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I have always glazed over at any mention of Hillary Clinton’s emails. The USA is not my country, and it seemed like a rather boring argument about classifications and document security. I also had a natural resistance to anything that appeared to promote the interests of Donald Trump. I now realise that is how a complicit media was deliberately presenting it, and my lack of interest was the desired effect. They are still presenting the issues in a manner which I hope I will be able to prove to you is entirely tendentious. So this weekend I request you to grit your teeth, set aside your disinterest and read through this article. Please.

Those Hillary server emails are largely a separate thing to those which WikiLeaks has been releasing. What the WikiLeaks release of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary campaign chair Podesta emails has proved beyond any reasonable doubt, is the extent of Hillary’s corruption. Both in terms of the fixing of the primary election against Bernie Sanders by the people who were supposed to be organising it, and the vast sums of money the Clinton family were receiving personally through Clinton Foundation and consultancy activity linked to State Department access, decisions and activity.

Before Clinton handed over her private email server to the FBI investigation into her handling of classified material, she scrubbed over 30,000 emails and had drives physically treated to ensure permanent destruction. It is obviously very likely that many of those emails referred to the kind of nefarious activity we are now seeing from the DNC and Podesta leaks.

It is also of course a fact that those 30,000 emails all had recipients, as well as Hillary as a sender. We can be sure that a major effort will have been undertaken to make sure recipients deleted them too. But from time to time some are sure to turn up. That is what has just happened and prompted yesterday’s announcement of a renewed investigation. In the course of an unrelated investigation into alleged paedophile grooming, the FBI has come across some of Hillary’s deleted emails on the device of a close political aide.

The FBI has a plain duty, every time they come across emails that were sent from Hillary’s private server but deleted and not given to them, to look at this new material. The very fact it was deleted, makes it rather more probable that it is relevant, than the carefully selected harmless material that was given to them. This is going to go on for years, because undoubtedly from time to time copies of some of those deleted emails will turn up. That is going to be very interesting if, as I expect, Clinton is elected President. It will necessitate a Presidential pardon from Obama to clear it up. I am assured by a DC source that an outgoing President can pardon people for crimes they may have committed but haven’t been convicted of yet. I find that somewhat mind-boggling.

It is also very much worth noting that the fact that the received versions of deleted emails were found on a device of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s political aide, makes it very improbable that they were deleted because they were purely personal and family affairs. Clinton stated thaht the only emails she deleted were personal and family. Hmmm – so why to a political aide?

You will not get a clear analysis of these issues from the mainstream media. That is because they are of course part of the money/power nexus in which Clinton is intimately connected, and they expect Clinton to win. I think their fear of Trump is exaggerated. He and Clinton are two plutocrat candidates in a system laughingly labelled democracy. They move in the same social and financial circles.

My favourite fact of this election remains that Trump actually paid Clinton a large fee to attend his wedding. In slightly differing ways, that says a huge amount about how disgusting each of them are.

I reserve a special contempt for those journalists and politicians who support Clinton on the apparent grounds that a female corrupt plutocrat is better than a male corrupt plutocrat. Indeed, the entirely cynical exploitation of identity politics by the Clinton campaign, in terms both of its faux-feminism and its cynical manipulation of black and Hispanic voters, is one of the most chilling things about the leaked emails.

With two such appalling candidates, there is a major problem. Many people are voting Trump to stop Clinton, even though they don’t like Trump. Many others are voting Clinton to stop Trump, even though they don’t like Clinton. Both Republicans and Democrats fear that if they support a third party candidate, they will let the other in. This is a kind of lesser of two extremely evil evils approach.

Sam Husseini has come up with Vote Pact. It enables pairing – a Republican and Democrat who trust each other should agree both to vote for a third party candidate. Both Trump and Clinton have therefore lost one each, and you can vote third party with no fear of having contributed to letting the greater evil in. It is a neat concept. Of course it will not catch on and will have no overall effect. I note it as an aid for those struggling with their conscience.

I expect Hillary to win, but Trump to do a lot better than expected. There are many “shy Trump” voters out there.

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357 thoughts on “Boring or Annoying Things We Have to Know

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  • George

    Sorry Craig. I really tried. But the moment I started the second paragraph, “Those Hillary server emails are …. “, I just glazed over again.

    • Sharp Ears

      Is there a stench of rotting fish?

      Clinton probe: ‘FBI to scour 650,000 Weiner emails’
      19:53, UK, Sunday 30 October 2016

      Hillary Clinton at her hastily arranged news conference

      Image Caption:
      Hillary Clinton has called for the FBI to put out the ‘full and complete facts’

      The FBI is to scour 650,000 emails on the laptop of a former congressman connected to Hillary Clinton, it has been reported.

      The Wall Street Journal tweeted: “Thousands may be tied to Clinton’s server.”

      The Journal added that “metadata” on Anthony Weiner’s laptop had suggested such “ties”.

      Its article also said that a review lasting “weeks” would examine the emails’ content, whether they were duplicates of messages already seen by the FBI, and whether they contain classified information.

      Mrs Clinton meanwhile came out fighting at a rally in Florida on Sunday.

      While not directly referencing the investigation, she told supporters: “When you’re knocked down what matters is whether you get up again.

      “I’m not stopping now.”

      More follows…

      • Sharp Ears

        The FBI have obtained a warrant to seize a laptop for investigation of e-mails.

        On Sky News. They don’t say whose laptop.

        • glenn_uk

          Why are you so keen to get Trump elected?

          That’s what you’re doing, by rubbishing his only opponent. Do you like fascists?

          Perhaps you’re the sort who’s not keen to answer any critics to your posts. We’ve seen that sort around here before, funnily enough.

          • bevin

            I’m sure anyone who “liked fascists” would be pulling for Hillary along with almost the entire US Establishment, the warmongering neo-cons, the arms industry and big business. The USA is very close to fascism already and Clinton represents all those tendencies, including mass incarceration policies and ending welfare in our time, that got them there.
            Are you obsessed with Trump, Glenn or do you just love wars?

          • glenn_uk

            Bevin: That comment was unworthy of you. I’ve been an admirer of your posts for a number of years. You have seen my posts too, and are surely aware that you’re giving me a disingenuous choice – do I love wars, or am I obsessed with Trump? Really?

            Seriously – you’re actually asking me that, and you expect a reply as if you were asking an honest question?

            For the first time, Bevin, I am actually disappointed with you. Take that for whatever you think it’s worth.

    • RobG

      I’m sorry that you’re bored with it all, George, but can I just remind you that with not much more than a week until the presidential election the FBI have announced that they are opening a criminal investigations into one of the candidates (the candidate, Hillary Clinton, was also under FBI investigation earlier this year). It’s the first time that such a thing has happened in a US presidential race. Further, the stuff coming out of Wikileaks confirms beyond all doubt that Clinton is totally corrupt. Even FBI people are now openly saying it…

      We’re all trying to figure out exactly what’s going on here. My take is that Donald Trump is a stoodge who’s been put in the race to ease Hillary’s path to the presidency. But now there seems to be some kind of a coup going on within the US power structure. The DNC and Podesta leaks came from insiders, not the ‘evil Russians’, the comic book excuse being put out in a vain attempt to mask Hillary’s corruption.

      Further, there’s been lots of signs recently from US military brass that they won’t allow a US President who openly calls for war with Russia, as Hillary Clinton does.

      The *World’s Policeman* is going through both a very public and very private nervous breakdown at the moment; and don’t forget those tens of thousands of thermo-nuclear weapons.

      Are you still bored with it all?

      • George

        I didn’t say I was bored. I’m just agreeing with Craig’s initial sentiment that he too tended to glaze over at the mention of the Clinton emails. I’m convinced that certain news items are actually intended to be soporific. It’s like hearing, “And now for the sport.”

          • George

            No problem at all RobG. You have correctly woken me up from my facetious stupor.

            I take a small consolation from your comment:

            “Further, there’s been lots of signs recently from US military brass that they won’t allow a US President who openly calls for war with Russia, as Hillary Clinton does.”

            This MAY indicate that at least some section of the ruling class actually think that a global war might not be in the planet’s best interests. (Although this hope is slightly dampened by that “openly”).

            And – to get back to the sport (as if you could get away from it), I just keep thinking about John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”: “Keep you doped on religion and sex and TV”. One thing is for sure. We are “still fucking peasants”!

      • kief

        Is every comment a platform for your obsessive concern-trolling?

        Honestly, you are much like Trump in your denial of obvious facts. Trump could very well win with help from the likes of yourself.

        Now if you had a genuine strategy for the aftermath should Trump prevail, I might have more respect for what seem like Trump one-liners.

        • Harry Vimes

          On the information available so far – with at least one of these two candidates on offer, who has a proven track record in Government of instigating chaos and destruction across the Middle East, openly promising policies which accurately equate to a hot war with Russia in order to achieve another regime change (or even two) – the question arises in such a context as to how long any “aftermath” at all, for anyone and everyone, will actually last?

          In which case it would certainly be interesting to see a “genuine strategy” presented to deal with that sword of Damacles which is hanging over us all -preferably one not involving sticking ones head between their knees and kissing their arse goodbye and, not to put too much pressure on, sooner rather than later.

          • kief

            You mean the ‘Big Picture’ strategy?

            I’m thinking about the near future where we have the Devil we know, versus the unknown consequences of drumming your native drums and precipitating the Trump.

            So grand these bold strategies…

          • Harry Vimes

            Ah, the old simplistic “if you are not with us you must by definition be against us/for the ‘other ‘ side” position. Seeing as I don’t get a vote even though we are the 51st State it’s a moot point but I’ll thank you to stop deciding and misrepresenting other people’s position for them. You don’t have that right.

            Nontheless it is interesting to see you agree that the boundaries of any “aftermath” only stretch as far as the “near future” when it comes one particular candidate. Very comforting, particularly in regard to the basic need for continuing existence being dismissed as mere grandstanding. Still, better dead and fried alive than red eh? Tell us though, because I’m sure others who a vested interest in the matter are eager, if not dying, to know, who voted you in to make that choice and define the limits and parameters for us?

    • RobG

      Michael, we posted at the same time.

      What I find fascinating is that we both link to the same piece of news through very different sources.

      As the old saying goes, all roads lead to Rome.

      • michael norton

        Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday said his government would ask parliament to consider reintroducing the death penalty as a punishment for the plotters behind the July coup bid.

        What’s the betting on Segoline being nominated instead of that clown Hollande?

      • glenn_uk

        An _EX_- FBI director.

        So this one doesn’t actually have any current information.

        What’s the “smoking gun” here, RobG, and why are you so keen to get Trump elected? There are only two choices here, remember.

        • Clark

          “There are only two choices here, remember”

          False dichotomy. Other choices include minority candidates with or without vote pairing, spoiling the ballot paper, or even not voting at all.

          But if O’Grady says “do this”, I suppose everyone best do it. The worse the major candidates get, the more imperative it becomes to produce the largest mandate possible.

  • Karl Kolchack

    It is highly unlikely that a president as narcissistic as Obama is over his “legacy” will pardon Hillary, especially given her 2008 campaign’s role in propagating the “Obama is a secret muslim/not an American citizen” myth. As a scholar of the presidency, he will no doubt be very much aware of how badly pardoning Nixon tarnished Ford’s reputation. Hillary’s going to have to eat this–hopefully as a private citizen. Much as I hate Trump, I cannot abide having such a wanton, greedy, arrogant, incompetent criminal entering the White House who may blunder us into WW 3 in an effort to distract attention from her disastrous criminal record. She makes Bush junior look like FDR.

    • Courtenay Barnett


      You said:-

      “She makes Bush junior look like FDR”

      No – I disagree – corruption goes all the way round and reeks to high heaven.

      Bush Jr. had his contrived lying war in Iraq; Hillary pushed her own special war in Libya; so – and now the entire US system is trying to replicate the same death and destruction by way of proxy war in Syria. just look at how many innocent lives have been lost because of this fucking inhumane foreign policy of “Regime Change”. Wonderful – just how humanitarian can they be.

      Stop the fucking wars – please.

      What a fucked up world we live in and then mainly innocent men,women and children suffer and die.

      But who the fuck cares?

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Courtenay Barnett October 31, 2016 at 00:52
        Right on! Ford also didn’t need any ‘tarnishing’, he was a total a**hole, from child abuse right through to giving Suharto the ‘green light’ to invade East Timor; a twenty-five year massive bloodbath ensued.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Where have I supported child abuse, or Suharto’s bloodbath in Indonesia after bringing down Sukarno?

          Aren’t you confusing me with former President Gerald Ford, the alleged child abuser and no relation?

          You are just a vile libeler like Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien.

  • Hieroglyph

    The coverage in the corporate media has long gone past the stage of embarrassing. Even now, they are All In for Hillary. Some of the articles read like they’ve been written by a Clinton staffer, and perhaps they were. Well, choosing a side is ok, but the coverage is so thin, so myopic, I’ve actually begun visiting alt right sites to get any information at all. I’m beginning to sympathize with Trump supporters, and getting my info from Info Wars. Strange days.

    People aren’t stupid. The Clinton machine is, finally, in deep shit, even if the corporate media won’t admit it. The pay to play aspect of the Clinton Foundation alone could land them both in jail, and it’s not even especially well-hidden. Looks to me like the Clinton machine is so well oiled that this is deemed just another crisis to manage, nothing they haven’t seen before. The problem is, they’ve just made the FBI look stupid, or just plain corrupt, and that may well have long-term consequences. Alex Jones (yeah I know) reports that their was mutiny over at the FBI, and I believe him. They can’t all be bent.

  • Dave

    Yes I like that comment from RobG that there is a coup taking place within the establishment, because although Hilary appears the ultimate US/neo-con candidate, she did once before running for New York cite sympathies for Palestine and according to “veterans today” her “no fly zone over Syria” comment was qualified by the need for agreement, so not quite as WWIII as portrayed!

    And presumably she will defend the Iran deal and this offends the Israel/neo-cons. Hence again from “VT” it appears wikileaks and the latest FBI actions are Israel/neo-con inspired to help Trump win. That is although Trump appears to oppose the pro-war US/neo-con agenda by saying he will “talk to Putin” he promotes the Israel/neo-con agenda by saying he is against the Iran deal, which would lead to confrontation with Russia!

    I.e. at the moment the Israel/neo-con priority is to obliterate Iran rather than Russia, at least for now, and that makes them favour Trump, although his supporters think he is the anti-neo-con candidate and preferable to Hilary because of his comments on Russia and “America First” platform. I suppose it boils down to who you think is in whose pocket and whether once elected both Hilary and Trump confound their critics.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Ultimately, neither side knows what it will be electing. There is the public position, and there is the private position, of each candidate. Democracy is now an officially meaningless word.

      However, both sides are so far in hock to AIPAC for representatives’ campaign funding that it’s hard to see how either candidate can persuade the legislature to change course on Israel. To reassure AIPAC when it vetted him, and as on virtually no other issue, Trump used a teleprompt and pre-scripted, uncontentious words. While Hillary well knows which side her bagel is buttered.

      • Habbabkuk

        Interesting that – with all the other policy positions one could choose from – Baal focusses on the candidates’ position on AIPAC.

        But I suppose it beats encouraging readers to hiss at worshippers entering synagogues.

        • Eco-worrier

          Are you saying that the malign and dangerous influence of AIPAC is not something to keep firmly in focus?

    • michael norton

      David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth, said: “Frau Theresa May is absolutely right to say ‘non’ to President Hollande.
      It is great to have a prime minister who is prepared to stand up for British interests.
      We have already taken a large number of migrants for humanitarian reasons, and some of them have been shown to be adults rather children. We should not take any more.

      “These migrants are not our responsibility. The FRENCH government should offer them asylum if they are entitled to it or deport them if they are not.

      Instead, President Hollande wants British taxpayers to sort out the mess. If we take more migrants, it will only encourage thousands more to head for Calais and set up a new camp.

      It is simply time for the FRENCH to sort out their mess and blaming the rest of the world for their problems.”

      The sooner we get HARD BREXIT
      the better.
      Fuck The Single Market.

        • kief

          Unless your personal policy has a specific plan of action like ‘Peace’ or ‘Stop the Wars’.

          You folks seem to think like Trump voters. He could rape a child on national telly and lose maybe 1% of his female vote. They seem to have the same diffuse hope in their candidate.

          • Harry Vimes

            Again WTF voted you to define the parameters of other people’s position, put words in their mouth and effectively act as a spokesperson for what they are saying?

            On the matter of refugees the number at places like Calais are a tiny percentage of the number of people displaced as a result of conflicts directly and indirectly arising from policies and actions either instigated or followed by politicians elected in this country. Most of them are scattered and/or already settled in and around other parts of Europe or adjacent Middle Eastern countries – some of which have refugee populations running into several millions. If they were all going to come here there would be a far larger camp on the French coast by now after all this time. The ludicrous notion that a pull factor is any larger than a tiny percentage of the push factor arising from policies pursued both now and in the recent past by our own Governments, including other EC states like France as well as the UK, is mere simplistic scaremongering.

            Particularly when considering that the factual records of immigration numbers clearly show that the majority of immigration, which is not the same as refugees, has for years been from outside the EU and therefore, whether some people like it or not, is the responsibility of decisions made by our own UK politicians rather than the EC. But then the terminally idle in the cognitive areas have always found it easier to scapegoat others or act as an echo chamber for opinions given to them by tabloid hacks rather than take to task our own politicians and policies. Of course the policies which start and prolong these conflicts of constant regime change to suit narrow vested interests need to be challenged and changed rather than totally fixating on the smaller potential impact of any pull factor. If one is serious rather than just playing at it like some armchair warrior you tackle the larger factors of the problem situation rather than the smaller factors.

            If for whatever reason someone is unwilling or unable to identify which is which in cases like this it is prudent to not to draw attention to that individual 0ersonal character flaw.

            On the other matter of the EU and the impact of Brexit, which the issue of prudence and wishes was referring to, it is interesting to note that any observation on possible negative results is conveniently dismissed as mere speculation and too early to predict/jury still out whilst at the same time predicting with certainty that everything in the garden will defiantly be coming up roses. A single sided and self serving position and argument that has no place in any objective analysis.

          • kief

            Lots of impressive words but no real strategy eh?

            But one would never know you have none, especially you yourself.

            Instead of whining about the world’s troubles, you should cobble something as an alternative, and maybe even take physical steps toward that endeavor.

      • giyane

        What is Monmouth? A one horse, one traffic light , town surrounded by beautiful forests and built out of a rather delicious pink sandstone. This country should take loads of children to compensate for making 15 million people homeless in Syria alone by backing terrorists.

      • Habbabkuk

        Instead, President Hollande wants British taxpayers to sort out the mess. If we take more migrants, it will only encourage thousands more to head for Calais and set up a new camp.

        That is probably correct. I believe it is known, in other contexts, as a “pull factor”.

        • michael norton

          So can anyone tell me why we need any more people to enter the United Kingdom?

          |Every unaccompanyed teenager or man is going to be after some kind of sex, probably sex he was not allowed to have in his own country.

        • michael norton

          A sixteen year old “child” migrant is going to be on the rampage, if he is allowed to be in the United Kingdom.
          So you fucking do gooders, let’s hope they will not be raping your relatives

        • michael norton

          ‘Jungle’ migrant picked up kayaking towards UK

          The Iranian is said to have been spotted by a cross-channel ferry and claimed asylum after being detained by border officers


          • michael norton

            As Iran is not at war, this person cannot be a proper refugee.
            He is likely a spy.

  • nevermind

    calm down dear, it will never happen as you want it to.
    Standing up for the British interest as you say, does not come from cutting your ties with the largest most lucrative market in the world.

    Going by your posts, overtly concerned about the ‘nuclear deal’ ,to many here read as if your short term Angst over a few more immigrants being allowed access to your empire is far greater than for the long term nuclear nightmare planned for the uk and our children.

    But there is one single argument that supports nuclear power, but not a a centralised massive plant, but as small independent/private units that keep life going should the increasing volcanic activities, down to the shifting weight of billions of tons of more melt water, is setting off the Yellowstone Caldera, presenting us with approx. 7 years of NO SUN and no growing of food, unless under grow lights.

    The increased volcanic activities are at a beginning, more will happen as increased global warming releases more of Greenland’s stored weight into the oceans, at a far faster rate than any scientists has predicted.
    People will be looking for food, gangs of hungry people will be roaming the countryside for the last food available, including seeds that are needed to start agriculture again.
    Some scientist say that we have about 100 harvests left before soils can’t keep up with chemical farming, they are turning to dust.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      But there is one single argument that supports nuclear power…

      Sooner or later, Yellowstone is probably going to erupt anyway, whatever the (debatable and unpredictable) effects of ocean volume changes on plate stability. It won’t take long for humans to make the planet uninhabitable at current rates, and the eruption could very well occur after the cockroaches and rats have taken over.

      The argument in favour of nuclear power is simply that it is less carbon-intensive than fossil fuel, can be tuned to demand, and represents the only medium-term alternative to fossil fuels while more sustainable continuous energy sources, involving better energy storage methods*, are developed. As to small local rather than large central nuclear generators, that depends rather on whether you prefer a lot of little leaks over a wide area, or one or two big ones at a few locations. Sure, there will be accidents. If they reach the scale of the number of individuals who have died (intentionally or no) from carbon monoxide poisoning – whether from faulty gas boilers or our old town gas technology which piped a potentially explosive and lethally poisonous mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen to every street in London….if they reach that scale I will be pretty surprised.

      *MAJOR problem at present.

      • nevermind

        Hence me favouring CSP, Ba’al, in areas were the sun shines, but if that’s thrown into perpetual wars for the foreseeable time to come, then the idea of developing a MSR should exercise scientists minds somewhat, not just in China.

        The massive amount of fuel left in so called spent fuel rods could run this type of power stations for decades to come. MSR’s would reduce the nuclear waste pile and the risk of having it misappropriated/sold to the highest bidder.

    • michael norton

      FRENCH police have begun a VAST operation to check the “administrative status” of hundreds of migrants amassed in a makeshift camp in north eastern Paris, days after thousands of people were moved from the jungle in Calais.

      Officers backed by riot police converged Monday morning on the streets around Stalingrad subway station, where an estimated
      2,000 people are gathered on the pavements.

      Police were seen carrying out checks on the migrants, possibly in preparation for a future evacuation of the site.

      They are becoming annoying.

      • michael norton

        Plane crash in Malta kills FRENCH anti-trafficking team on board

        All the victims were French nationals and that there was no indication of an explosion on board prior to the crash.

        The French defence ministry confirmed the deaths, describing the plane as having been involved in
        “reconnaissance missions in the Mediterranean”.

        The Maltese government said the aircraft was a Fairchild Metroliner Mark III registered in the United States and leased to a Luxembourg company.

  • michael norton

    UK Independence Party leadership candidate Raheem Kassam
    has pulled out of the race just three days after the official launch of his campaign.

    good spoof on the box last night about Nigel Farage

  • giyane

    Surely the implication of Clinton fixing her candidacy is that she should be removed from her own party and be replaced by the democratic winner. Do we need a US imposing democracy on others while completely unable to comply with it themselves?

    I can’t see any difference between Clinton and Trump both wafting the tired Christian slogans around to cover up their war-mongering.

    BTW My own motivation for voting to leave the EU was to get rid of Cameron who fixed the 2010 election by joining with the Lib-Dems, and then fixed the 2015 election by vote-rigging. Theresa May will try to punish us for not submitting to Tory rule, by pandering to racists and threatening us with a hard Brexit, while simultaneously organising a runny one for the capitalist swine. If I hear one-nation Toryism mentioned one more time I think I’ll sqweem.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    President Obama is dodging FBI Director Comey’s coup, and it is most understandable, though two Presidents have fired Directors: Nixon fired J. Edgar Hoover when he refused to go along with the Huston Plan to let the Plumbers do the covert policing, and Clinton fired Director Williams Sessions when he didn’t go along with his White House running its own policing.

    Obama doesn’t want his Presidency to end on this sour note, intervening to help rescue controversial Hillary in her bid to become POTUS, so she is left to spin in the wind on her noose in this “October Surprise”.

    Perhaps when Trump gets elected, he will change his mind yet again, and ask some Latin American banana republic if we can join it rather than building a wall to keep their residents out.

  • Steve Hayes

    Starting a post with the admission that you have not taken any interest in the topic, whilst refreshingly honest in these apparently post-truth days, but it is hardly likely to inspire confidence.

    There is a significant difference between Clinton and Trump. She is the neoliberal elite’s candidate. He is a populist, nativist, America first non-politician. For ordinary Americans, who have seen their standards of living stagnate, their wealth squandered on foreign wars of aggression, justified by streams of lies and propaganda, Trump offers an opportunity to give the neoliberal elite a bloody nose.

      • Steve Hayes

        Trowbridge, I see you are a supporter of the neoliberal candidate, Hillary Clinton.

        James Comey, updating Congress, as he had promised to do on oath, is hardly a coup.

        You might also note that I never said nor suggested that Donald Trump has a majority of the Electoral College votes – how could I? No one will know that until after the election.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          I am not a supporter of Hillary Clinton; I am most reluctantly voting for her because I don’t support a federal employee, FBI Director James Comey, manipulating the outcome.

          And you act as if the resust is a foregone conclusion now.

          • kief

            Do you think it will be close enough to mimic 2000?

            Imagine the howls of delight amongst many here as the nightmare goes to a 4-4 Supreme Court, whose split decision reverts back to the lower court decision. Literal blood will run in the gutters.


          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            It may be even closer with the House determining the result.

            I’ve had it with American democracy. I’m moving out soon, probably going back to Sweden where I have permanent residence.

          • kief

            Sweden? I think you’ll find many. many Hillary’s in that model Progressive state.

            Men are second=class citizens.

    • Republicofscotland

      If you’re looking for grossly mis-leading, and inflammatory comments, look no further than those of the neferious Israeli Justice (misnomer) minister.

      Who stupidly claims, that BDS are trying to wipe the ***ish nation, from the face of the earth.

      It would appear that any movement, that stands up to Israeli oppression, is demonised as anti-Semitic.

      Shaked is renowned for her anti-Palestinian rhetoric, and sparked controversy in July 2014 before she became justice minister for a Facebook post, later deleted, referring to Palestinian children as “little snakes.”

      • Habbabkuk

        That’s all as may be, “Republicofscotland”, but the fact remains that your “comment” was grossly misleading – and therefore deeply dishonest.

        You claimed that “Israel” had called for the annexation of the West Bank, whereas your source makes it clear that it was one Israeli minister.

        (Funny, btw, that RT should turn out to be more honest than you 🙂 )

    • michael norton

      What about Turkey stealing parts of SYRIA,
      RoS are you going to have a hissing fit over the Turks bad attitude?

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Trowbridge H. Ford October 30, 2016 at 14:55
    ‘Just read the book, Tranceformation of America, and Paul Barbara’s comments about it.’

    What was your opinion of the book?

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      It made such a damning case, if the slightest bit accurate, about so many important people that they should have sued the hell out of Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien and/or the Bureau and other official bodies should have pursued their claims in court cases.

      Looks like a convenient set-up if it ever, like now, proved expedient.

      Think it will just prove a wild-goose-chase in the end.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Can you believe the media and reported politicians are no longer even mentioning that Comey clearly violated the Hatch Act which prohibits public officials from engaging in partisan acts during any elections!

          Directors Hoover and Sessions were fired without any public outcry,though J. Edgar was then immediately assassinated, for much less partisan intrusions.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Trowbridge H. Ford October 31, 2016 at 19:42
          ‘…Think it will just prove a wild-goose-chase in the end.’

          So do you tend to believe it, or not? ‘Access Denied’ gives even more info.
          Then there is this: ‘Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military’ by Jeffrey Steinberg:

          and this:
          ‘The Franklin child abuse scandal – stunning cover-up of child prostitution ring for wealthy elitists and political leaders’:

          The PTB would never allow Cathy’s case to be heard in court, and even a case for getting custody of her daughter back was stopped by the judge by his declaring : “But laws do not apply in this case for reasons of national security”. ….’
          That quote is from a transcript of one of Cathy and Mark’s public talks:
          ‘…..The violations of laws and rights that proliferated in her so-called ‘legal’ case were extensive. We had one clean district attorney that went in and told the judge that he was violating constitutional rights and human rights in my daughter’s case. He cited law after law after law and the judge interrupted him and said, “But laws do not apply in this case for reasons of national security….”:

        • kief

          Careful. Much swirling around the emails. Remember; Craig says he knows the source and is fearful of revealing. There is probably something incriminating in the emails but they may have been altered. This is part of the Comey dilemma. I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in Wiener pedophilia, tho it’s not far-fetched.

        • Paul Barbara

          I’m sure it did, in more ways than one. The ‘Security Agencies’ allow, or even promote, paedophilia (we spell it differently here in Limey Land) in order for the PTB to be assured of the person’s ‘compliance’ (much like a Mafia group that require a murder before you can join) by the Damocletian sword of blackmail they hold over the person.
          Then, as a Christian, I believe that by corrupting and abusing children (or even toruring and killing them) one sells one’s soul to the Devil, and is rewarded by power and wealth, which is IMO why evil rotten people run all sorts of things, from Banks, Religions, Governments, Militaries, Corporations or whatever.

  • RobG

    Apparently, DNC Chair Donna Brazile has today resigned her position as a CNN contributor after it was discovered that she rigged the debates by giving questions to the Clinton campaign beforehand. This comes from the latest round of Wikileaks releases today, which show that Brazile supplied Clinton with a second forthcoming debate question.

    Brazile is now the 8th person connected with the Democrat campaign to resign since these latest Wikileaks releases started. The most high profile was Debbie Wasserman, the previous DNC Chair…

    But why are they all resigning..? Surely it’s those evil Russians who are doing the hacking and putting out fake e-mails and subverting American democracy?

    Another tidbit from today’s Wikileaks release…

    And the Chicago Herald is the first of the mainstream to posit that Hillary Clinton should step down…

        • Alcyone

          Robby, your using the word “insight” is good laugh. Thankfully, I can manage very well without the plonk. How many people lined up against the wall and shot today Robby SuperVermin?

  • Tfs

    1. The NSA has all Hitlery emails. They have all the info and the prominent players in American politics.
    2. The FBI can find out all the emails too and from her server. All emails pass through various MTAS (message transfer agents) from sender to recepient. The header in your emails shows all the email hops. Consider a post ffice that logs your email, but they and do more like checking for viruses, attaches mens, filesizes.

    What you have seen so far from the FBI is state theatre, they know exactly what was sent or received from her server.

  • lysias

    New state polls out on Real Clear Politics: 2 new PA polls showing Hillary ahead by 2 and 3 points respectively; new NC poll showing Trump up by 2; new GA poll showing Trump up by 7; new CO poll showing Hillary up by 1; and new NV poll showing Trump up by 4.

    Trump has the momentum. If he takes PA, I think that’s the ball game.

    • RobG

      lysias, I know it’s in no way representative, but I’d be interested to hear what ‘people are saying on the street’ in your neck of the woods in America. What’s the feeling about the Hillary and Donald show?

      I also really don’t understand the ‘3rd party’ stuff, that it’s a wasted vote. If everyone is so disgusted by both Hillary and Donald why don’t they vote Jill Stein for president? (they could also vote for Gary Johnson, although he makes Anon1 & Co look like heart bleeding liberals).

      • lysias

        I work in D.C. and live just outside it, so the population here is not typical of the country. I intend to vote for Jill Stein and am inclined to think a Trump victory would be less bad than a Hillary one. So I am resistant to the argument that my voting for Stein is in effect a vote for Trump. Among other things, that argument rests on the idea that the Democrats have a right to my vote, an idea that strikes me as presumptuous.

        However, my own beliefs and intentions make me reluctant to discuss politics. I think most people around here support Hillary, and they are pretty dogmatic about it.

  • Peter J. King

    OK, I read it (nothing new, but perhaps I’m unusual in having paid more attention to this stuff than most people) — but it’s disappointing that you tell people to set aside their disinterest. They really shouldn’t; they should read interestedly, but with proper disinterest (and with dispassionate impartiality)…

    • michael norton

      What really disgusts me is that most M.P.’s voted for Keith Cushions Vaz,
      they still do not understand the repulsion felt by the public for these rapacious vermin

      • Alcyone

        They must need a washing-machine sales man to balance the numbers, or else they think DJ Jim knows all the tricks to ‘get the party started’?!

      • michael norton

        A motion appointing him to the all-party Justice Committee was approved by 203 votes, with just seven against.

        Doesn’t that say it all, they do not think he has done wrong.

        • Alcyone

          Absolutely shocking and disgusting. I hope the Daily Mail has a sequel to their story at hand.

          • Alcyone

            So why is he being wimpish about this. Maybe he’s picking his battles with the Blairites? Has he been kicked offf the NEC yet?

          • Alcyone

            Brian, was that your meditation between 04.30 and 06.25?

            What mantra? What ‘technique’? What ‘school’ What ‘experience”?

            Anyone answer please…. Kief?

    • michael norton

      MR VAZELINE Who is Keith Vaz? Slippery MP smeared with 30 years of sleaze – from expenses scandals to poppers and sex with male prostitutes

      Throughout his 29-year political career the veteran slippery MP has been caught up in sleaze and cash scandals

      SCANDAL-plagued Keith Vaz has survived so many that he is dubbed Mr Vazeline in Westminster.

      Are the tories putting Keith Cushions Vaz on the committee to make trouble for Jeremy Corbyn – perhaps there is more to fall out of the Vazeline wardrobe?

  • Paul Barbara

    Re Jill Stein, I got an email via roundabout route:
    ‘Jill and Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson will appear together live on the Tavis Smiley Show on PBS tonight!

    This is a breakthrough – and maybe even a game-changer for Jill. It’s the first time Jill and Gary Johnson will be featured together on broadcast television.

    It also represents an unprecedented opportunity for the American people to hear about more voices and more choices in the presidential election. A USA Today poll found that 76% of voters in the United States wanted a 4-candidate debate that included Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

    This forum will be a welcome change from the completely unbalanced nature of this year’s presidential news coverage that has resulted in an effective media blackout on third-party candidates.

    It will be taped live Monday, October 31, 2016, in the show’s Los Angeles studio and air on Tavis Smiley tonight (Monday evening) and Tuesday night, November 1 and 2, on PBS. (Check your local PBS station to find the exact airing times in your area.)

    Overall, this is a major new development for Jill and the campaign and it’s happening because of the continued support of people like YOU!

    With your help, we’ve been able to mount an effective, aggressive social media campaign for nearly a year and take our message directly to voters.

    And now, with just a week to go in the election, we’re finally breaking through at the national level!

    Please help Jill and Ajamu continue to use “the people’s media,” social media, to put pressure on the corporate media in the closing days of this campaign.

    For that, we need your continued financial support.

    Will you give now so we can keep the pressure on and drive the campaign to 5% of the popular vote? The need has never been greater.

    tavisforum1_720.jpgAs you may remember, 5% is the “magic number” for us in electoral politics.

    With 5% of the popular vote nationwide, we’ll qualify for about $10 Million dollars to kickstart the 2020 campaign.

    We can’t get our 5% without your continued financial support.

    Please help us keep the campaign going strong in the final few days.

    We’ve invested our funds in hiring staff and setting up offices or networks around the country. We’re not wasting your money on 30-second ads – we’re actually empowering organizers on the ground, and that’s why our percentages are remaining solid!!

    You’re investing in a long-term movement.

    Your donation will keep the field staff working, our media staff pumping out news directly to people without having to rely on the corporate media, and it will keep Jill and Ajamu on the road from campaign stop to campaign stop.

    Jill and Ajamu are working every single day to get our message out – about the Green New Deal that will combat climate change, cancel student debt, put an end to institutionalized racism and police violence, and so much more.

    Please help them continue to help us, our nation, and our world. Your donation is urgently needed in these last critical days of the campaign.

    As Jill says… it’s in our hands!

    Gloria Mattera
    Campaign Chair ‘

    So Jill’s getting a bit of National TV at last! That’l scare the pants of those two criminals.

  • michael norton

    This is quite boring and annoying
    One in every six jobs in Scotland’s public sector could be lost within 14 years due to automation, according to a new study.

    The annual “State of the State” report from business advisory firm Deloitte estimated that 88,000 jobs could go.

    It said administrative and operative roles were at greatest risk.

    The report also said technology could help deliver more efficient public services by making it easier for the workforce to do their jobs.

    A good case for NOT letting any more people into the U.K.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘MI5 head: ‘increasingly aggressive’ Russia a growing threat to UK’:

    This is ‘today’s’ Guardian (1st November 2016); yet when I tried to add a comment at 09:00 today (1st November) I found the comments were closed. The earliest post was 11 hours previously (22:00 31st October); there were already 1862 comments, and the ‘Comments’ section had been closed at 02:00 today (1st November)!!
    The Guardian certainly ‘don’t like it up ’em’! What a charade!

    • michael norton

      I had also seen that The Clintons were being funded by Saudi people and the Muslim Brotherhood, the woman who works for Clinton lived in Saudi as a child and her mother still lives in Saudi.
      I expect it is this Muslim woman who is sorting the Saudi funding for Clinton
      but this shows Killary has bad judgement.
      In a new POTUS the last attribute you would be looking for is bad judgement.
      Say no more.

  • lysias

    Philadelphia transit strike is very bad news for the Democrats. If it continues, it can severely depress turnout in Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania Democrats depend on Philadelphia votes.

    By the way, in the ABC/Washington Post daily tracking poll, Trump is now ahead of Hillary by one point when the two third-party candidates are included in the polling.

    LA Times/USC daily tracking poll now has Trump ahead by 4 points in its two-way poll.

  • John

    My apologies to those who gnash their teeth whenever Hilary’s emails are concerned.

    However to me, the issue is very simple – if I, or any of my colleagues, put classified emails on a private server we’d be in deep trouble. Either the law is the same for all, or it is something else entirely.

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