Thoughts for Easter 532

We are off to spend a chilly but picturesque Easter at Kyle of Lochalsh. I shall be taking a total break from thinking great thoughts until Tuesday. I shall also again wonder why in my youth chocolate Easter eggs easily came apart into two neat halves, whereas nowadays they are fused and have to be smashed.

If you want to hear me on somewhat more serious subjects, this was my conversation early this week with Michael Greenwell on prospects for Independence, the banality of evil and a few other topics.

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532 thoughts on “Thoughts for Easter

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  • BrianFujisan

    Have a Great one Craig

    Beautiful Part of the Country.. and Close to The Skye Bridge

    And the Stunning Eilean Donan Castle…I was feart of all them Life size Mannequin Doll things in there. Yikes.

  • tony_0pmoc

    Happy Easter. We are going bunny rabbit hunting tomorrow (we don’t have a gun).

    Meanwhile, when something was happening in Brussels a few days ago…

    There was no Fake Blood used in this Production. Did our RAF do it? Did my Taxes pay for the Bombs? Will it be Manchester University next?

    ” MASSIVE Mosul University BOMBINGS by US Coalition”

    لحظة القصف الامريكي على جامعة الموصل (نينوى) يوم 20 / 3 / 2016


    • Laguerre

      You’ve got it wrong, Tony. Americans don’t attack civilians – only Russians do that. The fact that it’s clearly a civilian complex being attacked, you can hear the planes flying over, see the dead civilians, and identify the scene as Mosul by the Arabic signs, is of absolutely no relevance.

      • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

        Oh, the heavy, clunking irony!

        Sur un fond de bêtise..

        • Laguerre

          Pity that I don’t have the extensive free time you have, Hab, to think up supposedly witty, supposedly cutting, remarks.

          • lysias

            The resident snitch objects to my using what he supposes to be Russian, at the same time that he feels free to post here in a foreign language.

          • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

            You always appear to have enough time to post trendy Lefty nonsense, Laguerre.

            My advice – stay straight, eschew irony and humour, you’re not very good at them.

        • Laguerre

          “You always appear to have enough time to post trendy Lefty nonsense, Laguerre.”

          Really? How did you detect that that from my somewhat rare posts? From the frequency of your posts, half an hour is what you need to think up something witty to say. The hasbara is paying, so what’s the problem?

  • Courtenay Barnett


    Some friendly Easter advice.

    A. Stick to blogging and defending important human rights issues.

    B. Stop thinking that you can be any sort of important and/or effective politician ( George Galloway is pretty good at it – up or down and he bounces back.).

    C. You are not the political type of guy in a Gallowayan sense of the word “politics”.

    All said – I still love you.


  • Rehmat

    Christians in Canada will celebrate Easter on Sunday, March 27, 2016. Easter is regarded as the second most important religious holiday after Christmas.

    Both days are celebrated in great majority of Muslim countries with sizeable Christian minorities like Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. Christmas is a national holiday in those countries but not the Easter.

    Unlike the so-called ‘civilized West’, mocking of Jesus or his mother Mary is considered blasphemy among the Believers of all Schools of Islamic Thoughts (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali, and Ja’fri).

    The great majority of Muslims, however, don’t celebrate Easter or Christmas the way Christians do due to Holy Qur’an’s narrative of the birth and the end of prophet Jesus’ (as) life on Earth.

    “That they (Yahud and Nasara) boast, “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not,” Holy Qur’an (4:157).

    “Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise,” Holy Qur’an (4:158).

    Thus Holy Qur’an clearly states that Jesus (as) was never put on cross, or died on cross or resurrected afterward. Holy Qur’an also asserts in other places that both Torah (OT) and Ingeel (NT) were corrupted by their authors and revisionists. Robert W. Funk, renowned authority on the New Testament agrees with that in his book The Five Gospels.

    There are several other beliefs on which Islam doesn’t agree with Christianity. However, both faiths believe in virgin birth of Jesus, his ascend to Heaven and his second-coming. But, the purpose of his second-coming, according to Holy Qur’an is not to force conversion of Jews to Christianity (as believed by 80 million Evangelists), but as a Muslim to bring peace on Earth and to die a natural death afterwards.

    Personally, I think a Muslim, who joins his Christian friends or relatives in Easter celebration, is not committing an un-Islamic act.

    • Fwl

      Islam has attributed some beautiful words to Jesus, such as “the world is a bridge, do not build your house upon a bridge” and “let your heart be in your seeing but not in what you see”.

      • Alcyone

        Meaning what Fwl?

        Of course bearing in mind, the ‘word’ is not the ‘thing’. The word ‘love’ is not ‘love’. The word ‘table’ is not an actual table’.

        Personally, I’d much rather be reading The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Its all the other stuff that is gibberish! Like Rehmat’s crap above.

    • Alcyone

      ” Personally, I think a Muslim, who joins his Christian friends or relatives in Easter celebration, is not committing an un-Islamic act. ”

      O how generous of you, Rehmat! Thank you for your very timely pronouncement. Arse!

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Mocking of Jesus would undoubtedly be considered blasphemy among Christian believers in the “civilised West”. The difference is, that people are not imprisoned for it, or flogged for it, or put to death for it, as they used to be right here half a millennium ago. Perhaps you think they should be, and that that would make the West more civilised.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Furthermore, publicly denying that Jesus died on the cross or was resurrected afterwards would have got you the death sentence in England in the 1500’s. If you live in England now, aren’t you lucky that you live somewhere so uncivilised.

      • fedup

        A deity who is killed by the mere mortals is not a deity!!! Hence the sentence;

        That they (Yahud and Nasara) boast, “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them,

        God makes them believe that they have, and Jesus is walking away and ascending to heavens which is far more potent then just resurrection of one mere mortal. A whole lot of people are made to believe the theatre at the will of god, far more complicated then just the magic of a single instance of resurrection.

        In any case it proves the fact that almost all religions at least share the same god and there not multiple instances of the same deity as in the case of Hinduism. Which a good start for anyone of good intention.

    • John Goss

      Bit early for that lysias. Far too early if you are Orthodox. 🙂 I celebrated an Orthodox Easter in Targoviste, Romania. The greeting and response on Easter Sunday there is:

      Hristos a inviat! Adevărat a înviat!

      But a happy Easter to you and all others here when it arrives. Right now it is the Passion which no doubt will make you think of Bulgakov.

      • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

        Our Transatlantic Friend claims – amoung many other claims 🙂 – to be an Irish American, which would, I suppose, make him Roman Catholic and not Orthodox.

        However, the point of his post was probably to remind us of his Russian-language skills.

        Consider us impressed, Lysias! 🙂

      • lysias

        I had to look up whether it was on the Western or the Orthodox Easter that Hitler bombed Belgrade in 1941 and NATO bombed Belgrade in 1999. In both cases, it was on the Western Easter. In 1999, the bombing was in defiance of the pleas of the Pope.

        I wonder who the West will bomb this Easter.

        The hard sign should have been a signal that the Easter wishes I expressed above were not in Russian, at least not in post-1917 Russian (I don’t know how they would have been spelt in prerevolutionary Russian).

        • lysias

          It was on the Orthodox Easter that American and British air forces bombed Belgrade in 1944. That bombing killed 1160 civilians and 18 German military personnel.

        • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

          Another common feature between the Hitlerites, Serbs and Bosnian Serbs is that they have all indulged in a spot of genocide.

          As attested by international tribunals.

          • lysias

            Strange failure to.mention the Croatian genocide of Serbs and Jews during World War Two.

          • lysias

            Also, the Austrian treatment of Serbs during World War One arguably amounted to genocide during World War One. It was at lesst mass murder.

            Serbien muss sterbien!

          • lysias

            I am not aware that the Bosniaks took part in the Hitlerite genocide, but they certainly fought in the SS on Hitler’s side.

          • lysias

            Anti-Serb sentiment:

            The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg in 1914 led to the Anti-Serb pogrom in Sarajevo, where angry Croats and Muslims engaged in violence during the evening of 28 June and much of the day on 29 June. This led to a deep division along ethnic lines unprecedented in the city’s history. Ivo Andrić refers to this event as the “Sarajevo frenzy of hate.”[20] The crowds directed their anger principally at Serb shops, residences of prominent Serbs, the Serbian Orthodox Church, schools, banks, the Serb cultural society Prosvjeta, and the Srpska riječ newspaper offices. Two Serbs were killed that day.[21] That night there were anti-Serb riots in other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire including Zagreb and Dubrovnik.[22] [23] In the aftermath of the Sarajevo assassination anti-Serb sentiment ran high throughout the Habsburg Empire.[24] Austria-Hungary imprisoned and extradited around 5,500 prominent Serbs, sentenced 460 to death and established the predominantly Muslim[25] special militia Schutzkorps which carried on the persecution of Serbs.[26]

            The Sarajevo assassination became the casus belli for World War I.[27] Taking advantage of an international wave of revulsion against this act of “Serbian nationalist terrorism,” Austria-Hungary gave Serbia an ultimatum which led to World War I. Although the Serbs of Austria-Hungary were loyal citizens whose majority participated in its forces during the war, anti-Serb sentiment systematically spread and members of the ethnic group were persecuted all over the country.[28] Austria-Hungary soon occupied the territory of the Kingdom of Serbia, including Kosovo, boosting already intense anti-Serbian sentiment among Albanians whose volunteer units were established to reduce the number of Serbs in Kosovo.[29] A cultural example is the jingle “Alle Serben müssen sterben” (“All Serbs Must Die”), which was popular in Vienna in 1914. (It was also known as “Serbien muß sterbien”).[30]

            . . .

            The Axis occupation of Serbia enabled the Ustaše, a Croatian fascist[37] and terrorist organization, to follow their extreme anti-Serbian ideology in the Independent State of Croatia.[38] Their anti-Serb sentiment was racist and genocidal.[39][40] The new Croatian government adopted racial laws, similar to those in Nazi Germany, aimed at Jews, Roma people and Serbs, who were all defined as “aliens outside the national community”[41] and persecuted throughout World War II throughout the Independent State of Croatia (NDH).[42] Between 100,000[43] and 700,000[44] Serbs were killed in Croatia by the Ustaše and their Axis allies. Overall, the number of Serbs killed in World War II in Yugoslavia was about 350,000, the majority massacred by various fascist forces.[43][45]

      • lysias

        Thanks for the Romanian. I once spent nine months learning Romanian in an intensive course at the Defense Language Institute in California, but I don’t recall them teaching us Easter greetings.

        • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

          I was waiting for Walter to come up with a further language he’s “learnt” but I must admit I didn’t expect him to choose Rumanian.

          Consider us even more impressed, Walter.

        • John Goss

          My Romanian leaves much to be desired. I can get by but never had any taught lessons. You do learn better when you’re in the country but you forget quicker when you’re not. What I found most unusual was putting the article after the noun. A good example of this is with Vlad Tepes who as well as being called ‘Vlad the Impaler’ in the west was known as Vlad Dracul (or that might have been his father). Drac means devil, Dracul means the devil. Bun drum means have a good journey, drumul means the road, as in the question “Unde este drumul la Bucaresti?” which means “Where is the road to Bucharest?”. That’s about my level.

          This is not for you lysias but for others who may be reading. Habbabkuk might be interested in this peculiarity in language.

    • Bob Smith

      Lysis, the greeting ‘Christ is risen’ followed by the response, ‘he is risen indeed’, is traditionally given on Easter Sunday, so you are a bit early but I enjoy the sentiment.

        • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

          Very thoughtful of you.

          And since most of the contributers here are fluent Russian speakers, even more thoughtful pf you to say it to us in Russian. 🙂

        • lysias

          Still the misconception that what I posted was in Russian. Hint: observe the hard sign.

          • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

            Good to see you’re keeping up, Walter 🙂

            Office hours?

          • John Goss

            I hardly ever see твёрдый знак in use outside of Church Slavonic but talking of Христос воскресе! Воистину воскресе! did you ever read Tolstoy’s ‘Resurrection’ a very powerful story of guilt. I thought so anyway. He took nothing from the novel’s sales but gave the profit to a Christian sect which was being persecuted by the Orthodox Church, which enabled them to settle in Canada. I’ve forgotten the name of the sect.

          • lysias

            Meanwhile, the resident snitch repeatedly posts in French.

            Just like hisinconsistency in only condemning some genocides.

          • lysias

            Also, I’m fairly sure воскресе is an Old Church Slavonic verbal form, that the Russian for “is risen” would be just воскрес.

          • lysias

            Hard sign is still used in the odd Russian word, e.g., объяснять. But you’re right, it is rare in post-1917 Russian.

          • lysias

            I did read Tolstoy’s Resurrection (Russian: Воскресение, interestingly) many years ago, but I can’t say I remember much about it now. One thing I do, oddly, remember is that, when I took the SAT Russian achievement exam in preparation for my university studies, the exam contained extracts from Resurrection. One thing I do remember from those extracts is the expression суд идёт, literally, “the court goes,” meaning “the court is in session”.

  • Fwl

    As we get older the elements fuse, ying and yang embrace and so it is with the chocolate easter egg.

  • Pan

    Michael Greenwell says: “Craig is a former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, a post which he resigned in protest over what he saw as the collusion of the UK government in torture.”

    Er, “what he saw as”? Is there another way to see it, then?

    • Michael Greenwell


      I’d actually agree with Craig’s assessment of it as torture, however, I’m sure you have also seen it described as “enhanced interrogation”. So, whilst I agree with Craig, there is another way to describe it.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        No, Mr Greenwell. Pan is referring to the treatment of rendered prisoners in Uzbekistan, which by no stretch of the imagination could have been described as “enhanced interrogation”. Thanks for your contribution, though.

  • Dr John M Court

    Hi Craig, Some of your carpet bag of goodies are certainly entertaining and indeed informative.
    Had you understood the TOTALLY AWSOME SIGNIFICANCE OF THE EASTER MESSAGE you would not have totally trivialised this long promised gift with a reference to chocolate wotsits.
    Surely you are not afraid of offending the serpentine world of Jewry !!
    If the Easter message does not grip your soul then may I respectfully suggest that you resist commenting on same.
    As for comments from your Muslim contributors, may I suggest that they don’t have a clue. Many who have troubled to informe themselves have abandoned Islam for HIM WHO IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      DON’T SHOUT, please, Dr Court. And please take your anti-Semitic garbage somewhere else. Thanks. And a Happy Easter to you.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Dr John M Court,

      Try this for an alternative point of view. I was brought up as a Catholic, and found it highly convincing. It hasn’t changed my basic Christian morality.

      “The Christ Conspiracy marshals an enormous amount of startling evidence that the religion of Christianity and Jesus Christ were created by members of various secret societies, mystery schools and religions in order to unify the Roman Empire under one state religion! This powerful book maintains that these groups drew upon a multitude of myths and rituals that already existed long before the Christian era and reworked them into the story the Christian religion presents today-known to most Westerners as the Bible. Author Acharya makes the case that there was no actual person named Jesus, but that several characters were rolled into one mythic being inspired by the deities Mithras, Heracles/Hercules, Dionysus and many others of the Roman Empire. She demonstrates that the story of Jesus, as portrayed in the Gospels, is nearly identical in detail to those of the earlier savior-gods Krishna and Horus, and concludes that Jesus was certainly neither original nor unique, nor was he the divine revelation. Rather, he represents the very ancient body of knowledge derived from celestial observation and natural forces.”

    • bevin

      (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)

      The entire process was a farce, a parody of justice. The replacement of fair trials by corporate sponsored circuses of vengeance is no reason for decent people to rejoice.

      For the enemies of civilisation however every indication that might trumps right is welcome reassurance.

      • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)


        “The entire process was a farce, a parody of justice.”

        Now why am I not surprised that someone would come out with that sooner or later? It had to be you or Walter.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Don’t you love the Easter thoughts that the Anglo-Americans have for the Obamas.

    The POTUS should have dropped everything he was doing to repair what the Republican Presidents had done in the Americas since WWII when the Brussels attacks occurred, as if that was his responsibility.

    Actually, it’s what the covert Anglo-American government hopes to wrong foot opponents like Putin with when disasters like the USS Toledo sinking the Kursk occurred.

    Just makes you wonder what the Hell is really going on in Belgium and France.

  • Pete

    Rehmat, you mention that Muslims in Pakistan revere Jesus as a prophet, however you must surely be aware that Christians are persecuted in Pakistan, although admittedly not so badly persecuted as Ahmadiyya Muslims. Followers of the Bahai Faith are also persecuted in Islamic countries. Personally I oppose all organised religion, but the Ahmadiyyas and Bahais certainly seem among the most benevolent religions- maybe that explains their persecution.

    The intense desire of so many Muslims to persecute other Muslims based on trivial differences of belief and ritual practice, is one of the many things that make non-Muslims extremely averse to the idea of your religion gaining any further foothold in Europe.

    • bevin

      “The intense desire of so many Muslims to persecute other Muslims based on trivial differences of belief and ritual practice…”
      This desire and its intensity are to be found, for the most part, in the ranks of the wahhabi influenced sects which western governments have sponsored for years.
      Most muslims are open minded and secularly inclined, which is what led to their becoming sympathetic to the nationalism and anti-colonialism preached by, among others, President Nasser.
      It was in order to defeat this nationalism and the mildly socialist egalitarianism (which fits well into islamic beliefs) that western governments dabbled in the sponsorship of religious extremists. Hamas, for example, was supported because it challenged the nationalist Fatah. The Muslim Brotherhood was armed and financed because it challenged baathism.
      Most famously Al Qaeda and the Taliban were mobilised because they fought Russia and China. And now ISIS benefits from western enmity to Assad in Syria and those who would re-establish nationalism on the ashes of the Ghadaffi regime.
      In all this the muslim family is like a rag doll tossed between psychopaths, torn to pieces by zionists, christian evangelicals and other sub sets of imperialism: most muslims would like nothing better than to be allowed to practice their beliefs in a quiet, private way, to follow the principles they see in the quran and to live in harmony with their neighbours.
      But this is not allowed- intra islamic strife is too valuable for the imperialists to be allowed to die down.
      To insult muslims by suggesting that they are responsible for the mayhem sponsored by our own governments is worse than insulting: it diverts public attention from the real source of all our troubles, which is the restless quest for hegemony and the ending of history which has driven imperialist policy since 1945.

  • RobG

    Well, I’m agnostic, so I can only look on in wonder.

    Let’s get back to the alternate reality that is the mainstream media…

    No mention in the above article about Britain’s role in the slaughter in Yemen. However, Angus Robertson did address the issue in parliament: PMQs 20th January 2016…

    Cameron’s reply is stuffed with quite blatant lies, but the media don’t pull him up on it.

    • YouKnowMyName

      @RG; today, Orla Guerlin gave a report on lunchtime news from Yemen, showed bits of GEC Marconi cruise-missile shrapnel that seemed to work like it was supposed to, according to the BBC. They approached the uk government they said , who insisted that they follow the standard ‘export deadly things to a rich regime’ rules.

  • fedup

    I shall also again wonder why in my youth chocolate Easter eggs easily came apart into two neat halves, whereas nowadays they are fused and have to be smashed.

    Craig those days the eggs were fused by a few melted/welded points around the tips and the middle whilst the rest was left not welded. The modern day production equipment have taken the human intervention away and perfected the welding through ultrasonic welding that welds a seam around the the two halves. A more through process hence the need for breaking the chocolate egg.

    However with this technique the amount of chocolate in the eggs is reduced too, as the lips of the two haves do not need to be much thicker than the walls for the process of melting/welding the points as in the past for the rudimentary welding that used to be done manually. Hence the lesser amounts of chocolates in used in each egg, as ever more progress somehow means/translates to less benefit for the users/customers/consumers. Also of note is the smaller sizes of the eggs despite which still command a higher price than their old counter parts.

    I hope now you can kick back and relax knowing the answer to your posed question!!!

  • Phil the ex frog

    Same country, different planet.

    I’ve just overheard a classic Good Friday quote when out walking the dog: “I need to get a Greg’s pasty, don’t want to do smack on an empty stomach”

  • Pan

    Craig cites the following sources of inspiration and information in his conversation with Michael Greenwell:

    BBC’s Play For Today (aired 6th June 1974) – “The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil”

    The following from IMDB ( )

    “Drama documentary adaptation of John McGrath’s play staged by the 7:84 theatre company dealing with the exploitation of the Scottish people throughout history, from the brutal evictions of the Highland crofters by landowners to make way for the more economically viable Cheviot sheep in the 18th century, the development of stag hunts in Highland game parks in the 19th century and finally the exploitation of resources during the oil boom of the 1970’s.” (synopsis written by ben-5678)

    Viewable here on YouTube:

    Direct download link to mp4 video file (via KeepVid):

    (size of file is 244MB)


    “Bare-Arsed Banditti: The Men of the ’45” by Maggie Craig:

    Amazon UK link:

    AbeBooks UK link:


    Craig’s “Indispensable web sites”:

    Wings Over Scotland –

    Munguin’s Republic –

    Scot Goes Pop –

  • Pan

    I found Craig’s observations on the ‘banality of evil’ more succinct and readily understandable than Hannah Arendt’s!

    • John Spencer-Davis

      It’s quite frightening. Befehl ist befehl has not gone away. Chomsky once noted that if some unimaginable superpower invaded the US then Bush I would have been working for it and sending people off to concentration camps. But there you go, you see what happened to Craig when he started to make a row. People have children to bring up and mortgages to pay.

      • Habbabkuk (rejoice-Karadzic got 40 years)


        “It’s quite frightening. Befehl ist befehl has not gone away. Chomsky once noted that if some unimaginable superpower invaded the US then Bush I would have been working for it and sending people off to concentration camps.”

        Please be more precise in your formulations and choice of words.

        You can only “note” what has already happened/been said/etc. You cannot “note” something in the future.

        The correct verb would have been “speculate”/”predict”/assert” or something similar.

        PS – and please do not write in German, Walter our Transatlantic Friend will get upset.

    • RobG

      I agree, Pan (and John). The thing that really strikes me about the ‘banality of evil’ is that these people always try to write their wrongdoings into law; perhaps to assuage their conscience. Everything the Nazis did was legal, under German law, because they made it so; and of course they documented it all in incredible detail. It was this that enabled the Nuremberg trials at the end of World War Two.

      The Nuremberg principles are now being completely ignored by the USA and its vassal states (re-write the laws to suit).

    • RobG

      Oh, and in the Terrorism thread, someone (I can’t remember whom) mentioned the anthrax attacks that happened shortly after 9/11. Look back at the timeline: the anthrax attacks were obviously used to jolly along the passing of the Patriot Act.

      • Herbie

        “the anthrax attacks were obviously used to jolly along the passing of the Patriot Act”


        That story is little known but key to the whole thing.

        The weakest link.

      • Silvio

        Any Coincidence Theorists worth their salt will no doubt hasten to reassure us that it was just another of those crazy coincidences that the only two US politicians who received poisonous, anthrax contaminated letters just happened to be the same two who were threatening to hold up speedy passage of the Patriot Act. They were Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

        The Congress that rushed through the USA PATRIOT Act nearly unread was the same Congress that was packing and rushing out of Washington because the leadership of the opposition Democrats had been subjected to an anthrax attack.

        I consider this fact inseparable from any discussion of how the USA PATRIOT Act was passed. The chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, received an anthrax letter within days of questioning the original draft of the USA PATRIOT Act. The Senate majority leader, Tom Daschle, also received a letter at the same time. Soon after, both reversed themselves and dropped their objections to the legislation, which radically curtails the civil liberties guaranteed in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

        By way of anthrax, Congress was terrorized and broken.

        The anthrax attacks of October 2001 should have put an end to doubts about the “War on Terror” and the likelihood that elements of the U.S. government are willing to stage inside-job terror attacks on American soil. Instead the attacks have been forgotten, although at the time they were trumped up into something even bigger than 9/11.

        Unlike the case of 9/11, the facts about the anthrax attacks are simple, clear and close to conclusive – certainly meeting the standard of “probable cause” to suspect a government covert operation.


      • Pan

        I am knowable – but not by you. Never by the likes of you.

        We are like hydrogen and pasta. Different categories.

  • Haemoglobin

    I listened to some of Craig’s conversation with Michael Greenwell. Discussing the current lack of enthusiasm for independence campaigning from the SNP, he states the SNP “just recently lost a referendum on independence”. I don’t know Greenwell’s background or whether he is a member or supporter of the SNP, but his comment is typical of an attitude held by some within the SNP – that the wider movement for Scottish independence doesn’t merit acknowledgement, never mind working together for a common cause. Independence is not going to be won with this degree of arrogance.

    On the other hand, perhaps SNP white paper positions regarding NATO, the monarchy and the pound did lose us (independence supporters) the referendum, so they can own that if they want to. Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes.

    • Michael Greenwell


      I am not in the SNP and have never been a member of a party. On my podcasts I have had from the beginning as broad a mix of the independence movement as possible. This has included SNP, Women for Indy, RISE, Green party, liberals for Indy, Labour for Indy, Business for Scotland, Women for Indy, journalists, activists, writers, poets, musicians, academics and people that are just good on social media.

      On the question to which I think to which you are referring, I said before I asked it that some people from the SNP might respond in that way, I did not say I necessarily would.

      • Haemoglobin

        Hi Michael

        Thanks for the comment. You did indeed only suppose that “some” in the SNP would respond in the way I was complaining about, and this was clear in the podcast. I can see reading back my earlier comment that it sounds like I was attributing this attitude to you. This was not what I meant to say, so sorry about that.

  • Republicofscotland

    Have great time Craig, hope the weather holds out for you. I onced helped an old friend out in that neck of the woods, many summers ago by working on his creel boat landing Velvet crabs destined for France.

    Meanwhile Turkey’s president Erdogan has come in for some stiff criticism (rightly in my opinon) for his onslaught against the Kurds. The brutal suppression of the ethinic minority has continued and let continue by the UN and Nato (unsurprisingly) because Turkey has been cooperating in the assault on Syria and its government. I suppose one could if they wished say with regards to ethnic cleansing (the intention appears to be there) as our resident speelspouter is forever bleating on about.

    But what of the Foreign Affairs committee’s, and especially Stephen Gethins MP who helped bring the matter to light. Will Erdogan, a quais-dictator take heed of such committee finding or will he be allowed to continue to persecute the the Kurdish ethnic minority, due to Turkey’s strategic position to Syria.

    Radovan Karadzic, deserves to be punished and I’m sure a special place in hell awaits people of his ilk. Yet the UN and the ICT could very easily bring more neferious warlords and leaders to court, some far more prominent than Karadzic, but it won’t. Western friendly tyrants and dictators and their crimes against humanity are tolerated for that reason.

    Will we ever see Blair, Bush, Putin or Jinping in the dock of the Hague, for crimes against humanity?

  • Republicofscotland

    Of course this must be nonsense, because only Western propaganda is true.

    Russian Television is starting a series of documentaries showing captured ISIS documents, and Turkish-border-stamped passports of ISIS fighters. The initial news-report also refers to a ‘fatwa’ that allegedly allows infidels to be killed to supply fresh organs for transplantation into severely injured ISIS fighters.

    Invoices are shown for records of Syrian oil trucked into Turkey for sale, which indicate “the name of the driver, the vehicle type driven, and the weight of the truck, both full and empty, as well as the agreed upon price and invoice number. One of the discovered invoices dated 11 January, 2016, says that IS had extracted some 1,925 barrels of oil from Kabibah oil field and sold it for $38,342.” Turkey then sells it for far more — the current market-price.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Can you please not mention “that allegedly allows infidels to be killed to supply fresh organs for transplantation”. Its a bit of a touchy subject for me. I won’t bore you with the personal details. The knowledge of what had been going on in Serbia, by the KLA and Israel ruined my Christmas a few years ago. I told a medical professional friend of mine. She said don’t tell me any more. I can’t handle that.

      Never underestimate the extent of evil.


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    And don’t forget, Craig, while at the Kyle f Lochalsh, to drop by the site on the A87 where SNP’s Willie McRae was murdered in the hope of finding more evidence that the authorities somehow missed.

  • Republicofscotland

    Re the Belgian event.

    The Belgian corporate media published footage from the Moscow airport attacks (January 2011) and the Minsk Metro terror attack (April 2011).

    Claiming at the time that it was the footage of the attacks on the airport, and metro, if the media are willing to pass those off as real footage of the airport and metro attack, then surely the single photo of the three suspects must now come into question.

    • Habbabkuk (Solidarity with the Belgian people!)

      The “Belgian event”?

      Do you by any chance mean the slaughtering of over 30 innocent people and the injuring of more than 200 others by some Muslim terrorist scum?

      Fear not, they will be rooted out and dealt with appropriately.

      As will, in due course and when the opportunity presents itself, their Western apologists and condoners.

      Happy Easter, sleazebag.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    How far is the murder site from the Army’s underground facility at Skye Bridge where McRae’s assassins could have gathered?

    Wonder if Hayward was undergoing training there then.

    • Republicofscotland

      Trowbrige H.Ford.

      From what I can recall off-hand McCrae, was being followed by Special Branch. When McCrae was found with a bullet wound behind the ear the gun used to inflict the wound was also found, (allegedly belonging to McCrae, and fired twice) it however could not be construed as suicide as the weapon in question was found a good distance away from Mr McCrae.

      Unless of course you’re foolish enough to believe (establishment boys in particular ) that McCrae somehow shot himself in the head then had the prescence of mind to throw the weapon a good distance away.

      Interestingly Mcrae was the author of Israel’s Maritime Law Code and emeritus Professor in the University of Haifa. After his death Israel planted a 3,000 tree forest in his memory.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        I have posted extensively on this site about McRae’s murder.

        Find it most interesting that Craig is going where it happened, and was most surprised discover today that there has long been an underground Army facility at the Skye Bridge from which special forces carried out training and./or operations in the hope that people living around there wouldn’t notice.

        Would be a ideal place for Det trainees to practice killing troublemakers like McRae with impunity.

        Makes the MoD look like it could have been in the middle of the murder with few others even knowing about its capability.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          I’d guess that all members of the UK special forces have exercised over very wide areas of the Highlands at one time or another during at least the 75 years. It’s lovely exercise country. Not only that, they do urban infiltration. If a Highlander with any curiosity hears Chinoioks in his vicinity at night he stands a very good chance of seeing dim figures in the act of melting into the shadows of his village. That’s a fail for Private/Marine X. Those who care, know about it. And are not concerned.

          However, the adjoining water is the home of the top secret nuclear laser torpedo* testing facility which designed the torpedoes which set off the 1922 San Francisco earthquake. Bat you didn’t know that.

          *well, ok, just torpedoes, And it’s been in the press from time to time, so not terribly secret…

        • Republicofscotland

          Trowbrige H.Ford.

          The Conway report made very good suggestions as to why Willie McCrae, may have been murdered.

          Mr. Conway alleges ;

          1) That MI5 had an interest in Willie dating back to his wartime service in India, where he acquired the MI5 label of a ‘character likely to engage in subversive activities’.

          2) That in his own political campaigning his outspoken criticism…and…ardent Nationalism inevitably brought him under the eye of the police Special Branch who regularly attended his meetings, and with whom he was on first name terms.

          3) That ‘the North of Scotland being a NATO sensitive area Willie’s views on all things nuclear were particularly unwelcome as were his views on dumping of toxic waste’.

          4) That it can be said without any doubt Willie MacRae both as a politician and a lawyer had made enemies and also incurred the displeasure of people in high places. Of this he was well aware, but disregarded warnings of possible reprisals and persisted in going his own way.

          5) That because of who and what he was, Willie MacRae had been a known person to not only the security service MI5 but also the Special Branch officers of Strathclyde Police and the Northern Constabulary.

          6) That this was a suspicious death and the man was of interest to the security services it was necessary to refer the matter through the Special Branch Regional Co-ordinator to the security services and police liaison officer…at the Home Office’.

          7) That government policy in these matters is to sweep it under the carpet ‘and so it was that within a few hours of its commencement the police investigation comes to an abrupt halt’.

          It seemed that it was the abruptness of this halt which first made the experienced Mr. Conway realise that something was amiss. Even open and shut police enquiries are rarely wrapped up so precipitately. The authorities too, he says, realised that they had dropped something of a clanger. The Northern Constabulary were held to be “in error” – not, of course, for terminating the enquiry but for making it too apparent that they had done so. The Procurator Fiscal’s 2nd. report of July 1985 was the predictable cosmetic result.

          Even the now out going Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland, like his predecessors, is reluctant to open an enquiry into the suspicious death of Willie McCrae.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Not interested in the Skye Bridge but in the underground MoD facility next to where it would be where special forces actions were hard to detect.

            When I was looking into this on the murder’s 30th anniversary, I was interested in finding an Army base nearby from where it could have been organized but couldn’t find anything near enough to make sense..

            Now I have.

            And thanks for your post, RofS.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      “Your connection is not secure

      The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”

      Try it without the https:// if you trust the Daily Mail. Personally I don’t believe a word they write. My wife actually pays for it.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        The pic didn’t damage my computer…but there’s a common problem with linking to https sites from this blog. Apologies.

        The Daily Mail is certainly a mixed bag. But right now it doesn;t know whether to hate Cameron or the Blairs more, so I keep an eye on it. Sometimes it does proper investigative journalism, too, so it’s way ahead of the Guardian there.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          “Sometimes it does proper investigative journalism”

          The BBC used to do that too – and Channel 4…

          but to be fair to the Daily Mail…I have occasionally read stuff there…and thought – how the hell did that get published…

          I guess there are still a few real investigative journalists left (who have no fear)…who sneak things through at the last minute late at night..and it appears in the morning when the nightshift editor is pissed and asleep…

          But what a shit job…even if you are not a complete cxxx, the only way they are going to pay you is if you are….especially if you do the photography. I still know one of these guys – and yes he is very talented with his camera.

          He is actually quite a nice guy too.

          I never fell out with him, when his best friend did (total complete opposite ends of the political spectrum)…but I knew who I liked more.

          They didn’t speak to each other – for well over a year…

          I never even thought they might be gay.

          I will have to ask my wife. She knows everything.

          She said – You went to his Wedding you idiot..He ain’t Gay


  • Republicofscotland

    More on the Belgian incident.

    The Mysterious Photo: Three Daesh Suspects at Brussels Airport Caught on the CC Surveillance Camera?

    A review of official police statements suggests that the still photos allegedly from the Airport CC Surveillance Camera were not initially released by the Police, they were first published by Dernière Heure,, which is part of Belgium’s media giant Groupe Multimédia IPM S.A.

    It is worth noting that together with La Libre (also part of Groupe IPM) published the fake CC surveillance video of the Brussels airport bomb attacks by using the footage of the Moscow terror attack of January 2011.

    If the suggestion is indeed true, why would the Belgian media take precedence over other security services, and realse the image. Yet the video footage of the airport attack is still currently suppressed.

    • Habbabkuk (combat apologists for terrorism)

      The “Belgian incident”?

      Do you by any chance mean the slaughtering of over 30 innocent people and the injuring of more than 200 others by some Muslim terrorist scum?

      Fear not, they will be rooted out and dealt with appropriately.

      As will, in due course and when the opportunity presents itself, their Western apologists and condoners.

      Happy Easter, sleazebag.

      • glenn_uk

        As will, in due course and when the opportunity presents itself, their Western apologists and condoners.

        You’re starting to sound like RobG!

        • Habbabkuk (Solidarity with the Belgian people!)

          I hope not, Glenn.

          But I do think that govts will draw the appropriate conclusions from these attacks and, for example, see more clearly the merits of greater surveillance and more extensive intelligence work, including much wider monitoring of electronic communications targetted not only at groups which represent higher risk but also at people whose beliefs would seem to indicate either a certain sympathy for the terrorists or a denial that those terrorists actually exist (which, as I’ve indicated, amounts to ‘objective’ support** for them).

          That’s what I meant, not that RobG nonsense about trials and so on 🙂 One may not wish to clean the fishpond at any particular juncture but it cannot hurt to be aware of the unhealthy organisms in the water.

      • lysias

        Meanwhile, what will happen to the Saudis who slaughtered about 100 innocent Yemenis, including over 20 children, who were unlucky enough to be in a market when it was bombed, and to the Western powers who have been supplying the Saudis with weapons and intelligence for their war?

        • Habbabkuk (Solidarity with the Belgian people!)

          What do you think should happen to them?

          Stop posing silly little rhetorical questions, get off the fence, put on your pamper if necessary and give us an opinion or recommendation for once.

          You wuss.

        • lysias

          I didn’t ask what should happen to them, I asked what will happen to them. And the answer is that nothing will happen to them, because the world is unjust.

          Which makes all the posturing about what happened in Brussels by people who have nothing to say about what is going on in Yemen hard to stomach.

          • Habbabkuk (wipe out murdering terrorist scumbags)

            Put your pamper on, Lysias, have a large bourbon, close your eyes , screw up your courage and tell us – if only for once – what YOU think SHOULD happen to them.

            Surely you cannot be afraid of giving us your opinion?

          • lysias

            I have condemned what they have been doing to the people in Yemen, which is more than our resident snitch, who pretends to be so upset by what happened in Brussels, has done.

          • lysias

            I may express an opinion on what should happen to the Saudi war criminals and their Western allies if and when the snitch can bring himself to condemn the bombing of that market in Yemen. But I expect that will never happen.

    • Habbabkuk (combat apologists for terrorism)

      “Yet the video footage of the airport attack is still currently suppressed.”

      Your source for that?

    • MJ

      “Yet the video footage of the airport attack is still currently suppressed”

      Yup, no footage of the explosions despite all the cameras. Just a picture of two blokes pushing trolleys with nothing whatsoever to link them to the explosions.

      • Habbabkuk (Solidarity with the Belgian people!)

        Ah ha, someone else of the “it didn’t happen” school….

        Pity you weren’t near the non-bomb which never went off during the attack that never happened, you scumbag 🙂

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I know what I am like at 3:00 am. I am much better when I have not had a drink or a smoke for 3 or 4 days…

    But can Hab compete with me…even after 10 pints of Speckled Hen.

    Can I make more sense than Habbabuk and Glenn_uk when completely out of my Working Class Oldham Skull – can you Scousers Treat me nice please – and You Girl My Princess Diane from Buttershaw Bradford…

    You Suited and Booted Me Up…and Kind of Told Me To Go To London and Take These Cxnts On in 1981.

    I still have the photographs, and think how the hell did I pull you??

    She knew I was about to be FIRED.

    Tony xx

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