Tory Election Expenses Fraud 133

I want to commend this amazing resource which a dedicated investigator has collated on Tory Election Expenses Fraud, covering no less than 57 MPs. A huge amount of data is available locally and this is the best central repository I have seen. It repays hours of browsing. As the evidence builds it becomes plain that massive cheating was a key element of the Tory victory. That there is no chance at all that Britain’s corrupt electoral, police and legal institutions will do anything about it is, sadly, equally certain.

But hats off to Michael Crick for continuing to try at Channel 4. He did a fantastic doorstep today of Nick Timothy, a May adviser in 10 Downing Street who was one of many Tories whose party paid expenses in weeks of campaigning in South Thanet were not declared. It was also quite incredible work by the cameraman. If anyone can find a copy I could embed here…

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133 thoughts on “Tory Election Expenses Fraud

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    • Bayard

      “Whether or not Brexit is to blame, I can’t say for sure. ”
      These days, Brexit is to blame for all economic ills, just like anthropogenic global warming is to blame for everything wrong with the weather and Jeremy Corbyn is to blame for everything wrong with politics.

      • Republicofscotland


        Well regarding Corbyn, the media are producing a concerted campaign against him. Intimating at every turn, that he’s (Corbyn) the problem, and that if he resigned Labour would somehow flourish, in my opinion it wouldn’t. Labour are a shambles regardless of whether Corbyn is the leader or not.

        So you think man’s activities haven’t contributed to global warming then? To be honest I’ve no idea how much Co2 man has and will continue to pump out into the atmosphere, still I doubt the Chinese are happy to have to use a knive to cut through the smog in Beijing, whilst wearing surgical masks.

        Nor am I sure how long the Great Barrier reef will survive as the seas becomes more acidic. As man continues to pump PCB’s flame retardants and all manner of chemicals into our oceans.

        I suppose global warming is just one big

        As for Brexit, especially a hard one how can leaving the worlds biggest trade bloc be a good thing?

        I’m no economist but I’m pretty sure British businesses, do a considerable amount of trading across Europe.

        If Trump decides (and it looks likely he will) to charge higher tariffs for goods entering the US, whilst practicing American protectionism, it will be damaging to the British economy.

        • Bayard

          Corbyn, agreed. He’s trying hard but up against half his own party. A house divided against itself and all that.
          AGW, IMHO a myth that now has many aspects of a religion. If you dig into the “evidence” it is very strong on that fact that the world is getting hotter (or it was, until the millennium, now it’s not so clear), but very weak on it being caused by man. There have been periods in the distant past before we had evolved when there was more CO2 in the atmosphere and the world was a warmer place (not necessarily at the same time). The climate has been warmer than now within recorded history (the mediaeval warm period) , but most of the AGW charts start, conveniently at the beginning of the industrial revolution.
          Brexit, the main problem with Brexit is that what most people really want is to go back to what we joined, the EEC, i.e. keep the trading bit and ditch the political bit, but the EU would be daft to let us do that.

  • Republicofscotland

    Trump said in his speech yesterday.

    “Currently, when we ship products out of America, many other countries make us pay very high tariffs and taxes, but when foreign companies ship their products into America, we charge them almost nothing,’ he said. Those plans, if enacted could spark a strong rally in the dollar.”


    If Trump holds to his word of charging higher tariffs for goods entering the US, then that doesn’t bode well for the Brexiteers trade plans.

    I doubt Trump would’ve been enamoured, by the pathetic hand holding ploy between May and Trump.

    Trump is moving America in the direction of protectionism. Which is bad for a Britain, outside the EU

  • Stu

    Much like New Labour by the time of Iraq the Tories have the UK’s institutions so cowed that there is no chance of anything coming of this.

  • Republicofscotland

    “The UK economy is “sleepwalking into a disaster” unless the country adopts a nuanced regional immigration policy to fill the skills gap left by lower immigration after Brexit, a Parliamentary Committee was told on Tuesday.”


    Sleeping walking off a cliff more like, meanwhile the Home Office has rejected a French man’s application to remain in Britain (Scotland) he’s lived and worked here for over 20 years, and is married to a Scot, they now plan to move out of parochial isolationist Britian.

    I wish them well.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Note: we haven’t left yet. This is not, therefore, a consequence of Brexit. Though I wouldn’t put it past the nudge unit to deport some nice immigrants now to show the proles how absolutely appalling it would be to have effective controls on immigration after leaving.

      Nor will there be a (great, great) Atlantic Wall –

      And no doubt, we can replace Poles with Ghanaians should push come to shove. The intention is clear.

    • Stu

      There is no doubt that the industries which exploit low paid immigrants will continue to do so post Brexit.

      This is where Tory economics clashes with Tory rhetoric. As Craig said yesterday unskilled immigration will continue but will be tightly controlled.Think somewhere between the ‘sponsorship’ system in the USA and Australia and bonded labour in the middle east.

      Labour should be arguing that anyone who works full time in the UK deserves to be able to live with dignity, in an acceptable home and be able to raise a family.

    • John

      > RoS – … meanwhile the Home Office has rejected a French man’s application to remain in Britain (Scotland) he’s lived and worked here > for over 20 years, and is married to a Scot, they now plan to move out of parochial isolationist Britian.

      I was appalled (though not surprised) when I first saw this. On reading further, the chap has just returned from spending **three years** in S Africa. Although often badly written, offensive, and mindlessly stupid, immigration laws, rules, and guidance should be read by those applying.

      • Republicofscotland

        Thank you John, I wasn’t aware he spent that amount of time in SA. I accept your point.

        • Iain Stewart

          Except that he was not “applying to remain in Britain” which is still his right (and that of two of my sisters in law) until further notice, but for a residency card.

          As the Guardian puts it, “The permanent residency card was designed for non-EU citizens coming to the UK to live and is not required by law for any EU citizen living in the country. However, in the absence of any guarantees from the government, many EU citizens have seen it as a route to establish their legal right to remain in the country post-Brexit.”

  • Anon1


    According to the latest YouGov poll, Theresa May is ahead of Jeremy Corbyn with all the following groups:

    All voters: May 49% – 15% Corbyn
    Leave voters: May: 71% – 8% Corbyn
    Remain voters: May 35% – 24% Corbyn
    Tory voters: May 95% – 0% Corbyn
    UKIP voters: May 66% – 4% Corbyn
    LibDem voters: May 30% – 15% Corbyn
    2015 Tory voters: May 85% – 3% Corbyn
    2015 UKIP voters: May 70% – 7% Corbyn
    2015 LibDem voters: May 41% – 12% Corbyn
    Men: May 53% – 14% Corbyn
    Women: May 46% – 15% Corbyn
    18-24 year-olds: May 31 – 23% Corbyn
    25-49 year-olds: May 39% – 18% Corbyn
    50-64 year-olds: May 58% – 12% Corbyn
    65+ voters: May 70% – 6% Corbyn
    ABC1 voters: May 52% – 14% Corbyn
    C2DE voters: May 46% – 15% Corbyn
    London voters: May 41% – 18% Corbyn
    Rest of Southern voters: May 55% – 12% Corbyn
    Midlands / Welsh voters: May 55% – 12% Corbyn
    Northern voters: May 46% – 18% Corbyn
    Scottish voters: May 39% – 17% Corbyn
    Corbyn is ahead only with Labour voters, and only by 53% to 11%. As close to a clean sweep as a Tory Prime Minister is ever going to get…

    • D_Majestic

      Yougov. Ah, that paragon of absolute accuracy based on about 100 persons of the Tory persuasion, or something relatively similar……And the next, please.

      • D_Majestic

        Well he has been relentlessly ‘Faked-Newsed’ for more than 12 months now. Hardly surprising the sheep are about ready for shearing. Meanwhile T.May is ripe for canonisation, it would seem. Rofl.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile Tanveer Ahmed, is fast becoming a hero in Pakistan. Ahmed brutally murdered Assad Shah a Ahmadiyya Muslim in Glasgow.

    Crowds have gathered in Pakistan backing Tanveer Ahmed, claiming that he done the correct thing, killing a blasphemer.

    Also today in Pakistan, celebrations were held in honour of the man, executed by the state, who murdered a Pakistani politician, who tried to reform the blasphemy laws.

    Pakistan in my opinion is a quasi-lawless state, where antiquated religious laws always supersede judicial and civil laws.

  • michael norton

    ‘Long shadow’ of financial crisis hits incomes
    Ministry of Truth

    so we have been in The European Union for forty years and we have virtually free-movement of people /assets,
    yet we are becoming more indebted / weaker / vulnerable

    less able to earn enough money to buy a property and raise a family.
    We have been going backwards.

    Time to grasp the tiller and steer our ship away from Europe.

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