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Have you spotted Theresa May with a coloured person during this election? She has been sticking to places where she is surrounded by Tory councillors or by employees in front of their bosses or once, memorably, tenants in front of their landlord. The questions to her are pre-vetted but even then she normally answers with complete irrelevance – she replies “Brexit” as surely as Paul Nuttal replies “immigration”. Her audiences have been tiny but the media never pan out. They also never point out that her audiences are white.

Here is an entirely undoctored google image search result for “Theresa May campaigning”.

You can do the search yourself and see the pictures close-up. There is a Sikh man in the crowd on the second photo and another Asian man in the fourth. But on a rough headcount, the BAME percentage turning up in this random selection of May campaigning photos is 2%. Now if you do the same search for “Jeremy Corbyn” campaigning you get a very different picture. One photo of him in Southall on 18 May contained more BAME people than a full page of May thumbnails. But perhaps still more interesting is a comparison of the same search for David Cameron, which shows a very similar result to Jeremy Corbyn. Indeed, one shot of Cameron, Goldsmith and Johnson campaigning together also contains more BAME people than a whole page of May thumbnails. I cannot reproduce those two photos for you as they are Getty Images copyright protected, but they come up if you do the search.

Now here is the game you can play. Have a drink every time you see Theresa May interact with a coloured person during this election. I think your liver is safe.

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