There Are No Rape Charges Against Julian Assange in Sweden. There Are Espionage Charges Against Julian Assange in the USA. 265

UPDATE GREAT NEWS: Swedish prosecutors are about to announce the dropping of the investigation into Julian Assange on sexual offence allegations. There never were any charges and the allegations were always nonsense, as detailed in the below article I wrote a month ago:

A few months ago I asked Julian whether he expected that Donald Trump would end the case against him in the United States. WikiLeaks had after all published the DNC and Podesta emails, which revealed the corruption at the heart of the Clinton campaign and the way the Democratic primaries had been rigged against Bernie Sanders.

Julian replied that no, he expected the opposite to be true. Trump would feel the need to be openly active against Assange to show that there had been no relationship between him and WikiLeaks. Julian was of course right, and Trump’s Attorney-General has announced that the United States wants to extradite Assange on charges of espionage related to the Snowden revelations of mass illegal government surveillance.

It is worth noting that this is not really new. The Obama administration was sitting on sealed indictments against Assange for years. Obama prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other President in history. Having come to power promising to take action against senior CIA figures for waterboarding, the only person his Administration prosecuted – and jailed – over it was John Kiriakou for blowing the whistle on waterboarding.

Obama’s policy of not confirming or denying the charges against Assange in the States, enabled the media propagandists to pour scorn on Assange’s repeated insistence he was in the Ecuadorean Embassy to avoid extradition not to Sweden, but to the USA. That is now undeniable.

There are no rape charges against Assange in Sweden. There are espionage charges against Assange in the USA.

The evidence in the Swedish Assange allegations was originally reviewed by the chief prosecutor in Stockholm who declared there was no case to answer. It was then taken up – as allowed in the Swedish system – by a second prosecutor, Marianne NY, who has a campaigning third wave feminist agenda.

The European Arrest Warrant against Assange was signed not by any court, but by Marianne Ny. It was not on the basis that he was charged with any offence, but that he was wanted for questioning by the prosecutor. This can never happen again – UK law was subsequently changed so only a court, not a prosecutor, must sign the warrant.

Questioning is now complete. Assange has still not been charged. And yet his legal status according to the UK government is still that he is pending extradition for questioning – even though the questioning finished in the Ecuador Embassy last November.

The sexual allegations against Assange in Sweden have always been risible when considered in detail. The physical evidence against Assange is faked. The condom he allegedly wore and furtively ripped during intercourse with Anna Ardin contains none of his DNA – a physical impossibility had he worn it.

Assange’s DNA is present in another condom provided by Sofia Wilen, but there is no dispute the pair had consensual sex with that condom. What is alleged is that after drowsing off post-coitus, Assange initiated sex a second time while Wilen was still, in her own words “half asleep”, so she was not able to give fully informed consent. Assange adamantly denies this.

The women were questioned six years ago, as was Assange. All the physical evidence was collected and assessed. For five years Assange has been proclaiming his willingness to be questioned by Swedish authorities inside the Ecuadorean Embassy. Marianne Ny did nothing. The fact that there was no viable case against Assange and no genuine investigation in progress, was a determining factor in the decision of the extremely eminent international jurists of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, that Assange is being arbitrarily detained and should be freed. The UK and Swedish governments accepted the UN process and fully participated in it, and then appealed and lost again, but still refuse to accept the result. Neither the UK nor Sweden has ever failed to support any other decision of the UN Working Group.

Eventually Marianne Ny was forced by legal action by Assange to assure the Swedish Supreme Court she would move the investigation forward. Finally last November a Swedish prosecutor and Swedish policeman questioned Assange, over two days, in the Ecuadorean Embassy. Remember this was a follow up to his initial interview in Sweden six years ago. Julian also at the questioning in November gave an extremely comprehensive written statement.

The questioning was in November. It is now nearly May. The police and prosecutor had had six years to assess and analyse all the other evidence – including the testimony of the women and their text messages, which are crucial to the case. The follow up Assange questioning was the last thing Marianne Ny had to drag it out.

Yet there are still no charges. There are still no charges. Assange’s status is still that he is wanted for questioning, even though the questioning is all done. The Swedish establishment, an extremely tight knit and closed apparatus, appears unwilling to bite the bullet of admitting the whole has been nonsense. The tactic appears to be to sit it out another couple of years until the statute of limitations kicks in, and thus avoid admitting there was never a case.

You would have to be profoundly deaf not to hear the tramp of authoritarian boots currently marching all over the body politic of western societies. With racism, intolerance and the security state in the ascendant, now we need whistleblowers (and their publishers) more than ever. Those on the left who were distracted by the CIA’s “rape” dog whistle need to rediscover their critical faculties and get behind WikiLeaks.

There are no rape charges against Julian Assange in Sweden. There are espionage charges against Julian Assange in the USA.

The lies against Assange and WikiLeaks are no longer tenable.

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265 thoughts on “There Are No Rape Charges Against Julian Assange in Sweden. There Are Espionage Charges Against Julian Assange in the USA.

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  • Pitstains

    It’s very entertained to see how Martinned gets extra-frenetic whenever something here tweaks CIA’s impunity. Now it’s the mere mention of Julian Assange. Guess that 150K USD reward for the full-length Senate torture report really got under CIA’s skin!

    But what if that’s not the next leak in the pipeline? Charlie Wise’s protege’s doubtless know enough to document command responsibility for torture, in case the brass decides to throw a virgin into the volcano. The SCO knows where the death-camp bodies are buried – they still know how to do HUMINT. There’s more evidence floating around than you can shake a stick at. Judging from CIA’s evident panic, Martinned is going to stroke out in 3, 2, 1….

    • giyane


      So you’re saying Julian Assange has got his finger in the dyke. The land is lower than the sea. If too much was revealed by whistleblowers the whole system would collapse.

      • michael norton

        The real object might be to “join” North and South Korea, then America could move higher up the Penninsular, edging closer to China, then threaten, the emergence of Atomic missile run Communist China.

  • Dave

    If someone is prepared to imprison themselves for 6 years, they must be genuinely fearful about their liberty if they were to leave their prison. Also Veterans Today consider him an Israel rather than Russian agent, but then again all states fear and benefit from whistle-blowers.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Dave April 26, 2017 at 23:24
      Would YOU stake your freedom on American ‘Justice’? Like the politicians, Judges are all too often not just political appointments, but criminals themselves, and eminently ‘blackmailable’ if they step out of line.

    • Kempe

      If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

      Veterans Today think the H*l*caust was a hoax so I don’t think we need to concern ourselves about their opinion.

      • Dave

        No doubt you would have denounced whistle-blowing about the “gas-chambers” as a criminal offence? And do you consider Yad Vashem are deniers for disputing the 6 million figure?

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Kempe April 27, 2017 at 05:10
        ‘If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime….’
        Try telling that to Bliar, Bush, Clinton, Trump, the CIA, MI5 – or don’t their very real, horrendous crimes count?
        In your topsy-turvy world, exposing war crimes and other crimes is a crime, doing them isn’t.

  • Kempe

    Maybe my tired brain is missing something but the article Craig links to and every other report I can find says the DoJ are only at the stage of CONSIDERING charges of espionage against Assange. To quote the article ” It’s still not certain that the US will ultimately pursue charges against Assange ” so the opening premise here is incorrect.

    Currently the only charges Assange is facing for certain are for breaching his bail conditions when he fled to the Ecuador Embassy for which he could serve up to a year in prison. He ought to be obliged to make a face to face apology to the people who put up the money for his bail too, especially the couple who lost their life savings.

  • Herbie

    “You would have to be profoundly deaf not to hear the tramp of authoritarian boots currently marching all over the body politic of western societies. With racism, intolerance and the security state in the ascendant”

    There’s your fascism, right there.

    No need for Le Pen.

    Were she a fascist, she could join the mainstream tomorrow and fascist away to her heart’s content.

  • Sharp Ears

    Nice. SOAS are giving Regev houseroom,

    Please circulate the details of the rally at SOAS this Thursday 5.30pm – as far and wide as possible.


    Details: On Thursday, April 27, a talk will take place on our campus by Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev. For people of conscience around the world, Mark Regev is the public face of Israeli barbarism – using his appearances in the media to defend Israeli war crimes and brutality against Palestinians.

    In his television interviews, he was notorious for justifying Israeli crimes to the world’s press. In two major bombardments in 2009 and 2014, Israel killed over 3,418 Palestinians and injured a further 16,531.’

    • Habbabkuk

      I am not on Facebook so do not know what the link provided by Sharp Ears says.

      Could someone with access to Facebook please tell me if it is calling for a demonstration and what the suggested modalities of the demonstration are?

      I do hope it is not being suggested that Ambassadors Regev should somehow be prevented from speaking at SOAS because that would be a fascist act which all believers in liberal democracy (such as we have in the UK) should deplore.

      I am sure that Craig, as a former university Rector, would agree.

      • Sharp Ears

        You are as disingenuous and a troublemaker. You do not have to be ‘on Facebook’ to see the link. You just click on it. Can you manage that?

        SOAS United Against Israeli Apartheid

        Public · Hosted by Apartheid off Campus
        27 April at 17:30–20:00 UTC+01
        3 hours ago
        SOAS University of London
        Thornhaugh Street, WC1H 0XG London, United Kingdom
        469 went · 878 interested
        Share this event with your friends

        On Thursday, April 27, a talk will take place on our campus by Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev. For people of conscience around the world, Mark Regev is the public face of Israeli barbarism – using his appearances in the media to defend Israeli war crimes and brutality against Palestinians. In his television interviews, he was notorious for justifying Israeli crimes to the world’s press. In two major bombardments in 2009 and 2014, Israel killed over 3,418 Palestinians and injured a further 16,531.

        SOAS as a community completely rejects the use of our campus to host such an abhorrent individual to speak on behalf of a state that is enforcing a brutal military occupation, and engaged in forcible population transfer, colonialism and apartheid. As faculty, students and staff at SOAS, we affirm that our university should stand for the principles of freedom and solidarity with oppressed people, both in the UK and globally. The walls of our university show the faces of the famous figures, many of them our alumni – Paul Robeson, Walter Rodney, Angela Davis, Berta Caceras, Omar Mukhtar, Junot Diaz – and others whose legacy of internationalism and anti-colonialism continues to inform our institutional ethos today.

        In 2015, SOAS made clear its view that Israel’s colonial occupation of the Palestinian people was something that we as a community would not tolerate. In a vote that included the entire SOAS community – contract staff, academic staff and students – 73% voted in favour of endorsing the Palestinian call for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions. The guidelines for this boycott explicitly reject the hosting of official representatives of the Israeli state. Opposition to Regev was reaffirmed this week by two separate letters – one signed by more than one hundred members of SOAS faculty and another by more than forty student societies.

        Our SOAS rejects settler colonialism and its proponents and supports the struggle of all oppressed people around the world for justice, self-determination and peace. We stand for a curriculum that acknowledges the legacy of racism and colonialism. We stand in solidarity with all SOAS staff and students fighting for fair pay and working conditions. We stand together for a shared vision of justice.

        We are a coalition of SOAS staff and students, including over 40 SOAS student societies. We invite the entire SOAS community, friends of the university and of Palestine who believe in universal human rights for an evening of solidarity and celebration with music, speeches and a rally on April the 27th starting from 5.30pm.

        Details of speakers and performers will be announced shortly!


        Free admission
        About Apartheid off Campus
        Apartheid off Campus
        Organization · London, United Kingdom
        About the venue
        SOAS University of London
        SOAS University of London’s photo.
        SOAS University of London
        923 talking about this
        Go to Page
        More events at SOAS University of London
        APR 28
        Music of Guinea-Bissau: Manecas Costa/Braima Galissá/Tony Dudu
        Fri 19:30 UTC+01 · 56 people are going
        ..Read More
        MAY 16
        SOAS Centenary Dinner: Doha
        Tues 19:00 UTC+03 · 3 people are going
        ..Read More
        MAY 16
        Centenary Lecture: Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace Prize winner
        Tues 19:00 UTC+01 · 289 people are going
        ..Read More


        OK? You should visit. It is a lively, friendly and invigorating place and the young people from all parts of the world are lovely and welcoming. Good café too.

  • Phil the ex-frog

    A woman claimed she was raped, penetrated without permission and without a condom, while she was asleep. The man denies it. No one else was there.

    Missing DNA in another case. A third wave feminist. The Swedish legal system is different. The process is a joke. She was only “half asleep”. WTF. Half awake you say? Er, OK. All this, it’s irrelevant or circumstantial, at best. Take it away and aren’t we left with: you take his word.

    Sure, you find the circumstantial utterly convincing but you are not the jury. What do we know of the prosecution arguments? Consider these two possibilities:
    -their previous sex had been with condoms
    -the woman had a history of always using condoms

    It’s looking a bit different now. A court might well consider Assange a political target and judge him a rapist.

    You reject legal process at your political convenience. If it was someone else, say, Milo, or the bloke from the cornershop, you’d be insisting the court must judge.

    But I’m in. Down with the judges!

  • Mark Doran

    “Obama prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other President in history.”

    — As I understand it, Obama actually prosecuted more whistleblowers than *all previous Presidents combined*…

  • Karl

    Great piece, thanks Craig !
    But can the Swedish prosecution really string this out for another 3 years without either dropping the ‘investigation’ or issuing charges ?
    Does anyone know if JA’s lawyers can bring another case to the Swedish Supreme Court asking for the case to be closed on the basis of this inaction by Ny et all ?
    Imagine the outrage in the Western corporate and state media if an official enemy state were abusing the human rights of one of ‘our’ dissidents in a similar manner.
    But instead it is mainly ignored, or when mentioned, we are still treated to the ‘Assange is wanted for questioning on rape allegations in Sweden’ canard even though he has now been questioned twice.

  • Manda

    Craig, the link to this particular blog from your twitter page is coming up ‘oops, error 404’. It may be a problem my end of course. (:

      • Manda

        Glad it wasn’t me.

        I am noting some changes in Facebook and Twitter. I don’t have accounts in either. On Monday I discovered I could no longer access live Facebook video feeds and today I not twitter has wiped the suggested similar accounts side bar replacing it with trending information… it appears both companies are forcing people to join for previous access and information…

        It is a bind having to search for twitter accounts individually now rather than click a link as previously and of course I have almost zero chance of finding interesting and informative ones unless directly linked on pages I already know. My favourites folder is going to become huge!

  • John Spencer-Davis

    BTW Craig please let Julian know there is a standing offer of my professional services free of charge. J

  • Sharp Ears

    Free Julian Assange NOW

    I saw Craig speaking on RT.

    The toxic and vindictive combination of Ms Cressida Dick (RIP Jean Charles de Menezes) and Mrs May is now preventing him leaving his 4 year old confinement in Knightsbridge. Skipping bail! What nonsense. How many people in the UK skip bail and what happens?

    Shame on these women.

    • Manda

      I follow UK Column News and they have done work on Cressida Dick. She has undergone Common Purpose training apparently.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Prosecutor Marianne Nye said today: “According to Swedish legislation, a criminal investigation is to be conducted as quickly as possible.”

    That’s a good ‘un.

  • nevermind

    Excellent news after a mornings successful canvassing for Clive Lewis, managed to persuade two Greens to vote Labour, now this, what a lovely birthday present by Mrs. Nye, tack.

    • Manda

      Well done! It really is Labour or bust this election. Sorry Greens but Labour need all the votes they can get!

  • Sharp Ears

    It’s incredible but the BBC have just had John Pilger live in the newsroom with Ben Brown. News channel 130.

    He was allowed to speak at length with all the facts and is still very sharp. He is one of my heroes.

    • Sharp Ears

      Followed by the unpleasant David Leigh of the Guardian on a video link from ‘N London’. He was slagging Julian off and jeering at him and his predicament. A shit.

  • Sharp Ears

    on 19/05/2017



    TIME: 1400 ONWARDS


    Following the release of Chelsea Manning on Wednesday the Swedish chief prosecutor Marianne Ny has today decided to discontinue the preliminary investigation concerning Wikileaks editor Julian Assange.

    Now that this investigation has been dropped it is only correct that the British Government allow Julian Assange to leave the Embassy of Ecuador and travel freely to a destination of his choosing.

    Over the last seven years Wikileaks have published; The Iraq War Logs, The Afghan War Diaries, Collateral Murder, Cablegate and numerous other government documents that have shed light on the true nature of the wars that we fight. As a result, Wikileaks editor Julian Assange has powerful enemies around the world, none more so than the government of the United States of America.

    The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London said after the news was announced that it remained obliged to arrest Mr Assange should he leave the Ecuadoran embassy on a lesser charge of failing to surrender to a court. This is beyond the pale.

    Julian is a fearless anti-war publisher and he remains under threat of imprisonment. Now is the time to demand his safe passage from the Embassy of Ecuador in London to a destination of his choosing.

    Come to Downing Street today and demand the release of Julian Assange.


    Ben Griffin is a founding member of Veterans For Peace UK

    • bevin

      Perhaps this will help bring the war question back to the centre of the General Election campaign, where it belongs. My guess is that there is massive support for Assange and freedom of information among the young. This might be an incentive to some to register and to vote.

      • Sharp Ears

        In a reply to Habbabkuk (now deleted) on another thread I asked him for his views on the fact that many who have served in the US military have psychiatrics problems and/or addictions. I cited the case of the car driver who killed a young woman and injured 22 people, some seriously, in Times Square. He left the US Navy with an alcohol addiction. What happened to him during his service. He has had convictions for drink driving and is said to be addicted to an artificially produced marijuana, known as K2.

        We also have similar problems here and many ex military personnel are in prison or otherwise homeless and destitute. Broken minds.

        I did not receive an answer other than some flippancy.

        Richard Rohas heard voices.
        ‘Police believe he was high on synthetic marijuana, known as K2, ABC News reports, citing law enforcement sources. Initial tests reportedly came back negative for alcohol but positive for drugs.

        According to media reports, he has a history of offending:
        He was arrested for threatening a man with a knife earlier this month
        He was arrested for drink-driving in 2015
        He spent two months in a military prison in South Carolina, in 2013 – it is not clear why
        In 2012, he attacked a taxi driver at a naval base in Florida, shouted “my life is over” and threatened to kill police – after which he was charged with misdemeanour battery and resisting an officer without violence’

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Whilst I agree with everything Craig has written here, I assume Julian Assange had no prior information re the announcement issued today.

    Over a long period of time, I have supected that Julian Assange has only been in The Ecudorian Embassy for specific events and meetings like when people like Craig Murray turn up.

    Obviously, I cannot prove this, but is there any evidence that he is actually in The Ecudorian Embassy today?

    What’s wrong? Is the traffic particularly bad today?

    Yes, its nice to see his cat – but surely they should have sneaked him back in through the back door by now.


  • bevin

    “…Have you ever heard of Craig Murray?

    “Murray should be the government’s star witness in the DNC hacking scandal, instead, no one even knows who he is. But if we trust what Murray has to say, then we can see that the Russia hacking story is baloney. The emails were “leaked” by insiders not “hacked” by a foreign government…”
    Mike Whitney in today’s CounterPunch. An excellent article on Seth Rich, the DNC, Russia and the media.
    Moderators: I can’t believe that my innocuous remarks on Anon1 were cut. And my dissent from Habbabkuk’s idle acceptance of exploded ideas is being examined for what?

    • John Goss

      It might not be the mods. According to Wikileaks latest releases the CIA has back-door access to Facebook, Twitter and other service providers through WIndows (as reported by RT today). It is embarrassing for them but some of us have suspected it for a long time, and mentioned it on here, only to be finally vindicated in our comments that external agents can change text and add files that end-users have never seen. It is worse than anything Orwell could have dreamt up.

      It gets worse. Muhammad Rabbani an investigator with Cage is constantly stopped at Heathrow by Police and was yesterday charged with refusing to give passwords to his phone and laptop which the authorities claim he should do under Section 7. He was protecting client confidentiality in a torture case. The full details I do not know but my beloved country has stooped to measures previously reserved for what we once called ‘totalitarian’.

  • John Goss

    “The lies against Assange and WikiLeaks are no longer tenable.”

    To all but agents of US supremacy they have never been believable. The whole story has been a farce from the start, except it has taken away 7 years of a young man’s life. Without that young man the world would be a poorer, less safe place in which to live. We should all be fighting for his freedom.

    Theresa May has been advised to fence off questions about Assange with statements like it is not a matter for government but a matter for the police. If our government had not been the lapdog of the Yanks then Julian Assannge would never have been forced into the Ecuador Embassy. Justice Phillips knew there was no case to answer yet the Supreme Court ruled (wrongly it was later found out) that he should face charges. Our judiciary is almost as ludicrous as that of Sweden. I bet Mariane Ny is crying into her cup because she cannot serve her masters across the Atlantic. I bet that has cost her a bob or two.

  • Leonard Young

    I would like to discuss the notion of Sub Judice. My understanding is that Sub Judice, the mechanism by which cases subject to a press reporting blackout owing to a CHARGE that is under consideration by a COURT OF LAW, has never been applicable in this case. But this does not square with a very memorable interview on BBC Newsnight, several years ago, during which GAVIN ESLER censored Craig’s contribution on the excuse that the case against Assange was “Sub Judice”, even though the names of the two alleged victims were not only in the public domain, but the two alleged victims had already published their own names, and no charge was, or ever has been aimed at Assange.

    This case absolutely stinks, even more so now, because the statement from the Swedes implies that Assange still has a case to answer but for technicalities. But the author of these technicalities is Sweden itself, not Assange.

    Perhaps a seasoned lawyer could contribute?

    • Kempe

      Not a matter of sub judice but Craig violating the woman’s right to anonymity. I quote:-

      “. The victim in a case of rape or one of the sexual offences listed in the 1992 Act is entitled to ‘anonymity’ in the press. Once an allegation of one of the relevant offences has been made, nothing can be published which is likely to lead members of the public to identify the victim. ”

      I know the names of both the women involved can be easily found on the internet but that is no excuse. It could not only have landed Craig in court for contempt but it was bad manners too.

      • Leonard Young

        I believe the case was more complicated than the one you present. If you recall, Assange volunteered to be questioned in Sweden and was released without charge – and the case was dropped. Subsequent to that, or at a similar time, at least one of the two women identified themselves to a tabloid newspaper and leaked the case to its journalists. One of the prosecutors also released prejudicial information to the Swedish press.

        This is clearly not a straightforward case, even leaving out the wikileaks ramifications. The 1992 Act applies to the UK.


    I used to be sympathetic to Assange but since his anti-Clinton leaks and his links with the pro-Brexit people, such as Farage, I am less so. This does not, of course, mean I approve of the way the Swedes or US have treated him.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        The Independent is a Disgrace. It’s nearly as bad as The Guardian. You actually believe their nonsense?

        Oh dear.


        No, the Independent does NOT agree with me! The legal proceedings against him were bogus and politically motivated. But I do not the way he helped undermine Clinton’s chances of becoming president.

        • Manny

          It must be admitted though, Assange leveled the playing field by informing th electorates..after all wwe had Obama and Hillary campaign for Brexit, Obama produce ads for Macron, with a gallery of media bobbing heads in agreement, and the emails revealed just how roped in they were by the establishment..that includes Guardian, and sadly Independent as well..Thank you Assange for exposing Hillary’s duplicity in the destruction of the Libyan nation and using the CIA (and vice versa) as her private army, running the arms to Syrian rebels and Isis while 20 percent of her campaign was financed by the Saudis, and essentially turning the US into a mercenary for hire to the highest bidder. Losing the election, despite her attempts to rig it herself as we saw with Bernie via the DNC will be the least of her problems. I hope the Seth Matter is resolved and she is exposed for the murderess she really is.

          • James Dickenson

            ” . . . running the arms to Syrian rebels and Isis . . . ”

            Did she run arms to ISIS/ISIL? Maybe after 2014?

            ‘Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent an email to her campaign chairman John Podesta in 2014, who was then counselor to President Barack Obama, that said Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both giving financial and logistical support to the Islamic State and other extremist Sunni groups, according to a recent Wikileaks release.
            Clinton sent the email on August 17, 2014 to Podesta. It was an eight-point plan to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Clinton’s email said that the United States should support Kurdish forces on the ground with U.S. military advisers and avoid the use of a conventional ground operation.
            “While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” Clinton wrote. ‘

            She had plans for an ISIS/ISIL free Iraq?

            “However, if we provide advisors and planners, as well >> as increased close air support for the Peshmerga, these soldiers can defeat >> ISIL. They will give the new Iraqi Government a chance to organize itself, >> and restructure the Sunni resistance in Syria, moving the center of power >> toward moderate forces like the Free Syrian Army (FSA).”

    • Tony_0pmoc

      You are a fan of Hillary Clinton?

      Oh dear.

      This does not seem normal behaviour to me. It seems the words and reaction of a crazed psychopath. You wanted to elect her as President of The USA???

      Even Theresa May look sane in comparison.

      “Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died ”

      • lysias

        And given what Hillary said about Assange, and given how she had her State Department deal with him, he had every right to regard her as an enemy.


        No, she was the lesser of 2 evils. I would have preferred Sanders, but he was elininated.

        • Alcyone

          Trump may be the deep blue sea but he is definitely not the devil.

          Btw, why do you need to shout out your name?

        • Silvio

          “I would have preferred Sanders, but he was elininated (sic).”
          Eliminated he was, and one could almost be forgiven for thinking it was by a conspiracy that seemed to receive little attention in the democracy promoting and mainstream media.

          Lee Camp on RT in discussion with “The Lawyer Bringing The Lawsuit Against The DNC” :

      • lysias

        She didn’t just say that about Gaddafi’s death. She laughed and clapped her hands. A true psychopath.

  • Ishmael

    We need to free julian.

    Now is the time. They don’t have a leg to stand on.

    We can’t let this stand.

  • Sharp Ears

    No trace on the BBC website of John Pilger’s remarks in their newsroom this morning but RT report on his conversation with John Kiriacou.

    WikiLeaks staff are in danger’: Pilger, Kiriakou discuss Assange’s ongoing legal battle
    Published time: 19 May, 2017 21:37

  • Becky Cohen

    Since the accusations against both men were based on ‘they said/he said’ allegations, how come you are so sure that Julian Assange is innocent of those made against him and were so convinced that the late Grevile Janner was guilty of those made against him? Is it because the one isn’t Jewish but the other was?

  • Sharp Ears

    There are three articles on Dissident Voice which will be of interest.

    Julian Assange, Sweden, and Continuing Battles
    Binoy Kampmark / 05/19/2017

    “I will not forgive or forget” — Assange speaks
    RT / 05/19/2017

    “Battle is over but the war has just begun” — Julian Assange
    Press TV / 05/19/2017

  • Sharp Ears

    John Pilger
    20 May 2017

    Julian Assange has been vindicated because the Swedish case against him was corrupt. The prosecutor, Marianne Ny, obstructed justice and should be prosecuted. Her obsession with Assange not only embarrassed her colleagues and the judiciary but exposed the Swedish state’s collusion with the United States in its crimes of war and “rendition”.

    Had Assange not sought refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, he would have been on his way to the kind of American torture pit Chelsea Manning had to endure.

    This prospect was obscured by the grim farce played out in Sweden. “It’s a laughing stock,” said James Catlin, one of Assange’s Australian lawyers. “It is as if they make it up as they go along”.

    It may have seemed that way, but there was always serious purpose. In 2008, a secret Pentagon document prepared by the “Cyber Counterintelligence Assessments Branch” foretold a detailed plan to discredit WikiLeaks and smear Assange personally.


  • Carlyle Moulton

    One question that needs to be answered is why the US would prefer to extradite Assange from Sweden when the US UK extradition treaty is so biased against UK residents that Assange would have no defense against a any US request to extradite him.

    One possibility is that Assange has such a high profile in the UK that any such extradition would create an almighty stink that would embarrass the UK government and the US would prefer not to put an allied government in that position. Assanges profile in Sweden is much lower and the fallout from a Swedish extradition would be thought to be less damaging to the Swedish government.

  • Carlyle Moulton

    One possible explanation of the Assange / Sweden rape charges affair is that the US did not want to embarrass the UK government to the extent that an extradition of Assange from the UK would do so and that Assange having a much lower profile in Sweden an extradition from there would do less damage to the Swedish government.

    However that is not the only possible explanation. Another is that tarring a whistle blower with the brush of criminality is an effective means of discrediting him and the best crimes to use are sex crimes. A never ending investigation of Assange as a sex criminal while Assange is confined in the Eqadorian Embassy and the prosecutor drags her feet on the necessary interview would have been very satisfying to the PTB in the US.

    Prosecutor Marianne Nye may have had her own motives having nothing to do with the US. A feminist prosecutor may want to use new rape laws to make an example of high profile entitled jerk such as a rich playboy, a movie star or perhaps Julian Assange.

    The origin of the charges may have been a result of misunderstandings. It may be that the two women only wanted Assange to take an HIV test and they thought to use the police to get leverage but police can only investigate crimes not force people to take HIV tests and charges resulted which were dismissed by the first prosecutor but resurrected by Marianne Nye for her own reasons or pehaps those of the US.

    Assange’s understandable paranoia about US originated dirty tricks may have made in resistant to doing anything to reassure the women. Assange knows that he has crawled high into the nasal passages of powerful people in the US carrying a rag soaked in essence of skunk and he would be naive if he did not expect some blowback.

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