Give Generously and Give Freedom Wings 63

I urge anybody with the remotest interest in fairness and justice to donate to the Wings Over Scotland fundraising appeal. Against the biased BBC and a 97.5% rabid unionist media, against DFID money fed in through Acanchi and the entirely fake No Borders campaign, against Saudi money fed in through the Ulster bigots of the DUP, Wings Over Scotland really is the most effective, wide reaching and important media of communication available to the Scottish Independence movement. Anybody who can afford something, and agrees that in a democracy both sides of a ballot ought to be heard, should donate. The second Independence referendum is indeed coming.

To be plain I have no connection at all to Wings Over Scotland and do not stand to receive anything from this appeal. I am donating myself.

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63 thoughts on “Give Generously and Give Freedom Wings

  • Republicofscotland

    Yip WingsoverScotland, has and still is a very effective tool, that constantly dispels unionist myths and outright lies. Needless to say it has been busier than ever, countering the unionist propaganda machine that never sleeps.

    Wings made an offer to part-run/takeover Bella Caledonia, another prominent pro-indy site. However Bella has now teamed up with the National newspaper, to produce a magazine that’s available in the National newspaper on a Saturday.

    • craig Post author

      Unfortunately the National’s politics may be good but its content is pretty crap, which is why readership has plunged below 10,000.

      • BSA

        It’s a long way from a consistently great read but, politics aside, it’s a far better paper than the Express, Sun, Record et al. if you are comparing.

          • glenn_uk

            He’ll find the Express a “great read” if he’s a bit racist and very thick, sure.

          • Habbabkuk

            East Neuker

            For Heaven’s sake stop throwing the word “fascist” around in that silly, silly way!

            You haven’t a clue what a real fascist looks or acts like; you’re just using the word as a lazy sort of shorthand;

            BTW, Neuker – did you know that the Dutch verb “neuken” means “to fuck” ?

      • fred

        While most newspapers are biassed one way or the other the National is the only paper in Scotland that is exclusively one sided.

        • Republicofscotland

          “While most newspapers are biassed one way or the other”


          Erm… which ones would that be?

      • Republicofscotland

        Oh I wouldn’t say it was that bad, it’s still in its infancy, and in its favour it does have quite a few SNP MP columists, who keep you up to date on the comings and goings on in the House of Commons.

        Alas there’s only the Sunday Herald, that gives those who support independence a fair crack of the whip along side the National. Unless of course you can recommend another newspaper?

    • JOML

      Watch out for a barrage of negative comments from people who refuse to read Wings’ articles but still feel qualified to comment! An excellent website, well worth funding, despite the Rev’s dismissal of all things Gaelic – can’t be perfect!

      • fred

        You mean that vile nationalist hate site you post links to without explanation before and refuse to discus the contents of after.

        • JOML

          You can only discuss an article with someone who has read the article, not someone who refuses to read it. Thank you for making my prediction come true so quickly.

          • fred

            I asked if you thought putting a picture Sadiq Khan waving a Union flag between pictures of a BNP rally and an EDL rally without explaining he was starting a charity cycle ride was honest. You refused to comment, why post links without explaining why you are posting them then refuse to comment on them after?

          • Republicofscotland

            Well it was fitting, the BNP and EDL are in the eyes of some racist, Mr Khan, now falls into that very category, in the eyes of those he slighted, even though he went about it, in a roundabout way.

            I am however not surprised at your outright rush, to defend someone who purveyed a racist slur.

          • JOML

            Sadiq Khan lumped all the people who wish for independence in the same category as racists. Therefore, to emphasise how he was wrong to do so, Wings lumped all union flag wavers together. Obviously, Sadiq is not a racist – that’s the point. Anyone not realising this from the article has either not read the article or lacks brain capacity. I hope this helps clarify the position and apologise for confusing you.

          • fred

            What he said wasn’t racist. He said that nationalism can be as divisive as racism or religious bigotry.

            He was stating a fact.

      • Republicofscotland

        Agreed JOML, the Rev took a fair bit of stick for slating Gaelic, which he deserved.

        However if you’re looking for a biased one sided, and completely unrealistic blog, you need look no further than die-hard unionist Kevin Hagues Chokka blog.

  • Republicofscotland

    “In one of the most blatant recent displays of anti-white racism & hate speech, the UK Labour Party’s Mayor of London has said that there are “too many white men” working for the city’s underground train service.”

    There’s even a petition to have him removed as mayor of London.

    Some in here are floggjng a dead horse, over Mr Khan’s innocence, I advise them to stop, the horse is long dead.

    • fred

      Except he didn’t say that and even if he had, if it were true only a white supremicist would get upset about it.

      What he actually said was that there were 13 white men on the Transport for London board and only 3 women.

      If it’s true that ethnic minorities and women were not adequately represented on the Transport for London board then he did the right thing speaking out against it.

      • Republicofscotland

        Oh Fred, it pains me to see you bend over backwards to call a spade, anything but a spade. What next for Mr Khan, too many white bus drivers or taxi drivers, or even too many white people in the government.

        You only add fuel to the fire by writing his remarks off as taken up by “white supremicists.” Now we’re entering the realms of fantasy.

        I suppose in your eyes the 19,500 odd folk who signed the petition, are “white supremicists”

        • fred

          But he didn’t say anything about bus drivers or taxi drivers. He was talking about board members which means what you said about him just was not true.

          I would guess that the people who started the petition were white supremacists As what it said in the petition was a downright .blatant lie it’s hard to say about the people who signed it.

          • Republicofscotland

            “I would guess that the people who started the petition were white supremacists”


            Oh you would guess? Well that makes it alright then. I’m glad you’ve got your finger on the pulse. Im sorry I doubted Mr Khan’s sincerity.

            Of course in the real world, Labour have been shifting to the right for sometime now. It wasn’t that long ago Labour were selling these mugs for a fiver.


            Corbyn faces one hell of challenge to pull, Labour to anywhere near the left.

            As for Fred’s “white supremicist” theory, well lets not even go there.

    • Daniel

      The ugly face of Scottish nationalist sentiment. Fred is 100% correct on this.niel

  • BobApposite

    “The biased BBC”.

    What is Murray pulling BREXIT again?

    “Both sides must be heard”.
    In America, Murray saw to it that only one side was heard. In fact, because he DOXed the female candidate Gamergate style, we got to READ all her emails, ever. We read ZERO Republican emails. One-sided all-out MISOGYNY.

    • BobApposite

      Week after week of rifling through a woman’s email so she wouldn’t get the job.
      Murray is SCUM.

    • BobApposite

      Aristotle said “moderation is good”.
      Confucious said “the perfect is the enemy of the good”.

      Progressives say “Moderation is evil, our way or the highway”.
      And so we get terrible things.

  • Republicofscotland

    Does anyone else think that Bob’s a tad upset, that Hillary didn’t win?

    • MJ

      He obviously thinks it’s a good idea to have a murderous, state-secret selling, election-fixing criminal in the White House.

      • bevin

        Clinton’s campaign spent more than $1 million on internet trolls, they must have had lots of money left over.

    • Bob Apposite

      Frankly, I might even be somehow related to him – which is a depressing thought.

    • Itsy

      It’s taken you 16 comments to tell us that Craig published Hillary Clinton’s private emails. Which he didn’t. I think you should practise “moderation” like you quoted from “Aristotle” but I doubt you’re capable of it.

      “Frankly, I might even be somehow related to him – which is a depressing thought.”

      I’m sure Craig is equally depressed.

    • Bob Apposite

      He said he did.

      If he “received” them. Then he gave them to WikiLeaks – the publisher.
      He facilitated their publishing.
      That’s the story *I* read.

      Are we playing games with the word “published”?

    • Bob Apposite

      So far, you’ve achieved neither Scottish independence NOR a slowdown on Brexit.
      You helped Trump BREXIT the U.S.
      AND you didn’t have the self-control to conduct yourselves ethically in these matters.

      What evidence is there that you’re not actually your own worst enemies?

    • Republicofscotland

      Bob @1910pm

      “Frankly, I might even be somehow related to him – which is a depressing thought”



      I’m pretty sure Craig, would feel the same way – only doubly distressed.

  • Stu

    Campbell does do some valuable research but the way he conducts himself on Twitter completely undermines his work.

    To put it mildly he seems mentally unstable.

  • Velofello

    Eh, wasn’t the title/subject of this article “Give Generously and Give freedom Wings”? Contributors quickly moved to discussing Khan, to white underground train/ taxi drivers, to racism, somebody called Murray, and Hilary didn’t win.

    Wot no Brexit today boys?

    • fred

      I couldn’t argue with Scots Nationalists sending their hard earned down to England.

      • JOML

        Neither could I, Fred. Trade between the two countries will always continue, regardless of the political circumstances, whether this is for goods or services.

  • andrea

    Elections in Northern Ireland tomorrow are going to be very interesting. A reshuffle of the power balance in NI, combined with the start of a new SNP independence campaign could become crippling for the Union, and make Brexit negotiations even tougher for Westminster. If behind-the-scenes coordination between Scottish and Northern Irish anti-unionist movements has not begun already, it is crucial that it does before long.

    The argument for Ulster unionism will be severely weakened by another Scottish independence campaign. Unionist politicians and the Tories all over the UK know this and their efforts to drown the SNP independence movement must not be underestimated, especially given the legacy of the conservatives in the UK, which took such a hard stance on Northern Ireland during the Thatcher years.

    Unionism is right-wing UK nationalism. If this is defeated in Scotland and in Northern Ireland, it might give English politics the blow it needs to find a centre again. If the Tories were in power during the collapse of the UK, it might be enough to keep them out of power for a generation.

  • Anon1

    “America has spent approximately six trillion dollars in the Middle East, all this while our infrastructure at home is crumbling. With this six trillion dollars we could have rebuilt our country –- twice.”

    Donald J. Trump, today, setting out America’s withdrawal from the Middle East. A great man, a great legend, you can’t find legends like this. The man is a great legend.

    • Anon1

      The liberal media in the US are absolutely spitting about the Donald’s assertion that $6 trillion has been spent in the Middle East.

      It doesn’t matter whether it’s $4 trillion or $5 trillion, Trump is right and he’s got the liberals exposing themselves as the warmongering shits they are.

      Salute the world’s greatest troll.

      • lysias

        Stock market went way up today. Now up about 17% in the less than four months since Nov. 7, the day before the election. That amounts to about 50% annually.

    • Republicofscotland

      “A great man, a great legend, you can’t find legends like this. The man is a great legend.”


      Oh I don’t know I’m sure Bob Apposite would disagree with that, Wouldn’t ya Bob? If he stopped complaining for a moment that is.

  • lysias

    O/T, the powers that be are pulling out all the stops to make sure that Macron is elected, and not a pro-Russian Le Pen or Fillon.

    EU Votes To Strip French Presidential Hopeful Le Pen of Parliamentary Immunity From Prosecution.


    This is a savage assault upon Merkel, delivered with fierce Marine Le Pen — who called Germany a ‘servant to America.’ I’ve never seen anything quite like it, frankly. It bordered on sabre rattling before a declaration of war.

    Le Pen emphatically rejected the subjugation and ‘vassilisation’ of Europe by Germany — declaring her intentions to break off from it — representative of an ‘intelligent protectionism’, individual liberties and defense of safety and identity.

    French presidential election continues wild ride as Fillon refuses to drop out during corruption probe:

    Fillon, a former prime minister and once the front-runner in France’s two-round April-May presidential election, announced that he was summoned to appear before judges on March 15 for allegedly using taxpayers’ money to pay family members for jobs that may not have existed.

    The right-wing Republicans party candidate denounced the summons, saying it amounted to a “political assassination.” Then he went further, saying that France’s entire presidential election was being taken out by an over-eager judicial process that was bulldozing the campaign. He appealed to citizens to “resist” and judge for themselves.

    • Dave Lawton

      “O/T, the powers that be are pulling out all the stops to make sure that Macron is elected, and not a pro-Russian Le Pen or Fillon.”

      Over the top I would say so.What Le Pen would have tweeted would have come from the Israeli intelligence source SITE

  • Dave S

    I’m afraid I won’t be donating.

    While Stu Campbell does some excellent research and takes apart the media quite effectively, he comes across as intolerant and abusive and generally a prat. A lot of his more aggressive stuff could be used against the independence movement as evidence of ‘nasty cybernats’. I also find his use of the royal ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ annoying. However, he’s not afraid to take on powerful interests which is good.

    I’d be happy to donate to stuff like the wee black book he produced but I wouldn’t point my mum or dad towards his site. It’s useful for keeping up the spirits of supporters but I doubt would convert many. Ranting about ‘yoons’ isn’t going to win anyone over.

    • BSA

      Wings is robust and combative rather than abusive and there is definitely a place for that in the media environment that independence has to deal with. Above all he is effective in his exposure of the Opposition and the media, which is why he is the target of real abuse and synthetic moralising from a Unionist camp where lies and abuse have been legitimised from the top down. Wings provides the research and criticism which the BBC could be contributing, albeit in more moderate language, to the constitutional question. That will be very necessary in the next referendum which will be even more cynical and bullying from the Union side than the last.

      • Dave S

        “Above all he is effective in his exposure of the Opposition and the media”

        He’s good at it. That doesn’t mean he’s effective. Judging by the comments on Wings I get the impression only committed independence supporters actually read the site. The fact it has a big audience doesn’t matter if it only preaches to the converted.

  • Let My People Go

    Craig – with enough funding might the SNP engage Cambridge Analytica to perform the same sort of work they did for the Trump campaign in the US? What that demonstrated was the flimsy and arbitrary stuff that the electorate’s “beliefs” are based on – and how powerful data analysis might be used to manipulate any particular political message to sway voters – and how easily it’s achieved in practice. It’s reported they had a big influence on the Brexit outcome as well. Another contributor to this blog has mentioned them already, and the remarkable influence currently wielded by Robert Mercer, the wealthy American computer scientist, to promote a counter-liberal agenda in the US. It might sound a bit underhanded or manipulative – but when combatting a biased, dishonest and deliberately distorted mainstream media, it would help ensure that people get a balanced picture. Are there any better or more effective strategies available to promote independence?

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