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I have always glazed over at any mention of Hillary Clinton’s emails. The USA is not my country, and it seemed like a rather boring argument about classifications and document security. I also had a natural resistance to anything that appeared to promote the interests of Donald Trump. I now realise that is how a complicit media was deliberately presenting it, and my lack of interest was the desired effect. They are still presenting the issues in a manner which I hope I will be able to prove to you is entirely tendentious. So this weekend I request you to grit your teeth, set aside your disinterest and read through this article. Please.

Those Hillary server emails are largely a separate thing to those which WikiLeaks has been releasing. What the WikiLeaks release of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary campaign chair Podesta emails has proved beyond any reasonable doubt, is the extent of Hillary’s corruption. Both in terms of the fixing of the primary election against Bernie Sanders by the people who were supposed to be organising it, and the vast sums of money the Clinton family were receiving personally through Clinton Foundation and consultancy activity linked to State Department access, decisions and activity.

Before Clinton handed over her private email server to the FBI investigation into her handling of classified material, she scrubbed over 30,000 emails and had drives physically treated to ensure permanent destruction. It is obviously very likely that many of those emails referred to the kind of nefarious activity we are now seeing from the DNC and Podesta leaks.

It is also of course a fact that those 30,000 emails all had recipients, as well as Hillary as a sender. We can be sure that a major effort will have been undertaken to make sure recipients deleted them too. But from time to time some are sure to turn up. That is what has just happened and prompted yesterday’s announcement of a renewed investigation. In the course of an unrelated investigation into alleged paedophile grooming, the FBI has come across some of Hillary’s deleted emails on the device of a close political aide.

The FBI has a plain duty, every time they come across emails that were sent from Hillary’s private server but deleted and not given to them, to look at this new material. The very fact it was deleted, makes it rather more probable that it is relevant, than the carefully selected harmless material that was given to them. This is going to go on for years, because undoubtedly from time to time copies of some of those deleted emails will turn up. That is going to be very interesting if, as I expect, Clinton is elected President. It will necessitate a Presidential pardon from Obama to clear it up. I am assured by a DC source that an outgoing President can pardon people for crimes they may have committed but haven’t been convicted of yet. I find that somewhat mind-boggling.

It is also very much worth noting that the fact that the received versions of deleted emails were found on a device of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s political aide, makes it very improbable that they were deleted because they were purely personal and family affairs. Clinton stated thaht the only emails she deleted were personal and family. Hmmm – so why to a political aide?

You will not get a clear analysis of these issues from the mainstream media. That is because they are of course part of the money/power nexus in which Clinton is intimately connected, and they expect Clinton to win. I think their fear of Trump is exaggerated. He and Clinton are two plutocrat candidates in a system laughingly labelled democracy. They move in the same social and financial circles.

My favourite fact of this election remains that Trump actually paid Clinton a large fee to attend his wedding. In slightly differing ways, that says a huge amount about how disgusting each of them are.

I reserve a special contempt for those journalists and politicians who support Clinton on the apparent grounds that a female corrupt plutocrat is better than a male corrupt plutocrat. Indeed, the entirely cynical exploitation of identity politics by the Clinton campaign, in terms both of its faux-feminism and its cynical manipulation of black and Hispanic voters, is one of the most chilling things about the leaked emails.

With two such appalling candidates, there is a major problem. Many people are voting Trump to stop Clinton, even though they don’t like Trump. Many others are voting Clinton to stop Trump, even though they don’t like Clinton. Both Republicans and Democrats fear that if they support a third party candidate, they will let the other in. This is a kind of lesser of two extremely evil evils approach.

Sam Husseini has come up with Vote Pact. It enables pairing – a Republican and Democrat who trust each other should agree both to vote for a third party candidate. Both Trump and Clinton have therefore lost one each, and you can vote third party with no fear of having contributed to letting the greater evil in. It is a neat concept. Of course it will not catch on and will have no overall effect. I note it as an aid for those struggling with their conscience.

I expect Hillary to win, but Trump to do a lot better than expected. There are many “shy Trump” voters out there.

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357 thoughts on “Boring or Annoying Things We Have to Know

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  • Node

    The powers-that-be are mainly backing Clinton, so why is she being hit with this now? My guess is they want to deal with the entire email server business now, before she becomes president. The narrative will be manipulated something along the lines of …..

    A quick investigation (due to impending election) will again clear her, leading to a parting pardon from Obama to prevent this tired old story resurfacing every time some troublemaker digs up another email. The greater good is served by preventing the besmirchment of the POTUS.

    • Anon1

      The reason you don’t understand anything, Node, is because you believe all events are orchestrated by a secret organization referred to as “The Powers That Be”. As long as you try to make every event fit into the framework of this conspiracy theory, nothing will ever make sense and you will remain clueless.

      • Habbabkuk

        Anon’s comment is spot on…

        …and I find Edward’s “response” nugatory.

        NB – frequent (daft) references to the Powers that be are probably an attempt to avoid mentioning other, more laughably contentious villains (Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, Illuminati, Mossad, etc, etc, etc)

        • Herbie

          Anon1 is simply ignorant and uninformed.

          As are you.

          I mean, are you really saying that the Rothschilds are uninfluential in global finance.

          That Bilderberg is an illusion.

          That the Illuminati weren’t an important 18C revolutionary movement.

          That the Mossad don’t effect policy through murder and blackmail.

      • Herbie

        Not that secret.

        For example, you could check out the CFR’s magazine, Foreign Affairs:

        You can follow all their main policy lines there.

        Or just listen up when Soros writes or speaks. He’ll generally give a good idea of who needs liberating next.

        And where the immigrants and refugees need to go.

        What direction finance and economics needs to go etc.

        There are load of these guys out there, telling all who’ll listen precisely what their plans are.

        Just read their books.

        Or Hillary’s emails.

        • Herbie

          The satanists are simply those who believe they can better god’s plan.

          Humans who believe they are gods.

          This phenomenon has rather a long history.

          So, for example, Monsanto is satanic. You know, the Frankenstein seeds. Killing the bees.

          Eugenics and social darwinism is satanic.

          When you get to a certain height in control of people’s lives and destinies I’d imagine the thought of godliness occurs even to the best of us.

          Soros has some reflections on the matter.

          In the meantime:

          “remember that thou art man”.

        • Anon1

          Or RobG (Trump is a sham candidate whose real aim is to put Clinton in power).

          All this lunacy from Herbie, Node and RobG serves only to demonstrate what happens when you try to make the facts fit the conspiracy. Not an inch must ever be given on the theory, but the facts can be made up as you go along.

          Great to see that the blog is in fine fettle anyhow.

          • Herbie

            That a wonderful description of what media does on a daily basis, Anon1.

            Others take the facts and then construct a theory, amending the theory as new facts test it.

            You’ll never see media doing that.

      • keaton

        In some people’s world, claiming that powerful people have an interest in the outcome of a presidential election equates to stating that “all events are orchestrated” by the Illuminati. It’s hard to reason with someone who sees things in such binary terms.

        • Herbie

          The Illluminati are a bit passe now. They were real of course and revolutionaries of their day.

          Similar methodologies will be employed by today’s little emperors.

          But the advantages of mass media control and control of finance today make the job somewhat simpler.

          It’s through media and finance that most of the orchestration takes place.

          • michael norton

            I have been taking an interest in the news for forty years, news outlets seemed to be dumbed down to almost nothing.
            It is almost as if they imagine the populace are brain-dead.
            The recent Referendum was an example of how there was only hype – little content, yet the populace thought it through, ignored the mainstream media and the ghastly politicians and still voted BREXIT
            Politicians = 0
            Media = 0

            Voters = 1

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Nothing about Comey’s letter to Congress about more emails probably involving Hillary in some kind of new security breach being another “October Surprise” which will change the American presidential election outcome.

    The last ones gave us Reagan and the eradication of the Soviet Union and Russia.

    Then there was Nixon and Watergate which resulted in the murder of Comey’s predecessorJ. Edgar Hoover, the attempted assassination of Governor George Wallace, and the continuation of the bloody Vietnam War for another half dozen years.

    The fallout from this plot could be even more devastating.

    • kief

      Republicans are citing the indictment of Weinberger days before the election in ’92.

      He wasn’t running for Prez. Maybe if Huma were indicted, there is some comparison.

      Comey should be fired, even if it’s just for being a militant Roman Catholic.

    • Harry Vimes

      But, Trowbridge, surely everyone who is “serious” and “realistic” who live in the “real world” knows that the past events you describe never happened and are merely figments of the fevered imaginations of self deluded conspiracy theorists. Only the terminally clueless would ever believe that like minded individuals have ever throughout the entirety of human history acted together in order to pursue their own self or selfish interests at the expense of other individuals and groups of individuals.

      Have you not been listening to the words of wisdom that like the hero of Candide we are living in the best of all possible worlds and we should all take our Soma and not worry our fevered little heads about any perceived imbalances in power relations between groups and individuals which are purely natural and nothing for serious and enlightened people to be concerned about.

  • ron

    That these two contemptible corruptibles are the ‘only’ choice for USA citizens says far more for the state of the nation and the state of the planet thanmere emails can highlight – hope they both end up in gaol

  • giyane

    Hi Craig, just been reading Amazon’s free sample of SB and thus rather intimately connected to your brain through your prose.Thanks for taking time to discuss this barrage of gobbled gook about the US election. It’s so important for the MIddle East that a knife is driven between the neo-con shoulder blades before Clinton starts WW3.

    Thanks for these revelations now! If the witch ( meant literally, not as an insult ) tries to face down Putin it will be in the same posture as the British Empire entering WW2, about to lose its Empire as the most hated nation on earth, but maybe to survive in some form chastened and reformed like the UK.
    Will purchase the kindle version of SB soon hopefully.

  • Paul Barbara

    No one can understand just how evil Clinton is without reading Cathy O’Brien’s ‘Tranceformation of America’, or better still, her ‘Access Denied:For Reasons of National Security’. But GHW Bush, Cheney, Gerald Ford and many others were even worse than Clinton.
    The following will give some idea of the content, but doesn’t explain in detail, as is done in the book:
    ‘Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien – For Reasons Of National Security’:

    • Paul Barbara

      All linked in: ‘Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military’ by Jeffrey Steinberg:
      Small wonder about Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Gitmo, ‘Black Sites’, ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ etc.
      The following is also an eye-opener: ‘On the Dark Side in Al Doura – A Soldier in the Shadows’:
      Also of interest, the Royal Navy accepts Satanism as a religion, and allows, indeed facilitates it’s practice on board HM’s ships.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      The simple facts in America are that one can claim anything about existing politicians who Mark Phillipsand Cathy O’Brien have claimed about GHW Bush, Dick Cheney, Gerald Ford, and now Hillary being child sex abuses, and Director Comey has taken seriously enough to hijack the election, though nothing has been proven about any of them.

      It’s called government by covert smears.

      • Paul Barbara

        Get your facts right. Cathy and Mark were promised a Congressional Inquiry, but it was blocked. ‘Trance Formation of America’ was sent to the the members, and it contained the EVIDENCE they were alleging.
        They have over THREE TONS of documentation, and luckily the backing of honest cops, CIA, FBI, Customs etc. which is why they are still alive.
        Read the books, and weep.

        • Paul Barbara

          Sorry, above should read ‘Trance Formation of America’ was sent to all Congressmen (and Senators, if I remeber rightly)’…’

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Trowbridge H. Ford October 29, 2016 at 15:08
        And perhaps you could explain why ‘Reasons of National Security’ was invoked by a judge in open court, stopping the case where Cathy and Mark were trying to regain custody of Cathy’s daughter (that’s why ‘Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security’, their second (and much more readable) book was so named.
        I have a CD with thousands of copies of court documents, letters etc.

  • nevermind

    sixth paragraph, fifth line down, change thaht into that.
    If details of her emails are getting publicised before the election one could expect dirty tricks to swing the vote. Its going to be a small margin, whoever wins.

  • bevin

    The fascist danger comes not from Trump but from the candidate supported by high finance, big business, the media monopolists, the arms manufacturers, Israel and the warmonger ideologists.
    These people are openly declaring that Hillary’s election will be an endorsement, by the electorate, of more wars of the sort that she has been promoting since she persuaded her husband to bomb Serbia.
    The latest window into her sick mind to surface is a lamentation that the Palestinian election was not fixed in advance.
    The obvious course for decent people is to abstain from the Presidential vote. There are some candidates, for the House and Senate, worth backing as potential spokespersons (term used under protest) for dissent but all of the candidates appear to be supporters of idiotic foreign policy and genocide ‘because its easy.’ Since any attempts to stop these criminal plans will have to come from outside of the system, it makes sense to lower the credibility of election result by doing something to reduce turnout from the traditionally low levels.

    • Paul Barbara

      But Jill Stein does not support the foreign ‘Regime Change’ agenda:
      Jill Stein on Foreign Policy:

      She can’t win, because the Demoprat/Repugnants control who joins in the debates, and have put a ridiculously big bar that people have to be polling 15% in three national polls (which they can control), as well as Jill getting just 1% of the MSM coverage, mostly hostile.
      But if she gets 5% of the votes in the election, her party will get $10 million from the government for the next Presidential election, which is why a vote for her is not a wasted vote.

        • lysias

          And it reduces the eventual winner’s mandate. Which is particularly important if the winner is Hillary with her neocon warmongering.

  • Rob Fawcett

    HRC is a weasel but I can’t take seriously the notion of a really methodical conspiracy to weed tens of thousands of emails: it would take more staff than could be kept quiet and is hugely vulnerable to implosion since every mail has another party on the other end of the communication.
    She thought herself too high and fine to submit to Freedom of Information statutes, and was incandescent that Obama had access to comms via Blackberry but the same service was denied to her, so the only way she could use her Blackberry was off of government servers. Silly, petulant, pig-headed but not an epic conspiracy.

    • jake

      It doesn’t take THAT many staff. You just do a search on your emails for a few key words and click “delete all”…are your sure? Yes…delete. Then it’s scrub, rinse, repeat.

  • RobG

    Given the long friendship between Trump and the Clintons, I’m of the opinion that The Donald is a sham to drive voters into the arms of Hillary. Trump seems to be enjoying the role (and was no doubt paid handsomely for it) and says more and more totally outrageous stuff. Things seem to have backfired a bit, though, because such is the dire state of America, and the hunger for change, that voters are flocking to Trump. I expect that in these final weeks before the election, Trump will either massively shoot himself in the foot, or else there’ll be a jaw dropping revelation about him, just to make sure that Hillary becomes Queen of America.

    What the Wikileaks releases plainly show is that Hillary Clinton is not fit to hold the office of President. The releases also show that the Democrats and Republicans are totally in cohorts – the political divide is an illusion, folks, much like it now is in the UK (or at least, until Corbyn & Co came along); and talking of this side of the Pond…

    “MPs overwhelmingly believe a Hillary Clinton presidency would improve global security – while 80% feel Donald Trump would make the world more dangerous.”

    The shower who sit in the House of Commons will soon be taking their orders from Queen Hillary, because of course Britain is a vassal state of America.

    • Republicofscotland


      Did I mention, that the old devil himself Kissinger, was in London last week, at 10 Downing street, having a meeting with Theresa May.

      The last time Kissinger gave a woman advice, Eve, along with Adam, were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, over a apple.

      • RobG

        Republicofscotland, it’s the same old same old.

        In case you missed it, here’s Sanders and Clinton talking about Kissinger in one of the Democratic debates earlier this year…

        Was Bernie a stooge..? In my opinion he was genuine, but succumbed to threats of extreme violence.

        It was notable that at the DNC back in the summer, Bernie gave up without any fight and ‘endorsed’ Hillary as the presidential candidate.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Habbabkuk October 29, 2016 at 20:21
        As the saying goes: ‘The Devil looks after his own’.
        Popw JPII was also said to be taking Kissinger on as adviser, but the story was denied; I suspect it was true, but JPII got ‘better advice’.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ RobG October 29, 2016 at 15:05

      I believe you’re right about Trump being used to ensure Clinton’s Coronation.

    • Bhante

      “Given the long friendship between Trump and the Clintons, I’m of the opinion that The Donald is a sham to drive voters into the arms of Hillary. Trump seems to be enjoying the role (and was no doubt paid handsomely for it) and says more and more totally outrageous stuff. Things seem to have backfired a bit, though, because such is the dire state of America, and the hunger for change, that voters are flocking to Trump.”

      Well, I agree about Trump being a sham to drive voters to Clinton, but the plan seems to have changed. Now the Oligarchy have been forced to jump ship and back Trump instead. On the one hand, too many senior officials at the FBI were handing in protest resignation letters at Comey’s blatently corrupt closure of the hoax Clinton investigation. Then came the new evidence, which would be pretty dangerous to Comey if he suppressed it. At the same time, Trump seems to be pulling overwhelming support while Clinton is falling flat on her face. Supposedly Trump is getting massive crowds at every rally while Clinton is allegedly cancelling ralley because she can’t get 40 people. If that is true, the scale of rigging required would be so huge, the risks would rise exponentially. If Clinton gets to be president while under multi-year investigation for many serious criminal offences, she would be too much of a liability for the Oligarchy. The Oligarchy have well and truly shot themselves in the foot by appointing Trump as the joker to try and force voters to vote for Clinton, now they will be stuck with him as president. Nevertheless I suspect Trump will not really be so bad for the Oligarchy as they fear, he’s just a bit of a hot potato, but most of his outrageous stuff as RobG said was probably just theatre and part of the plot. That said, Trump could never be as dangerous as Clinton, that would be impossible.

      “Former federal attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova spelled it all out in a WMAL radio interview last Friday just hours after the news was released that Comey had sent a letter informing Congress that the case is being reopened. DiGenova said that with an open revolt brewing inside the FBI, Comey was forced to go public on Friday with reopening the investigation. … Finally, diGenova dropped one more bombshell in Friday’s interview. An inside source has revealed to him that the laptops belonging to key Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, both wrongly granted immunity, were not destroyed after all as previously reported, but have been secretly kept intact by investigating FBI agents refusing to destroy incriminating evidence as part of the in-house whitewash.”

      “Can The Oligarchy Still Steal The Presidential Election?
      Paul Craig Roberts

      The election was set up to be stolen from Trump. That was the purpose of the polls rigged by overweighting Hillary supporters in the samples. After weeks of hearing poll results that Hillary was in the lead, the public would discount a theft claim. Electronic voting makes elections easy to steal, and I have posted explanations by election fraud experts of how it is done.

      Clearly the Oligarchy does not want Donald Trump in the White House as they are unsure that they could control him, and Hillary is their agent.

      With the reopening of the FBI investigation of Hillary and related scandals exploding all around her, election theft is not only more risky but also less likely to serve the Oligarchy’s own interests.

      Image as well as money is part of Oligarchic power. The image of America takes a big hit if the American people elect a president who is currently under felony investigation.

      Moreover, a President Hillary would be under investigation for years. With so much spotlight on her, she would not be able to serve the Oligarchy’s interests. She would be worthless to them, and, indeed, investigations that unearthed various connections between Hillary and oligarchs could damage the oligarchs.

  • bevin

    Putting aside October Surprises and carefully timed conspiracies for a moment the interesting aspect of the renewal of interest in those ‘deleted’ ‘personal’ emails is that they were addressed to Huma Abedin, a Clinton aide who is close to being an alter ego.
    This young woman had the good taste to marry Congressman Wiener, super Zionist and complete idiot, who has some legal problems as a result of his cavortings in adultery.
    The likelihood is that the emails that Abedin received were important, and the ones deleted will have been particularly important. It is likely that the alternative to the current probe would have been a scandalously crude suppression of evidence which was too much for a collection of FBI managers to rake responsibility for.
    As to the timing: it is so late in the day, the election is so close that the content of the emails is not going to be revealed in time to have any effect. The story will soon leave the front pages-catalogued under ‘daring attempt to de-rail woman’s run for top office’- and the net result will be that Clinton will win with a few more votes from the more credulous of our commenting colleagues.

  • Republicofscotland

    Alas, I fear, it doesn’t matter, who gets in, Clinton or Trump, the agenda will remain the same, the only difference, I can foresee, is of the two candidates , who would be the most willing, to openly confront, China or Russia, and spark off a nuclear war. Even there I can’t quite separate them, as too who has the twitchiest, finger, when it comes to pushing the red button.

    Looking across the pond, one wonders, how, American’s, who came from independence, and the likes of John Adams (2nd president) to ending up now with Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

    Both who’ve, ran there campaigns almost entirely on smears and innuendos of the other. Both have met on several occasion in televised debates, that have turned into shouting matches, on post truths, big political lies, and false promises.

    John Adams, (2nd US president), once defended, British troops who shot rioters in the Boston massacre, he received much criticism, but thought, it was the right thing to do.

    Will, Clinton or Trump if elected POTUS, do the right things, for the good of the American people, and ultimately, the rest of the world. Or, will we see a continuation of the same old aggressive foreign policies? I fear the latter, will undoubtedly prevail.

  • Aurora

    Clinton’s feminism and anti-racism may be as ‘faux’ as you suggest. Likewise Trump’s xenophobia and racism, maybe he’s playing for those votes today. The reality is probably that Clinton still has a little corner of her soul where she believes she’s a fighter for justice, and Trump really is, not very deep down, a misogynist and racist git. But that’s not all that counts. The fact is that a Trump win will empower racism and xenophobia in a way that Clinton winning won’t. After the first black US president, that for me is a big deal.

    Obviously anyone with any sense of democracy and basic decency is appalled by the choice. Having read more on the attempted framing of Assange, which offends me far more than all their financial corruption, I’d be on the very limit indeed of voting for Clinton or a third party candidate in a marginal state. It would be an endorsement of political persecution. I’m really not sure I could vote for her. But the alternative, not voting against Trump, just to stop him? I’d worry, if he gets in, what I’d have not prevented from unleashing. We’ve seen how Brexit has piled huge amounts of fuel on right-wing xenophobia in the UK. Imagine Trump in the US.

    • Republicofscotland

      Speaking of Julian Assange, I see the Swedish authorities have rejected a request from Mr Assange, to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and attend a funeral without being detained.

      I wonder whose funeral, Mr Assange wants to attend?

      On the Swedish authorities decision to reject Mr Assange’s request. I find it most distasteful, how compliant the Swedes, have become, their US overlords, will be very pleased, by the actions of their vassals in Sweden.

      • Aurora

        But supposing they had given permission, would have Assange trusted them anyhow? Or the UK police?

        Also I’m lost as to what happened with the Swedish ‘investigations’: I understood they were finally going to accept Assange being interviewed at the embassy – something that should have been allowed years ago – but the meeting was cancelled. By Assange himself?

        • Republicofscotland

          Re, your point on the meeting, all, that I can recall, is that the meeting was cancelled, due to security concerns, but I’d imagine there’s more to it, than that.

          As for your first poser, that’s a very good point, and one we can’t really answer, with any clarity, as the Swedish authorities, rejected his request.

        • Habbabkuk

          I believe that the meeting was “postponed” at the request of Mr Assange.

          When will Mr Assange again be “available”, I wonder?

          A malicious thinker might suggest that the Swedish authorities called Mr Assange’s bluff when they finally agreed that they could interview him in the Ecuadorian embassy..?

          • Paul Barbara

            Vigil for Assange, and Swedish questioning:

            Ecuadorean Embassy, 3 Hans Cres, London SW1X 0LS, on Monday 14th November 2016 between 9am and 12 noon (nearest Underground station Knightsbridge).

            This special vigil outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is very important as this is the day the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be finally questioned enabling some progress regarding the outstanding Swedish case. Please visit website for the latest developments in this case.

            Particularly, we remember the last time the Swedish Prosecutor was to proceed with questioning the meeting was cancelled at the last minute we also remember that JA’s legal team welcomed the progress of the investigation and has actively pursued it for years.

            It is also the case that the United Nations Working Group of Arbitrary Detention has examined the case from the very start of Julian Assange’s detention in 2010 and through the years’ long procrastination and inactivity by Sweden and have found that both the UK and Sweden are arbitrarily detaining him, that they should release and compensate him.

            Since neither countries have complied with their International obligations, both UK and Sweden will be under scrutiny on the subject during their UN Universal Periodic Review for Human Rights. Already UK has been chastised.

            Quote "Assange’s case "raises serious concerns regarding the UK’s ability to guarantee equal treatment and the right to a fair trial, protection against inhuman and degrading treatment and arbitrary deprivation of liberty, the right to privacy and family life and the right to health. In addition, Mr Assange’s case is emblematic of the trajectory of human rights protection in the UK, with the UK’s apparent efforts to cut off access to human rights appeal mechanisms, and demonstrates the importance of access to UN complaint mechanisms for UK citizens and residents." Unquote

            If you are unable to attend, but still wish to show your support, please share with us a statement of support special for the occasion which we can read out during the event.

            Julian Assange Defence Committee [email protected]

          • Habbabkuk

            Quite a windy “reply”, Barbara.

            Question: who asked for the postponement of the interview – Mr Assange or the Swedes?

            Straight answer, please.

          • Alcyone

            Habby i think he used the availability of his counsel as an excuse, but given his ongoing work directed to the US, I don’t blame him.

            I’m afraid he’s in a bit of a cul-de-sac though.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        My understanding was that the meeting was cancelled by the Ecuadorian embassy as they weren’t ready yet.

        • Aurora

          Thanks John, though still non the wiser. Not ready yet after all these years? And ready for what?

        • Alcyone


          A) It was deferred not cancelled. Next month, after the US elections.

          B) Reason given was a the availability of Assange’s counsel/team

          C) V good question re his being arrested by police, it’ll happen in a second

    • Loony

      Your musings encapsulate the reasons why Trump is going to win – and win big.

      Joe Blow has been shafted big time by endless bank bail outs, endless wars and endless lies. People are sick of the whole thing, and whenever they try to lift the iron heel of oppression from their throats they are met with a banshee type chorus accusing them of being racist, sexist, xenophobes.

      They are none of these things. They are just pissed off and they will register their disgust at the ballot box.

      • Herbie


        They want a fairer share of the profits.

        They can’t get this when the western world is running its financial scam, which main objective was to see off Russia, and even that’s not working.

        So, back to real jobs, real pay and productivity from Trump.

        Hillary’s gender and identity cobblers, which even she herself doesn’t believe in, don’t quite fill the pot.

      • Rob Royston

        I think you may be right. I’ve asked every American who has just returned to work this week who they have voted for and it’s all been Trump up to now basically for the reasons you state. A Trump vote is akin to a US Brexit vote.

        • kief

          Yes. It’s a ‘Damn the Torpedoes’ vote. Trump-ettes would vote Trump if he was caught live on International TeeVee raping a child.

    • lysias

      A Hillary victory will be a victory for neocon warmongering and Russophobia, which the fall of Communism has rendered thoroughly irrational. There’s far too great a likelihood that it will result in a war between the U.S. and Russia.

  • Anti-JWO

    The choice is between a groper and a rapist inside the White House, but sumnerredstone is with the rapist so I am with the groper, simple.

  • kief

    Craig; Your missive excludes the efforts to ‘coup’ the election, whether it be stolen by a poseur (Trump) or a member of the entitled elite (Hillary)

    Should an FBI Director be fired for going rogue to save his own miserable hide?

  • Why be Ordinary

    The choice is between a predictable tyrant and an unpredictable tyrant. Some find the unpredictable better, because he is more likely not to mean what he says. But that’s what many people thought who voted for Hitler (who won the female vote more than the male).

    • Aurora

      Precisely, it’s a big risk to take that Trump’s populism and current riffing on alt right / far right themes is shallow, and not actually an indication of the direction he’d take the US. If he gets in, he’s likely to have a compliant Congress too. Has the Republican Party done anything to stop him – even if they actually wanted to?

    • Alcyone

      Why be, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea. I’ll risk the latter, at least it’ll be something new. Can it get any worse?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    As judged by a reasonably intelligent 10 year old child – The US Presidential Election is an embarrassing farce. They even make our politicians in the UK – and even the non-elected EU glitterati dictatorship like what was the equivalent of Hillary Clinton (Catherine Ashton) look almost human.

    How anyone can vote for any of these psychopaths is beyond me.

    I don’t think I have come across this guy before. He also has views on the American Deep State and reckons they are going to dump Hillary – too much hard work and waste of resources for no benefit – and nuclear war will not be too good for flogging American weapons.

    This is his take on trying to become a writer…


  • michael norton

    The “estranged” husband of Huma Abedin is the disgraced Anthony Weiner

    Emails in Anthony Weiner Inquiry Jolt Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

    WASHINGTON — The presidential campaign was rocked on Friday after federal law enforcement officials said that emails pertinent to the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server were discovered on a computer belonging to Anthony D. Weiner, the estranged husband of a top Clinton aide.

    On July 10, 2010, Abedin married then-Congressman Anthony Weiner.
    Former President BILL CLINTON performed the wedding ceremony.

    Bloody hell, I wonder what uncle Bill has been getting up to?

    • michael norton

      The 2016 election now faces the prospect of being defined by the sexual behaviour of three men: Trump, Weiner and Bill Clinton.

      The Guardian

  • Brianfujisan

    As Sharp Ears Says

    Jill Stein is still on the the ticket, its amazing though, how little we hear of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Considering the work load they both put in.. Also they are the only ones shouting out about the Native American water protectors.

    Stein/Baraka Campaign Condemns Police Actions, Calls to Honor Treaties with Standing Rock Sioux –

    • Habbabkuk

      Mrs Jill Stein is the Mr Corbyn of this US election – and not only in respect of her unelectability.

      • Loony

        You are doing it all wrong. The world is changing and elections aint what they used to be.

        Things to look for in the near term are Trump winning a landslide victory and Renzi losing the referendum in Italy. Corbyn’s day will come.

        Check out how the incorporation of Bayes Theorum into opinion sampling methodologies provides a bias to the status quo. This works right up until the moment that it doesn’t. Brexit changed many things and the breakdown of the status quo is soon to be reinforced by a man with strangely un-natural hair.

      • Sharp Ears

        So Jill Stein is like Jeremy Corbyn. That’s good. We need more honest, honourable and popular politicians and leaders like him.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    The bigger questions seem to be the levels of corruption:-

    Level 1 – systemic corruption

    Electronic voting machines can be and have been manipulated:-

    So – are there levels of systemic manipulation at the heart of the entire US power system that pre-determines elections?

    Level 2 – organisational corruption

    This in the sense of the political party having at core levels identifiable degrees of significant corruption in operation further to manipulate the system and electoral process to gain desired results.

    Level 3 – Individual candidate corruption

    Trump, himself no saint, being in the power loop for a long time. But, Hillary – well:-

    i) The ‘pay to play’ Clinton Foundation issue is central in that what happened in the past will simply continue with another Clinton back in the White House ( Why shouldn’t it? There is a lot more money to be made.)

    ii) The lies to Congress over the emails.

    iii) The destruction of the emails before the evidence could be examined to permit a complete investigation.

    This and Clinton’s conduct over several years going all the way back to Arkansas is what makes it appear that the system is fundamentally functioning on large amounts of corruption at its core. “Rigged system” is what Trump calls it. True enough some of the things he says. However, upon closer scrutiny, he also can to be seen as part of the “rigging game”.

    • michael norton

      are these “new” e-mails from before Clinton was a candidate for president?

      If they are since she has put her name forward – since the FBI decided not to push for prosecution – it will go BAD for Clinton.

      • Courtenay Barnett

        I think the point is if the emails contradict what she had previously told Congress.

        The emails surface relative to an investigation into a close Clinton adviser’s husband. He is under investigation relative to sexual misconduct and contact with an underage girl.

        Put the two together let it play out as to whether Hillary lied; and – if the FBI has a proper investigation; and if the evidence unearthed would point directly to necessary prosecution.

        Who knows – power moves in mysterious ways. One law for the rich and powerful and another for the rest of us.

    • Sharp Ears

      Could an American commenter here perhaps describe the voting process.

      Are all the voting machines electronic? Diebold? Is this the general view?

      WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies He Helped Rig Voting Machines

      Do you vote for either the national candidates or for local party Republican or Democrat representatives?

      Is ‘early voting’ the same as the postal voting system in this country.


      • kief

        Not expert but from what I know, every county has it’s own system. We still use paper ballots. The idea behind a hacked election system is more of the same anti-missile-missile propaganda designed to distract from selected candidates. There is no way the multiplicity of processes could be effectively influenced in a particular direction. Yes, as I understand the absentee ballot…same as postal…designed for the globe-trotters and military.

    • Habbabkuk


      Would you agree that President John F Kennedy was elected, bu the narrowest of margins, as a result of corruption – ie, the corruption of the voting in Cook County by Irish-American Mayor (of Chicago) Richard Daley?

      (US readers are also welcome to comment)

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Why don’t you ever do some basic checking before you open your yap?

        Kennedy beat Nixon 303 to 219 Electoral College votes, as far as I can remember, and Illinois only has 20 electoral votes, so JFK still beats vile Nixon, 283 to 239 electoral votes.

        And no one ever talks about Nixon’s ballot stuffing, especially in states like Texas.

        So long till next time you spout off.

          • Habbabkuk

            “Many people believed that Kennedy benefited from vote fraud, especially in Texas, where his running mate Lyndon B. Johnson was Senator, and Illinois, home of Mayor Richard Daley’s powerful Chicago political machine.[43] These two states were important because if Nixon had carried both, he would have earned 270 electoral votes, one more than the 269 needed to win the majority in the Electoral College and the presidency. Republican Senators such as Everett Dirksen and Barry Goldwater also thought that vote fraud “played a role in the election”,[42] and that Nixon actually won the national popular vote. Republicans tried and failed to overturn the results in both Illinois and Texas at the time—as well as in nine other states.[48] Some journalists also later claimed that mobster Sam Giancana and his Chicago crime syndicate “played a role” in Kennedy’s victory in Illinois.[48]”

            Much more on this issue in the relevant Wikipedia article.

            Note to Trowbridge: Democrat, not Republican ballot stuffing in Texas. 🙂

        • lysias

          And I’ve read that the reason Nixon didn’t contest Illinois and told the Republican New York Herald Tribune not to follow up on the story is that an investigation would have exposed Republican ballot-stuffing downstate.

          Interesting but not surprising that the resident snitch exposes himself as anti-JFK and pro-Nixon. But then, we’ve always known that it was the national security deep state that killed JFK.

      • Courtenay Barnett


        Funny you mention JFK and Chicago. Why so?

        Well, at University there were a few one year exchange students from America. I remember a guy who was a friend of mine. He was Italian-American and his dad was a Congressman. In speaking to him and noting the history of Chicago and indeed of Mayor Daley, it left me in no doubt that Chicago and its politics were very corrupt.

        On the specifics of JFK, I don’t want to pretend that I know all the relevant history. A little – yes – such as that JFK had many women ( Marilyn Munroe, of course being one – who had sung a happy birthday song to him much to his embarrassment – then she was no longer seen around with him) and on and on until he is assassinated. In those days the press kept this kind of information out of the newspaper – even if factually true. Nowadays – well – ask Bill Clinton and/or Donald Trump.

        The actual specifics of that election you can fact check. I simply don’t know right off the top of my head. So I make a general comment in reply and plead the Fifth on specific details.

        • Herbie

          “Chicago and its politics were very corrupt”

          Still are, but rather than a local petty corruption, now it’s on a whole nother scale.

          Rockefeller Assoc now own Chicago.

          • Sharp Ears

            I heard it was the Emanuels Herbie. Rahm left Obama to become Chicago’s Mayor. Obama had support from Chicago of course.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        See you still haven’t read that article in Slate magazine about whether the 1960 election was stolen from Nixon.

        The simple answer is that it wasn’t.

        The only thing wrong in the article is that Nixon’s misconceptions about it helped drive him into assassination plots, starting with JFK’s, rather than Watergate which the Plumbers arranged at J. Edgar Hoover’s expense to see if DNC Chairman Larry O’Brien had evidence about them, along with Jack’s will.

        What a toxic country!

  • Jonny Aronnymouse

    “The USA is not my country”

    It seems to me that while US citizens may see things differently, for those of us who are not Trump is by far the better candidate. You call him a “corrupt plutocrat” but he’s not corrupt in the way Clinton is. If she becomes President the office will be for sale to anyone who turns up with a wheelbarrow of cash. More to the point, though, compare her irresponsible Russia-baiting with Trump’s “wouldn’t it be great if we could get along”. What the US really really needs is someone to turn out the warmongering exceptionalist factions that have controlled its foreign policy for so long. Maybe he won’t really try, or maybe he won’t be able to, but there’s a chance he’ll make things better for the world. With Clinton everything will get worse and worse. How many Libyas will she destroy in 4 years?

    • kief

      I think my perspective is similar but not the same.

      I prefer a Trump win because it may be the Quickening needed for transformational change. Hillary would just delay the end of the present, corrupt system. I’m voting for Stein to get Greens some ‘green’, but she hasn’t a chance this year. Maybe in four years we’ll have a horserace…if we make it four years. I’m going for the inside-striaght gambit.

  • Tom

    Frankly the whole contest has bored me from the start, as it’s plainly been rigged so that Clinton wins. This latest hoo-ha about the emails, and the apparent narrowing of the polls, are just window-dressing by the American authorities so that they appear to be non-partisan.
    They’ll install Clinton no matter how many votes she actually gets. We’ve seen it all before in our own country, with election results that don’t match the mood on the ground. Nothing will change unless people withdraw their support from the whole process and then take to the streets.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Just more nonsense.

      There are as many states controller by Republicans as Democrats, and they can and sometimes do manipulate the results to suit their candidates.

      To act as it the American federal system is controlled by some Democratic elite simply makes no sense.

      If it did, it would not spend so much time, effort, and money in trying to secure their election.

      • Loony

        Who spends money? Normally it is not the candidates, so whose money is it, and why do they spend it on elections?

        Could it possibly be that they spend money to buy influence? How else can you explain the fact that people like Goldman normally donate to both candidate.

        This time is different as Trump has not sold himself to the highest (or any) bidder. He is in no-ones pocket and many luminaries of the GOP detest him and would much prefer a Clinton victory.

        Sure they will try a bit of rigging – after all that is why they are rigging the opinion polls. The problem that these subversives have is that once the popular vote is counted the scale of rigging required will be off the charts.

      • kief

        All one has to do is look at a political map of Red versus Blue states. It’s like a crime scene.

    • michael norton

      Well almost everyone i know claimed they were voting to leave the hated E.U.
      but absolutely nobody thought we would be allowed to get BREXIT.
      Including Nigel Farage. There was no way Dave Cameron would have called the Referendum if he thought there would be the slightest chance it would go against him.
      Yet although by only a slim majority, that is what is going to happen.
      I do believe there was fiddling
      because i believe LEAVE should have won the day with an overwhelming majority.

  • Alcyone

    Changing of the Guards
    Sixteen years
    Sixteen banners united over the field
    Where the good shepherd grieves
    Desperate men, desperate women divided
    Spreading their wings ’neath the falling leaves

    Fortune calls
    I stepped forth from the shadows, to the marketplace
    Merchants and thieves, hungry for power, my last deal gone down
    She’s smelling sweet like the meadows where she was born
    On midsummer’s eve, near the tower

    The cold-blooded moon
    The captain waits above the celebration
    Sending his thoughts to a beloved maid
    Whose ebony face is beyond communication
    The captain is down but still believing that his love will be repaid

    They shaved her head
    She was torn between Jupiter and Apollo
    A messenger arrived with a black nightingale
    I seen her on the stairs and I couldn’t help but follow
    Follow her down past the fountain where they lifted her veil

    I stumbled to my feet
    I rode past destruction in the ditches
    With the stitches still mending ’neath a heart-shaped tattoo
    Renegade priests and treacherous young witches
    Were handing out the flowers that I’d given to you

    The palace of mirrors
    Where dog soldiers are reflected
    The endless road and the wailing of chimes
    The empty rooms where her memory is protected
    Where the angels’ voices whisper to the souls of previous times

    She wakes him up
    Forty-eight hours later, the sun is breaking
    Near broken chains, mountain laurel and rolling rocks
    She’s begging to know what measures he now will be taking
    He’s pulling her down and she’s clutching on to his long golden locks

    Gentlemen, he said
    I don’t need your organization, I’ve shined your shoes
    I’ve moved your mountains and marked your cards
    But Eden is burning, either brace yourself for elimination
    Or else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards

    Peace will come
    With tranquillity and splendor on the wheels of fire
    But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall
    And cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreating
    Between the King and the Queen of Swords

    Patti Smith:


    The Master, Messenger/Angel:

    • Alcyone

      I sure hope he’s wrong about the 16 years.

      Accepting the Medal of Freedom, he’s fallible!

  • Loony

    Here comes Johnnie Reggae – but this time in the form of Professor Helmut Norpoth.

    He knows of that which he speaks – so naturally he is ignored.

    I know that some commentators are pressed for time and are ordinarily too busy to read anything. So in brief summary Professor Norpoth is predicting a Trump victory with a certainty level in the range of 87% to 99%

  • RobG

    To see what a total act/fraud the presidential election is, all you have to do is look at the demographics in America. The Republican base support is ‘insane old white gits’, who are rapidly dying out (similar with the Conservatives in the UK). Now we have an ever increasing number of younger voters who have had enough of the neo-con wet dream. This number includes hispanics and ‘African Americans’.

    I said at the time of the 2012 presidential election that the GOP is history, because of this change in demographics (who the feck would vote for a white vulture capitalist like Mitt Romney!). And so we are now going to have the third Democrat president in a row. Queen Hillary will get there because her opponent, who I believe is a total set-up, spouts racist and sexist nonsense. Trump might get large crowds for his speeches, but remember those demographics: Trump & Co know full well that such rhetoric only appeals to a minority of voters; or at least, to those voters who are stupid enough to buy into what is a total charade.

    If you doubt what I’m saying look at the speech that Trump gave yesterday in Iowa…

    … which is in no way designed to get the majority of voters on board. Also of note is that Trump begins his speech by referring to the new FBI investigation into Hillary’s e-mails. Trump does not mention the recent Wikileaks releases, which are far more damning.

  • Loony

    Compare and contrast people like Helmut Norpoth with people like William Hill.

    The methodology utilized by Norpoth predicts a Trump victory with a high degree of certainty. Meanwhile British betting shops are offering odds of 4 to 1 on a Trump victory. What methodology does William Hill use? In the vernacular it is a racing certainty that they are relying on official mainstream opinion polls – even though those opinion polls have all been rigged.

    The “establishment” view of reality is totally disconnected from the reality that actually exists. This points to the risk of major trauma/breakdown in many aspects of the economy/society when Trump wins – for the simple reason that the “establishment” view of reality has been constructed so as to deny the possibility of a non establishment approved candidate securing popular approval.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ bevin
    October 29, 2016 at 14:43

    Copying this to here, as it is important Americans who read and comment on here know:

    But Jill Stein does not support the foreign ‘Regime Change’ agenda:
    Jill Stein on Foreign Policy:

    She can’t win, because the Demoprat/Repugnants control who joins in the debates, and have put a ridiculously big bar that people have to be polling 15% in three national polls (which they can control), as well as Jill getting just 1% of the MSM coverage, mostly hostile.
    But if she gets 5% of the votes in the election, her party will get $10 million from the government for the next Presidential election, which is why a vote for her is not a wasted vote.

      • Republicofscotland

        Gone are the days when a America president calls the shots, look what happened to the last POTUS, who tried to change things.

        Now, a POTUS is merely a figurehead, who’s ideas and suggestions, no matter how good they are for the people of America, can, and probably have been, out voted on many occasions.

        A prime example of the power behind the curtain albeit, blocking the first lady. When Hillary Clinton back in the nineties, (when Bill was president) tried to push through health care reforms, big pharma (allegedly) had a word with the POTUS, telling him she must stop interferring, he did, and she stopped.

        It’s one thing to be POTUS, having your ideas backed is quite another, in my opinion. Those faceless men who pay £100’s of millions of dollars to fund a potential POTUS campaign, aren’t doing it out of goodness of their hearts.

        • kief

          Also, this is where my perverse curiosity makes me wonder how Trump might just move things along swimmingly…

        • kief

          I saw your absurd deduction on another thread and it should be addressed although I can see you mocking it more, but I am a gambler.

          Kief should actually be Keith, but a speech impediment from birth was at introductions, finally accepted as ‘Kief’.

          I hope that ends this nonsense.

        • lysias

          A president just has to be brave enough and unselfish enough to endanger his life and his future earning prospects and follow his conscience. He still has the legal power to order the rest of the executive branch (including the military and the intelligence agencies) around.

    • Alcyone

      If she can’t scrape the extra 10 million together, she’s an utter waste of time. This is the internet crowd funded world. A distraction to Trump.

      Stop whining!

  • Loony

    Reasons why people will vote for Donald Trump – Part 5 million or Part 100 million.

    Even CNN admits that the US has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.

    Meanwhile a 34 year old Goldman trader makes $100 million in 6 months

    How smart do you need to be to understand that this kind of thing is just not sustainable. The media can lie and spin things all it likes but it cannot change the living reality for millions of people who have been dispossessed through no fault of their own.

    • Alcyone

      I heard Trump at a rally telecast this evening Habby. He seemed quite coherent. And I far prefer his gesticulative hand-language to that of the Blair, Cameron and Umuna school…

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