Tories Play the Race Card – up their Sleeve 112

Even our servile mainstream media might blench at this Enoch Powell style racist message. That is why the Tories are not deploying it openly, but in highly targeted Facebook adverts

If you have received this on Facebook, you have been identified by sophisticated billionaire funded analytics.

The Conservatives have decided that you are old or poor or uneducated, or a combination of some of these, and thus particularly likely to respond to racism.

I urge you to use Facebook’s reaction buttons to let them know they are wrong.

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112 thoughts on “Tories Play the Race Card – up their Sleeve

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    • johnf

      I agree that the Paul Mason now is a great improvement on the Paul Mason of three or four years ago but he’s still a rock hard Zionist.

      • Sharp Ears

        I never watch Ch4 news (produced by ITN) these days because of the presence of Snow and Newman in particular but I always thought Simon Israel’s reporting on court and legal matters was good.

        However if Mason is a Zionist and I take your word on that, why would he write such a critical piece in 2014 which must have been at the time of ‘Protective Edge’? Fancy naming wars!

        29 Jul 2014
        What it feels like to be under Israeli fire
        Some Gazans are tweeting that this was the worst night of bombardment that the city and the Strip have ever witnessed. I can’t go out and verify yet but local agencies are saying 11 Palestinians are dead. I suspect it is more.

        • johnf

          I agree that Shimon Israel is a first rate reporter of the old school. Unlike most of Ch4 News who are a disgrace.

      • Shatnersrug

        Paul isn’t a Zionist, he like most in the mainstream wants to avoid accusations of antisemitism, but he was quite vocal against the accusations that momentum were innanyway racist.

      • geoff

        Good grief, you are judging Paul Mason based on zionism (and I’m taking your word that he is)? Is this your main criteria on someone – that they believe in Zionism? You should be more concerned about the ‘goings on’ in this country and not some other tiny little country in the middle east.

  • Jon

    Presuming that these ads are pay per click, I always think it prudent to click on them and have them open a new tab I can ignore and close.
    I always wonder how many people doing the same would exhaust their advertising budget for the day?

    • Node

      Hmmm … Very altruistic of you, Jon. By clicking on ads you don’t like, you will be encouraging more of the same type to be targeted at you. You take the hit so we don’t have to. Carry on.

  • Steve

    I cannot see how this is deemed to be racist, unless you are one of those who believe any mention of immigration is racist. The loading onto housing, medical care, schools and other public services is a matter of interest to the voting public, to deem otherwise is crass.

    • Theresas EU pawn, still, 3 weeks into an election

      yes it is Steve, especially when funding of services is replaced with cuts, when services are run down to favour unaccountable multinationals carving up what we are paying for.
      Is it racist for one of the well off counties in the UK, Norfolk, to only take 50 refugees from our Syrian bombing outfall?
      The Tories won an overall majority in the local election here and are busy changing the committee system back to a back room dealing cabinet system that cost Norfolk 34 million in compensation for a non existing incinerator, just the dodgy contracts cancellation, when they last wheeled and dealed under this structure.

    • Dorothy Macedo

      It isn’t immigration that’s putting a strain on services(many of which are staffed by immigrants) but by underfunding. Immigration grows the economy and the gains from thus far outweigh the costs.

        • Theresas EU pawn

          Thomas, Germany received 1.2 million immigrants from allm over the middle east, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Kurdistan,Libya, Mali, Sudan, etc., they have no illusions that the integration will be long and time consuming, not something that’s done between today and next year.

          Was immigration bad for the US and its Indian populus? discuss.
          Was it bad for Australia’s indigenous people to have UK prisoners and those that did not fit into Victorian Britain deported there?

          • Ger_B

            The difference between today’s immigration and those countries you cite in the past is the existence of the welfare state, immigration in the absence of productive employment will only have one outcome, state bankruptcy.

      • Habbabkuk


        ” Immigration grows the economy”

        It also allows lots more Starbucks and Pret a’ Mangers to open. That’s the sort of growth a country needs! 🙂

    • craig Post author

      You have indeed swallowed the racist propaganda Steve. Germany has higher immigration than the UK, but real wage growth has been strong in Germany this last ten years while real wages in the UK have fallen. The shrinking of wages and the underfunding of public services in the UK are Tory policy consequences and not the consequence of immigration, which expands and boosts the economy.

      • Habbabkuk


        “…but real wage growth has been strong in Germany this last ten years”

        That’s not what a lot of people (including the SPD) say.

          • Habbabkuk

            Your claim referred to the last 10 years.

            The link you give shows real wage growth from Jan 2014 to Jan 2017.

            That is the last 3 years.

            Do you have the figures for Jan 2007 to Jan 2014?

            And are you aware of the four sets of Hartz reforms on wage growht?

          • craig Post author

            There is a button just above the bar graph to change it to a ten year view. Pretty obviously.

          • Habbabkuk



            Thanks – my further look crossed with your reply. I have now found the 10 year graph.

            The lead-in text of your link mentions an average real wage growth of 0,81% over the 2006-2016 period. I submit that that is hardly “strong”.

            More interestlngly, however ; for a different view, take a look at the following:


            (There are many who claim that it is precisely the zero growth in real wages in Germany since Hartz which has been responsible for positive economic performance. But that’s another discussion of course)

          • Habbabkuk


            Apologies for the fragmentation of all of this – have had a heavy day! 🙂

            But: when talking about high immigration you’ve cited, on a couple of occasions, Germany and the US. But this time you’ve only mentioned Germany.

            Is that because real wages in the US have been stagnant (if they haven’t declined) for about two decades now?

    • Andrew


      Don’t you realise that the Maybot might have advisers and/or programmers.

      Don’t you realise that racism is part of the deep ingrained mentality of the establishment.

      So what makes you think, (and the deepest of apologies to Mr.Murray for the use of this word) that just because they don’t say ‘nigger’, that what they say is not rascist?

      They will never be so explicit or honest. Instead they use terms like “boy” or “girl”, as in – and you should remember this from last week – ‘Jobs for the boys, and jobs for the girls!’.

      And just so you know. The English never say anything. Everything is always unsaid. That is the traditional root and operativity of their underhand power grabs.

      The exception to all of this is of course the expenses paid visit to the BDSM dungeon.


    Since when was Brexit about racism?? Do you live where i live and see your grand childrens class numbers swell to breaking point ?? Do you see immigrants being allocated new houses while your daughters who have been on the housing waiting list are being told they do not qualify for a house because they dont have a drug or alcohol addiction or fleeing oppressive regimes blah blah blah ?? I am NOT against immigration !!! Myself like many others are concerned about the volume of migrants and the added pressure on services ,and concerned for my grand childrens safety ,unless you have forgotten Rochdale and all the other towns where kids suffered systematic sexual abuse as the Leftie social workers sat twiddling their thumbs and politicians pontificated about integration .The majority of immigrants DO NOT integrate but create their own little ghettos and if you cannot see this then you must have your head wedged between your arse cheeks .Playing the race card in an election is frankly pathetic and childish . How about you campaign for the arrest of Tony Blair and all the other politicians who who voted in favour of invading Iraq?? Stop with your pontificating bullshit and address the real issues instead of trying to paint anyone who is concerned about their children and grand childrens future and safety as racist .

    • craig Post author

      What a pathetic racist rant. See my reply immediately above. If immigration hit living standards, Germany and the USA would be the poorest countries in the world. Your argument is total nonsense, but you are too busy responding to the racist dog whistle to see it.

      Brexit is about nothing but racism. Your post proves it.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ craig Post author May 17, 2017 at 09:29
        I voted Brexit and it was nothing about racism to me – it was because I saw the EU as what it is – a massive part of the NWO / One World Gulag plans. And obviously it further took away the people’s right to remove politicians who we feel are corrupt, warmongering creeps with snouts in the trough. It would be run by Bankster/Corporation ‘S’elected individuals, and our ‘E’lected MEP’s would have very little say in what was legislated, just as they do now.
        But few of our MEP’s do (or would, if we stayed in) complain – it’s a nice cushy number for them.

    • Suzanne

      I can feel your frustration and anger but please don’t fall for the Tory party’s lies, untruths, scaremongering and deflection techniques. Please remember that we are the 6th wealthiest country in the world and we can afford to look after your family as well as refugees. The Tory’s are implementing a divide and conquer policy pitching ordinary people against each other. They highlight any differences between us whether it is country of birth, disability, employment status, number of children to use as way of creating discord between the majority of the population. Meanwhile while they have successfully deflected our attention and energy they continue making themselves and the top 1% who fund them and perpetuate their lies through the media which they control, richer and richer. If we, the majority in this country are not seeing or benefiting from living in the 6th wealthiest country in the world, where do you think this money is? If you want your children to have houses and your grandchildren to have a better future and attend fully funded schools with smaller class sizes, if you want the NHS to still be aroundif your family need it, please look at the (fully costed) Labour manifesto, they are promising you everything you have asked for. Don’t fall for the multi million Tory propoganda where your vote will continue to fund the few at the expense of the many.

      • David Younger

        Actually, we are the 28th wealthiest country in the world. It is a common mistake to mix up the size of a country’s economy with the amount of wealth it creates. Wealth depends on a number of factors, not the least being the extent to which the product of wealth is distributed among a country’s citizens. If redistribution is corrupted, a country becomes poorer.

  • Deepgreenpuddock

    A word of encouragement. I am not optimistic that the Tories can be countered in this election. I earnestly hope so.
    However, I think you are providing a useful, discriminating, insight into the loathsome mentality and values that underlie the Tories. They have become very adept at promoting these insidiously, with a veneer of plausibility and appealing to the least likeable, most defensive instincts of many people.
    What you do is very important.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    I don’t like it, but it clearly states ‘from Europe’, and could be described as xenophobic. But not racist. Is ‘European’ a race?
    The greater dishonesty is the pretence that having secured independence from Europe, the Tories will allow no further ‘competition’ in the UK labour ‘market’.

    The spiffing Tory wheeze is to suggest the EU issue overrides any other consideration, and they’re plugging that for all it’s worth. That’s what the strongandstable shit’s about. The NHS is collapsing around us? Why, so it is. Disability benefits cut to the bone? Tut. Students in debt for the rest of their lives? Can’t afford the rent? Colour us faintly embarrassed, strongandstable and concentrating on what really matters to us. (Not you, obviously.)

    I honestly think it would be no bad thing to let them win – not that there seems to be a lot of room for the alternative – and let them really screw the pooch vis-a-vis Europe, while the country rots around them. Then and only then will be a sufficient backlash to consign them to the dustbin of history.

    I shall be voting Labour, all the same.

    • craig Post author

      “Race” is a fallacious construct anyway, but I think hatred of slavs or Frenchmen can be fairly described as racism. Plus if you read Mr Grimes’ contribution above, you will find that he like many Brexiteers in some way believes Brexit will halt immigration by Muslims.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        If ‘race is a fallacious construct’, then it is invalid to use it at all. Unless, as your qualifier suggests, you are appealing to Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty – when I use a word it means what I choose it to.

        Some Brexiters believe Brexit will halt immigration by Muslims, sure. They’re mistaken (the EU has no effect on Bangladeshi migrants, for instance), but they do. Others believe that the UK should be an independent country. Racists…. whoops. You’re not a racist if you want independence, of course not. Silly of me. You’re only a racist if you want independence and you’re English.

        I would despair, if it didn’t give you pleasure.

        • Alcyone

          +1 or even 5

          I couldn’t have put it better, I doubt anyone here could have. And of all the replies Craig has given, I would dearly like to see a reply to yours.

          As a matter of speculation, I might disagree with the aspect of Brexit reducing Muslim migrants. Non-EU migration is already very well, stringently, controlled, and limited to people joining families, work permits, business people etc so there is little prospect of mass migration from say the Indian subcontinent. However, as we know from the Calais example, Britain is a destination of choice. Which therefore also means it attracts Muslims from all corners of the EU, especially where economies are weak or for reasons of joining relatives and friends in the UK. Also, once there is a hard border, there will be less slippage.

    • Habbabkuk

      “I don’t like it, but it clearly states ‘from Europe’, and could be described as xenophobic. But not racist. Is ‘European’ a race?”

      Yes, racism and xenophobia are not the same thing, as I and a couple of others keep saying.

      Both may be deplorable but they are different psychological states.

      However, many people who do understand the difference nevertheless prefer to use “racism” as a portmanteau term to bolster their argument because it has more emotional impact.

      I’m not surprised that many of the Excellences throw the term around with gay abandon (also “fascist”, “neo-con”, etc..) but it is somewhat surprising to see Craig doing the same.

      • Deepgreenpuddock

        One of the curiosities about immigration is that there is more immigration from Asia than Europe.
        Your urgency in drawing attention to the fine distinction between xenophobia and racism is actually quite interesting. It is as if you are trying to deflect or mitigate the idea of xenophobia and its association with, adoption and institutionalisation, by the Tories, while simultaneously casting those who, using the words interchangeably, are less discriminatory, or less intellectually rigorous (or of lesser intellectual integrity) than yourself . You are insinuating that somehow, xenophobia is less offensive than racism (why else would you draw attention to the idea that people say racism for greater effect, when the mean xenophobia.You therefore indicate an underhand sympathy for those who have taken ownership of the idea of ‘immigration control’ and who pander to the fears of the less well informed. I don’t buy any of this attempted verbal sleiht of hand. It merely indicate a smug conceit, a reactionary disposition and an unconsidered position.
        As usual, you are technically if tiresomely , ‘correct’- racism has a different meaning to xenophobia, and a different philosophical or ideological background. However I remain unconvinced that these words represent different psychological states. Do you have some kind of evidence for that? Are xenophobic people not racist, and are racist people not xenophobic? Is an intense dislike of (say) Japanese people, post second world war, xenophobia or racism? I use this example because I have known people who had experienced the Japanese then, and were consumed by the most venomous contempt and hatred for all Japanese.
        Have you conducted brain scans, with tests to see if different parts of the cortex ‘light up’ in use when these words are used? (That in itself is a spurious idea as it defines mental functions as having some brain locational significance-(something that is not at all clear despite the plausibility and common currency of the idea).
        Let’s be clear here. As Craig says, the foundations of the idea of racism has been debunked in countless ways, and it is certainly not supportable in any way.
        The splitting of fine hairs by you, points to motives that are not always straightforward.

        • jake

          There’s a case for claiming they are psychologically different…one of them is a phobia and as such capable ( as with , say, controlled exposure over time) of being reduced and eliminated. Isn’t racism an altogether more persistant irrational dysfunction?

          • Deepgreenpuddock

            i doubt it in this case. Phobias are largely irrational. Arachnophobia is a highly exaggerated fear-psychologicaly spiders are aberrant creatures-so our response is connected up with fundamental categories, and how our brain deals with this.
            It is also connected up with a fear of ‘hairy things’ and some people have noted that it often arises at puberty and subsides some time later when the fear of ‘hairy things’ has been alleviated by experience.
            Anyway the point is that Xenophobia is more aligned to racism, rather than some underlying brain structure which induces fear. A fear of foreigners is not expressed in terms of the neurophysiological responses that occur in a phobia. It is expressed in animosity which has,according, to the source of the animosity, some form of rational basis. e.g. hatred of Japanese because they were so vindictive towards prisoners.

            I suppose there is some underlying instinctive tendency to be more alert to ‘strangers’ as their motives are uncertain and one might argue that this is (like Arachnophobia), an exaggerated response to a real risk however my sense of xenophobia is that it is the product of ones reason and the influences on it.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Thanks for the exhaustive analysis, DGP. And the admission that I am technically correct. I do what I can to resist the persistent morphing of words with a specific meaning into vague and perjorative reflex responses to criticism.

          ‘Xenophobia’ -fear of the other – is a perfectly legitimate response by one group of pack animals to a perceived rival group. It applies equally to football fans, chimpanzees and political parties. It’s a hardwired survival mechanism, and its expression depends on the level of perceived threat. If you feel no threat, fair play to you. Other people may have had experiences which lower their threat threshold, and everyone has different responses. So, if you think I’m xenophobic, fine. It’s a relative thang. It’s not a condemnation, but an acknowledgement of fact, and its deployment doesn’t put me up or down.

          And then there’s the practical matter of what a broke and crowded country needs to do to reduce the pressure on its infrastructure (and historic culture). Which is emphatically not to import more people.

          • Deepgreenpuddock

            I thought I was replying to Habbabkuk but thanks anyway. I suppose the point is that politicians and others with an axe to grind or some advantage to gain,(let’s not forget advertising of consumer products) play on primitive emotions and generate an exaggerated response.
            I also wonder how modified these emotions and responses are by context and experience.
            What I mean is that a great deal of this must be in some kind of context. If you are living in a seaside village in the 6th Century and you see a bunch of fair haired people wearing helmets disembarking form a boat, you would be justified in feeling fear. If you are in (say) Leith in the 21st Century and a bunch of Norwegian men, all fair haired, carrying swords and wearing Viking helmets, breastplates, and behaving in an unruly way, you might not be so frightened.)
            (I use this example this because I worked at a posh hotel many years ago and a Norwegian Stag party arrived, attired thus, in a mini-bus, accompanied by some very glamorous women, who, scantily dressed, and appearing to not be long-acquainted with the ferocious appearing men, seemed to be in some danger of physicality.
            The manager was having an apoplectic event, moreso when he went to the suite to ask for a degree of decorum, only to be invited in to take part in the ensuing orgy. He became very frightened and ran away.

        • Habbabkuk

          “The splitting of fine hairs by you, points to motives that are not always straightforward.”

          It’s not hair-splitting, whether fine or gross, it’s just a preference for seeing words used properly and with their proper meaning.

          Another example : a fascist govt / an authoritarian govt. Or: the Soviet habit in the 1930s of calling socialists” social fascists”.

      • Anon1

        There is nothing surprising about it at all. He has been doing it for years, with an increasing frequency of late. So much so that the other day he had to describe something as “genuinely racist” (presumably to distinguish from the occasions when he’s making it up). But it’s no longer the reliable catch-all term to silence someone you disagree with like it once was.

        Unfortunately the likes of Craig have devalued the term so greatly that few people take it seriously any longer. Which is not clever because “genuine” racism is something quite rare but nevertheless very unpleasant indeed.

        (The same goes for calling the Tory government “fascist”, etc., etc.)

    • Theresas EU pawn

      I’d love to vote Labour , but I can’t due to the fact that I spent more time here than In Germany, makes sense doesn’t it, and I failed the need to become a British subject to all and sundry. Whilst enjoying my grandchildren and watch my children grow up here, I will do my utmost to speak out against these cheap uneducated comments that make out that immigrants are responsible for the failing of self serving politicians. Take a hard look at your local CCG’s and see what has happened there during the last 7 years of Tory reign, they have become money drains for a rotating class of vultures, CEO’s who try their best to keep scrutiny at bay and the public view out of their business, vultures waiting for the privatisation push to come.
      To see some deluded souls still blaming furriners is not funny anymore. How are we going to treat all these blind and conditioned people in our NHS?

  • Syzygy

    There is a similar one, with the same format of May, then Corbyn, and then ‘risk’ stamp … but Corbyn’s half sentence is AFAIR ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all govt’s were like Costa Rica and abolished their army..’

    • Alex Birnie

      “Getting extremely dirty”?????? Where have you been for the last sixty years? There are two types of tories. The first are the leaders of the Tories, who fully understand that the Tory party’s sole reason for existence is to act as a bulwark between the 0.1% who own the country, and the bulk of society. The second type are the useful idiots who vote tory.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Sixer May 17, 2017 at 11:34
        Shouldn’t get on their radar, or you might be marked down to be run over by a ‘terrorist’ next time you cross Westminster Bridge – can’t be too careful these days.

  • Jan Forrest

    “Take back control of our borders”? This is the same party that claimed it could reduce immigration figures to “tens of thousands” annually. How close did they come? 250,000 in their ‘best’ year. And this doesn’t help us retain those wishing to emigrate so they can be paid a wage commensurate with their training, skills and dedication. You know …people we can do without like medical specialists, doctors, nurses and their ilk. What are we left with? Zero hours contracts workers on ‘schemes’ where the employer doesn’t pay them, but the Welfare State does; career politicians who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives; stock traders and bankers who make money when you do and make even more when you lose every penny you’ve got – even more when they can repossess your home; pensioners that see their pittances being squeezed ever tighter and tighter while the cost of living rises unchecked; the halt, the sick and the lame told to get out of their wheelchairs and go street cleaning or fruit picking! Why don’t they just shoot us and get it over with? Oops! That’s their main policy for 2022.

    But that’s the Tory party you voted for twice, and the one you’ll like vote for again next month.Enjoy the rest of your life. They will theirs.

  • J

    Best thing you can do to counter this crap is delete your facebook account and stop supporting Zuckerberg’s lifestyle.

  • edward plumridge

    This tory advertisement is racist . I find it incredible that a party which have raced to sell off all our assets to foreign government and investors pretend to be concern about british citizens . The water I drink is owned by the chinese , the blood I donate goes to a chines company, the energy I use is provided by foreing companies , the railways I use are owned by other european governments . It is time thgat we took back control and voted labour to protect our infrastructure and to stop the tories selling the NHS to american health companies

  • Sinister Burt

    Craig – Is asking people to click ‘not like’ (or whatever it is (I don’t use bookface)), actually exactly what these bot machines want? Every click is put back in the database to profile people – a negative result is just as valuable as a positive as far as big data is concerned (they know to send the correct class of manipulation to you in future) – in fact, wouldn’t it be better in some ways to click that you liked it? partly to fuck up their models and predictions, but also to see what ads might start turning up if you do like that one (even worse ones).

    Is there not a way to just stop adverts on face-arse so you don’t have to give them the clicks they crave? (eg with an adblocker or antitracker?) If not why the fuck are people still on it (and where’s the encrypted alternative?)

  • Sharp Ears

    O/T but as Craig’s blog is concerned with human rights, I trust this gets through.

    From Clive Stafford Smith, Reprieve by e-mail

    ‘Join me tonight for a special event.

    The 30th anniversary online screening of the ground breaking documentary Fourteen Days in May, followed by a live webcam Q&A.

    The film gives a unique insight into America’s brutal death penalty system, and the work that Reprieve is still doing today.

    Join us tonight, Wednesday 17th May, from 7pm (UK time)

    Just visit to watch and have your questions answered.’

  • Paul Barbara

    Are these the same Tories who have so much respect for other nations borders? Droning Afghanistan, armed forces illegally operating in Syria and God knows where else?
    Does the UK’s everlasting wars of aggression and ‘Regime Change’ not DRIVE the waves of migrants?

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Of course it does – and it’s not going to improve.

      Bombing countries, or pushing their economies toward complementing the needs of the west rather than meeting the needs of their own citizens, or encouraging or installing compliant governments willing to do very little for their citizens but happy to encourage a favourable investment climate for commerce, or all three, is obviously going to create enormous numbers of refugees and economic migrants. Then the problem becomes how to keep the brown or black skins out of your own country.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ John Spencer-Davis May 17, 2017 at 13:05
        Pity our under-the-thumb compliant MSM don’t pump that into the ‘Sheeple’s’ heads, instead of warmongering lies and propaganda, and useless info about sport and ‘celebrities’.

  • J Galt

    How much of this highly targeted Facebook advertising expenditure is being allocated to the constituent’s Tory candidate’s expenses?

    I would suggest F**k All!

  • Eileen McGunigle

    How Disgraceful and Presumtive !! ..Yes I am Mature ,buts that is as Close as the Analytics got to being Right in My Case !!!! Another Reason why this Country Stinks and Keeps getting things Wrong !! Those in Charge don,t have a Clue about what is going on so they throw Mega amounts of Money at those they THINK do have a Clue ,, but they don,t Either !! So the Circle is Completed !!!!
    We have had Years of Austerity which only Hurts those who Already Have nothing so have to Struggle even More !!! Whilst those who have the Most are Allowed to Evade /Avoid Tax by Planting their Mega Wealth Outside of UK ??????? When those in Charge get the System Right ,, the Playing field may then become More Level !!!!! Frustration ,,Frustration ,, Frustration !!!! It Appears Our Only Hope Now is Jeremy Corbyn !!!

    • zuckermaul

      thanks for your succinct points Eileen, I very much appreciate the sentiment of your post. I shall carry on campaigning for his policies this week and hopefully persuade a few more people to register their vote Monday 12 pm, I think it is 12pm, or noon is the last chance to get registered.

  • nrjohn

    Facebook is like a tattoo, you get one because your friends did, then you cannot get rid of it.

    I have neither, and I recommend you all do the same.

  • Sharp Ears

    No irony seeing Davidson speaking at the Orwell Foundation. The recording was played on the BBC News Channel this morning.

    Ruth: Nationalism should not be confused with patriotism
    15 May 2017

    The text.

    Sorry if previously posted.

    The Scotsman said:
    Ruth Davidson: SNP guilty of “Orwellian” nationalism

    The New Statesman:
    Ruth Davidson’s patriotism shows how nationalist Scotland and England have become
    The Scottish Conservative and Unionist leader was warning against Orwellian nationalism.

    Subtle aren’t they!!

  • reel guid

    Labour councillors on Aberdeen City Council have defied party policy and gone into coalition with the Tories. The Tories are now senior partners in the ruling group in Aberdeen.

    This follows the Lib Dems doing deals with the Tories in Perth & Kinross and Angus councils after Willie Rennie ruled out coalitions anywhere with the SNP.

    There really is just one unionist party in Scotland. They might as well admit it now. The Tories are manifestly exhibiting signs of extremism north and south of the border. But Scottish Labour and Scottish Lib Dems would rather ally themselves with them than have anything to do with the SNP and Greens.

    • fred

      I think it’s because Labour Liberal and Conservative care about things like health and education, they work for their constituents not their bosses in Edinburgh.

      We had an SNP lead council in the Highlands, we got rid of them because they weren’t fit for purpose.

      We tried an SNP MP last time as well, people in New York have seen more of him than people in Caithness. He stood by while they closed our maternity unit and then the Slimy little toad tries to claim credit for the Caithness Maternity and Gynaecology Group when he had nothing to do with it.

      • reel guid

        The only interest Conservatives MPs have about health is about how they, as individuals with vested interests, and the party’s donor stand to gain from privatisation.

        On Highland Council the SNP are still by far the largest party, excluding the Independent group. In fact they got the same number of seats as in 2012, unlike their erstwhile coalition partners Labour and Lib Dems who both had net losses in seats.

          • reel guid

            If you mean in coalition on Highland Council the answer is no. The Tories only won seats for the first time there in the recent elections.

            If you mean in coalition at Holyrood between 2007 and 2011, the answer is no. The SNP had only 47 seats in that parliament and were obliged as a minority government to horse trade with all parties. There was no coalition with anyone, although the SNP did have an informal agreement with Greens. The Liberal Democrats had spurned the SNP’s offer of coalition since they only really like coalition with the Tories.

  • Alison R

    Tories are campaigning by stealth, subliminal messaging, brainwashing, misleading and untruthful reports via BBC and MSM, but she doesn’t have the bottle to debate face to face with the opposition, or speak to members of the public, she hides from them. That’s a sure sign of weakness, not the ‘strong and stable’ that’s churned out monotonously, day in day out.
    We haven’t yet seen a Tory manifesto or had it costed in full – thank goodness Labour are very capable and have produced an excellent manifesto, fully costed and are prepared to answer any questions.
    The Government stance is very secretive, we’re not allowed to know the Brexit details, even though it will affect every single one of us, regardless of whether we voted for or against.
    The most alarming thing of all are the despicably spiteful policies, rolled out after the 2015 election, aimed at the working poor, sick, and disabled, that are kept under wraps until they’ve conned the electorate into re-electing them.
    This government is divisive, devious, and thoroughly dishonest, working for the wealthy elite, lining the pockets of the 1%, while the poorest in this country are paying the price for the bankers failure.
    I wish that the general public would wake up, and realise, that a Tory government will never help the working classes, and I hasten to add, if you go out to work and are paid by an employer, then you are in fact Working Class – be proud of it!

    I will proudly be voting #forthemanynotthefew – a Labour government headed by Jeremy Corbyn, and working for everyone!

  • Sharp Ears

    This morning I was talking to a middle aged woman who was born in Hungary. She came to this country 14 years ago and her English was perfect. I asked her if she had ever encountered any racist attitudes from the locals. She said not until the last year when she has heard every unpleasant four letter word and some others directed at her for no reason other than she is a ‘foreigner’. She was a really nice and sensible person, and obviously hard working which the Tories would approve of.

  • Paul Barbara

    The old ‘Divide & Rule’ strategy; get the people blaming the ‘Other’, while the puppeteers bathe in champaigne and enjoy their ‘Spirit Cooking’.
    How long will it take for the people to realise that the PTB are the ‘Other’? I’m sure Jeremy will do all he can to get that message out.

  • Dilys Hadley

    Keep your facist comparisons to yourself. If there was ever a person I Would vote for, and as a whole person, with his views on immigration included, it’s Jeremy Corbyn. Since he came to the forefront and ran for Leader I have joined the Party again, and campaigned tirelessly. He has brought the meaning back into my life. That meaning includes seeing the back of that nasty specimen who is currently leading the Tories. Her own racism and xenophobia are legend. May she one day understand how truly repugnant the civilised working people of this Country find her. Let’s hope we win the battle to get that message through to her, loud and clear, on June 8th.

  • Geoff Dann

    This article is absurd. You can’t just bandy about an accusation of “racism” when there is absolutely no justification for that accusation whatsoever. Nothing in that video, and nothing in what the tories have said is “racist”. What this video is trying to do is equate “I do not want more immigration” with “I discriminate against people based on their race/ethnicity”. These are totally different things. It is a complete and utter misrepresentation of what has been said, it backfired spectacularly during the Brexit refernendum and it will backfire again at this election.

    There are all sorts of perfectly valid, non-race-related reasons for wanting to curb immigration. Accusing everybody who wants to take back control of the UK’s borders of “racism” is, quite frankly, infantile. It is an attempt to replace intelligent debate with a pathetic strawman which amounts to a completely unjustified ad hominem. It attacks the character of the opposition, on totally unjustified grounds.

    I am opposed to immigration because I think the UK is overpopulated, and that immigration drives down wages of the working class and cranks up pressure on public services. In other words my motivation is entirely economic/ecological and has absolutely nothing at all to do with race.

    • Macky

      “I think the UK is overpopulated, and that immigration drives down wages of the working class and cranks up pressure on public services.

      Standard racist memes; do you actually really believe these, or are you blindly echoing Right Wing xenophobic propaganda ?

      • Richard Craven

        “Standard racist memes; do you actually really believe these, or are you blindly echoing Right Wing xenophobic propaganda ?”

        Get real. The price of housing, just like any other commodity, is determined by supply and demand. So what do you think is going to happen to demand for housing when the UK’s population increases at an annual rate of 450,000, as it has been for several years, and is forecast to do for the next couple of decades? Come on. Use your head for change. Think.

    • Richard Craven

      Quite right and very well said. Moreover, uncontrolled immigration also exerts enormous upward pressure on housing costs, both for buyers and renters. If we think the housing crisis is bad now with the UK’s population at 65.5m, just wait until 2035, when the government’s own civil servants are forecasting that it will reach 73m. Where on earth is everyone supposed to live?!?–series-pp2/results.html

      • Laguerre

        “Moreover, uncontrolled immigration also exerts enormous upward pressure on housing costs, both for buyers and renters.”

        Britain has always been a country where housing costs are under pressure. Not the same in the US where housing values are frequently in decline. Nothing to do with immigrants. Better to provide social housing, as the French do. It avoids social unrest.

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