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Vaz was very close to Janner and in parliament described powerful paedophile evidence against Janner as a “wicked and cowardly attack.” He lost a ministerial position for corrupt handling of billionaire passport applications.

But what he did in private with consenting adults is his own business, and there is a bad tendency to conflate homosexuality with paedophilia in much social media comment today. Nor is he a hypocrite – had he been an opponent of prostitution the story would have public interest in exposing hypocrisy. But as he supports liberalisation he is not a hypocrite, and as entitled to express his view on prostitution in parliament as he is his view on supermarkets, which he also uses.

(It has been pointed out to me that he is a hypocrite in that he has claimed in parliament not to know what poppers are. I accept this correction).

I dislike Vaz very much, have for years, for his politics and practice in public office. But not for his private life which there was no real public interest in revealing today. It is yet more prurient tittle tattle from our pathetic media. The most disgraceful thing in today’s story is that he keeps his whisky in the fridge, which is well nigh unforgiveable.

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  • michael norton

    Hundreds sign petition to get rid of Keith Vaz as Leicester East MP
    The call to have Mr Keith CushionsVaz sacked follows revelations about his private life and claims that he paid rent boys
    and offered to buy drugs for them.
    However as there is no power of recall of MPs in the UK he cannot be compelled to stand down from the position he has held since 1987 and he has not indicated he will resign.

    The signatories are however clear that they no longer want Mr Vaz – who won an 18,352 majority for Labour
    in last year’s election – in parliament.

    It would be a good idea if constituents could de-select bad members of parliament, they no longer wanted.

  • michael norton

    The Daily Mirror exclusively revealed last week how the watchdog had launched a formal probe into Mr Vaz’s behaviour amid claims he broke the MPs’ Code of Conduct.

    The investigation is on hold while police decide whether to investigate.

    I hope the police do not take too long to decide.
    It would be a real shame on them if they were persuaded by third interested parties not to probe further.

    • michael norton

      By Third Interested Parties
      I of Course am meaning Keith will have the dirt on other like – minded M.P.’s

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