Thoughts for Easter 532

We are off to spend a chilly but picturesque Easter at Kyle of Lochalsh. I shall be taking a total break from thinking great thoughts until Tuesday. I shall also again wonder why in my youth chocolate Easter eggs easily came apart into two neat halves, whereas nowadays they are fused and have to be smashed.

If you want to hear me on somewhat more serious subjects, this was my conversation early this week with Michael Greenwell on prospects for Independence, the banality of evil and a few other topics.

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532 thoughts on “Thoughts for Easter

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  • Republicofscotland

    Throughout 2016, a centenary celebration will take place to commemorate what can easily be regarded as the most pivotal moment in Irish history. The Easter Rising of 1916 paved the way towards Irish independence and the restructuring of the nation, while liberating its people and reviving cultural and national identity. It’s an incredibly important moment for the people of Ireland.

    Although the British state may have classed those brave Irish men and women as rebels and terrorists, the actions of the British government in handling the prisoners, namely the slipshod executions, repulsed the Irish public in general.

    Many prominent freedom fighter (not from Ireland) who took part in the uprising have been given, widespread praise and recognition. However Margaret Skinnider, a young teacher from Coatbridge, might not be that well known, to the general public.

    Margaret fought alongside her mentor and friend Countess Constance Marklewicz. During a night raid the valiant young teacher was shot three times down her right side, which left her with life long incapacities.

    After the conflict Margaret returned to teaching in Dublin, she became active in women’s rights and became president of the Irish National Teachers Organisation. Margaret also went on to chair the Executive of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

    A remarkable woman indeed.

    • Habbabkuk (combat apologists for terrorism)

      For the twentieth time, please use quotation marks and indicate sources when you’re lifting stuff from other people’s writings. Even Mary had the honesty to do that (most of the time).

        • Habbabkuk (slaying dragons... and salamanders)

          That’s because I don’t lift passages from the writings of others, Laguerre., and pass them off as my own. It’s all my own stuff – no globalresearch, voltairenet, chris spivey, the saker, mondoweiss etc for me, thank you very much 🙂

    • Anon1

      A propaganda pamphlet has just been pushed through my door (I didn’t catch the little scrote who delivered it) from the Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) campaign warning, amongst many other dire consequences amounting to some Ten or so Plagues of Brexit, that ‘ISIL’ (note the American version) will be much more likely to attack in the event of Britain leaving the EU. That is the EU that wants to allow the entire horde of migrants to settle within its borders and admit Turkey as a member state (a US objective).

      In tiny letters (and I mean tiny – you almost need a magnifying glass to read them) at the bottom of the pamphlet are the words ‘Promoted by Will Straw on behalf of Britain Stronger in Europe’, which ought really to read ‘on behalf of the US State Department’. With friends like these, no wonder Craig has chosen to remain silent on the EU referendum.

    • 4 Green Fields

      Very true Republic Of Scotland – an incredibly important year for Ireland and Irish Independence.
      Very interesting information on Margaret Skinnider – thanks for that.

      Looking forward to Scottish Independence – but you know that already.

  • Ben-Misogyny is my name

    Maybe the bridge-dwellers can answer…

    What do eggs and bunnies have to do with the resurrection of jesus?


    • Alan

      Well as you asked so nicely:

      It is thought that the word Easter comes from a pagan figure called Eastre (or Eostre) who was celebrated as the goddess of spring by the Saxons of Northern Europe. A festival called Eastre was held during the spring equinox by these people to honor her. Of interest is the word’s relation to east (ost in German). The name for a celebration of the sunrise and a change of season was eventually applied to the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ and the new era He heralded.

      The goddess Eastre’s earthly symbol was the rabbit, which was also known as a symbol of fertility. Since rabbits and hares give birth to large litters in the early spring, it’s understandable that the rabbit is the symbol of fertility.

      The legend of the Easter Bunny bringing eggs appears to have been brought to the United States by settlers from southwestern Germany. The German tradition of the Easter Bunny or “Oschter Haws” migrated to America in the 1800s, likely accompanying German immigrants, many of whom settled in Pennsylvania. Over the past 200 years, the Easter Bunny has become the most commercially recognized symbol of Easter.

      In legend, the Easter Bunny, also called the Easter Hare and the Spring Bunny, brings baskets filled with colored eggs, candy, and sometimes toys to the homes of children on the night before Easter, in much the same way as Santa Claus is said to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. The Easter Bunny will either put the baskets in a designated place or hide them somewhere in the house or garden for the children to find when they wake up in the morning, giving rise to the tradition of the Easter egg hunt.


      • Itsy

        “What do eggs and bunnies have to do with the resurrection of jesus?”

        Nothing. They’re to do with pagan celebrations of Spring.

        As you well know.

        • Ben-Misogyny is my name

          Well thanks for spilling my candy in the lobby. Now go fuk off and inject yourself into another conversation.

      • Herbie

        “The goddess Eastre’s earthly symbol was the rabbit, which was also known as a symbol of fertility. Since rabbits and hares give birth to large litters in the early spring, it’s understandable that the rabbit is the symbol of fertility.”

        I think it was originally the hare. The hare is much more interesting than the wabbit.

        Their main significance is that they can conceive when pregnant, though wabbits can do this too.

        Quite a symbol of fertility that.

        It kinda makes puts females on a similar fertility to males.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Look, I do not have any suggestions, but I think it would be a good idea if Us British People stopped Dropping Bombs on People in Foreign Lands.

    Obviously, we can’t stop The Americans from doing it..cos They are Addicted to It…but I reckon most governments in Europe would agree with the idea – with the possible exception of The French..The Russians would be O.K. with the idea..but The French and The Americans….??

    We Really shouldn’t be doing this. If we Stop The Rest of the World Might learn By Example…

    You Can’t Tell Them To Stop….


    ” MASSIVE Mosul University BOMBINGS by US Coalition”

    لحظة القصف الامريكي على جامعة الموصل (نينوى) يوم 20 / 3 / 2016


  • Alcyone to Tony: I, I, I......My, My, My.... Are you on some kind of Ego Trip?

    Or, can you not help yourself, even while in public?

    And don’t you think you should pen down your deluded memoirs for your grandchildren?

    Before you go completely senile, that is.

  • Laguerre

    So you approve, do you, hab, of the shooting of unarmed civilians? That’s what you said, pretending that others had done the same, which they hadn’t, re 26/3 18.49 and elsewhere. That is pretty appalling. But Craig’s moderators are open people and don’t blacklist people when they should.

    • giyane


      The odious troll was told by Craig that he wasn’t a troll, he was just odious, which the o/t took to mean that he was cleansed / purged from all sin and shit-clinging to him. Since then the troll has shown his true colours – as a paid, professional, arguer against truth as brought to light on this blog.

    • Habbabkuk (combat apologists for terrorism)

      Not in the general (and dishonest ) way you present it, Laguerre.

      Do you know anything about the circumstances which led to the Belgian police shooting that chappie the other day?


      Then check it out – I suppose you know some French – and then come back to discuss.


      Re blacklisting – you appear to be in favour. Have you told your fellow free-speech loving, lefty-liberal Eminences?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I don’t mean to complain – but just look at The Evidence – Direct From The Houses Of Parliament – Just down The Road…

    Mhairi Black (Scottish) (22 Years Old) vs The Rest

    Mhairi Black: SNP MP’s maiden speech in full


    (Anthony Charles Lynton Blair’s) (Scottish) kid

    and That Straw’s C’n’ts Kid (from out of insomnia)

    It was like 158-0 to the WASPI’s

    It’s nice to have a kid on Grannie’s Side.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    The North of England Had Been Economically Bombed To Hell By Maragret Thatcher..

    So we Ran Away Together To Gretna Green and London…

    After she came to see Black Sabbath with me at Leeds – in This Enormous great Hall…

    I asked my Ex too but She declined…

    We said Where’s Ozzy – and it was the first time we had seen Rainbow…

    Ronnie James Dio

    “Rainbow – Stargazer”


  • Anon1

    Very good, RobG. I like the sound of John and Jane Psycho from Slough.

    By the way, don’t start on the bottle too early today. Savour those moments of clarity.

    • giyane

      I recently accused one of my neighbours of spying. no , he says, I’m sitting in my house and you’re sitting in your house.
      Yes, says I, you’re sitting in your house listening to what I’m saying sitting in my house.

      Nonce1 obviously wants to grind down/ wind up RobG by giving him the impression that he is under surveillance.

      What does the gonk /goon do in my street? Come out the house with one of those combined phone / headtop camera things the police and security wankers use to record you while you’re talking to them.

      I am a spy, and I’m paid more than you working your balls off as an electrician, just for betraying you to the enemies of Islam.

  • Anon1


    I would like to see a reading list chosen by Laguerre for his students. Do you think Chris Spivey is on it?

    • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

      Actually, Anon, the thought that Laguerre is a teacher in higher education and therefore in a position potentially to influence young, impressionable minds is worrying.

      But then much of the academic class is France is well known for being off the wall.

      Re the reading list, I’d be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt as far as Spivey is concerned. But I suspect the Hamas Charter figures prominently.

      • giyane

        I’m not sure Laguerre, whatever he does for a living, is quite ready for your professional finger-nail removal techniques on a peaceful Easter Sunday morning.

        Laguerre, scratch his eyes out. he’s been pooping in my wife’s newly dug flowerbed again.

        • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


          It’s obvious from the quality of your posts that you’re a public school and Oxford man.

          Would you mind telling us which school and which college?

          If you tell us, our Transatlantic Friend will reciprocate by telling us his Oxford college.


          Oh, I nearly forgot – a very Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

          • giyane

            My file on you is bigger than your file on me troll. In particular we know that only animals and jinns are able to hear the screams of the evil-livers in their graves. I can clearly see a tall plume of fire rising from your grave.

        • Anon1


          Given your frequent admonishments to the ‘Enemies of Islam’, your stated desire to see Britain turned into an Islamic State, and your gift for electrical wiring, do you think it surprising that you have become a person of interest?

          • giyane

            Here you are short-circuiting all the wires at once, my carefully chosen pearls, Islamic State’s carefully taught Zionist memes, and MSM garbage in garbage out daily spewing of Islamophobic hate.

            An Muslim state is one where the majority worship God and obey His laws, not proxy murder and corporate tax evasion.

            Not one where the project is controlled by and for Israelis Americans and Shitish elites .

            Do not conflate your -ics and -isms with the real thing.

        • Anon1

          Wikispooks commented here for a while and then buggered off in a huff because Craig said something not entirely worshipful of Putin’s Russia. Tells you all you need to know.

  • Mark Golding

    On security in public spaces we would have a lot to learn from the Israeli experience, which demonstrates that much righter security can be guaranteed without public services..

    Nothing, zilch, zippo, diddy squat can be learned, cultivated or versed from Israeli experience except perhaps Kratos head shots to innocent civilians.

    Namby-pamby objections by “human rights” useful idiots should be disregarded and surveillance should be extended to those who are not necessarily potential terrorists but whose utterances ‘objectively’ minimise or deny the menace (this should not be seen as thought policing – everyone is free to think what they want but this does not mean that they should necessarily have the right to disseminate their unhealthy views without coming to the notice of the security authorities).

    “Civil liberties is another name for the political freedoms that we must have available to us all if it to be true to say of us that we live in a society that adheres to the principle of representative, or democratic, government.” ~ Professor Conor Gearty

    These liberties can loosely be described as the right to vote, the right to life, the prohibition of torture, security of the person, the right to personal liberty and due process of law, freedom of expression and freedom of association.

    “In the UK they were developed through the English Charter of Liberties which extended rights to the nobility and church officials from 1100AD. Between 1213 and 1215AD groups from across England came together to draft the Magna Carta which extended a fuller group of protections and rights out to further groups. The 18th and 19th centuries saw workers movements develop to enshrine labour conditions and the rights to collective bargaining through unions and the right to strike. The first and second world wars motivated a final revolution in civil liberties including rights to healthcare, education, equal opportunities in the workplace and so on. In 1998, New Labour signed the European Convention on Human Rights into British Law with the Human Rights Act. This meant that there was legal underpinning to this bill of rights, which enshrined our civil liberties.

    But before and since 1998, these rights have been eroded at a terrifying pace, particularly compared with the glacial rate at which they developed in the first place.

    The ability to express our thoughts in blogs and rally in protest by hashtag may have numbed us to the reality of a bonfire of our liberties. We’ve been tweeting while Rome burned.” – Kerry-anne Mendoza with much love.

    • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

      Mr Golding

      Are you up for a serious exchange for once?

      If so : tell me which civil liberties have been put on the bonfire in the United Kingdom over the last, say, 20 years.

    • giyane

      Mark, thanks for having a whack at the trolls. They have got disgustingly above themselves recently.

      While Syria is currently being liberated from the Al Qaida trolls by Shi’a militia and arms, Europe seems to have fallen into Turkey’s troll trap which allows any Daish with a Turkish passport to come to Europe on a Turkish visa, while the US obliterates their empty buildings.

      Any right-minded person would conclude that Europe having declared war on the Syrian people, has now declared war on the civil liberties of its own people, especially its moderate Muslims by openly inviting Daish here.

      We should brace ourselves for impact. But fortunately we will have Syrian and other refugees with us to help us cope with the coming onslaught.

  • Mark Golding

    Easter Message:

    Since 1649 and the passing of the Habeas Corpus Act, citizens have been protected from false and arbitrary imprisonment and restriction of their personal liberty by the presumption of innocence until proof of their guilt is established by a jury of their peers in an independent court. Yet successive governments have passed legislation which seriously undermines this principle, and allows the state and its police force to restrict liberty and confine citizens without interference by the courts.

    Detention without Charge – please remember Blair defeated on 90 days; infinite detention of non-British citizens (Anti Terrorism and Security Act 2001).

    Unlawful Imprisonment (Control Orders passed in the Terrorism Act 2006) replaced by TPIMS (two year time limit and approval of a judge)

    Secret Courts (1997) The justice and security bill – ‘Closed Material Proceedings’ or Secret Courts into the Justice system. (Applied to civil courts)

    Freedom of Expression and Assembly – so called ‘anti-terror’ legislation

    Right to Protest – Public Order Act 1986 upgraded by The Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 — RIP Brian Haw -new offence of trespassing on a designated site.

    Kettling – Snatch & Grab Arrests – A menstruating girl (my friend) refused leave by City of London police to obtain tissue.

    Agent Provocateurs and Violence – 2010 student protests disclosed agent provocateurs were filmed running into the crowds, pushing, pulling and kicking student protesters in order to generate violent conditions. (video evidence)

    Martial Law & Emergency Powers – The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 – suspends the Bill of Rights 1689, Habeas Corpus, the Parliament Act 1911 (which restricts a parliament to five year terms) and others for a period of up to 21 days at a time.

    The Surveillance State – The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 allowed the government full surveillance powers over all kinds of communications. (50 warrants/week) for bugging Land-lines.

    Band-Aid — Knowledge is Power Cameron has blood on his hands

  • Republicofscotland

    It’s intresting to note that pro-Syrian forces have captured the historically important city of Palmyra, and pushed ISIS (we all suspect who backs them) back in region of Homs.

    Parts of the ancient city were intentionally destroyed by Takfiri forces, speculation on who gave the order to commit such despicable acts, remain rife. I presume the main reason to carry out such barbaric acts on a historically significant area, was to gain favour from the the masses around the globe.

    UNESCO were particularly concerned that large swathes of Palmyra could be lost to future generations, thankfully what remains will hopefully be preserved. Although I’d imagine the retreating forces will have booby trapped strategic artifacts.

    ISIS also destroyed ancient statutes at Mosul, and bulldozed important archaeological sites at Nineveh and Hatra.

  • Republicofscotland

    Re my comment on the premeditated destruction of Syrian heritage.

    Antiquity is a integral part of any countries identity, Iraq, suffered during the illegal wars thrust upon them by the warmongering West. In 2003 Iraqi’s had to look on helpless as priceless artifacts were plundered from the Baghdad museum, and sold around the world. More recent is the desicration and destruction carried out by ISIS (who funds ISIS?). In Mosul.

    There is of course solid method, in the madness of the destruction of a country’s heritage. By removing the materialistic elements, (statutes, temples literature etc) you can quickly subdue confuse, deflate the target country’s population.

    It then becomes particularly difficult for the nation in question to find inspiration in the form of prior events, that have been immortalised in that nations literature, and architectural structures and artifacts.

    • Mark Golding

      Thankfully the winds of change will cautiously blow fresh air and revive, freshen and stimulate the Syria people living under the black flag. For it is these people and others in safe places that will evolve, nourish and ripen that great country so that it’s roots will spread to all of the Middle East.

      Let us no forget this time in 2011, when the inside knowledge of proxy forces in Syria came from a brave man now departed. This was my knowledge at that time:

      The Plan for Syria – from my knowledge.
      . (taken down)

      By the end of January 2011 the United States of America, Britain and Israel decided to support Colonel Riad al-Asaad and sponsor an FSA plot to destroy Syrian independence and to split the country.
      The plan was publicly supported by Israel’s prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who thought it possible to create a number of separate entities within Syria implicating unrest and resulting in civil war between them.
      Britain in her role would plan to separate Syria from Iran in order to further isolate Iran and to prepare for a military intervention against Tehran. The United States had secretly agreed to separate Hezbollah from it’s bases in Syria and to block any country that refused to enter into negotiations with Israel.
      Weapons and phones would be secreted to ‘terrorist’ groups within Syria and it is known that captured phones have US and Israeli SIM cards.
      Terrorist groups, some trained by British ex security personnel and Israeli commandoes infiltrated into Syria by boat from the Mediterranean, probably landing between Om al-Toyour and Latakia. In early April 2011 Israeli trained ‘terrorists’ staged an attack in Latakia and in Daara another ‘terrorist’ group caused mayhem in the south of Syria killing more than 10 people by April 20th. Before year end more foreign fighters would cross the Syrian border from Iraq.
      By April 22nd the ‘terrorists’ were using automatic fire in central Damascus. The unrest prompted more than 2 million Syrians to take to the streets in a massive show of support for President Assad.

      and Mary bless her said this:

      Is there a care home for these double acts on BBC News 24 when they retire who have spent their lives spouting lies and propaganda? Surely they must go off their trollies eventually?
      Did you hear the shrill Shillary from Tunisia saying that Assad must be ‘toppled’ and castigating Russsia and China again? These days she is rivalling Madeleine Albright and the only omission was a reference to dead babies in incubators.
      ‘US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slated Russia and China as “despicable” for opposing UN action on Syria. The two nations were not in attendance at the Friends of Syria meeting in Tunisia, and earlier this month both voted against a UN resolution condemning the violence.
      Speaking after the conference, Mrs Clinton said: “It’s quite distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto while people are being murdered – women, children, brave young men – houses are being destroyed.
      “It is just despicable and I ask whose side are they on? They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people.”‘
      PS Of course she and her cabal in Washington have never had any blood on their hands.

      • Republicofscotland

        Thank you Mark, for that account, I believe their is quite a lot of truth in that account.

        By the way how is our friend Mary these days? I do hope she’s well.

  • Republicofscotland

    On ISIS, Russian satellite images, have (allegedly) shown the living pipeline of tanker trucks driven by ISIS troops, travelling to Turkey, if true, then the quasi-dictator, Erdogan, posing as a president surely must be aware of the ongoings.

    Others however, are now beginning to sit up and take notice.

    Nathan Gill, a European Parliament member for the UK Independence Party.

    “Ultimately what we’re seeing here is that Turkey is playing fast and loose with international law. They are not a reliable partner by the sounds of it. After what we’ve just seen in Brussels with the terrorist attacks, which have been attributed to IS, and now we find that Turkey are funding them, they are helping them, they are opening their borders, making it easy for them to travel around. This is absolutely horrendous”.

    Unsurprisingly British prime minister, David Cameron, is currently pushing that Turkey should be allowed to become a member of the European Union, even though the majority of the Turkish land mass lies outside Europe. One must ask themselves why the British government has taken such a position.

    Others who have noticed irregularities.

    Former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, described as “very convincing” the report on links between Turkey and ISIS which features piles of oil accounting papers left behind by Islamic State fighters in towns in northern Syria. Life peer Lord Peter Truscott called the evidence “alarming” and stressed that Ankara has “serious questions” to answer following the revelations.

    It isn’t a stretch of the imagination, to say that if Turkey is complicit (allegedly) in aiding and abetting ISIS. That other Nato nations including those calling for Turkey’s EU membership, have links to ISIS, no matter how tenious they may be.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    For those still in denial about these clerical fascist supremacists and for those who seek to minimise the threat they pose, a man has just been murdered in Glasgow. It has been reported that the man killed in Glasgow on Thursday was a member of the Ahmediya Muslim sect and his death is being treated by the police as a religious hate crime. The man arrested is also a Muslim. The dead man had posted Easter greetings on social media and had called for mutual tolerance and an end to bloodshed. The Ahmediya sect is persecuted in Pakistan.

    Is anyone listening to what I am saying here, or is it just not fashionable, or too difficult, to protest against Islamist Supremacist violence? If he’d been killed by, say, an Israeli settler or a White Supremacist, would there have been similar reticence?

    • Republicofscotland


      Yes, I saw significant tv coverage of the shopkeepers murder, as you state he was murdered by another Muslim, his henious offence? Wishing his Christian customers a very happy Easter. There was a vigil last night attended by many of his customers, and folk from further afield, lamenting the poor man’s untimely demise.

      The recent events in France and Belgium, are having the desired effect, further afield. Like the giant Green Anaconda, coiled around a helpless Capaybara, the war on “terror” will eventually constrict our freedoms.

      I published several comments Suhayl on the usurping, of the conservative old guard at Scotland’s largest and most influential mosque, it would at first glance, appear a more radical faction has taken control.

    • Alcyone: Hi Suhayl, I for one am listening.....

      And am in complete agreement with you.

      I don’t wish to sound judgemental, rather more observational and, although I reject all organised religions, I respect you and all others of whatever religion, for calling out those that wish to mislead.

      I do also believe that humanity needs to reject all organised religions, without rejecting spirituality if we are ever to rise above our present status of a Type Zero Global Civilisation.

      Best wishes to you and all. I won’t be saying Happy Easter as I have no idea what that means. I note that Craig has also not done so. In these testing times, it is important to reject all cliches, but not chocolate. That is a food of the Gods and one piece every day is a good indulgence.

      As a chocolate connoisseur, I am always open to discover something new of top-quality. This is my latest, superb find:

      Absolutely amazing! And in moments like that, amongst other wonders of Life and Nature, I agree with Habby: Life is beautiful!

    • giyane


      Radical has always meant, since Mrs Thatcher, a euphemism for repealing centuries of real radical change.
      Reactionary Islam is liked by reactionary Blue and Red Tories who want , with Zionism, to disgrace Islam and is also liked by political ( i.e. lying ) Muslims who take the Macchiavellian view that you gain by power by whatever illegal means, and the means is justified by the ends.

      That Macchiavellian view has now been defeated intellectually and on the ground in the rout of Al Qaida in Syria. political Islam is dead.

      It remains to be seen whether the brainless hajjis and imams whose inspiration is revenge and hatred of the British Raj will be lured into radicalism by the Zionists like Cameron and erdogan, rather than just waving goodbye to some of their troublesome sons chasing after Saudi blood-money.

      that they are brainless and racist is clearly illustrated in my eyes by their habit of spying on me as an English born newcomer to Islam.

      I have found praise for Islamic State from young and old in the UK Muslim community.

      However there is a hard-core of non-political believers who rarely go to the mosque because of that enduring, stubborn striving after political and material gain demonstrated by the hajjis and imams.

      they will not let this kind of murder be done in the name of Islam,and they may well rebel against the nutters in charge when they see that they have sold out completely to reactionary Tory UK zionism

    • fedup

      Good news everyone, the police force in Glasgow ought to be downsized by two thirds, as chief superintendent detective extraordinaire Saadi has shown he has solved the murder single handedly and now is informing everyone of his findings!!!

      Whence the same Saadi is being harrumphed by the known zionist assets on this blog, then we can safely assume Saadi is no longer a relevancy when it comes to matters Islam and Muslims, his jaundiced views being echoed by the lickspittle zionist supremacist shills only validates Saadi’s mendacious and jaundiced view of the religion of Islam and its followers.

      Saadi refraining from answering the post in the terrorism thread has brought his “pleading” for the murdered shop keeper on to this thread. Hoping the thread in question will die a quick death and his own contradictory and addled “contributions” will bite the dust.

      As ever Saadi the labeller has shoved in his sound bite “clerical fascist” an inane concept that neither is religious nor political but hey never mind the quality feel the flow and join the haters to pour scorn on Muslims. Of course that goes without saying this bringer of the ultimate truth, then calls upon others who don’t buy his soft soaping to come out of their denial!!!

      Saadi is busy passing the murder of the shop keeper as a “religiously aggravated” because the chap on his facebook account wished a happy Easter to his Christian customers!!! This is evidently the deadly sin that has resulted in reprisals, and then Saadi, adds the Ahmadieah sect just in case the first one did not stick. Denouncement over, Saadi talks about vigils held, which of course then it is answered by the racist fuckwitt anon1 as “it is relentless”. Mission accomplished and hate and scorn poured over on Muslims yet again!!

      What if the said shop keeper owed money? What if the said shopkeeper did not pay the relevant retainer back in his homeland to the family who forked the cash out to send him over here? What if there was a family dispute? None of these matter a moment’s thought, because Saadi being a Glaswegian is qualified enough to pronounce the intent of the murderer. Case closed and no need for a trial or wasting police time with trivial investigations because as we know the shop keeper was murdered on two counts of wishing happy Easter to “Christians” and being an Ahmady Muslim!

      The extent of emotive language can be discerned by the use of “Christians” as though Easter is not already Christian enough and Hindus, Chinese, Tamil, Muslims, …… all have an Easter too, so to best add the Christian not to get mixed up with others hence the sentence “happy Easter to my Christian customers”. This is enough for Saadi to rip into the his favourite “Clerical Fascist” which then begs the question, is the murderer an imam? Or is the murderer a henchman of an imam? Are there secret imams holding service in secret mosques and issuing secret instructions, as they read the facebook and find the sins to be punished by death?

      • Anon1

        I was replying to Alcyone

        “Suicide bomber kills at least 52, mostly women, kids in Pakistan park”

        Relentless Islamist violence. Denied and excused by yourself.

      • giyane

        ” Are there secret imams holding service in secret mosques and issuing secret instructions, as they read the facebook and find the sins to be punished by death?”


        And here’s the reason: In the recent Radio 4 series Incarnations. India in 50 lives, it has been described day after day how the peak of intellectual, political minds in India prior to the end of the british Raj in 1948 were advocating terrorism against British citizens, a course of action which usually encouraged the British to crack down harder on their subjects/enemies.

        1948 is six years before I was born, not somewhere in the dark Victorian times. If your top intellectuals hate the Brits enough to murder them indiscriminately, it follows that a good proportion of thinking hajjis and imams will share their mindset.

        Fedup rips into Suhayl for his description of ‘clerical fascism’ but just because fedup has not encountered this clerical fascism in his travels with UK Muslims, doesn’t give him the right to dismiss Suhayls experience of heavy and oppressive dogmatism from this group of people at this turning point in history. Just because it’s fashionable for Muslims to support Islamic State right now doesn;t mean that some Muslims like myself whose family are being killed by them in Kurdistan, hop easily on the bandwagon.

        Fedups attacks on Suhayls perspective were uncalled for and disrespectful. in fact fedup , you do seem to have swallowed the Pakistani chip on the shoulder line , hook line and sinker. most Pakistanis where I live own several houses and cruise around in executive limos. They mostly have strong family connections to religious and political leaders in their community who can summon allegiance and even obedience to their authority.

        Suhayl is his own man, and not prepared to be kicked around by secret ( from the UK community) imams holding secret ( from the UK community) power and issuing fatwas to be carried out by their feudally beholden serfs. I myself have been the subject of several such imam-made fatwas to disrupt and disturb my peaceful life because I refuse to subjugated and enslaves by feudal loyalties to people who despise me for my nationality. Suhayl should be respected for standing up to feudal overlords with tiny minds. if only the majority of Asian muslims had the balls….. maybe they will grow some soon.

        • fedup

          Because it was in 1948 in India it is bound to be happening in the UK in 2016!

          Why such a reasoning?

          BTW your family in which Kurdistan? You best clarify it first. Then the next question will be who do you think is killing them?

          As for the rest of your opinions, it is a “free” country and you can hold them, they are of no consequence.

          PS you really hate the Pakistanis/Bangladeshi/etc. don’t you?

  • Republicofscotland

    This is a rather eye opening account of Turkey’s links to the suspects of the Brussels incident, it makes some very hard hitting points. Such as why were known (terrorists former ISIS combatants) allowed to fly on commerical flights, when it’s widespread practice to put them on the “no fly list.” Why didn’t the Israeli airport security firm ICTS pick up on this?

    • MJ

      It’s alarming to think how many of our most cherished preconceptions are a result of grooming.

    • Anon1

      Well they gave the vote to children so they were always going to brainwash them into voting SNP.

    • Ben-Misogyny is my name

      How ironic that West has become Sancho to Putin’s role from La Mancha.

  • מָ֫וֶת

    Never thought I’d say this but this election is getting interesting. It’s not just the protest candidate declining to kiss AIPAC’s arse. Even CIA’s candidate Hillary is untrustworthy to the increasingly jumpy Zionazis. Hillary’s best buds with Blumenthal’s dad, after all. CIA didn’t mind Netanyahu’s thorough humiliation of Obama – it’s good to put the help in their place. But within CIA they’re gaming the Saudi revolution. Israel’s importance diminishes dramatically. As soon as the successor regime is stabilized, Israel becomes the next South Africa. The regime won’t last a year without the US to prop it up. Contingency planning is in place for a desperate regime’s resort to WMD, nuclear/biological, lessons learned from the Afrikaners’ final paroxysms. It’s tricky, this business of decapitating the regime, they have nukes, but in the end, the genocidaires will go quietly. It’s too small a country to defend, by design.

    • lysias

      Delivery systems for nuclear weapons can always be interfered with. But I wonder if there’s any truth to the stories that the Israelis have nuclear weapons hidden in major Western cities. That would be harder to deal with.

      • Habbabkuk (cast out your inner devils)

        I also wonder if that’s true and, furthermore, I wonder whether there’s not one hidden in an office just a few doors down from yours.

        What do you think – is that likely? After all, you did tell us your place of work is not far from the White House.

        Come to think of it, have you checked your own filing cabinet?

        And have you checked in the mens’ restroom? Are all the urinals perfectly aligned?

  • Alcyone: Suhayl, do you have any take on this Lord Nazir Ahmed?

    I saw this guy speak on RT yesterday and seeing him for the first time, I thought he was reasonably impressive.

    But, now I look at who he is on Wikipedia, he seems quite controversial. Be interested if you have any view of him formed over the years.


  • RobG

    Very noticeable in the wake of the Brussels attacks is the lack of calls for ‘boots on the ground’ (Tony Blair in the Times today being the only exception).

    The so-called ‘alternate media’ have called this bullshit out for what it is.

  • John Goss

    Happy Easter to everyone, even to Martinned whose views on our MSM are unbelievable, and who, for an intelligent man, believes the old chestnut about Russia controlling its media more than we do ours. Russia Today has a running joke about this. But of course if you don’t watch it, and I suspect he doesn’t, you will not know how balanced, or not, it is. Russia Today is a big threat to western lies, so big that certain corporations, Virginmedia for one, do not provide the station. Even Hillary Clinton has conceded that Russia Today is winning the propaganda war.

    I have a message for her and all MSM outlets including RT. Tell the truth. That’s the way to win a propaganda war.

    • lysias

      There’s something very wrong with the management of Western propaganda. They don’t realize that the way to get big lies swallowed by the public is to develop a reputation for telling the truth.

      • fedup

        Lysias the extent of the lies is so much that they can no longer state any kind of truth, hence the total immersion lies, that is no longer holding.

        • lysias

          They seem not to realize that, if they tell the truth in general about little things, the public may believe them when they lie about big things. Instead, they also lie about little things, repeatedly. Why don’t they realize that that defeats their whole mission?

      • RobG

        Anon1 (love the username), everything you say is being documented, and will be used against you in a court of law.

        The same applies to the creature known as ‘Habba’.

      • John Goss

        Lots. But you need to watch it to see them. 🙂

        It talks about everything being completed for the 2018 World Cup but also mentions problems with the building of ,and infrastructure, at Sokolova airport.

        This one above is right up your street making criticisms about there being no unified approach to immigration.

        You see Anon1 you can only do exposures if there is something to expose. The western media for example accused Russia of being involved in the Ukrainian civil war there – which is still going on incidentally and which Russia quite reasonably denied. Russia responded by saying if they had been involved the civil war would have been over in a fortnight, or some such short period of time. While Russia denied any involvement in Ukraine when it got involved in the civil war in Syria it told the world what it was doing. It also said it would withdraw when the job was done. So you see, some media outlets tell lie, others tell the truth. It is why Clinton is losing the propaganda war.

      • lysias

        RT, as a media outlet paid for by the Russian government, is clearly a source of doubtful validity when it deals with Russian issues. But what it says about Western governments seems in general to be true, certainly a lot more trustworthy than the Western corporate media, which no longer make much of an effort to disguise their function as propaganda.

    • Ben-Misogyny is my name

      John; I’m becoming more of a war-monger as the days linger. Hillary is becoming a propaganda liar par ‘excellence’ by the minute, yet the long-halul seems to be the inevitable based on gender polling. Don’t fight the tide. It is inexorable. It is a juggernaut.

      Hunker down and gird thy loins fellow assholes. It is just now beginning and if you’ve made bare your preparations, god help ye.

      • Ben-Misogyny is my name

        John; Please ignore the agitator for increased war and decreased tolerance.

      • John Goss

        Yes Ben, the future is frightening. Do you want the crass idiot Trump – on whom I don’t doubt the CIA has thousands of blackmail card to play, or the psycopathic Clinton who has already threatened to use nuclear weapons to bring rogue states into line?

        • Ben-Misogyny is my name

          Sadly, that seems to be the choice John, unless the evenly divided court purports to circumvent the Law for the good of the Nation, once again (16 years….numerology #7 hmmm) .

          Either choice seems fatal, but one has a faster result. Fast enough could mean the carbuncle will need lancing sooner and Trump will bring it to a head significantly sooner, perhaps soon enough for a recovery in the aftermath. Beyond that my hope dwindles.

          • Ben-Misogyny is my name

            Again, the irony of the lesser weevil. What choice when they seem co-equals?

          • John Goss

            There’s no more hope here across the pond Ben unless Corbyn is allowed to represent the Labour Party as its leader. Just watch the dirty tricks as that approaches. We could all go and try to draw our savings out at the same time! 🙂

  • Anon1

    At least 69 dead after suicide bombing of playground frequented by Pakistan’s fast-dwindling Christian families. Women and children deliberately targeted.

    “”We claim responsibility for the attack on Christians as they were celebrating Easter,” a spokesperson for Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Ehansullah Ehsan, told Pakistan’s Express Tribune.”

    I would be interested to hear Fedup’s thoughts on this, with particular regard to his recent exchanges with Suhayl.

    • lysias

      What do you think of the way ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch, supported by the West, have been persecuting Christians in Syria, who are being protected by Assad’s government? What do you think of the way that the West’s invasion of Iraq led to so many Iraqi Christians (who had been protected by Assad’s government) being driven out of Iraq (something that the Pope had warned Bush would happen if he invaded Iraq)?

      • bevin

        I see that you have already made my point: more succinctly and clearly if not with equal bitterness.

      • Habbabkuk (cast out your inner devils)

        The difference is that I suspect Anon1 cares about the fate of Christians in Muslim countries whereas you and Fedup are using their plight as raw material for your terrorist-supporting anti-Western propaganda.

    • bevin

      You really ought to look into the history and origins of The Taliban. God forbid that I should prejudice your researches but I suspect that you will discover that our old mates Saudi Arabia and the US government were prominent in financing and protecting them in their foundation campaigns against the mildly nationalist government of Afghanistan and its Russian allies.

      It is likely too that you will run across the Pakistan government’s Intelligence Services (SIS) and the, heavily subsidised by the US, Pakistan military’s part in training and directing the Taliban.

      If you broaden your researches to include massacres of Christians (and Shi’ites) in the past decade you will also discover, in all likelihood, that US and Saudi sponsored militias have been carrying out both in Iraq and Syria, for example.

      The truth is that the governments in whose defence you continually volunteer are up to their necks in the blood of Christians and other minority sects in Arabia and the wider muslim world. Another case in point: Yemen where an obscene alliance forged between Tory scoundrels (‘let us supply you with bombs and bombers, and we can supply the finest executioners’ swords also. Credit terms very reasonable) and wahhabi nutcases, is carrying out Lahore sized massacres of the ancient shia sects of Yemen on a daily basis.

      So Anon1, you can only have it one way: either you support the governments behind The Taliban, Daesh and Al Qaeda or you whine about the monstrous crimes that their agents carry out. You can’t do both. Not with a straight face anyway.

      Good luck: if you need links to assist with the research I’m sure that they can be supplied.

  • fedup

    FAO MOD why did you delete my comment?

    One more stroke like this I am setting an Offcraig blog!

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The important thing is to recognise the pure unadulterated extremely fine quality…

    You can keep the Camera…but I want My Lens Back

    I think my Son has borrowed it…

    I want it back.

    Auntie just walked in….like a whirlwind…

    Dad -…Please…

    I am hardly going to complain – all my family live at home…

    Grandad_Tony xx

    • Tony don't you have a pot to piss in at home?

      Show some respect for Craig and his Mods and other commenters.

      Senile Cnut.

        • Alcyone: Agree fwl, but most of us do, at a minimum, try to follow some 'rules'

          Else, we may as well pack in the concept of ‘civil society’, albeit we are a Type Zero, globally.

          I mean, this prick ‘Tony’ tries to come across as a sensitive man, but he is as thick-skinned as they come.

          PS Listen to the sensitivity of Human Joy: ‘Sunrise in Gambia’

          • Alcyone:"Progress, Peace, Prosperity"....

            …is the ‘motto’ of The Gambia, Habby.

            I wonder, did it appear that way to you?

            This, unfortunately, from wiki:

            ” The Gambia’s economy is dominated by farming, fishing, and especially tourism. About a third of the population lives below the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day.[7] ”

            Hope you’re having a fine day and life treating you as well as ever!

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Well, I was impressed when he got back home…when he told me about his experience of being invited to maybe give a quote…

    On the internal flight he was passed 3 Newspapers…

    They were in a foreign was just one of the three

    He recognised that one

    Now I know you know what young techie kids are like…

    He hosts it…its like even bigger than The Daily Telegraph – and My Skinny Kid – is Hosting it.


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