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The Guardian has for once done a very good job of outlining the stark gap between the truth, and Israel’s “report” into the killing of four young children playing by the beach. It may be argued that this terrible tragedy is itself pretty irrelevant given that the Israelis killed 700 other children in Gaza that year. But the maintenance of this ludicrous, macabre and yes, evil, propaganda is fundamental to the self-image of many Israelis. They still contrive to see themselves as the good guys, under constant threat – despite the fact that Israel kills well more than a hundred for every Israeli killed.

This denial of the truth and claim of victimhood extends to the accusation of anti-Semitism trumpeted at every critic, including this one, despite the fact that I have the highest respect for the immense cultural and scientific achievements of the Jewish people. Israel is a different question entirely.

It is this absolute divorce of propaganda from reality that makes Tony Blair an ideal figurehead. Blair has now become head of a Council of Europe (loosely) linked body which claims to exist to promote tolerance, but in fact exists entirely to promote extreme Islamophobia and to shut down criticism of Israel. And it is a further sign of the estrangement from reality of the influential Israelis behind Blair’s appointment that they believe Tony Blair will influence public opinion positively in their favour. A remarkable example of confirmation bias.

Finally, I would merely note that it is not as insignificant as it may appear in terms of extreme corporatist bias, that the software auto-completes anti-Semitism for me (complete with capital letter), while it underlines Islamophobia as a non-existent word.

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  • fedup

    Abe your claims are getting more ludicrous as the time goes;

    Any deliberate killing of children would be a crime from the Israeli point of view, if my understanding is correct.

    Those Jewish supremacists in zionistan do not view the Palestinians as anything other animal beings, whose lives are inconsequential and their right to property is none existent. Hence their treatment of the Palestinians for the last seven decades.

  • twoleftfeet

    ‘What is there to discuss about the intentional murder by IDF soldiers of innocent Palestinian children?’

    Yeah, it’s a no brainer but maybe the most interesting aspect isn’t the discussion but what is not discussed. The Devil’s Advocate, Habakkuk (or at least that is what he tries to portray) cannot even bring himself to say ‘children’ during his many comments following this particular post. An unequivocal condemnation for the monsters that snuffed out these young lives could only be difficult for staunch supporters of mass murdering Israel. The nationality or religion is irrelevant. People that murder children in any civilised society should have no place to hide, not even behind a military uniform.
    His straight talking pal, Anon1 suddenly isn’t so straight talking. He prefers to try to redirect the debate to something much closer to his favoured subject, anti-semitism. A pair of slimier snakes would be difficult to find and the devious distraction methods they use cannot conceal their devotion to the shit hole that is currently called Israel.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Lysias, thanks, good points.

    Is the USA really in decline, though? Militarily, it has achieved a global dominance no previous power in the history of the world has achieved. Economically, it has massive resources on which to draw.

    If there were to be a revolution in Saudi Arabia, ISIS (or equivalent) would take over the Arabian peninsula and there would be an overt, full-blown, hot war with Iran. The USA would supply both sides (think of the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s which at the time was known as ‘The Gulf War’, until the 1990/91 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait/US et al attack on Iraq).

    But you’re in the USA and I’m sure you’ll know far more than I about the USA.

  • Mark Golding

    “ the sense of anti-Jewish prejudice, certainly does exist and is scarily strong still in all the post-Communist territories.

    Child murderer Mr Blair has a mission. Joining the European Council on Tolerance will position Blair close to founder and billionaire, Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor or Moshe Kantor as he prefers.

    Kantor and Vladimir Putin have a ‘birthday card’ relationship and Blair is tasked with driving a wedge between ‘Joseph and Pharaoh’ in such a way as to vilify the political influence Putin has over Kantor; this by emphasising the serious repercussions of this marriage for the Jewish community i.e. Kantor is tasked with diplomatically protecting Israel from a nuclear Iran, and Putin is set on assisting Iran with Russian nuclear expertise.

    Furthermore, as the head of a primarily diplomatic and political agency for European Jews, Kantor is obligated to form strong ties with European community leaders- something he has sorely neglected, as Putin’s interests deeply oppose the EU.

    Kantor and the EJC also have a responsibility to aid Ukrainian Jews, who are one of the EJC’s member communities.

    Blair will not succeed. I have him outed. The US can put the $1.8 billion fee to better use.

  • nevermind

    Great debate and many good contributions here from Baal, Lysias, Harry and Mary.
    I’m afraid it looks as if our very own ‘Schmutzfink’ is flailing in the wind like an old weather vane trying to divert debate, yawn, again.

    Abe Rene, if a soldier cannot distinguish whether its an adult of child he’s shooting in the head with his top class scope and night sight, surely he should not shoot from his 30 ft. high tower. Your brush stroke approach to painting Zionism green ios abysmal, try knitting will you?

  • Ben


    Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen Ban-Kai’s reticence to further alienate Israel by succumbing to US pressure of late. One can only hope Semitism is on the decline.

  • doug scorgie

    “KLP, Norway’s largest pension fund has excluded two companies “on the grounds of their exploitation of natural resources in occupied territory on the West Bank.”

    “Heidelberg Cement and Cemex, leading global suppliers of building materials, operate quarries in the West Bank through their respective Israeli subsidiaries. According to KLP, “the companies pay licence fees and royalties to the state of Israel” while “the products deriving from the quarries are sold primarily for use in Israel’s domestic construction market.”


    As we know the same building materials are denied to Gaza

    Also in the news:

    Marinah becomes first singer in Spain to cancel concerts in Israel.

    More than 10,000 South African School Students March Against Woolworths over selling Israeli products.

    Lauryn Hill cancels Israel concert and Israeli company loses Olympics security contract.

    Support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

  • Rose

    Second that Nevermind at 11.55 – a great conversation which for once has not been derailed by the usual suspects. Thanks to all the diggers here – your efforts are much appreciated.

  • St Bruno
    colonel (ret.)richard kemp
    A little off topic but, nevertheless, has a need to be
    given a wider audience.
    The wonderful comments on this delightful blog can
    only be due to the ‘linguistic camouflage’ of the useful
    people who indulge in BDS against Israel.
    The evil empire of the Islamic State’s persecution of
    other religions is left for history to record

  • Sverdlov

    “Genuine anti-Semitism, in the sense of anti-Jewish prejudice, certainly does exist and is scarily strong still in all the post-Communist territories”.
    You are wrong and seem to have little information regarding this matter. A small example, in the country where you used to represent the UK, there is a strong jewish lobby and key government posts are held by Bukhara and Samarkand jews. The family members of key government officials frequently visit Israel, World Jews Congress are welcomed regularly. You may see protests against Jewish film festivals in the UK, but in Uzbekistan you go to jail if you dare to speak against the jews. So what antisemitism you are talking when you said in all the pots -communist territories. I would not even challenge your statement in application to Russia, because all key media and political posts are strongly controlled by Russian jews who are very much loyal to Zion.

  • Rose

    Oh go and have another puff at the pipe St Bruno – suggest you cut it with some rough shag – Dad swore by it.

  • Truth Hurts

    Israel, the most vile murderous state in existence. Quite frankly, considering the teachings contained within both the Torah and Talmud it’s surprising that the Jews haven’t yet been ejected from more countries. Take this lovely passage from the wonderful Sanhedrin,

    “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

    If you can stand the stink, here’s a link for some of the more choice quotes and disgusting attitude’s which eminate throughout Judaism and it’s followers.

    As far as I can tell Craig, there is not a single thing to hold in high regard, cultural or scientific about this creed.

  • Mary

    Israel’s Battles in Sports, Law and Science
    Justin Podur
    14 June 2015

    Mourners carry the bodies of the four Palestinian children from the Baker family, whom medics said were killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, during their funeral in Gaza City on July 16, 2014. | Photo: REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly

    Only when people start thinking of Palestinians as human beings deserving of rights will a just resolution of the conflict with equal rights for everyone be possible.


    In early 2014, two young athletes, named Jawhar (then 19) and Adam (then 17), were returning from a soccer training session in the West Bank. Israeli soldiers ambushed them, shot them, set dogs on them to maul them, dragged them across the ground, and beat them. The Israeli soldiers targeted their feet and legs — ten bullets in Jawhar’s feet, one bullet in each of Adam’s feet. No more soccer for Jawhar and Adam (1).

    So, now, Israel’s war on Palestinians is so comprehensive that it includes soccer. Jawhar and Adam are not unique for being targeted as Palestinian athletes. Sports writer David Zirin wrote about another player, Mahmoud Sarsak of the Palestinian national soccer team, who Israel seized on his way to a contest in 2009, and held without trial or charges for years. He was released after he went on a 92-day hunger strike in July 2012 (2).


  • twoleftfeet

    Mary, the Jonathan Cook page you linked to has an error.

    I don’t know what relevance the suspendedpage url has but I hope it’s not Cook being targeted by opponents. His writing is exceptional and genuine empathy for the victims of Israeli crimes in the region is evident. Of course, living there he is able to relay very clearly the despair felt by many. Also, his experiences whilst working for the Guardian describe the kind of reporting restrictions that many journalists must encounter but virtually none of them have the same degree of courage as Cook. Doesn’t this habba (and company) free zone make a refreshing change? When challenged to condemn the merciless slaughter of innocent civilians by the Israeli murderers, thankfully they suddenly disappear.

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