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The BBC spin on Nicola Sturgeon’s speech was that actually it was a move further back from Indyref2. It can be interpreted that way. In effect she was saying that leaving the EU is perhaps not a “material change” triggering Indyref2, only hard Brexit would be a “material change”. On this reading, as given by Brian Taylor of the BBC, the publishing of a draft Indyref bill is simply a sop to placate the SNP troops in the hall.

But I am satisfied that Nicola has in fact deliberately set conditions for Scotland to remain in the Union which she knows Theresa May will under no circumstances meet. Barring continued full access for Scotland to the single market, which simply cannot happen if England leaves it, then she insists that not only must the powers held by Brussels come to Scotland (eg fisheries) but that Scotland must control its own immigration policy and run its own foreign relations.

Now nobody is more fervent than me in wanting to get on with Independence and an early second referendum. But I am very happy with the criteria which Nicola has set out, which Theresa May is bound to attempt to sweep right over on the current wave of xenophobic jingoism prevailing in England. Not only will Sturgeon’s conditions not be met, it will be made very plain very quickly that they are not going to be met.

I think like all decent people, Nicola Sturgeon was quite genuinely appalled by celebration of open racism at the Tory party conference – her passage on this was very strong and very good. That has spurred her to abandon some of her usual caution and not really leave herself an out. We are going to see a second Independence referendum before the next Scottish parliamentary elections, and I am extremely happy about it.

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250 thoughts on “I am Warming to Nicola

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    • Alan

      “Can anyone tell me what the SNP position is on the absolute madness that’s happening in the Middle East?”

      They’re very quiet on that matter, aren’t they?

      • Republicofscotland

        They’ve enough on their plate, trying to manoeuvre a route around the rabid xenophobes, at Westminster. You know of whom I speak, the jack boot johnnies, who’ve old billion of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, who’ve committed war crimes in Yemen.

        Mass murdering, regime changing and proxy terrorist supporting aren’t devolved issues, see Frau May for that.

      • Sharp Ears

        Best to look for information before shooting your mouth off.

        ‘International Affairs
        View all Policy Areas >
        See More Policies

        Did the SNP support the UK government’s air strikes in Syria?

        The SNP believe that the UK should not repeat the mistakes of the past, and engage in military action without a comprehensive and credible plan to win the peace. For this reason, all SNP MPs voted against air strikes on Syria.

        The SNP shares the concerns of everyone else in the country about the terrorist threat by Daesh. However, in the judgement of the SNP, adding UK airstrikes to those already being carried out by a range of other countries will make no meaningful contribution to the defeat of Daesh. There is also the real danger that military intervention will result in civilian casualties and more chaos on the ground in Syria which may inadvertently help, rather than hinder, Daesh.

        The SNP supports international efforts to bring an end to the violence and find a long term solution that provides the people of Syria and the wider Middle East with peace and stability. We believe that the UK should use its non-combative position to drive forward diplomatic efforts and present a peace plan.’


        There are three pages

        The answer above is to be found on page 2.

        • Habbabkuk

          “..the UK should use its non-combative position to drive forward diplomatic efforts and present a peace plan.’”

          That bit of SNP “policy” sounds about as effective as Mr Harold Wilson’s efforts (1965 – 1967) to have the UK broker a peace deal in the Vietnam war turned out to be.

          • nevermind

            you are making out that other political parties, apart from harbouring large contingents of agents who support and promote that repressive rogue regime, above our national interests, have any better policies to proffer.

            Like always, habbakuk, you are a disgrace to this blog.

      • michael norton

        I agree Alan, they are very quiet.
        If Scotland under Frau Nicola Sturgeon wish to be a completely free country on their own, they ned to have vies on overseas matters.
        So will Scotland bomb SYRIA

        yes or No

    • Jo

      I’m sorry to say, yes. Their defence spokesperson, Brendan O’Hara, spoke about it at the conference a couple of days ago. Nicola mentioned it yesterday. Both of them condemned Russia.

      I found that very disappointing, given the UK’s agenda in Syria (an agenda shared by the US and France) is for more regime change pure and simple. I’m sorry indeed that the SNP did not attack Boris’ plans outright. I was also disappointed that they did not point out that the jihadists active in Aleppo, who are holding innocent civilians hostage and using them to protect themselves, were actually armed and funded by the US and the UK in their scheme to bring Assad down!

      Previously the SNP has taken a very sensible position on the UK’s favourite pastime of marauding all over the world interfering in the affairs of other countries illegally. I’m shocked and deeply alarmed they’re letting Boris off the hook here as he risks kicking off WW3 by proposing action not authorised by the UN.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile, the price of just about everything is about to go up, as inflation is set rise, due the arse falling out of Sterling, and we all know that’s because, the sheer uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

    The economy of Ungreat Britain, is set to go into anaphylatic shock, as prices shoot up along with unemployment, Brexit will be a disaster, and in the future movies and documentaries, will be made about the Great British Brexit, and how it set the nation back decades.


    Or you could move to Scotland, and vote yes in the next indyref, and save yourself, a barrel load of misery.

    • Alan

      “Meanwhile, the price of just about everything is about to go up, as inflation is set rise, due the arse falling out of Sterling, and we all know that’s because, the sheer uncertainty surrounding Brexit.”

      Despite Craig’s reassurances, there are many who put this down to qualitative easing.

      Or you could move to Scotland, and vote yes in the next indyref, and save yourself, a barrel load of misery.

      Well to be quite honest, Ireland is much nicer.

      • Republicofscotland

        “Well to be quite honest, Ireland is much nicer.”

        Well Alan, at least it’s good to see that your thinking about, leaving the sinking ship of the dis-United Kingdom, Brexit has fatally holed her below the waterline.

        She’ll be remembered as a cautionary tale, one to be avoided at all costs.

        • Alan

          Ah but me Granddad was Irish; did I not mention that and did you jump to conclusions begorra?

    • Republicofscotland

      “Come up with some substance”

      That’s rich coming from you, of course the Brexiteers are full, of substance aren’t they, better known a scheisse.

      They haven’t a clue what’s going to happen, over Brexit the xenophobes were back slapping each other at their hatefest, as to who is the more fascist like, and you ask me for substance. You’re such a loyal little mutt to the twisted establishment.

      Still a post-Brexit whatevers left of the dis-United Kingdom, (London aside it wont be much) will be right up your street.

  • Habbabkuk

    Well, it is now several hours since I invited Craig – and a couple of others – to name one state in which one or other of its constituent parts is allowed to exercise its own immigration and foreign policies.

    I note with interest that neither Craig nor anyone else has so far met my challenge.

    My conclusion – namely, that by setting those entirely unrealistic conditions (and in the full knowledge that they are unrealisable), Ms Sturgeon has revealed herself to the exactly the grubby, deeply dishonest sort of politician Craig so likes to castigate on this blog – must therefore stand.

    • click track

      Right Habbabkuk. Everyone else is allowed to practice political strategy and you don’t complain. But if the SNP does it they’re being grubby and dishonest according to you.

      • Habbabkuk

        On the contrary, I’m not complaining – just pointing out that, contrary to majority opinion on this blog, the SNP and its leadership are just another bunch of deeply dishonest politicians.

        An illustration, if you will, of the warning “do not go a-whorin’ after false gods” 🙂


        BTW, have you found an example of a state where one of its constituent parts exercises its own immigration and foreign policy yet?

        • click track

          If the SNP’s response to the referendum result in June had been simply to say it was an immediate binary choice between Brexit or independence then you and many others would have been castigating them for trying to bounce the Scottish electorate into indyref2 without a measured exploration of any possible alternatives that the Scottish public might be interested in.
          They did the right thing. Now it is appearing as a straight choice between an inward looking post Brexit UK or an outward looking independent Scotland.

        • Alan

          “An illustration, if you will, of the warning “do not go a-whorin’ after false gods””

          Surely, and I hate to even suggest this, but wouldn’t Ms Sturgeon fall into the category of “goddess”?

    • RobG

      Perhaps you can tell us what you think about the British Foreign Secretary, who, whilst under oath during last Tuesday’s debate about Syria, told a complete pack of lies, in particular about the White Helmets.

      The Foreign Secretary then went on to echo Ann Clywd MP, and actually called for large numbers of people to demonstrate outside the Russian embassy in London (in the event, one person did demonstrate outside the embassy). Such a call from a Foreign Secretary, of any western nation, is totally unprecedented in modern history.

      Can Habba explain why he supports people like this, who are not only complete egits, but who are also criminal psychopaths?

    • bevin

      Habbalook at this:

      The fact that Quebec has control over immigration was pointed out hours ago by another poster.
      I had hoped that this would shut Habbanobsession up. But it didn’t.
      The truth is that Habbakkuk’s original argument was silly even before this premiss was exploded. Can we expect an apology now for this:
      “Well, it is now several hours since I invited Craig – and a couple of others – to name one state in which one or other of its constituent parts is allowed to exercise its own immigration and foreign policies.
      I note with interest that neither Craig nor anyone else has so far met my challenge.”

      The ‘challenge’ having been met it is due.

      • Old Mark

        Here is a direct quote from your link-

        The federal government remains solely responsible for admitting immigrants into Canada and for determining the total number of immigrants admitted annually, but takes into consideration the number of immigrants that the Government of Québec wishes to receive, as well as Québec’s criteria and conditions for residence

        In other words, the Quebecqois provincial government basically dots the i’s and crosses the t’s of the immigration policy determined by Ottawa- and the main consequence of this is that the great majority of Francophone immigrants to Canada, from countries such as France itself, Algeria, Lebanon & Haiti, end up in Quebec and not in anglophone Canada- an arrangement which anglophone Canada probably welcomes as much as, if not more than, the Quebecqois do themselves.

        In what sense do you see this arrangement as in any way transferable to, or of relevance to, a marginally distinct ‘immigration policy’ operated by the devolved Scottish government ?

    • nevermind

      you just can’t read Habbakuk, otherwise you would have realised that I mentioned Uruguay and Finland, but you could add Norway into the mix.
      As you so often mention, now STFU.

  • Habbabkuk

    Is there no limit to ELIE’s wit?

    After the “dis-United Kingdom” I’ve just spotted a “Ungreat Britain”!

    And of course there are the “goosesteppers” and “Frau” May (at least he managed to spell it correctly, unlike some of his other efforts).

    And “the Great Satan” (Iran, ca. 1979) …….

    This blog is blessed indeed.

  • Geoffrey

    Nicola Sturgeon admits Scotland’s economy worse than Greece with a deficit of 9.4 % and therefore would not be allowed to join EU in I.T.V. news at 10 interview,then accuses interview of racism. Don’t know how to link to it.

    • Rob Royston

      Of course it’s worse than Greece, it’s not an Independent country yet. It’s had hundreds of Billions of it’s wealth syphoned to London.

      • Geoffrey

        Thanks Alan. The interview has been clipped. She must have friends at ITV ,or her PR people must have moved quickly. The interviewer said to her that with a deficit of 9.4 % which was worse than that of Greece she would not be allowed into the EU. She replied that was not the way Scots looked at it,implying the question was racist and the interviewer said that he was a Scot and he was worried about the deficit. She very flustered ,blinking with. arms crossed defensively.
        Clipped version completely different.

      • Geoffrey

        Just remembered more of the interview. The interview said that if Scotland were going to reduce the deficit to within the range for entry into the EU,income tax rates would have to rise by 10 % or expenditure drastically reduced.
        She did not like it.
        Interviewer was obviously a racist neocon pretending to be Scots.
        She must have some friends at ITV .

        • Old Mark

          I also saw the unbowlderised interview- Sturgeon seemed most put out that supposedly industrious, inventive, innovative and immigrant welcoming Scotland was being compared unfavourably with Greece; the subtext being, don’t compare us with a bunch of slothful, unshaven olive oilers ye nochty wee man !

  • RobG

    If you want more evidence of the fascist lunatic asylum we live in:

    “Exclusive: PM says service should focus on efficiencies to fill £22bn hole despite warnings hospitals close to breaking point”

    Shortly before the vote last year for air strikes in Syria (which was actually a remit for a massive increase in boots on the ground), Cameron gave an extra £170 billion to the military…


    We live in a total lunatic asylum, run by total psychopaths; but don’t forget to vote for them, folks.

  • RobG

    Mr Brand is back, and here’s the second of his vids on YouTube…


    … and of course it’s all total bullshit, because Russell Brand never directly addresses anything; he just gives the impression that he does.

    Brand is a total shill, and his YouTube channel has well over a million subscribers. If the ‘yoof’ are tuning into garbage like this, we need to come up with something better.

  • Old Mark

    This is slightly off topic, as it relates to Wales’ relationship to rUK, and not Scotland’s relationship, but it would be interesting to hear some informed comment on this from readers in the Principality.


    My relatively uniformed comments on this development run along these lines (by ancestry I’m a quarter Welsh, so I think I have the right to intrude on Celtic matters)-
    1.Leanne Wood isn’t a native Welsh speaker- the first anglophone leader Plaid has had.
    2. Elis Thomas is a native Welsh speaker, and his motivations for entering politics on the Plaid ticket appear to be primarily concerned with defending the interests of fellow Welsh speakers.
    3. Wood’s leadership has been more focused on attracting support in the valleys and East Wales (ie the more anglophone regions of the country) but doesn’t appear to be working; Plaid actually trails UKIP in most of these’target areas’- hence Wood’s strident anti UKIP comments, which don’t appear to have done much to increase Plaid’s level of support.
    4. In summary, is the move by Elis Thomas a sign that the Welsh speakers in Plaid are getting increasingly agitated about Wood’s failure to achieve a significant breakthrough in anglophone Wales ?

  • Dave

    Jim Sillars began the nonsense of “independence in Europe” as a clever phrase to make “independence” and “independence from UK” sound less isolationist, knowing of course that “independence in Europe” wasn’t “independence” at all.

    However if SNP are seeking devolved immigration powers to Holyrood that is a feature of “independence” except as they propose open borders that will see Scots outnumbered by immigrants within a short period unless they decide to introduce “racist” immigration rules?

    Of course the SNP may believe everyone who lives in Scotland is Scottish. If so why not propose changing the name UK for Scotland and win “independence” that way?

  • Old Mark

    Returning briefly to Welsh matters I couldn’t help noticing that this particular rape charge acquittal –


    was given a much less sympathetic treatment by the Beeboids than this acquittal the previous day of a number of men on sexual assault charges-


    In the Evans case, most of the comment was around how the accuser wasn’t believed because of her state of inebriation – the implication being that her accusations against Evans were 100% truthful, and not clouded by alcohol, and how dare Evans’s defence briefs mention this.

    In the Newcastle park case the acquittal is accepted at face value, and the accusers are implicitly impugned for either gilding the lily about what happened, or making it up entirely.

    It would appear that the feminist dictum of ‘always believe the victim’ is actually applied selectively in the UK in 2016- and is not applied when the accused in this sort of case belongs to another ‘designated victim group’ – women and immigrants are, after all, always victims of a patriarchal and racist legal system dontcha know ? Problems then clearly arise where the testimony of one designated victim group member clashes with that from a different victim group- and thus a hierarchy of victimhood status must inform the ‘correct’ response by civilised Beeboids to the jury’s decision in the relevant case.

    • Sharp Ears

      Before I opened the second link, I knew that there would be a racist element to your post.

      White men good.
      Brown men bad.

      • Old Mark

        And I knew your response would be to shout ‘wacist!’ , and not engage in any discussion about the apparent double standards that western feminists and BBC journalists seem to have internalised so effectively that they aren’t even aware of them.

  • Old Mark

    O/T again-re the Chad Evans case , Ms Raccoon here in an excellent post shows an appropriate degree of compassion for both of the parties in this incident, which the CPS appears to have completely banjaxed from start to finish- as indeed they may have done in the other case I mentioned, where expressions of compassion for the wrongly accused there appears to be a good deal less contentious- for some unfathomable reason.


  • Ba'al Zevul

    So: Scotland must control its own immigration policy and run its own foreign relations.

    But the idea that the UK must control its own immigration policy and run its own foreign relations is an expression of racist xenophobia? OK, the UK angle is isolationist, while Scotland will embrace the whole world with open arms and cries of ‘Ye’ll have had yir tea then?’ but democracy doesn’t always get the PC solution, and that’s why it’s democracy.

  • Sharp Ears

    This from Nicola Sturgeon is very heartening. I hope she means it.

    Emotional Nicola Sturgeon pledges children in care review
    36 minutes ago
    An emotional Nicola Sturgeon has told her party’s conference that she is to undertake a “root and branch review” of Scotland’s children in care system. In addition she pledged more choice to parents over pre-school childcare.

    The SNP leader’s keynote speech also focused on Europe and what she termed Scotland’s “home-rule” journey.

    Ms Sturgeon said that those in the Tory Party, “intent on a hard Brexit”, had caused “insecurity and uncertainty”.

    During Ms Sturgeon’s address to the 3,000 delegates, she set out a four-point plan to boost trade and exports. This will include:

    A new “board of trade” to draw on business expertise
    A trade envoy scheme to recruit prominent Scottish business leaders
    A permanent trade and innovation hub in Berlin
    Doubling the number of Scottish Development International staff working across Europe.

    She told members: “Let me be crystal clear about this – Scotland cannot trust the likes of Boris Johnson and Liam Fox to represent us.

    “They are retreating to the fringes of Europe, we intend to stay at its very heart where Scotland belongs.

    “We are in a completely new era. A new political era and a new battle of ideas.

    “A new era for our parliament, with new powers and responsibilities, and a new era for our relationship with Europe and the wider world.”

    ‘Their stories have moved me deeply’

    But it was on domestic policies where she received some of the biggest cheers.

    She talked of the ambition her government had to improve the lives and education of the country’s children.

    And in an emotional address, Ms Sturgeon added: “Recently, I’ve been spending some time with young people who have grown up in care.

    “Some of them are here today. Their stories have moved me deeply.

    “These young people have challenged me to accept Who Cares? Scotland’s pledge to listen to 1,000 care experienced young people over the next two years.

    “And then to use what they tell me to help make their lives better. I’ve accepted that challenge.”‘

    The English authorities have abandoned all responsibility to the adults who were abused as children and are letting the wrongdoers go free. The IICSA, now on its fourth chair, is in disarray and there is no sign that anyone will be brought to book. It is a national scandal. Theresa May’s judgement when she was Home Secretary in her choice of Woolf, Sloss and now Goddard was found lacking.


    • Sharp Ears

      Child sex abuse inquiry: Dame Lowell Goddard must explain resignation, say MPs
      42 minutes ago

      Dame Lowell Goddard was the third head of the inquiry into child sex abuse to quit – photo

      MPs have asked the former head of the child sex abuse inquiry to explain her departure amid concerns the government was aware of misconduct claims.

      Dame Lowell Goddard quit in August but denied a report on Friday alleging misconduct and racism against her.

      The most senior civil servant in the Home Office has also been asked to explain to MPs what the government knew about her resignation.

      Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd may also appear.

      Asked if the inquiry was now an embarrassment, Mrs May told the BBC: “No it’s very important. We have to remember about all the survivors and victims of Child Sexual Abuse who deserve justice.”

      The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is investigating the extent to which institutions in England and Wales have failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

      Dame Lowell was appointed in February 2015 and became the third inquiry head to quit, resigning in August after 18 months in the role.

      Ms Rudd told the Home Affairs Select Committee at the time that she believed Dame Lowell left because she was homesick.

      Who is Dame Lowell Goddard?
      In full: Resignation letter and home secretary’s response
      Why was the inquiry set up and how will it work?

      But on Friday, the Times reported that Dame Lowell had been accused of making racist comments and being rude to junior staff, and that senior Home Office staff and advisers knew about alleged comments and other complaints.

      The senior New Zealand judge hit back at the claims, and called them “false” and “malicious”.

      However, on Friday the Home Office said it had been “made aware of concerns about the professionalism and competence of Justice Goddard” on 29 July, six days before she resigned.


      • michael norton

        I’d like to understand the policy on this blog of removing relevant contributions.
        If people are not fanatically for Frau Sturgeon and her loony announcements, they seemed to be pulled.
        So is it suitable to find fault with Frau May
        but not suitable to find fault with Frau Sturgeon?

    • michael norton

      Steven call you elucidate, please?

      It is not clear what you and Craig have agreed to agree.

  • shortchanged

    If Nicola Sturgeon and indeed the whole of Scotland wishe to remain within the EU then why don’t they just apply? Before they, Scotland, decide on this disastrous step it would be wise to consider that, the Eu is at this moment disintergrating and will be gone completely by 2020, if not before. Personallly, I dislike the woman, but if the electorate of Scotland wants her, then that is their right.

    • fred

      Scotland won’t be staying in Europe if the UK doesn’t, Spain will see to that.

      I voted against Brexit and think it will have a devastating effect on the economy which is why what Scotland needs most is a government that can think on their feet and and a government that can make rational decisions. All we have is a government that answers “independence” no matter what the question was. What Britain doesn’t need right now is a party of traitors who would gladly destroy the UK and sabotage attempts to reach a workable solution just to further their own selfish agenda.

      • Republicofscotland

        “Scotland needs most is a government that can think on their feet and and a government that can make rational decisions.”


        So why would you allow a xenophobic right wing government 500 miles away to decide policy for you, are you mad ? Don’t answer that.

        Independence is crucial, it will allow the Scottish government govern without one hand tied behind it back. A government can’t run a country properly, and to the best of its ability without all, the levers of government.

        But I’m sure my above comment, will just go right over your head…..WHOOSH!!!!!

        • fred

          “So why would you allow a xenophobic right wing government 500 miles away to decide policy for you, are you mad ? Don’t answer that.”

          500 miles away or 250 miles away what’s the difference? It’s still a long way away.

          • Republicofscotland

            Oh dear, a very poor response indeed, though it does show, me that you have no real answer to that specific question, which says a lot.

  • michael norton

    The brilliant comedian Matt Forde has a routine during which he compares the response of Remain voters
    to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union to the five stages of grief. It runs thus:
    “Denial: we’re not going to leave the EU. Anger: you f***ing racists! Bargaining: maybe we can stay in the single market.
    Depression: we can’t stay in the single market. Acceptance: f***ing right. Send ’em back.”


    I wonder how many people in Scotland would want to stay in the E.U. if the rest of the U.K. leave?

  • michael norton

    “Frau Sturgeon told the conference earlier in the week that the Scottish Government would publish a draft independence referendum bill next week as part of a consultation exercise.”

    Who do they wish to consult with?


    Ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU, Ms Sturgeon told delegates that Scotland was establishing “permanent trade representation in Berlin”, to help keep Scotland at the “very heart” of Europe.

    So does this mean that Frau Sturgeon now wants Scotland to be controlled by Germany?

  • michael norton

    Frau Sturgeon RIDICULED for wanting EU single market access as UK’s is FOUR TIMES more valuable
    Frau NICOLA STURGEON has been publicly mocked for wanting SCOTLAND to stay in the EU’s single market while pushing for independence as the UK’s market is four times more valuable to Scots. David Mundell, Minister for Scotland, told Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Sunday Politics that he found it “odd” that anyone could hold both positions.

    He said: “I find it very very odd that people who are very very concerned about the EU single market are quite willing to give up the UK single market which is four times as valuable to Scotland and responsible for a million jobs in Scotland.”

    He added that it “would be difficult” for Scotland to remain in the EU’s single market and a part of the UK and entirely “impossible” to be an independent member of the EU.

    • michael norton

      O.K. let’s try and think this through.
      Scotland leaves the United Kingdom and independently joins the European Union, and takes the Euro as its default currency.
      Scotland is then in the E.U. single market.
      This is, we are expected to understand, Frau Nicola Sturgeon’s greatest desire with all her frozen heart.
      Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom are then two completely foreign countries, both in separate economic realities.
      The rest of the United Kingdom has gone through a hard Brexit and has nothing whatsoever to do with the remaining vassals of
      the European Union.
      There are hard borders between the remaining U.K. and the E.U.
      So a hard border between Scotland and England.
      Scotland can not make its own trade agreement with the remaining U.K. because the E.U. will not allow it to happen.
      The remaining U.K. will not have any R.N. vessels built outside of the U.K. so no longer made in Scotland.
      The U.K. would no longer feel obliged to purchase Scottish coal, oil, gas or renewable electricity.
      The U.K. would buy its energy on the world market at much cheaper prices.
      Scotland would lose privileged access to its best and biggest market.

      Is this really the “future” that Frau Nicola Sturgeon wants for Scotland?

      • michael norton

        The U.K. would not need to buy Scottish Steel.
        It would not need to by chemicals from Ineos in Grangemouth, we would source them from the cheapest places in the world.
        The Nuclear Fleet would move to Plymouth, many tens of thousands of jobs would be lost in Scotland.
        Free university education, would stop, virtually over night.
        Free prescriptions would stop virtually overnight.
        Most people in Scotland would find themselves thousands of pound worse off, straight away as Westminster completely withdraws funding.Passports will have to be shown between Scotland and England.
        Scotland would find the first twenty years, very, very hard going
        Eventually you might be better off, especially after the E.U. has dissolved.

        • Republicofscotland

          Norton, you sure do, write a lot of dross in here, Scotland hasn’t produced steel in decades, geez, no doubt your brain melting bible the Express, claims it does, or maybe you dreamt it?

          Meanwhile the SNP are threating not to adhere a revamped code of conduct, which puts their goal of independence, into conflict with it it, I say sign nothing.

          No doubt Frau May and the goosesteppers will be livid, Norton have you bought your jack boots yet?

          • michael norton

            The Sunday Post has learned an agreement has been reached to sell the Tata Steel works in Motherwell and Cambuslang to international metals firm Liberty House.

            Sources close to the deal expect an announcement to confirm the sale this week in a move which will preserve the centuries-old steel production tradition in Scotland.

            Scottish Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone said: “This is a rare piece of good news for an industry which is struggling.

            “It will be a huge relief to these communities.”

          • michael norton

            If Scotland becomes a leading producer of renewable energy within the United Kingdom, using Scottish steel to make the towers, great.
            If after the United Kingdom secures a HARD BREXIT,
            Scotland decides it must become “Independent” fine

            but the remaining U.K. will not have to buy
            or bugger all from Scotland, we will buy from the cheapest in the world.
            Scotland will have to abide by all the rules of the European Union, it will not be free to make its own trade deals.
            HARD BORDER

            just think it all through first RoS before you push the button.

          • Republicofscotland

            Norton the steel comes to TATA already in blocks, it’s then rolled and pressed, Scotland hasn’t smelted steel since Ravencraig.

            Don’t get me started on that road, Thatcher and all that, Norton, what other comics are you reading at the moment?

            Did your jack boots arrive yet?

          • Republicofscotland

            “Or bugger all from Scotland, we will buy from the cheapest in the world.”

            Norton, you’re not too bright are you? The dis-United Kingdom is already buying from the cheapest suppliers, mainly China. Thatcher bought in coal from Poland, because it was cheaper to do so, thus thousands of miners were tossed onto the dole, but not before they got a ruddy good clubbing, in my opinion, from the police, on orders from the Home Office.

            In the real world trade will continue, between the four nations, though, I think you’ll need to join the Tories, to get your jack boots, before Christmas.

          • michael norton

            The Donald Tusk has told Frau May that either we stay shackled to the European Union or it’s a HARD BREXIT.
            As we have recently had a U.K. wide Referendum and voted to leave, so be it HARD BREXIT
            it will be.
            RoS a HARD BREXIT will mean a HARD BORDER

            Scotland will not be able to make special trade deals with anyone not even with England, the E.U. will be pulling all your strings, just like they pull the strings of Greece.
            But if you are completly sure you want Independence

            go for it
            and good luck to Scotland

            BYE BYE

          • michael norton

            The future of Fort George as a working army barracks is to be discussed in London later.

            The 250-year-old base, north-east of Inverness, has been looked at as part of a Ministry of Defence (MoD) review, due to report by the end of October.

            Inverness MP Drew Hendry and Highland Council leader Margaret Davidson are scheduled to meet defence minister Mark Lancaster.

            Fort George currently houses soldiers from the Black Watch (3 SCOTS).

            Mr Hendry said: “The threat looming over Fort George puts up to 750 jobs and the £16m at risk in our local economy.

            “I will be meeting with Mark Lancaster, the Parliamentary Under Secretary on Monday and have invited the Leader of the Highland Council and my colleague Maree Todd MSP to join me. Together we will highlight the devastating impact closure would have on our local community.”

            I know it’s bugger all to Frau Sturgeon but to some it’s their jobs RoS

          • michael norton

            So SNP people will be pleading with Westminster to keep these jobs in Scvotland.
            Just a tad surprizing, I thought the SNP were for an Independent Scotland
            you could hardly expect the United Kingdom to retain troops in Scotland, once Scotland becomes an Independent country, could u RoS?

        • Republicofscotland

          “RoS a HARD BREXIT will mean a HARD BORDER”

          I’ll humour you for a minute Norton, so if that’s the case the the fascist leaning xenophobes, and Frau May, will need to backtrack on their promise to have no hard border, between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

          If they didn’t keep that promise, a reunified Ireland might be on the cards.

          Which would mean Ungreat Britain becoming even smaller, all, that would be left is, the Welsh principality and England, in splendid isolation.

          • michael norton

            It is irrelevant what may or may not have been “promised” to Ireland.
            We did not think we would be getting a HARD BREXIT but this is the option
            The Donald Tusk and Frau Merkel and Herr Francois Hollande, have mapped out for us, if we dare to leave
            the European Union/Empire
            As Frau May has said BREXIT MEANS BREXIT

            So, with a HARD BREXIT
            must come HARD BORDERS.

          • michael norton

            So RoS do you “think” that Frau Nicola is ready for a HARD BRXIT BORDER with England

            Passports please.

  • michael norton

    Will the Greek economy ever recover – A warning to Scotland

    The curious saying “beware Greeks bearing gifts” alludes more to the fable of Troy’s wooden horse than to the warmth and hospitality for which Greece is famous.

    But the Greeks themselves can be a little wary about receiving gifts themselves, particularly in the form of economic assistance.

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecast that the country’s shattered economy could grow by 2.8% next year if the Greek government implements all the changes demanded by its eurozone creditors.

    The IMF also predicts unemployment will begin to fall in 2017.

    Many Greeks have greeted the forecasts with astonishment.

    • michael norton

      More than 23% of working-age Greeks are unemployed and public sector pay and pensions have been cut by more than 40% in many cases.

      At the same time, taxes have gone up by around 25%.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    ” and Mr Murray does not currently hold any security clearance.”

    I think I will kind of recognise Craig Murray if he turns up at the front door at any of our Parties

    If he brings Nadira with him – I think my wife will let him in too.

    Next one Saturday November 5th..after The Fireworks in our local park.

    Can Craig Sing?


  • james nelson

    Was at the conference Craig and your take on her speech probably hits the nail on the head, even if I still believe that some caution is advisable regarding your assertion that “not only will Sturgeon’s conditions not be met, it will be made very plain very quickly that they are not going to be met.”
    My own view is best summed up as follows: Get allies in the House of Commons and elsewhere to prevent a hard Brexit taking place and, if this strategy ultimately proves unsuccessful, then there will be ‘Indyref2’.
    Find that she sort of put the SNP in a win-win situation, but it is ultimately the nature of the Brexit itself that will determine the chance of Indyref2 being successful.


  • fred

    I see Donald Trump is adopting SNP tactics of screaming “media bias” and “rigged ballot” in preparation for losing in the race.

    I’m wondering if he would use Republican majorities in the Senate and Congress to keep on holding elections till he wins one. That would be the next step.

    Democracy is being undermined

      • michael norton

        Oh dear, he has found the Scottish system of government difficult to negotiate.

        “I should highlight that had it not been for the exhaustive red tape and obstacles presented through the planning system, the pace of our project would have been accelerated.”

        Ms Malone said it was “nothing short of ridiculous” that it had taken 40 planning applications, 24 planning hearings, a full public inquiry and parliamentary hearing just to build phase one.

        She also said the company had also been forced to “waste valuable resources, money and time” on fighting the location of an offshore wind farm near the property.

        “The system has not supported big investment, it has made it extremely difficult,” she added.

      • glenn_uk

        You’re warming to him? Fine – you admire fascists who enjoy sexually molesting women and would like to have sex with their own daughter, when they’re not screwing the little guy out of their hard earned cash. We all know that, Norton. That’s what happens you read that ghastly far-right rag the Express.

  • michael norton

    Frau Nicola Sturgeon grilled by furious residents in her OWN CONSTITUENCY left looking like a SLUM
    NICOLA Sturgeon was subjected to two hours’ of questioning today from her own constituents – who asked why their neighbourhood was covered in rubbish, being overrun by rats and dangerous for women.

    I can’t understand why Frau Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t get on with her day job in Govanhill, instead of strutting about posturing in Europe.

  • michael norton

    Obsessed Clown Frau Sturgeon

    Downing Street sources say the United Kingdom Government is becoming increasingly impatient with the “obsessed”
    devolved assembly leader.

    Theresa May is jetting to Brussels tonight to enter into peace talks with the 27 other member states and to lay out her firm BREXIT
    plans ahead of triggering Article 50.

    Now it can be revealed that the United Kingdom Government has ABSOLUTELY no intention of responding to Sturgeon’s public rantings on another independence referendum which was released on the Scottish Government website today.

  • michael boyd

    Just back from a meeting with Pete Wishart. I wouldn’t count on a second referendum anytime soon. In addressing EEA nationals re status post Brexit there was absolutely no guarantee of a second vote. Thats my membership card being returned.

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