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Over 30,000 people within two days had signed an old languishing petition against the Tory bias of Laura Kuenssberg. They were motivated by outrage at the undisguised bias of her election night coverage, though that bias had already been evident daily.

For 35,000 people to be outraged enough to seek out and sign an online petition, millions must have felt that outrage. But the real furore started after 38 Degrees cancelled the petition due to “sexist abuse”. Unfortunately for them, they were forced to admit there was virtually no sexist abuse from the 35,000 people who had signed the petition. They next claimed the sexist abuse was on unrelated social media, but refused point blank to present any evidence of it. Then an extraordinary group started to coalesce in defence of Kuenssberg – Laura Bates, Yvette Cooper, Jess Phillips etc – all of them denouncing this widespread sexist abuse. Not one of these people produced a single shred of evidence of the existence of this sexist abuse.

Probably some abuse is there. I am a much, much less well known figure than Kuenssberg, but since I started writing on this topic I have been the subject of numerous extremely unpleasant tweets and facebook messages. Please note the same epithet applied to Kuenssberg would undoubtedly be claimed as misogynist abuse:

Screenshot (30)

I have cropped this to protect the identity of the sender, but I assure you it is perfectly real and not at all unusual. (This is actually sexist on my part as if it were a man I would not have cropped it. I can only ask you to forgive me, I am old). I am sure Kuenssberg, being vastly more famous, gets more abuse than I do. But the fact either of us receives abuse does not mean we are above criticism. The young woman tweeting above being unpleasant is not evidence I am right about anything. Still less does it mean criticism of me should be suppressed.

To say that abusers “hijacked” the petition criticising Kuenssberg for her terrible biased journalism, is like saying your car is hijacked by an insect landing on it.

But the extremely cheerful news is that the furore caused by 38 Degrees removing the petition has meant that tens of millions more people have heard of the petition, than if it had gone ahead. David Cameron standing up in the House of Commons saying Kuenssberg is not biased in itself will have made a million people realise that she is. Laura Kuenssberg, meet Barbra Streisand. The “Streisand Effect”, named after the actress’ attempt to suppress photos of her mansion, is the internet phenomenon whereby attempts to suppress information lead to far more people knowing it.

In this case, that is really important. Because what has struck me the last few days is the number of people who are saying “Wow, I thought she was pretty biased, but I thought it was just me.” No, it wasn’t just you. She really is the most appalling Tory shill. And now tens of millions more people are alert to it.

The Establishment, by its attempt to invent a “Misogynist campaign” and link it to Jeremy Corbyn, has just shot itself squarely in the foot.

You might enjoy this interesting word analysis of the comments of the 38 Degrees petition. The comments themselves can still be found from here. It should be understood that 35,000 people signed, but the large majority only sign and do not leave comments.

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730 thoughts on “Laura Kuenssberg Meet Barbra Streisand

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  • RobG

    For anyone interested, here’s some of the latest political stuff that’s happening in France…

    It’s very difficult to find any English language reports of what’s going on in France (no, you don’t really live in a police state), so I’ve got to resort to RT. There’s been major riots in France over recent days…

    Not just Paris and Rennes, but in many other towns and cities.

    British navel gazing means the referendum on 23rd June, when chocolate box England might well drift west across the Atlantic and become a full-blown fascist state; the 51st state of America, made official.

    I would hazard a guess that the real revolution is happening here in Europe.

    • Republicofscotland


      This from your link.

      “What is driving the crisis inside the PS is a profound, ongoing international political reorientation of the masses, which is provoking a growing mobilisation of workers and youth across Europe and the world. After eight years of unprecedented capitalist crisis since 2008, working people are turning against the parties that for decades have passed for “left” or even the “extreme left,” but that are the instruments of a financial aristocracy that is ready for any policy against the working class to defend its exorbitant privileges.”


      That one paragraph says all, that needs to be said about the majority of governments around the world today. I’d like to see the youth of France mobilise. They could possibly bring about another French revolution, which hopefully would be a catalyst for movements around the world to follow.

      The more governments squeeze and control their citizens the more likely change becomes a real possibility, France can lead the way.

      Though the British public are meek and gutless when it comes to civil disobedience, for now anyway.

      • RobG

        Republicofscotland, for my part I wouldn’t necessarily say that the British public are meek and gutless; more, it’s a cultural/historical thing. The news media in France are even more biased towards the establishment than those in the UK; and similarly, the French MSM are also a bunch of presstitutes.

        I think the difference between Britain and France goes back to 1789, and all that. Liberty, equality and fraternity is deeply ingrained – and I do mean deeply – in the French psyche. This was revamped during the German occupation in World War Two, which is still a very sore point all these years later (my part of south west France saw some of the worst of the German atrocities).

        And let’s not forget the Auld Alliance.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Russia’s political establishment reacted with howls of indignation on Sunday to Ukraine’s victory at the Eurovision song contest, demanding an inquiry into how a politicised song was allowed to be included in the event and threatening to boycott next year’s contest.”

    Well what a surprise, or not as the Ukranian entry wins, in a “we’re behind you Ukraine” by EU nations. The Eurovision Song contest is so politicised now that it has become a bad joke.

    Though some things never change as Britain, loathed by most Eurovision nations finishes in its usual lowly ranked place.

    I’m more surprised that Israel didn’t win, mind you the US wasn’t involved so they couldn’t bully other nations to vote for Israel yet.

    • RobG

      1982 – one of the lowest/most dangerous points in the Cold War – the entry from Finland: a band called Kojo; the song, Nuku pommiin (‘don’t bomb me’) in which the singer warbles: “Don’t drop that neutron bomb on me”…

      You could also check out ‘Two Tribes’ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ’99 red balloons’ by Nena (in my opinion the German language version is the best), or ‘Seconds’ by U2, which I linked to a few posts back. All of these songs came out of the early 1980s, when the world yet again teetered on the edge of nuclear oblivion (it was the nasty communists back then, not the Muslim bogeymen we have now).

      And what strikes me most about the early 21st century is that we don’t have the music/art that we had back in the 20th century. Now there’s next to nothing, except a corporate nightmare.

      The Eurovision song contest back then was art compared to today.

    • Kempe

      ” Though some things never change as Britain, loathed by most Eurovision nations finishes in its usual lowly ranked place. ”

      I suppose an independent Scotland would win every year.

      The Eurovision Song Contest is a festival of tripe, a celebration of awfulness where the only honourable outcome is to be placed as low down the rankings as possible.

      • Chris Rogers

        Its quite well known that the UK does not like hosting the Eurovision Song Contest because of the expense, indeed, and in relation to Ireland, a Father Ted episode actually covered this very theme in the mid-90’s and very funny it was indeed. But the fact remains the lustre of the Eurovision wore off by about 1980 and most of our entrants have been crap, this despite the huge influence the UK has had on the world music scene – Madchester anyone!

          • glenn

            Perhaps you recall the good old days, when the UK always gave Ireland maximum points, and Ireland always gave the UK zero points.

            This contest has always been about politics, a chance to say who are official “friends” and who are not. Yet another example of the sheer childishness of our career politicians, if we really needed it.

          • Herbie

            That’s when they got fed up hosting the thing.

            But they got Riverdance out of it, loads of soft power and dosh.

            But yeah, that and their celtic tiggerish thing, the GFI and all the rest of it, was probably rather more engineered from above, than endogenous.

            That which the gods giveth, the gods taketh away.

          • Herbie

            “Perhaps you recall the good old days, when the UK always gave Ireland maximum points, and Ireland always gave the UK zero points.”


            My memory is that RoI was generally a bit of a toady so far as the UK and Eurovision were concerned.

            There were times during the 70s/80s that I can imagine that happening though, after Bloody Sunday for example, the Hunger Strikes or Thatcher’s issues over the Anglo Irish Agreement.

            But more generally, I’d be surprised were that the case.

            I’m not an expert on Eurovision.


      • YouKnowMyName

        the EBU bloc voted persistently and relentlessly against the UK in Eurovision starting following Blair’s illegal war in Iraq.
        At the time the cheese eating surrender monkeys and their friends were seemingly offended about the regime change, and voted near to nul points in a fit of pique for the UK.

        Now, much has changed, the intelligence agencies tier one/two/three partner agencies run their deep-super-state and every government seems to be involved in the latest illegal wars about regime change, perhaps that’s why Britain gained a place in eurovision from last year’s second to last to this year’s third from last, good tune too.

        (allegedly allegedly allegedly, to be thrown in where appropriate, as I havent read Chilcot yet, and some of the other facts are still a bit obfuscated)

        I did read some history somewhere which implied that the tartar expulsion from Krim in ’44 was perhaps something to do with them supporting fascists? I guess the Kreml has decided to boycott next years’ song-fest in order to remove the small pleasure that the regime in Kiev was hoping to get by banning them anyway. . .

        nope, no politics in music , ever. . . but remember the GCHQ million-click upvote attacks on the Scottish independent music scene during the most recent vote . . . seems there is fear in some cultural things

  • bevin

    “…Apparently one in four of the people living in the Middle East (this would include Turkey, of course) was Christian at the beginning of the 20th Century.
    “Today there are 11 million Christians living amoung 320 million Muslims.
    “Would anyone on here like to claim that this is a “slow genocide”, I wonder?”
    Call it what you will. There is no doubt who is currently responsible for the slaughter of Christians in :
    Afghanistan .
    The takfiri alliance sponsored, armed, financed and exculpated in any public discussions by the evil axis of NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel are responsible.
    Earlier this week a Christian village was attacked by al nusra militiamen working directly for the overthrow of Assad and his government which is tolerant towards all religious minorities and is supported, almost unanimously, by Christians.

    If you want you can add in, persecuted christian communities in Kossovo, Pakistan, Yemen and as the song “1944” reminds us the attacks being carried out on Orthodox Christians in Ukraine by nazis and their ‘Crimean Tartar’ allies.

    wahhabakkuk, you must know these things. Certainly most posting here do and are not going to fall for the crude islamophobia-calculated to weaken and divide our communities- that you import here from hasbara’s propaganda kitchen.

    • Republicofscotland


      Habbs rather pathetic comment, is just an attempt to justify the demonisation of Muslims in the ME region, his beloved Israel isn’t that keen on Christians either, you can’t believe a word he tells you.

      Remember why he’s on this blog.

      • bevin

        I know why he’s in this blog-to disrupt it and to bully people, preferably old ladies who have steered well clear of thugs and liars all their lives.
        I used to ignore him-feed not the troll- but noticed that he was tempting many sensible and sincere people into dialogue. So, if I run across one of his particularly idiotic contributions-and they seem to be increasing in volume- I might comment on it.
        The reality is that, as an apologist for The establishment in Westminster, and the City next door, he is an enthusiastic promoter of wahhabi militias (his post below denouncing Assad ought to earn him a free trip to Riyadh, perhaps even a column in one of the Saudi Royal Family’s journals), neo-nazi death squads in Ukraine, imperialist military dictatorships and the orange dyed Unionism that New Labour and the Tories espouse in Scotland and Ireland.
        Even as he sheds crocodile tears over the fate-the dire and desperate fate- of Christian communities in the middle east the government of Turkey, to which he is linked umbilically is encouraging new pogroms in Armenia as well as those in Syria where the forces behind the massacres of Christians and Shia’ are exactly the same as those who have almost wiped out the ancient Christian communities of Iraq and Assyria, the takfiri militias which would not exist and certainly would not be armed as well as they are without the consistent and long term support of the Security Services of the NATO countries.
        I am amazed that those supporting these terrorist groups have the gall to show themselves in a forum like this one. I suppose only a professional could stand the ignominy of associating himself daily with the terrorist proxies of the deep state.

        • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)


          The only thing worth commenting on in your “analysis” is your seeming disapproval of dialogue on this blog (your second para).

          I realise of course that some commenters would be happier if this blog were to be a mere festival of mutual praise and admiration. Let’s all baa together on the count of three.That, I suppose, is what used to happen at the congresses of the CPSU.

          Now of course I don’t object to you replying on occasion to my comments but it would be helpful if you were sometimes to make an attempt to back up some of your zanier assertions when challenged. You are a garrulous sort of chap and your failure to do so is somewhat surprising. Or perhaps not 🙂

          Have a good day now.

    • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)


      “wahhabakkuk, you must know these things. Certainly most posting here do and are not going to fall for the crude islamophobia-calculated to weaken and divide our communities- that you import here from hasbara’s propaganda kitchen.”

      Well, I was just quoting from the advance billing for that ARTE television programme I flagged up.

      You’re not suggesting that ARTE is a paid up member of “habara’s propaganda kitchen”, are you?

      Or perhaps you are – after all, that’s what paranoid Loonies probably WOULD think. 🙂

    • Chris Rogers


      I hope it’s a ‘kosher’ kitchen you are referring too.

      Also, Habbs is more than aware, and its well documented, that if an ethnic group is a victim of an attempted genocide, it has an ability to actually replicate itself at considerable speed, as happened in Rwanda – I’m not supplying links as Habbs can do some homework himself.

      However, it does seem our Israeli friends have a strange affinity with killing infants, youth and pregnant women, or women with suckling infants, which does represent a ‘slow genocide’ and again is well written about by those who follow the trauma of the Palestinians.

      Most are also aware Habbs likes being a smart arse, a professional smartness no less, particularly when it comes to Islam, Israel and our own elite here in Blighty.

      His next line will be how he’s destroyed the trope about genocide, but I’ve yet to see him destroy the ‘slow genocide’ meme that many coving the Palestinian plight utilise, particularly if we compare birth rates/population growth in the Occupied Territories with say Saudi Arabia, which shortly will be suffering its own explosion given the growing number of unemployed youths with zero hope and no desire to become Jihadists.

        • Chris Rogers

          Thanks Tim,

          Yep, our Israeli friends and many in the USA squirm about that one – some good documentaries about it and loads of books – even the attacking pilots questioned the order to attack once it was clear it was a US naval vessel, but attacked nonetheless, which means they are guilty of mass murder based on the international findings of the Nuremberg Warcrimes trials, whereby you cannot claim ‘innocence’ because you were ordered to kill. Many American’s are actually unaware of this little Israeli escapade – perhaps Ms. Clinton will enlighten us!

    • K Crosby

      Has the number of chris increased since 1900? If it has, is it comparable to the increase in the number of Muslims?

  • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)

    Meanwhile, Iran continues to stir up trouble in the Middle East by supporting “President” Assad’s brave army and various other factions. And so the deaths continue…..

    • Chris Rogers

      Now he’s having a fucking go at the Iranian’s, next it will be the Russian’s and then anyone else he can point an accusing finger at, apart from the bloody culprits themselves, namely France, UK, USA and of course Israel, not forgetting our friends in the Gulfies and House of Saud. Must be a strange environment in Habbs home, his children must runaround the school yard discussing whether they’s fight for Israel or the British should they ever go to war. How sad, how bloody sad!

      • K Crosby

        Do you remember a thriller on the telly in the 70s? The disillusioned ex-spook is blackmailed into getting a scientific doo-dad back from the KGB and he ends up fighting the magnificent Vladek Sheybal in Iceland. it turns out that the doo-dad doesn’t work and it’s a conspiracy to divert Soviet scientists from things that do work. They used him to give the device credibility by making a show of using their best boy to get it back. I think Habbabkuk plays the same game so I use him as a device for finding out what the haSSbara and the local equivalent are doing to divert normal people down dead ends.

    • nevermind

      you are an imbecile fool to berate others for not linking and quoting what you want to hear, bridge dweller, but to bring up a subject you have no idea off, just spouting your tedious sanctimonious pro western, non existing rock bottom value system, whilst breathing slime all over those who genuinely are trying to bring over different aspect on an issue here, is pissing on this blog’s opinions and all who write here, including Craig Murray.

      you are a paid fool habbakuk.

  • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)

    Meanwhile, it appears that in Venezuela, “President” Nicolas Maduro Moros is in deep, deep shit.

    Amazing for a country with the oil ressources Venezuela has (even at oil’s current price).

    Reports say that in his desperation he’s treading a very fine line between legality and illegailty from a constitutional angle.

    Does the constitution of Venuezela allow for impeachment, I wonder?

    • Chris Rogers

      Lost it again have you Habbs, of course the Saud’s pumping oil as if there is no tomorrow in order to bankrupt US fracking concerns has fuck all to do with it, neither does trade embargoes by the USA. Fuck man you really are a colonialist aren’t you?

      However, perhaps read some financial news/articles and you may enlighten yourself, although that would be difficult given your absolute belief in a debauched global establishment that cares fuck all for most humans on our little planet. Sad really!

      • Republicofscotland


        Thank you for that list, there were several in it that I had forgotten about, the list makes you wonder why any nation would trust America ever again.

        I’m reminded of Ricky Gervais’s comment during some forgetful award ceremony in the US when he said “We (Britain) used to rule the world, before you guys.”

        The US has now got its hooks into everthing from Nato to the EU, and with collapse of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe has succumbed in most part to American diktats.

  • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)

    And to round off for today, let us not forget Russia, which is doing its best to keep Assad Junior and various other nasties in power. That’s Assad Junior of the family firm “Assad & Co, Ltd, Purveyors of death, torture, exile and massacres (barrel bombs our speciality)”.

    But what can you expect of the only major power on the planet which has been run for the last 10 years or so by a career secret policeman?

    • RobG

      I think you lot at Cheltenham must all snort coke during your lonely Sunday evening shifts.

      You are going to be held to account; make no mistake about that.

    • Chris Rogers

      You really are a fucking piece of works Habbs, when the Palestinians are mourning the anniversary of their ejection from their own lands by little more than terrorists, you espouse all crud about Syria and Russia. You really are a fucking disgrace and it’s a shame CM does not just ban you for the racist fucker you actually are.

      Sorry folks but has to be said, particularly given if I posted shit like this bugger does when the Holocaust is being commented I’d be outed as a complete antisemite, and with actually just cause I hasten to add.

      Why don’t you tune in to the rightwing Blogs you seem to adore, or is the chat somewhat of a lower intellectual level than on this Blog concerned with human rights. And that means all human rights, not just a handful of malcontents claiming some buggers land because God called them special. It’s the fucking 21st Century mate!!!!!!!

    • glenn

      So how do you account for our own kow-towing to the Saudis, Habbabkuk? These good friends of ours have little more to brag about than Assad when it comes to human rights. Why do you suppose the Americans (and needless to say, the UK – which will toe the line on any US foreign policy) get so exercised about some atrocities, yet howl with outrage at those of others who are at least as bad?

      Please show me that you’re not this craven yourself, by denouncing the filthy head-loppers of Saudi Arabia, just as readily as I am happy to denounce the murderous scum head-loppers that call themselves ISIS.

      • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)

        “….by denouncing the filthy head-loppers of Saudi Arabia”

        I’m as happy to denounce capital punishment in Saudi as I am to denounce it in China and indeed in any other country that still retains it.

        Except in wartime, that is.

        • glenn

          Thank you, I am pleased to hear it, and you go up in my estimation.

          We can have a discussion on wartime capital punishment sometime if you like. Not that I’m an apologist for slave-holding white supremacists, but Washington himself urged no harm to come to British POWs. Shame they haven’t lived up to such lofty standards as they always falsely praise for themselves, and denounce in their official enemies.

          To what do you attribute our Establishment line of treating the Saudis as honoured partners – unprincipled expediency alone, or is the money-thing the primary motive, in your opinion?

        • nevermind

          I suppose that means orderly war, the ones we declare on others, not these unprepared military excursions that kill hundreds of thousands all over the middle east, disrupts their future and has sweet FA prepared to replace their chaotic systems with.
          Its it western value systems that have usurped Gaddafi on spurious grounds its made up evidence that pointed to WMD that never were present and it is the drugs trade and its massive profits, stupid, that NATO was protecting for 12 years.
          Over 400 good soldiers died for absolutely no gain or change. And you idiot dare to come on here pointing fingers at Iran, a country that has never started any wars for over 250 years.
          Are you denouncing the illegal war in Yemen as not declared and orderly, denouncing our secret involvement in Libya’s current refugee exodus.

          You need to take a holiday and spent your shekels on your paymasters beach bunnies, infiltrator.

    • Kempe

      Incompetence of the highest order*.

      These people are responsible for our safety…

      *I’ve no doubt the conspiracy minded will see it differently but then they always do.

      • deepgreenpuddock

        Sounds to me like a test of the responses of the Man.u security and evacuation procedures under something like realistic conditions. A sort of ‘accidentally on purpose’ affair. Possibly a pain in the neck, but probably better to have these things tested.

        • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)

          That’s a fair comment in my opinion.

          It may well have been simple incompetence (as Kempe suggests) , in which case I should say “regrettable but so what – did anyone get hurt? Cock ups happen”.

          If, on the other hand, it was “accidentally on purpose”, as you speculate, then I’d agree with your own conclusion that the objective was to create as realistic a situation as possible in order to test procedures.

          What seems important is to avoid knee-jerk reactions and dark mutterings about the existence of a conspiracy of some sort by the authorities (the kind of line apparently peddled by the likes of RobG).

          • deepgreenpuddock

            It is interesting because if you have a number of real looking mocked up bombs-apparently pipes with mobile phones attached to a lump of ‘detonator’-made up to look realistic for training exercises, it seems pretty obvious that you would be incredibly careful with these objects, and appoint someone or some group to count these things out and in and meticulously record where they were placed – and then store in some very suitable place-simply because of the huge disruption these would be inclined to create if left lying around. The funny thing is that it would an incredibly incompetent act to leave such a thing in a toilet at Old Trafford. Quite funny in a way if it wasn’t so serious.
            Indeed I am incredulous that it could actually happen. That is why I suggested the accidentally on purpose ‘simulated evacuation’ exercise -especially after the Hillsborough verdict. I can imagine many large companies involved in, or dependent on mass people movements wanting to assess the effectiveness of their control and safety measures, and factors such as speed of evacuation.
            Mind you it must have cost a bit- if it was a police fiasco /incompetence it should be possible to see if there is some kind of compensation payment to Man.u.

        • Ba\'al Zevul

          I’m neutral on this, and no football fan, but if the security services or their contractors can intentionally stop a nationally-watched event with thousands of paying spectators, obliging the organisers to pay compensation to their frustrated fans, for practice, some of the conspiracy theorists alleging downright malicious false-flag operations suddenly look almost credible. And it really does give the green light to any teenager with a spare phone and a rudimentary sense of fun.

      • Republicofscotland

        The predictability of Habb and Kempes (oh the conspiracy loons will see it as something else) is all to familiar, I’m afraid to say.

        Get it in early boys, before people start thinking for themselves.

    • Republicofscotland


      It makes you wonder where the “unnamed”security company originates from.

      Of course Old Trafford, the scene of a “terrorist training exercise” posted by a commentor in here a few days back I can’t recall if it was you Rob, may yet turn out to be the epicentre for something, more, shall we say, explosive.

      A certain country has form, when it comes to shall we say dubious, and often incompetent security firms whose action can often have glaring flaws, showing them up for what they really are.

  • nevermind

    Biigest joke in history. Cheif constable admits that they left the device from last weeks emergency training. I suppose Manchester police can just be as complacent as this and hope that the fans forgive them their ‘reality check ‘yesterday.

  • nevermind

    O/T Erdogan and Merkels deal is bound to fail as both are not prepared to loosen their respective stance. He is refusing to agree any of the concessions made and wants unfettered access to the EU. Bless, as if we are looking forward to more visas allowing for more Turkish heroin to enter Europe, something our PM obviously has not been briefed upon.

    But help is at hand for Erdogan as Al Quaeda is moving their headquarters from the Hindukush to the more ambient climes of the Mediterranean, building a new base somewhere in Northern Syria they say. It looks like the western values are nopw directed to eating up Europe for its adherence to its real interest in Eurasia.

    Europe’s interests do not lie in the US or in Australia, they lie in Eurasia and whatever happens in the Ukraine, nobody will support a war there with Russia, however, however much meddling is going on. Three cheers for the mayor of Liv who keeps away from politicians and who is sorting out his people’s needs without much help from Kiev’s disgraced western stooges.

    • MJ

      “Al Quaeda is moving their headquarters from the Hindukush to the more ambient climes of the Mediterranean, building a new base somewhere in Northern Syria they say”

      Sounds as though it might be time for the Russians to return in force.

    • MJ

      Let’as hope no-one scuppers it by calling someone else a female necromancer with bovine tendencies!

  • giyane


    USUKIS has 3 branches Al CIAda, Al Queenida Al C**tida.

    Cameron has told Merkel that if the ERU sends 6 billion euro to Erdogan to fund Al Qaida she can kiss goodbye to the UK being in the EU after June. Wonderboy has been making dark comparisons between Nazis and the EU.

    It might take 30 minutes for the message to go from the dinosaur’s toes to its brain.
    No doubt Erdogan can tread blood until after the referendum.
    I can’t find a link to the cartoon that so enraged Erdogan showing his mouth over the entrance of Hell/Turkey:
    Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

  • deepgreenpuddock

    I wonder if anyone has given this a thought.
    Last friday there was an article about the use of ‘LLPs’ -a scottish legal system business partnership(loophole) which is touted across Eastern Europe (and elsewhere) and which permits trading which does not require the kinds of strict auditing and accounting required of more conventional business entities. Apparently there is a boom in the formation of these ‘partnerships’ in odd places like onetime council houses and which involve not so savoury characters connected to (for instance) despots such as Karimov of Uzbekistan. (a nephew)
    The journalist is Ian Fraser. He has an article here :
    The guardian has published this: :
    (which involves more Scottish LLPs and some Scottish based ‘business’ people-who were connected to some Gaddaffi henchperson and possibly or allegedly- the laundering of
    ill gotten gains through bogus contracts awarded in the Gaddaffi era.
    All this apparently has been brought to light by the Mossack Fonseca affair.
    So it appears that Bonny Scotland is and has been very closely involved or instrumental in some or much of the recent financial scandals.

  • Jim

    Well only Phil has provided any links to evidence of Laura Kuenssberg’s purported terrible bias so far, and it wasn’t exactly damning. A couple of people have mentioned the Doughty live resignation, but seeing as Doughty himself has criticised Seumas Milne’s attempt to portray this as biased, that’s not a very solid piece of evidence either really. As if the same ‘scoop’ would not be seized upon if it was a Tory shadow minister willing to do the same. Pull the other one! Please prove me wrong, I’d be more than happy to see the damning evidence. I still think Phil’s critique of overall subtle MSM bias is correct by the way.

    • MJ

      Check out the BBC’s election night broadcast re the local elections a couple of weeks ago. LK was there from the very start, telling us what a disastrous night it had been for Labour. The polls had only just closed and not a single vote had been counted. So what was the source of her information – exit polls perhaps? Nope, nothing at all. Not a sausage. Pure fabrication on her part. Then the actual results came in and Labour did fine. Where was LK to explain her wild uncorroborated assertions? Nowhere, that’s where.

      Piss-poor journalism whatever your political views. We shouldn’t have to be paying for this dross.

      • Jim

        I’ll check it out if you’ll provide a link. Or if Craig himself will provide the evidence, seeing as he’s so very keen on it when it comes to 38 Degrees. Not a peep so far though.

    • Chris Rogers


      Evidently Sir Michael Lyons, for Chair of the BBC Trust, was talking through his arse then on Radio 4 last week to Martha Stewart, when he implied live on air that serious concerns existed at how biased the BBC had become: Re, Corbyn and the local/assembly elections.

      As for links, a huge amount on You Tube, but also most UK current affairs/news output is actually recorded an made available via Bittorrent.

      Perhaps you are going deaf, which would account for your inability to recognise bias when it bites you on the arse!

      • Jim

        I’ve looked on YouTube already, as I previously stated. Not much to support your theories there. Could you please provide a link to the horrendously damning material? Thanks.

    • nevermind

      Jim, what do you reckon 35.678 petitioners represent? Those who had the time/guts/ inclination to voice their disgust at the daily bias they are presented with?
      those who have a computer,
      or those who still use their braincells,
      or is it merely a percentage of the real disgust, say 10% , with most people keep to shouting at her on TV, throwing flip flops at the screen, switching her off whenever she contorts her face in disgust at a Labour party member.

      • fred


        I’m providing a service to readers of this blog keeping them informed of latest news I think will interest them.

        Have you got some sort of a problem with that?

        • Jim

          A little, yes when your ‘helpful’ post appeared pretty much seconds after I posted my question for the second time. One would almost think it was a distractive ploy, but perhaps I’ve been immersed in this blog too much.

          • Habbabkuk (for accuracy and honesty when posting)

            No, Jim!

            A “distractive ploy”?

            Of course not.

            You will surely be aware that most commenters on here are honesty personified and work tirelessly in the interests of fruitful dialogue, mutual information, indepth research and fearlessly bringing the truth to the peeps and sheeple. Reaching the parts others do not reach, to to speak.

            Shame on you for your unworthy thought 🙂

          • Jim

            I’m not on your side Habbs, sorry! Temer is a total puppet and what’s happening in Brazil is disgrace. Enough to make me order some black pyjamas…almost. ?

          • Republicofscotland


            If your looking for establishment distractors, look no further than Habb, the only mystery about Habb, is which government he works for. He may of course report to several.

          • lysias

            When I commented on the strategic stupidity of Stuxnet, he objected to my implication that British failure to build lots of submarines before WWI led to other powers, like Germany, not concentrating on building them. Then, after he said this British failure did not prevent Germany from building submarines and I pointed out how few submarines Germany had on the outbreak of war, he asked how many submarines Britain had.

            All to divert discussion from the main point of the stupidity of Stuxnet. Typical hasbara behavior.

            I should have followed my normal practice of not responding to him at all.

          • Republicofscotland


            Of course Lysais that’s Habbs modus operandi, his other remit, is to determine who we all, are and why we comment on Craigs excellent blog, and of course to make sure Craig doesn’t have a melt down and reveal some very sleazy ongoings from the FCO’s past.

            Habb can’t quite pigeon hole you Lyasis, (that’s what he does) that’s why he continually hounds you across the blog, keep him guessing its fun watching him chase his tail . ?

      • Jay

        If that footage represents how you want your information wrapped then good luck to you.

        On another note, footage of Laura is hard to find, full stop. Odd for a broadcaster/political editor/presenter.

        • Jim

          You haven’t specified why you think it’s so horrendously biased though. Politicians of all persuasions get a grilling every day of their lives. Andrew Neill may be a bit of an egocentric arse for instance, but he absolutely tears people apart if they’re not up to snuff. If you think otherwise you can’t have been watching him very carefully. Nobody is immune, Tories are happily humiliated at any chance, it’s a sport for him!

          • Jim

            And related to the apparent dearth of Laura footage, seeing as Craig has been berating David Babbs & Joe for their oversight in not obtaining screen grabs of the Twitter abuse, I would have thought he’d have some evidence to hand to support his claims regarding LK’s purported massive bias.

          • Herbie

            Andrew Neil used to regularly dump on the BBC from Murdoch Towers back in the 80s.

            Then there was an external coup at the BBC in 1987, when Milne was sacked by Thatcher, and the beancounters and neo guys moved in.

            The brilliant Thames Television lost its license to the risible Carlton TV under Thatcher too.

            They emasculated independent mainstream journalism and replaced it with froth.

            After the Thatcher coup at the BBC, Neil became one of their main presenters on political affairs.

            The institution he and Mudoch set out to destroy, and did destroy, now employs him, and many another Murdoch like.

            That’s why it’s crap.

            It’s supposed to be.

    • Jim

      WTF has ocean acidification got to do with Laura Kuenssberg’s purported bias?

      • Chris Rogers

        Quite simple, your purportedly ‘Free’ media ain’t so free as its window of enquiry is actually quite small shall we say, thus, if it actually does not fit in with the views of our masters voices, it ain’t heard or reported upon, apart from specialist publications, many of which are proprietary and not freely available.

        We actually pay for the Beeb though, so actually expect some impartiality, which somehow appears beyond you. Again, perhaps you should actually watch some TV news and current affairs, specifically Channel Four, BBC 1 and BBC 2 and then make an analysis, particularly since Corbyn took over the leadership of the Labour Party.

        • Jim

          I watch ’em all the time, I’m waiting for someone, anyone, but preferably Craig, to furnish the damning evidence. All you’ve provided is Lyons on R4 (irony) suggesting the Doughty resignation was ill-advised. Doughty himself disagrees with that suggestion as evidenced in his response to Seumas Milne’s complaint. This is pretty feeble fare to support a petition calling for someone’s sacking.

  • Silvio

    In response to an earlier question from Habawhatever as to if I thought Johnson orchestrated a coverup of JFK’s assassination. I’m not really sure who was ultimately responsible for JFK’s assassination (except that it wasn’t the designated patsy Oswald) acting alone, but almost certainly whoever was ultimately responsible was shielded by Johnson’s appointments to the Warren Commission. LBJ, by the way, also did a good job of orchestrating a coverup of the planned and deliberate 1967 Israeli air and naval assault on the lightly armed USS Liberty spy ship (34 US crewmen dead, 171wounded).

    Behind the USS Liberty Cover-up
    By Maidhc Ó Cathail

    “Blackmail!” retired U.S. Navy admiral Bobby Ray Inman frankly summed up Israel’s strategy to deal with Johnson. “[T]hey know if he is thinking about running again he’s going to need money for his campaign,” said Inman, who from 1977 to 1981 directed the National Security Agency, the U.S. intelligence agency under whose aegis the USS Liberty had been dispatched to the eastern Mediterranean. “So alleging that he’s blood-libeling is going to arouse the Jewish donors.”

    The Israeli government hired teams of lawyers, including close friends of Johnson, the narrator added, and began an “all-out offensive” to influence media coverage of the attack, leaning on them “to kill critical stories” and slant others in Israel’s favor.

    “There was a campaign mounted to see what could be done about returning Johnson to his normal, predictable pro-Israeli position,” Hughes said. “Efforts were to be made to remind the President of the delicacy of his own position, that he personally might lose support for his run for reelection in 1968.”

    Israelis Bearing Gifts

    Noting the cleverness of Israel’s tactics, the documentary revealed that after having identified the Vietnam War as Johnson’s “soft spot” it quietly provided him with “two extraordinary gifts.”

  • bevin

    Laura strikes me, and this is just from reports of her work, as being a true believer. Her biass reflecting her conviction that the view of the world which she has, at some expense, acquired, is the only reasonable one. Dissent within the rather narrow range of acceptably centrist consensus being bracing and fun, there being a Free Market in ideas as well as in labour, land and all else.
    But Corbyn’s views and those of his supporters are just outlandish, couched in gibberish and a threat to civilisation itself.
    The basic problem being not that the woman is cynically defending the interests of her class but that she regards the ideas of the ruling class as the last word in philosophy. I don’t accuse her of having thought about this. That itself is much of the problem: she has accepted the ideas that are current in the rather narrow circles in which she has spent her life without subjecting them to real criticism.
    The Establishment recruits in this way. And it has done so since the early ’80s. There having been a break in the forties to the seventies through which an increasingly large proportion of recruits from the working class-ex-servicemen, grammar school types, cadres from the New Universities and the Comprehensive schools poured into the top offices and brought fresh perspectives and new life to institutions from the City to the BBC.
    One aspect of this recruiting breakthrough was that it exploded the power of Oxbridge and not just by force of numbers. The faculty teaching at the New Universities and in the schools had to expand quickly and this involved ‘lowering standards’ and allowing those talented communists and awkward academics, who had previously been driven into the colonies or across the pond to America, or as was the case with some excluded altogether under the real McCarthyism that existed (as opposed to the faux brand currently discussed0.
    I could name names but suffice it to say that Eric Hobsbawm, who broke through to Birkbeck, despite the kind of black marks that would have led to a building site electrician starving, was an exception who proved the rule. Edward Thompson, languished, very happily in the pride of righteousness, in Halifax while University chairs in History were being given to persons whose only legacies will be the large estates that they passed down to their progeny- their work having been interred in, that vast annexe to the Bodleian, the Mausoleum of mediocrity.

    Since Thatcher came to power, with a court of cronies who put Charles X’s lot, who had forgotten nothing and learned nothing while the world turned upside down, to shame, the process of recruitment has been purified. The Academy, notwithstanding old jokes from happier days refusing to die (like the ‘soft socialist’ media myth the notion that Universities are over run by revolutionaries is no more than a joke), is integrated from the bottom to the top into the ruling class ideology. Private schools are almost as important as they were a century ago. The habit of blooding youngsters in “prep schools” where they learn to do without love and like it, persists despite what we know.. Superficially things are greatly changed but underneath the basic pattern remains that of ‘The Rich Man in his Castle, The Poor Man at his gate’.
    One thing that has changed is that the last vestiges of paternalism and patriotism have disappeared: In the end, Locke might have mentioned, All is America. The old Tory view that the working class were fellow countrymen whom it were best to keep minimally maintained, ready for service in war, linked by deferential but real relationships to the nation, has gone. It is replaced by the calculation that there are plenty more workers and potential soldiers and policemen to be had if needed. That callous cash nexus is the only proper basis for relationships between people. That the poor are scum-slaves, immigrants, and their progenies who are allowed the odd chance in life but nothing more.

    Crude enough social history but it adds up to an explanation of Laura’s inability to do what Cromwell asked of Parliament when he ‘conjured’ them ‘in the bowels of Christ’ to consider that they “might be mistaken.” They don’t teach ‘considering that we may be mistaken’ to recruits to the elite, anymore. The contrary is the case: they must understand that the ideology that they have imbibed since birth is always correct. That anyone deviating from the centre- 73 degreeson the left to 112 degrees, trght- is an enemy of culture, sweetness, light and civilisation. A kaffir to be squashed the way that, those admirable chaps, the wahhabi Sauds eradicate dissenters.

    In ideological terms Laura is like a whale stranded, albeit with a pocket full of cash, by a rapidly receding tide. The BBC won’t sack her but the viewers are likely to be doing so all the time. And before long the BBC will be another Radio Free Europe clone with an audience appropriate to such enterprises and Laura’s position will not be one that anyone, not totally obsessed with money and exposure, will envy.

    And Bernie Sanders, simply for what he signifies, is a marker of how rapidly the tide is ebbing. And how rapidly the crisis of capitalism, bigger than anything ever seen before, is approaching: a tsunami sucking all the energy upwards and backwards to smash down on the beach. Perhaps at Dover.

    • Jim

      Lots of words but no evidence furnished Bevin. And I wouldn’t be quoting Cromwell so approvingly, the Irish would not be any more impressed with his invocation than Cambodians would be with Pol Pot.

      • FranzB


        I scanned through the youtube footage ( ) and spotted the following (times are as on the footage):

        0:03:14 Ms. Kuenssberg [K from here on in] comments that it looks like Labour is expecting to make some serious losses.
        1:23:17 K comments that in the 1981 election Michael Foot made gains of a 1,000 seats, and that post this election many will be agitating for Jeremy to move on. K obviously wants to suggest that Corbyn is worse than Foot who lost the 1983 election. But the ’81 election context is different . There was rising unemployment, industrial unrest, McGregor bashing the steel unions as a prelude to privatisation, and the first time post the change of government that these seats were contested.
        1:31:16 K comments that because Labour made significant gains in the 2012 elections, then Corbyn should be winning 100’s of seats, otherwise he will have failed. Again the context is different. 2012 was the first time the seats were contested after a change of government. You can’t gain a seat twice. Given the bashing Corbyn has had I think he did well to lose just 1 council to a hung council.
        1:42:49 K claims that the Labour Party in Scotland didn’t want Corbyn to make lots of visits – even though the programme has just shown a Labour MP listing the visits Corbyn has made. K remarks that Labour is doing badly even though Dugdale has adopted Corbyn type policies.
        2:16:00 East Kilbride result comment
        2:48:28 Eastwood result. K comments that perhaps the slew of accusations of anti-semitism against Labour have played a part in losing this seat. She seems to think that this wealthy suburb has Scotland’s biggest Jewish population. Doubtless due to pressure on time there were no metrics to support this view.
        Significantly, she also comments that Labour was having a better night than predicted.
        3:04:30 Scottish election comment
        3:43:03 SNP vote comment
        4:01:16 Scottish election comment
        5:00:45 Edinburgh South comment
        5:06:59 Ruth Davidson comment – seems to hint that the reason for the poor Labour vote was that Davidson went for the referendum No voters. i.e. nothing to do with Dugdale turning to Corbynite policies

        There are further comments at 5:22:49;5:44:30;5:50:16;6:08:50.

        Whether Ms. Keunssberg is biased or not is hardly the point. I wouldn’t call for Ms. Kuenssberg to be sacked – she’s doing the job she’s paid to do. In her comments at 1:31:16 she claims that Labour should be winning 100’s of seats, and uses the 2012 elections wins as a comparator. I presume she knows this isn’t correct. What’s noticeable is that when at 2:48:28 she recognises that Labour are having a better night than predicted, all mention of winning 100’s of seats has vanished. That particular attempt at kicking off a kick Corbyn out campaign has failed. But the BBC will be back.

          • Jim

            Just fast forwarded to 1:31:16 and her comments don’t appear to tally with what you say she said. She’s referencing some ‘speaking notes’ she’s been handed from Labour people and drawing inferences from them it sounded like. Not very damning so far, but I’ll plough through it. Many thanks again for taking the effort and time to do this.

          • Jim

            1:23:17. She asks a question of Tom Watson referencing the nearest modern equivalent in recent Labour history of a leader similar to Jeremy Corbyn, as to Tom Watsons opinion of the possible outcome for JC’s future if the predicted poor result for Labour transpires. A very bog-standard sort of question surely? Not a statement, a direct question to a senior Labour figure. Not looking good for the LK haters so far!

          • Jim

            1:42:49. Just posted on this one but it went out of synch and ended up above somewhere! But Laura isn’t on screen, just some Welsh voters being interviewed outside the Welsh Assembly building.

          • Jim

            Refreshed your link again and have found LK as you said! Again, it’s very anodyne stuff, referencing the large Jewish constituency who may have been swayed in their voting intentions by the recent media furore regarding purported Labour anti-Semitism.

          • Jim

            1:42:49 Just found it! Again your version of events doesn’t appear to tally with what LK actually says. She did not contradict Anwar, she simply made the very anodyne observation that Labour in Scotland were not keen on him visiting, and JC had promised to be up there every week, and evidently hadn’t, having visited for Kesia’s opening of the campaign and one other visit.

          • Jim

            Hi Franz, just going to start trawling the ‘damning evidence’ again. Have you any response to make to the lack of anything tallying to your descriptions so far?

          • FranzB


            Re the 1:42:49 appearance, Anas Sarwar says it was great to have Jeremy [Corbyn] in Scotland and that he’s welcome to campaign in any part of the UK. Ms. Kuenssberg then says that Scottish Labour didn’t really want to have Corbyn in Scotland. She offers no evidence for this. Anas Sarwar, the Labour candidate in Rutherglen contradicts this. K tries to tie this (tentatively) to Kezia Dugdale’s adoption of Corbynite policies. Later [5:06:59] she hints that the reason for the failure of Labour in Scotland was that Davidson has positioned herself as the candidate for the ‘No’ voters. K continually looks to have a go at Corbyn in face of the evidence. K would want (I think) at 1:42:49 to position herself (K) so that she (K) could blame Dugdales’s failure on the adoption of Corbyn’s policies.

            Re the 2:48:28 appearance, again she tentatively effectively blames Corbyn because all of the anti-semitism claims are harming Labour, and wasn’t it Corbyn who brought LIvingstone back in to the party. Again its speculation on her part. She could have speculated that Dugdale’s tax policies, or that Davidson’s position re another referendum was the more likely cause. But the key point for me was that she recognises that Labour are having a better night than she expected and the wind in her get rid of Corbyn campaign (as I see it) goes out of her sails.

            I don’t particularly support Corbyn – his position on the EU remain/leave vote is dreadful. Neither am I surprised at the BBCs approach to Corbyn. Nobody in intelligence, defence, business, finance wants him as Prime Minister. The Blairites in the Labour party are keen to continue the privatisation of education and health. So its entirely expected that the establishment want him out, and the BBC who in general hold to the mainstream on most issues are likely to be hostile to him.

          • Jim

            Just seen your reply Franz. I’ve watched the Anas Sanwar clip again. He’s responding to a question from Huw Edwards re: JC’s prescence or lack of it in Scotland on the electoral result for Labour and states that JC is welcome any time up there to canvas. LK makes the valid observation that JC had promised to visit every week and had not done so, which would tend to support her statement that Scottish Labour were not that keen on his prescence up there. What other explanation could there be for his renaging on the promised support? She’s doing her job holding politicians to account and not accepting their smooth blandishments at face value, where’s the bias? I’ll look at the other clips again to see if we can agree. It all seems pretty feeble to me though.

          • Jim

            2:48:28. She’s not ‘in effect tentatively blaming Jeremy Corbyn’, she’s simply pointing out that the media furore about purported Labour anti-Semitism could have potentially had a hand in that particular result! Where is the horrendous bias in such an analysis? You can’t be serious?

          • FranzB


            Just one last point on this for me. When Ms. Kuenssberg speculates as to why Labour’s results are so bad in Scotland she thinks that it may be because Kezia Dugdale has adopted Corbyn’s policies. She doesn’t consider that it might be Dugdale’s leadership or some other reason. Later on she sort of hints that maybe the Conservatives overtook Labour because of Davidson’s appeal to ‘No’ voters, i.e. the speculation about Corbyn’s policies has lost traction.

            I think K does show bias. But the bias is towards the Blairites in the Labour party. At 1:23:17 she sets the bar high (Michael Foot won 1,000 seats). At 1:31:16 she again sets the bar high (comparison should be with the 2012 gains of 850 seats;labour should be winning 100s of seats). At 0:03:14 she comments that Labour is expected to make serious losses. It just seems to me that on a number of occasions she is keen to get a ball rolling to suggest Labour is going to fail, and (at 1:23:17) that the consequences of that failure would be that many will be agitating for Labour to move on (by which I presume she means move on from Corbyn).

            K does leave a tag at the end of the programme (6:08:50) that she’ll be returning to this Corbyn out theme. So I suppose we haven’t heard the end of it yet.The Blairites will need to lick their wounds and go into consultation with K (as Doughty did over his on air resignation) as to how some gaffe or other can be turned into a crisis.

            But that’s it for me on this subject. You’re obviously not convinced and fair enough.

          • Jim

            Thanks for the reply Franz and the work you’ve done, much appreciated. Yep, I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree in our evaluations ?

  • lysias

    Well, well, well! Even the CIA Inspector General took part in the cover-up.

    The Hill: CIA watchdog ‘accidentally destroyed’ copy of ‘torture report’:

    The CIA’s inspector general has accidentally deleted its only copy of a controversial Senate report about the agency’s history of brutal interrogation techniques, opening a new front in the long battle over the document.

    Like many federal agencies across Washington, the spy agency watchdog was handed a copy of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s full, 6,700-page report about the CIA’s former methods shortly after it was completed. The full version of the report remains classified, however a 500-page executive summary was released to the public in late 2014.

    But at some point last summer, both the electronic copy and a hard disk were destroyed, the watchdog told Congress.

    I wonder if the Senate still has its own copy or copies. After all, Republicans got the majority in the Senate after the 2014 elections.

    I’m reminded of how, during the Kosovo War, when I had a part-time job transcribing CNN, they never referred to the U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade without calling it the “accidental bombing”.

  • nevermind

    Today 21.05.16 another article appears in the Indy, citing Mrs Unsworth, Laura’s controller, at the ‘women on air’ conference yesterday. Women should ‘harden up’ in the face of ‘sexist abuse online’. It is her who is in charge of Laura’s output and she should equally take her hat for conspiring to perpetuate a lie.
    here is my letter to the Indy today, I hope that others will write letters too.

    “35.000 are not sexist or misogynist!

    Mrs Fran Unsworth should have educated Laura Kuensberg better before allowing a Tory spokesperson to masquerade as a political journalist paid by us all, rather than to allow her political pro Tory bias to get the better of her when she suppressed a 38deg. petition, had it withdrawn under false and spurious allegations of sexism and misogynist comments being made against her, when aggrieved and principled people signed a petition to have her sacked for the appalling bias she has shown towards Labour for near enough half of a year culminating in the local election coverage. Mrs Unsworth conspiring to undermine future principled journalists at the ‘women on air ‘conference can only be construed as an unworthy reiteration of a lie. This comment list is available for the public to read online and there is not a single sexist comments amongst it. Mrs Kuensberg and Unsworth, as well as her supporting Guardian feminista’s should apologise to the 35.000 who were maligned with their badmouthing, or leave their well paid public broadcasting jobs for political punditry.”

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