Podesta Congratulated on Nevada Fraud 128

This Clinton circle email has been highlighted because of its injunction that “Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp.” But actually the last phrase might be more significant – “congrats on Nevada.”


Nevada was of course one of the most blatant examples of all of the Democratic National Committee rigging the election against Sanders. Firstly the caucuses featured casino owners bussing in coachloads of employees with firm instructions to vote for Hillary. Even with this, Hillary was struggling. Next the Democratic party machine announced to the media on 21 February that Hillary had won, despite it being by no means clear if that were true.

Finally at the delegate conference, Hillary acolyte and DNC member Roberta Lange in the chair called the state for Clinton on the basis of the most dubious delegate vote imaginable – and denying any recount. What is more, the Clinton camp scored a double whammy by portraying, throughout the controlled corporate media, the precise scenes you see in this video as a violent riot by Sanders supporters. I do ask you to watch this video through and see what you think. It may just change your entire mind on what is really happening in US “democracy”.

When I posted on this back in May, establishment trolls called me a “tinfoil hat” and “conspiracy theorist” for suggesting that the NDC was fixing the primary election against Sanders. In the six months since then, Wikileaks has released the emails and there is now no doubt whatsoever that I was telling the truth. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has had to resign in ignominy for gross corrupt behaviour, and her successor Donna Brazile has been sacked in disgrace by CNN after being revealed to the world as a liar and a cheat who rigged the debates against Bernie Sanders – yet has not resigned as chair of the DNC. That fact is in itself sufficient evidence that Hillary was comfortable with the debate rigging.

There are other candidates than Trump and Clinton available. I cannot see how, either in logic or in conscience, a single Sanders supporter can bring themselves to vote for Clinton.

New Book: Sikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game – by Craig Murray

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128 thoughts on “Podesta Congratulated on Nevada Fraud

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Well, I supported Sanders, fearing that he would be chewed up by the machine, and will be voting for Hillary, the wife of the President who called for my assassination so strongly that even Obama tried to finish the job when he immediately made Leon Panetta DCI.

    The world is so whacky that no one should be too upset by experience that or being called a conspiracy theorist, the terms I save for the really loony ones, like Wayne Madsen.

    Director Comey should be sacked for his “October Surprise” which is changing the election result,the worst manipulating of the American political process in history.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Seriously, if Comey had hard evidence of criminality which would disqualify a candidate from office, would he be bound by the Hatch Act to delay proceeding until the candidate had been elected? Just hypothetically: no prejudice one way or the other. Was the Act’s original intention to protect political candidates, or the people? Maybe an American can enlighten me?

        • Loony

          It is not possible to determine whether Comey violated the Hatch Act without knowing the quantum of evidence that he has. Comey is prohibited from discussing the evidence in his possession.

          No such prohibitions apply to Clinton or her friend Huma. They must know what he has, so they could come out and confirm that he has nothing. Should they do this then your argument would have merit. However that they do not do so is instructive.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Just more looniness.

            His letter to Congress interfered with the electoral process, as the latest polls show, as Trump closes the gap with Hillary.

            Obama has a clear basis to fire him.

  • Fabio Luelmo

    “There are other candidates than Trump and Clinton available. I cannot see how, either in logic or in conscience, a single Sanders supporter can bring themselves to vote for Clinton.” The other candidates don’t have a chance in hell and the alternative is Orange Hitler. The real fight isn’t the Presidency, the real fight is the Senate and House. With a D Senate Bernie becomes chair of the budget commitee and the senate leadership election will h0pefully choose Warren. The Senate has more power to force the president to act than the other way around. It doesn’t look like that because he have had a do nothing senate since the Clinton 1 years.

    • Bayard

      “The other candidates don’t have a chance in hell”

      So the only reason to vote for a candidate, however bad they may be, is that they might win, is it?

  • Richard Tye

    Below is a YouTube link to an interview with Prof. Michael Hudson, economist and author, in which he discusses the upcoming US election. He makes reference to the lesser evil argument, but interestingly and rather ominously states that “Europeans should be terrified of a Clinton presidency”. Watch and make up your own mind.


    • Shatnersrug

      Well anyone who’s been following her actions will know that she’s quite happy to ramp it up against Putin any threat of war with Russia is bad for Europeans. I just don’t see how that’s going to change whether it be trump or Clinton – whoever is president will be managed to allow US foreign policy to continue as it has since WW2 – there has been very little difference in foreign policy democratic or republican simply because they defer to the pentagon and the CIA

      All you get to vote for in a western democracy is the way the domestic non military budget is spent democrats = more grants and public services and “caring” domestic rhetoric. Republican = less grants and public services and aggressive domestic rhetoric.

      the US allows you to vote on smaller state by state rules – banning cigarettes etc.

      That’s it. That’s all you get.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Richard Tye,

      Brilliant interview. The criminals in control are also destroying ordinary Americans – quite literally.

      “The Bush/Obama U.S. Dark Age”

      “While Obama claims that the last 15 years have been an economic miracle for the United States, reality says something very different. The recent Deaton/Case study showing an increase in death rates among white, working age U.S. males makes the point: this is not a recovery. The Obama and Bush presidencies have ushered in a cultural economic dark age, comparable in scale to the years of Russian “shock therapy” after the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s.”


  • Sharp Ears

    Link to the May article.

    and on Dissident Voice

    Controversy over WikiLeaks Podesta Emails Opens a Debate for Future Journalism
    by Nozomi Hayase / October 31st, 2016

    Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D., is a writer who has been covering issues of freedom of speech, transparency, and decentralized movements. Her work is featured in many publications. Find her on twitter @nozomimagine

  • Anon1

    Never a mention of Clinton Foundation corruption on C4/BBC News. The ‘scandal’ is the FBI investigating.

    • RobG

      I rarely, if ever, find myself agreeing with you, Anon1, but you’re right.

      Methinks this presidential election will be the final nail in the coffin of the mainstream media.

    • kief

      Just a little context outside the bubble of SNP
      and Brexit;

      Y’all have no idea what’s going on because NOBODY does at this stage.

      Wiener was hacked and maybe connected to Huma’s emails to State (Hillary)

      It’s is unknown (even though Craig seems to believe he knows) who hacked.

      Many believe Russian interference. Others speculate the Breitbart Gang hacked with a strategy to undermine a Hillary POTUS as early as 2011. Y’all are speculating like they did over the Twin Towers of 9/11. We may never know, but NO ONE except a chosen few….know WTF is going on right now.

      • RobG

        Howdy. Yo’ seem t’knows as much about whut is happenin’ in th’ UK as yo’ does about whut is happenin’ in South Car’lina.

        Y’all keep on watching those good ole boys at Fox News.

  • Carl Olsen

    Another timely post, Craig. Should not the first sentence of your second paragraph read, “…called the state for Clinton…”?

  • RobG

    In France today, 1st November, it’s All Saints’ Day (‘La Toussaint’), a public holiday during which people honour the lives of their deceased relatives. It’s known as ‘the day of the dead’ because the cemeteries are crowded with people laying flowers on graves, and the flowers are chrysanthemums (in my part of France there’s also fish involved, but I won’t go into all that). Unlike the anglo-saxon capitalist world, in France public holidays are not shifted to the nearest weekend or Monday. This year in France All Saints’ Day has fallen on a Tuesday, and the country has had a holiday. Despite the apparent sombre tone of All Saints’ Day it’s actually a bit of a celebration, and people go out and visit family and friends. Lots of food and drink.

    So what’s all this got to do with the American presidential erection..? Well apart from the fact that the neo-cons are trying to enforce the ‘American way’ on the French – which has resulted in the worst civil unrest in modern French history – it’s about the work-life balance, and shows that there is still a saner more humane world.

    • giyane

      Ist November is my birthday, and we had a lovely day yesterday visiting my darling first grand-child. Let the dead bury the dead. On the day she died my mum spent an hour chatting to my then pregnant daughter. She was so excited about the prospect of her new great grand-child, she put the phone down, picked up her sabots and left.

  • kief

    I understand your empathy Craig, but you like your entourage seem to be dismissive of the consequences of Trump.

    Y’all think the Pond will give you air. It won’t.

    • Herbie

      We know that Hillary is a conniving liar and warmonger on a world scale, a prostitute to global banking.

      What are the “consequences of Trump”?

      You never quite spell it out.


      Like the Hillary media entourage, you’re long on unspecified dark allusions but very very short on facts.

      • kief

        “You never quite spell it out.”

        True enough. Have I given you too much credit for thinking it out?


        • Herbie

          So I was correct.

          We know what damage Hillary will do to world peace.

          So far as Trump is concerned, all you have are unspecified dark allusions to nothing.

          Formally a very similar approach to Hillary’s msm cheerleaders.

          This jibbering clown, Carville, is pretty much the same thing:


          • kief

            You are so smug in your one-(wo)man deliberations. Judge and jury need not fear your Star-Chamber of One (El Supremo) as long as people like you are exposed for what you are. Venal and coarse purveyors of personal grudges long unfulfilled….jumping the great white sharks to vast and deep blue sea conclusions……nary a fact in tow.

            Progressives will be the first to go.

          • Herbie


            Still can’t answer the question.

            Still can’t address the issues.

            That’s the Clinton campaign in a nutshell.

            Any and every nonsense but the matter in hand.

            We saw that with both Brexit and Corbyn too.

            The global criminals have nothing to say, for fear of having to address their crimes.

            They rely on media and the stupidity of a dumbed-down people to do their work.

  • John Barriage

    While I enjoy, and almost always agree with C.M’s writings, I could not disagree more. I am a Sanders supporter now supporting Hillary Clinton. The way the electoral system is structured in America the presidential choice is entirely binary. A vote for the Greens or the Libertarians is a wasted vote. the 2016 election is too important for a mere protest vote. The Weimar Republic succumbed not because the National Socialists were strong but that the opposition to it were splintered. In any scenario the Democrats are better than the Republicans and its current Maximum Leader Donald Trump. A position by the way shared by Senator Sanders.

    • Herbie

      And yet, Hillary is the nazi candidate.

      She’s the Barbarossa candidate.

      She’s the global banking candidate.

      Same game as when grandaddy Bush supported the Nazis

      Clinton/Bush, Bush/Clinton same difference.

    • RobG

      The Hillary Clinton you support is on record a number of times saying that she wants to enforce a no-fly zone in Syria.

      Do you also support a war with Russia?

      The Hillary Clinton you support has also now been proven to be so corrupt that Al Capone would be taking lessons.

      (for the record I am equally distasteful of Trump, and if I had a vote in the total charade that is the US presidential election it would go to Jill Stein, who at least seems relatively sane and campaigns on real issues)

    • lysias

      I cannot remember an election where I was not told that it was too important for a mere protest vote.

    • nevermind

      As long as you can assure us Europeans that Missis Clinton ire/first barrage with Russia is truly personal and will not use any other territory but that of the USA for their nuclear exchanges, that’s fine.
      Sure Mr. Putin would agree to hit the great Satan, rather than his lucrative EU interests, what do you say John?

  • Herbie

    This is the crux of the issues facing the US electorate and the world at large.

    Trump’s critique of neo-liberalism, global banking and other crooked scams. The nation state versus the new world order.

    Trump’s best speech.

    Only 5 minutes.

    The core issues that the Clinton criminal clones can never address, because they’re personal beneficiaries of the crime:


      • Herbie

        Everyone has to operate with the current criminal banking system.

        Kinda difficult to operate outside it. That’s the point.

        But anyway.

        What do you have to say about the policy issues he addresses.

        Or do they just blow over your head.

        Are you a supporter of the current banking model.

        Or not.

        Or don’t you know.

    • RobG

      Herbie, with the greatest respect, you assume that America is a functioning democracy (the recent, somewhat infamous Princeton study on this – http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746 )

      I would suggest that it hasn’t been that for a very long time (probably since they blew out the brains of JFK).

      No one gets to take a major part in the charade of a presidential election unless they are part of the cabal.

      • Herbie

        “No one gets to take a major part in the charade of a presidential election unless they are part of the cabal.”

        That’s generally the case, yes, of course.

        That’s the bipartisan approach.


        You’re now looking at a situation where that concensus has broken down, and all across the world.

        This is a fight between globalist elites and local elites.

        It’s not just the peeps who’ve suffered under the global bankers.

        Local elites have been left out in the cold as well.

        Things ain’t as profitable for them at home.

        That why you’re seeing an outbreak of patriotism all over the world.

        That’s the argument for why it’s different this time.

        • Habbabkuk

          “This is a fight between globalist elites and local elites…..Local elites have been left out in the cold as well.”

          The implication of the above appears to be that globalist elites are bad but local elites are good.

          So the objection is not to the existence of elites per se but merely to the scale of some of them.

          It is of course the case that elites have always formed throughout human history.

          Any thoughts on (1) whether all elites are bad, irrespective of their scale) ans (2) if so, can anything be done about this and if so, what, would be helpful in the context of this discussion.

      • Shatnersrug

        Gore Vidal suggested the establishment of the CIA in 1947 was the end of a functioning democracy. But then you only got to look at pearl harbour to see how propaganda can be brought to manufacture consent. Roosevelt ran on a no war campaign – by 41 they were in it. You don’t get a vote on foreign policy it’s that simple.

        • Habbabkuk

          I think most people in Europe would have reason to welcome the US entry into the war.

          How that entry was achieved might be an interesting point for discussion but, ultimately, rather fruitless.

  • Habbabkuk

    “Finally at the delegate conference, Hillary acolyte and DNC member Roberta Lange in the chair called the state for Clinton on the basis of the most dubious delegate vote imaginable – and denying any recount”

    If the TV debates and – more seriously – the Nevada election were rigged, one would expect Mr Sanders himself to express his displeasure publicly and demand revision of the outcome.

    Is he on record for having done so?

    (This is of course a similar question to the one asked in respect of the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum, where it appears that the SNP did not challenge the outcome despite allegations – including of course on this blog – that the outcome was rigged)

    • kief

      He was quite explicit about those and a Legion of other issues he took exception to as an outlier.

      He is truly a reluctant warrior for Hillary, but he like many others see disaster in even a close race with Trump.
      He will only accept a result that makes him POTUS or else the system is rigged and blood flows in the streets.

      That to me is a terrorist threat. It is extortion in the extremus.

      • Loony

        Must be a lot of terrorists inside the Beltway then. I recall Al Gore questioning the legitimacy of the outcome of a Presidential election. Did that make him a terrorist? Did blood flow.

        Is it not the case that while on the campaign trail in 2008 one Barack Obama warned that the election may be rigged and suggested that electronic voting machines, particularly those in Ohio were vulnerable to hacking. Does this make Obama a terrorist?

        • kief

          Really? You’re comparing these two scenarios as equivalent?

          Trump is Gore?

          You are Loony..

          • Loony

            No. Trump is not Gore. They are 2 discrete individuals. However Gore has contested the outcome of an election and Trump has indicated that he is willing to contest the outcome of an election.He has indicated this in more or less the same terms as Obama in 2008.

            The comparison is with someone who has say murdered someone and someone who says he is willing to consider murdering someone. In this example you appear to find the latter more disturbing than the former. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to point out your opinion is at odds with reason and logic.

    • craig Post author


      I have never alleged the Scottish referendum result was rigged. And yes Sanders has protested formally about the many irregularities.

    • Herbie

      “If the TV debates and – more seriously – the Nevada election were rigged, one would expect Mr Sanders himself to express his displeasure publicly and demand revision of the outcome.”

      It’s obvious that it was rigged.

      The emails say as much.

      But you can see the rigging with your own eyes in the video.

      Sanders knows well what his role is.

  • glenn_uk

    Craig: “There are other candidates than Trump and Clinton available. I cannot see how, either in logic or in conscience, a single Sanders supporter can bring themselves to vote for Clinton.

    Clinton is not an an ideal candidate, for a great many reasons. However, the only alternative is Trump – it is rather fanciful to consider any other candidate as being viable. A vote which is not for Clinton is therefore one which boosts the chances of Trump.

    Sanders himself urges his supporters to vote for Clinton. It might well be considered irresponsible to suggest voting for anyone else, unless the suggestion is aimed at achieving a Trump Presidency.

  • J Galt

    Welcome to the Honourable Company of Tinfoil Hat Wearers.

    To be honest as events unroll you’d be lost without one!

    • Paul Barbara

      And the good news is I’m selling them, with built-in aluminum, strontium, barium and fluoride filters, for only $199.99!

  • Loony

    Who could possibly vote for Hillary Clinton?

    Maybe those who despise the law and the concept of justice, anarchists who want to spark a constitutional crisis and the terminally deranged, Can there possibly be any other groups of people who seriously think that voting for her is a good idea?

      • michael norton

        mein gott glennuk surely you do not believe that Killary is going to be the choice of the people?

        • michael norton

          Killary is the choice of the few,
          the Banksters, the Illuminati, the power people, the people who do not believe in Democracy,
          not the ordinary voters, the ones she has utter contempt for.

        • glenn_uk

          Great stuff, Loony – so there’s no longer any way to call out a Nazi for being a Nazi huh? You are a genius, sir. They don’t exist – and if they do, and you point it out, that’s “lost the argument”! Utterly brilliant.

          Here’s a clue, since you’re short of them. “Godwin’s Law” applied just fine for Usenet discussions. It’s not a method of dismissing actual freaking Nazis when they are about to ascend to power of a nuclear armed state. Small difference, very subtle, but I hope you’re clever enough to appreciate that fine distinction.


          • Loony

            If you are looking for Nazi’s you need look no further than the Ukraine – there are plenty of them there. After all it was the neo-con faction in the US administration that placed them in the positions of power they currently occupy.

            You can tell they are Nazi’s by the clothes that they wear (often German SS Uniforms) and they people they venerate like Stepan Bandera, and the policies they follow like seeking to eradicate the Russian language even though that is the only language half of them speak.

            How strange that a committed Nazi hunter like yourself would have overlooked these people and indeed the people that organized a coup for their benefit and put them in positions of power.

            Here is an example of a Ukrainian Nazi


            Can you spot any similarities between Pavlo Lapshyn and Donald Trump?

      • bevin

        The only sense in which trump is a Nazi is that in which anyone who opposes Clinton is called one: she claimed that Putin was a Hitler, for example.
        The reality is that Trump is just a dilettante whose surprising success in winning the nomination and in running Clinton-who outspends him about 4:1 close is a reflection on the utter moral and political chaos afflicting the USA.
        Not only are the two candidates among the least qualified (both in terms of experience and character) ever to compete for the office but the races for Senate and the House are similar. The Senate is run by corporate poodles- there is nobody of the stature of a Fulbright, Morse, Wellstone or even Dirksen in the place. As to the House the speaker is Ryan a disciple of Ayn Rand and a total idiot and the Black Caucus is utterly corrupt, and it is all downhill from them.
        The crisis that the US is in is that the system has completely lost its credibility, and for the best of reasons.
        Say what you will about Trump but his main message-that the system is corrupt and elections rigged- is undeniably true. And, as these emails make clear, Clinton and her machine are at the centre of that corruption and actively involved in rigging elections, just as she urged be done in Palestine and as she ensured was done in Haiti, Honduras and wherever else she was able to interfere.
        As Glen Ford of Black Agenda Reports put it: if you are looking for fascists in this election you will find them where all the warmongers, the media manipulators and the banks are gathered-in Clinton’s tent.

        • glenn_uk

          Crap, Bevin. Demonstrably untrue. Sanders (who I supported) opposed Clinton, and he certainly wasn’t called a Nazi. Obama (who I also supported) opposed Clinton, and he wasn’t called a Nazi. But don’t let facts slow you down.

          Trump’s success at winning the nomination shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed US politics closely for the last decade or so. If you haven’t done so, fair enough – but don’t denigrate those who have. Hate-radio has been working this crowd for 30 years – Trump is blowing this racist, bigoted BS out of a bull-horn instead of dog-whistling, and the faithful love it. That’s why he’s so popular among the easily led. There appear to be examples even on this blog.

          The rest of what you have written is a smattering of unrelated truths, but largely irrelevant – we have a very stark choice between an unlikable neo-con, and a populist Nazi. It appears you favour the latter. I think you are gravely mistaken in your choice.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Oh, well. When the maniac whose slightest whim our own government will rush to fulfil is elected, at least the tedious charade will be over for a couple of years. Whichever one it is. I take comfort from the knowledge that some Presidential careers – not always the right ones, true – have been terminated by a bullet. Further, if Trump is truly as incoherent as he would like disenfranchised blue-collar America to believe, he’s going to get a hell of a rough ride from the executive branch trying to make sense of his ideas, and pay for them. While Hillary’s toxicity will perhaps ensure that potential supporters are lacking in Congress, even if she wins. Hope springs eternal. A paralysed America is preferable to an overactive one for us frogs.

    • Loony

      The times they are a changing President Trump will have neither the time nor the inclination to issue orders to vassal states. They will be left to sink or swim, and at that point the citizens of the vassal states will realize just how completely their independent decision making offices have atrophied.

      A President Clinton will likely only issue the one order “Attack Russia” after that there will be no-one left to issue orders to.

        • Loony

          What is wrong now?

          Do you not recall Clinton comparing Putin to Hitler? What message do you think this comparison was intended to convey.

          Do you not know that the US instructed Germany to move a detachment of its military forces to the Russian border on June 22nd (the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa) What do you think this move was intended to achieve?

          Do you not know that Donald Trump has made a number of comments that question his commitment to NATO – and that a weakening of NATO would likely make an assault on Russia more difficult.

          • Loony

            Are you on drugs?

            I ask purely because I note that you post under the title of Kief which in Arabic means pleasure and intoxication. Alternatively perhaps you are taking a break from the Rolling Stones which would also be relevant to my question.

          • kief

            If that conclusion is similar to your other conclusions, one would have to assume it was you who operates under an altered reality.

            If you aren’t high, you probably should start. It couldn’t hurt.

          • glenn_uk

            @Kief: You’re not going to get very far with any discussion based on facts, reality or logic with your correspondent Loony. S/he might be correct on some things, but on most others is utterly impervious to reason. Don’t waste your time.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          No. I think there’s something in Loony’s observation – a little lateral thinking, anyway. Christ. Imagine if the UK had to stand on its own two feet* rather than salivating under either the EU or US tables?

          We’re just not traioned for it.

          * Dog analogy, sorry. Four feet.

  • Karl Kolchack

    This Sanders supporter will not only NOT be voting for Clinton, but is hoping she will lose for the simple reason that the Democratic Party will NEVER change and thus actually represent the left if the DNC, Brazile and Schultz get away with this. Clinton being an unindicted criminal who arrogantly and stupidly compromised national security is a big factor for me as well.

    • kief

      May the Gods save us from Progressivism. It’s the bane of Western Civilization, if it can be called civilization.

      They are the first to go in a revolution. Keep that in mind.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        I can’t stand Alex Jones (mainly because of his voice).

        I have followed Steve Pieczenik for many years.

        He has always appeared completely honest, incredibly intelligent and extremely well informed, because he was a part of it, and he didn’t always approve.

        What he said today, is extremely powerful, and almost certainly true.

        This is far more interesting than any movie. Its Real.

        God knows what is going to happen next.


  • Hieroglyph

    Of course, an easy ‘out’ for the 1% would be to rig election in Trump’s favor (or for him to win fairly). This would mean that Clinton would, finally, just go away. She’s too tarnished to be a useful president, and her tenure will just be pretty much what we are seeing just now: scandals, and fire-fighting. I begin to suspect Clinton is ‘boned’, and that finally Clinton inc. will withdraw from public life. Not through choice – Hillary will fight on to the last – but through the machinations of the .001%. This is her last battle, and she won’t get another chance.

    Hopefully, they’ll retire to Dubai, and leave us alone. There’s no chance of jail, but I’d take exile. And the corporate media? Well, they’ve outed themselves as partisan hacks, and stooges of power. This is a good thing. Hopefully the hold they have will be diminished; I think Murdoch’s grip is already loosening, and this will add some vaseline.

    For the record, I don’t support Trump. Actually, I don’t give a flying about Trump. He’s a douchebag, not a fascist, and his tenure can’t be any worse than either of the Bush clan. Famous last words, perhaps.

      • bevin

        “Enough said?”
        No. It is unclear what you are getting at, but if you are suggesting that there is any parallel between this election and Munich 1938 you are very wrong.
        Hieroglyph is just about right, except that he overestimates-as so many are inclined to do – both the power of the US ruling class and its prescience.
        Trump is actually a pretty good example of the membership of the 1%: he’s not very bright and neither are they.
        Nor, therefore, are the ‘brains’ that they recruit to do the thinking for them.
        Podesta is a good example- a plausible, not very scrupulous mediocrity who might have got a driver’s job in the Capone mob. Then there are the foreign policy gurus-the neo-cons- who make the Keystone Kops look cunning. Finally there are the economists and ideologists, the neo-liberals, who are reducing the economy to ashes. Given a few more months and 2008 is going to look like a boom.
        With rulers like these America doesn’t need any enemies. And that is logical because it has rulers like these precisely because it hasn’t had any enemies-or real challenges- since 1942.
        And that is why it is such obvious nonsense for the Clintons to whine that the Russia has been interfering in the election: nobody has been interfering, partly because there is no need to do so, partly because it is beyond the wit of man to work which of the candidates is worse (and therefore more likely to hasten the descent of US power into a welcome and merciful impotence) and partly because the US is the only power which consistently interferes in foreign elections. It is part of being exceptional.

  • Hieroglyph

    On the other hand, Cory Bernardi has just announced his support for Trump. Hillary it is then. No indictment – just a ‘win’dictment for Hillary!

    Fucking hell, it’s like they actively tried to find the most unpleasant person in America. They’ll be recruiting congressmen from the local ass-bang penitentiary next.

  • Sharp Ears

    Suggest a closer look at the antecedents of Kaine and Pence. Who knows what events will take place following this fevered ‘election’.

  • Habbabkuk


    “I have never alleged the Scottish referendum result was rigged”

    Apologies if my post read as if you had done so (loose drafting perhaps). I was of course referring not to you but to several individuals posting on this blog.


    ” And yes Sanders has protested formally about the many irregularities”


    That was not the sense of my question. “Formal” protests are one thing, “harder” action (eg a challenge in the courts – if that is possible – is it?) is another.

    BTW – I do find “arguments” (they are not yours, I hasten to add, but from one of our illustrious commenters) like

    “Sanders knows well what his role is.”

    less than useful. Nihilistic even, with mire than a touch of the “it’s all a great conspiracy” about them.

  • giyane

    Tin foil hat needed by BBC. My day opened with one of the sages from BBC announcing that Trump supports Islamic State. I was expecting him to announce that White City was now surrounded by US Humvees and the Russian Navy was lurking with nuclear submarines in the Salford Quays of the Manchester Shipping Canal.

    Maybe I was dreaming. I can’t find the offending tripe on podcast. Or maybe, along with John McCain leader of the US senate, Trump supports Islamic State. Daesh will flee into the darling embrace of Turkish troops massed on the Iraqi border and be whisked to fight Russia on a different front.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ ShatnersrugNovember 2, 2016 at 02:49
    ‘Gore Vidal suggested the establishment of the CIA in 1947 was the end of a functioning democracy. But then you only got to look at pearl harbour to see how propaganda can be brought to manufacture consent. Roosevelt ran on a no war campaign – by 41 they were in it. You don’t get a vote on foreign policy it’s that simple.’

    Plenty of people, including myself, agree with Gore Vidal. Loony’s post of Pieczenik on the Infowars video is also extremely interesting, and is a breath of fresh air. The Intel community has always had a sound, patriotic, moral minority, as have the military, police etc., which have deplored the state of affairs the US has been in for many decades; that is why Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips are still alive.
    Anyone who has read their books and who could still even think about voting for that Killary Luciferian trollop must be seriously deranged, or has taken the ‘Left-hand Path’ themselves.

    A very good and timely post, Craig, and plenty of good comments.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I’ve never seen two people who thoroughly deserve each other more than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Two clueless, nasty pirates fighting over the salvage.

    Trouble is, the rest of us are going to get one or the other whether we deserve them or not. I can’t see it matters much – neither is sane enough to avoid World War III, so start building your bunker ready to pull it in after you.

    • Alcyone

      John, you cannot be serious! I question really whether things can get much worse, although I’m not an optimist and am in no way saying things are going to really, actually, truly suddenly start getting any better. Given the inward state of human Consciousness, it has little hope of betterment. Only more of the same, as it is now, slowly getting worse in natural propagation.

      You’ve been way a bit; I hope that all is well?! See you around, hopefully.

      • Chris Rogers


        JSD, as with myself, has not been ‘away’, rather, both of us got involved in getting Jeremy Corbyn re-elected as Labour Leader and have been active on other Board’s fighting injustice within the Labour Party because of the Purges and machinations of Labour Rightists and the NEC. As with Corbyn, the main thrust of Craig’s argument, now, as well as back in April/May is that there was an orchestrated stitch-up of Bernie Sanders, who unlike Clinton or Trump, actually deserved a shot at becoming President – probably America’s last best hope to stop its spiral into civil war. Regrettably, the powers that be managed to stitch Bernie up, but they failed to stitch Corbyn up in the Labour Party, although outside of the Labour Party the MSM are continuing to stitch him up, which is why contributors such as John and myself are less active here – we only have so much time and don’t want the UK looking like the USA I’m afraid.

        • John Spencer-Davis

          Thanks, Chris. You done good.

          One of the great things about the contest was that it has made people so much more aware of bloggers such as Tom Pride (Pride’s Purge), Mike Sivier (Vox Political), The Canary, Skwawkbox, Another Angry Voice, and others, who are superb at publishing the latest Labour Right lies and nailing them to the wall with the truth, pretty well in real time. These people are not going to go away.

    • michael norton

      I wonder if the Aldermaston nuclear missile builders have considered their own irony?

      If there is a WW3 nuclear Armageddon,
      they will not need their pensions!

  • James

    This is relatively small potatoes for the Clinton Crime family. Drug dealing, rape and murder are among their crimes but fraud is what they specialise in….that’s their very very favourite.
    And don’t expect Trump to be any different. They both answer to the same people.

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