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Nick Cohen is paid a great deal of money for publishing hate speech, and he has just published his most hate-ridden piece yet. It is hate-ridden because it is about the question of Israel, without including one single word of concern for the plight of the Palestinians or one single mention of Israeli occupations, land grabs, shootings and bombings. Cohen shows massive concern for British Jews whose collective feelings he claims were terribly hurt by the election of Jeremy Corbyn. [No, honestly, he really does say that, read his article.] He shows no concern whatsoever for the Palestinian children who get shot or beaten by occupying Israeli forces every single week.

Cohen is hate-filled also in what he says about Stephen Sizer, the Anglican cleric who campaigns for the rights of Palestinians.

Cohen describes Stephen as “an Anglican cleric who linked to extremist sites that blamed Jews for 9/11, and his defence of an Islamist who recycled the libel that Jews dined on the blood of Christian children from the bottom of a medieval dung heap.”

But as Cohen in fact knows extremely well, the Islamic cleric in question, Raed Saleh, consistently denied saying anything of the kind, and a British court determined that he should not be banned from the UK. This was rather a campaign against Saleh by one of Cohen’s fellow pro-Israeli propagandists.

For Cohen to continue the campaign against Saleh is hate speech. It is deliberate Islamophobia. It is astonishing that he is allowed to do this in corporate media.

The other point he makes against Stephen Sizer is also a deliberate misrepresentation. Cohen says Sizer “linked to extremist sites that blamed Jews for 9/11”. Cohen knows that the article to which Sizer linked was perfectly respectable. Elsewhere on that website there was indeed objectionable material which Sizer had not seen. It is a mistake which every blogger has made, including me, and Stephen has apologised for it.

I know Stephen Sizer and travelled to Baghdad with him a couple of years ago. Stephen does not have a racist bone in his body and for Cohen to claim otherwise is absolutely disgusting hate speech.

Note that Cohen does not name Sizer and Saleh. He calls them an “Anglican cleric” and an “islamist”. This is because Cohen is not only a liar, he is a coward. If he named them he could be sued for libel.

Personally I do not believe Israel should exist. I do not want a two state solution. I see Israel pursuing the same policies as apartheid South Africa, only with more violence, and I view the “two state solution” as a repeat of the Bantustan policy. I wish to see a single state in Palestine where all who currently live there are welcome and all are equal, whatever their religion or race, in a single democratic and secular state.

Nick Cohen will tell you that is anti-Semitism. But then Nick Cohen hates me. He hates anybody who speaks the truth about Israel.

This post was updated more accurately to reflect the tribunal ruling

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352 thoughts on “Nick Cohen’s Hate Speech

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  • Tony_0pmoc


    Stop it – or wear a bullet proof vest. You are not allowed to write that on your blog.

    “Personally I do not believe Israel should exist”

    What on Earth are you thinking? You will be doing 9/11 next.

    Be careful.


  • Aidworker1

    Great Post Craig,

    This is also on the Guardian today:

    This deliberate conflation of Zionism and Jewishness is gaining force. I think this is a reaction to the fact that more and more people are realising the injustices of Palestine.

    As it now stands I quite agree there can never be a 2-state solution. You and I are old enough to remember South Africa and, one day, believe the same will happen here.

    • Sunday Singh

      Axis of evil: US/UK/Israel. How much murder, mayhem, destruction they have caused.

  • bleb

    2nd para – should this read “Nick Cohen is hate-filled also in what he says about Stephen Sizer, …”

    NOT “Corbyn is hate-filled also in what he says about Stephen Sizer, …”


  • Tony_0pmoc

    Technical problem – though I do like the look and feel…

    Your Reply function doesn’t seem to do anything…anyhow this is a reply to


    We should have been there….but we did watch it live on TV

    In retrospect, I think we were all a little bit innocent then…yet political movement worked, the Fascists hadn’t completely taken over then and the UK was a proud country to live in (now I am ashamed)

    “Mandela concert at Wembley 1988”


      • Herbie

        Wonder what happens when there’s a few hundred replies.

        Does it all scroll way off the screen.

    • Alcyone

      Tony, that’s a pretty crap link, sorry to say. Do you watch the videos before offering them to others?

      Please try to say on topic with the new format. Show respect for others and take your memoirs elsewhere; you might find it as a constructive ‘personal’ project?

  • J Galt

    Better not to mention 9/11 at all Craig.

    Yes we realise you have to kid on you believe the official nonsense because of your position, and believe it or not I genuinely sympathise with your situation. I’d prefer you to carry on what you’re doing and just leave that alone!

  • Charles Edward Frith

    Nick Cohen is among the most despicable hacks. He is a Palestinian holocaust denier and always at the front of the queue to give benefit of the doubt to powerful suspected child molesters. Just like his mates Aaronovitch and Finkelstein.

    • Sunday Singh

      Yes, Cohen and A’vitch are pretty despicable. My dream is to Bush and Blair, together with their cabinets in the Hague one day, and also Cohen et al.

  • Aidworker1

    Thanks Tony

    I do remember that concert – I haven’t seen that for years and had no idea it was online.

    I’ll watch it when the rugby is finished!

  • John Spencer-Davis

    “Note that Cohen does not name Sizer and Saleh. He calls them an “Anglican cleric” and an “islamist”. This is because Cohen is not only a liar, he is a coward. If he named them he could be sued for libel.”

    I can’t agree with this. His comments on Salah link directly to a second article which does name Salah. As I understand the law, if the person can be identified from what you have said, then you can be sued. I can’t believe Cohen does not know that or that the house lawyers would have passed the article without considering that.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I was about to take issue with your comments on Raed Saleh, but I see the matter I thought required discussion, no longer requires it. I am glad, because I think your Twitter pals would have had a field day with it. I am concerned for you: you do need to take more care before posting, otherwise you will be quite vulnerable to hostile critics.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    While not a Jew, and I have no intention of becoming one, though my deceased in-laws always assumed that I was one, I have great complaints about Israel’s stupid behavior in the world, though I don’t behave ever as an anti-semitic as that would tar the Palestinians too.

    The Israeli government is a convenient covert operator for the West when it comes to getting rid of important people like WMD inspector Dr. David Kelly, leaker Sasha Litvinenko and Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh while stirring up trouble with Yugoslavia’s Slobodan Milosovic, helping set up the 9/11attacks, and stirring up trouble against the mullahs in Iran.

    In short, the Israeli government is always pursuing its own course, and its possible role in serious events must be investigated with an open mind.

  • Alcyone: Who in Hell is Nick Cohen?

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck for him.

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

    Here’s a Cohen I would love to meet, 82 this year and going strong (Bless him). A great bouncy song from recent years:

    Leonard Cohen – Did I Ever Love You

    Heard him live in an amphitheatre, some 10 years ago, summertime, some 5,000 people, and the atmosphere filled with love, you could almost cut it with a knife.

    • paul

      He describes himself as a soldier, and his backing band is known as ‘the army’.
      Very talented, very creepy.

      • Alcyone

        Thank you both Levi and Paul for your responses.

        I shall certainly get a closer look at that, and hope to discover that his attitudes may have changed over the years, in order to at least be neutral.

        I found this, but I shall certainly dig deeper. I have no quarrel with Leonard spreading words of Love and Peace in Israel, per se. I would hazard a guess that most of his fans in Israel are probably more of the decent type, unsupportive od discrimination.

        ” West Bank cancels Leonard Cohen concert in protest against Israel ”

      • Pan


        So that’s what happens when you accidentally put a typo in your email address – you get a different gravitar!

        But unfortunately, it also seems to indicate that one’s monika is not ‘reserved’ or ‘linked’ somehow to one’s email address, just one’s gravatar.

        Might this not present slight issues if/when the ‘edit message’ button is introduced?

        Perhaps at some point, registration/logging in to this blog might become advisable? Perhaps that would introduce other undesirable issues in itself – I have far too little knowledge of coding/website security issues to know.

  • Alcyone: Before the day is out, I thought I should say congratulations to you and your team for the new look.

    It works!

    • Alcyone: Before the day is out, I thought I should say congratulations to you and your team for the new look.

      For you, Craig, of course!

      Stay well!

  • mike


    Supposedly Americans, Israelis and Irish people killed in the Istanbul blast. Perhaps a false flag gone wrong, or the bombers knew they would take out Westerners.

    You choose. Vote now.

    • Laguerre

      Certainly the aim of the bomber was to take out Westerners. Istiklal Caddesi is the heart of Westernised Istanbul, where all the Westerners hang out, and no woman would dare wear a headscarf.

  • MerkinScot

    Nick ‘I am not Jewish’ Cohen, as he described himself, has for years been the Grauns point man for deflection of the genocidal activities of the apartheid state.
    As the BDS campaign grows his masters are getting increasingly desperate and he is starting to come out.
    This can only be a good thing.

    • Ben

      He’s not Jewish, his father was an atheist of Jewish decent and mum was British, of no religious back ground. Supposedly it’s passed from mother to son, but it’s a load of crap really. Nick Cohen is a propagadaist for the warring corporate state.

      Some of us are Jews and we’re disgusted with what has been done in our name since 67

          • Chris Rogers


            Forgive me for my ignorance, but if Nick Cohen converted to being Jewish in 2007, how can he agin become Jewish given he’d already been Jewish for seven years?

            Does this mean he renounced being a Jew and then re-converted?

            Or, as more likely, the guy is absolutely bone idle and decided to regurgitate bollocks he’s written, and got paid for, by another rag a few years ago.

            I’d call this fraud, that is he’s being paid a large dollop of money by The Guardian to write opinion and articles and then deposits the same article he wrote for another rag a few years ago and lies blatantly in it.

            But ‘hated’ caused him to do it – bloody fraud, Zionist and shit hack to boot!!!

  • levi9909

    You’re absolutely right about Nick Cohen being a liar and a coward. I caught him spamming my blog using the name Baruch Spinoza to accuse me of “self-loathing sophistry” (I’m an anti-Zionist Jew) and to accuse George Galloway of antisemitism. Here’s his comment:

    “Just to add that there was a small contingent from the Socialist Workers Party and there was a local anarchist and some Respect people with us” [this was a quote from my post on the cantata picket]

    They say never judge a man by his friends. But, you know, on this occasion I think I *will*.

    Shame on you for your self-loathing sophistry. There is a rich tradition in Judaism of critique and dialectic: by keeping close quarter with Galloway’s disgusting, viscerally antisemitic mob, who do everything to close down debate or discussion they disagree with, you discredit your own case which might well be very good for a healthy debate on Judaism and the rights of Palestinians of all faiths or none to a state.

    You fall into the classic and dangerous chasm of Jewish self-hatred and cannot, I am afraid, see the fascism and totalitarian-appeasement of your new bed-fellows. You ought to be ashamed and write no more until your mind is free of egregious nonsense.

    Many of the links to this post are now broken but basically I tracked the hit to my blog from Cohen’s own password protected tracker, It could only have been him who left the comment.

    • Njegos

      “Shame on you for your self-loathing sophistry”, “You ought to be ashamed…….”

      I always laugh when greasy neocon sycophants like Nick Cohen try to shame others since he is one of the most shameless power-worshiping journalists of his generation. How else to describe someone who consistently applauds Western invasion and slaughter in the Muslim world?

  • Ben

    Craig, Cohen has pushed it too far this time. Conflating Antisemitism with disgust with the state of Israel is an old trick, however to have Cohen sit that and tell us he’s decided he’s a Jew because his dad was.

    I am absolutely convinced that he is in the pay of Genie Oil, how he can be allowed to continue in a mainstream newspaper is beyond me.

    Some of us were born Jews and some of us want nothing to do with the state of Israel, some of us believe in peace and love. Whilst Cohen wished bombs rain down on Muslims so his beloved “country” can steal more land for Murdoch and Cheney to drill for oil. They all ought to be imprison is there not a law against using propaganda to dupe a country into committing war?

  • Bruno

    Nick Cohen refers in the article to “the Jew-baiters at the Oxford University Labour club”. Is that libellous, do you think?

    • John Spencer-Davis

      I’m not sure, Bruno. Possibly, because, again, he links to an article which does name people. However, I have just carried out an interesting exercise. As evidence of anti-Semitism, Cohen links his comment to an article by Aaron Simons discussing alleged prejudice at the Oxford University Labour Club. In turn, part of Simons’s evidence of institutional anti-Semitism is a link to an article by James Elliott under the phrase “I don’t like being smeared as anti-Semitic, but I don’t bleed from it either”.

      Go and read Elliot’s article. I don’t know him, but I think it’s an absolutely magnificent article by a young man clearly of the highest integrity. The idea that Cohen and Simons can adduce such a piece as evidence of anti-Semitism would be laughable if it were not so disgraceful. Compare Elliott with the likes of Cohen and Simons. If that is the best they can do, they must be pretty desperate. It shows just how much someone like Cohen is worth.

        • John Spencer-Davis

          No, not in the least. The new look forum seemed to be a good opportunity to try out some new styles without anyone having insulted me, questioned me, or told me what to do.

          Thank you, you too.

      • Bruno

        Thank you for the reference to the Elliot article. Even though individual members of the Oxford University Labour Club are not named, I wonder if a claim of libel would stand as it would be easy to identify who the members are. Calling someone a “Jew-baiter” is a serious claim.

  • Njegos

    Shortly after 9/11, many Americans asked (and still ask) the question: – “Why do they hate us?”

    This is a question no Israeli ever asks about Palestinians because every Israeli knows exactly why Palestinians despise Israel.

  • Chris Rogers

    The problem with the likes of Nick Cohen and Jonathan Freedland is that it is they who are the true ‘anti-semites’ given their 100% support for the racist state of Israel and all it stands for.

    As for the assertions that the UK’s Labour Party is full of anti-semites this is staggering in its deception and twisting of truth, and yet the ‘hate filled’ Guardian keeps spewing out this bullshit – and to think these Israeli apologists get paid for their hate filled articles and outright lies against anyone and any source that dare say a single critical word about the warmongers and racists that constitute modern Israel.

    If I were Jewish I’d be ashamed of these fuckers suggesting they speak for me or Jews in general and its high time others within the Jewish community, practicing or not, call out these bastards for what they really are.

    Further, I only hope The Guardian suffers the same fate as The Independent and ceases publication. we have enough lies to contend with as it is in the MSM so one less lying news organ can only benefit those who desire truth and integrity in journalism, not propaganda, lies and spin.

  • Andy

    Cohen has become completely unhinged, that article is jaw dropping bonkers.

    Of course the Observer won’t allow anyone to say Anti Zionism Is NOT Anti Semitism in the comments because if you opposed Zionism you want to destroy the Jewish of State of Isreal !

  • Fiona Katz

    What a load of cods wallop you write Craig!
    Have you been to Israel?
    Have you been to South Africa?
    Have you been to a good optician and an audiologist ?
    Unsubstantiated garbage is what you have written….Israel is the ONLY democratic state in the Middle East and this is proven time and time again and is simply the truth

    • fred

      “Israel is the ONLY democratic state in the Middle East and this is proven time and time again and is simply the truth”

      Israel is not a democracy. To be a democracy they would have to allow Palestinian refugees in Lebanon their legal right of return. Keeping half the electorate in camps in another country so they can’t vote is not democratic.

    • Andy

      Millions of Palestinians live under brutal Israeli military occupation, what’s democratic about that?

    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      Fiona Katz can be number one.

  • Ishmael

    The last bastion of establishment smears against actual labor and ‘the left’.? It seems an absurd accusation to make, but we can all find ‘thing’s’ if we really want to.

    “leftists allying with religious reactionaries who deny universal human rights”

    Seems it’s not the left allying with the Israel state to do that (or the American state, or Saudi Arabia, terrorist gropes, and on). But it could be argued that’s exactly what this is.

    “they will have to learn to treat all racisms equally.” THEY. THEM. Who ffs..?

    What’s Jewish ? what’s British?…..I don’t recognize any of these identities, gross generalizations about human beings. It’s bad enough self defining as an ‘ist’ let alone an ‘ish’…

    A one state “solution” is fantasy, politically and practically. law is what most people regard. Israel is a fact so what are you calling for in practical terms? Your not calling for anything, just posturing, why bother.

    Many in the establishment may think they are left, but that’s just ideology, I’d not be surprised if there where some anti-jew people (Zionists etc) in most political circles, when has anyone not blindly unconditionally supported Israel, Labour or Tory, in the past? I’m not a leftist, i’m a person and among people i’v known, artists etc, none of them have been anti jew, racist, that’s firmly right wing territory, Ie those that support government power, aggressive violence, control, ect.

  • jemand

    Unless using them ironically, people who use ideological pejoratives like “hate speech” and “Islamophobia” have hit rock bottom, in both intellectual validity and moral decency. These terms come from the radical left who applied their ideological theory with unforgettable brutality throughout the 20thC.

    • Chris Rogers


      If you don’t think the Nick Cohen article in The Guardian, combined with the bollocks Jonathan Freedland wrote on anti-semitism in the Labour Party is not filled with hate and bitterness then you must be living on a moon made of cheese. Please answer this simple enquiry?

      Why having opened up Mr. Cohen’s article for comment today, why did CIF – comment allegedly being free in The Guardian, close said comments only after 1hr 40mins after warfare broke out between the Zionists and those who don’t believe a jot what Cohen dribbled?

      Bollocks is bollocks mate, and Cohen and Freedland get paid to espouse hate and bollocks, which is strange given as a minority the Jews of the UK don’t half have a lot of representation everywhere, unlike say the Black community or any other community come to think about it. And yet, allegedly anti-semitism is rampant in the UK and within the Labour Party. Utter bollocks, bollocks no doubt you seem to believe!!!!!!

      • Andy

        Comments under Cohen’s articles are often closed after a few hours. He attracts a lot of far right wing supporters, which for someone who claims to be left wing doesn’t look good. Also the half the comments call out his lies and bullshit with facts. Cohen likes to dish it out but can’t take any criticism.

        • Chris Rogers


          I’m aware that when it comes to Cohen, Freedland et al and their unquestioning support for Israel – although neither seems to want to live their, that comments are either ‘closed’ or end abruptly afar the Mods are overwhelmed on CIF, which is strange given Freedland actually oversees CIF at The Guardian – but then comment ain’t free as we witness day in and day out.

          Suffice to say these buggers get paid a handsome fee for the bollocks they espouse. What ever happened to new and reporting I ask myself, rather than the neoliberal/neoconservative propaganda we are served 24/7. Still, truth will be out, regrettably you tell the truth and The Guardian ban you or moderate you to hell. So much for Comment Is Free!!!!!!!!

          • Andy

            The usual Blairite gossip type articles that smear Labour members and supporters , etc, and ”Corbyn is undetectable” stuff , have vanished from the Guardian website.

            But in the last week the Guardian has produced three articles on the subject ”Labour has a problem with antisemitism” – all evidence free attacks on Labour members and on Corbyn. Why? Could it be because Corbyn is looking electable? Labour has a credible economic plan? The Tories are ripping themselves apart over the EU and Osborne’s austerity budgets?

            I agree telling the truth on the Guardian website can get you banned, I’ve been a few times, but the level of censorship under the Jones, Freeland and Cohen articles are extreme. I’ve not seen anything like it.

      • jemand

        This is a true example of “hate speech”, dipshit –

        And I wouldn’t ban it as even these maniacs have a right to freedom of speech. Calling out and hating the ideological origins of this poison is not “Islamophobia”, it’s Islamorealism. So kindly do us a favour and learn to distinguish between ignorant, subjective opinions and objective facts.

        Incidentally, I offered no defence of Cohen who quite possibly could be a common garden variety, bigoted arsehole extremist as you have so amply demonstrated yourself to be.

  • Pan

    “I see Israel pursuing the same policies as apartheid South Africa, only with more violence, and I view the “two state solution” as a repeat of the Bantustan policy.”

    Three cheers for 20/20 vision!

    Someone, somewhere (I cannot recall who or where) once made the observation that “Nick Cohen” is an anagram of “Niche Conk”. I do hope that person was merely being observant and slightly unkind, rather than anti-semitic.

  • Summerhead

    If anyone is opposed to racism, then surely the one state solution is the only answer to the problem of Palestine and the artificilal racist state that has grown like cancer in that area.

    • jemand


      How does a one state solution work when Palestinians have higher birthrates that will see the hated enemy Jews become a minority? Should Jews just shrug and accept that they will be squeezed out?

  • Old Mark

    The Graun/Observer still haven’t opened up the comments thread to Cohen’s rant (i wonder why?), which really does tick all the boxes-
    1. He burnishes his ‘left’ credentials by recycling the line from Brecht in the closing scene of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
    2. He indulges in victim envy in relation to ‘real’ Jews, implying that if a middle class white person converts to Judaism they will somehow experience ‘racism’ for the first time. This is wrong on two counts, firstly, it is perfectly possible for a middle class white person (Jew or Gentile) employed in the public sector to experience racial discrimination via the diversity targets worshipped by the HR gurus there. Secondly, as far as Israel is concerned, a gentile who is converted by non Orthodox rabbis remains a gentile- they don’t apparently have enough influence over the Man Upstairs to trump what really matters, namely being at least a quarter Jewish by blood.

    Cohen has a Jewish grandfather (albeit on the ‘wrong’ side of the family) so he has as much right to an Israeli passport under the law of return, and regardless of his ‘conversion’, as George Cohen, the World Cup winning England full back. (David Beckham , who has a Jewish granny on the ‘ right ‘ side of his family, has an even stronger claim to an Israeli passport, Nick Cohen may be discomfited to learn- and Beckham can still enjoy a bacon sandwich if he gets the urge).

    Israel, as I’ve described above, views Judaism primarily as an ethnic category, not a religious category, which is hardly surprising given that nearly all the early mainstream Zionists were non religious. So all the anguished guff in Cohen’s article about his conversion is really just emotional filler, for the benefit of those readers sympathetic to his peculiar brand of politics. It’s also worth noting how little detail he discloses about his actual ‘conversion’ which leads me to wonder if this was actually a real event, or just a rhetorical device for the purposes of the article. (In this regard he differs notably from one of his alleged heroes, Christopher Hitchens, who wrote a much better article in 1988 about his formal conversion, by a Reform rabbi in New Haven, Conn. who was also, like Hitchens, genuinely critical of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians during the first intifada).

  • Andy

    I had a comment removed under Cohen’s article. I asked , how can a “Jewish state” also be a democratic state?

    There were a lot of Zionists posting on the comments, not one gave me an answer before my post was deleted.

    • Laguerre

      On the Guardian, any anti-Israeli comment runs the risk of being deleted instantly, while the most dreadful anti-Muslim libels are always allowed to stand. There is some debate as to whether it is a pro-Israel moderator (there certainly used to be one, but not sure whether there still is), or instant complaints from the pro-Israel CiFWatch, which the Guardian are unwilling to resist. You have to word your anti-Israeli comments very subtly. If you do, you can have quite a bit of success in turning the thread.

      • Andy

        There is nothing anti-Israel about asking if a Jewish state can also be a democratic state. Can an Islamic state be a democracy? Or a Christan state? Israel btw isn’t called the Jewish State of Isreal. It’s called Isreal.

        And how could you possibly word that question differently so as not to upset Zionists?

        The Guardian is staunchly pro-Zionist which is one of the reasons it is so anti-Corbyn.

        • Laguerre

          “There is nothing anti-Israel about asking if a Jewish state can also be a democratic state. ”

          The question has nothing to do with facts, but their perception by the Guardian. Evidently you are right, but Netanyahu and his crowd do believe that a Jewish state can also be a democratic state. Impossible that that may seem.

          • Andy

            ”Netanyahu and his crowd do believe that a Jewish state can also be a democratic state. Impossible that that may seem.”

            Do they? Is there any evidence to support this?

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