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At 8.30pm tonight I am going to have a streamed live chat with Independence Live, on various subjects including of course Scottish Independence. It is interesting because they are setting it up using Blab, a programme which enables you to appear and join in the conversation. This is experimental for me. I believe that you may need a twitter account to sign in to blab and join in, but that you should be able just to watch on the Independence Live website without signing in. I am investigating if it will be possible to stream it on this site as well.

If we like the technology, I might use it to host a series of chats on this site, where I sit down with a whisky in hand and ruminate, and you can pop up and join in.

Join the Blab!
This is a livestream, Blab interview. If you would like to jump on and join the panel then follow the link below. You will need your Twitter login details to join panel, or you can just observe. https://blab.im/independence-live-craig-murray-interview

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  • Herbie

    The point about Prof Evans is that unlike you habby, he acknowledges conspiracy and is prepared to debate the particulars.

    Your clique insist that all conspiracy is fantasy and are incapable of much more than childish smear.

  • Chris

    “I might use it to host a series of chats on this site, where I sit down with a whisky in hand and ruminate, and you can pop up and join in.”

    Would be wonderful.

  • Chris

    I know it’s not polite to comment on other people’s habits, but from my occasional visits to the comment sections, Habbab usually appears once the main topic has been negated and it’s about to turn into “he said, she said” and the thread dissipates. On this thread he was straight in from the start and regular and full rebuttal loaded.

    If Habbab is attacking, then I guess that I’m 99% going to be in favour.

    Roll on.

  • RobG

    Craig, it’s your party, and so I’m not going to argue with you. I’ll just take this photo, which shows four people…


    How do we account for the fact that the shadows from these four people go in different directions?

    Photo shopping does not necessarily prove a false flag/hoax, but perhaps at the very least we need to ask why such photos are being photo shopped in the first place?

    These are the sort of questions that sentient beings everywhere are asking (about all these ‘events’), and politicians are not answering them.

    Paris, a busy Friday night in November, and ‘terrorist attacks’, yet none of it captured on mobile phone footage posted on the likes of YouTube, other than a very small number from official channels. Does this defy belief?

    In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks last November, a state of emergency was declared in France. Amongst other things, the state of emergency gives special powers to security services and police to act without judges’ approval or judicial oversight, to carry out night raids, and to place people under house arrest. President Hollande wants to write the state of emergency into the French constitution, to make it permanent. The state of emergency was due to expire last month, but instead of making it permanent the National Assembly have voted to extend it by another 3 months…


    I would have laid even money on Britain to become the first full-blown police state in western Europe (particularly reading some of the posters on this board). Now I find myself living in a country, France, that was the seat of western enlightenment and democracy that is now a vassal of a fascist and shabby and totally corrupt United States of America.



  • Anon1

    Sounds exciting, Craig. But be warned you are going to attract a fair few of the window-lickers from the blog.

  • deepgreenpuddock

    there must be a spectrum( Matrix?-oops not THE Matrix-just a three dimensional spatial concept’.) of activities in which random highly unpredictable events collide with partially and fully planned and manipulated events. And many ‘events will have ‘manipulated’ components. Syria seems like a perfect example of miscalculation, unpredictable or random factors or events. I do not doubt that there were high level diplomatic and security discussions with many of the actors in the Middle east and game playing exercises and intelligence exchanges and intelligence manipulations of various sorts ( mis and disinformation) and bribery and no doubt other promises and suggestions of promises and benefits and so on and so on but , despite all that it does that it does not quite make a ‘conspiracy’ it is an activity and discourse system, certainly held in secret but with some pretty clever people sniffing around revealing tantalising parts of it. Much is also possible by human intuition and intelligence(IQ meaning), which is an incredibly powerful weapon.
    I also think that the human mind is high;y attuned/adapted to seek out causation and association.So partial accounts of ‘events are likely to be filed in by quite intuitive people seeking understanding of a very confusing modern world.
    could it be that that partial information is a situation that has become much more obvious or prominent in the era of the personal telecomms revolution of the last few years. I suspect we are (many of us) reeling psychologically from that dramatic development.
    I always remember reading Crime and Punishment and Dostoyevsky had intuited the lethal effects of tobacco a hundred years before anyone dared to question negatively, the harmful health effects of tobacco. Most people were so addicted that they immediately adopted denial at the thought of agreeing with nagging doctors. It was a torture to the average addict t think of life without tobacco. They immediately feared a separation from their psychological prop.
    I imagine that the beneficiaries of tobacco production (farmers and fag companies ) would be in instant agreement about denying the negative effects because there was likely to be a cataclysmic effect on their whole working assumptions and sources of lucre. If anyone knows an alcoholic and has raised the matter with them i would be prepared to bet that they had received a tirade of semi-abusive denial of the problem.
    The question of whether fags cancerous effects was a ‘conspiracy’ is tricky because there may well have been an arrangement between actors in the activity system to ‘deny’ and cooperate but that is no different to many an activity-although there obviously comes a point where such behaviour veers into criminality and immorality.

  • RobG

    4 Mar, 2016 – 7:42 pm

    In part of your long, paragraph-free post you seem to be saying that the security services are ‘clever’.

    They are not. They are a bunch of psychos, loons and thickos, who will all end-up in jail.

  • Herbie

    Sure. People make assumptions about how things work.

    People make common sense assumptions about how banking works, how money works and so on.

    Problem is, invariably these common sense assumptions are incorrect.

    How do you remedy that.

    1. You inform yourself how banking works.

    That information is available on central bank websites.

    2. With this new information, you then ask yourself, what are the expected effects in the economy over time, given that banking works in these non-common sense ways.

    No need for speculation.

    Just the facts and time.

    The problem is that people have forgotten how to research issues, if they ever knew.

    This isn’t helped when media continually reinforces their naivete.

    Wouldn’t matter so much, but banking determines much of what passes for the problems in the world today.

    People will look at these issues in an isolated way, completely failing to understand the underlying determinant.

  • Republicofscotland

    “The question of whether fags cancerous effects was a ‘conspiracy’”



    Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT.


    Bottom line don’t smoke.

  • Herbie

    “They are a bunch of psychos, loons and thickos”

    The system does prefer such types, but generally as assets.

    “who will all end-up in jail.”

    In what scenario will they end up in jail.

    In my experience they generally do not end up in jail, unless they transgress elites.

    Loyal servants are protected.

  • Republicofscotland

    “I also think that the human mind is high;y attuned/adapted to seek out causation and association.”



    Speaking of attuned it is said that humans are attuned to Res-Schumann frequency a (ELF) of the earths magnetic field, which resonates at 7.83 Hertz.

    Maybe that’s why we feel better when we hill walk of get out of the city into the wilderness, cities are clogged up with all kinds of waves.

  • lysias

    To quote Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations: “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.”

  • lysias

    They have to go after a few loyal servants to keep the rest of them on their toes and duly obsequious.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    Oh Wow…

    I would love to…but I haven’t had a bath yet and am just eating my Curry…

    How long are you doing it for…

    My Lad is taking us to the pub at 9:15…and they don’t do Internet there…well you might get a few bits

    Its an internet blind spot…

    and anyway…what the fuck could I say???

    Look if anyone sticks a microphone in my gob I will make no attempt whatsoever to suppress my Lancashire Working Class accent…

    “But this is being Broadcast Live…via The Mainstream…”

    OK – Ask me a Sensible Question…and I will try and give you a Sensible reply.


  • John Spencer-Davis

    Can’t make this one unfortunately – just having dinner with the family.

    Hope it goes well. Does it get recorded so we can hear it later?

    Kind regards,


  • Uphill


    “BTW would you like to make Pete happy by giving us your real name?”

    Anyone who has been around a bit should know, would have thought it’s obvious. Ishmael.

    And did I say I was bitter? No, i’v just come to better understanding. I don’t like it, or think it helps the blog. I know your fine with it, It illuminates my point, people like you have a field day on here, venal enough to work with the anal rules.. People with some self respect don’t post much. If it was better I think you’d be largely drowned out. And so you should being a tiny minority.

  • Herbie

    “They have to go after a few loyal servants to keep the rest of them on their toes and duly obsequious.”

    That’s more your simple dictator model, where coups are a constant threat.

    Not needed in the more complex, self-sustaining heirarchies.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Craig, I recognise your intonation…you did Scottish accent really well for the firs minute…but now you are slipping back into Posh English.

    I am listening To Free – Heartbreaker – whilst listening to you.

    Now, I have to have a Bath

    Tony xx

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Can someone do the Transcript…this is getting very intersting but I really do have to have a bath and go out

    Brilliant stuff xx


  • Anon1

    We need live comments for this. I haven’t had such a thrilling Friday night for decades.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “People with some self respect don’t post much.”

    I hope the vociferous Excellences and their hangers-on have noted that.

  • RobG

    Craig, kudos on you for doing this livestream.

    You are not a Corbyn or Sanders; you’re not trying to change it from within, and thus are not restrained.

    Just tell it how it is. You’re an establishment insider. You’ll get more respect/support if you stop pussyfooting around.

    They might assassinate you, but the more support from real people you get the more safer you’ll be.

  • Uphill

    Well Habba, It just seems logical, unless your a “Craig supporter” I don’t see why anyone would put up with being so controlled. Made to conform as all are.

    btw, what’s your name, i’m sure it would make us all happy to know, in fact I don’t think you’d post much if we could put a name/face to the comments. Go on, bring delight to the blog..

  • Herbie

    UK courts now resemble those in dictatorship Nigeria and Nazi Germany.

    Good point!

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