The Cheats’ Election 173

It is over ten years since I allowed a guest post on this blog. This is because I never listen to anybody except myself. That way I avoid hearing anything disagreeable.

(Those last two sentences are a joke, deliberately in the style of Jane Austen. Of course it ruins the joke to explain it, but if I don’t, then twitter will be full of trials writing jibes about narcissism).

I have turned down hundreds of requests, but today I have decided to publish Stephen Norris, the Convener of his SNP branch, who has just had enough.

The SNP Inner Circle’s desire to fix the election for Humza could hardly be more obvious. Murrell and Sturgeon remain in place to oversee the process – and are carefully diverting attention to the counting process rather than the issuing and verification of login IDs.

Almost half of the campaigning days available are to be taken up by a series of 8 regional hustings meetings. The SNP machine (ie the Murrells) have decreed – against the will of two of the three candidates – that these will be closed meetings and neither reported nor streamed.

All are fully booked with no tickets available, and the party machine that booked them tipped off their own people to grab the seats. The candidates will only be able to speak to 3,500 members in total through these hustings, out of a membership claimed to be over 100,000.

It is deliberately designed to tie the candidates up and minimise their exposure. Of course, as a new mother, it is particularly constraining for Kate Forbes.

Now Stephen Norris has captured regional list MSP Emma Harper breaking party rules by emailing the South of Scotland membership on the SNP email system, urging them to vote for Humza Yousaf.

This plainly contravenes the election rules, but is on a par with Humza appearing everywhere with placards etc using fonts, styles and materials exactly as used by party HQ, and almost certainly produced by them.

Before I finally hand you over to Stephen Norris, I might further explain that ultra-Sturgeon loyalist Emma Harper MSP was jemmied into her seat by a fake process designed to exclude the Independence stalwart Joan McAlpine MSP – a talented and independent figure detested by Sturgeon.

McAlpine was removed by a rule change adopted by the Sturgeon controlled SNP national executive, which rules that regional lists must be topped by disabled candidates. Members voted for candidates in the normal way and the boosting was done AFTER the vote, with the disabled promoted to the top.

The extremely talented McAlpine was therefore forced out of parliament by the ultra loyalist nonentity Emma Harper, on the sole grounds that Harper has diabetes. It is worth noting that in other regions, candidates with less than 5% of the members’ vote were promoted to the top of the list, above individual candidates with ten times as many votes, and are now MSPs.

So now you know how Harper got to her position, I give you Stephen Norris:

“Election Cheating

I write this with a heavy heart and after much soul searching.
But events over the last few days have left me with no other choice.
I trust that those who read this understand I do so out of loyalty to my party, to Scotland, and the wider independence movement.

THE SCOTTISH National Party will stage the first of eight hustings on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Arguably, with Alex Salmond gone and Nicola Sturgeon going, it will be the most important leadership election in its history.

Sadly, and to the shame of those involved, the process of choosing our new leader and Scotland’s First Minister has been compromised before it starts. The act has been perpetrated in the most sleekit, arrogant and undemocratic manner imaginable. And I use that word “undemocratic” deliberately.

Once upon a time, the party to which I have devoted 41 years of my life, campaigned for, argued for, stood for and believed in, prided itself on a democratic power derived from its diverse and multi-talented membership. A power feared and respected by our unionist opponents and one which led our movement to the brink of victory.

Be in no doubt, that victory – the vital independence of our country and the restoration of its social and economic fortunes – remains within our grasp. The grassroots Yes movement still survives and thrives and – despite a succession of surrenders and false promises – a platform of around 50 per cent support for independence remains as our start point.

But the independence our country so desperately needs will not be achieved with Humza Yousaf and his backers at the helm of the SNP.

On Friday, February 24, 2023, two hours and 26 minutes before nominations for the leadership contest closed at noon, I received an email. It was from Emma Harper, the sole list MSP for the region, and time-stamped 9.34am. On investigation I discovered the same email had been sent to SNP members across the South of Scotland, whose numbers run into thousands, at exactly the same time.

Members in the three southernmost constituencies, Galloway and West Dumfries, Dumfriesshire and Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, received this email. Ms Harper holds the SNP brief for these seats because these are the only ones where there is no constituency SNP MSP.

I have learned that she spoke to Mr Yousaf about his campaign and strategy for the south the day before she sent the blanket email – a fact of which I have written proof. It transpires that Ms Harper, with the consent of party HQ, has been granted access to the South Scotland membership database, ostensibly to broadcast her work as an MSP. The email was not issued via Ms Harper’s personal account but from “Scottish National Party” with the delivery email of [email protected].

It states:

Dear Members,

As we draw closer to the end of the nomination process in the contest for leadership of our party and for Scotland’s next First Minister, I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you all with my decision to back Humza Yousaf for these top jobs.

As I am sure we all agree, Nicola Sturgeon has served Scotland and the SNP with absolute distinction. As the first female First Minister, she has also been the longest serving incumbent in the role. Both of these are stunning achievements in themselves. Nicola Sturgeon’s legacy in Government is one which has improved the lives of tens of thousands of families the length and breadth of Scotland and is one which has brought us ever closer to our nations independence.

Being First Minister is the top job in our country. It requires experience and dedication – a First Minister is never off duty. In my opinion, and after consideration, I believe Humza Yousaf to be the best person for this role. Humza has had many of the toughest jobs in government over the last 10 years – Transport Minister, Justice Secretary and Health Secretary in the midst of a global pandemic. He has also openly reaffirmed his commitment to our nations independence, to progressive politics and to equality for all, all of which I view to be crucial in Scotland’s journey to become a fairer, progressive and more equal country.

One of Humza’s many strengths is reaching out to bring people together and that is exactly what we need right now. However, as you will be well aware, my priority – as it always has been and as it will continue to be — is on representing the views of people in Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders. To this end, I will be making the case to Humza to prioritise the needs of our region if he is successful in becoming the leader of our party and First Minister. Issues like addressing derelict buildings, improving our transport infrastructure, addressing rural healthcare needs and unlocking the potential of the region – to name just some.

I will, of course, keep members updated on the actions I take to ensure our area is represented and listened to. As always, members can contact me at any time, should you be looking for any advice or support.

And a wee final reminder – please ensure you log onto MYSNP to nominate your candidate and to vote for who you think is the best option for party leader and First Minister.

Yours for South Scotland,
Emma Harper MSP


The last paragraph, by any interpretation, attempts to add a veneer of impartiality to everything above – which is nothing more than blatant electioneering on behalf of Humza.

No other candidate or campaign team leader was offered a similar facility to make their pitch to the South Scotland membership, in the same way Emma Harper did for Humza Yousaf. I do not – and for many reasons could not – support Humza, so I phoned round my Kirkcudbright and District Branch executive to see if they had received a similar email. They all had – at 9.34am.

I then contacted members in the two seats east of Galloway and West Dumfries – Dumfriesshire, and Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, with the same question. They too had been issued the same email by Ms Harper, via Scottish National Party and [email protected], with precisely the same time stamp – 9.34am. I have these emails in my possession – written proof that they were sent on behalf of Humza Yousaf across all three constituencies. Suffice it to say my friends in Dumfriesshire and the Borders are equally incensed at this sleekit attempt to manipulate the vote and sidestep our party’s strict electoral rules.

The Kirkcudbright branch secretary then told me something else. A second email had gone out later that day, February 24, this time to “All Conveners, Secretaries, Organisers, Membership Secretaries, Women’s Officers, Political Education Officers Councillors, MPs and MSPs.”

I am convener of Kirkcudbright and District Branch SNP. It is dated February 24 with a time stamp of 19.10, headed Scottish National Party and sent via [email protected]. It was sent out after nominations had closed at noon that day, and nine hours after Ms Harper’s first email.

It states:

Dear colleague,
With the candidates now confirmed for the Leadership Contest, I wanted to remind all members who have emailing rights on about their responsibilities during the period of the contest.
We encourage branches and elected members to make sure that members are aware of the contest, and engage with it, either through attendance at in-person or online hustings. It’s an important period, and it’s important that members have buy-in to the process, since for many it will be the first time that they’ve voted for a party leader.
The dedicated page for the contest on the member portal will stay up to date with information throughout the period of the contest.
I would like to draw your attention to the section on organisational neutrality. It’s important that, in sending emails to members, that personal thoughts on who to back are not conveyed to others. Who an individual member chooses to vote for will be up to them. This also applies to branch/organisational social media accounts. The views of the individual(s) with login details for a social media account do not determine views of the branch/organisation. So no mention of support for a particular candidate should be shared on those accounts. And under no circumstances should any membership data be given to a candidate or candidates.

Please also note that under Rule 4.2 any party organisation organising an event with any candidate during the election period must issue an invitation to all candidates.
The relevant part of the rules (which can be found here) are:
9. Organisational Neutrality
9.1     All hustings must be conducted in a manner which gives no advantage to any of the candidates seeking selection.
9.2     No resources of the Party, including membership data, may be used by, or made available to, any candidate seeking election.
9.3         No Party meeting may take a vote preferring any candidate in the election.
9.4         No member may use a Party email facility to seek to influence the votes of members in the election.
9.5         Headquarters staff must not act, or be asked to act, in a way which would call into question their impartiality.
9.6         Parliamentarians and councillors must ensure that neither they nor their staff use parliamentary or council resources for campaigning.
If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

Lorna Finn
National Secretary

Of particular relevance are points 9.2, 9.4 and 9.5.

Point 9.2 clearly states that “No resources of the Party, including membership data, may be used by, or made available to, any candidate seeking election”. Ms Harper is Humza’s lead campaign organiser in the south. She deliberately, on his behalf, lobbied thousands of members across the south seeking their support for him, to the total exclusion of the other candidates.

Similarly, point 9.4 states that “no member may use a party email facility to seek to influence the votes of members in the election”. Ms Harper, acting on Mr Yousaf’s behalf, did precisely that in direct contravention of the party’s constitution and rules regarding ‘Organisational Neutrality’.

Point 9.5 also has relevance: “Headquarters staff must not act, or be asked to act, in a way which would call into question their impartiality.” Plainly, headquarters staff granted Ms Harper access to the entire South of Scotland membership database. It is inconceivable that Ms Harper’s actions were unknown to HQ – and, suffice it to say, key personnel therein. In short, they too stand accused of acting outwith the party’s constitution and rules.

There is much more I could say but at this moment in time I will refrain from doing so.

But I want to place on record one thing.  This is my party, the party I love. Unlike many, I have never left, and I will not do so.

I leave it up to others to decide who is bringing our great party into disrepute – I, or all those at whose door I lay the blame for this shameful cheating and trashing of Scottish National Party internal democracy.

In conclusion, Scotland’s cause means more to me than words can express. I have six grandchildren all of whom, for the present at least, thankfully remain within Caledonia’s shores. I want only that they should have the best possible future as citizens of an independent Scotland, of Europe and the world.

And it is for them that I fight for independence – more, much more, than for myself.

Such a happy and necessary event can only happen if the SNP returns to form at the head of the entire YES movement. Our party will never be able to win independence without that great civic force for good, of creativity, hope and imagination.

The onus is on us to lead by example, whereby our internal party democracy acts as a template for our country’s future democracy and constitution, one founded on the pillars of justice, truth, openness and equality of opportunity for all.

In conjunction with that it goes without saying that corruption, nepotism and gerrymandering of opinion have no place in our party, and never should have.

We cannot, must not, emulate the unionist parties in going down the anti-democratic path.  We are better than that.

As an ordinary SNP member and branch convenor, I therefore call on Humza Yousaf, as a matter of honour and integrity, to immediately resile himself from the leadership contest and withdraw his candidature, for the reasons I have outlined above.

Caledonianly yours,

Steve Norris
Kirkcudbright and District SNP ”


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173 thoughts on “The Cheats’ Election

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  • Grouser

    Emma Harper, MSP should immediately be suspended by the SNP and an investigation started to establish if she broke the rules in this election. (Did the email cover more than her own geographical area of responsibility or was it sent only to those in her own area? I would expect her to have access to members’ details in her own area only.)
    Even if she did not break the rules, common sense would suggest that an email such as this from an elected representative would be unwise from the point of view that she would be bringing undue influence to bear on the side of her favoured candidate. It also opens her to the accusation of trying to curry favour with a candidate in the hope of favourable treatment in her future career should the candidate win.
    In my opinion she should stand aside until the election and /or enquiry if completed because I think she did a very stupid thing and we have a right to better judgement from elected representatives.

    • yesindyref2

      Just dropping this in here, maybe someone should check out if MSPs are allowed to use parliament paid for websites to campaign in such an election:

      “Having considered who I support for leadership, I have taken the decision to back Humza Yousaf MSP for leader of our party and as Scotland’s next First Minister.


      About this website
      The costs of this website are met from parliamentary resources.

      Doesn’t seem right to me, and I checked another supporter who did the same.

      • yesindyref2

        But before anyone goes jumping on it, you’d need to check out what the restrictions are on using such “parliamentary resources”, and are they paid for by the public, or by the party. THAT is being thorough.

  • yesindyref2

    Well, as somebody in the legal trade might say:

    “Just because conspiracy theorists are out to get someone doesn’t mean they’re not paranoid”.

    • iain

      The legal trade are paid prostitutes. Unwise to put great store by anything they might say. As for the SNP leadership election, it’s lucky you are here to tell people not to believe the evidence of their own eyes.

        • nevermind

          So what will happen if you only vote for your first choice? what if everyone only used their first preference?
          will they be burned on a Sturrell bonfire or have their vote disallowed?

    • Steven

      Well done Steve Norris.
      Whilst I may not agree with your Politics I do agree with your sense of fairness and what is right. You have done yourself and your Party a great service Sir, much as it pains me to say that!
      Craig, thank you for publishing and bringing it to the Publics attention. Pretty much the “tip of the iceberg” as far as the “Murrells” and their cohorts are concerned, I am sure.

  • yesindyref2

    Meanwhile the attack now mounts on Regan. Headline from the Herald, and note that Jaw-dropping is not in quotes in the headline:

    Jaw-dropping: Regan says Indy currency ready in ‘a couple of months’

    Actually it could be ready on Day 1, specially if run in parallel with the GBP. All it would need is an agreement with the commercial bank issuers of Scots notes, and that would be similar to the way it was back in the 1800s until the something Bank Act.

    Ho hum. PF2 and the same level of incompetent unionist journalism.

    • yesindyref2

      Must have seen my posting or had other complaints. “Jaw-dropping” now removed from the headline, though not from the URL

      https://www .heraldscotland .com/politics/23355852 .jaw-dropping-regan-says-indy-currency-ready-a-couple-months/ (spaces inserted)

      • yesindyref2

        You have to laugh, now they’ve actually changed the URL as well.

        Hey Herald sub-ed – it’s still on the photo caption …

  • pete

    I can’t see how the selection of the new leader can possibly be described as fair if the hustings discussions are not shared with the rest of the support base in some way. How else can members come to a rational decision about who is the best leader to achieve the independence of Scotland? The process has been compromised by the interference of the administration. They clearly need to start the process again, this time transparently.

    • Tom

      I’m shocked, truly, truly, shocked that CraigsWorld has uncovered another conspiracy that factions in a political party are lobbying, LOBBYING! , I say! for their favoured candidate. This must surely be a first in Politics? Mr Norris, naturally, deplores that and takes the principled stand of publicly lobbying for his own least favoured candidate to withdraw from the election.

      Meanwhile, CraigsWorlders fret that the puir wee SNP members aren’t able to make up their minds until their MSP. or the evil Murrells, tell them who to vote for. That makes quite a contrast, of course, with the free thinking CWs who made up their minds right after Alex told them his choice before the election even started. 🙂

      It is quite touching though that so many non-members are so fired up about my party’s leadership election. Interesing as, personally, I take very little interest in who the Tories etc elect as I can’t affect that.

  • Patricia

    What absolute and utter contempt these people have for the ‘fair and just’ system Sturgeon campaigned for in 2014. They should be exposed to the fullest extent so well done Steve Norris. Hopefully mainstream media will pick it up.

  • David

    I see Yusaf took part in the ‘International Visitor Leadership Program’, an atonishing program run by the US State Department. Just about every pro-US president/prime minister of just about every country went on this – e.g. from the UK, Heath, Thatcher, Blair and Brown. Loads of others – just one more example: Jens Stoltenberg once PM of Norway and now head of NATO. It’s all on Wikipedia (at the moment).

  • Chris Downie

    I can only wonder how this looks to those open to persuasion, but not yet convinced, on the independence question. I dare say many are reaching a conclusion that the YES campaign’s claims to be more democratic and of better moral character than the UK establishment from which it seeks independence, is becoming less and less credible, for every year the Sturgeon and Murrell team lead the SNP.

  • keviano

    Not a conspiracy, just a witless fool who should have known better.
    As it turned out, the first broadcast hustings was a yawningly damp squib.
    What were the major tactical differences?
    Humza would challenge Westminster’s veto over Holyrood – a point of principle
    Regan would not for lack of interest and Forbes would bow to inevitable defeat as she sees it – and probably in sync with her mystical beliefs.

    All three want to talk about some kind of talking shop that will talk about the best to talk independence up the polls

    All three seem to have belief in their own abilities – Forbes would deliver referendum powers to Scotland within 3 months of the next UK election while simultaneously conducting a Blairite seduction of Scotland’s conservative business elite.
    Regan will single handedly demolish identity politics and well just ignore the really complex grit involved in levelling those who are socially disadvantaged – it’s all to toxic and complicated.
    While Humza just believes in himself – so long as John Swinney continues to pet him whenever the black dog of self doubt creeps up.

    This is it.
    No complex conspiracy
    No Machiavellian power shakers

    Just three pretty average individuals, one of whom may grow into something more substantial.
    If they do not, we revert to the principle of the Declaration of Arbroath and get rid.

    We just must now draw a line under Salmond and Sturgeon

  • Republicofscotland

    Well that’s the Cumbernauld husting live stream finished, I watched it all, Ash Regan performed well, and a question was asked on the GRRB, thankfully Regan stood by her guns on it.

    The crowd appeared some what partisan to Yousaf, his replies to questions appearing to recieve the loudest applause, according to Mike Russell there’s another nine hustings to come and three tv debates as well.

    Ash Regan summed up by saying that she is the only candidate with a plan for independence, and listening to Yousaf and Forbes, that seems to be the case.

    • Alf Baird

      “Ash Regan summed up by saying that she is the only candidate with a plan for independence, and listening to Yousaf and Forbes, that seems to be the case.”

      You are right, and there is no bigger differentiation in the matter. There is only one candidate here focusing on independence, Ash Regan. Which means the other two should not even be in the race. So why are they?

  • DunGroanin

    Like I immediately noted as Wee Neepy announced their departure to the jetset billionaire lifestyle club for services rendered – it will be a fix – because of postal votes.

    On the streets and by the ballot box, witnessed voters and triple watched counting of these ballots is the only guarantee of the fairest elections.

    Postal votes should be banned.

    That emailer should be suspended , investigated, arrested if possible charged and eventually trialled, immediately barred from this process and all these contacted by email should be made aware of her wormtonguery.

    I don’t have any skin in the game , living in London and with zero scot blood, but if you seekers of Indy or not, can’t even demand, and get a fair process right now – you will remain in jail unable to pass Go.
    Pull your fingers out!

  • Malcolm Hughes

    I propose a song to accompany the Scottish New Party.
    The tune is the rousing “ A Gordon fur me!”

    The SNP anthem, or Sturgeon National Anthem
    The SNA for 2023
    A Sturgeon for me. A Sturgeon fur me
    If yur no a Sturgeon yir nae use tae me
    The Salmon were braw bu’ noo thir awa
    Thirs naethin bu’ Sturgeons will dae here ataw!

    May this shoal o suspect fish be trammelled in their own illegal mess of conspired nets

    • Alf Baird

      In regard to the ‘meaning of names’:

      “Regan is a regal name fit for a king or queen—literally.”

      “Yousaf name meaning is Prophet Joseph, Handsome.”

      “meaning of the name Forbes is: Wealthy or stubborn; headstrong”

  • nevermind

    The dirty washing that has come out of the NEC meeting last year March has not been washed yet and any humming and hawing by the police is ensuring that the SNP charlatans will get away with annointing another Westminster clone on March 13th.
    who is the police answerable to?
    Is it the law in Scotland or is the politicians without mandate who steer the SNP away from Independence and deny Scotland whats rightly theirs?

    • Goose

      There doesn’t seem to be any reason why votes can’t be digitally recorded/ registered in an auditable logged form in an official member account? Thus available for an audit of members, picked at random, by an independent election reviewer. Members could opt-in to such transparency, ‘purely for audit,’ I think many would too.

      The concept of there being a need for ‘voting booth secrecy;’ or in this case online voting secrecy seems to be an outdated concept, especially for internal party elections. There is so little trust in public officials today, with good reason. The concept of the need for secrecy is outweighed by the potential for that secrecy and lack of audit simply enables bad actors to rig votes.
      I don’t like the postal vote for the same reason – people lose that chain of custody – in the approx 3 weeks prior the count in which postal votes can be sent and then be ‘lost,’ ‘rejected’ or even ‘forged.’ The so-called ‘special postal vote openings’ got Laura Kuenssberg into bother at the 2019 GE, after she said Raab had told her they were “looking grim for Labour,” how did Raab know? At least by voting on the day, in person, the ballot boxes sit in plain sight until taken to the count at 10 PM. Iirc there was a huge discrepancy between the 2014 Scottish referendum postal votes vs those that were cast on the day, with the latter overwhelmingly favouring independence and the postal vote overwhelmingly opposed. There were stories of votes found dumped marked ‘rejected’ for no discernible reason.

    • Goose

      Stevie Boy

      I wouldn’t read too much into GCHQ initiating contact with the SNP over their use of online voting. They expressed similar concerns about the Tory leadership voting system, which, as originally envisaged, would’ve allowed members to change their vote, right up to the close of voting. It’s normal practice for GCHQ to contact major political parties and offer help in protecting insecure online voting systems.

      As someone who’d like more online voting options, as a step towards Swiss-style referendums & direct democracy. The idea outlined above of a digital record of your own voting history, and with it, an audit trail, seems the best preventative measure we could introduce. You and any other parties you authorise, would be able see your own voting history. These records would ensure vote and election integrity.

      • David

        Online voting is an obvious bad idea. It is wide open to abuse from so many angles. It is not a solution, it is worse than what we currently have and that is bad enough as it is.

        GCHQ are also part of the problem, given that they are hackers themselves.
        Even the KGB never had it this good.

  • Lysias

    I learn from Igor Chudov’s Substack that Nicola Sturgeon is a member of the World Economic Forum and pressured Boris Johnson into mandating the wearing of facemasks by schoolchildren.

  • David

    Problem is that democracy is only a fantasy. Not one nation on this planet has a real democracy. Politicians are controlled by criminal bankers, corporations and foreign “investors”, they don’t give a damn about the public other than how to get more taxes from them. If anything, the SNP are controlled by Blairites and dubious American politicians/corporations. The SNP main goal is to string the independence voters along, while behind closed doors all politicians sabotage Scotland at every opportunity. Sturgeon has always been a shady character, the Scottish equivalent to Boris. They don’t care about the public while they line their corrupt pockets when selling off the nations infrastructure to foreign interests. My ancestors fought for centuries for Scotland’s independence, they gave their lives for their country and for what ?
    Sturgeon is a turncoat, and so will her hand picked replacement. The independence ref was rigged from start to finish, just like Brexit was, and she was ok with that “set up to fail” referendum scam.
    As it stands, I can’t see anybody worth voting for at all in Britain. They are all corrupt traitors in every “party”. Dare I even say, they are corrupt to the point of committing genocide during the scamdemic, missing party funds, Trumps corrupt golf courses, supporting nazis that my grandparents fought in WWII (one of which was KIA in Africa) etc.
    Scotland will soon be defeated and the likes of Blair, Brown, Thatcher, Cameron, Salmond, Sturgeon, Starmer etc. are more than happy to make sure that happens. They will only give Scotland back when it has been bled bone dry, then they will leave us all for dead.

  • Ebenezer Scroggie

    Regan, on STV last night, appeared to be very confused about how democracy works.

    Did she vote in the Referendum? What does she think the cubic box is that she put her ballot paper into?

    It’s called a Ballot Box. What she now wants to call, somewhat bizarrely, a “gold standard”.

    Her bonkers idea of declaring UDI is just nuts. See Rhodesia for details. UDI can only work with the full and willing consent of the neighboring countries which share a major land border.

    For her to demand “negotiations” is about as nuts as the Argentines demanding negotiations over the Britishness of the Falkland islands.

    The United Kingdom was created by a Scottish king for the benefit of Scotsmen. The only spell of republicanism was under Cromwell and it wasn’t pretty. Two of the three numpties happen to be republicans, though they seldom declare their sentiments for obvious reasons.

    Humza effectively declared that the neverendum ploy is a busted flush. It just ain’t going to happen. That’s going to piss off a lot of party members, so his fortunes are not looking good. Regan pointing out what a fuckup Humza is was probably not a good idea either. What she said was true but it actually admits what a fuckup the entire Sturgeon administration has been for all these years.

    The manner in which the three of ’em fought like ferrets in a sack shows just how broken the party is. It’s not just fractured. It’s actually broken.

    The only thing that either of the two women could have done to do some good would have been to promise to get to the bottom of the conspiracy to frame Salmond and to name names publically. I don’t think either of them has the moral fibre to do that.

  • Robert Dyson

    I watched the Channel 4 contender’s debate yesterday. I will not be a voter but useful to see how things play out. Much to my surprise I liked Kate Forbes, she was very direct; would she stay that way? I thought I would like Ash Regan because I agree on Trans self-identification but found her wooden and with no real plan to achieve independence. Ash was the only one with time to answer on Alex Salmond whom she dismissed as someone to work with: Alex Salmond who built the SNP as a political force. Humza Yousaf brought that poem The Vicar of Bray to mind.

    • Goose

      The best proactive step the SNP membership could take to drive forward independence, is to insist on term limits for SNP MSPs and MPs.

      Independence was supposed to be the party’s raison d’etre, and it’s turned into an afterthought, because of cushy careerism. Similarly, Westminster has a large contingent of Blairites elected way back in 1997, they’re coming up to 30 years in parliament, in 2027. And they can’t even be challenged via primaries. It’s a career and they won’t do anything to jeopardise that career.

      Two terms and then find something else to do. It’d concentrate minds on the task of winning independence no end. The SNP with its sole mission, needs to be forced to focus more than any other party.

  • nevermind

    Independence as it once was has been Sturrellized, as the written media is now dependent on political hand outs. This letter says why supporters are being cheated.

    Now the fraudmaster general, embued by police slow-go searching for the 600k ringfenced campaign funds, will do his utmost electronic wizardry to show a result worthy of the swarthiest dirtiest election ever in a betrayed and hoodwinked Scotland. My heart weeps as Ash Regan is being pulled through the BBC ‘Today’ mangle, trying to explain her policies to interrupting professional face-swipers.

    I wish the black death would start at the top, as the slow-go of political police Scotland is failing to catch out a fraudster at the centre of this betrayal.

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