BBC Quietly Owns Up to Blatant Propaganda Lies 184

Nine months after a massive propaganda campaign based on outright lies, the BBC quietly sneaked out an admission on its website tucked away in “corrections and complaints”. As the BBC went all out to galvanise support for bombing Syria, the meme was pumped out relentlessly that opponents of bombing Syria were evil and violent misogynist thugs, bent on the physical intimidation of MPs. Leading the claims was Stella Creasy MP.

9 months after the propaganda had its effect – run on every news bulletin of every single BBC platform – the BBC published this correction, carried on zero news bulletins of any BBC platform.

Two listeners complained that the programme had inaccurately reported that a peaceful vigil in Walthamstow, in protest against the decision to bomb targets in Syria, had targeted the home of the local MP, Stella Creasy, and had been part of a pattern of intimidation towards Labour MPs who had supported the decision. The claim that the demonstration had targeted Ms Creasy’s home, and the implication that it was intimidatory in nature, originated from a single Facebook posting which later proved to be misleading (the demonstration’s destination was Ms Creasy’s constituency office, which was unoccupied at the time, not her home, and it was peaceful).

The BBC response goes on further and get increasingly mealy-mouthed, the essence of the excuses being “the other media were all doing it and we just joined in.” They also say they did eventually report – across a much more limited spread of news platforms – a more accurate version of events. But they then go on to admit that, even after this, Nick Robinson went on to repeat all the original lies in an aggressive high profile headline news interview with John McDonnell.

Former President of Oxford University Conservatives, Nick Robinson has form as a liar. The new documentary London Calling, forensically examining the appalling BBC bias during the Scottish referendum campaign, calls Robinson out as a liar in claiming on BBC News that Alex Salmond had failed to answer Robinson’s question, where the documentary has the footage of Salmond answering Robinson in great detail. Robinson’s replacement, Laura Kuenssberg, has of course continued the theme of tendentious reporting of fabricated violent intimidation by the left wing.

That the BBC took 18 months to admit to its lies is astonishing, because the information was immediately available, and indeed reported by me at the time. This article includes footage of the peace vigil outside Ms Creasy’s office which led to the BBC story – a vigil of some very nice people led, I kid you not, by the local vicar. In a delightfully circular argument, Ms Creasy complained that my article pointing out that her allegations of intimidation were false, itself was “offensive.”

UPDATE It has been pointed out to me that Stella Creasy did tell the Guardian the report was false that the peaceful demonstration had gone past her house. I apologise (infinitely faster than the BBC) for missing out that info, which I had not come across.

As for the BBC, remember whatever lies they are putting out today are likely to be very quietly disowned about next July.

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184 thoughts on “BBC Quietly Owns Up to Blatant Propaganda Lies

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  • lysias

    Daily Mail: Trump grows his lead to FIVE points — both nationally and in key battleground of Ohio:

    Hillary Clinton’s calamitous weekend has her running five points behind Donald Trump nationally in a daily tracking poll and in the state of Ohio.

    The Democratic White House contender was pulling ahead until a video came out of her going wobbly in the knees as she entered a van after a 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday. Her campaign acknowledged after the fact that she’d secretly been battling pneumonia for two days.

    Clinton’s share of the vote in the LA Times’ survey has dropped three percent since then and Trump’s has increased by as much. They now stand at 42 percent and 46.7 percent respectively.

    • Hieroglyph

      For all the Clinton-ites call Trump a dangerous fascist, they seem blissfully unaware that their vote-rigging and cheating has ensured the candidate least likely to beat Trump is their nominee. Sanders would have won a merry landslide. I personally foresee a scenario where someone – not Sanders, too left – replaced HRC. Biden possibly.

      I once read somewhere that Biden was, in fact, someone with an IQ > 160. Wish I could recall where. When I google, Biden is generally dismissed as a bit thick, would be fascinating if he was some sort of quant. Obama certainly isn’t.

      • michael norton

        you make good sense, why have the Establishment proposed Clinton, they must know she is a multiple liability,
        not just her health problems but he mood swings.
        Is she to be a puppet with a just behind the scenes puppet master?

  • Brianfujisan

    Great Piece Craig..Cheers .

    Here is a Video that Totally exposes the western media lies, propaganda, for our wars..of which, of course, the bbC Being a Big Prominent Player.. The bbC remember were always Screaming the Establishment Lies…Over Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Israel…and their silence on many other matters.. of life n death for innocents, and not forgetting silence on a vast mountain of abuse of Democracy.. Like the Standing rock water Democracy Now presenter Amy Goodman will tell you.

    The Video that puts west’s media to shame –

  • michael norton

    Go Compare
    France 24
    Quote “In a detailed, two-page summary update on Secretary Clinton’s health, her personal physician Lisa Bardack wrote that the 68-year-old was recuperating from a diagnosis of “mild, non-contagious” pneumonia.
    note non-contagious

    Then from our own aunty
    Hillary Clinton ‘healthy and fit’, says doctor

    Hillary Clinton is “healthy and fit to serve” as US president, says her doctor, as her campaign released updated medical information.

    The statement said the Democratic presidential nominee “continues to improve” after a pneumonia diagnosis. Her campaign said on Wednesday that her physician found her complete physical examination was “normal” and she is in “excellent mental condition”.
    Dr Lisa Bardack said Mrs Clinton was “recovering well with antibiotics and rest”.

    Not necessarily a direct quote from Dr.Lisa Bardack
    but the BBC have inserted this “in bold” immediately beneath Dr.Lisa Bardack’s quote
    Walking pneumonia: How serious is Hillary Clinton’s condition?
    Hillary Clinton was suffering from “walking pneumonia” when she buckled and lost her balance as she left the 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday, it has been revealed.
    What is ‘walking pneumonia’?

    Pneumonia is an infection of one or both lungs and is usually caused by bacteria. As the body attempts to fight the infection, the airways become inflamed and fill up with fluid. The disease is most dangerous among the young and the elderly.

    Walking pneumonia is a non-medical term used to describe a mild form of pneumonia, which is often the result of an inhalation of bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae or Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

    The symptoms of the infection can vary in severity.
    Who is at risk?

    Anyone can contract pneumonia, which affects millions of people each year. Those who have respiratory health conditions such as lung disease or asthma are at risk of more severe manifestations of the illness.

    The disease is contagious and spread through close contact, transmitted through sneezing or coughing. However the contagious period usually lasts less than 10 days.

    As a presidential candidate, Mrs Clinton was at high risk of infection, according to Dr William Schaffner, an infectious diseases specialist at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

    “Candidates are constantly out in enclosed spaces, face to face with myriads of people,” he said. “It’s an ideal opportunity for the transmission of a respiratory virus.”

    • lysias

      The Washington Post has published all of Dr. Bardack’s text. It does not contain the word “noncontagious.” An earler version of WaPo’s article about Dr. Bardack’s report used the word, but it has been removed in the current version.

      • michael norton

        US election: Donald Trump in excellent health, says his doctor
        Mr Trump released the letter from his doctor, Harold N Bornstein, following a recent physical examination.

        The 70-year-old is listed as 6 foot 3 inches (1.9 metres) and weighs 236 pounds (116 kilos), which makes him overweight for his height.

        The letter comes as his rival Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail after she was sick with pneumonia.

        Both candidates have faced public scrutiny over transparency about the state of their health.

        “He takes a lipid lowering agent (rosuvastatin) and a low dose aspirin,” the letter said. “He does not use tobacco products or alcohol.”

        Mr Trump discussed his health with talk-show host Dr Mehmet Oz in a taped interview, which is set to air on Thursday.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Wonder if The Donald’s doctor will confirm that he took a reliable brain scan which showed that he has not suffered serious brain damage.

    If not, it would explain this full court press about Hillary being unfit.

    • lysias

      I repeatedly visit doctors because of multiple health problems. I have had many tests examining my heart. I have never had a brain scan, because I never exhibited any symptoms suggesting I should have one. I suspect most Americans have never had a brain scan.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        I had a catscan after I collapsed unconscious in Sweden because of the poisoning the American killers had given me in Portugal.

        Still need a better test than a catscan as it does not show scar tissue from attacks which the patient has recovered from.

        Doubt you will ever need one, given the stuff you crank out.

  • mike

    Russia/Iran/Syria have learned their lesson from the previous ceasefire: they control all the main roads into Aleppo, and won’t let the Turkish aid convoy in. I’m sure it’s just flour and recipes for How to Eat Heart in those Turkish trucks…

    The US’ defence of al Nusra is quite blatant now. Just think what goodies will flow their way if Killary and her crew of neocon advisers get their feet under the table !

    Didn’t al Qaida used to be an existential threat? Oh never mind, another one will be along shortly.

  • michael norton

    Sellafield safety concerns uncovered by BBC Panorama
    A BBC investigation has uncovered a catalogue of safety concerns at the UK’s most hazardous nuclear site.

    Panorama found parts of Sellafield regularly have too few staff to operate safely and that radioactive materials have been stored in degrading plastic bottles.

    The programme was told that parts of the facility are dangerously rundown.

    Sellafield says the site in Cumbria is safe and has been improved with significant investment in recent years.

    The Panorama investigation was prompted by a whistle-blower – a former senior manager who was worried by conditions.

    He explained that his biggest fear was a fire in one of the nuclear waste silos or one of the processing plants and said: “If there is a fire there it could generate a plume of radiological waste that will go across Western Europe.”

    The whistle-blower told the BBC that areas of Sellafield – which reprocesses and stores nearly all of the nation’s nuclear waste – often didn’t have enough staff on duty to meet minimum safety levels. Minimum staff levels are set for both teams of workers and whole plants on the site.

    Yet today we welcome Hinkley Point C the most expensive construction project on the planet, funded by China, a communist repressive regime and Social France, which has been in a police-state mode for two years and its economy is nosediving.
    It all makes sense only when you consider the recent decision to build new TRIDENT.

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