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The sickening thing about the current turmoil is that there is a class of spiv which makes money on the movement whether the market goes up or down. So of the very many hundreds of billions of public money “made available to the markets” already around the world, several billion have already lodged in the pockets of these parasites, who feast on the labour of the poor.

Here is one. Paul Myners, Director of GLG Partners. GLG is a hedge fund (which is what ultra posh people call a bookies). GLG has made a massive killing from short-selling recently, including of Lloyds TSB and Bradford and Bingley.

Oh yes, one more thing. Myners is also a good friend of Gordon Brown, is a Labour Party donor and the chairman of the Guardian Media Group. The Guardian, you will have noticed, is very much cheerleading in favour of you and I funding from our shallow pockets massive bailouts that will hugely benefit companies like GLG and put yet more of our money into the pockets of creeps like Myners.

The Guardian is dependent on trust funds set up by the CP Scott Trust. This is why, for example, when the GMG papers lost £50 million in a year they could still give a £175,000 bonus to New Labour acolyte, best friend of the ultra-dodgy David Mills, and notorious nylon wig wearing Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger.


The interesting thing here is that the CP Scott Trust specifies that the Guardian must maintain the liberal values of its founder. Yet it has continued to support a government which the vast weight of liberal opinion in the UK believes to be the most authoritarian of modern times. This government has rolled back centuries of fundamental civil liberties and engaged in illegal war abroad while feeding lies to its own population. The Guardian still urges its readers to vote for Myners’ and Rusbridger’s pals. Rusbridger has of course been rewarded for this betrayal with a great many more than twenty pieces of silver.

I guess now I definitely still don’t get invited to speak about my books at the Guardian Hay on Wye Book Festival.

I have tried this appeal before, but it seems to me there is a very strong case that the trustees for CP Scott have been acting ultra vires in supporting through their newspapers the most illiberal of governments. This really is worth testing in the courts. Are there no liberal lawyers out there willing to try it pro bono?

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  • writeon

    Personally I believe the major split in contemporary politics isn't between 'left' and 'right', instead it's a struggle for 'democracy' contra 'dictatorship'. As the golden age of consumer capitalism for the masses fades into a distant memory, other, far more brutal methods of social control as going to make a strong comeback. 'Benign dictatorship' is still dictatorship. I think powerful factions in the ruling elite have come to the conclusion that age of 'classic democracy' is over and new authoritarianism is what's required to preserve social stability and minority rule.

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