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Jimmy Savile met the Royal family not just on many official occasions, but frequently socially. He was a private Hogmanay guest of the Prime Minister on seven occasions. Of course not only on 31 December, I just think that fact illustrates how close he was.

I do not believe that all of these people knew nothing about his persistent and repeated behaviour.

It is not only that I do not believe they could fail to notice. It is that anyone with that level of frequent access to the Prime Minister, other ministers and Royal family would be checked out by the security services. He would not have experienced full positive vetting (now called direct vetting), but a level of vetting would have been carried out on Savile himself. And many of his friends were subject to frequent direct vetting and it is impossible that a picture of Savile would not have built up tangentially. MI5, Special Branch (now also renamed) and GCHQ have tens of thousands of employees. What do you think these people do all day?

When I passed my last direct vetting, the interviewing officer had spent four months of his life doing nothing but investigate me full time. He noted that I continued to have a rather extensive love life, but as it involved only consenting adults and I did not appear open to blackmail, it was no reason to fail me. We discussed this openly. He concluded by saying – and this may not be 100% his words but it is damn close and the sentiment was certainly this:

“Makes a change to be looking at relationships with women in a Foreign Office case. It’s usually small boys!”

We both laughed. Now I swear to you, at the time I really did think he was just joking. I must have been very naïve.

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  • nevermind, mental health is a burning issue

    If someone plans to kill people, for political or other reasons, s/he is called a terrorist. We do not know whether Saville has killed anyone, all we know that there were 72known victims.

    A terrorist would have most of his friends, family and acquaintances monitored and investigated. The BBC investigated itself, virtually, people who worked with that criminal were allowed to give Dame Janet a description of what they were doing at the time.

    Old mark is right when he says that there were loads of others. I had to adjust my thoughts about John Peel somewhat, in my youth he saved me from Schlagermusic, the German version of the worst of pop, his dj-ing was excellent. That he was accused of paedophilia after his death, surprise surprise, hit many, but, what did the BBC know about him? what did the security services know of him?, because he used to work for BFBS for years.

    I will never believe that they have not been complicit in some of the cases and could not care whether its broken up or privatised.

    In its current state its too unwieldy, too big to be privatised, but I’m sure that its components are juicy targets for anyone to pursue.

  • nevermind, mental health is a burning issue

    Forgot to say between paragraph 2 and 3 that, all those other friendships he kept amongst the great and good, the royals, the hospital watchmen, the doctors he dealt with, the people he met in places like Haute de la Garenne, are they all on Dame Janet’s list? or was her remit solely focusing on the BBC?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    29/02/16 12:15pm

    “t is important to stress that Chapter 5 is not intended to be a comprehensive account of Savile’s sexual activities. My Terms of Reference limit my scope to matters connected to the BBC. The Metropolitan Police report into Operation Yewtree suggests that only a small proportion of Savile’s victims came into contact with him through the BBC.”

    Dame Janet Smith’s report

    Kind regards,


  • John Spencer-Davis

    Allegations of sex abuse against Alan Dershowitz regarding association with Jeffrey Epstein

    Just a note on the current state of play regarding these proceedings as I understand them. If anyone has more recent information I would be grateful for an update.

    Jeffrey Epstein was convicted and imprisoned by a Florida state court in 2008 of procuring an underage girl for prostitution. In exchange for his guilty plea, federal prosecutors agreed not to bring federal charges against him.

    That agreement was challenged by lawyers Paul Cassell and Brad Edwards acting for two of Epstein’s alleged victims. Two more victims sought to join that legal challenge, one of whom (Jane Doe No 3 [Virginia Roberts]) alleged that she was forced into sex while under age with both Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew.

    Dershowitz strongly denied the charges and accused Cassell and Edwards of deliberately filing false evidence, stating that he would seek to have them disbarred.

    Judge Kenneth Marra dismissed the moves to have Jane Does 3 and 4 join the lawsuit, and stated that the allegations against Prince Andrew and Dershowitz were irrelevant to the decision and that he made no judgement as to their truth. He did not support any move to disbar Cassell and Edwards.

    Cassell and Edwards have filed a suit for defamation against Dershowitz and Dershowitz has filed a countersuit. That seems to be where we are at the moment.

    What I find curious is that in Dershowitz’s repeated public denials he has stated that he has irrefutable documentary proof that the alleged associations between himself and Jane Doe No 3 are impossible, since he can prove that he was elsewhere at the relevant times. In which case it should be an easy matter to demonstrate this to a court, right? Dershowitz seems strangely reluctant to do this, given his previous bellowings of righteous denial.



    I will be really interested to see how this plays out. Tamara Tabo (first link) is doing a good job of following this up.

    Kind regards,


  • fedup

    Even John Lydon was choosing his words carefully regarding Seville, just shows the power the BBC had at the time.

    He got banned from the beebeecee radio for his audacity of hinting at ; “all sorts of seediness” as he states in this clip


  • Herbie


    Important to remember that the case is primarily about Epstein’s plea deal and the secrecy surrounding it.

    Dershowitz was one of Epstein’s lawyers.

    So, the spat between Dershowitz and the girls lawyers seems something of a distraction to the main event.

    You’d have to wonder why Dershowitz involved himself the way he did, though he certainly has an interest in ensuring that details of the plea deal are not made public.

    Prince Andy and Dershowitz were not being investigated in this court action, but there was an enormous amount of media publicity about them and Clinton, Trump etc.

    Since the court isn’t loking at these issues it can make no determination about them, so anyone reading media will have thought that since nothing has happened in terms of these alegations then there must be nothing to them.

    But, all the court’s looking at is whether or not the plea deal should be opened and re-examined.

    One suggestion is that Dershowitz was looking to distract but miscalculated.

  • Herbie


    It’s certainly important to make the distinction between pimp and punter.

    Which you did.

    Certainly the pimps and procurers, particularly when working with state agencies, are the much greater threat to society.

    It’s hard to know with Savile, but as you say other cases are much more clear cut.

    I think by looking at the patterns in the clear cut cases, we arm ourselves with templates for looking at cases were there’s much less detailed evidence available.

  • Herbie

    It’s probably worth looking at the Hastert case for clues to how things work in the field.

    Hastert seems much more punter than procurer, but he was the US Speaker during a rather turbulent period in US history, 1999-2007.

    So, someone will have had quite a lot on him, going way back to the 60s/70s/80s when he was a high school teacher, games coach and scout leader.

    Seems he was eventually done for some financial irregularities, rather than what some suggest are the more serious charges he ought to have faced.

    FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, has personal knowledge of the affair and has been banging on about it for months now:


  • fedup

    The case of historical amnesia striking yet again!!!

    Savile had the run of the Broadmoore having a room of his own there, and keys to get in and out of there. Dose that not strike an odd chord with anyone?

  • nevermind, mental health is a burning issue

    Thank you for your clarifying words JSD, but everything that is connected to his life should be open and unfettered access by now, and it is not.

  • Windy Miller

    There would have been many hundreds of people that knew of the depraved behavior of Saville, but actually putting your own neck on the line to report one the countries top Charity supporters and top TV stars would have been a brave thing to do (albeit the right thing to do).Sir Rodger Jones came close but he even he wouldn’t make the accusation public. How did the papers not know anything!?


    All this makes me think of whistle blowers today and how they put their own careers and well-being to one side when raising wrongs. Brave people in deed.

  • fedup

    There would have been many hundreds of people that knew of the depraved behavior of Saville, but actually putting your own neck on the line to report one

    One theory!

    Although the fake sheikh used to go find the evildoers and set up a sting for the news of the world the defunct title that the al suad pederasts paid for and Murdoch shut it down to stop the shit hitting the fan and now everyone is smelling of roses and no one has pointed any fingers that they ought not have!!!!!

    Let’s face it the evil ring master was protected and he is now uncovered because dead men don’t wear plaid!!! His insurance was he knew who was up the chimney sweep boys? The dead beat pervert zionist tosser gamed the system and system was tolerant of him for his entertainment value (whatever that may prove to be).

    All the journalists in all the tabloids just had no idea as did the beebeecee top execs; had no idea!

  • Republicofscotland

    The Tories loathed “bedroom tax” goes before the UK’s top court today on the grounds that it unjustifiably discriminates against disabled people.

    It is hoped the three-day hearing before seven judges at the Supreme Court will bring an end to the hardship endured by disabled people since the spare room subsidy for Housing Benefit was removed in 2013.

    The UK is the first country to be investigated by the UN Committee on the ground there is reliable evidence of grave and systematic violations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

    Yet Westminster is prepared to spend £167 billion pounds renewing Trident.


  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile when asked three times if the LibDems would pay self confessed liar Alistair Carmichael’s legal fees, of £150,000 pounds, LibDem leader Tim Farron refused to answer.

    Carmichael is still being investigated by Kathryn Hudson, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, over allegations that he breached three sections of the House of Commons Code of Conduct.

    The self confessed liar still hasn’t declared £15,000 worth of donations to the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.

  • The Finders

    [ Mod: Caught in spam-filter. Timestamp updated. ]

    @Herbie, the interesting thing about Hastert was his number three position in presidential succession. Since 9/11, Continuity of Government makes it official who runs the government.. this guy:


    That’s why a heartbeat-and-a-half away from the presidency was a petrified pedo shnook whom you can destroy with a word. Think it’s any different now? Scalia’s tragic death tidied up the pedo-kompromat loose ends, like stoolie Stirling David Allen. This election season Brennan will be busy at Mount Weather blackmailing or eliminating prospective electoral figureheads. By the time somebody gets installed as president, they will understand perfectly that they’re a puppet ruler. Even Trump will get it through his thick skull.

    The one new factor is that Russian intelligence is fighting this cold war by exposing and denouncing the crimes of the CIA regime. They have suspended the gentleman’s agreement. So Brennan needs firmer control – greater repressive capacity and more intrusive surveillance.

  • Squonk


    The blown out gas well in California was massive yes and they are lucky it didn’t ignite but it was from an underground gas storage site with a safety valve removed to save money. No fracking was ever involved in this case.

  • Herbie


    “That’s why a heartbeat-and-a-half away from the presidency was a petrified pedo shnook whom you can destroy with a word.”

    Yeah, that and control of Congress.

    Useful puppet during what may otherwise have been a rather difficult transition in the US locus of power.

    I thought Scalia’s jurisprudence was of assistance to elite interest, no?

  • nevermind, mental health is a burning issue

    So how did that methane get into the storage tank Squonk, did they have to lure it in with a sweetie?

  • philw

    Savile evidently wasn’t just a JimmyPage-style opportunist. But it seems much more likely he was protected and given the opportunities because of what he knew about other paedophiles in high places (Home Secretary??) than that he was himself a pimp.

    Savile is being used as a distraction again though. Ranks are being closed around the VIP paedophiles, and a counter-offensive against their accusers is under way, as can be seen in the Leon Brittain case.

    Democracies are peculiarly vulnerable to the creation of a blackmailable ruling class – bound together by shared secrets. Where better to develop these than at Public schools? What do the leadership of political parties look for from potential parliamentary candidates if not malleability and loyalty? Who is more biddable than the person with secrets they do not wish to see revealed?

  • Herbie

    “A petition against the government taking control of the BBC and turning it into a state propaganda machine.”

    It’s been that since at least the Kelly affair.

    What you mean is that the SNP wish it to be less a Westminster puppet.

  • John Goss

    Here is a petition that everybody who believes in the truth can sign. The Dutch government and Ukraine are covering something up about the downing of MH17 (probably I suspect because it was fired upon by one of the fighter jets seen on radar to be tracking the passenger plane). But because I don’t know that I would like to see a public inquiry. Even those who believe (without any evidence) that Russia shot it down would presumably want to get at the truth. So perhaps they will sign too. The petition was raised by a concerned Dutch citizen.


  • The Finders

    Herbie yeah, well, congress has pretty much been negated, Haven’t they? They beg for scraps of info from intelligence agencies and get ignored. Humiliating job. They’re now just bagmen for institutionalized graft. When Comey wanted to codify ubiquitous surveillance, he didn’t waste his time with congress, he just went to a judge.

    Turns out Scalia was more than just a crook on the take. It seems he was quite a big wheel. Some interesting tidbits about his role:


    Scalia was the keeper of adverse information, the blackmail commissar. He knew the skeletons in your closet, he has the semen stains you left on little diddum’s tighty-whiteys.

    Of course the SCO knows it all too, having lifted the adjudication records at OPM, including the odd instances of ‘whole person’ forbearance that were Scalia’s stock-in-trade. These curious proceedings will find their way to Mónica Pinto, Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Judiciary/Pages/IDPIndex.aspx and explode one last tenet of US state religion. Fake courts, fake legislature, fake heads of state. One branch of government, the CIA.

  • fred

    “What you mean is that the SNP wish it to be less a Westminster puppet.”

    What it means is the six o’clock news is already split into two equal parts, one for Britain and one for Scotland. The petition is to stop the Nationalists taking total control and having all of it.

  • Ben-Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of Feminism

    Heh. “We demand that all Nations be trnasparent…”

    John; How can we make governments fear their people, instead of the lop-sided alternate?

    Or rather…how do we wake the People from their slumber?

  • Republicofscotland

    “What it means is the six o’clock news is already split into two equal parts, one for Britain and one for Scotland. The petition is to stop the Nationalists taking total control and having all of it.”


    Fred that petition had me laughing, Habb and Anon1 have more chance of growing a conscience than the SNP have of controlling the BBC in Scotland.

    A Scottish Six news programme was touted years ago, they even made a pilot, the feeling was it was very good. The result London binned it.

    During the Scottish referndum and the Commonwealth games London parachuted presenters into Scotland the BBC cannot and will not allow the London concentric view to be diluted.

    Ken McQuarrie is a London puppet, broadcasting really needs to be devolved.

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