Setting the World to Rights 380

Just got back after a long chat with Julian Assange. We were joined for a light supper by the ever interesting and ebullient Yanis Varoufakis. Another of those brilliant evenings that will live in the mind.

Julian is very aware of the persistent rumours about his position or health. He is fine apart from a cold, and buoyed by recent events.

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380 thoughts on “Setting the World to Rights

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  • Paul Barbara

    @ cs November 26, 2016 at 04:09
    “He is fine …., and buoyed by recent events.”

    I would have assumed he was ‘buoyed’ by the visit and possible outcome of his meeting with Swedish investigators…

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Habbabkuk November 26, 2016 at 10:07
    ‘Well, it appears that that old devil Fidel Castro (El Lider) has finally popped his clogs.
    I shall of course not make the same sort of comments as were made on here when Baroness Thatcher finally died.’

    Bit like comparing chalk and cheese, or a warmongering old witch with one of the greatest patriotic Presidents in history…

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Trowbridge H. Ford November 26, 2016 at 14:19
    ‘Habby, you are overlooking, like Thomas Powers did in providing an Introduction to the paperback edition of John Marks’s The Search for the ‘Manchurian Candidate’, that the CIA killed all Castro’s alleged supporters in the States, starting with JFK, MLK and RFK’

    JFK and RFK were NOT supporters of Castro, but OK’s various methods of assassinating him (indeed, many of the actors in JFK’s assassination were part of the Anti-Castro operations).
    JFK was, however, involved with reconciliation proposals with Castro, and the latest reply from Cuba actually arrive at the White House the morning of JFK’s assassination; he never got to deal with it.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Thanks for overlooking the word “alleged” when I was talking about the murders of JFK, MLK, and RFK, especially since you even mentioned that Jack was involved in trying to achieve some kind of reconciliation, with his brother’s approval. with Castro which, as far as I can recall from my contacts with William Attwood, Kennedy’s special emissary with the Cuban leader, were apparently at a dead end.

      In sum, Jack was more interested, as his clamp down on anti-Castro activities in the States demonstrated, in the process than Castro who was quite willing to see the end of us all to get back at Washington and Moscow for selling him out during the Missile Crisis.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Trowbridge H. Ford November 26, 2016 at 14:39
    ‘Right, starting with trying to make LHO, the double-agent back in the States, a MC by rapid hypnosis in July 1963, and when it failed because he wouldn’t go along with the plan, he was set up as the patsy, though it worked with James Earl Ray, and Sirhan Sirhan.
    Start reading some serious books rather than just playing tag-team with some buddy.’

    Lee Harvey Oswald was Military Intel, and tried his darndest to stop the assassination. James Earl Ray was not ‘Mind Controlled’, but simply a very low IQ petty crook, who was given a job of buying a rifle as a ‘sample’ which ‘Raoul’, his handler, said he wanted for a business deal. ‘Raoul’ arrannged for his lodging in the rooming house opposite where Martin Luther King was to stay; he did not (and could not) have shot MLK. Even MLK’s family supported James Earl Ray’s attempts to get a rehearing of the case, and they were sure he was innocent (so was and is Cynthia McKinney, ex-US Congresswoman).

    Sirhan Sirhan certainly was Mind Controlled.

      • Paul Barbara

        The guy was given ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse’; a guaranteed death sentence, or a plea bargain.
        As it was a State-Sponsored assassination, it’s like a Mafia goon squad comes round to you and says (Fess up to the crime we did, or we’ll blow your head off’.
        There was plenty of evidence he COULDN’T have done it – including, because of a wall in the rooming house bathroom from were he was claimed to have shot from was impossible because of the length of the rifle (interestingly, that inner wall which would have prevented Ray from getting a shot at MLK has been removed now, in the otherwise preserved bathroom), which has become a site for tourists and others to visit. There are many other evidences, but as your mind seems to be made up, I won’t bother to give sources as you are highly unlikely to read them.
        If you wish, however, I will provide you with some sources.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Find it all quite weak.

          If I were charged with killing the world famous MLK and I didn’t do it, I certainly wouldn’t accept any plea bargain that admitted I did.

          And see you say nothing about the room, not the bathroom, he was allegedly in from which he fired the fatal shot.

          I think that the alleged evidence which undercuts his being the killer still doesn’t exonerate him from being involved the plot.

          And if he didn’t do it, who did?

      • lysias

        A Memphis jury found unanimously in 1999 that MLK had been killed by a conspiracy involving agencies of the local, state, and federal governments and that Ray was innocent. They so found in a civil suit brought by the King family.

        King family lawyer William F. Pfeffer, who was involved in that suit, provides a powerful case for that conspiracy and for Ray’s innocence in his recent book The Plot to Kill King.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Juries will generally go along with the aggrieved party if they believe the convicted suspect innocent, especially in infamous cases.

          i have read the previous book by William Pepper (note spelling), An Act of State, which did not even mention the CIA, even going along with claiming that now Havey Lowmeyer, aka ‘the fat man” by others, was Ray himself (p. 157)

          Pepper is just interested in making the case more confused. and I have no interest in seeing his latest spin.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Kempe November 26, 2016 at 12:00
    ‘Castro was a puppet under the Soviet thumb. Those praising him here would condemn any western leader who allowed a super-power to station nuclear weapons in his country.’

    Castro was nobody’s ‘Puppet’; he needed Soviet support, and his approval of Soviet nukes was a ‘quid pro quo’. The Soviets were simply responding to US stationing of US nuclear missile in Turkey, and the deal which got Russia to recall their ships included US agreement to remove their missiles from Turkey.
    But how many countries governments now allow (or turn a blind eye to) US nukes in their countries? Just about every country that has US bases in it.
    Blinkers used to used for horses….

    • Kempe

      ” The Soviets were simply responding to US stationing of US nuclear missile in Turkey ”

      Which had what to do with Cuba? Nothing, so why did he make his country a nuclear target for the Soviets’ convenience?

      ” how many countries governments now allow (or turn a blind eye to) US nukes in their countries? Just about every country that has US bases in it. ”

      Like I said:- ” Those praising him here would condemn any western leader who allowed a super-power to station nuclear weapons in his country. ” So what’s the difference?

      • Hmmm

        Nothing to do with Cuba??!! 90 miles from the US and more hated than the USSR… Self preservation comes to mind.
        The difference, and I hope you appreciate it may only be perceived, is that the US used nukes in an offensive way. Turkey borders USSR, Cuba borders US… Get it? And us Europeans are a bit peeved that we are the nuke battleground, and the US expects to stay nice and cosy… So that’s why we actually appreciate someone threatening US.

        • Kempe

          Cuba wasn’t a nuclear target until the Soviet missiles arrived. Cuba wasn’t part of the Soviet Union it wasn’t even a member of Warpac so why should it have put it’s neck on the line over some well obsolescent rockets in Italy and Turkey?

          • Paul Barbara

            Because they needed Russian economic support; the US was hell-bent on returning Cuba to the Mafia and US Corporations. And the grouping you presumably are referencing was the ‘Warsaw Pact’, hardly as belligerent as NATO, which gleefully attacks nations on the other side of the globe at their Bankster/Corporatist’s slightest whim.

          • Kempe

            ” US was hell-bent on returning Cuba to the Mafia ” Proof?

            The Russian ambassador to Cuba didn’t think Castro would agree to having the missiles but seems to have over estimated his man.

            Irrelevant but Warpac members were more at risk from their own side if they dared to be different (East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland etc).

  • Paul Barbara

    @ lysias November 26, 2016 at 20:40
    ‘Perhaps you had in mind the CIA’s disinformation campaign? How the CIA tried to implicate Castro in JFK’s assassination. They were trying to blame Castro for the JFK assassination (which could have caused a nuclear war), not for seeking to bring about a nuclear war. I am unaware of any evidence that he wanted a nuclear war at the time of the assassination (although there is plenty of evidence that figures in the CIA and the U.S. military did).’

    Yes, I also am ‘unaware’; he believed, rightly, that the assassination would be pinned on him.
    In fact, US fighter-bombers were flying to bomb Cuba, and were recalled minutes before they entered Cuban airspace (just like the Sixth Fleet nuclear bombers on the way to bomb Egypt in another ‘False Flag’ scenario that went wrong).

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Habbabkuk November 26, 2016 at 17:11
    ‘Difficult to say, Kief. But the far-leftues are a kind of sodomites circle, aren’t they? Buggers but loyal to one another.’

    If you’re looking for sodomites (and paedos), you need look no further than the good ole’ US of A politicians and puppet leaders.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ lysias November 26, 2016 at 16:07
    ‘Obama has issued a statement on Castro’s death. It is on the web site. It is a remarkably respectful statement.’

    Welcome, though it means nothing coming from that two-faced liar, who broke virtually every campaign promise.
    AND he boasted of ‘being good at killing people’ (re drones).

    • Brianfujisan


      You are onto it…well said

      …The world statesman went on to launch a withering attack on America’s human rights record.

      Referring to the US wartime atom bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagaski, he said: “Because they decided to kill innocent people in Japan, who are they now to pretend they’re the policeman of the world?

      Mandela said U.S. President George W. Bush covets the oil in Iraq. “What Bush wants is to get hold of that oil.”

      He went on to appeal to the American people to vote Mr Bush out of office and protest at his policies.

      Receiving applause for his comments, Mandela said Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are “undermining” past work of the United Nations.

      “They do not care. Is it because the secretary-general of the United Nations is now a black man?” said Mandela, referring to Kofi Annan, who is from Ghana.

      Nobel Peace Laureate Mandela, 84, has spoken out many times against Bush’s stance, and South Africa’s close ties with Libya and Cuba irked Washington during Mandela’s presidency.”

      After being released from prison in 1990, one of the first things Nelson Mandela did was visit Cuba to express his admiration and respect for Cuban leader Fidel Castro. “You trained our people, gave us resources, helped so many of our soldiers, our doctors, said Mandela, embracing Fidel in Havana.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Republicofscotland November 26, 2016 at 17:52
    ‘….It’s good to read that Mr Assange is safe and well, albeit, still being vilified, by the usual suspects.
    A very interesting documentary, came across my path last night, regarding black prejudice, and the astronomical rise of prisoners in the USA, of African, American descent.
    More interestingly, is the laws that have seen mainly, African America’s imprisoned for in some cases life sentences for committing one offence, such as possessing or selling crack cocaine….’

    Yes, indeed; and apart from the gross injustice, there is the mind-blowing hypocrisy of the US ‘War on Drugs’ (like their ‘War on Terror’, another Orwellian ‘double speak’ concoction).
    The CIA have been the largest illegal drug traffickers in the world, at least since the Vietnam War, shipping drugs into the States in ‘body bags’ and even in dead bodies, and in Iran/Contra they shipped tons of cocaine in ships and planeloads into the States, including into Mena Airport when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas.

    • Silvio

      “… Iran/Contra they shipped tons of cocaine in ships and planeloads into the States, including into Mena Airport when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas.”

      As described (along with the associated money laundering operation conducted through Governor Bill Clinton’s specially created Arkansas Development Finance Authority) in detail in the documentary The Clinton Chronicles:

      • Paul Barbara

        The ADFA probably became the genesis of the ‘Clinton Foundation’ later on…even more corrupt, though. Practice makes perfect, and the Luciferian pair sure as hell are good at it.

  • michael norton

    Setting the World to Rights

    Great News

    Switzerland votes on nuclear power phase out process

    Swiss voters are casting their ballots to decide whether or not to speed up the process of phasing out the country’s nuclear power plants.

    If voters choose “yes” in Sunday’s referendum, it would force three of the country’s five reactors to close next year, and the remaining two by 2029.

    The five plants currently generate 40% of Switzerland’s electricity.

    Polls suggest a tight race on the issue, which is being championed by environmentalists.

    The recent vote for BREXIT

    would be to get away from control by Europe, yet Theresa May has signed up for the State 80% owned French Nuclear Industry, with Chinese money,
    to design, construct and run the New Nuclear Industry in the United Kingdom.
    The only reason I can possible imagine she is going along with this is because she wants to de-rail Brexit.
    She wants us to be shackled for the next 100 years to the drowning corpse of the European Union.
    For goodness sake, FRANCE is in a State of Emergency, that has been going on for over a year.
    Who is to say that FRANCE / E.U. will not collapse in another twelve months?

    • michael norton

      Of course, part of her thinking is to get enough young people to train in Nuclear Technologies.
      If the only Nuclear Technology available is nuclear powered and armed nuclear submarines, that may not be that appealing,
      for a young person to devote their life to.
      With the addition of a new fleet of nuclear power stations, that brings it a bit more into the zone of moral respect.
      However that moral respect is quite thin and easily seen through by your fellow students at university, you would most likely be despised.

      Part of Frau May’s thinking may be the “dawning” that the Conservative party are putting the United Kingdom under a paradigm shift,
      #she is quite fearful the arse will drop out.
      So many, many, many huge state sponsored projects, to keep the corporations on board /stop them jumping ship.

      • Mick McNulty

        I read or was told some years ago that many British sailors who serve on nuclear submarines are fathering children who are born with a cleft palate, something to do with radiation damage to one of their chromosones. But it is kept very quiet, naturally.

    • Why be Ordinary

      Austria complained to the European Commission that UK Government support for nuclear power should be considered illegal state aid.

    • Laguerre

      “Who is to say that FRANCE / E.U. will not collapse in another twelve months?”

      Astounding the fantasies some Brexiters have, aren’t they?

  • Dave

    Beyond the usual neo-con thirst for genocide the destruction of Libya was done to close the Lockerbie Case. At that time due to the success of the SNP, ‘Lockerbie’ had become a high profile legal issue in Scotland in the form of petition PE1370 in front of the Justice Committee seeking an enquiry into the conviction of Megrahi.

    To kill the petition US/UK and new found friend France decided to kill Gadhafi as he was the only interest with the resources to support such an enquiry that was being blocked by Holyrood on the orders of Washington. Thus they wanted regime change and negotiated with the ‘opposition’ to take responsibility for ‘Lockerbie’ when they became the Government in return for killing him.

    The ‘coalition’ expected a quick decapitation but things never went to plan. The US military did the heavy lifting, but Obama needed to end operations within 6 months or explain and seek support from Congress for this new war! But because he had gone to ground they couldn’t find and kill him.

    Out of desperation to meet the 6 month deadline they said they would target all “command and control” centres. This was a euphemism for wherever Gadhafi may be. This led to the destruction of everywhere in the hope of getting lucky and still they missed. He was finally caught and killed with the aid of a compromised South African ‘rescue team’.

    And Libya lay in ruins on the false pretext of saving lives in Benghazi and the petition was kept open.

    • Paul Barbara

      That would hardly be the main reason, which was his minting and printing of Gold-based Dinars; given aid and cheap loans to neighboring countries to get them out of the clutches of the western Banksters, and of course his cheap to extract, high-quality oil and the huge underground water aquifers he had successfully made use of.
      It would not surprise me, if and when Libya gets some semblance of normality, Nestle didn’t open up a bottling plant, to sell to people in induced (via Geoengineering) droughts, and because of the poisoning of increasingly great areas of their countries’ water reserves through Fracking.
      I would put Lockerbie way down the list of major reasons for the overthrow and destruction, but it would have contributed.
      Afetr all, IF Libya had managed to get some sort of legal ruling in his favour, the US and UK would simply ignore it, like they ignore any legal action over Diego Garcia or the mining of Nicaragua’s ports.

      • Dave

        I agree the US wants to promote $ imperialism and take out competitors, but Gaddafi was on US side, or thought he was, against the “Islamists” and was dealing with Goldman Sachs as part of Libyan rapprochement with the “international community”, so timing could make a difference to motive and stopping the truth about Lockerbie being told from a successful petition in Scotland was a pressing concern at the time, bearing in mind they thought they would kill him on day one.

      • michael norton

        After four years has gone by,
        the FRENCH STATE still have put no one in jail for slaughtering the British / Iraqi family al-Hilli?

        • michael norton

          They were an innocent British / Iraqi family on their holidays in Haute Savoie / Savoie,
          a holiday destination favoured by the better off tourists, many who go back again and again.

          The inability of the FRENCH STATE to control their own lands is leading to financial collapse, political collapse, The State of Emergency is extended, again and again, Francois Holland wishes it to be made permanent.

          This is not the sort of environment in which people will feel comfortable in holidaying, or businesses investing.
          A French T.V. programme is called SPIRAL

          I believe it means DOWNWARD SPIRAL

          or spiraling out of control.

          It could be used to attract holiday makers to France, perhaps?

          • Laguerre

            “I believe it means DOWNWARD SPIRAL”

            You would do well to learn some French. It doesn’t mean that at all. The French title is Engrenages, which means gears or the works.

            You really are into hating the French, aren’t you?

    • Laguerre

      It’s the decline of the pound, not the security. Or the incompetence of Hollande’s government. The economic problems the French worry about predate the security issue, but they go on all the time about Hollande’s government. It’s more pessimism than reality. The prospects for France are better than those for post-Brexit Britain.

      • michael norton

        Laguerre, you live in a fantasy world.
        France is collapsing.
        The United Kingdom has a bigger economy than France, yet the U.K. is only a fraction the land mass of France, granted similar size of population.
        But France is about to transition from a socialist hell hole into a nightmarish extreme right wing hell hole.

      • Paul Barbara

        You seem to take for granted that there is a ‘security issue’, rather than hoaxes and/or ‘False Flag’ ops:
        ‘Fifty-eight “Admitted” False Flag Attacks’:

        I won’t raise the mass of questions about the recent large ‘occurrences’ in France, but if you’re interested I’ll refer you to a site with plenty of info. From the above, it is just plain stupid to say ‘False Flag’ ‘terrorist’ operations do not occur, because there is documented evidence and admissions of it.
        By the way, I am a Francophile, and love France and the French people, but NOT the government, or France’s history (like Britain’s) of Empire and repression.

  • neil davies

    Thank you Craig, there’s been too much speculation and disinformation. Are you aware of the American resolution to impose a no-fly zone over Syria. I’d like to think this is disinformation but I think the source is sound.
    Perhaps, if you think it’s O.K., you’d publish an article about the evening !!. I’m a big fan. It’s rare to have honesty these days.

    • Macky

      Oops sorry Brian, just realised we’ve posted the same clip; nevermind I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth seeing twice 🙂

      Note how flummoxed the presenter was that she cut short the interview and didn’t bother to ask about the differences between the two brothers’ rule ! 😀

      • Jim

        Cut short the interview? What I saw there was a long uninterrupted airing on the ‘Evil MSM BBC’ of just the sort of dissenting views that Craig claims to have been giving regularly to RT regarding Putins plutocratic regime. Although he still hadn’t provided the evidence to back up this claim.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Absolutely hysterical interview. I’ve seldom seen anything so funny. This is what happens when someone gets on who doesn’t conform to the narrative. BBC interviewer stutters and stammers trying to keep to the script, which is a denunciation of Castro’s human rights abuses. She also automatically assumes that her interviewee is not independent.

      Everyone without fail should watch this interview with great care, in my opinion.

    • Jim

      Au contraire, the point I’m making is obvious to a blind man…dissenting views are aired on the BBC as demonstrated by the interview you’ve posted and which you’re straining every sinew to find amusing.
      What is far more amusing is the idea of Craig cursing himself for having claimed what he did, and you desperately trying to pretend his lie is unrelated to the issue of State control of media.

    • Macky

      “dissenting views are ACCIDENTALLY aired on the BBC, AND QUICKLY TERMINATED, as demonstrated by the interview you’ve posted”

      There, fixed it for you.

      (if you want to catch Craig, he’s on the new thread)

    • Jim

      Still waiting for Craig’s forthright condemnation of Putins plutocratic excesses on your beloved RT Macky, and his call-backs for interview following the widespread airing of Craig’s bravely dissenting views by RT. Thanks again!!??!!

    • Resident Dissident

      No one ever underestimated the bad taste of the nomenklatura either in its old or current versions. The fact that they could get away with this just demonstrates what anyone who has visited Russia in recent times notices i.e. that anti Semitism is not far below the surface.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ fred November 27, 2016 at 13:07
    ‘Another truth.

    Another ‘Truth’? Seems like a statement to me. Who was her uncle (like a full name), if he was shot by a firing squad (as virtually all armies and armed groups have done since firearms were invented), on what charges? Conde suggests ‘without a trial’; in conflict situations, few afford the luxury of trials, other than Military Tribunals.
    That one man was shot by a firing squad is quite possibly true, and I’d be very surprised if there weren’t many more.
    But, In World War One, the executions of 306 British and Commonwealth soldiers took place. Such executions, for crimes such as desertion and cowardice, remain a source of controversy with some believing that many of those executed should be pardoned as they were suffering from what is now called shell shock
    How’s about an Indian being tied across the mouth of a cannon, and the cannon fired (by our Great British Empire ‘troops’?
    Hhere’s another of Conde’s tweets: Yvonne M. Conde ‏@YvonneMConde 7h7 hours ago
    #FidelCastro was a freefom fighter. If he saw freedom anywhere, he fought it. #fidelcastroisdead

    Do you perhaps agree with that too?

  • Paul Barbara

    Fidel Castro’s Revolution promised to ‘give the land back to the people, and defend the rights of the poor’.
    Something wrong with that? Did his Revolution live up to it’s promise? Free schooling, healthcare, dirt-cheap housing?

    Wouldn’t we be better off with such a Regime? As the lady says – to the chagrin of her BBC interviewer (already posted by two posters, but here it is again, in case anyone missed it – ‘Dr Denise Baden battles with the establishment view of Fidel Castro at the BBC’:
    And the video clip following it isn’t bad, either (for the BBC!): ‘Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader of revolution, dies at 90 – BBC News’:

    • Paul Barbara

      I fear the poor interviewer who interviewed Dr Denise Baden may right now be being waterboarded in the dungeons of the BBC, surrounded by massive murals of Jimmy Savile and other disgusting pervs paid enormous amounts of public-funded TV licence money, and feted and protected by the BBC, Royalty and perverted politicians, police, MSM and Judiciary.

  • michael norton

    From Russia Today
    Provisional results from 9421 voting stations out of 10,228 gave Fillon 66.9 percent of the vote, and Juppe 33.1.

    “France can’t bear its decline. It wants truth and it wants action,” said Fillon in his victory speech, as supporters chanted “Fillon President!” repeatedly. “I defend France’s values. Our rebirth will be the work of everyone.”

    “Our aims will be employment, growth, justice, to fight fanatics who declared war on France,” he continued, before the crowd burst into a rendition of the Marseillaise.

  • michael norton

    ‘She WON’T win!’ The European Empire Head Honcho Juncker refuses to consider Le Pen could be next FRENCH president
    CHIEF eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker today refused to entertain the possibility of Marine Le Pen becoming the next FRENCH president during a thorny exchange on the future of the European Empire.
    Hey Head Honcho,
    the writing is on the wall.
    That’s the wall to keep the migrants out.

  • Mary Merrington

    We would like to SEE him if possible which is somehow dated as well.
    Anyone can say the above that they have met him.
    Last I heard that he was alive that a female Swedish prosecutor went to visit him to interrogate him and that for some reason it was said to take a while.

  • michael norton

    By overwhelmingly backing former prime minister François Fillon, lurching to the right.
    A crack down on pensions.
    A crack down on immigration.
    A crackdown on unions.
    A crackdown on socialist benefits.
    A crackdown on the numbers of people employed by the state.
    A distaste for the European Project.

    Where is the left wing socialist candidate, is it to still be Francois Hollande?

    • michael norton

      A former prime minister under Mr Sarkozy,
      the 62-year-old is a Catholic who is seen as a traditionalist on issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

      He is proposing dramatic economic reforms that include slashing 500,000 public jobs,
      ending the 35-hour week,
      raising the retirement age
      and scrapping the wealth tax.
      All eyes on the Socialists

      Now the spotlight falls on the Socialist party, and whether the deeply unpopular President Francois Hollande will stand again in his party’s primaries in January. He is expected to announce his decision in the coming days.

      It seems that FRANCE is going to be hurtling towards the far right,
      whoever becomes the next President of France.

      Clue, it will not be the Hapless Hollande,
      unless he cancels the election because of TERROR.

      • Old Mark

        The commentariat are assuming that next May’s Presidential election will result in a run off between Fillon and Mme Le Pen ie between ‘centre right’ and ‘far right’ candidates. However with the Socialists in disarray then surely the odds on a centrist candidate gaining more votes in the first round than a neo Thatcherite Catholic conservative candidate such as Fillon must be pretty short.

        The centrist candidate I’m referring to is this guy, who appears to be a classic ENArche, and who will doubtless offer the French a ‘kinder, gentler’ version of Thatcherism than the stern medicine Fillon will present to them- and could therefore garner more support than Fillon as a consequence, leaving him in the lions den to face Mme Le Pen-

  • michael norton

    Ticking timebomb: ITALY’s EIGHT banks will FALL if Renzi loses referendum…and DESTROY EUROPEAN EMPIRE
    ITALY’s troubled banks face financial MELTDOWN if Prime Minister Matteo Renzi fails to win the Italian referendum this weekend,
    officials have warned.

    So there is the Arab Spring
    Wars in Iraq
    War in Syria
    War in Libya
    Millions of migrants swarming into Europe
    Coup in Egypt
    Coup in Tunisia
    Coup in Ukraine
    Coup in Crimea
    Coup in Turkey
    next the collapse of ITALY
    next election of eXtreme right wing nutter in Austria
    FRANCE in a downward spiral

    collapse of the EUROPEAN EMPIRE in less than five years.

    • michael norton

      Up to eight of Italy’s banks are teetering on the brink amid fears that a No vote would trigger substantive financial chaos and send them spiralling further.

      Bankers are warning that a period of uncertainty triggered by a No vote would serve to prolong market jitters and threaten already pressurised banks.

      Italy has eight banks which are already feeling the strain of the country’s debt burden. Monte Dei Paschi di Siena – which is Italy’s third largest by assets most at risk. As well as mid-sized Popolare di Vicenza, Veneto Banca and Carige. Four other smaller banks were already rescued last year.

      Italian lenders have already more than halved in value this year amid growing concern surrounding a whopping 360billion euro ‘problem’ loans.

      Lorenzo Codogno, a former chief economist at the Italian treasury told the Financial Times: “The capital increases of Italian banks due to be announced right after the referendum may become even trickier than currently perceived in the case of a No vote.”

  • michael norton

    When FRANCE
    finally gets a new president in place, here is something for HIM / HER to get their teeth into

    EDF faces a seemingly impossible financial equation. It has colossal debt of €37 billion; it must deal with the complex €2.5 billion takeover of Areva; and find the money to extend the life of its 58 reactors at costs estimated between €60 and €100 billion up to 2030. (8)

    Meanwhile EDF has been accused by Greenpeace France of grossly underestimating the cost of nuclear electricity.

    Greenpeace claimed that if EDF disclosed the true cost of running its fleet of reactors in France while financing two new ones in the UK, it would be declared bankrupt.

    “In summary, the French nuclear fleet is at the end of its course, dilapidated and dotted with deficient parts. At the same time, the finances of EDF are in such a deplorable state that the company could soon join Areva in bankruptcy, and is in any case unable to properly maintain its reactors.”

    • michael norton

      NuClear News No 90 , 26 Nov 16 Problems discovered at Areva’s metal forge at Le Creusot have been growing over the past six months and are now even threatening to derail EDF’s takeover of Areva’s reactor business.

      Last spring when Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron visited to tell the workers at Le Creusot that he had every confidence in the nuclear sector, despite the difficulties, 400 files which were being examined for suspected “anomalies” had to be hastily moved out of the meeting room. Now, six months later a crane has been moving prefabricated office buildings into position so that 6,000 records concerning nuclear components – 2.4 million pages – forged at Le Creusot over the last 60 years can be re-examined. Areva has had to accept that the original 400 suspicious files are just the tip of an iceberg and not the only ones containing “irregularities”. 50 people are now trawling through the paperwork and as many more are being recruited for a job that will take at least another eighteen months.

      EDF’s CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy says if Le Creusot’s “problems prove insurmountable, the acquisition will not happen”. (1)

      With potentially more than half of France’s 58 reactors affected by the “carbon segregation” problem the French nuclear watchdog, the Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) has ordered preventative measures to be taken immediately to ensure public safety. ASN confirmed that, as of late October, 20 reactors were offline and more could be shut down over coming weeks.

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