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More space has been devoted by the mainstream media in the last week to the terrible effects of “austerity” on the vulnerable, than in total since the Westminster election. That is entirely in the context of Ken Loach’s Cannes Palme d’Or winning film I, Daniel Blake. The film itself will now get a much greater cinema distribution than it might otherwise have anticipated. I think it is worth highlighting some excellent points made at the winners’ press conference:

Ken Loach:

We talked about finding a style that was absolutely clear and plain and unadorned…there’s a quotation from Bertolt Brecht…”and I always thought the simplest of words must suffice. When I say what things are like, it will break the hearts of all”. And the thing that we tried to do is to say what things are like, because it not only breaks your heart, but it should make you angry.

It is an issue not just for people in our country, but all across Europe. There is a conscious cruelty in the way we are organising our lives now, where the most vulnerable people are told that their poverty is their own fault. If you have no work, it’s your fault you haven’t got a job. Never mind that… throughout Europe there’s mass unemployment and in Britain there’s two million known unemployed but in reality four million. And the most vulnerable people are caught, disabled people are caught. The increase in suicides… in fact in the places where these assessments take place, some people who work there have been given instructions on how to deal with potential suicides, so they know this is going on… It is deeply shocking that this is happening at the heart of our world… the heart of it is a shocking, shocking policy.

Paul Laverty (scriptwriter):

After travelling the country, in Scotland and all the way down to England, travelling round foodbanks, listening to people’s stories, talking to welfare rights organisations, disabled groups, what was remarkable was how many of the most vulnerable people were the ones who bore the brunt of it. Now in this particular instance Daniel is a very competent man who has had a life of work, who’s got friends, who’s smart, intelligent, he’s had a very, very full life. But what really amazed us was talking to experts… the people who work with mental health, the stories we heard about that would just break your heart.

The people who are disabled, they have suffered six times more from the cuts than anyone else, and there was a remarkable phrase by one of the civil servants we heard who talked about the cuts, who said “low-lying fruit”, in other words the easy targets. So this story could have been much harsher, it could have been somebody with mental health difficulties… we could have told a story from someone who is much more vulnerable, much more heartbreaking.

I think it’s very important to remember too the systematic nature of it….talking to whistleblowers, people who worked inside the Department of Work and Pensions… there are several people we met, and they spoke to us anonymously, and they said they were humiliated how they were forced to treat the public. So there is nothing accidental about it, and it is affecting a huge section of the population.

I have inveighed long and hard against the massive increase in the wealth gap between the rich and poor in the UK and in the West in general. It is great to see popular resistance today in France to the extreme erosion of workers’ rights that has facilitated this.

In an indisputable measure of the growing inequality in society, the life expectancy gap between rich and poor is growing for the first time in 150 years. Let me say that again. The life expectancy gap between rich and poor is growing for the first time in 150 years. Our desperately unequal society now becomes more unequal at an exponential rate. The UK has more than 100 billionaires, and it has foodbanks and children crying from hunger, not developing properly due to malnutrition. I sense a true swelling of popular discontent that has the potential to break through the consent manufactured by a billionaire-owned media and billionaire-owned politicians.

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    Blimey, John Ward’s getting even better, and I know which team he used to play for on Sunday mornings…I will have to tell my Ex..She not only wants her pension. She also wants it back dated to her 60th Birthday as in the contract between her, her pension contributions and The UK Government. A private company would never get away with it. They’d have their balls sued off them if they were still in business.


    “I am therefore left wondering which bit of this recurrent mantra the Waspi Executive doesn’t get; and to once again offer the appropriate translation, ‘as far as we’re concerned, you can f**k off and die’.”


  • bevin

    The Angry Arab records the passing of this decent old lady. One of the many Israeli critics of fascist and racist governments which the “west” supports to the hilt:

    Hedy Epstein, Palestinian rights advocate & Holocaust survivor, dies at 91
    “Her “personal wake-up call,” however, were the Israel-backed Sabra and Shatila massacre. Israel invaded south Lebanon in 1982. With the support of the U.S., it subsequently waged a war in alliance with far-right, Phalangist Christian militias. In September 1982, Israeli-backed Phalangist militias slaughtered thousands of civilians in Sabra and Shatila, Beirut refugee camps largely inhabited by Palestinians who were expelled by Zionist militias in the war that established Israel in 1948. Renowned scholar Noam Chomsky called it “a horrifying massacre,” comparing it to the anti-Jewish pogroms that took place in Czarist Russia. Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi noted that documents in the Israel State Archives “pin direct responsibility for much more of what happened in Sabra and Shatila on not only Ariel Sharon and the Israeli government, but reveal American responsibility for what happened.” ” (thanks Amir)

      • Ben Monad

        It’s called poisoned fruit of the info tree when you submit, then insist it be read. Try another tactic, like going away for a while. That is, if you really want others to read and discuss; but that is an open question, isn’t it?

    • lysias

      Hedy Epstein was Jewish, but not Israeli. Having been rescued by the Kindertransports and having spent the war in Britain, she lived in the U.S. after that. So she ended up being a Jewish American.

      The Zionist fanatics criticized her for not being a genuine Holocaust survivor, since she got out of Germany before the Holocaust started. But she never called herself a Holocaust survivor.

      Her children didn’t allow her access to her grandchildren, because they objected to her anti-Zionist attitude. What hateful behavior.

      • bevin

        Thanks for the info. An increasing number of Jewish Americans are re-connecting with the ethical roots of their faith and turning away, sadly and disgusted from the Zionist nightmare.

          • Jim

            “I never knew a man, who could tell so many lies, had a different story, for every set of eyes..”

  • nevermind

    I’m sure Ken Loach, should he be passing by, will be happy about Jim’s/Phil’s endorsement of the Guardian.
    What a grand paper, just a little to much ink for an arse wipe.

    • lysias

      I was seated next to a Norwegian woman at a dinner a couple of weeks ago. To judge by her comments, people in Scandinavia have really been stirred up by their media about a supposed Russian threat.

      • RobG

        Lysias, in the early part of WW2 the Soviets invaded Finland (which was a brutal war), and then of course the Nazis took over the rest of Scandinavia.

        During the 40 years of the Cold War, Scandinavia remained neutral.

        Your comments about the media perhaps tell us all we need to know.

        • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

          “..the Nazis took over the rest of Scandinavia”

          Except that rather large part of Scandinavia called Sweden.

          • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

            Why Be Ordinary

            Good point. So that’s two major inaccuracies from RobG in four lines.

            Gamma double minus.

          • Loony

            Have you ever wondered how, despite massive allied bombing of the German industrial base, the Nazi war machine never suffered a shortage of ball bearings.

            I wonder how it is the Sweden emerged from WW2 so wealthy.

            It is not necessary to physically invade somewhere to take it over – just look at the US today.

  • YouKnowMyName

    Sweden has always been on-message, rabidly anti-Soviet, look at their participation in the state-terrorism and false-flags of Gladio as documented by the Dutch cryptomuseum website. I’m not criticizing Sweden, as a sovereign nation they can of course do anything that they wish – as part of the information war against the old enemy – why don’t the democratic governments pushing the info-war try explaining to their peoples’ what they are doing and why!

    More info-war related – is it a pity that VTB successfully completed the multi billion Eurobond issue?, that wasn’t supposed to happen according to the script. . .

    Meanwhile ‘our’ partner , famous for the secret 28 page irrelevant annexe, seems to be having a showtrial, according to HRW


    • bevin

      Not to mention Assange.
      Sweden’s ‘neutrality’ in the Second World war included the supply of large amounts of war materials to Germany. Putting ideologies aside this struggle, over the Baltic, between Scandinavia, Germany, on one side, and the Russians on the other is ancient,. It includes the Teutonic Knights and the Swedish colonies in the seventeenth century. It includes Sweden’s occupation of Finland, too.
      There is a sense in which the Baltic states, so anti-Russian that they still celebrate the victories of their SS units in the last war, are basically German/Scandinavian bases, colonies among the slavs. While Russia’s Kievan origins are not unconnected with the viking migrations through the river system down to the Black Sea and Constantinople.

      • Brian Fleming

        This idea that Sweden occupied Finland is just such crap, projecting back from the present day onto the past to make imaginary history. There was no ‘Finland’ as such until the onset of the Grand Duchy after Russia cut out the eastern part of the Kingdom of Sweden under orders from Napolean. True, there had been a growing sense of ‘Finnishness’ for a while. Perhaps the main reason I’ve found most Finns (certainly historians) unable to understand Scotland’s predicament today is precisely Finland’s lack of political identity until the early 19th century.They simply assume Scotland has always been part of England, because that’s how it was here in relation to ‘Finland’ and Sweden.

      • Why be Ordinary

        Except that the Baltic peoples have a linguistic identity that shows that they are neither Slav nor German. Both Germans and Slavs moved in during the late middle ages. The “crusade” of the Teutonic Knights which wiped out the original “Prussians” started off under the notional authority of the King of Poland. The German/Polish problem only started later when the Knights tried to assert their independence.

      • nevermind

        Nor should we forget that foreign assets in Germany, or those with foreign share ownership, such as Opel’s car factory in the heart of industrial Duesseldorf, never suffered a single hit.

        usually, when we get to the point of chewing over the last great unpleasantness, the biggest thing that ever happened here, hence its dominance in the curriculum and the supercilious weekly tabloidal excretions on this ‘national manipulative asset’, it is time for another thread.

    • lysias

      People like Olof Palme and Anna Lindh, who could have changed Sweden’s anti-Russian policies, were victims of rather suspicious assassinations.

      Disturbingly, the current Swedish government, which has adopted this pro-NATO, anti-Russian policy, is a supposedly left-wing, Social Democratic one.

      • Resident Dissident

        Why do you think that support of Putin’s Russia, which is the most unequal society in Europe and has poverty that makes I , Daniel Blake pale into insignificance, somehow makes anyone left wing?

    • Why be Ordinary

      Interesting that you should think that the VTB bond issue was part of an “information war” and not done for commercial reasons. For a country with USD 300 billion in reserves, a USD 1.75 billion euro dollar bond issue hardly seems worth the effort otherwise.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        B’Tselem declared today that “there is no longer any point” to submitting complaints to Israeli’s army judicial system. The decision ends 25 years of the human rights organization bringing cases to Israel’s military court and supporting investigations into the killings of Palestinians.

        The decision to end army cooperation follows stalled and faulty investigations in more than 700 cases since 2000, which resulted in a 3 percent conviction rate. The rights group has in effect given up on believing in the system’s ability to correct itself, or provide accountability.

        “We provide them with all of our evidence, but we feel sometimes that they use the evidence and testimonies that we provide them to find a contradiction, not to find justice,” Haddad lamented. “Why should we give the Israeli investigators a gun with which to shoot the victims again?”


        • bevin

          The inmates are definitely running the national asylum in Palestine. If they were rational, rather than so puffed up by their victories against wounded women and little children that they imagine themselves invulnerable to punishment, they would realise, as earlier generations of zionists did, that to maintain their narrative – democrats defending civilised values in the desert, the villa in the jungle etc etc- they must, occasionally pretend to act decently, to pretend to believe in equality and the rule of law.
          But they have got so accustomed to using the law to mask their plundering and democracy to sanctify their tyranny, that they have forgotten what they have been telling the world. Imperialists do that: they begin by promising a swift educational process before handing power back to their victims and they end being kicked out ignominiously, while the world regards them with scorn and disgust.
          Israel is doomed. It is a stench in the nostrils of humanity. If it falls as a result of “international pressure” and internal compromise it may enter the path that South Africa has begun to take. But if it has to be pulled down by the masses, as now seems likely, every tyranny in the region will be overthrown with it.

          • Jim

            You’ve got the gall to blather about rationality after yesterday’s pathetic performance! Christ, have you no shame? At long last Mr Bevin have you no decency?

          • lysias

            Israeli Jews now have a choice. They can choose the fate of the Afrikaners, or they can choose the fate of the pieds noirs European settlers in French Algeria.

          • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

            Yes Jim, they don’t like it when you stick it up ’em, do they.

            As soon as you don’t let yourself get brow-beaten, or persist in rebutting ’em, one gets called a” troll”.

            I see, however, that you have been elevated to the status of “stalker” (that’s usually their second line of attack).

            I think I’ll have to promote “Bevin” from “hanger-on” status to full membership of the Egregiousness of Excellences and include him in the revised list of Excellences I’ll soon publish.

          • Resident Dissident

            I suspect it will just be a renewal of a previous memembership

    • fwl

      Thanks Becky, That was interesting. Was there really a Jewish house at Clifton? What about other public schools?

    • Jim

      Well done Vla…Macky! Perfect England this time! And a credible link! There is no end to your talent!

      • Macky

        Jim (iro Habbu-Clown); “Uncalled for snide bile, I’ve finally seen the light regarding the creature!”

        Finally recognised the Clown for what he is, but I guess that self-realisation takes a longer.

          • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

            “You” buggers”, Jim?

            Surely – surely – you’re not putting me in the same bag as the egregious “Macky”, are you?

            A most low blow if I may say so! 🙂

          • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

            No problem, Jim. I was just supporting your right to defend your point of view or to contest the point of view of others – and if that means you have to post several times, then so be it.

            It’s because I’m democratically-inclined! 🙂

    • Republicofscotland

      Nice one Macky, on the link.

      I would like to add that in reality only the naive, believed that Britain’s part in invading Iraq, was to bring democracy to the Iraqi people. Nato and its allies do not invade or regime change on a whim, its all, pre-planned and beneficial to those involved.

      In the months and weeks prior to any invasion or regime change, the press, print and write terrible and henious accounts of whichever government or dictator they wish to remove. The idea of the constant barrage of ill tidings is to condition the public into believing that, that particular government or dictator’s removal will sit easy on the shoulders of the public, knowning that a very evil man or government, have been removed.

      After the dirty deed has been completed and many citizens are dead, along with severe damage to the countries infrastructure, the new course of action can begin.

      Firstly a puppet government or popular (Western friendly/compliant) Warlord or political figure, must be appointed a “figurehead” if you like, (mainly a symbolistic decision maker). He or She’s appointment serves to calm and give a sense security to the majority of the people, except those who know the truth of the matter, and they are branded rebels, by the West and the states media.

      Finally the asset strippng business can begin, along with the re-building of infrastructure, a very costly procedure to the state conducted by and constructed by global corporations, (Halliburton springs to mind) who back the endless cycles of war, due to its profitability.

      Libya, is such a state waiting on the corporate globalists to re-build it, if Nato can persuade the Libyan people to accept their puppet government, and hold back the rebels (remember what a rebel really is) then Libya’s infrastructure, (which according to this report had more bombs dropped on it that Europe in WWI) can begin to be rebuilt again at the expense of the Libyan people.


      • Jim

        Have you anything to say to this man? His name is Osama Nassar, his case is profiled by Amnesty International. Perhaps you may accord him the same respect you accord those Iraqi’s whose suffering you so empathise with from the depredations of Hussein and the Bush/Blair axis? :


        Your friend ‘Macky’ pays great attention to the well known and world respected journalistic sources such as ‘Moon of Alabama’. Or at least he did until today when the links are to the Independent. Funny that.

        • Ben Monad

          Moon of Alabama needs no apologies. If by chance you lower yourself for a visit, you will find b will eat your debater’s lunch. Not that it would be difficult.

        • Republicofscotland


          I had a quick look at Mr Nassar’s account in Syria, firstly I’d like to add, that in my opinion the so called “Arab Spring” is a Western backed agitator movement, similar to the Muslim Brotherhood that West has used to cause untold disruption in the Middle East as far back, as the 1940 and possibly longer, according to Mark Curtis and his book Secret Affairs. You just have to look at how Egypt’s president Morsi was usurped and now sits in prison awaiting a possible death sentence.

          As for Mr Nassar, he and his family appear to be caught up in the struggle to control Syria. Yes Assad is a dictator, and persecutes his own people, but so did Saddam and Gaddafi, yet the West vigoursly supported them when it was beneficial to them.

          There are of course millions of Mr Nassar’s under oppression in what’s left of Palestine. A Palestine the West let Israel brutaly absorb. Then there’s the Wests other dictatorship allies such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia who commit atrocities daily on their own people.

          Mr Nassar and his families predicament is a unfortunate one, but false dawns such as the Arab Spring instigated and backed by the West in my opinion, only served to add to the suffering of millions.

          • Jim

            I’m not interested in your half baked geopolitical analysis, I’m interested in why people like Osama Nassar get zero respect from people like you, who proclaim their solidarity so effusively for those who fit your narrow prejudiced worldview.

          • Republicofscotland


            Well Jim, that’s what Craigs blog is all about “opinions” it obvious you can’t seem to tolerate certain ones, opinions that don’t agree with yours I’ll wager.

            Zero respect Jim says, well, Jim, are you suggesting I’m giving respect to Assad over Mr Nassar? If so please provide the evidence.

            Finally Jim just what is my” narrow predijuce view”

          • Jim

            People like Osama Nassar’s voices have been silenced by the likes of ‘Stop the War’, and people like yourself and Bevin have no interest in hearing them. Take the ‘conference’ which ‘Macky’ linked to a couple of days ago. Your ‘humanitarian’ instincts extend as far as your prejudices. Simples.

          • Republicofscotland

            Well Jim, if you feel so strongly about Mr Nassar’s predicament, instead of railing on here that we’re all predijuce, why don’t you get off your backside and do something about it. Spend less time preaching in here, and more time doing I say.

            I like many others in here give an opinion on any given subject, you however seem to take umbrage over opinions given regarding Mr Nassar’s plight. It’s patently obvious to me anyway Jim that I’m not “humanitarian” enough in your eyes, well I guess I’ll just have to live with that.

            Still waiting on a reply as to proof of my “narrow predijuced worldview”

          • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

            “Well Jim, if you feel so strongly about Mr Nassar’s predicament, instead of railing on here that we’re all predijuce, why don’t you get off your backside and do something about it.”

            Coming from you who, like your fellow-Eminences, spends hours on here bitching on about this, that and the next thing, that’s a hilarious comment.

            What have you ever done about anything in real life?

          • lysias

            All six of the most recent comments on this forum have come from the odious snitch who urges us not to post here.

          • Jim

            The Bevin’s of this world refuse point blank to give an opinion never mind express solidarity with Omar Nassar, as evidenced here. That’s all the evidence needed. The voices strain to be heard, as Osama jokes about in his opinion piece (amazing enough in itself), but are silenced. The evidence for effective complicity in their plight from the likes of Bevin and his fellow travellers is damning. Dissemble as much as you like, your silence tells its own story.

          • bevin

            Jim, just in case you haven’t left yet for your run. the plural of Bevin is Bevins. The apostrophe changes the meaning, not that that would concern you.
            Your comments are uniformly idiotic, drifting towards obsessional. Get a grip and seek out another hobby. Go trolling in a canoe, you might catch something.

          • Republicofscotland


            Just because certain posters don’t take up the banner of righteousness regarding Mr Nassar’s plight, by commenting on it doesn’t mean they don’t commiserate with his struggle.

            Have you ever stopped and thought that your abrasive manner in putting Mr Nassar’s situation across to posters in here, might actually turn them away from commenting on it.

          • Republicofscotland


            Re your 16.21pm comment.

            Have I ever given you cause to suggest that I have taken up anyone’s banner, (Scottish independence aside). I think not, I like many other just comment on topical and interesting affairs.

            Jim however, I get the distinct feeling feels very passionate about Mr Nassar’s predicament, ergo I urged him to get out there and do something about it.

            Of course I won’t go into your passion for Israel, that’s another matter.

          • Jim

            RoS : The issue is clear, Bevin and his ilk have pointedly silenced the voices of Syrian activists such as Osama Nassar. They refuse to listen to them, this makes them complicit in their suffering. The Amnesty International piece is crystal clear. My ‘abrasive’ tone is fully justified, as rank hypocrisy rather sticks in my craw. Pol Pot apologists who simultaneously bleat about one long running historical sore whilst pointedly refusing to acknowledge people like Osama Nassar out of ideological intransigence are contemptible, there is no other word. They will countenance mass murder without demur if it fits with their worldview, as evidenced by Bevin’s enthusiastic endorsement of Roberts’ insane views.

          • Republicofscotland


            Okay Jim, I can understand your feeling of hypocrisy over Mr Nassar and his family’s terrible situation, it’s never justifiable in anyway to detain, torture or hurt those fleeing from injustice, and of course you are seeking some sort of empathy for Mr Nasser and his family.

            I however, think that like Mr Nassar and his family, many anti-Assad Syrians (and I’m no fan of Assad) are unfortunately seen as a after thought (not in a bad way mind) when a step is taken back and the big picture is viewed.

            What I mean by that is the convoluted situation, posed in Syria, through Nato, Russia, Turkey, the Kurds and rebels on both sides, and of course the Assad regime to boot.

            Along with the truth, the denizens of Syria are unfortunately the first casualties of war.

            It may not be that certain posters are deliberately acting obtuse to Mr Nassar’s precarious predicament, they may and I stress may just be looking at the bigger picture. Something I’ve been guilty of myself in the past.

          • Jim

            But if you read the Amnesty piece he makes quite clear (in a darkly humorous way) how abandoned they feel, just because of people like the inimitable Bevin. Your geopolitical ‘big picture’ is of little concern to those who’ve suffered for decades under the Assad family’s autocracy. Groups like ‘Stop the War’, who could have some influence to help Osama and his colleagues have done precisely the opposite. Purely for ideological reasons. It’s indefensible.

      • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


        Is all of the above lifted from your link or is some of it yours?

        If the former, please remember that Craig – our host – has told us he doesn’t want people to merely post long screeds from elsewhere without any personal imput.

        It’s a matter of politeness vis à vis our host and other contributors, you see.

        • Republicofscotland


          Where you see inverted commas, then it’s not my thoughts or comments, if you don’t see inverted commas then the thoughts are mine, is that clear enough.

          Secondly I like to post one or possibly two chapters of an article, (inverted commas used of course) it lets the readers get the gist of the article, a sort of enticement to read further, if you like.

          Not that you ever post a link.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Palestinian leaders want NATO to substitute IDF forces in the West Bank as part of any sustainable peace deal and a two-state solution with Israel. France is mounting up international support to hold a conference after US-led negotiations collapsed.”

    “Throughout the previous peace negotiations and to this day the Palestinian Authority insists that the West Bank must be a part of their sovereign nation, and that the presence of Israeli military control is a violation of their right to rule. While the United Nations calls the West Bank and Gaza Strip Israeli-occupied territories, Israel considers them disputed.”

    The Knesset won’t like the thought of Nato replacing IDF soldiers in lands Israel clearly see as Israeli lands. Will Nato follow through? I very much doubt they will.


        • Jim

          I wasn’t talking to you Mr Impaler, I trust the veracity of Osama Nassar and Amnesty International any day of the week over your transparent propagandistic dissembling.

          • Macky

            Yes best avoid addressing me, stick to what you do best & laughably criticize others for, namely indulging in “snide bile” .

            You & Habbu-Clown, two cheeks of the same Troll Arse !

          • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

            I shouldn’t think Macky’s much of an “Impaler” in any sense of the word – much too limp 🙂

        • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


          Have you been kicked off the other blog you spend most of your time on these days?

          Or has Squonk got fed up of you?

        • Jim

          You have not ‘answered me on this before’, you attempted to conflate the proxy war that has developed in Syria since those early optimistic days described so powerfully by Osama Nassar, with those activists activities and aspirations themselves. That, as I pointed out to you, is called dissembling. It is grossly dishonest propagandising drivel.

    • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


      I suspect you’re just being playful again but feel I must ask you the following question : if NATO were to do as you suggest (doubtful, I know), would you solemnly promise not immediately to accuse NATO of dastardly imperialism and all the other sins you accuse it of?

      Awaiting your reasoned reply, as always.

      • Republicofscotland


        How can one answer such a question truthfully, when the change over hasn’t and probably will never take place. If by a miracle it did occur, we’d have to wait a peroid of time to judge Nato’s handling on the matter, the only logical approach.

        For one who doesn’t do knee-jerk reactions, you certainly rely a lot on other posters suppositions to fill the gaps in.

  • Jim

    Still waiting for Bevin to explain the Saudi America theory of mass murder apologetics. An abstruse and difficult discipline.

  • Ben Monad

    It’s always a mistake to engage bridge-dwellers. No matter how you slice them they emerge energized as though they sucked all the air from the room for themselves. Nosferatu would be proud.

    • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

      Or to engage aging hippies who take their frequent siestas under the shade of their marijuana plants…….

      • RobG

        Da, Da DAH! The ageing hippies are obviously part of a master plan to take over the world and make everyone be nice to each other.

        Much better to have the hatred, bile, division and complete ignorance spewed out by then Dambusters Squadron.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I’ve never been too sure what to make of Aangirfan. He/she seems over obsessed re certain issues, and is rather annoying re using /associating geographical locations and criminal behaviour – sort of like referring to Oldham – and the moors murderers implying that just because something very evil happened there – there is some kind of serial link – and that is how people behave in Oldham… but no one is perfect and the following is interesting – and even contains a reference to Chloe Smith – I am sure Craig remembers her.



    Someone actually phoned me up about 1pm today – got my name completely correct – and asked me in a very nice voice if I would answer some questions re the EU Referendum…

    If she’d knocked on the door, whilst my wife was out, I might have invited her in for a cup of tea…

    However, I am a man of principle, and I do not like people I do not know phoning me up and trying to flog me some shiit – or even asking me how I might vote…

    So I politely declined to answer any questions.

    I didn’t even say OUT

    My sweet innocent wife – after a series of similar such calls is not so polite – and I hardly ever hear her swear.

    OUT too

    So the Poll figures are probably not that accurate – not that it will make any difference cos they will fix it – and do as told by the Americans.


  • bevin

    This analysis by MK Bhadrakumar in Asia Times online may be a welcome diversion from the increasingly lurid interjections from the trolls’ gallery. Would it be too much to hope that hasbara introduced a system of payment by results in place of the current fifty shekels so long as its published, length and content irrelevant so long as it distracts sincere people from serious discussions?

    Then there is this general piece also on Syria at ICH where Tom Feeley goes from strength to strength, even as he recovers from a stroke.

    • Jim

      Anything to say about your blatant lies regarding the Paul Craig Roberts article?

      Anything to say to Osama Nassar and his comrades?

    • Jim

      Perhaps when you take some time off from fantasies of destruction for Israel (‘the foull stench in the nostrils of the world’ as you earlier described in not all anti-Semitic or inflammatory terms), or fantasies of mass murder for your perceived class enemies a la Craig Paul Roberts, you could put your powerful advocacy skills to use supporting these people :


      Your impeccable humanitarian credentials were recommended to me, I hope this is not too onerous an imposition.

        • Jim

          It’s called debate, you seemed keen on it earlier, although it meaning seemed to elude you. Bevin is a liar with violent tendencies and delusions of humanitarianism. Not sure why you want to defend him.

          • Ben Monad

            A sane rejoinder to someone so extreme they are beyond debate, as you define it, would be to hit the ignore button. But here you are. Determined to counter the falsity of humanitarians here you deduce it’s the time to heckle them from the cheap seats.

            Do you get paid for this?

          • Jim

            And to Monad again :

            I did not suggest Bevin was beyond debate, stop putting words into my mouth. I’m pointing out his blank refusal to engage in any serious way with important flaws in his ‘thinking’. His blatant lies and hypocritical posturing, not to mention borderline anti-Semitism (gleefully wishing for the destruction of the ‘foul smelling stench’ that is Israel), and apologism for mass murder, need calling out. You got a problem with that?

          • Resident Dissident

            Well said – Bevin has a rigid viewpoint which will not allow the facts to get in the way – he recently added another lie to his collection by saying that the Saudis were behind the Arab Spring, while ignoring those brave Saudis who actually joined in the protests


            A small lie (in terms of the numbers killed) in relation to his whoppers on the Holodomor, the Gulag and Pol Pot – but still a lie for hos cause nevertheless.

          • Republicofscotland

            Resident Dissident.

            I think you’ll find there’s always a few who are duped into believing that the Arab Spring uprising was one of sincerity. In my opinion it would be a very natural thing for lower ranking Saudi’s to take up the banner of change, thinking the movement was a genuine one. Saudi Arabia isn’t exactly a shinning beacon of justice, is it now.

            Indeed Saudi Arabia is one of the worst, offenders on human rights, yet it remains a staunch and welcome friend of the West. I might, add, that I’m with Bevin on this one, I also think that Saudi Arabia played its part in fuelling the Arab Spring, there’s no shortage of brainwashed Wahhabists in the region.

          • Republicofscotland

            Jim re your 01.32 comment.

            I’m just wondering Jim, if your concern over Mr Nassar’s plight might have more to do with the fact that the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway, are key people in the coalition. That would explain your exuberance at pushing Mr Nassar’s unfortunate situation, without you actually having to do anything meaningful such as protest outside StWC headquarters in London.

            I did read the link you posted regarding Syrians without a voice, I do however think it would be unfair to a certain extent to hear how cruel Assad is without hearing from pro-Assad Syrians, to tell us how cruel Western backed proxy fighters are as well. As we often hear that Nato proxy fighters are “moderate” in their actions.

        • Ben Monad

          Ach! You awoke from your coffin-nap and brought a friend. Yes. I can see your debating skills grow sharper with each witty refrain. Did you find time away from your wingless fly collection? Or was the self-flagellation not doing it’s job, forcing you to seek other methods for creating that delicious pain? This is normal behavior for some of you.

          • Ben Monad

            Cheer up. Your vivacious use of language is being preserved for future generational enjoyment. The Internet is your canvas. I know you can do better.

          • Jim

            Cheer up? Christ, if you mistake my emotional state so badly your judgement is even worse than I suspected!

          • Ben Monad

            It seemed your butter-knife lost it’s keen edge. As to your mood, I was giving you the benefit of doubt. Sociopaths are the happiest people because they don’t let their conscience get them down. You seem eternally so.

          • Ben Monad

            Don’t shut down. Get back on that horse and ride it Dood.

            Seriously. Your team sucks at Defense.

      • giyane

        Jim’s link:

        “As a precautionary step to put an end to the crime, the institute (Justice) found that if the watercourse of the river closed, the perpetrator would stop throwing the bodies and consequently would stop collective field executions because the river facilitates the getting rid of bodies process. So, the institute obtained a permission from the general attorney of Aleppo in the United Council of Judgment to close the watercourse of the river. The watercourse of the river closed and consequently throwing the bodies stopped on 15 March 2013.

        The Syrian Institute for Justice (Justice) has concluded that the military intelligence agency and the air force intelligence agency in addition to loyal militias to the Syrian Government, occurred at the security checkpoints in Aleppo city, are responsible for detention of the Syrian civilians on the basis of their belonging to regions that hold the Syrian Opposition in Aleppo city. Where these authorities tortured them systematically, then carried out outlaw field executions and finally threw the bodies in Qwik River to get rid of them. In addition to the intention to terrorize the civilian inhabitants in the Aleppo city districts and the countryside, where the Syrian armed opposing forces control, and the determination to evoke the citizens resentment against the Syrian opposing forces. The crimes also were not void of sectarian motives..

        In accordance with the rules of the international human law and the international criminal law, the committed crimes have all the elements of the crime against humanity and the war crimes. ”

        So Amnesty International is prostituting its good name to USUKIS by commandeering the evidence of war-crime to the propaganda benefit of the USUKIS thugs.. We saw the same in the chemical weapons films made by the BBC to prove war-crimes against Assad.

        Al Qaida could just as easily have been responsible for these murders, because they have always declared that anyone crossing into the government controlled areas of Aleppo to continue their trade normally there would be held as a government supporter / traitor and be punished.

        You can fool some of the people some of the time…


        “On the 7 April, the US Department of Defense delivered 2,000 tonnes of weapons to the «moderate armed groups», of which 500 tonnes were immediately redistributed to Al-Nusra (Al-Qaïda), and 500 more to Daesh [3].

        In any case, Turkey’s support for Daesh seems to have diminished rapidly over the last few days.

        It would seem that Moscow had secretly but violently protested, to the extent that on the 9 May, John Kerry and Sergeï Lavrov published a joint declaration [4]. They called on «all states to implement Security Council Resolution 2253 (2015), which forbids all material or financial assistance to Daesh, the al-Nusra Front or any other group qualified as terrorist by the UN Security Council, and to prevent any of these groups from crossing the frontier into Syria».

        Above all, it was agreed that Washington would set a deadline for its allies – the start of July – to arrive at a negotiated agreement in Geneva. Beyond that date, the US would withdraw all their armed forces, while Russia would redirect its aircraft-carrier Admiral Kutznesov to the Syrian coast in order to resume, on a reduced scale, its bombing campaign against the terrorist organisations (who have since been re-armed) [5].

        However, the uncertainty has still not been definitively resolved. A heated dispute opposed Russia and the United States at the UN concerning the Army of Islam (Jaysh al-islam) and the Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant (Ahrar al-Sham). Moscow intended to add them to the list of «terrorist organisations», while Washington still wants to consider them as a «moderate armed group».

        The Army of Islam is a formation funded by Saudi Arabia and supervised by the British SAS. Originally commanded by Zahran Allouche, it spread terror throughout the suburbs of Damascus and threatened the capital for three years. Its leader, who worshipped Osama Bin Laden, was characterised by his cruelty, ordering the decapitation of a number of local inhabitants, and using others, locked in cages, as human shields. Finally, the ’bunker-buster’ bombs of the Russian Air Force destroyed the underground head-quarters specially built to house his Staff”

        Amnesty or Amnesia?

        • Jim

          I’ll take the veracity of Amnesty International’s take on the massacre and their trust in the unbiased non-sectarian bona fides of the SIJ over your skewed speculation any day.

          • nevermind

            If you like to discuss 811, Jim, there is a dedicated thread with like minded thinkers.
            As for your tabloid soul mentioning David icke and the large following that is keeping his Roller on the road, the ex footballer was on strong precription drugs when he was at the BBC reporting snooker, long before he misled the Green party and or went his own way.
            Mentioning him here says more about you then him.

  • giyane

    Today I have had to take down the cast iron frame of my Imperial Blocking Press, ready for moving.

    Imperial meaning at that time 1840, redolent of success, adventure, distance, vastness and Englishness.

    It’s not a slogan that sells much these days. 6 Imperial Leather sell for a pound. SAS forces in Libya are repelling a satanic force which the US, UK and IS made. Can you call it conquest or victory if you are sending a warship and everyone assumes it is there to protect the enemy you are pretending to quell?

    A sane observer would come to the conclusion that USUKIS is showing signs of psychosis, fighting with itself and achieving nothing.


    At the same time we see the full extent of Tory insanity in Ian Duncan Smith self-mutilating by spending 7 years dismantling welfare benefits for the disabled, only to resign against his own uncaring and deranged policies.

    The lengths people will go to make David Cameron appear sane!

  • Ben Monad

    Sara Netanyahoo indicted for being corrupt in Israel?

    It’s an anti-semitic witch-hunt I tell you.. 🙂

    • Ben Monad

      Can a jew be anti-semitic? Oh wait. I’m a self-loathing white and African Americans often jocularly refer to each other as ‘niggah’, so I guess the answer is yes, a jew can be anti-semitic but it’s in a socially acceptable manner. 🙂

    • nevermind

      Thanks for that link Mark G., looking at Russias reactions to NATO’s expansion into eastern Europe I can’t see much that is inflammatory, beyond the defence Russia deems necessary.
      To add, the Times article that the EU is preparing plans for a European army, are just another Brexit scare from the out crew.
      Msd. Morgherini, a very clever woman at the heart of the EU, is currently working on a new foreign policy statement to present to the Parliament, but Slovakia’s lead of the EU, followed by that of Malta, will make for a long discussion phase at all levels.
      If the UK leaves the EU, not that I share the doomsday scenario, I do not expect them to have any input in the future policies of the EU.
      Should it turn out the other way, and I have a vote now as someone offered to vote for my choice at the election, I expect the Ukippers to disappear up their own bottoms and full spectrum cooperation from our split Government on all issues that concern the EU, once Cameron has been exchanged and we had a few by elections for the fraud they committed.

      Anyway, some are planning for our exit, just in case.

  • giyane

    The GCHQ trolls get bank holidays off, but unlike other civil servants, not the following Tuesdays.

    They can come into work to receive virtual experiences of their choice through 3D sunglasses such as 3D cricket or 3D Tel Aviv big boobed bimboes.

  • Macky

    @Jim, my response to you about your AI report on Osama Nassar seems to have gone suspiciously & conveniently over your head, so I will do bother wasting more time on that, and instead address the issue of propaganda & sources, being an area in which you seem to view yourself as some sort of authority, pronouncing your judgements on various sites, rubbishing some, while acclaiming the “veracity” of others, such as AI, which happened to carried your Osama Nassar article. However I wonder if you even noticed that the AI Osama Nassar article was an exact reposting of the original put together by an outfit called “Syria Deeply”, a US based single issue news website on the Syrian Conflict set-up in December 201 ? Perhaps you might like to address some of points in this little write-up about it;


    As to AI itself of which you keep extolling its “veracity”, you do need to be made aware that not all share your conviction that it does not sometimes act as a propaganda channel;



    • Jim

      Persistent little devil aren’t we Mack? Must be getting it in the neck badly from the supervisor. Glad to see your England has improved though, well done!

      • Macky

        I was holding back, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you can’t be as stupid as you often come across as, but your little flurry of inane posts this morning prove that you well deserve to be addressed as “Dim Jim”, Congratulations ! 😀

    • Macky

      That’s exactly their plan, but as Craig believes that hardly anybody bothers to read the comments, he doesn’t much care, so allows the cretinous trolls free reign.

      • YouKnowMyName

        I don’t see it as a problem if GCHQ JTRIG or someone similar keeps churning their [stratfor] nine-plausible identities per workstation here on Craig’s blog, at least they are not causing mayhem somewhere else – or perhaps the other seven identities are . . .

        . . . and as for no-one reading the comments, I had a meeting at work about these comments – that’s after a LOT of people had been busy analysing my dossier – I was told to ‘carry on but don’t mention xxxx’

        strange, when I type xxxx – it comes out as xxxx

  • giyane

    Eh? Is that an Aye or a Nay/

    Obviously some kind of shame-garbled Yes! The troll having difficulty in articulating agreement with truth.

    Eh? is troll-speech for ‘I don’t know’ i.e. a straight lie to a straight question.

    Why is a UK warship parked outside the UK nest of spies London Libyan Protectorate? Eh?

    Why is Saudi Arabia now excluded from Syria peace talks in Geneva? Eh?

    Why has the Cameron government picked on benefits for disabled people? Eh?

    Why did an Australian sea crocodile spit out a troll going for a midnight swim? Eh?

      • giyane

        Which reversed, for liars, means ‘ I understand very well the full sagacity of your intelligent comments.’

  • Bright Eyes

    If I am right the first appearance of ‘Jim’ on here was a defence of 38 Degrees and Kuenssberg. Or perhaps he had a previous persona?

    May 14, 2016 at 23:53
    David Babbs apologised and regretted not taking screen grabs of the purported mysoginist abuse, which Joe, the petition’s originator apparently witnessed too, leading to his full agreement with the decision to take down the petition he’d started. Where’s the big conspiracy?
    More relevantly, I’ve been trawling YouTube for any evidence of the horrendous bias Ms Kuennsberg is accused of, but just see some quite combative questioning of politicians of all persuasions. Can anyone post any links showing her in the worst possible light. I remember thinking perhaps once that she seemed a little biased, but then thought maybe it’s just the slightly sneery set of her features, which is hardly a basis to make serious criticism of her ‘positioning’.

    • Jim

      Nope I appeared weeks or perhaps months ago, I’ve lost track of time in this insane netherworld! I was a confused neophyte palling up with Habbs actually, after ending up here via a site called the Saker which one of my more credulous friends keeps posting links to me from. There was a particularly pernicious anti-Semitic piece which really pissed me off. And the whole place was an obvious Russbot propaganda tool anyway, so transparent it’s laughable. I had to ‘find my way’ amongst the various personalities on here, it took me a while, I’m still learning! ?

      • Bright Eyes

        Nothing doing Jim. Back to March and the only sign of a Jim as a commenter is this.

        Wee Jim
        March 20, 2016 at 20:04
        “It is indeed storage that under the UK protectorate of Palestine after WWI, and indeed during the Ottoman Empire’s administration of the Holy Lands the local inhabitants, be they Jewish or non-Jewish got on quite fine”
        …except they didn’t. For example, there were severe Hebron and Safed massacres of jews in 1517, soon after the Ottomans took over and again in the 1830s and periodoc massacres throughout Ottoman rule, when the jewish population consisted of some 25,000 people. They continued under British rule.

        Are/were you Wee Jim?

        • Jim

          Nope, sorry. You’ll have to ask Craig. I’m virtually illiterate re: computers, only just worked out how to post links on my iPhone!

          • Ben Monad

            Again I say. Your team sucks at Defense. Your self-deprecating ‘puter dummy explanation makes no sense. You don’t remember your other pseudonyms? Debate skills aside, you just aren’t that bright.

          • Bright Eyes

            I can see you are being disingenuous so I will not waste any more of my time. TTFN

          • Jim

            Fair enough, I’m just a bit bored, God knows why I’ve ended up in this crazy world of suspicion! Although I’m infected with the same disease now! ?

            Do ask Craig though, if he doesn’t hate me too much he or his team,if he has one, will provide you with evidence.

          • Ben Monad

            Maybe bored, but don’t forget speechless. You are a fountain of misinformation, but a crippled creek when it comes to truthful matters like your origins.

            Fakir !

          • giyane

            GCHQ paid Troll pretends coyly , finger in mouth, to be innocent of all the skills of the spy/misinformation business.

          • Jim

            I almost wish that was true Giyane. You’ll have to ask Craig for the evidence, I’m sure that stuff is easy enough to decipher. Actually I’ve become a bit paranoid that my efforts on here might end up with me hanging from a bridge somewhere! Boredom and disgust could be a dangerous combination. Anyway, tootle pip, it’s time for a run in the woods. ?

      • Republicofscotland


        No doubt, RFC fans, will still be smarting at their defeat, to Hibs, and many will sign the petition of course they’ll be no mention of RFC fans running on to the pitch to confront Hibs fans already on the pitch. Which makes them just a culpable as the Hibs fans. Nor will there be any mention of the sectarian songs sung by RFC fans, whilst they threw flares into the crowds.

        The petition is nothing more than an act of unionist petulance.

        • fred

          I’m hearing from across the Firth that the Four are out with their begging bowls again.

          I see the Liberals in Orkney increased their share of the vote by over 30% in the Scottish elections. It’s an ill wind.

  • Republicofscotland

    “In another blow to the Israeli campaign to criminalize Palestine solidarity activism, the Irish government has affirmed that the global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement represents a “legitimate” means of protest “intended to pressure Israel into ending the occupation.”

    “In the Irish parliament on Thursday, foreign minister Charles Flanagan stated that “while the government does not itself support such a policy,” the BDS movement holds a “legitimate political viewpoint” and that the government does “not agree with attempts to demonize those who advocate this policy.”


    Poor Netanyahu, he’s not having much luck hawking his “Ban BDS” around Europe tour. The poor man will be thinking to himself, David Cameron tried the exact same tactic, hoping that EU minister’s would say Scotland wouldn’t be allowed to join the EU, in the event of independence being obtained.

    Alas EU ministers told David Cameron in a polite way to get lost, Bibi, has received a similar rebuttal. Sweden, the Netherlands and now Ireland have rejected Israel’s request, I’m sure many more will follow.

      • bevin

        What an extraordinarily silly person you appear to be, Jim.
        Your movements are of no more interest to me, or anyone else, I imagine, then mine are to anyone posting comments here. My sincere advice is that you control your compulsion to post comments, unless you have something to add to the discussions.
        If you review your latest, for example, you will realise that you are not acting in a sensible manner, and that while you may cause others to feel concern for you, you are only hurting yourself.

        • Resident Dissident

          My advice would be to avoid people offering “sincere advice” it usually is nothing of the kind.

          • Republicofscotland


            You’ve peaked my curiosity on this one, could you by any chance give us a prime example, as you sound as though you’re commenting through experience . ?

          • Resident Dissident

            No chance I’m afraid – friends and family just offer advice they don’t have to profess their sincerity.

    • Macky

      Thanks for that Bevin; Craig seems to have his head screwed on right about Syria; shame he seems totally off his trolley regarding toleration of trolls.

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