Britain and one for Scotland. The petition is to stop the Nationalists taking total control and having all of it.”

    I see.

    Thing is though, all the UK regions have that.

    Scotland however is a nation rather than a region, and to that end it’s not unreasonable that the national news which currently presents a British national perspective, reflect a Scottish national perspective instead.

    The local half hour would then reflect stories from the different Scottish regions.

    Britain is much too London centric anyway.

  • Herbie

    “One branch of government, the CIA.”

    That’s what happened after 911. The US is going through something of an existential crisis of its own making.

    So the civilian govt has been shoved to the background, leaving the fighty guys to make the plays.

    Scalia’s function, so far as I can see, was to ensure that the Law and Constitution better fitted elite needs of today.

  • Anon1

    I see that hard-left ‘activists’ have been throwing rocks at police in Calais.

    If we had a situation in which 15 million migrants wanted to come to Britain but only 10 million were allowed, this filth on the left would still be engaged in violent protest. They know full well the vast majority of these are economic migrants not refugees.

    As for that twat, Jude Law, who went to do some virtue signalling in Calais while still hungover from the massive house party he threw at his £15 million mansion the night before, he can fuck off too. Or at least take some rocket engineers and poets and 25-year-old children himself.

  • fred

    “So how did that methane get into the storage tank Squonk, did they have to lure it in with a sweetie?”

    What difference does it make?

    It’s how the gas got out of the tank that matters not how it got in.

  • fred

    “Fred that petition had me laughing”

    If you want a real laugh listen to Dr Paul McMuppet on radio Kremlin.

  • fedup

    So how did that methane get into the storage tank Squonk, did they have to lure it in with a sweetie?

    How about getting pumped into the storage facility, from various sources such as LNG carriers, etc?

    The same as in UK we only have a three weeks gas supply stored, and any more than that we have not the facilities for, which is yet another one of the great benefit of privatisations.

    The facility mentioned is cracked and cannot hold the pressure hence the gas leakage. US has lots of money to spend on bombing other countries back tot he stone age and holding a standing army to fight two major wars concurrently, but it has not the money or the will to keep the mundane facilities such as gas storage up to date and safe, and leaves it to the “private enterprise” that is constantly keeping an eye out on the profit margins!!! This the shitty model which is then promoted as the only game in town, any deviances from which is answered by “kinetic force” and to keep the rotten and empirically failed system going at all costs.

  • Doug Scorgie


    29 Feb, 2016 – 7:24 pm

    “What difference does it make?

    “It’s how the gas got out of the tank that matters not how it got in.”


    I believe you have misunderstood the point Nevermind was making Fred.

  • bevin

    ” They know full well the vast majority of these are economic migrants not refugees.”

    Perhaps in light of the past twenty years events in the countries from which most of these people come, you could instruct us on the difference between the two categories?

    Presumably the Irish emigrants who poured out of that country in the 1840s, were economic migrants rather than refugees.

    No doubt the people of Aleppo, pushed over the border into Turkey because they are unwilling to take their chances, under a terrorist government which persecutes all but wahhabi muslims, are economic migrants if they are inclined to work?

    I cannot imagine why, rather than indulge in the grubby vice of racism, Anon 1 does not give thanks that, so far, NATO has not chosen to bomb his city, even though its principals have been hard at work, since the mid seventies, wrecking the economy and eroding living standards.

    There are two aspects to this question: the first is that, however you categorise them, the people living in these refugee encampments are people at the end of their tethers. They would not be there or subjecting their families to the conditions, physical and psychic, which exist there unless they felt that they had no alternative.

    The second aspect is the more general one of economic regulation: any decently run country would begin by refraining from making life unbearable in other countries.

    It would not be providing the Saudi Air Force with cluster bombs and other munitions, or seconded military experts, to bomb the undefended people of Yemen. Nor would it expect the millions it bombs to stay where they are, in place for subsequent air raids. Such a country would disassociate itself from the USA, which is actually re-fueling Saudi warplanes in flight, Turkey, Jordan and Israel who are the sheepdogs behind the flocks pouring into Europe.

    Having done this-which would involve acting really independently, something that UKIP seems averse to doing- it could then, with a good conscience, set out to regulate the economy in the interests of the people it is meant to serve. This would include regulating the flow of migrants. It would also include making arrangements for foreign military personnel to vacate the country, bag and baggage.

  • Squonk


    I help Craig run the site from a server/systems side. I don’t keep up to date in general with what mods are doing.

    To be honest the blog has had/is having far more pressing issues recently with malicious bots for me to be paying any attention to anything other than that. And some of the bots are extremely nasty. There is no doubt that some of them are intentional denial of service attacks and not just broken bots.

  • fred

    “I believe you have misunderstood the point Nevermind was making Fred.”

    What point? I see no connection between the leak and fracking. Despite the weasel words in the article title linked to if you read the article it provides no link between the leak and fracking. Nowhere does it say the leak was caused by fracking, nowhere does it say the gas came from fracking.

    What was your point again?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    29/02/16 2:31pm

    Thanks, Herbie. Yes, I appreciate what you say, but the Dershowitz sideshow is important to me. I am afraid I have a particular dislike for Dershowitz since he did his level best to lie Norman Finkelstein out of a job. I do not trust a single word he says, and I will be watching carefully to see if his evidence regarding Jane Doe No 3 matches up to his bragging, which I doubt.

    If no abuse took place and he is innocent of the allegations, then of course I will accept that and be glad of it, since I think it would be preferable that no abuse happened, and that the allegations are false, than that Jane Doe No 3 was subjected to the ordeals she describes. But if he does end up face first in the doo-doo – well, about time, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Kind regards,


  • BrianFujisan

    Well Done with your energies and time Squonk.. Hope it aint all too stressful for you all.

  • Squonk


    Well I suppose there is some humour in at least one attack bot identifying itself as Windows 98 in the web get requests as it attempts to flood the site. Plus doing other things to make sure it stands out in the logs.

    Logs of what IPs are really criminal attacks on the site are being kept but most just trace back to a known botnet IP or a vps/cloud provider with a reputation for allowing attack bots to run for years as long as the owner pays the bills.

  • defo

    With Boris comparing EU membership like “being like a frog, in a pot you can’t control” (the temperature), it’s difficult to know which numbers to tick of on my Scotref bingo card with his mangling of metaphor.

    Ruled over/ over ruled by lizards we never voted for (time and again across the generations), but the majority shareholders in UK plc did, it tickles to hear old standards such as…

    “I think that there is every chance that the people will see that this is really their chance to get power back from Brussels (Westmidden)” he said.

    “Time for freedom folks is what I would say.”

    Hear hear Boris.
    Frogs ! What a wank.

  • nevermind, mental health is a burning issue

    The facility is leaking gas by the ton, but there are no international agreements on spilling methane of any kind, so they get away with it.

    The abnormalities that govern industrial complexes the vagaries of what is pollution and what is not, are allowed to get out of hand because its the US, one gets away with it, the other gets hammered, and the difference?
    War is the most destructive man made environmental damage and the US is guilty, so who us going to prosecute them? Its OK for them to come and piss all over FIFA, because ‘sucker’ is becoming a popular game in Trumpington, but booohoo, if you want to prosecute the US for polluting the skies with mega tones of the worst gas there is to damage the atmosphere, then take a hike Buster, or we’ll kick your butt.

    with this missive I shall be a good boy and leave you all to steam in the procrastinated vapour of your own making.

    schalf Kindchen schlaf,
    dein Saudi ist ein Schaf,
    dein Cameron ist ein ignorant,
    und der Hunt/d,
    der Hunt/d, d
    er ist ne grosse C..t.

    Trade rounds have always been that, nothing should stand in the way of trade, however dirty it is.

    The Monroe doctrine rules the world, …. or else the Trumps will Trump and the Schmuckmann Sackses will make more wars for profit.

    Not a single well should be drilled for gas or oil after signing the Paris agreement, but I’m sure the Fred’s and Anon’s of this world will find reasons to be primitive and polluting.

    lets be positive, alternative energies are fun, they challenge us to find the right mix for the load that people need, to be sustainable and non [polluting, not just now, but also in future.

    Nuclear energy is lazy, dangerous and unable to cope with the worst case scenario, it has an underlying risk that it will not acknowledge, making it even more dangerous.

    So once the wannabe world rulers have finished with their war mongering in the ME, got some spine and got going on alternatives, we here in Europe can go ahead and provide safe sustainable energy for now and the future, in mutuality with North African States, technology exchange and education in both, they can cap their oil wells and rely on solar energy for their needs.

    Sheep farming will be all the rage in Saudi Arabia again, cause the oil age is passing fast. As the Saudi’s are too daft to operate complicated weapons system for longer than half and hour after they’d heard about it, these vast armouries and weapons bought from us will be sanding up and useless.

    The English forces currently providing the technical, logistical and tactical help, off course they are not fighting, nobody is, they are dropping ordinance on unsuspecting Houti’s, they won’t be in service then because the Saudi regime will inevitably be swept away on a wave of beheading’s, unable to pay their mercenaries, who will go home to live happily ever after in lala land.

    never underestimate the power of deserts.

  • nevermind, mental health is a burning issue

    ha ha ha freedom, haha yes its such a hilarious long term wishful thinking, hahahaha, its funny as fcuk.

    But I agree Time for another slogan, like, ‘sleep is good for you’ unless its forever, too long is defo not good for us, its worth bothering coming back from it, unless you year for real freedom.

  • RobG

    Squonk, what you’re saying is perhaps total BS. Nowadays it’s very easy to protect against DOS attacks, particularly if you have a large database of regular users.

    It’s all part of the fairy tale of the ‘security state’, to enslave us.

    I wonder who ‘Squonk’ works for…

  • RobG

    And Squonk, perhaps you can explain your .tk and what’s that all about?

    My web space sits on a very long established .com, and I also have a .fr. Both domains are very well respected (and a .fr is not easy to get).

    I’m not criticising you: just curious about the .tk stuff.

  • Squonk


    Yes and if Craig is willing and able to pay for a totally DDOS protected site then ultimately that may have to be done and yes costs and options are known. Right now it runs at relatively low cost on a more than adequate server for normal traffic but does does simply not have the resources to easily handle determined attackers bots or humans. And of course there are various rules enforced at firewall. The site wouldn’t be online at all otherwise.

    There was a free google service that provided a free ddos protected website and this blog was signed up to it for use in emergency and was tested with it. Google have withdrawn the service.

  • Squonk

    tk domains are free. That’s why I use it. We’re all volunteers that help Craig run the website not highly paid GCHQ employees whatever you think.

    I’ve known Craig since University days and simply ended up helping when he had to move off the previous server as they were exiting the hosting business.

  • fedup

    Nevermind I enjoyed your poetical outburst quite an apt poem indeed.

    You have hit the nail on the head.

  • RobG

    Will the Mods allow me to thank Squonk for his/her honesty?

    I like Squonk.

    I dislike censorship of any kind.

  • giyane

    I see we’re still talking about US tanked-up sex, in the form of zionist Jimmy Savile.
    Israel is a satellite of the US and a laboratory of how far you can leave the commands of God and still claim a religious identity. The sexual deviants known as candidates for Presidency of the US, Trump and Clinton, are an experiment in how far you stretch popular consent towards evil byu throwing money at it.

    Islamic state is a USUKIS project along the same lines. For hundreds of years Muslim countries have respected religious difference, but now that the US considers that it owns Eye-rak the experiment of how far you can push Islam towards the opposite of God’s commands has started. nobody should be in any doubt that this is a US experiment.

    there is here a fundamental misunderstanding of how God;s system works. God doesn’t ever say, through any of his prophets peace be upon all of them equally, that the rich are endowed with wealth because of their personal qualities, only that wealth is a test alongside many other tests.

    God doesn’t say that he will necessarily punish those who deviate from His commands in this life. No, they are left , with warnings, to push their disobedience as far as they see fit. if they want to come back from it, they can. If they want to continue it or up it they can. The day of judgement is the day of gnashing of teeth.

    let’s get one thing straight, on the day of judgement you will not be able to hide behind the excuse that the CIA allowed you to sexually deviate, whether you are a Trump or a daesh mass raping yazidi girls. You are categorically not allowed to worship, i.e. obey the CIA. It’s the CIA that rewards you you in this life, God is the owner of the day of judgement.

    savile’s crime is not sexual perversion, in the eyes of Islam. Savile’s crime is reliance on temporal power to cover up his perversions. The only unforgiveable crime in Islam is refusal to worship/obey God. craig loves his consensual acts, as if consensuality somehow legitimises things. if torture was consensual, would it be legitimate. in many cases it is consensual, because the tortured person is an agent of the CIA and serving their purposes. They know that CIA is their God and will reward them with power and wealth.

    Let’s get it absolutely straight once and for all, God states in the Gospels and the Qur’an that you cannot serve 2 masters, you do not own 2 hearts. If your God is MI% or CIA you cannot serve God. There is no such thing as political Islam. it is a contradiction in terms. All there is is MI6/CIA dirty politics using the slogan of Islam and Islam. 2 completely different phenomena, with 2 completely different outcomes.

    Thanks for not listening.

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