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I have always glazed over at any mention of Hillary Clinton’s emails. The USA is not my country, and it seemed like a rather boring argument about classifications and document security. I also had a natural resistance to anything that appeared to promote the interests of Donald Trump. I now realise that is how a complicit media was deliberately presenting it, and my lack of interest was the desired effect. They are still presenting the issues in a manner which I hope I will be able to prove to you is entirely tendentious. So this weekend I request you to grit your teeth, set aside your disinterest and read through this article. Please.

Those Hillary server emails are largely a separate thing to those which WikiLeaks has been releasing. What the WikiLeaks release of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary campaign chair Podesta emails has proved beyond any reasonable doubt, is the extent of Hillary’s corruption. Both in terms of the fixing of the primary election against Bernie Sanders by the people who were supposed to be organising it, and the vast sums of money the Clinton family were receiving personally through Clinton Foundation and consultancy activity linked to State Department access, decisions and activity.

Before Clinton handed over her private email server to the FBI investigation into her handling of classified material, she scrubbed over 30,000 emails and had drives physically treated to ensure permanent destruction. It is obviously very likely that many of those emails referred to the kind of nefarious activity we are now seeing from the DNC and Podesta leaks.

It is also of course a fact that those 30,000 emails all had recipients, as well as Hillary as a sender. We can be sure that a major effort will have been undertaken to make sure recipients deleted them too. But from time to time some are sure to turn up. That is what has just happened and prompted yesterday’s announcement of a renewed investigation. In the course of an unrelated investigation into alleged paedophile grooming, the FBI has come across some of Hillary’s deleted emails on the device of a close political aide.

The FBI has a plain duty, every time they come across emails that were sent from Hillary’s private server but deleted and not given to them, to look at this new material. The very fact it was deleted, makes it rather more probable that it is relevant, than the carefully selected harmless material that was given to them. This is going to go on for years, because undoubtedly from time to time copies of some of those deleted emails will turn up. That is going to be very interesting if, as I expect, Clinton is elected President. It will necessitate a Presidential pardon from Obama to clear it up. I am assured by a DC source that an outgoing President can pardon people for crimes they may have committed but haven’t been convicted of yet. I find that somewhat mind-boggling.

It is also very much worth noting that the fact that the received versions of deleted emails were found on a device of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s political aide, makes it very improbable that they were deleted because they were purely personal and family affairs. Clinton stated thaht the only emails she deleted were personal and family. Hmmm – so why to a political aide?

You will not get a clear analysis of these issues from the mainstream media. That is because they are of course part of the money/power nexus in which Clinton is intimately connected, and they expect Clinton to win. I think their fear of Trump is exaggerated. He and Clinton are two plutocrat candidates in a system laughingly labelled democracy. They move in the same social and financial circles.

My favourite fact of this election remains that Trump actually paid Clinton a large fee to attend his wedding. In slightly differing ways, that says a huge amount about how disgusting each of them are.

I reserve a special contempt for those journalists and politicians who support Clinton on the apparent grounds that a female corrupt plutocrat is better than a male corrupt plutocrat. Indeed, the entirely cynical exploitation of identity politics by the Clinton campaign, in terms both of its faux-feminism and its cynical manipulation of black and Hispanic voters, is one of the most chilling things about the leaked emails.

With two such appalling candidates, there is a major problem. Many people are voting Trump to stop Clinton, even though they don’t like Trump. Many others are voting Clinton to stop Trump, even though they don’t like Clinton. Both Republicans and Democrats fear that if they support a third party candidate, they will let the other in. This is a kind of lesser of two extremely evil evils approach.

Sam Husseini has come up with Vote Pact. It enables pairing – a Republican and Democrat who trust each other should agree both to vote for a third party candidate. Both Trump and Clinton have therefore lost one each, and you can vote third party with no fear of having contributed to letting the greater evil in. It is a neat concept. Of course it will not catch on and will have no overall effect. I note it as an aid for those struggling with their conscience.

I expect Hillary to win, but Trump to do a lot better than expected. There are many “shy Trump” voters out there.

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357 thoughts on “Boring or Annoying Things We Have to Know

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  • Hieroglyph

    With the Clinton’s it’s ‘pick your conspiracy theory’. Personally, I think this investigation was ‘re-opened’ (I know, it wasn’t re-opened technically) due to the far more damaging WL revelations around the Clinton Foundation. Specifically, the ‘pay to play’ aspect, and the personal enrichment of the Big Creep himself. The attention has been taken away from criminal fraud, to what is perceived to be the lesser crime: dull classification stuff.

    But, as ever with the Clinton’s, who knows really? I’d hope that, by now, their rich backers would understand that the Clinton’s are trash, and simply have way too much baggage to effectively represent the 1%, or anyone else. Hillary herself is an impeachment, if not an indictment, waiting to happen, and her presidency will, I am quite sure, be utter chaos.

    Trump actually made an interesting speech about ‘Crooked Hillary’, and the lengths the establishment will go to to keep power. This was dismissed in the corporate media as peddling conspiracy – but Trump was and is right. Now, the suspicion with Trump is that he doesn’t mean it, and is just indulging in fake populism, but still. It dawned on me, whilst I watched it, that he’s hit a nerve, and hasn’t lost the election quite yet.

    • Alcyone

      EVERYTHING to play for.

      the renewed FBI investigation ,ay yet be his trump card. Good point about Assange chipping away–the strategy is not without its merits.

    • kief

      Really? Trump finally hit a point on the dartboard so he was right then, with the implication he just MAY be right about other things?

      In my opinion, facts get in the way of Trump support and you’d best jettison your ‘logic’ as well.

      I understand you are not a supporter, but you seem to think that his election won’t touch you directly.

      you would be wrong. I accept that my preference for Trump will have dire consequences, but in the long term, these sacrifices will be less egregious than an extended run of the same/same.

      • Shatnersrug

        Trump has no chance of winning. I still believe he was put up as a stooge to fucking the republicans and then he went rogue from the adulation. There is no way the Secret services will let him win, they may not rig the election(although personally I think they would – bush did) but they’ll find some way to knobble him in the last few days.

  • RobG

    I feel like an inmate in a lunatic asylum.

    First up, both Trump and the Clintons have had heavy financial dealings with the Russians (go look up ‘uranium 1’, for example).

    Secondly, both Trump and Clinton champion endless war, in various ways.

    Thirdly, both Trump and Clinton almost completely ignore the disaster that is modern-day America (the city of Detroit being a good example).

    Fourthly… oh, I can’t be arsed with this…

    • RobG

      Americans don’t do irony.

      But they do money, and would sell their grandmother for a buck.

      Enjoy the greenbacks, but I’m not sure how such people can live with their conscience.

    • Shatnersrug

      Shock news – Guardian Journalist doesn’t shop at Waitrose shocker

      Oh yes it’s true, today as I was queuing to buy me bread and bacon who should I see buying a butternut squash and various vegetables? Why if it wasn’t “Old” Nick Cohen the inkwell bomber! No meat in his basket I noticed – probably had enough blood by now I guess. And Sainos does have some good vegis – I still can’t come to grips with a bloke doing his shopping and the support of all out distruction of Syria and palastine.

    • Shatnersrug

      He just means that it’s easy to overlook the Clinton emails because they’re being painted as technical and procedural errors rather than what they are which is extremely damaging

      • RobG

        But our generous host does not mention the murder and mayhem that’s been released on the world by the USA since WW2.

        Do you want me to give you that oft quoted long list?

        Are we allowed to mention such things?

        • Shatnersrug

          do you mean Mr Blum’s list – it’s a shocker alright. It’s why I can’t truly accept the “neo-con took hold with bush junior or Reagan” or who ever they like to think. And the JFK was some kind of a saint. The US has destabilised and invaded with impunity since forever – hell, it’s very foundation is that of aggressive conquest. Whatever happens front of house in American politics the strategic aggressive conflict that is designed to make all render unto Caesar will continue. We in the west grew up in the golden age of propaganda they kept us asleep and comfortable while they went about their dirty business. But the web of lies that binds us together is starting to collapse so the response has been to control the media even tighter which of course has meant that it’s lost its credibility.

    • giyane

      British understatement RobG. Sikunder Burnes is awash with it.
      When an Englishman/woman wants sex with their partner they ask if they would like a cup of tea. And when they ask politely how they are feeling they respond with: “Spot of bother on the North-West Frontier. Looks like rain tomorrow.” That’s the foreplay. Maybe in France they do things differently?

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Sorry if anyone’s pointed this out, but there’s a fair chance this at least is nothing to do with Hillary, but with Abedin’s ex, Wiener. Who seems to have been unduly fond of underage girls, and in whom the FBI are interested for that reason. No doubt some relevant correspondence passed through the HRC node, as she and Abedin were extremely close. That, at any rate, appears to be the developing authorised version.

    • kief

      Very true Ba’al. But the timing is quite suspicious for our discussions. However…….

      You seem to forget this election is not about facts, as Trumpeters have repeatedly demonstrated

      • Jo

        @ Kief

        And you seem to forget that Clinton deliberately deleted, forever, tens of thousands of emails from her personal server, something she would never have been able to do had she followed the law concerning a Secretary of State and used the government server. She would never have been able to delete permanently any email on the government server.

        • kief

          Have you ever been party to a bureaucracy with electronic mail policies? If you are anal-retentive, have no family life and sleep an hour a day, you could possibly comply with the panoply written by lawyers covering the legal ass of the organization. Other than that….


          • Jo

            She was a Secretary of State for the US, not someone in some vague company somewhere! She deliberately broke the rules, that is a fact you appear to be trying to overlook in her case.

          • kief

            If the FBI thought it was intentional, it was a crime. It wasn’t. where are you getting your info?

    • glenn_uk

      “unduly fond”… wonderful phrasing. This presumably means beyond that fondness with which The Mail, Sun etc gutter-press in this country are clearly possessed, but only in the interests of fair reporting (with as many pictures and as much lurid commentary as possible).

    • Old Mark

      Ba’al- that seems a fair conclusion to make.

      The bottom line about Hillary using a private email server, and not one connected to the government network, is that such emails would be excluded from public disclosure under America’s excellent FOIA. So clearly, if the partner of a Clinton aide appears to have been involved in a sex scandal that makes Trump’s groping of young (but legally adult) women seem tame, and Clinton has discussed this woman to woman with said aide (or possibly lawyer to lawyer ?) she would obviously want to ensure that any such discussions aren’t aired as dirty laundry either during or after her Presidency- which would be a risk she’d run if engaging in such email correspondence via a secured, but government network, email server.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Clinton Foundation’ sends $137m to Albanian
    ‘Russia Asks CIA: Why Did Hillary Clinton Just Buy $137 Million Worth Of Illegal Arms?’ Posted by EU Times on Oct 27th, 2016 // 95

    The arms are to be sent to US! ?Que pasa?
    And the money was sent to the Prime Minister (and head of Albania’s Mafia) Edi Rama, who Soros ORDERED Clinton to make Prime Minister of Albania).
    Let’s see if Trump runs with this…
    This article should be read in full; but for those who can’t be bothered, here voting fraud is caught on camera:
    ‘Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes’:

    • Paul Barbara

      Above should have read ‘‘Clinton Foundation’ sends $137m to Albanian Prime Minister.

  • Philip Wagstaff

    Just read this after watching Michael Moore’s Hillary Clinton hagiography on TV. Has the man suffered a stroke?

    • Shatnersrug

      Well if you go reading the guardian!! I stopped that years ago – now I don’t read it I realise how insignificant it’s become. Whereas Before i got caught up in their daily bullshit and took it all far to seriously.

  • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

    I have not perused the comments so someone may have already said this. Despite attempted vote fraud on a massive scale by the democrats, I predict a Trump win in a landslide. Ignore the polls . . the MSM as Craig said are all in the Clinton camp Already stories are appearing of early voters having their votes for Trump flipped to Clinton. When this has happened in previous elections there’s only been the odd story. Now they are coming in from all over, but the difference is this time the fact of vote fraud happening has broken through to the masses & people are on the lookout for it. From the incidents being reported, it seems that 3 – 4 attempts to vote Trump are required before Trump “sticks” as the preferred choice.

    Early ACTUAL voting (as opposed to polls) show Trump 120,000 ahead in Florida, a State that usually favours Democrats, leading in Ohio, Texas (to be expected) & Colorado (not to be expected)

    • nevermind

      If campaigners for fair voting would have lists outside voting offices, openly visible to all, were voters can express the vote they have just committed to by a mark, always giving those a chance who would not like to mark their preference in a ‘was here nonetheless’ box, you should be able to get accurate exit polls and challenge the Diebold manipulators. machine voting is fraudulent.

      Any machine can be manipulated and the media’s need to know instantaneously should be condemned.
      There is nothing wrong with long counts, in a large country that would take days to convey results, but as long as the votes are counted fairly, ideally were they were cast, without moving them at all, I can see nothing wrong with a weeks count in a country such as the USA.

    • Resident Dissident

      And to think people used to object when the Press showed pictures of Tony Benn with his eyes open and his swivel eyed look.

  • michael norton

    Slightly off topic – but not by much

    “Pentagon promises to ‘investigate’ reports of Iraqi school bombing in USA – supported Mosul siege”

    expect more civilian bombings if Killary gets in.

    “The Pentagon has promised to investigate information offered by the Russian General Staff on the alleged bombing of an Iraqi school by US warplanes taking part in a siege of the Islamic State-held city of Mosul.”

    Maybe the USA could take a stand and declare they never bomb hospitals or schools or prisons or funerals?

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘Somehow there is always enough money to buy more bombs, subsidize more multi-national corporations, and build more prisons but there is never enough to feed the hungry, heal the sick, or house the homeless. Somehow we have a moral imperative to save the unborn but have little or no compassion for the likes of Alan Kurdi lying dead on a Turkish beach because of some geopolitical chess game between the United States and Russia.

    So you will have to excuse me when I say that the answer to all this is not some pompous, racist, misogynist asshole who’s (sic) solution for American foreign policy is to bomb the shit out of the “terrorist” and kill their families. But the answer is also not in the continuation of the same policies that perpetuated the continued orgy of death and destruction in the service of capitalism and hegemony.

    In 2012 I voted Green and I will probably do so again, not because the candidate is flawless but because point by point, issue by issue, their platform is more “pro-life,” than any other. Not just one particular type of life but all living creatures and environments of our world. Vote for whoever you want but don’t try to sell me on some supposed moral high ground or American exceptionalism that doesn’t really exist.’

    T. Mayheart Dardar was born in the Houma Indian settlement below Golden Meadow, Louisiana. He served for sixteen years on the United Houma Nation Tribal Council (retired in Oct. 2009). Currently he works with Bayou Healers, a community based group advocating for the needs of coastal Indigenous communities in south Louisiana

  • michael norton

    Slightly off topic but not by much
    I expect Julian Paul Assange is fearful of getting rendered via Glasgow-Prestwick to the U.S.A. or another hell-hole
    (the practice of the U.S.A. sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners.)
    I also imagine that Julian wants to dish the dirt on killary before the presedential election.
    However “somebody” has put the frighteners on Ecuador to shut Julian up in a small soundproof box.

    • michael norton

      That “somebody” could be the present incumbent of the white house
      who is probably “quite” keen for Killary to follow him and not keen to be Trumped

      • michael norton

        Off Topic but not by much
        Senator Mitchell , who was was President Bill Clinton’s special envoy to Northern Ireland
        does not think BREXIT should happen because it will be a backward move for Ireland.

        O.K. so some Clinton apparatchik thinks the United Kingdom Voters should not take part in Democracy,
        we should just do the bidding of the Clkintons and their Ilke.

        • michael norton

          Why do these Americans think they can just tell the world to be undemocratic and do their bidding?
          Does it also mean they do not want democracy in the U.S.A.?

  • Matt

    ok… so I freely admit I’m leftward leaning,
    true.. I am a Utopian dreamer, is it wrong to say ‘I have a dream’? we have to have a dream as a starting point for something to work towards whilst accepting compromises on the way to creating a new reality,

    I yearned for Bernie to succeed during his bid for the Democratic nomination, well it was scuppered, it would appear that the DNC allied with the Clinton campaign did have a behind the scenes hand in this,

    what looked rather like a duck, sounded like a duck and walked like a duck have subsequently been shown by Wikileaks to be a…. guess what? a duck!

    It was George ‘Dubya’ that started the shitstorm in the middle east known as ‘The American War of Terror’

    Obama was voted in, twice, on a wave of euphoria in response to his platitudes about ‘the audacity of hope’
    Obama has tamed things down a bit but the War of Terror has continued to spread and mutate and grow, the collapse of 2008 may have been stopped but it has remained on a plateau, it hasn’t been reversed,

    well people still have the audacity to hope (our inner utopians screaming out!) Bernie offered a new hope but Clinton decided it was the wrong sort of hope and has tried to impose Brand Clinton, a Corporate Hope with added ‘zing’™,

    I’m not sure people are going to buy Brand Clinton, it may sound like New Hope with added ‘zing’™ but it smells like bullshit, there’s every chance it may steam like bullshit and have an aftertaste like bullshit,

    now there’s Trump, I won’t even try to list his shortcomings, I’m fully aware of them, he is horribly right wing in that uniquely American way,

    but amongst his lunacy he does say some things that are shockingly honest, through wishing to ‘Make America Great Again’ is an implicit admission that America for a lot of people isn’t great at the moment,
    he mentions the debt, $18 trillion, doubled since the beginning of the 21th century, he mentions that after 15 years of war, untold death, destruction, suffering and $6 trillion spent that the middle east is now a basket case, he rails against ‘free trade deals’ that have championed globalisation whilst impoverishing the majority of American workers, he points to the Hawks in Washington and the Pentagon that are openly provoking a new Cold War and confrontation with Nuclear Armed Russia,

    His call to build a wall is painted as an abhorrence but take time to think, there is already a patrolled fence,

    when he call for tax cuts, slashing of regulation, building up the military, backing for fracking, defence of the 2nd ammendment I honestly cringe, but it’s exactly what any other Republican would say,

    Clinton sabotaged the Bernie insurgency and the only insurgency left in the game is Trump,

    swallow your liberal pride for a moment and actually try and listen to Trump,

    there is a lot of Republican rhetoric in there but there is some stuff you can’t deny is pretty eye opening,

    I watched Micheal Moore’s ‘Trumpland’, it’s interesting, in the first section he shows he see’s the appeal of Trump and that it’s not wrong to be enthused by it,
    he goes on to plead with the American public to give Clinton one chance and if she lets them down he vows to stand for President in 2020…. damn… I’d vote for President Moore!

    I watch the Pirate Party in Iceland and wonder if there is room for a Pirate Party in the UK, an antidote to UKIP?
    Would Mr Murray stand as a Pirate Party candidate?

    yours ever the dreamer yet always a pragmatist,


  • Anon1

    I do hope Trump wins, for the lolz.

    The display of public mourning from the entire liberal patrician class will be second only to June 24th. Must remember to record it this time.

  • Anon1

    Another bearded youth found out in today’s Sunday Times.

    Haris Stanikzai, one of the first adult children to be given sanctuary in the UK under the child refugee scheme, was admitted as a 16-year-old. It subsequently turns out that he forgot to shave off his beard for his social media profiles, in which he is revealed to be aged 22.

    We’re being taken for mugs.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Philip Wagstaff October 30, 2016 at 01:43
    ‘Just read this after watching Michael Moore’s Hillary Clinton hagiography on TV. Has the man suffered a stroke?’

    Michael Moore is and was an a**hole, period. His ‘Fahrenheit 911’ was a ‘limited hangout’ documentary,but his ‘Bowling For Columbine’ seemed genuinely against Big Pharma, and the huge use of drugs on children; BUT, a major contributor to making his film, a kid who survived, claimed the two youths who had committed the atrocity were not only drugged up, but had been raped by police, and that the shooting was ‘revenge’: ‘Psychiatric Detention Silencing Allegations Columbine Was Revenge For Police Rape’:
    The boy was arrested on a trumped-up charge, and forcibly incarcerated in a mental institution, where he was forcefully medicated with the very drugs he had campaigned about, and is as far as I know still so incarcerated.
    And Michael Moore, who didn’t even pay Mark Taylor for appearing in his blockbuster film, hasn’t raised a finger to help him.
    Here is the Facebook page supporting him:
    I ‘borrowed’ your ‘hagiography’, a word I had to look up to find the meaning.

  • michael norton

    As we get close to the actual proper voting day, “things” are speeding up.

    Republican opponent Donald Trump has praised the FBI’s decision.

    Speaking at a rally in Phoenix on Saturday, Mr Trump accused the justice department of protecting the Democratic presidential candidate in a “rigged system”.

    “The Department of Justice is trying their hardest to protect the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton,” Mr Trump said,
    offering no evidence for the assertion.

    Evidence, do they think The Donald has access to the server of Killary?

    • Anon1

      The BBC’s coverage has been a real eye-opener. Rather than report the disclosure they are attacking the FBI.

      • kief

        Shouldn’t be attacking FBI. Much infighting over policy and Comey is on his own. That asshole should be fired immediately, for violation of FBI policy and for shamefully covering his worthless ass, not to mention his influence of a Presidential election. Tar and feather…ride him out of town on a rail.

  • michael norton

    Fake refugee camp built on Salisbury Plain to train troops

    A fake refugee camp costing £2.4m has been erected on Salisbury Plain, to better prepare troops for deployment.

    The complex of 11 building shells or “stone tents” has been built at the New Zealand Farm Camp in Wiltshire, to replicate a terrorist or refugee camp.

    It is the “biggest single investment” in a training camp in the area since Copehill Down village in the 1980s.

    Maj Gen Richard Stanford, said: “Facilities such as this are critical to enabling success on operations.”

      • michael norton

        That’s what I was thinking Anon1
        but British Left Wing Nutters burnt the jungle down to French dust.

          • michael norton

            The Jungle
            Located next to the port of Calais, the Jungle has for years been a launchpad for migrants attempting to make it to The United Kingdom, which they believe is paved with gold
            by sneaking onto lorries or jumping onto trains heading across the Channel.

            The town’s Mayor Natacha Bouchart said seeing people queue to leave the camp was “a great relief” after a year in which police had dealt with near-nightly attempts by migrants to reach Britain.

            But many locals fear more settlements will sprout up in the area once the Jungle is razed.

          • Anon1

            I like this new, more accurate version of Wikipedia, but “sneaking onto lorries”???

            Felling trees onto roads and threatening lorry drivers with baseball bats, surely?

        • Shatnersrug

          Michael. The Daily express make the news up – take it from me, I have a friend that worked there, it was one of the most awful times in his life. He had a nervous breakdown – his entire understanding of truth vs fiction was distorted. It sent him insane.

          Even with your political views, Michael, please take it from someone who knows you are being treated like a fool by that news paper – at an editorial my friend was told “these people are idiots (the readers) but they pay your f*cking wages so go out and come back with stuff they want to here” most of the “work” was done in the pub.

          • glenn_uk

            Beats me why he hangs around here, unless it gives him a charge to keep quoting that rag to us all the time, and repeating the meaningless phrase “Brexit means Brexit”. Perhaps it’s a useful warning that reading the Mail, Express and so on really does rot the brain, as I have long suspected.

  • Jo

    Bravo Craig!

    Your assessment of the media is spot-on. I am currently going daft with the Guardian and its blind support of Clinton. The Observer today has an Editorial slamming Trump with no comments facility. In the Trump/Clinton debate both the Guardian and the Observer are increasingly just not allowing people to comment, even on Opinion pieces. If, by chance, comments are enabled they don’t stay that way for very long and they’re inevitably closed down if people aren’t going with the programme and being pro-Clinton.

    This, from you, was interesting:

    “I am assured by a DC source that an outgoing President can pardon people for crimes they may have committed but haven’t been convicted of yet.”

    Yep. The first thing Gerry Ford did when he took office was to pardon Richard Nixon for all crimes relating to Watergate. And look how huge that was.

    I am thankful that you’ve explained clearly just what Clinton was up to with her own server. Bottom line, the Secretary of State does not EVER use his/her own server. They are required to use the government server at all times. That’s for security reasons and also because a person can delete emails on government servers but they are never completely deleted and they cannot be bleached and permanently destroyed. THAT is the big question about Clinton and, for me, what shows conclusively that she was up to no good.

    I despise Trump but I see Clinton as a far, far worse option for the US and the world in general. She has already stated, in the final debate, “I will defeat ISIS”. She also stated she will impose a no-fly zone in Syria, a country over which she has NO authority, and she has effectively, having said that, declared war on Russia. The woman’s arrogance knows no bounds.

    I don’t know what the people of the US can do. Boycott the election? Go and vote but spoil their ballot papers? I feel sorry for them. What’s before them is no choice at all.

    • lysias

      They can vote third-party. A third-party candidate won’t win, but votes for them are votes of no confidence in the two-party plutocracy.

  • lysias

    I find Trump and Hillary equally unacceptable (although for different reasons.) So I will have no problem voting for Jill Stein. I wonder why there aren’t more people like me.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Just mental masturbation as barely 50% of eligible voters bother to vote.

      The voters have little confidence in the system already but nothing is done to make it worth bothering about.

      They are willing to let it, like the loony FBI Director, run itself.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Earthquakes have always occurred, and those in Italy are just that.

          The USA only contributes ones in places of strategic importance, like in China, around Japan, Indonesia. Turkey, Iran, Iceland, around the rim of the Indian Ocean, etc..

          If you just want to be another loony about it, suit yourself


      • lysias

        When most people have no confidence in a system, that means that a country is in a prerevolutionary state and only needs a vigorous shake for the system to come crashing down. Unless the rulers have the sense to make meaningful reforms.

        A vote for Stein operates as a signal to the rulers that they need to make reforms. Or, if they don’t, helps to further discredit the system.

    • Anon1

      Is she the one with the theories about Wi-Fi rays?

      Look, it’s Trump or Clinton. Choose wisely.

      • lysias

        My conscience does not permit me to vote for either one of them.

        And even if Stein can’t win, votes for her like mine will remain as expressions of opinion and no confidence.

        • Anon1

          Wasted vote. Nobody is going to see the tiny number of votes for Stein as a vote of no confidence. Either vote for Clinton or Trump or don’t vote.

        • glenn_uk

          Screw your “conscience” – people like you are going to put an unhinged fascist in charge.

          Once he’s started a few wars and thrown millions into poverty, not to mention getting the racism on good and strong, I trust your “conscience” will be fully satisfied.

          • Anon1

            You fundamentally misunderstand Trump if you think he is a warmonger.

            And it’s the low-paid and jobless who are most likely to vote for him.

          • glenn_uk

            @Anon1: Trump has expressed puzzlement as to why nukes can’t be used whenever we have a problem with a country. He’s said he’ll just bomb anywhere ISIS might be to hell, and that’ll solve that. The Iran deal is entire capitulation according to him (actually, his vocabulary isn’t quite up to terms like that, but that was the sentiment).

            The US military is – apparently – desperately under-strength, so that will be “bigly” increased, and then they’ll really sort out the Bad People around the world.

            With people like Iraq and Libya, Trump has indicated he would just bomb them to hell, then take their oil.

            This doesn’t sound like a warmonger to you?

          • glenn_uk

            Lysias: “Is an unhinged neocon warmonger and Russophobe any better?”

            Yes, absolutely.

          • Clark

            Glenn: “Clark, you can believe whatever you like – that’s the wonderful thing about the freedom we get around here.”

    • Paul Barbara

      @ lysias October 30, 2016 at 12:59
      So do I!’ Probably the same reason Brit’s don’t overwhelmingly support Jeremy Corbyn;, because they believe what they are told by the MSM, are ‘swayed’ by all the diversions ‘freely’ provided by the PTB, and are so ‘entranced’ they can’t think for themselves.
      When (not if) the ballon goes up, they will rapidly return to ‘normal’ (understanding what is going on), but unfortunately a tad too late.
      ‘Duck, and Cover’

  • Tony_0pmoc

    John Ward has been on top form over the last few days. This is exceptionally good about the order of things today…

    but somebody within the last hour or so, has posted something very strong, re The FBI, Clinton and Assange.

    It starts off like this..

    October 30, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    Joining the dots on why Hillary Clinton is being re-investigated

    John – you say you are perplexed by what is happening. The answer to this one is all available to you on the internet. You should be able to independently substantiate all this yourself with internet research.

    For the past two months, Julian Assange has promised the ‘October surprise’. He has just delivered it. He will not be given credit for it by the media because to do that would give Assange credibility (the establishment want him demonised and locked up forever as an example) and to point out Assange and chums’ involvement would be to point out that, er, yes the story is true. Hillary has been caught red-handed.”

    I am still trying to work out who Assange works for.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    It appears that someone’s clock is wrong

    October 30, 2016 at 1:54 pm doesn’t happen in the UK for another 10 minutes.

      • Tony_0pmoc

        kief, strange things happen on some computer systems when the clocks go back. Think of a computer as something of less intelligence than a worm, that however processes an enormous amount of mostly shiit. Then someone sets its clock back. Its not completely thick – and realises – its already done that – and it sure as hell isn’t going to do it again – and it just gives up.

        Don’t you remember HAL in 2001?

        The original was in 1968 – even before George Orwell’s film 1984 published in 1949

        Hopefully Craig Murray will have more luck with Sikunder Burnes and actually still be alive to see his book made into a film.


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Clinton is being re-investigated by Director Comey, who made too many concessions to the Clintons, on a fishing trip in the hope of finding evidence in Weiner’s emails that Hillary takes sexual advantages of drugged, unaderage females.

    Some way to run an alleged civilized country.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      How do you know that? I never thought she was gay. Most lesbians I know are really nice, and far better looking.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          I will check it out. I have enormous respect for people who actually go as far as getting their book published. I don’t think it has ever been easy – unless you have close personal contact to people involved in the publishing business, which almost always is a completely different mindset, skill and even personality to creativity.

          The artist, creator, inventor, the writer, the historian, the academic and the musician, spend an enormous amount of time alone, researching and developing their ideas – without that much irrelevant external interference. Most such people are perceived as being quite shy a lot of the time…

          And Then They Go FUCK YOU…

          I will publish it myself.

          (A bit like how Micheal Moore just did Donald TRUMP in a Theatre in Michigan.. The lighting and the photography of the audience was Brilliant too)

          You should see it.


          • Paul Barbara

            @ Tony_0pmoc October 30, 2016 at 15:30
            Better to go for Cathy and Phillips’s ‘Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security’. It includes the stuff in ‘TranceFormation’ and is the one they recommend.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Trowbridge H. Ford October 30, 2016 at 14:55
          Very pleased you read it: and your verdict?

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Trowbridge H. Ford October 30, 2016 at 14:03
      To say nothing of ‘Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security’.
      Why not give it a read, before you ‘dis’ it?

  • lawrenceab

    Oh Bernie, you let us down so badly! With the evidence of the DNC dirty tricks campaign as perfect reason to give a thumping non-endorsement speech and get the hell out, WHY did you not accept Jill Stein’s amazing offer to take over leadership of the Green Party as their presidential candidate, while she stood aside ?? A whole party, whose views are not so far from yours or from millions of your followers, registered in all 50 states, “shovel ready”.

    At the worst, you could have broken the mould of Demuplican corruption for ever. You would have raised $27 x tens of millions. America would never have been the same again. Yours was not a Ralph Nader quixotic gesture movement. It was real, and growing and dynamic and strong. At the best, you would have won, I believe, when voters seriously considered their options faced with two such appalling candidates. Shame on you.

    • Paul Barbara

      Blimey! I was unaware of that. It would not surprise me if he had been SERIOUSLY threatened, along with his family.
      ‘Chip’ Tatum tells how he was ordered to threaten a viable Presidential candidate, Ross Perot, and refused. He reckoned someone else did the job, as the guy dropped out; I’m not sure which video it comes up in, of the two interviews with Ted Gunderson, but they are both worth watching:
      ‘Chip Tatum: Black Ops Interview with Ted Gunderson’:
      (I can’t find the other one).
      By the way, ‘Chip’ Tatum disappeared in 1998 for many years, and most believed he was dead, but he reappeared years later; he had been ‘keeping his head down’.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I don’t like Moore and Maher that much.

    They are too taken with themselves, and expect others to do the same.

    Especially don’t like their turning on Assange and Putin.

    Of course, no mention of the Russian President taking in the Manhattan !!, American sleepers who the CIA made out to be Russian ones when the button with Russia was not being reset, and Assange accidentally betraying Gareth Williams, resulting in his having to seek sanctuary like Snonden

  • Chris Waghorn

    Call me Old Mr. Cynic if you will, but I am casting a watchful eye over the men of whom one will be Vice President in November. Not because they are in of themselves particularly interesting it’s just that even if the medics manage to keep Mrs. C upright long enough to get her installed as President I don’t think it will be long before either her mind goes off for a walk or her liver goes on strike. As for poor old Trump, if by some miracle he is elected the usual group of outraged money men, industrial/military amoeba and, of course, a lone gunman with a cheap off-the-shelf rifle loaded with round-the-corner bullets take a hand in the guidance of the nation. So – who are Mike Pence and Tim Kaine?

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Chris Waghorn October 30, 2016 at 17:50
      Hmmn, who was LBJ, or G H W Bush? I get your line of thinking, and agree.

  • F2

    One helpful thing the Greens have done is to obtrude human rights into US electoral ceremony. You won’t hear anything about it because the wurlitzer shoehorns Greens into a one-dimensional left-right spectrum, and the authorities lock Greens up if they try to speak for themselves at debates. But Green vice presidential candidates have been drawn from the most experienced human rights advocates. Cynthia McKinney was ranking Democrat on the Human Rights Subcommittee of the House I.R. Committee. Cheri Honkala’s civil society organization is based on the UDHR. And Ajamu Baraka founded the US Human Rights Network. Their human rights work proceeds independently of America’s bogus democracy. Green campaign rallies, however, boost the negligible human rights awareness of the US public.

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