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Nick Cohen is paid a great deal of money for publishing hate speech, and he has just published his most hate-ridden piece yet. It is hate-ridden because it is about the question of Israel, without including one single word of concern for the plight of the Palestinians or one single mention of Israeli occupations, land grabs, shootings and bombings. Cohen shows massive concern for British Jews whose collective feelings he claims were terribly hurt by the election of Jeremy Corbyn. [No, honestly, he really does say that, read his article.] He shows no concern whatsoever for the Palestinian children who get shot or beaten by occupying Israeli forces every single week.

Cohen is hate-filled also in what he says about Stephen Sizer, the Anglican cleric who campaigns for the rights of Palestinians.

Cohen describes Stephen as “an Anglican cleric who linked to extremist sites that blamed Jews for 9/11, and his defence of an Islamist who recycled the libel that Jews dined on the blood of Christian children from the bottom of a medieval dung heap.”

But as Cohen in fact knows extremely well, the Islamic cleric in question, Raed Saleh, consistently denied saying anything of the kind, and a British court determined that he should not be banned from the UK. This was rather a campaign against Saleh by one of Cohen’s fellow pro-Israeli propagandists.

For Cohen to continue the campaign against Saleh is hate speech. It is deliberate Islamophobia. It is astonishing that he is allowed to do this in corporate media.

The other point he makes against Stephen Sizer is also a deliberate misrepresentation. Cohen says Sizer “linked to extremist sites that blamed Jews for 9/11”. Cohen knows that the article to which Sizer linked was perfectly respectable. Elsewhere on that website there was indeed objectionable material which Sizer had not seen. It is a mistake which every blogger has made, including me, and Stephen has apologised for it.

I know Stephen Sizer and travelled to Baghdad with him a couple of years ago. Stephen does not have a racist bone in his body and for Cohen to claim otherwise is absolutely disgusting hate speech.

Note that Cohen does not name Sizer and Saleh. He calls them an “Anglican cleric” and an “islamist”. This is because Cohen is not only a liar, he is a coward. If he named them he could be sued for libel.

Personally I do not believe Israel should exist. I do not want a two state solution. I see Israel pursuing the same policies as apartheid South Africa, only with more violence, and I view the “two state solution” as a repeat of the Bantustan policy. I wish to see a single state in Palestine where all who currently live there are welcome and all are equal, whatever their religion or race, in a single democratic and secular state.

Nick Cohen will tell you that is anti-Semitism. But then Nick Cohen hates me. He hates anybody who speaks the truth about Israel.

This post was updated more accurately to reflect the tribunal ruling

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352 thoughts on “Nick Cohen’s Hate Speech

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  • D.R.F.

    When you say, “Personally I do not believe Israel should exist.” you are saying that 6 million dead are not enough for you. You want 5 million more. Should Denmark exist? The UK?

    • Chris Rogers


      Quite ingenious of you to take out of context what CM actually wrote, which is basically he believes in a multiracial/multi-religious state replacing Jew State of Israel, which by its emphasis on ethnicity is highly racist to say the least.

      You then conflate the Holocaust with what is now happening in Israel. Just a shame you don’t understand that the Zionists and NAZIS’s are essentially one and the same, both engaged in genocide. Luckily the NAZIS genocide lasted only 4 years, whilst the Israeli genocide has been going on since at least 1946, a full year indeed before Israel was founded.

      Still, do keep up the good work, but please don’t put words in to CM’s mouth now there’s a good boy.

      • Harry

        Chris Rogers,
        The Palestinian population has been steadily growing since 1946. Every other genocide in history has led to a reduction of the victim population, you know, fewer people, rather than more (so many more that some commentators insist that the Palestinian population will one day outstrip the Israeli Jewish population). It seems strange to me that a people who have been subject to genocide since 1946 would even still exist today, let alone show a huge increase in numbers.
        Either this is the sloppiest, most inept genocide in the history of genocide, or somebody is quite mixed up as to what constitutes genocide.

        • K Crosby

          What Palestinian population, those in the Generalgouvernment or the diaspora as well?

          • Harry

            Chris Rogers,
            Well young fellow, I read the article. There is a lot of, “he said, she said, they said, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” There is also the redefinition of “genocide” as anything Israel is doing at the moment while the hundreds of thousands of Syrian dead seem to mean nothing, except for the fact that Israel is an easier target. And attacking Israel for a redefined and nonexistent “genocide” while ignoring the real thing in Syria and Iraq is not brave. It is the essence of cowardice. Ignore the real problem, attack the Jews instead. It’s been going on for millennia.

            Nowhere is the fact of a growing Palestinian population in Gaza, and in Judea and Samaria, and in countries where Palestinians are treated as second-class citizens forced to live in refugee camps and denied certain occupations, which is apartheid in its truest form, addressed. (As an aside, it’s interesting that Craig Murray accuses Nick Cohen of “hate speech” for not caring enough about the Palestinians, and here you, and the Vice article, don’t care much for the Syrian dead).

            I think the Syrian Christians, in addition to the Iraqi Christians and Yazidis would have a different opinion as to what constitutes genocide. After all, their numbers are going down. Their populations are being reduced. This is the opposite of the growing (that means getting larger) Palestinian population. So no matter who you link to, and no matter who is quoted, and no matter how cruelly the English language is debased in order to demonize Israel, there is no anti-Palestinian genocide (well, maybe in Syria.)

            Since you asked, the Israeli state pays me, as a junior senior apologist second class, 99 gazillion and 1/2 shekels.

          • Chris Rogers


            I’m opposed to anyone killing another human being. However, as you have brought up Syria, the fact remains elements within Israel’s diplomatic and military organs are quite keen on erasing all muslim nations surrounding Israel, among them Syria itself.

            Now, whilst CM on this thread has called for an inclusive Palestine State, I do not, all I call for is a settlement between Palestine and Israel based on Israel’s 1967 borders. Regrettably such an agreement is nowhere in sight and the killing continues. Now, slag me off as much as you like, but do you deny that the IDF has killed thousands of innocent men, women and Children in the Occupied Territories.

            Whilst I myself have never killed anyone, but I do like to highlight how one-sided and barbarous the Israeli-Palestine conflict is. Still if you desire to support murders please be my guest, but I will not support them. And this Blog, less you forget, is about human rights, rights that Israel continually abuse.

          • Harry

            Israel wants to erase all Muslim nations? How? Israel can’t even commit a proper genocide against the Palestinians! The opposite is true. Recall your history. Israel was invaded by five Arab/Muslim armies immediately upon declaring its independence. There could have been two states living peacefully, side by side. The Arabs rejected it then and have continued to reject it since then. Palestinians are their pawns in the Arab/Muslim war against Israel. Why are they kept separated from the general population in Muslim countries, while Arabs who didn’t leave their homes are full citizens of Israel? And please, no nonsense about being driven out of their homes. Arabs began a war. Bad things happened to Arabs. That is one of the terrible costs of war. But rather than admit that, it’s easier to blame the Jews. Palestinians could have had the state that they insist that they want based on the 1967 armistice lines (not borders) but have always rejected it, and have always answered Israeli peace proposals with violence. They are interested only in a one state solution that does not include Israel. And if anyone thinks Jews will be protected in a Palestinian run state, recall the words of Mahmoud Abbas about not letting Jews live there. Also recall the history of the Jews of other Arab/Muslim nations. They were forced out after generations living as dhimmis, but Israel allowed them to be contributing human beings, as opposed to refugee pawns.

            This is a human rights blog? You mean except for Israeli Jews? Getting back for a quick moment to your Vice article, they try to whitewash the thousands of rockets that Hamas has used to attack Israel because, according to their logic, not enough Israelis were killed. That is twisted thinking and it denies Israel the right of self-defense. But that’s what human rights have come to?

            As Hamas uses its own women and children as human shields, keeps weapons in and shoots rockets from mosques, schools, and hospitals, and as Hamas has a permanent declaration of war against Israel and the Jews (link to the Hamas charter at the end of this comment) Hamas is guilty of every innocent death on either side. Hamas and AI frequently lie, trying to paint terrorists as civilians. Sometimes Hamas comes clean. AI almost never does. Currently, Palestinians are on a stabbing campaign against Israeli Jews. Palestinian teens and children are encouraged by Palestinian media to murder Israelis. Some of these Palestinians have been killed. Are these innocents?

            As Russian novelist Vasily Grossman wrote, “Tell me what you blame on the Jews, I’ll tell you what you’re guilty of.”

            Here is the Hamas charter. Read it. Share it with your friends.

            Sorry for the ramble. This is my final comment. I’ve got other things to do. I suggest you leave your comfortable blame-the-Jews zone and read more widely.

            Suggested beginning reading list:
            Israel, a History, by Martin Gilbert
            In Ishmael’s House, by Martin Gilbert
            Why the Jews? by Dennis Prager and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

          • Chris Rogers


            Obviously I’ll just ignore all the human rights abuses documented by the United Nations that Israel has inflicted and follow your lead, for to do otherwise means I’m an anti-semite – rather dangerous don’t you think?

      • Daniel Bentley

        “Jew state” and Nazis = Israel – and yet you do not see the beam in your eye? Any inspection of the facts reveals nothing that justifies this stream of invective (to elevate the description a bit). Thank you for identifying just what sort of creature you are.

        • Chris Rogers

          Daniel Bentley,

          As you cannot be arsed to follow this thread in its entirety, and all links provided by posters, among them a number of Jews who are anti-Zionists, it may please you that the term “Jew State’ was referenced from the following Blog, which funnily enough is written and hosted by someone who’s actually Jewish – no doubt a ‘self hating Jew’, but nonetheless a person who dislikes Zionstan. Here’s the link:

          As you can see the reasoning behind ‘Jew State’ is crystal clear as is its interpretation. Now, either supply some meaningful commentary, or post your crap elsewhere as COMMENT really is free on this thread and posters are in no way anti-Semitic, they are like me though anti-Zionists, a Zionist of course need not be Jewish – see fruitcakes on the religious right in the USA.

          Anything else Sir, apart from your lack of analysis concerning the post itself, which of course refers to the hate expressed by a Mr. Cohen who writes for The Guardian.

    • Ishmael

      I think what he’s saying is that the initial justification is not inherently legitimate, and we can somehow magically get from here to there without a mass slaughter of some kind.

      Imo he’s not studied the politics well and is taking a hard contrarian position to be a bit radical.
      I guess it could seem ok to allow a wider area of discussion, But Craig is rare to have any fleshed out advocacy. And yes there is room for problems here, as with anyone in/around or advocating for party politics. Even as ‘just a citizen’ (who btw, generally have no capacity for mass violence).

      But I don’t expect to see any popular support for any of the scenarios that would lead to a one state ‘solution’ (hate that word) in real life. Think i’m glad about that also.

      • Ishmael

        “I don’t expect to see any popular support for any of the scenarios that would lead to a one state ‘solution’ ”

        Just to preface what I said here, I mean practicalities that would lead to it in the near term. Not that a two state improvement couldn’t lead to it, who knows…But it’s not a political argument to make in practical terms now. Vainly ideological imo.

    • Andy

      I didn’t think the Apartheid South African state should have exited. In ’94 it ceased to exist but South Africa wasn’t wiped off the map.

      After the Berlin wall fell the USSR ceased to exist. What happened?

      • Ishmael

        “I didn’t think the Apartheid South African state should have existed”

        Maybe he should have said Apartheid Israel state then.

        • Andy

          Isreal isn’t Apartheid South African or the USSR. My point is states come and go. Some are better gone. The Isreali regime is brutally occupying Palestinians, that brutal occupying regime needs to go , like Apartheid South African and the USSR needed to go.

          • Ishmael

            Yea, so does money need to go imo. But what does that mean in reality. ?

            There are several very easy interpretations aren’t there. Define what your actually supporting or don’t imo.

            After all the other infinite attacks on labour ‘left’ i’m loathe to engage with what I see as nothing more than corrupt establishment status quo enforcement, by any means. But there is a point, not that there is any substantive antisemitism, just the same old idealogical politics on both sides…….Yet for the right wing to bring it all up, what can one say.

    • martin faherty

      This comment, albeit unintentionally, perfectly sums up the approach to debate on this issue adopted by Nick Cohen and indeed fellow liberal Journos like Jonathan Freedland and Howard Jacobson, who have chosen to adopt the line pushed by successive Israeli governments and their apologists, i.e. that expressing disgust at the half a century of brutal, relentlessly cruel occupation to which the Palestinians have been subjected is a sign of Anti-Semitism..

      Directly below the full sentence In Craig Murrays article you take a segment of it and draw fatuous conclusions from it, seeking to smear the author, whilst deliberately ignoring the rest of the sentence and therefore the intended message which is made abundantly clear by the context. Of course readers will not have the benefit of the original article when Cohen and his ilk reproduce these 8 words out of context as they continue to deliberately misrepresent the arguments of those they disagree with.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        I will be keeping an eye out on the web for statements like “Craig Murray said six million dead weren’t enough for him!” I have no doubt that that will happen. I also have no doubt that that is D.R.F.’s intention.

      • Daniel Bentley

        “Cohen and his ilk” – oh, sorry, did I quote that out of context?

        Your dear friend Bleistein with cigar

    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      D.R.F. can be number two.

    • nevermind........

      No that is not what Craig is saying. DRF, its more like ‘you poor sods have never been counselled over the millions that died under the third Reich, and now you are doing to the Palestinians what has been done to you’.
      I agree, Israel has forfeited its right to exist, it has reneged and failed on its contracted Balfour declaration and it is undermining other countries, occupies land and steals others resources. Israel has failed to declare its borders and is technically not a country at all, its incursions into Syria Lebanon as well as its stealing/annexation of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem is illegal and without the US looking the other way, these criminal acts would be prosecuted.

    • jemand

      No state has any more right to exist than the clouds in the sky. Either they do, or they don’t.

    • Conor Kennelly

      You’re equating a state with a people. Those of us opposed to the apartheid state of South Africa did not want 5 million white South African dead just the end of the apartheid state of South Africa and likewise we desire the end of the apartheid state of Israel.

    • Tony Greenstein

      Every blog has its idiot commentator and this is no exception. Denmark is not Israel. It isn’t constituted on the basis that Danish Christians will have more privileges than say Danish Jews, that the former will have the right to 93% of the land, that there will be a policy of ‘christianisation’ or dejewification. Israel has all these and far ore. Denmark doesn’t have a Prime Minister who goes on FB and says that Danish non-Jews must vote because ‘droves of Jews’ are voting. Israel does. Denmark doesn’t occupy territory where there are 2 systems of law.

      And idiot face doesn’t seem to understand, like all good fascists, the difference between a state and the people who live in it. I support the destruction of the Israeli state not the people who live in it. Just as I would have supported the destruction of the Nazi state, not the German people and just as most of us, idiot excepted, who supported the destruction of South Africa’s apartheid state, not the white people who lived in it.

      • Chris Rogers

        Tony Mate,

        Now that Labour his thrown you out without any reason whatsoever, apart from actually being a Socialist, why don’t you do as I did and join the Green Party – the Red-Green Alliance being the only viable way forward for those of us who desire a equal and pleasant World that our children can enjoy – they also have democratic debate, unlike New Labour.

      • well wisher

        Mr Greenstein
        do you believe that all who support the continued existence of Israel to be”good fascists”?

  • Ishmael

    Looking at this from perhaps a wider perspective. Racism, being invented to justify enslavement, boost nationalism and colonial brutality used by the western world (Historically centered around or coming from Islamic like culture’s, why Christianity is so similar and brutal, esp perverted in the hands of the state) is something maybe we in the west should look at from a much less divisive position, to improve the situation.

    Honor culture’s it seems have always degraded others, it’s what it’s about. The power to do that. I mean it’s a big ego competition really isn’t it? And once your allying yourself with violence inherent in the system who cares what you call yourself. ..Dept the first 5000 years, A fascinating book.

    Ps, I love the new layout, nicer on the eye, better structure as far as……. And it’s nice to see more varied posters. Bit less clique perhaps.

    • Mike

      Ps, I love the new layout, nicer on the eye, better structure as far as……. And it’s nice to see more varied posters. “Bit less clique perhaps.” Easier to get a word in edgewise

  • Silvio

    Canada’s new PM, Justin Trudeau, and his Liberal MPs find that supporting an opposition motion introduced by former Progressive Conservative (Tory) minister Tony Clement to condemn Canadian groups and individuals supporting BDS has had the opposite effect than that desired. Rather than intimidating the BDS supporters into silence, it seems to have given the movement greater publicity and opened up even more reasoned public debate on the topic.

    The debate on BDS has now begun – thanks to Tony Clement

    Former Tory minister Tony Clement probably calculated that a unanimous condemnation by Canadian Parliament would deliver a knock out blow to the BDS movement in Canada (or at least scare it into submission.) But he didn’t get an unanimous vote. And the debate seems to have provoked more discussion about BDS than ever before.


    This growth (i.e. support for the Palestinian cause /Silvio) has disconcerted Israel’s defenders in Canada and prompted former Tory minister (and current Tory foreign affairs critic) Tony Clement to introduce a motion in parliament on February 18th calling on the government to “reject” the BDS movement and “condemn” any person or organization which promotes it.

    “That, given Canada and Israel share a long history of friendship as well as economic and diplomatic relations, the House reject the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which promotes the demonization and delegitimization of the State of Israel, and call upon the government to condemn any and all attempts by Canadian organizations, groups or individuals to promote the BDS movement, both here at home and abroad.

    Clement knew he had a political winner because Prime Minister Trudeau had already made his own opposition to BDS very clear in a much publicised tweet just prior to the election campaign.

    Over 2000 Canadians ask to be condemned for boycotting Israel

    The Trudeau/Dion Liberals voted with the Conservatives to “condemn” those who support a boycott of Israel known as BDS. What next? Over 2000 people have already signed an on-line petition indicating they support BDS and asking to be “condemned”. A growing embarrassment for the Liberals.

    The anti-BDS motion adopted in Parliament on Feb. 22nd risks becoming a headache for Justin Trudeau. The motion was proposed by Tory Tony Clement. Trudeau’s Liberals made no secret of the fact that they were not comfortable with the proposed motion, but did not dare oppose it.

    Because of Liberal support, the motion, which calls on the government to “condemn any and all attempts by Canadian organizations, groups or individuals to promote the BDS movement, both here at home and abroad.” is now Canadian policy.

    Logically the government should do something. But what, exactly?

    Probably Trudeau and Global Affairs Minister Dion (who was not in the house for the vote) would have preferred to let it lie there – a vacuous condemnation with no action.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      Michel.Brom can be number three.

      • Daniel Bentley

        As Christopher Hitchens famously said – what is stated without evidence may be dismissed without evidence (or paraphrase, to placate the pedants),

        Counter-arguments are not necessary, except to this extent – the anti-Cohen diatribes begin from an unjustified litany of abusive claims and then quote links and references to resolutions and opinions as though this constituted reasoning. Insofar as there is reasoning it is an elaboration of dogma to justify fresh outbursts of rage -stemming perhaps from a frustrated yearning for the purity of simple ideas – an inhuman and unreflective purity.

        So, really, the only reasoning that is required is a kind of diagnosis. I hope this helps.

      • jemand

        Like you, the sleazy liar who made false allegations against me which I roundly demolished. And not just a vile liar, but a sore loser who refuses to apologise out of embarrassment. Cancer of the rectum is too good for you.

        So, please keep your sanctimonious judgments to yourself. Thanks.

  • Ed

    You have missed the point completely. And your article just supports everything Nick Cohen wrote.

  • Pan

    @Chris Rogers

    You say “…likely, the guy [Nick Cohen] is absolutely bone idle and decided to regurgitate bollocks he’s written, and got paid for, by another rag a few years ago.” – and you are correct.

    You didn’t notice that levi9909 already said that? (go up three comments from your own):

    levi9909 says, “he’s basically recycled an article he wrote for the Jewish Chronicle 7 years ago”.

    I have no idea why you addressed your comment to me.

    (For some reason there is no “Reply” button on your comment, which is why it’s tacked-on here)

  • Daughter of Zion


    And you have the temerity to call Nick Cohen’s articles ‘hate ridden.’

    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      Daughter of Zion can be number five.

    • Chris Rogers


      i did respond to you and with irony, the irony as per my enquiry being how can you become Jewish twice in a nine year timeline, which implies after his 2007 conversion Cohen renounced being Jewish, only to embrace it again for his current Guardian hate attack.

      Whilst as a Christian I can embrace multiple strains of Christianity, it does seem strange that the Israeli apologist and rabid-zionist Cohen can drop his jewish hat and embrace it again for more coin.

      Just seems rather strange to this observer and one we should all point out the next time Nick Cohen regurgitates this angle, one which is discredited by the fact you cannot keep becoming Jewish, unless of course you embrace another religion and then change said religion.

      • Pan

        Forgive me for failing to detect your irony. Maybe the old grey matter needs a nice Sunday afternoon nap!

        • Chris Rogers


          I think it may be the new layout and colour design – takes a while to get used too and has caused me much distraction, apart from that, Cohen is a nasty bit of work and his paid hypocrisy needs highlighting – just a shame comments on his article in The Guardian have been turned off as usual.

          • Pan

            “a shame comments on his article in The Guardian have been turned off as usual”

            Yes. The Grauniad staff are smart enough to know when one of their opinion pieces is too far out on a limb for reasonable people to tolerate in silence!

            It would be laughable if it weren’t so cowardly.

      • Daniel Bentley

        Ah, so you are a Christian – shame on you! An avowed Christian at that! Speaking as a JEW, your self-confession places you exactly and solely as a crucifier of my lot. After all you you and your Confession are guilty of, your shame-ridden silence would be the minimum that decency demands.

        • Chris Rogers

          Well Mr. Bentley I’m a Wesleyan Methodist and member of a minority grouping in the UK, however, and if I follow Israel’s shining example I can kick out all non-Wesleyan Methodists of my home nation, at the barrel of a gun if necessary and then have a nice State, based on religious and ethnic intolerance. What a nice State that would be!!!!

          I don’t bloody think so, but then I’m no racist, not very religious and believe in multiculturalism. I mean, I’d miss my curry in my bigoted State, which would be too much.

    • Chris Rogers

      @daughter of zion

      Evidently you don’t read The Guardian or following the outpourings of the Zionist cabal that has a love-fest every other week, usually at the expense of a few more Palestinian deaths or Corbyn within the Labour Party.

      Now off you go and spew your crap elsewhere as it does not ring true on this board.

      Perhaps you’d like to under the Cohen article on CIF at The Guardian, which somehow was disabled rather abruptly as usual – at least here you get a fair hearing, something to do with the fact that comment is actually free on this website.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Is the Canadian effort to demonize BDS efforts a political kite to get the US government to do the same with all its elections coming up?

    Just waiting for Hillary,The Donald et al. to threaten bombing the shit out of us!

    • bevin

      No. It is just another attempt by the appalling Tony Clement to kick start a campaign for the leadership of the Canadian Tory party. He is looking for campaign contributions of both sorts: financial and the drone of the commentariat in their lamentations of a Holocaust that took place in large part because neither the Canadian nor the US governments would offer refuge to the victims of fascist racism.

      What is important is that the current global campaign of hatred, directed at muslims, is getting out of control. In India, as in Palestine, lynching is a daily occurrence. The Holocaust that should concern us is the one that is coming, the first signs of which suggest that it will be like a fire, deliberately set, which will burn until it runs out of fuel.
      Nick Cohen and his friends-including the most influential politicians and intellectuals in the western world- are setting that fire. No doubt they have no idea of what they are doing and less concern for the future but they can be stopped.
      And stopping them begins with their cheap and nasty journalism- and the vehicles that carry it- being boycotted, treated with contempt and disdain as hatemongers ought to be.

      • Chris Rogers


        I think you’ll find The Guardian is being boycotted, its physical sales are appalling and its emphasis on US/Australian ‘click-bait’ an absolute joke. Still, here’s a paper that only a generation ago had a solid circulation of above 400,000 and an estimated 2 million readers daily. Its drive for online subscribers being undermined because many, including myself, are more than able to see through its propaganda, particularly since 2007, funnily enough being the timeline Blair stood down as leader of New Labour.

  • Lynn

    Nick Cohen’s article has only to do with the gratuitous anti semitism flourishing in his home country’s political landscape. Your opinion piece only highlights the point he is making that angry semitism is Alice and well in the British left (sadly). This article said nothing about Cohen’s views on the middle east- only that somehow Jewish people are to be blamed for any situation even when involving groups with no Jewish persons and groups that actively espouse hatred for Jews. I am nauseous by you calling his article, only intended to expose virulent anti semitism a hate speech. I think you have to call it that as it just hits too close to home for you.

    • Andy

      “Nick Cohen’s article has only to do with the gratuitous anti semitism flourishing in his home country’s political landscape. ”

      There isn’t gratuitous anti semitism flourishing in his home country’s political landscape. Cohen’s article is fact free.

    • Chris Rogers

      Could you please provide testimony / actual evidence of growing anti-semitism in the UK. The only growth that seems to occur is the Zionist continually changing the goalposts as far as what constitutes ‘anti-semitism’, which now we are led to believe is any criticism whatsoever of Israel. As such, 99.99% of the global population must be ‘anti-semite’ in the limited and censored world you inhabit.

      Still, its nice to be part of a majority, even if it is one to your disliking.

      Now do provide the facts with verified police records and actual court cases to uphold Cohen’s egregious opinion that ‘anti-semitism’ is virulent across the UK, which of course is utter bollocks!!!!!!

      • Dan Richardson

        The resignation of the Oxford labour student union gives enough evidence for virulent antisemitism in the UK.

        • Chris Rogers

          Dan Richardson,

          Evidently CM and all other posters on these boards are anti-semites, and this includes the United Nations in your book evidently. Again, and to set the record straight, here’s a link to a UN report for August 2014 with regards Gaza and number of children killed by Israeli aggression – given the figure is above 400, it actually does mean more than one life every day 365 days of the year. Here’s the link and please dispute it and use your usual bollocks that its all ‘anti-semitism’. If only!!!!!

          • Dan Richardson

            Here is the evidence, by Labour Club co-chair Aaron Simons.
            “It’s time we acknowledged that Oxford’s student left is institutionally antisemitic”.


            Of course, I agree these are not conclusive evidence, as this is just a single case of exposed institutionalized Anti-Semitism within Oxford University. But certainly it gives some initial testimony that Nick Cohen is in fact correct.

          • Chris Rogers

            Dan Richardson,

            If you had the unbiased mentality to do any research of Mr. Aaron Simons, you’d note, and indeed highlight, that the creature in question is the Editor-in-Chief of a rag that promotes Zionism, which means any opinion he holds or comment he makes is questionable to say the least. That as the Co-Head of Oxfords Student Labour Club the brat in question was unable to accept a democratic vote by the membership to support an Anti-Israeli Violence week of action says it all really, and then he accuses those who voted in solidarity with all those oppressed by the Israeli State as being anti-semites for the sin of sticking up for those the Israeli State deem surplus to requirements shall we say, or terrorists. However, how a female child wielding a pen knife and being shot dead can be outed as a terrorist beats me, as did the fact that a disabled elderly man who tried to help her was brutally beaten by the IDF.

            As a Socialist and former head of a University Labour Club myself I’d be pretty pissed off at this and try to do something, anything to highlight such occurrences that happen on a daily basis in the Occupied Territories – obviously in Mr. Simons mentality I’m a anti-semite.

            Still, given Mr. Simons fancies a career as an Israeli apologist, and given he’s bright enough to attend Oxford, perhaps he’d do us all the pleasure of having a face-off with Norman Finkelstein who’d eviscerate the bugger – but of course, Norman’s a ‘self hating Jew’, despite the fact both his parents were survivors of the Holocaust. Can’t win can we old bean, but if showing solidarity with Palestinians in the Occupied Territories makes me an anti-semite, as well as all those brave Jews who also show solidarity with the oppressed, then great. This from a wanker who fought against the National Front when a ‘red skin’ in the 1980’s – how we fall from grace is staggering, as Mr. Greenstein can attest too!!!!

          • Chris Rogers

            Quick correction to my post of 15.00hrs, 22 March.

            It is Alex Chalmers who quit as Co-Chair of Oxford Labour Club, the other Zionist being the head of the Oxford Jewish Society – sorry for confusion, but even I make mistakes, however, Simons is all over the show discussing the issue and making wild accusations of widespread anti-semitism across both UK and US educational campuses – obviously in reference to the Palestinian Solidarity Groupings/Support that has sprung up over recent years.

            However, back in 1987-1989 campuses were still highly pro-Palestinian and many a motion was passed within University Student Unions and at the National level – none of us faced charges of anti-semitism though for our progressive views or solidarity with the oppressed, which is why, these accusations by Chalmers and the oaf Simons is but bollocks.

            Over to you Dan, but as both a former President of our Students Union and Head of a University Labour Club in the late 80’s and early 90’s none of us were accused of anti-semitism, even by those who were forthright in their support of Israeli, many of whom I’ll remind you were not Jewish. How times change is all I can say, but bollocks, is bollocks is bollocks in my humble opinion and all this trash about growing anti-semitism associated with the Left and Progressives is just that: TRASH!!!!

        • Chris Rogers

          Dan Richardson,

          What resignation is that and by whom, given the person who made the initial claims has kept quite a low profile as a few posters have pointed out on these boards.

          I ask again, please provide written State evidence is support of yours and Cohen’s bollocks, and I don’t mean evidence from Zionist groups who allegedly represent all of the UK’s Jewish population, such as the Jewish Chronicle that was denounced last year for its blatant anti-Corbyn lies by a plethora of well known Jewish personalities.

          So, please give either Police or Court records backing up the claim that the UK is now a hotbed of anti-semitism and its Jewish inhabitants are queuing to flee the nation – which as both I and you know is not the case!!!!!!

        • Andy

          ”The resignation of the Oxford labour student union gives enough evidence for virulent antisemitism in the UK”

          No it isn’t, total nonsense.

    • K Crosby

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      You can be number 6.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        I was being generous and counting this one as an attempted rebuttal. Next one up will be number eight, then.

        Where are all these new people coming from and why?

    • fedup

      Yeah so virulent was antisemi…. that Brothers Miliband left the party and one went to become the director of a CIA shop front and the other after spending an undisclosed sum on his hacked in stone tablet pledge lost to the Tories and then resigned as the leader.

      If you are nauseas perhaps it is due to some other factors, and you best get a kit to test? Because there is nothing antisemi….. or nauseating in this fine article by Craig.

  • Amns

    Hello dear,
    This is my first time reading this blog,
    I just had to leave you a thank you for your just and clear opinion on the situation in palestine. I know its not easy to have a true vision of the on goings with the faulty media and the hypothetical world politics. I am a 25 years old Palestinian, and its my first time I see someone -who is not Palestinian- who talks about a one and only state for the Palestinians. you just did what people would not allow them selves to do, which is to stand at the start of things and ask: is Israel a legal state? . I thank you, and salute you for your stand.

    Kind regards,
    Amna Dehelia

    • Sarah moore

      The occupied territories were under Jordanian rule for 20 years and the Gaza Strip under Egyptian rule. What happened in those years? Why did they not establish a Palestinian state and live peacefully? Why all the terror and bloodshed? Who are you trying to fool? Read the history of the region beginning in the Ottoman Empire and be truthful with yourself. That will be a good beginning for the Palestinians!

      • Andy

        The Israeli occupation of Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank is illegal, it doesn’t matter if the Martians occupied those territories before 67, Israel is the occupying power today and has been since 67. As Palestinians are occupied they have the right to defend themselves. The Israelis have no right to demand the people they brutally and illegally occupy accept their occupier’s demands that they should remain peaceful.

        I do know about the history of the region. I also know Zionists have a terrible problem with the truth, hence the endless whataboutery.

    • jemand

      Amns, Israel has all the attributes of a legitimate state including a bloody history, dubious borders that move over time, an army, a government, a political system, industry, enemies who refuse the fact of their existence, an entry in wikipedia, a name on the world map and hundreds of millions of people who believe they are an actual state. They have more legitimacy than Indonesia.

  • K Crosby

    ~~~~~Personally I do not believe Israel should exist.~~~~~

    Occupied Palestine, “Israel” or Israel (sic) if you please.

  • Sarah moore

    You may think that the truth is with you, but you are totally wrong. You are full of hate if you personally do not want Israel to exist. The Palestinians are thriving and multiplying thanks to Israel’s! You are welcome to stay in Israel for a while and see for yourself. And, antisemitism is well and alive, and that may destroy again many societies.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      Sarah moore can be number six.

      • Chris Rogers


        One of the more interesting and salient points about genocide and survivors of genocide is that the one’s who have been attacked and manage to survive usually multiply exponentially, this is witnessed by the Hutu/Tutsi genocide. Ms. Sarah Moore, who’s not a regular poster, also panders to an interpretation of ‘genocide’ that is false, as witnessed by the link to the Charles Davis article I’ve actually provided – our Zionist friends just issuing forth their usual line of attack, whilst offering no verifyable evidence or statistics whatsoever – probably too bone idol. It also seems strange that we have witnessed a plethora of new posters here today, no doubt the Israeli’s pay these buggers well to post on sites like Craig’s and close dialogue down with their propaganda efforts, just a shame most of the shit does not wash with an informed readership. Again, lets witness what’s happened on The Guardian website today, the Cohen article being open for comments for but a brief time before being closed for comment. Funny is it not, that the other Zionist troll who inhabits The Guardian, one Freedland just so happens to be the boss of CIF. Really I could not make this shot up. And still they claim that the UK is a hot bed of anti-semitism, with particular attention now paid to the youth wing of the Labour Party and its present pro-Palestinian leadership.

        • John Spencer-Davis

          I am enjoying watching all these strange new people running on here and shouting insults and running off again. I am wondering who they all are, and how they found out about this posting.

          • Chris Rogers


            Probably Cohen, Freedland et al, what i call the Guardian’s Zionist Cabal are hard at it on Twitter denouncing Craig and anyone else who questions the validity of their claims that Jews in the UK are living in fear of their lives with daily pogroms being arranged by the Oxford University Labour Club and the Labour Party. Obviously, by just issuing mild criticism of Israel we are embarking on a Jewish hate campaign that will lead to another European holocaust. Such hyperbole is beyond belief, and still they regurgitate the nonsense.

            The fact remains, criticism of Israel and knowledge of its crimes against humanity are growing and as such we now have the most flagrant abuse of the word ‘anti-semitism’ imaginable for if anyone dare criticise Israel then they must be by their very nature a ‘anti-semite’ or ‘self hating Jew’. Indeed, if we now mention Israel only in passing we are anti-semites, that’s how bastardised these folks have become.

      • well wisher

        Lets count those who cannot recognise an argument they disagree with as an argument as arrogant pillucks. John Spencer Davis you are arrogant pilluck number 1.

    • K Crosby

      The apartheid states in South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Nireland and the USA have gone, at least in their most fascist forms, why would wishing adieu to the sixth and last suddenly be hateful? Four down and one to go is rather Rooseveltian don’t you think?

  • fedup

    Don’t we kid ourselves?

    Freedom of expression, yeah we are free to express what is prescribed and most certainly we ought to refrain from expressing anything which is proscribed. Soon as Craig has floated the notion that zionistan ought not exist, suddenly we find the advice coming thick and fast;

    Stop it – or wear a bullet proof vest. You are not allowed to write that on your blog.

    Says Tony and finishes reiterating; “Be careful” !

    Freedom of expression? Talking about a foreign entity, that evidently has no connection to our own bunch of dear leaders, and their coterie of lickspittles. However there seems to be a compulsion to keep our own counsel, and stay silent and not to air our thoughts!!!

    The same sentiments are further reiterated as others chime in too;

    I am concerned for you: you do need to take more care before posting, otherwise you will be quite vulnerable to hostile critics.

    Says John Spencer-Davis, clarifying the need for a circumspect language and tongue in cheek approach in case of invoking the ire of the shooters, thugs, and suppressors.

    This is the state of “Freedom of Expression” the only vestiges of our way of life that apparently tour enemies have never enjoyed, and as this is not allowed anywhere else other than the free world! So we are told!!

    The daily charade of genocide being passed as the existential fight of the “little plucky David” against the hoards of “Muslims” whose Mufti once sided with Hitler way back in the last century during WWII. Fact that “little plucky David” has oodles of fighter jets, assault helicopters, best of the high explosive bombs not forgeting the atomic and hydrogen bombs and missiles with all manner of sophisticated electronic guidance systems in addition to the endless supplies of bullets, shells, grenades, ground to ground missiles, and a never ending support that has resulted in no less than 42 US veto. As US has used her right to veto in the UN Security Council, on a whole plethora of resolution that could have been “damaging” to zionistan.

    The fact that US conduct has been akin to a dumb parent whose offspring has proved to be a menace to any and all in the neighbourhood, and yet he/she refuse to face up to the facts and confront their wayward child. That is instead of rewarding the said wayward offspring’s atrocious conduct, to confront and stop it’s misconduct.

    The resultant of the protection of the US in the face of growing lawless conduct of zionistan has been its’ steadily growing status of beyond any laws, conventions and criticism. In fact the mere hint of criticism produces a massive negative backlash of screeches of antisemi…… that is if the supporters of the racist supremacist regime in occupied Palestine are not engaged in physically attacking the critics and harming them.

    As in the case of George Galloway and his companion who were posing for a photo, as these were attacked and severly beat up. The maniac who attacked them was wearing a zionistan vigilante thug tee shirt with the logos to boot, whilst attacking Galloway he was shouting all manner of abuse juxtaposed with antisemi…. and hol…….. The sustained attack resulting in Galloway suffering fractured ribs, a dislocated jaw and head injuries.

    Fact that as Peter Oborne questioned;

    why no senior politicians had condemned the assault on Galloway

    Whilst quoting Galloway:

    It seems very strange. They are always telling us how much they hate violence and terrorism, how much they believe in the rule of law, free speech and democracy. But when it came to the attack on me their lips were sealed.

    Oborne concluding;

    if this can happen to Galloway, it can happen to anybody

    The assailant apparently another “convert” Jew despite having admitting to the police that he had called Galloway; “anti-Semitic little man” somehow was not charged with religiously aggravated assault, and in fact soon after serving his short prison sentence given to him, Masterson was harassing and threatening Galloway on facebook!!!

    This is the degree of suppression and coercion that apparently is an accepted and tolerated state of affairs concerning freedom of expression in the twenty first century Britain in which no one can deviate from the “prescribed” boundaries of “freedom of expression”!!!

    However, concurrently it is OK to kill and maim Muslims or to heap scorn and hatred on the said minority as their derision is part of the prescribed “freedoms of expression” as my name is Charlie too!!!!

    The fact is last week has seen the bums rush of antisemi……. It is everywhere, John Mann claims it is rife in the Labour party, David Klemperer claims Oxford university is filled with antisemi….. too, in fact it seems the world is antisemi….. and those claiming they are not, they are but as yet they don’t know it!!!!

    It is high time we the real people started to slaying this sacred cow and declared that we the people determine the bounds of the freedom of expression and not allow a jumped up two bit convert such as Cohen et al to set these boundaries. We the people must take back the initiative from the hands of the thugs and bullies, if only for the sake of protecting our rights and freedoms inclusive of freedom of expression!

    • John Spencer-Davis

      You misunderstood the purpose of my posting, Fedup.

      Craig has changed this article since he originally posted it. That is why it now says at the bottom: “This post was updated to more accurately reflect the tribunal ruling”. He was right to do that, because what he originally said, although not exactly false, was highly vulnerable to counter-argument. I was about to post a disputation with him pointing this out, when I noticed that he had changed it already, so there was no need. Had he not done so, I am sure he would have faced a barrage of ridicule from Cohen, Kamm, et al.

      Nothing to do with circumspect language or a tongue in cheek approach; everything to do with getting his facts indisputably straight on such a sensitive issue.

      • fedup

        Thanks John for clarifying your point, but nonetheless the fact remains that we the people are compelled to self censorship and silence in our country about the illegitimate state of zionistan. A state that is based on apartheid, racial supremacy and is the private domain of the Rothschild banksters conducting their trade.

  • Dan Richardson

    I stopped reading when you said that Israel kills Palestinian children every single week. This is a blatant lie and shows complete bias. Period.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Liar. The article says nothing of the sort.

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      Dan Richardson can be number eight..

      • Dan Richardson

        John Spencer, actually you are the liar. Here it is:
        “He shows no concern whatsoever for the Palestinian children who get shot or beaten by occupying Israeli forces every single week.”

      • Dan Richardson

        Thanks for the notice Node. But you are clearly wrong. The average number obviously says nothing about the frequency of killings. Note that the number of Israeli *civilians* murdered by Palestinian militants (including many Israeli children) in the said period (2000 to 2015) is about 2000 !

        About the killing of two Palestinian children in Gaza last week, this was a tragic collateral damage of an attack against Hamas militants who operate within residential areas, lunching missiles into south Israel (may I remind you that lunching indiscriminate missiles into residential areas is a war crime, by the way).

        Remember also that the USA and the UK (as part of Western coalitions) also kill many Arab children within e.g., Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria. Are you also involved in delegitimizing the UK, as you do to Israel?

    • Node

      How about this week Dan Richardson?

      Ramallah, March 16, 2016—Israeli forces carried out a predawn airstrike on the Gaza Strip on March 12 that killed two Palestinian children, Isra and Yassin Abu Khussa, and injured a third child from the same family.

      At approximately 2:20 a.m., three Israeli F-16 missiles targeted training sites for Palestinian armed groups in Beit Lahia in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. At the moment of the bombing, the Abu Khussa family were asleep in their house located nearly 100 meters (328 feet) northeast of the training sites. Shrapnel and rocks destroyed the house’s roof, leading to the death of Yassin, a 9-year-old boy. Yassin’s siblings Isra, 6, and Ayoub, 12, also sustained head injuries and were transferred to Shifa Hospital. Around 2:30 p.m., doctors pronounced Isra dead from her wounds.

      “I woke up to the sound of the bombing and my wife screaming, ‘The children died!’” Salman Abu Khussa told Defense for Children International – Palestine. “When I arrived in the children’s room, three of my children were on the ground, injured. There was blood everywhere, and the others were screaming.”

  • Chris Jones

    As anyone who has studied how Israel came about knows, Israel was a state created solely to please the Rothchilds. This isn’t paranoid conspiracy. The Balfour declaration by the British government promises to support a new state of Israel and the letter and promise is made directly to the Rotchchild banking family, not to any people, nation or democratic body. On the basis of this agreement is also how the USA agreed to enter WW1. Nick Cohen and other Guardianistas conveniently forget to mention these facts or the fact that the presenet day Israeli state is an ethnocracy. A new democratic secular state of Christians and Muslims all fighting extremist ideology such as Isis would make perfect sense.

  • Michael Vanyukov

    “Personally I do not believe Israel should exist.” – You slander Israel, where all citizens have equal rights (Arabs have much fewer obligations), while all Arab states around it do indeed practice it – not only in regard to non-Muslims , but to their own women. You have no grounds to assume that your utopian “single state” will be any different from what the Arabs have practiced and promised: there would be no Jew in it. The only reason why in Israel there is no harmony you wish for your “single state” is Muslim hatred toward the Jews and the Jew-hate of the West. What is comforting, however, is the level of intelligence of genocidal antisemites like you. You could be even more dangerous.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

        Michael Vanyukov can be number nine.

        • jemand

          More sanctimony from blog constable, John “Spencer” Davis who does not advance any debate but prefers to snipe from afar like a pudgy, sickly, 40 year old bachelor waging electronic warfare from his controlling, elderly mother’s basement.

          • Chris Rogers


            You really are full of bollocks today, however, would you please comment on the United Nation’s document I posted earlier, which highlights clearly that Israel is killing unarmed and innocent men, women and children in Gaza. Why is this so may i enquire and why should I support it?

            Here’s the link, now please bullshit your way out of it, and then opine on Cohen’s article and the fact that he’s now conveyed twice to being Jewish in the space of nine years, which seems far fetched to me.

            Here’s the UN article:

          • jemand

            No, I don’t care to comment on your UN report. What reason would I have, apart from some imaginary, sly objection you’ll dream up, to run around doing things on your imperious instructions?

    • Chris Rogers

      Yes Michael,

      It is indeed storage that under the UK protectorate of Palestine after WWI, and indeed during the Ottoman Empire’s administration of the Holy Lands the local inhabitants, be they Jewish or non-Jewish got on quite fine. Indeed it was not until Zionist malcontents began invading the Hold Lands and engaging in terrorism that the harmony was shattered. Israel of course being a white colonial state in the Arab lands, given most of the original Zionists were not orthodox practicing Jews, rather they were secularists. But please keep up the propaganda but a huge wealth of history books are available on the subject matter, just look on Amazon or visit the British Library in London.

      • Wee Jim

        “It is indeed storage that under the UK protectorate of Palestine after WWI, and indeed during the Ottoman Empire’s administration of the Holy Lands the local inhabitants, be they Jewish or non-Jewish got on quite fine”
        …except they didn’t. For example, there were severe Hebron and Safed massacres of jews in 1517, soon after the Ottomans took over and again in the 1830s and periodoc massacres throughout Ottoman rule, when the jewish population consisted of some 25,000 people. They continued under British rule

    • Old Mark

      You slander Israel, where all citizens have equal rights (Arabs have much fewer obligations)

      Ah yes Michael, such as the obligation to perform military service ?

      As you can see from the link below, Israel offers a variety of additional benefits to citizens obliged to perform military service, so in practice, Palestinian citizens of Israel are disadvantaged by not having such an obligation placed on them.

      The benefits that come with serving in the Israeli military extend far beyond employment. The Absorption of Discharged Soldiers Law, for instance, provides housing and educational grants to former soldiers. Under the law, “a married couple in a poor socioeconomic situation, each of whom has completed full military service, receives NIS 124,500 (about $30,000) more toward their home mortgage,”

      Even that hotbed of antisemitism, the US State Dept, finds that Israel practices “institutional discrimination” against its Palestinian citizens –

      “Citizens who do not perform military service enjoy fewer societal and economic benefits and are sometimes discriminated against in hiring practices. Citizens generally were ineligible to work in companies with defense contracts or in security-related fields if they had not served in the military,” the Department stated in a report on Israel’s human rights record.

      Read more:

  • Ben-Misogyny is my name

    Zionist apologists breed like maggots on the bodies of their Semitic victims when the subject breaks the surface.

  • Daniel Bentley

    Clearly nonsense. Nick Cohen has credibility; you do not. The prose is wriggling – as and when I check, I suspect that this is all a tissue of lies and that Cohen’s article is on the button. Your demonic vision of Israelis betrays you – you exemplify what many of us suspect about our gentile neighbours.

    • Andy

      ”Nick Cohen has credibility”

      Most of what Cohen writes is fantasy , he isn’t a journalist, he’s a very crude neocon/Zionist propagandist. Why are all his supporters who post below his articles right wing, pro-Iraq war ( every NATO/US backed war) and anti-Muslim bigots? For a man who claims to be on the left that is very very strange. Cohen won’t even let comments below his articles remain open for more than a few hours because too many people expose his shit. The man is a coward too.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      Daniel Bentley can be number ten.

    • Chris Rogers

      What credibility does Nick Cohen have, apart from being a liar and arsehole of epic proportions. Please elucidate or shut the fuck up.

    • bevin

      “Your demonic vision of Israelis betrays you – you exemplify what many of us suspect about our gentile neighbours.”

      Which is to say, in plain speech, that you, in the plural, regard Gentiles as being evil.
      I certainly get the impression that it is one of the primary objects of Zionists to inculcate this appalling sense of paranoia among young Israelis. And that this helps account for both the terrible violence used against Palestinians by settlers and soldiers and the enormous support that open fascists such as Netanyahu get at the polls.

      The reality is that ‘Gentiles’ are no more demonic than are Jews and that to characterise them as being such is to lay the foundations for future pogroms and massacres of the targeted Gentiles.

    • fedup

      you exemplify what many of us suspect about our gentile neighbours.

      Rants the racist religionist specimen, further reiterating it’s religiously aggravated prejudices autonomically all the while playing the slighted victim role!

  • Bernard Cohen

    There is already a state in Palestine with the properties you specify. In fact, it is the only state in the entire region with those properties. It is called Israel. Yet you believe it should not exist, a belief you share with several nations and organisations whose properties are, presumably, repugnant to you. How do you reconcile this paradox?

    • fedup

      You bet:

      There is already a state in Bantustan Palestine

      Do you believe you are talking to infants here on this blog to buy that horse shit: the largest open air concentration camps in the history of Earth getting passed as the state of “Palestine”?



    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      Phyllis can be number eleven.

    • Itsy

      Stop wasting your breath shouting. If someone says they don’t think Israel should exist, that’s an opinion. Not a fact, an opinion. So ranting about “truth” is not relevant. Not at all.

  • nevermind........

    Bernhard Phyllis and Daniel deeply engaged, talking to themselves about serious issues, such as stealing oil from the Golan, and how hard it is for Arab citizens to get housing in the west bank speculative bubbles, all on stolen land, off course.

    how interesting to see new commenter’s discussing the issues. Maybe soon we can get to the human rights issues, why they support the incarceration and abuse of children in prisons. Or why they shoot Palestinian schoolgirls with nothing but books in their satchel.

    Maybe one day they will realise that their ancestors lived in peace with their neighbours in Palestine, and that they are deluded and deceived by Zionist fascists who are destroying Israel’s future as we speak.
    That’s why BDS is so important, its for Palestine’s future and for all its inhabitants, with a constitution that lays out these principles.

  • Laguerre

    As expected, the various hasbara organisations have directed their troops onto Craig’s blog in order to break up the discussion, once it was appreciated that some criticism of Israel was taking place. As usual also, anything anti-Israel is immediately confounded with anti-semitism.

    • K Crosby

      Considering that anti-zionism is antithetical to antisemitism, ranting and game-playing are all that the zionist apologists have left (or should that be right). Zionism is a secular, fascist, terrorist ideology, expedient for the foreign policy of American Caesar and Judaism is not.

  • john

    Biggest load of sanctimonious garbage I have read from a racist Jew hater in many a long year. Of course, as is always the case, the most virulent racists always claim to be the anti racist. You would need a guide dog not to see the bile and hatred spewing from the odious spiel above.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      This is fascinating. Let’s count the people who comment offering no argument or rebuttal but just insult and misrepresentation.

      John can be number twelve.

    • Chris Rogers


      I note you have an issue with reading, as well as understanding what CM has written and what constitutes ‘racism’.

      Now, if you refer back to the Blog hosts original post he calls for the end of the Israeli State, to be replaced with Palestinian State, one based on multiculturalism, multi-religious beliefs and one where all inhabitants are equal, i.e., CM desires are return to the pre-1947 Palestine, which as I’ll remind you, did not suffer pogroms or anti-semitism given all the indigenous inhabitants, both Palestinian and non-Palestinian got on rather famously until the lands were invaded by Zionist hordes after WWI.

      Now, where is the racism please, and further, could you please comment how Nick Cohen could possibly convert to being a Jew twice in the space of nine-years, that or he’s a liar, but nonetheless I’m intrigued how anyone can become Jewish twice. But then I’m knick picking because the article we reference suggests the UK is a hotbed of anti-Semitism and Jews walk the streets fearing for their lives. Which, as we all know, is utter bollocks but bollocks nonetheless spewed out in The Guardian by this well known Zionist and Israeli apologist for crimes against humanity – well documented crimes at that and by the United Nations, which itself must be a hotbed of anti-semitism given the entire Cosmos is teeming with them!!!

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Love it. Israeli agent-in-place to flounce off?

    Note the committed socialist lifestyle and monomanaical devotion to the British workers’ movement…

    If only Corbyn would put the crucifixion of critics of Israel in the next manifesto. It could be so different. *sigh*

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Curious, is it not? The Daily Mail’s headline is that there is a Labour Party failure to confront anti-Semitism and then close to the end of the article Levy himself says that the people discussed “have been expelled from the party with immediacy”.

      • Chris Rogers


        Having tried to label Labour under Corbyn as extreme leftwing, they are now resorting to accusations of anti-semitism. Its an orchestrated campaign, one that coincides with Tory splits over the EU. And then these supposed Journalists at The Guardian have the temerity to call themselves leftwing. Lets call them out for what they are, namely greedy mother fuckers who adore warmongering, or in regular parlance: Neoconservatives and neoliberals – Tony Blair and Hellory Clinton being their Patron Saints.

        Sorry for my language, but it really does make my blood boil when those associated with a lifetime of peace activism are blatantly abused as being anti-semite. Where will it all end?

        • John Spencer-Davis

          Accusing someone like James Elliott of anti-Semitism illustrates exactly how much these people care about real anti-Semitism.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Er, well, JSD, the full quotation amkes it clear that Levy isn’t satisfied with the expulsions alone:

        He added: ‘They have been expelled from the party with immediacy and frankly it is now up to leadership to make sure that there is a clear and unequivocal message out there that anti-Semitism in any form will not be tolerated within the Labour Party’, he told Sky News.

        ‘The leadership must come out with that message in absolutely a specific way because from my perspective – being a member of this party – that is of paramount importance to me.

        There is more than a hint there, too, that the Labour Perty is expected to prioritise Levy’s concerns because he is Levy.

        Incidentally, being the possessor of a large nose, but not Jewish, I feel deeply affronted by the Vicky Kirby’s incautious remarks, which were blatantly antimegarhinic.

        • John Spencer-Davis

          Quite so: I did appreciate that. But it seems a bit odd that the evidence that Labour is not dealing with anti-Semitism is apparently that the party has expelled two anti-Semites.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            ‘Twas ever thus, JS-D, and the Mail is of course stirring it. Not only does it not like Corbyn, but it’s got its knives into Blair, big-time, so his associates are very fair game.

            The other day, I was talking to the Asian guy, don’t know where from, who has taken over the local shop. He asked me where he could get fish-and-chips for lunch, and explained that he’d asked a previous customer and he hadn’t understood her directions. “She said, you can get them at the Paki”, he explained. “Where is the Paki*?” I told him. Also that it wasn’t run by Pakistanis, but Iraqi Kurds.

            Is the stupidity of that customer to be a matter of legislation and sanction, as it certainly would be if she’d used the Y word in conversation?

  • Chris Rogers

    No doubt, most of us posting here, apart from the Zionist apologists, will now be referred to the UK’s ‘De-radicalisation Scheme’ for reprogramming, joining the more than 4,000 already referred to this counter-terrorism scheme> I wonder if Mr. Cohn and Mr. Freedland will be joining with us in these concentration camps, or are only alleged anti-semites allowed to gain entry.

    Regardless, this all sounds very Orwellian, as does making it a criminal offence to utter any critique of Israel for fear now of being prosecuted and banged up. And to think that tiny strip of waste land has less inhabitants than Scotland, but an ability to change the course of human history. Very frightening!!!

  • Mark Golding

    Having acquired entanglement at the macro level I believe the forward arrow of time must be sustained and cannot be lost to ‘rubout’ Haganah killers within Sayeret Matkal, a specialist terror group of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). Ths information is therefore generalised.

    It is known generally that this incendiary terror group infiltrated Palestinian enclaves to inflict fear, panic and terror. The Sayeret Matkal was formed in the wake of the first terror group-Unit 101 that had disturbing Orwellian overtones from the Qibya massacre, an Israeli terror attack in which many Palestinian Arab villagers were tortured and murdered. Operating independently from the IDF, members of the unit were skilled in tracking and penetrated deep into Arab and Iranian territory to execute unimaginable terror and targeted killings.

    In the last decade refusal by an increasing number of this elite group’s reservists to carry through missions in occupied ‘territories’ has witnessed a change of emphasis to a ‘surrogate’ modus operandi, one that has emerged from the success of proxy training mercenaries, use of innocent ‘patsies’ and other credulous cut-outs, by deception, blackmail and threats to family members including actual bodily harm by torture to an operators offspring, parents and/or other family members, this obviously devised to attenuate and destroy any resistance that might develop before the ‘exercise’ has been accomplished.,

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