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Have you spotted Theresa May with a coloured person during this election? She has been sticking to places where she is surrounded by Tory councillors or by employees in front of their bosses or once, memorably, tenants in front of their landlord. The questions to her are pre-vetted but even then she normally answers with complete irrelevance – she replies “Brexit” as surely as Paul Nuttal replies “immigration”. Her audiences have been tiny but the media never pan out. They also never point out that her audiences are white.

Here is an entirely undoctored google image search result for “Theresa May campaigning”.

You can do the search yourself and see the pictures close-up. There is a Sikh man in the crowd on the second photo and another Asian man in the fourth. But on a rough headcount, the BAME percentage turning up in this random selection of May campaigning photos is 2%. Now if you do the same search for “Jeremy Corbyn” campaigning you get a very different picture. One photo of him in Southall on 18 May contained more BAME people than a full page of May thumbnails. But perhaps still more interesting is a comparison of the same search for David Cameron, which shows a very similar result to Jeremy Corbyn. Indeed, one shot of Cameron, Goldsmith and Johnson campaigning together also contains more BAME people than a whole page of May thumbnails. I cannot reproduce those two photos for you as they are Getty Images copyright protected, but they come up if you do the search.

Now here is the game you can play. Have a drink every time you see Theresa May interact with a coloured person during this election. I think your liver is safe.

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95 thoughts on “The Broederbond Election – A Game You Can Play

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  • Corbyn Supporter

    She’s always been a racist – her actions as Home Secretary prove that. Anyone of colour who votes Tory needs their head examining.

  • reel guid

    There are more BAME people in evidence even when UKIP are campaigning than there are with Theresa May’s version of the Tories.

  • reel guid

    Eugene Theresa Blanche appeals to philistine Conservatives who want Britain taken back to the 1950s where we weren’t in Europe. Where the SNP and Plaid only got about 0.9% of the vote when they stood a candidate. And where there were no black people reading the news on TV.

      • Shatnersrug

        Craig, I think the correct term might be “persons of colour”, “Coloured people” is what geriatric Tory voters might say, and it tends to have a lot of negative connotations that hark back to and before the civil rights movement. You may end up coming in for flack for that and I know it isn’t your intention to be anything other than supportive.

        • Ishmael

          We are all coloured. Nobody is “white” (or black)..

          These are absurd terms that all feed a racist narrative/mindset.

          “To generalise is to be an idiot” Blake.

          I have often tried to urge the “left” to think about their discourse. Because i swear they propagate this narrative more than those who are bigoted toward minority communities. And Sure, this is because many are trying to highlight the issues, but if you keep using these terms clasifying /racializing people the framework of “race” continues, and young people will get the idea it’s real.

          It’s just a bit of effort.

          And Yes, they are all very pale…She is clearly tapping into xenophobic/racist sentiment. I don’t know if it’s wilful or just that the establishment has a long “white” history. (lol, it really is absurd when you think about it, black white or “coloured” people, such a stupid meme.)

          • Walter Cairns

            Ishmael is right -we are all coloured (oh sorry, colored to make it politically correct). So why is the description “people of colour” deemed more acceptable than “coloured people”? Just asking.

  • giyane

    sorry 08.45. Tempus fugit. Yes Craig, as Corbyn rolls out a well-informed and principled agenda for government I’m afraid May’s election has pulled out the racist card, worn on the sleeve, and accompanied by Sieg Heil..

  • Geoff

    I’ll admit to being confused, giyane.

    This opinion doesn’t really sound like it’s meant anything other than earnestly, yet the screaming hypocrisy of the sexism being applied in a complaint against racism seems like it may be meant as satire.
    Which way should I read it?

    • giyane

      Yes the racism of Ayaa Hirsa Ali, a Dutch ex-Muslim campaigner against Islam was extremely misandrist, and I suppose I should not have attacked her in kind. BTW the Today piece starts at 01.34.40 hours into the programme. They say that every single female crossing the Sahara to flee Africa is raped, so there is an excuse for her…. but not for the BBC. I’m sorry, when I get the time I’m going to make a very serious complaint to the BBC for broadcasting smooth-speaking Justin Webb introducing this tirade of hate against Islam on weekend breakfast time’s breakfast programme.
      How much hate on toast can a man eat, even for the sake of Muslim-hater May on her big hate day?

  • Andrew

    Very similar to the ethnicity of her cabinet then. I think there’s a very obvious reason for her ludicrous stance on immigration.

    • Ishmael

      I feel her stance is predicated on appeasing her new (minoraty) constituency.

      I don’t know why she would try and force such an extreme “brexit” (excuse), it has clearly become a field of political struggle that far from being what 52% may want, it’s actually pandering to more like 10% (led be NF) who are pushing demands that were barley expressed (if not refuted) by many during the campaign. Ie on the single market (that after watching the bbc myself I got the impression wasn’t on the cards)

      Maybe it’s fear. Maybe she is as cowardly as she looks. And all the people getting attacked with darker skin she just doesn’t care about.

      Statistically they are less extremist than those nationalists who for instance, execute politicians.

    • giyane

      How much toast and hate can a man digest, even with a Justin Webb smoothy of Trump, Dutch and female Islamophobia. It’s still hate being pumped out by the BBC in an election run-up dominated by Brexit hate.

  • Sharp Ears

    Her boots are increasing in size all the while.

    Now she takes on the job of policing the internet.

    Tough new controls for web giants
    Britain to lead way in internet policing, says May
    Francis Elliott, Political Editor | Mark Bridge | Fiona Hamilton
    May 20 2017
    The Times

    The prime minister wants users to have more control over the data they share online
    Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

    Theresa May has promised to make Britain the world’s internet policeman and served notice that technology giants will be forced to give their customers more power over their own data.

    The prime minister said that Britain “should be a leader” in regulating the internet as she outlined new details of a crackdown on how companies hold and exploit personal data. “We want the UK to be . . . the best place for a digital business to be set up and to grow but also the safest and most secure place for people to be online,” she said in an interview with The Times.

    Last week’s hack attack on the NHS deepened fears of the disruptive power of technology and yesterday a defiant Julian Assange…


    There is also a gushing interview with her by Frances Elliott, who is the Times Political Editor, which was conducted on the Tory bus, now taxed and insured hopefully.
    ‘saturday interview

    ‘My conservatism has not changed. This is an agenda for the mainstream’
    Theresa May talks about rejecting dogma and how fairness is at the heart of her campaign
    Francis Elliott, Political Editor
    May 20 2017, 12:01am,

    Theresa May says that she wants Britain to be a meritocracy where people do not suffer discrimination because of their race, gender, disability or even their accent (me hypocrisy alert)
    Times photographer RICHARD POHLE

    The chants of “Tory scum” are just about audible through the tinted windows of the campaign bus as it pulls out of Halifax. Soon enough, however, there is only whispering tarmac, the opening moors and, settling into her black leather seat in the screened-off rear section, Theresa May.

    Minutes before, in an unashamedly presidential manifesto pitch, she had redefined conservatism in her own image, her cabinet reduced to mute spectators. This embodiment of middle England — she went to a grammar school that turned comprehensive while she was there — had painted a portrait of the coming “great meritocracy”. “Injustice is a scar on the soul of our nation,” intones her manifesto, which promises to close race, mental health, disability and gender gaps.

    Does she… Want to read more etc

    • Sharp Ears

      ‘….her cabinet reduced to mute spectators’

      I said on here that they do not like her and sat like dummies. 🙂

    • giyane

      Sharp Ears , you’re right.
      Every nasty fascist piece of legislation they’ve wanted to pass for the last 20 years will be loaded onto this election. We saw how May interpreted a marginal vote for Brexit. She intends to use this election to create the English 4th Reich

  • Habbabkuk


    Re your Mr Corbyn example : as Southall has a very high ethnic population, is it surprising that you would find a high number of ethnics listening to him on the stump there?

    Is it a like-for-like comparison (in venue terms)?

    Re your example of Messrs Cameron, Goldsmith and Johnson : firstly, you will admit that these three together are probably a more colourful and interesting bunch than the rather grey Mrs May. Secondly, where were they speaking in the example you cite?**

    Idem (second question) for your example of Mr Cameron campaigning by himself. **

    ** can’t find them on Google, sorry

    • giyane

      “very high ethnic population”

      Do you mean it has a very low English ethnic population? This trolling has to stop. Start here.

    • Alex Birnie

      But, but, but……I’m constantly being told by the tories and UKIP folk that I debate with on FB about racism….. “It’s all right for you in rural Scotland – you’re not over-run by “them” as we are, all over England”. Isn’t England over-run by “ethnics”, as you call them. If the Conservakippers are to be believed, every photo of a politician talking to a crowd should be full of “ethnics”. Isn’t that why we are leaving the EU?

    • craig Post author

      Yes. A week or so ago I did a blog post about Theresa May campaigning in an area of Leeds with a very high ethnic minority population – and still contriving an all-white audience.

      • Habbabkuk

        So where were those two photos you specifically mention taken? (the one with Cameron alone and the one with Cameron/Goldsmith/Johnson)

        • Anon1

          I think what Craig is saying is that it is unthinkable that ethnic minorities should strive for any kind of advancement by voting Tory.

          If you see the left’s reaction when an ethnic minority supports the Tory party then it is one of disgust that a little “house negro” should defy his place in society as a “victim”. Clearly they believe that “coloured people” belong in the benefits party, where they can be petted and told that every ill afflicting them is the result of those horrid, nasty Tory racists.

          • glenn_uk

            What an idiotic comment.

            Since when has a Tory stood for ‘advancement’ of anything but themselves and their cronies? Tories have been on the wrong side of history of every progressive advancement of society.

            Eliminating blood-sports? Tory response : “No!”
            Acceptance of gays? Tory response : “No!”
            Universal suffrage? Tory response : “No!”
            Welfare state for the poorest in society? Tory response : “No!”
            Fair taxation policies? Tory response : “No!”
            School meals? Tory response : “No!”
            The NHS itself? Tory response : “No!”

            Too many examples to mention. Just about everything good in society, you’ll find some Tory was standing there shouting “No!” – just like you, Anon1.

  • giyane

    Mrs May looks exactly like my sister, and a huge number of other women of about the same age, short white hair. Efficient, decent, clever but spiritually nothing but fag ash. My mother died a year ago and my sisters asked my friend from political Islam for a fatwa on my mother’s will. She had about a million pounds. He told them, incorrectly, that after I came into Islam I severed all connection with my non-Muslim family. My sisters then used this an excuse to enforce the Islamic ruling on wills between Muslims and non-Muslims like a Hard Brexit. Muslims cannot inherit from non-Muslims and vice versa. I have never been shown the will, so I don’t know if the friend from Political Islam inherited a share.
    I received nothing and I was told nothing. No provision was made to circumvent the obvious unfairness.

    Let me state clearly for once and all time that political Islam, i.e. Erdogan, Saudi, Al Qaida, Taliban has no connection whatsoever with Islam. It is a confederate of USUKIS neo-liberalism to colonise the Muslim countries without boots on the ground, initially giving power to the proxy political Islam leaders, who live in London. Political Islam manipulates Islam to allow murder, extortion, rape, plunder for the purposes of USUKIS colonisation of Muslim lands. The job of neo-liberal politicians is to denigrate the Muslims and Islam, arguing that Islam is failing because it is intrinsically unjust and violent.

    Now that the BBC has pulled out the directly racist Islamophobic narrative which coincides with Trumps cock-sucking conference in Saudi Arabia, expect Mrs May to surf on the lies that Islam is wrong.

    Islam isn’t wrong. Political Islam is wrong. It is the opposite of Islam, self-seeking, hypocritical, manipoulative, denigrating others. Terror. You have a choice. Jeremy Corbyn gets it that neither Islam nor Judaism are any of these things. They dedicate themselves to the worship of God pure.

    • Habbabkuk

      These constant lectures about Islam and political Islam and your ongoing screeds about your own misadventures with Islam and political Islam should really cease. You are an embarrassment to yourself and others. Are there no websites or blogs more suitable for your stuff?

      • giyane

        May 20, 2017 at 11:42

        These constant lectures about Israel and Zionism and your ongoing screeds about your own misadventures with Israel and Zionism should really cease. You are an embarrassment to yourself and others. Are there no websites or blogs more suitable for your stuff?

        • Habbabkuk


          Try doing a comparative line count and a comparative frequency count of your posts about Islam and political Islam and my posts about Israel and Zionism 🙂

      • D_Majestic

        I find it all very interesting though you may not, H. That’s your problem, not ours. A parallel could be made with Political Christianity. Think of the input of the Church of England, who appear to be pretty fond of wars-well, in the upper echelons at any rate. I don’t suppose its organists are particularly warlike, though. In fact the very lucky ones might have access to a 16′ or 30′ Contra Bombarde. Lol.

        • Habbabkuk

          “I find it all very interesting..”

          That’s your privilege, D_Majestic, but I suspect you are in a minority.

          • Ball


            I too find the posts interesting. Why don’t you stop trying to bully and intimidate posters you don’t agree with off the blog. You are a menace.

            @Craig and staff – Its high time Habbabks account and IP are banned from here. It is seriously degrading your blog, the topic and the discussions below the line. Between Habbabk and two or three far right posters derailing threads and abusing posters, they are deliberately making your blog a toxic space to be avoided.

  • giyane

    No it isn’t. Racism has to contain malice. I was working on the lights in the same room as 2 black managers this week. As a joke I asked them what pay level I had to reach to get a company car , like the black estate cars that carve up the motorway network. ” I hate black cars ” I said. “Oh really? ” they replied. I said: ” I was brought up to like colour, like blue or red or green. Black just eats all the colour around it” ” If you’re in a hole stop digging ” they replied. I pulled out the molten black plastic of the black foot-long lighting transformer from the ceiling and said ” Look at this”. We looked at eachother and they said ” black dong! ”

    So shut up Anon1 with your pc bollocks. it’s not offensive if it isn’t said with malice in the heart. I learned that 25 years ago when I first moved to Birmingham in 1991.

  • giyane

    Anon 1
    I’m not going to type anything you suggest into my computer while Mrs May is recording all my internet keystrokes. You try typing ‘home-made bombs ISIS’ into yours

    • Node

      Ha ha, fair point. “Nicola Sturgeon campaigning” returns two non-white faces in a long page of Google images.

    • Ishmael

      It’s not racist. It’s not bigoted toward a defined group. It is however a ‘gross’ racial generalisation.

  • reel guid

    Kezia Dugdale has broken Labour Party rules and explicitly called on voters in rural Scotland to vote Tory to deny seats to the SNP.

    Her hatred of the SNP and the Corbynites is now there in full daylight for all to see. She would rather have Tory MPs in these seats and therefore have a greater likelihood of a Tory election win than see the SNP win in them.

    No doubt another of her motivations is to do what she can to limit the percentage vote for Labour in order to help her fellow Blairites at Westminster in their next battle to remove Corbyn.

    There is also the gross hypocrisy whereby she suspends Labour councillors for going into coalition with the Tories and then a few days later she urges people to vote Tory.

    • Sharp Ears

      Always thought that you were Charles Crawford. I called his blog ‘pretentious’. He did not like it one bit.

    • Laguerre

      Couldn’t see much in the way of argument in that Crawford post. All he says is that Craig’s argument is rubbish.

      • Habbabkuk

        Hardly, Laguerre – there’s a lot of argument in his post. Just because you reject his arguments doesn’t mean he hasn’t advanced any. It is strange to see such a comment made by an academic.

    • glenn_uk

      Charles Crawford? Good grief, why would I want to read that torture apologist’s pompous waffling about anything?

      Talking about sucking from the public teat, how much money do you suppose that stuck up wretch has taken from the taxpayer?

        • glenn_uk

          Considerably more than the vast majority of public servants, then. I wonder why people who bitch and whine about the pensions and job security of state employees are quite OK with this particular example?

          At least, those critics who suck up to the Establishment and power so desperately are quite OK with that, while reviling every other public servant.

          • Habbabkuk

            We’re as OK with Crawford’s pay as we are about Craig’s.

            Was Craig paid too much in your opinion?

      • John Spencer-Davis

        To give Crawford his due, he is very good at giving the right of reply on his own woeful site. I will enjoy commenting on his latest. I know he reads these comments, so let’s all give him a wave!

        Crawford cites the lawyer David Allen Green, well known for a vicious anti-Assange article that was greatly influential even though it was comprehensively taken apart by a pro-Assange lawyer whose name escapes me at the moment but who is linked to on the Justice4Assange site, and who remains unanswered by Green as far as I am aware.

        Most excruciatingly pompous comment in the whole article against some pretty stiff competition: “No-one serious takes this seriously”. And how would you know, Crawford? No-one serious takes you seriously either.

        • glenn_uk

          If you think so little of our host, why don’t you fuck off then? I assure you, that you will not be missed.

        • Habbabkuk

          A very clever chap, Charles Crawford. Knows how to make a good argument politely but firmly. Keeps to the subject, no amalgams or irrelevant side-swipes. Wide-ranging interests, no obsessions, well worth following. Attracts few – but thoughtful – comments.

          Just my opinion, of course. No need to be jealous.

          • glenn_uk

            H: “Just my opinion, of course. No need to be jealous.

            You mean envious, presumably. Regardless – however clever Crawford might or might not be, why would I want to hear the unpleasant views of an apologist for torture, a highly paid one from the public purse at that?


            Sorry I didn’t reply to your other notes to me on the subject of living off the public. Just preparing for a camping trip to France in our modest campervan and haven’t had much time today:


            Noted CM was also in the same sort of position as Crawford wrt pay. You did make a barbed comment about index linked pensions earlier. I have no problem with them, I think every working person deserves one.

            But an awful lot of right-wingers – yourself included? – do not. First the private sector has almost totally done away with such benefits (apart from those of the executive branch, naturally!), and then we’re told that public sector workers ought to lose theirs too. (Why should public sector workers get pensions and job security, the outrage!)

            Finally, I do think the people at the top of the Establishment, very senior civil servants and so on, are remunerated excessively compared with the little people – nurses, firemen etc. – but then, the former do get to decide on their own pay while the latter do not. Along with their generous pensions come prestige, great side-benefits and generous expenses.

            The rest of us have to rub along on far more modest means, while fingers are wagged at us about the merits of thrift and hard work. You should understand that does not generate much appreciation from the masses.

  • Sam

    Craig, I admire your life and work and courage enormously, and have been a disciple for several years now. I find your continuing insight, honesty and integrity enlightening and a source of encouragement in an increasingly depressing political world.

    However, I feel the need to object to your use of the phrase ‘a coloured person’. I don’t believe this is acceptable and seems at odds with the rest of your enlightened thinking. It suggests that you do not see yourself as having any colour, nor by extension that ‘white’ people are separate from all other people who are ‘coloured’ to some extent or another. I think herein lies the roots of ‘otherisation’. We are all ‘coloured’ to one extent or another. None of us are transparent.

    It seems at odds with the tenor of the your article, and indeed the main point of it. I would be interested to know your thoughts with regards to this.



  • Sharp Ears

    Snake Freedland in the Guardian.

    British voters look like they’re rejecting Santa and embracing Scrooge. Why?
    Jonathan Freedland
    It’s bad news for the Labour party. Despite the popularity of its general election manifesto proposals, credibility matters more

    A riposte from Jonathan Cook.
    The real reason Britons will vote for Scrooge
    20 May 2017

    ‘To be fair, Freedland makes a fleetingly brief nod towards the fact that the “rightwing press” pushes the line that Labour cannot be trusted with the economy.

    But the rest of the article advances a quite preposterous view – an assumption adopted by Freedland and all other commentators in the corporate media – that the British public have independently arrived at their political views, without interference or mediation.

    But how did they come by these views? Where do they get their information and their framework for understanding politics and economics, and for making judgments about the merits of the two parties’ respective policies?

    Here are some other pertinent questions for Freedland. How did most of the British public end up concluding – entirely counter-intuitively – that the global economy can grow indefinitely by plundering the resources of a finite planet? How did they determine that private corporations would care for them better than the state – or, for that matter, cooperatives of workers? When did they decide that it was more important for Britain to become a “service economy”, run by hedge fund managers, than a green, sustainable economy? How did they ever believe that a party openly representing Big Money would prioritise their interests above those of a global elite?

    Freedland has no answers for the simple reason that even to pause to consider these questions would require him to think about his place within a corporate media whose interests are intimately tied to a globalised, neoliberal world order.

    The answer why Britons will vote for Scrooge over Santa is because even Santa’s little helpers, like Freedland, are really in the pay of Scrooge.’

    • Laguerre

      I don’t see why it’s necessary to go for Freedland’s binary vision of Santa or Scrooge, and Cook makes a mistake in arguing on Freedland’s terms. Craig’s version seems to me much more likely, a small or even no majority. May is making a real hash of things; the Tory majority is not going to be great. An implicit defeat for May, who chose this election. But I wouldn’t expect to see much movement in the polls – they’ve been thoroughly “fixed”.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    TM doesn’t want to alienate the ex-UKIP vote, does she? Makes perfect sense electorally – until it is widely recognised.

    She doesn’t seem to get a lot of photo-ops with pensioners, either. But there I suspect she’s sure that demographic won’t change its mind – despite stuffing them royally in her manifesto.

  • Walter Cairns

    Oh come off it Craig – look, I’m no Tory but to liken the PM to the fascistic Broederbond is akin to putting Jeremy Corbyn on the same level as Stalin – as indeed the Daily Wail and other exponents of the gutter press have done. Let’s leave behind the facile comparisons and concentrate on the real problems – deprivation, job security, social services, and the NHS. You know, the things that matter to the vast majority of my neighbours here in Blackpool.

  • Sharp Ears

    The corporate (Tory) media keep running this story that Blair is planning a new political party to replace Labour when, not if, Corbyn loses and will not go.

    If you google ‘blair plans new party’ links come up from six or seven days ago in all and sundry of the corporate media. There is the same story in tomorrow’s papers. I will get a link and put it up later. Blair is desperate for a comeback.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      It’s nothing new. The reason I’ve been ignoring the story’s sporadic eruptions is that it’s standard Blair attention-seeking as much as anything else. However, it’s not just the Tory press, it’s been reported pretty widely abroad too. No doubt as the result of some careful placement by the TBI. Probably kite-flying, and he’ll wait until after the election to see how many New Labour fellow-neocons he can take with him before launching a (doomed) successor to the SDP

      But it was interesting to see Blair holding forth at a recent meeting of the rightwing Euro-grouping EPP (too Euro for our Tories, and they left in 2009) in Wicklow. He’ll lick anyone’s bottom to preserve the impression given to his clients that he is in some way potent on the EU scene.

      • Alcyone

        Plus he’s investing in his future where he never has to come again to a public stage and cut the sorry figure he did upon release of Chilcot’s report. He remains far more exposed here than is GWB in the US.

    • Sharp Ears

      The Heil rehashes the story. The ‘mogul’ is the owner of Hull City FC who made his £millions from manufacturing generators.

      Tony Blair’s talks with football mogul over new ‘centrist’ party for Labour MPs fed up with Jeremy Corbyn
      •Former Prime Minister travelled to Hull for a meeting with Dr Assem Allam
      •Offered to fund moderate Labour MPs who want to leave Corbyn’s Labour

      Straight out of Mandelslime’s ‘Global Counsel’ outfit.

      How about BLiar’s new foundation? The Tony Blair Institute For Global Change. !!
      Methinks BLiar has a bad case of GPI.

      Company No 10505963 created 1.12.16

      and Mr Allam’s details Wink.wink…Irony alert 1st para Background

      and his 21 active company directorships

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Glad to see you’ve noticed the Tony Blair Institute, as it is registered at Companies House (qv), or The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, as he likes it to be known when punting his consultancy/lobbying services. At last. I’ve been banging on about it for months.
          The directors aren’t surprising: they were also directors in Windrush and Firerush. But there is only one PSC, Tony. The Institute will also absorb the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and Africa Governance Initiative, whose funds will be spent down for the purposes for which those registered charites were set up (pretty non-specific purposes, those, as are those of the TBI) and will then be closed. Blair’s meddling in Africa and world religion will then be able to operate without any severe scrutiny. You may also have missed Harcourt Ventures, Ltd, which Tony and Cherie have just formed to look after their buy-to-let business.

          There’s plenty more on An Apology, if you can bear to look. Which saves me polluting the current thread with the bastard’s current activities. FYI.

          PS, the fact that someone was in 1 Para would be for me a point in his favour. Go figure.

  • Sharp Ears

    Well that’s £300,000 and counting that the Middletons won’t see again but it’s all been a good investment. One daughter’s the future queen and the other has married a millionaire.

    Cf the foodbanks in Berkshire alone. There are four run by the Trussell Trust alone. That £300k could have done so much.

    The name, Englefield Estate, where the marriage took place, rang a bell.

    Ah yes. Richard Benyon MP Con Newbury, as was, is the chairman of the company that runs it. He is the second richest MP.

    The story of the millionaire Tory MP and the tenants facing homelessness
    One estate’s tradition of providing affordable flats is ending with the rush to cash in on the housing boom
    But he does his bit for the poor. He hands out loaves, just like Jesus did, but no fishes.

    Richest minister Richard Benyon ‘dispenses loaves to poor’
    The minister who told families to save money by eating leftovers was named yesterday as Britain’s richest MP and a landowner who has taken part in a ritual of dispensing loaves to the poor.

    Carry on chaps. As you were. ‘Shun!

    • Habbabkuk

      “The minister who told families to save money by eating leftovers …etc”


      Encouraging people to eat left-overs is another way of saying “do not waste food”, surely?

      Which is something govts and various non-political organisations in civil society have been saying for decades now (cf various official encouragements during WW2).

      Makes sense whatever your income, I’d have thought.

  • KamNam

    Now here is the game you can play. Have a drink every time you see Theresa May interact with a coloured person during this election..
    Only for teetotalers. 🙂
    I am unable to find a more closeted politician in he Westminster system that included the Commonwealth, a few come close..ish non anywhere near may muppet market.

  • Sharp Ears

    Even in the Sunday Times.
    Tory wobble as cuts for elderly slash May’s lead
    Corbyn halves gap as manifesto bombs

    Tim Shipman, Political Editor
    May 21 2017, 12:01am,
    The prime minister should ‘quickly change the subject from the manifesto’, a minister said
    Labour has closed within nine points of the Conservatives in a new poll that will set nerves jangling in Tory high command.

    The YouGov survey for The Sunday Times — the first by the pollster since the Conservative manifesto was published on Thursday — puts the Tories down to 44%, with Labour up to 35%.

    It is the smallest advantage for May this year and suggests that the publication of the general election manifesto has slashed her lead in half since last weekend.

    Labour’s standing is at its highest since the last general election, suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn’s unashamed socialist pitch is connecting with a growing number of voters. If that result is replicated on June 8 it would give May a majority of 46,…


    PS Shipman used to work for Dacre. Any media mogul will do as long as they pay the right price.

    • Michael McNulty

      While I’m glad the Tories shot themselves in the foot with their dementia tax because a lot of people in comments pages say they’ll not vote for them now, it does leave the inescapable conclusion they would have voted for other people to become homeless and destitute under another Tory government. They didn’t give a shit about their fellow Britons and only draw the poverty line at themselves.

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