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I had promised myself and my family that on this holiday I would do nothing but relax. However events have overtaken my good intentions. I find myself in the unusual position of having twice been in a position to know directly that governments were lying in globe-shaking events, firstly Iraqi WMD and now the “Russian hacks”.

Anybody who believes the latest report issued by Obama as “proof” provides anything of the sort is very easily impressed by some entirely meaningless diagrams. William Binney, who was Technical Director at the NSA and actually designed their surveillance capabilities, has advised me by email. It is plain from the report itself that the Russian groups discussed have been under targeted NSA surveillance for a period longer than the timeframe for the DNC and Podesta leaks. It is therefore inconceivable that the NSA would not have detected and traced those particular data flows and they would be saved. In other words, the NSA would have the actual hack on record, would be able to recognise the emails themselves and tell you exactly the second the transmission or transmissions took place and how they were routed. They would be able to give you date, time and IP addresses. In fact, not only do they produce no evidence of this kind, they do not even claim to have this kind of definite evidence.

Secondly, Bill points out that WikiLeaks is in itself a top priority target and any transmission to WikiLeaks or any of its major operatives would be tracked, captured and saved by NSA as a matter of routine. The exact route and date of the transmission or transmissions of the particular emails to WikiLeaks would be available. In fact, not only does the report not make this information available, it makes no claim at all to know anything about how the information was got to WikiLeaks.

Of course Russian hackers exist. They attack this blog pretty well continually – as do hackers from the USA and many other countries. Of course there have been attempted Russian hacks of the DNC. But the report gives no evidence at all of the alleged successful hack that transmitted these particular emails, nor any evidence of the connection between the hackers and the Russian government, let alone Putin.

There could be no evidence because in reality these were leaks, not hacks. The report is, frankly, a pile of complete and utter dross. To base grave accusations of election hacking on this report is ludicrous. Obama has been a severe disappointment to all progressive thinkers in virtually every possible way. He now goes out of power with absolutely no grace and in a storm of delusion and deceit. His purpose is apparently to weaken Trump politically, but to achieve that at the expense of heightening tensions with Russia to Cold War levels, is shameful. The very pettiness of Obama’s tongue out to Putin – minor sanctions and expelling some diplomatic families – itself shows that Obama is lying about the pretext. If he really believed that Russia had “hacked the election”, surely that would require a much less feeble response. By refusing to retaliate, Russia has shown the kind of polish that eludes Obama as he takes his empty charisma and presentational skills into a no doubt lucrative future in the private sector.

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  • Alcyone

    So Craig, Hannity picked up on your role in the Podesta email leaks, as reported in the Daily Mail. The extract I mentioned mentioned a friend of Assange’s but not you be name. We shall wait to see the full 90 minutes of interview. You’re now at spitting distance from greater relevancy than Sputnik. But I still think you should get your own show, even if it’s at RT.

    Happy New Year!

    (Or maybe wikileaks should start their own channel?)

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Just got back on the internet from my Xmas stroke but am making good progress after spending a few days in the Yale New Haven Emergency Room and the Grimes Rehabilitation Center. Should be out in two weeks.

    Can’t read all this stuff,

    Obama always thought he would get good marks by doing nothing, only changing his mind at the last minute over the UN vote to get back at the israelis, the Russian hackers, and his hawks.

    Blaming Putin for the election results is absurd. Should have fired Comey, and sought Trump’s indictment for colluding with the Russian President.

  • Good In Parts

    I came across a (very) short story penned by one of Putin’s best buddies; Vladislav Surkov.


    Fighting against “the House of Satan” after emerging from burial in a riverbank foxhole, the fictional protagonist seems to be a cipher for JA. However, despite the title, the evil entity isn’t also antipodean.

    Given Surkov’s profile, it may be worth parsing for insight.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Exit Obama in a Cloud of Disillusion, Delusion and Deceit…’

    In short, he is consistent. He left as he came in, a lying deceptive *?$(“x whose main claims to fame include his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and boasting he was ‘good at killing people’.
    Here’s a video that was on the market less than two months after Obama’s White House stint began, so his cards had already been marked well before he took office: (I can almost hear the bleats of the ‘usual suspects’ as they complain in unison about who the video was made by, rather than any commentary about the content):
    ‘The Obama Deception HQ Full length version’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw

    • Loony

      This film is made by Infowars – a notorious purveyor of fake news.

      Infowars told the world that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, that Hillary Clinton was honest, that Ghadaffi was the new Hitler, that Assad was the new Hitler, that Putin is the new Hitler, that there are moderate rebels, that Iran has nucl….

      Oh sorry wrong web site – I was intending to send this message to the Washington Post.

      Apologies to all.

      • Burt (not bert)

        Infowars leaves a bad taste because he’s so obviously a money grubbing shill (imo) – it’s basically a modern John Birch society isn’t it? Anyone who thinks there’s a global left wing elite really needs to look up left wing in the dictionary and compare it to neoliberalism (though this is confused by neoliberals often using social liberalism as cover for their rapacious capitalism)

        Why not just watch this much better demolition of Obama from the ‘left’: http://metanoia-films.org/lifting-the-veil/

        (I recommend all the other films there too for some quality anarchist-leaning history and politics documentaries – http://metanoia-films.org/films/

        • Phil the ex-frog

          “Anarchist leaning” you say? Who could have guessed. I saw little anarchist perspective in this film. In fact quite the opposite:

          -It mentions “reform of the state” (Wolin 1:18:27)
          -A “love for America” is professed (King 1:18:10)
          -“Socialist democracy” is openly advocated (Manley 1:22:00)
          -“We need political parties that serve the interests of the people” (Pinkney 1:39:33)

          An anarchist leaning film would not advocate the state, nationalism, state socialism nor political parties. These are all anathema to anarchism.

          • Burt

            Well i don’t think the films are political manifestos and have all sorts of views in them of the people interviewed, but when i said anarchist leaning i was thinking of anarcho-syndicalist (lots of the films spend lots of time talking about the wobblies and the like). Anarchist leaning like chomsky is i’d say.

            The obama film isn’t the best of them – human resources, psywar and power principle are excellent documentaries of modern politics history and social engineering. Plutocracy I and II are excellent histories of 19th century american socialsit movements – i don’t think it matters what your politics are to how good these films are, i just thought i should declare what i perceived of the filmmakers biases to save any habbakuks having to look at them.

          • Phil the ex-frog

            Hello Burt

            Those other films sound a bit more interesting (I may watch Plutocracy) but I can only talk about th one I’ve seen.

            It seems to me what too often passes for politics, as in that film, is just endless reveals of hypocrisy. Look! a politician lied, a tv station misled us! An endless parade of outrage with no discussion about how we might improve the world. I guess I got a little over excited expecting an anarchist perspective, yes a sniff of a manifesto.

            Anarchist leaning like Chomsky? There’s the problem. I know trots with “anarchist leanings” (unsurprisingly they say anarchist “tendencies”). Which of course means, when push comes to shove, not really anarchist at all. Chomsky repeatedly tells people to vote democrat.

          • Burt (not bert)

            They’re good documentaries imo – Plutocracy is particularly good – 19th/early 20th century labour struggles in America is a subject people (mostly myself) should know better (especially in context of some lazy anti-American thinking). The wobblies and the anarcho-syndicalists may not be ‘pure’ enough anarchists for some, but the one big union model is much better than the bantustans of the trades unions, imo.

            Plus I probably call myself an anarchist (when I can’t be bothered to explain what (I think) it means I just say socialist), but I’m not dogmatic about it – because there isn’t any dogma of anarchism (how could there be?). Usually I shy away from calling myself an anarchist because so many people think that it means everyone being allowed to act like an arsehole, or might is right, or a wild west lawless society (the sort of johnny rotten/murray rothbard model if you like).

            To me anarchism just means no leaders – it doesn’t mean no government, it means self-government; it doesn’t mean no order it means bottom up, self-organised order (anarchy is order as Kropotkin said)); it doesn’t mean no law, it means we set (or abolish) the laws democratically (or consensually) among the community we’re in on an ongoing basis. I see no inherent contradiction between socialism, (direct) democracy and anarchism personally. The particular method employed to achieve the ends intended is much more important than the ideology the participants start out with or the stated end goal (as Bakunin said ‘the means become the end’ (in reference to the soviet union dictatorship of the proletariat)).

            There’s no one thing that is anarchism anyway, there’s everything from murray rothbard to murray bookchin – I’m obviously over the bookchin side if anywhere.

  • lysias

    I saw a report earlier today that only one former president would attend Trump’s inauguration, but it turns out that that’s not true. Obama (obviously), George W. Bush, Bill (as well as Hillary) Clinton, and Jimmy Carter have all announced that they will attend. Only George H.W. Bush will not attend, and his health problems are at least adduced as the reason for his absence.

    Bill And Hillary Clinton Will Attend Trump’s Inauguration.

    • Sharp Ears

      Suggestions on a postcard for a collective noun for a gathering of war criminals?

      One website offered these but they don’t seem to cut it.

      i. a blair of war criminals
      ii. a stain of war criminals

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Sharp Ears January 3, 2017 at 21:19
        ‘Suggestions on a postcard for a collective noun for a gathering of war criminals?
        One website offered these but they don’t seem to cut it.

        i. a blair of war criminals
        ii. a stain of war criminals’

        v.a cesspit of war criminals
        vi. an abomination of war criminals
        vii. a coven of war criminals

    • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

      Sorry my information on presidential RSVPs for the inauguration was correct as of 23/24 December. The Clintons will be attending ‘out of a sense of duty and due respect for the American democratic process’.(Recalls the phrase ‘with all due respect’ , meaning none whatsoever.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ lysias January 3, 2017 at 19:29
      What a juicy target for ‘Al-CIA-dah’!
      Wonder if there’ll be a ‘no fly zone’ established (though that shouldn’t stop such ingenious ‘pilots’ as we are led to believe they have up their sleeves).

  • RobG

    Much of what I post can be seen as ‘American bashing’. I always say, though, that I’m not against the American people. My criticism is of the American Government. So, here’s a wonderful interview that Jimmy Dore conducted yesterday with a young fella from Virginia called Nic Smith. You’ll never see anything like this on the MSM (USA or UK)…


    • RobG

      I thought Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the lead pipe?



      Hannity interviews aside (and don’t of course ask why Assange would now give two exclusive interviews to an outfit like Fox News), what’s with all the coded stuff that came out of Wikileaks during October? which was the last time that Assange was confirmed as still being alive and active.

      • Macky

        “why Assange would now give two exclusive interviews to an outfit like Fox News”

        Rather clever really, both as a signal to Trump, and also to shame & shun the hostile “Liberal” MSM; you only need to see my earlier links today to realise that Fox News are doing a great job exposing the liars on the alleged Russian hacking.

        Totally surreal that Democrats are throwing “Commie” smears at Right Wing media pundits ! 😀

  • michael norton

    I do hope this piece is of some interest to the sensors on here but please feel free to can it if u find it annoying.

    Major French newspaper drops opinion polls ahead of 2017 elections


    The editor of one of France’s most popular newspapers has said he will stop commissioning opinion polls ahead of next year’s presidential election, citing pollsters’ failure to predict Brexit or November’s US election.


    The BIG FEAR in France is the continuing State of Emergency,
    all those Nuclear Reactors on the blink and the drone centres in The Sahel

    One more truck attack and the present government will cancel their elections.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ lysias January 3, 2017 at 23:50
        ‘Cancel because they’ll be afraid Le Pen will win?’

        More likely a case of ‘cancel’ because it is easier to rig the vote without an alternative base of comparison.

  • michael norton

    Ukip MP Douglas Carswell, compared Sir Ivan to the obstructive civil servant Sir Humphrey in the BBC TV comedy Yes, Minister.

    He tweeted: “Sir Humphrey doesn’t appear to like this government’s EU policy.”

    Frau May has said BREXIT MEANS BREXIT

    all slouches bog off.

  • Michael Collins

    Thanks for your witness and testimony. This is an invaluable service to the truth, in short supply lately.

    Trump will do exactly two positive things before he’s ousted by the Atlantacists – improve the relationship with Russia (absolutely vital) and bring attention to the utter destructiveness of defense procurement (socialism for the super rich). If the Russian rapprochement is done effectively (e.g. a joint, successful effort against ISIS) the change will stick.

    Trump will be gone, somehow, some way. The change in the Russian relationship will be extremely positive and prove that even someone as dreadful as Trump can achieve something positive.

    • Alcyone

      Here’s, (I believe) the full hour’s interview, thus far (more to come in days ahead) for those who haven’t already seen it:



      1 Julian at his best. Hannity at his best.

      2. The most comprehensive, thorough discussion on this whole ‘hacking’ episode

      3. Probably the most impactful interview Assange has given since he came under a cloud. It is BOUND to help himself.

      4. Full marks to FOX NEWS for pursuing the FACTS.

      5. Rupert Murdoch may well have directed Hannity towards Assange. Whoever or Whatever Murdoch is, his background is in journalism, and the Devil deserves his due. He has done some good stuff over the years and that needs to be recognised. (of course the professional bigots will do what they do: Pavlovian bigotry.).

      6. Craig was mentioned by name. I think Assange played that well. In fact I think Murray-Assange two-step seems to have worked well in releasing just the right amount of info, in the right place; well titrated and calculated.

      Well done all–high impact stuff. As I have repeatedly said: Time and Place is everything. So far, so good!

      You deserve your mango juice, Craig!

      • nevermind

        Your personal attacks here, regular and continues, are noted as being rather tetchy and prissy, by all who read it, alcy one.
        maybe you can try using a different approach, or a different channel, or write a letter, with your address, so people can correspond to your pathetic ad hominem here.

        please don’t sulk and shower us with tall tales of your fav. cult hero/abuse victim now, you ought to take his personal suffering more seriously, not react to it by using the same methods his perpetrators used, you don’t have to spread the guilt of his suffering soul here.
        And bring on the nebelmind supporters club.

      • Burt (not bert)

        Why the need to always character assassinate people? It makes this blog unpleasant to read (along with Habbakuk and others). What could be the motivation? I’m pretty sure Krishnamurti wouldn’t be so vindictive, would he?

    • Sharp Ears

      Old news from October.

      White Helmets currently employed on sabotage of the Damascus water supply.
      January 03, 2017

      U.S./UK Paid “White Helmets” Help Blocking Water To 5 Million Thirsty Syrians

      The blockade of water from Wadi Barada to 5 million people in Damascus is taking an interesting turn. The U.S. and UK financed White Helmet organization seems to be directly involved in it. This increases the suspicion that the illegal blockade of water to civilians in Damascus is part of a organized campaign under U.S. command. The campaign is designed to block utilities to government held areas as revenge for the liberation of east Aleppo.


        • michael norton

          “The U.S.A. and U.K. government created and paid White Helmets are “impartially”, “neutrally” and “for all Syrians” blocking the water supply to 5 million Syrians in Damascus . U.S. military and CIA officers run the “operations rooms” in Jordan and Turkey that direct the insurgency.

          This increases suspicion that the blockade is part of an organized response by the enemies of Syria to the recent liberation of east-Aleppo.”
          Sharp Ears, John Goss, if true, this might lead us to imagine, that the whole War in Syria was organized from outside of Syria, under the watch of OBOMBA?

          • michael norton

            Has any body noticed that as of Christmas The Ministry of Truth
            has barely mentioned SYRIA.
            What happened to the 1/3 million civilians/moderates that were being almost daily barrel-bombed with gas in East -Aleppo and were being slaughtered by the Syrian Regime, did they find thousands of bodies, in East-Aleppo?
            Did they find 3,000 Brave White-Helmets?
            If they did not find thousands of White helmets, why not, did they exist in the thousands or had they been so brave they were got out before East-Aleppo was reintergrated with West-Aleppo?

  • Sredni Vashtar

    I feel compelled to respond after looking over the pdf link supplied in your article.

    I hold a good Computer Science Degree and some years as an intrusion detection specialist.

    The technical content is minimal and somewhat flowery, almost laughable in nature and obviously worth nothing as evidence.

    If this is the best they can do I feel embarrassed.

    • Alcyone

      Thank you for that educative insight. I doubt Assange is risking his 10-year track record of credibility so what you say stacks up with his assertion. Further, I doubt Craig Murray would risk his own credibility either by allying with Assange.

      Change is coming!

      Dylan may well have been way ahead of the times.

      • Alcyone

        “Dylan may well have been way ahead of the times.”

        I believe he still is. Assange too, he certainly is! Keep it up Julian as I am sure you are, despite that cool little play about your internet being cut. And people fall for it hook-line-and-sinker, LOL! But it’s not that, which worries me. It’s all the other shit that people are falling for as you know very well. in the end, as in the beginning, lazy minds unable to think originally and creatively. So maybe it’s time for people to think it out for themselves.

        Krishnamurti, Jiddu – Freedom From Fear

        • nevermind

          Freedom of his fear was freedom not be attacked by british paedophile teachers/preachers.
          Your ad hominem is followed by another spurt of guilt for your fav cult hero, when you really should be damning those who abused this man as a young child.

    • fred

      Oh good someone informed.

      So tell me, how could an ordinary user without hacking skills hope to copy those files undetected? When a user logs on they are logged when a file is accessed it is logged, servers log everything. If it was a disgruntled Democrat did it they would be child’s play to find wouldn’t they?

        • lysias

          The NSA undoubtedly knows. Would they tell the CIA? Knowledge is power, which agencies jealously guard.

      • Dave Price

        Easy. If the breach was due to poor password security, the ‘disgruntled Democrat without hacking skills’ could just log on via an office hot desk as Podesta.

  • Sharp Ears

    An IDF soldier was charged with manslaughter after he killed an unconscious and wounded Palestinian in Hebron in March 2016. The verdict is due today. The charge should have been one of murder.

    Israel soldier Elor Azaria faces verdict over Hebron death

    Israeli Rights Group Releases Video of Army Medic Executing Wounded Palestinian Suspect
    March 24 2016

  • michael norton

    Frau Sturgeon still ranting

    Ministry of Truth

    Members of the public have been urged to give their views on the Scottish government’s draft independence bill as the consultation enters its final week.

    The draft bill proposes rules that would govern any future referendum, largely mirroring those put in place for the vote in 2014.

    A public consultation on the proposals will close on 11 January.

    Constitution Secretary Derek Mackay said the option of Scottish independence “must stay on the table”.

    It would be up to Westminster to grant the power to hold another vote – and pro-Union opposition parties at Holyrood have said any attempt to hold a second referendum would be “reckless” and risked causing further uncertainty for business.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Union opposition parties at Holyrood have said any attempt to hold a second referendum would be “reckless” and risked causing further uncertainty for business.”


      Translated, this means, we are the obedient protest party branch offices in Scotland, and anything that looks like hurting our foreign parliamentary masters economically or otherwise, will be vehemently opposed by us, the Scottish Judas parties.

  • giyane

    In this article the very word Democracy, which has broken the US Democratic party, is satiriised.
    I have been instructed by my CIA brain-washers of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida, that Islam does not believe in Democracy, i.e. majority rule.


    But when Democracy itself has been subverted totally, even to the extent of arming nihilist terrorism, I am ashamed to admit that it is Democracy that has picked the lid off neo-con swivel-eyed imperialist corruption.
    It’s always beneficial for the numbingly brazen political class to have to work out how they’re going to get us to give them their next free bus pass.

      • Herbie

        These Globalist puppets are the traitors actually.

        Traitors to every country they operate in.

        Destroyers of our economies.

        • bevin

          “These Globalist puppets are the traitors actually.’
          For ‘globalist’ read ‘imperialist.’ The global project that they are enrolled with is nothing more than an attempt to establish the permanent hegemony of the US across the planet.
          The term’ globalist’ suggests-misleadingly- that there is an internationalist, co-operative, novel ethos involved. In fact it is the same grubby imperialist impulse that has motivated land plunderers and rapists throughout the centuries.

          • Herbie

            I wouldn’t agree that it’s the hegemony of the US we’re looking at.

            The US has certainly been the vehicle for the latest surge, but a US imperium is not the objective.

            It’s a transnational corporate and banking hegemony they’re aiming for.

            So, for example, the Globalists were happy to see China thrive and prosper whilst stealing the resources of Russia.

            The Trump faction and local elites more generally see China as a threat to their locale but Russia as an ally, for the moment.

            Russia isn’t currently impacting their domestic business.

          • bevin

            “It’s a transnational corporate and banking hegemony they’re aiming for.”
            Such a polity would require the protection of a state: the capitalists to whom you refer have put their trust in the state whose HQ is in Washington. Their idea is that, on the one hand, this is the state with the greatest power and appetite for extending its reach. And, on the other hand, that it is also the state which is most secure internally; bearing in mind that it has not suffered anything like a revolution, in political and social terms, since the C18th, and has been ruled by the same class (themselves!) continuously throughout the period.
            No interest on the planet is more reliant on the continued support of the imperial state than that of the corporations and financiers. Without it they are nothing, which is why they understand that their future depends upon its preservation, under their control.

          • Herbie

            “No interest on the planet is more reliant on the continued support of the imperial state than that of the corporations and financiers. Without it they are nothing, which is why they understand that their future depends upon its preservation, under their control.”

            The state kinda withers away.

            This is an excellent article which looks at the history and dynamics of state and capital:

            “This financialization of everyday life endows financial elites with an even more central role in the operating logic of capitalist society — rendering not just states and firms but all individuals, households and communities increasingly dependent on financial operations for their social reproduction: from student finance to bank deposits, insurance policies to credit cards, mortgage loans to retail investment, payday advances to pension schemes.

            In the process, financial rationalities, subjectivities and imaginaries increasingly begin to protrude into how people work, live, speak, dream and interact with one another. In our highly globalized, financialized and digitized 24/7 information economy, everything has to be quantifiable and measurable to justify its existence. As the abstract expression of value, money itself thus becomes an ever-more important mechanism of social control.”


  • Macky

    Wikileakes have just tweeted, promising an interesting year ahead;

    “If you thought 2016 was a big WikiLeaks year 2017 will blow you away. “

    • Alcyone

      Thanks for highlighting that. As i said earlier, I agree, I think a change is coming!

      Twitter has really come of age!

  • Herbie

    Trump is supported by the Netanyahu and Settler faction in Israel, who’ve fallen out with the Globalists, just as have local elites in many places in the world fallen out with the Globalists.

    The Globalist plan is falling apart and local elites are now making new arrangements to protect themselves.

    Of course ultimately the Globalist plan meant subduing local elites even as these local elites assisted in the Globalist plan.

    That’s all over now, and explains why Obama and other of the Globalist puppets are throwing their toys out of the pram.

    Netanyahu has been under attack by Globalists both within and without Israel for some time now, and they’re trying to prosecute him too.


    Because of Israel’s curious relationship with the US, both the Netanyahu faction and the Globalist Israeli faction have easy access to whatever they want in the US.

    It’ll have been the Netanyahu faction, amongst others, who leaked the damaging info on Clinton and the Dems.

    Clinton and the Dems are the Globalist faction, you see.

    And yes, many of these Israelis may be of Russian origin.

    But that’s irrelevant to what’s really going on.

    They’re not acting as Russians.

    They’re acting as Israeli anti-Globalists.

    • philw

      “Trump is supported by the Netanyahu and Settler faction in Israel, who’ve fallen out with the Globalists, just as have local elites in many places in the world fallen out with the Globalists.”

      Dont be too quick to read it that way. I think the Israelis were fully signed up to HRC and the globalists, but were far quicker than most to see the way the wind blew and cosy up to Trump.

      • Herbie

        The point is that there is no “the Israelis”.

        There’s the Globalists and there’s the local elites. Same as in other important countries.

        The Netanyahu and Settler faction can be compared with the UK’s UKIP, for example.

        And these divisions have existed since at least the 90s.

        You only have to look at the history of Netanyahu’s relations with Washington to see that.

        That and what’s going on in the world more generally.

    • fred

      Is that the same Donald Trump who says there will be no more releases from Guantanamo and wants to re-introduce torture?

      • Villager

        Let’s have a source for the latter, “wants to re-introduce torture”, bit please.

        That would certainly have been the case for the we-came-we-saw-he-died-ha-ha-ha Clinton, no?

        And while you’re at it, give us a credible source that there has been zero-torture under Obama’s watch anywhere whatsoever please.

        Thank you and Happy New Year!

      • bevin

        The notion that torture has ever been ended is laughable. All that Obama did on the subject, apart from ensuring that the senate report never saw the light of day, was to introduce ‘plausible deniability’ back into the equation.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well Turkish media have broadcast, new footage of the man belived to have killed 39 people at a Turkish night club.

    Unsurprisingly, the Turkish media also claim that Daesh has claimed responsibility for the attack. Well I’m sure we all have a inkling into who funds Daesh, now and under its other monikers, such as IS and ISIL.

    However those with a half decent memory, will recall that Putin’s fighter jets were constantly bombing, Daesh oil tankers being driven from Syria into Turkey.

    One has to wonder then why Turkey, didn’t intervene then to stop Daesh? In my opinion, Turkey knows exactly who Daesh are.

  • Republicofscotland

    Unsurprisingly the branch offices of Labour/Tories, in Scotland, have surpassed themselves at how low they can stoop too.

    This time they’ve had a go at the “Baby boxes” that are to be handed out, to new and expectant mothers in Scotland. The boxes contain blankets and a plethora of things, a new mother needs to help with a newborn, the box even converts into a cot, complete with mattress.

    The baby boxes are taken from Finland, where they’ve been handed out for over 70 years, and Finland claims the assistance to new mothers, has seen a marked reduction on infant mortality.

    Included in the Scottish “Baby box” is a book, (poems) by Scots makar Jackie Kay.

    The Labour and Tories have jumped upon the inclusion of the book, claiming it’s some sort of sinister baby brainwashing plot, aimed at converting people to vote yes to Scottish independence.

    Of course the reality of it all, is, the unionist parties in Scotland are now nothing more than parties of protest. They attack the Scottish government at every turn, no matter how good the policy is, they do this at the behest of their masters, a foreign parliament in another country.

    • michael norton


      Man, 50, arrested on suspicion of terror offence as he got off a plane from Cairo at Heathrow Airport, say police

      Ministry of Truth

  • Republicofscotland

    If Brexit was looking like a unmitigated disaster it, looks doubly so now.

    As Civil servants are too afraid of losing their jobs, if they offer up a honest opinion on Brexit. With the likes of Sir Ivan Rogers, given his marching orders ten months early, and no real replacements for Jon Cunliffe, Michael Ellam or Tom Scholar, all, EU experts. It looks as though Theresa May, will be heading for the EU negotiating table without her best team.

    Last month May looked a sad and forlorn figure in Brussels, standing amidst a large crowd of EU representatives, but shunned like a pariah. In my opinion she and her inept government, are way way, out of their depth, and will soon be found out once article 50 is triggered.

    Unfortunately it will be the citizens of Britain, that will psy a heavy price for May’s ineptitude.


    • michael norton

      What nonsense RoS as well you know.

      The idiot has been told to get out “resign” because he would not do the bidding of the U.K. government, perhaps he forgot for whom he worked. Time to put in a HARD BREXIT person and get on with what the British voters want.

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