Very Peculiar Timing 156

The Daily Mail reports:

Although meetings involving the entire royal household are occasionally called, the way this has been done at the eleventh hour is highly unusual

All news sources, including the BBC, reported this morning’s meeting of the Royal Household as an “emergency meeting”. Royal lackeys had been rushed overnight from Scotland, Norfolk and the Isle of Wight. What was the emergency?

Prince Philip is going to retire in seven months time.

Now I think the Prince is wonderful for his age. I have held lengthy conversations with him, and rather like him (read The Catholic Orangemen of Togo for details). And I hope he enjoys his retirement, indeed to the extent that I hope his family have the apparently terrible stresses of being royal and owning lots of palaces, removed from all of them completely.

But I cannot for the life of me see how this constituted an “emergency”. What this timing does of course is ensure a constant stream of monarchist claptrap and forelock-tugging on all broadcast media all of local election day, complete with repeated filmed message from our glorious strong and stable leader. Local election purdah means there is no interruption to this monstrous intrusion into the general election campaign.

Now we Scots are a bit sceptical about all this. It was not immediately obvious why the announcement of a royal not yet visible pregnancy had to be made just before the independence referendum vote. There appears to be something of a coincidence between major royal announcements and popular votes.

It is also fascinating that Sky News are putting such a Scottish spin on this. Earlier we had a risible old loyal Glasgow councillor spouting rubbish. We just had vox pops outside Holyrood House. Astonishingly for Scotland, Sky News have not managed to find a single republican. They have not felt the need to wander round Sandringham or Osborne House. Their effort is very Scottish. Is anything happening today in Scotland for which you might want to motivate the Orange Order? Oh yes…

The key point about this “emergency” of course is that the decision to make this announcement now was taken after the election was called. May called on the Queen yesterday and there will have been contact between No.10 and the Palace this last week to set that up.

It was not the only thing they were setting up.

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156 thoughts on “Very Peculiar Timing

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  • Habbabkuk

    Now we’re all aware, of course, that the excuses for Mr Jeremy Corbyn’s impending defeat in the General Election are already proliferating but I must admit that the one being advanced now shows particular ingenuity.

    • Anon1

      “The people were whipped up into a patriotic frenzy at the announcement of the impending retirement of the Duke. Poor Jeremy didn’t stand a chance.”

  • Habbabkuk

    Since it is not the habit of British Royals to “retire”, it is unsurprising that a meeting of the royal household in this regard is “highly unusual”

    • craig Post author

      Precisely which part of the phrase “the way this has been done at the eleventh hour is highly unusual” are you having difficulty in understanding?

      • Resident Dissident

        Yes its highly unusual for the Queen’s consort to retire at 95. I fear you are being a tad paranoid on this – the number of voters who are encouraged to vote Tory as a result are probably pretty similar to those who will vote SNP or for Corbyn out of disgust, but I doubt they are more than a 100 in total, and that probably includes those who are disqualified on grounds of lunacy or who cannot find their way to the polling station.

        • glenn_uk

          Discuss this:

          ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          ……….”…\………. _.·´

        • Habbabkuk

          How did you guess I had you in mind, Glenn?

          Would you feel better if I assured you that you were legion? 🙂

        • Herbie


          Unless there’s something imminent on his part, it’s a tad previous and much too much hullalaboo about it.

          The choreography is rather suspect, especially at this time, when there’s so much disunity in the realm.

          No, it’s not at all strange that someone wants to have a break at 95.

          But no one’s talking about that, other than the usual distractionists.

          It’s the presentation of it and timing are key here.

        • glenn

          Ah, the old H&A team… it’s heartwarming to see a master and hound so devoted.

          Careful now, or I’ll get the impression we were being less than cordial here, and not just engaging in a bit of fun.

        • craig Post author

          Nobody has argued anywhere that it is “unusual for the Queen’s consort to retire at 95”. The point is the need to announce it as a highly publicised “emergency” on an announcement timing 7 months before the event in the middle of an election campaign.

    • jake

      Was it something to do with his work visa being withdrawn?
      Or was it more to do with the fact that he has now reached an age when German bankers think it’s OK for a Greek to retire?

      • Pyewacket

        Ahhh, the German Bankers, isn’t it highly probable that his wife is related to most of them ?

        • Habbabkuk

          No – highly improbable.

          If it were true, Sharp Ears would have told us by now, as is her wont.

      • Herbie

        Just because his family ran a Greek estate, don’t mean he’s Greek.

        See that blond hair.

        There’s a clue there.

        Oligarchs of the East have been running yer Norman/Viking chaps and other gladio as mercenaries since the fall of the Western Roman empire.

        That was kinda the point, I think.

        They dumped it into ruin, and managed each and every warlord who emerged.

        Like a game.

        • Muscleguy

          Are you a racist who thinks all Greeks have to have black wavy or curly hair and swarthy faces?

          Greece is a diverse country much conquered and warred over in history. Amongst one potential source of fair hair were the Varangian guards of the Byzantine Emperors, from Sweden. The Varangians ranged far around the Mediterranean having portaged their longships between the great Russian rivers arriving in the Black Sea.

          You will also see fair haired Sicilians. At one time Sicily was a Norman possession. The Normans if you will recall were originally Norwegian Vikings who settled in Northern France.

          There were also Slavic migrations and invasions of Greece, Goths and Vandals went through there as well. Not to mention in more recent times British and Germans and Northern Italians. Plenty of fair hair there.

          Now blonde is recessive to both black and brown limiting the penetrance of the phenotype but far from eliminating it. Otherwise there would be no redheads in Scotland as red is recessive to all (we got it originally from the Neanderthals along with the linkage to pale skin and maybe even freckles).
          So there.

          • Laguerre

            This is pointless. It is well known that the Greek royal family comes from Schleswig-Holstein.

          • Habbabkuk

            Laguerre is correct.

            I wonder if this insistence on his “Greekness” does not indicate some kind of racism or xenophobia buried so deep that the commenters in question (all vociferous opponents of racism xenophobia in their writings) are themselves unaware of it?

            Is it possible that the commenters in question are no more or no less immune from racist and xenophobic urges than anyone else?

            I recall that The Daily Express and its Sunday stable mate referred to Prince Philip’s “Greekness” (or his “Germanness”) whenever they wanted to take a swipe at him.


            I am also surprised that Craig has not intervened here with a coupe of lines to put the culprits into their place……

          • Herbie

            I think you’re confusing contemporary conceptions of citizenship with tribal affiliation.

            Phil, for example, will not have considered himself a Greek, no more than would Erdogan the Turk. Nor will his family. That’s the whole point.

            Normans marauding here and there at the behest of Eastern oligarchs will not have considered themselves other than what they were, plundering and pillaging vikings.

            Varangian guards again, for example, will have been employed precisely because of who they were, and their capacity to protect and navigate those rivers up to the Baltics.

  • TheJudge

    “It was not immediately obvious why the announcement of a royal not yet visible pregnancy had to be made just before the independence referendum vote. There appears to be something of a coincidence between major royal announcements and popular votes.”

    I noticed the same thing, which is why I took an educated guess with regard to the discussions which may have taken place on that occasion:

    • Habbabkuk

      Dear Sir,

      I am requested to inform you that Her Majesty was graciously pleased read your link to an article on your own blog and commands me to inform you that you still have a long way to go as a humorist. Her Majesty suggests that you try one-liners along the lines practiced by her loyal subject “reel guid”.

      Yours very sincerely.

      The Queen’s Private Secretary

    • Pyewacket

      Also of interest is that the marriage of Charles to Diana Spencer was announced at the height of the inner city riots against Thatcherism in the early 80’s.

  • jake

    Mmmm…. the panic announcement of a general election didn’t give much time to prepare for a royal baby, so Plan B was to get the ol’ Greek fella to announce his retirement. Inspired really. He can rant an’ rave about bloody Johnnie Foreigner types now as much as a likes and none of it Palace, far less Government Policy.

  • rich

    I live outside the UK and was wondering about what this non-announcement was all about too. Brilliant Craig I think you’ve nailed it!

    • JOML

      I live in the U.K. and haven’t met anyone today who gives a hoot. I think ‘royalists’ only exist in the imagination of the press, particularly the BBC – apart from the deranged people who will believe Eastenders is a reality show!

      • Sharp Ears

        Dreadful stuff on the news channels this morning. Boulton had Eve Pollard ex D Express editor on and the BBC had Witchell and a reporter standing outside the Palace of Horrors.

        Pollard was heard to say that the Queen is very shy and P. Philip creates his gaffes to break the ice!! YCNMIU.

        Forelocks were being tugged. Even on the BBC 6 o’clock News, the toady Brandreth headed the programme.
        ‘If we regard the Queen’s reign as a success and I think we do, the joint author of that success is the Duke of Edinburgh. His achievement is unparalleled.’

  • Stu

    BBC Propaganda is in full flow.

    Any prospect of an alternative viewpoint? Of course not!

  • Jim Williams

    Let us not forget William and Kate’s wedding on 29th April 2011 followed by the referendum on the Alternative on the 5th May 2011. Another useful ‘coincidence’ …

    • reel guid

      It was also a few days before the 2011 Scottish Parliament election. Didn’t do the establishment any good though. The SNP won by a landslide.

    • Habbabkuk

      Do I detect just a touch of “racism” in the constant references to Prince Philip being “a Greek”, Pardeep?

      • Harry Vimes

        Congratulations are in order to Mr Singh for his successful demonstration of his new invention, invisible printing. I trust you have patented this sir.

        Either that or, (diety of choice) forbid Hab is as usual making it up as he goes along because nowhere in Mr Singh ‘s post which our court jester has replied to can I see any reference to the nationality of the over pampered parasite in question.

        That is a scurrilous accusation and smear you have just posted Hab. If you were a man you would apologise without reservation.

        • Habbabkuk


          There is no need to apologize because if you read my post properly you will see that I was trying to converse with him, the subject being the possible racism and xenophobia manifested in a number of comments which had already appeared on this thread.

          You may have noticed that whereas Pardeep refreed to Prince Philip as a racist, I did not use the word “you” in my comment to Pardeep.

          The word “you” is a useful one when it comes to identifying objects.

          For instance, if I were to write, in response to your post, “why don’t you drop the fake indignation and fuck off” it would be clear I’m taking to one Vimes.

          And so I do 🙂

          • Harry Vimes

            This reply represents as fine a piece of blatent, deliberate and unashamed disingenuousness as anyone is likely to encounter. What Churchill would have recognised immediately as a terminological inexactitude.

            For those of us actually conversent in the English language the “, Pardeep.” at the end of the comment in question clearly and unambiguously communicates to anyone that the words preceeding it were aimed specifically at the individual in question and the comment he posted rather than a general observation relating to any other comment posted on this discussion piece of the blog.

            This is further reinforced by the fact that Habs post was not a general post but a specific reply to Mr Singh forming it’s own thread.

            The fact that Hab is pathatically squirming around like the fat owl of the remove over this self inflicted gaffe on his part is a sad reflection on the poor calibre of troll recruits. It would not have happened when I was enlisted. We were proper professionals in those days. Today? Well, you just can’t get the staff can you.

  • Republicofscotland

    Jeez if I see or read one more report on how wonderful prince Philip is, I’ll need to reach for the sick bucket.

    We could all be very spritely in later life if we had the same access to the resources (public money) that prince Philip has had.

    Watching news reports, one couldn’t help but think it was all staged managed, with not one condescending voice, uttering say, good riddance, or no pension worries for him etc.

    No doubt the loyalists as Craig mentioned will be out in force, stirred into action by the sight of old gaff prone Phil.

    • Resident Dissident

      You could just turn over or do something else. Sometimes I get the impression certain people live for the sick bucket – I do remember one person vomiting into a sick bag while a ferry was still tied up in Folkestone Harbour.

      • Republicofscotland

        ” I do remember one person vomiting into a sick bag while a ferry was still tied up in Folkestone Harbour.”

        Was Phil the Greek visiting the harbour/ferry that day? Or any of the other cosseted royals perchance?

        It would explain the nauseating feeling the poor soul felt.

        • Resident Dissident

          Haven’t you anything better to do like delivering leaflets for the SNP?

  • Republicofscotland

    Maybe old gaff prone Phil is standing down to head up the Brexit negotiations.

    I could picture creaky old Phil shouting down Jean-Claude Junkers, saying bloody foreigner, wait till I get my shotgun.?

    • JOML

      Alternatively, he’s had enough of Brexit and is heading home to Greece to keep his European passport. ?

      • Republicofscotland


        Or maybe old rickety Phil has been offered a post in Trump’s government, afterall Trump’s team is full of slackers and nogooders.

        I could picture old Phil waving his shotgun on the decks of the US aircraft carrier the Carl Vinson, shouting bloody North Korean’s I’ll sort you lot out. ?

    • Habbabkuk

      “so Plan B was to get the ol’ Greek fella to announce his retirement. Inspired really” (from RoS).

      But – from the same RoS, this :

      “… creaky old Phil shouting down Jean-Claude Junkers, saying bloody foreigner,”

      Perhaps RoS should make his mind up about whether Prince Philip is a foreigner or British?

      • Republicofscotland

        It’s a bit late in the day to spot the British royal who isn’t British at all, if German Albert was good enough for Victoria then I’m sure Phil the Greek is good enough for you.

        Yes old prone gaff Phil is Greek by birth but he’s been suckling from the tit of British taxpayer for decades now.

        • Habbabkuk

          So you’re saying that Prince Philip isn’t British?

          I hope you wouldn’t say that about the numerous British citizens born in countries other than Great Britain……?

          • Zeke

            I’d call them “unfortunate” seeing as you ask Habba. How fortunate for them that they arrived on our blessed islands.

        • Habbabkuk

          For starters, his command of English is better than yours. Including his mastery of the apostrophe. 🙂

      • jake

        You are mistaken to confuse me with ROS. I am not he, nor for that matter am I a Republican.
        For the avoidance of doubt also let me say that the trivial fact that the Chook O’ Embra was born in Greece is of little concern to me. It’s certainly of far less concern to me than that of the Royal Houses of Europe and in particular that into which he was born who organised and contrived that he should be born on Greek soil as a matter of dynastic convenience. Given however that he was born on Greek soil I’d then and now be happy enough if he had retained his nationality of birth, if he wanted to, rather have been compelled by the British Government on some archaic constitutional grounds to give it up in order to be an acceptable Prince Consort.

  • defo

    Blood transfusions taken from human sacrifice only delays the inevitable then !

    • Republicofscotland

      Erm….. maybe old Phil is lined up to replace the current Dr Who Peter Capaldi, I could picture the metamorphosis in the Tardis as the camera zooms in and Peter slowly becomes old Phil.

      His first words being to Dr Who’s assistant, you there bring me my bloody tea, chop chop. ?

      • reel guid


        Did Ruthie ever retract her ridiculous claim that we couldn’t watch Dr. Who after independence?

        • Republicofscotland

          reel guid.

          Not that I recall, however I do recall somethimg along the lines of the transmitter in Oxford or somwhere nearby would be switched off and we in Scotland would not receive any BBC channels….aahh, if only it were true. ?

    • Republicofscotland

      Yeah Sharp Ears, faultering old Phil makes Boris Johnson look like a majestic statesman. ?

    • Resident Dissident

      Does it ever strike you that attacking someone who retires after 70 years of public service might actually garner more support for the monarchy than for its abolition. But perhaps that is your aim given your support for the hereditary principle elsewhere in the world e.g. North Korea and Syria.

      • Republicofscotland

        70 years public sevice…hmmm, or as it’s better known to the common man/woman, the Life of Riley.

        Speaking of Syria, old Phil’s still kind of agile for his age, he could be heading out to Syria in his Overfinch Range Rover, with his trusted Purdey shotgun, to fight alongside the moderate rebels. ?

        • Republicofscotland

          It would be kind of difficult for doddering old Phil to drive to Shetland or was it Orkney, surely you remember?

          Still with Phil deciding to slip into his cosytoes, we won’t need to suffer his appearences dressed up with more medals on his chest than a African dictator.

        • Hmmm

          That’s the most shocking thing I’ve ever read! Inciting someone to commit murder. I’m surprised that comment hasn’t been deleted by the mods.

      • Resident Dissident

        If like me to wish to see the monarchy abolished then in a democracy it is necessary to convince people of the case for doing so – do you really think that these sort of comments will convince any monarchist to think otherwise. I remember reading Willie Hamilton’s book on this many years ago and he was quite clear that abuse (and that is what it is) contributes nothing to the cause.

        • Republicofscotland

          “do you really think that these sort of comments will convince any monarchist to think otherwise.”



        • Hmmm

          Firstly we’d need democracy. Secondly we’d need informed debate. Finally we’d need an electorate that could understand the issues.
          May as well stick to abuse.

      • Sharp Ears

        R2D2 North Korea has nothing on the United Kingdom. Didn’t anyone tell you?

        • Resident Dissident

          You do all the time. In a different time you would have probably said the same about Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China.

      • Peter C

        “Does it ever strike you that attacking someone who retires after 70 years of public service . . .”

        Public service? 70+ years of taking the piss more like. A hand waving as the cavalcade goes by. Definitely takin’ the piss.

        • Resident Dissident

          Politics like comedy is all about timing. Might I suggest you stick to comedy.

      • Harry Vimes

        A line of argument which falls apart like a house built on sand simply because the line of argument only ever gets to be employed when considering the status quo.

        No one, or anything, else gets to be given anywhere near the same level of drivelling sycophantic consideration. Witness for example the very first post on this thread or the spiteful narrow minded shite levelled by some of the usual suspects against the Canadian family on another thread.

        There are people amongst us who go on ad infinitum about the traditions and values of the English who suddenly turn 180 degrees on the matter when it comes to the very long tradition of taking the piss out of the pompous and those who think they are better than everyone else and are owed some kind of in perpetuity fealty, obedience and sevitude. It makes you wonder are such people really as English as they like to make out when they do their little tut tut routine?

        Seems it’s OK to target anything any anyone with no real power but having a go back at the bullies and cowards is frowned upon in a very school playground way. I suppose some people just cannot get by without this crutch being the only thing which gives their lives any meaning.

          • Harry Vimes

            And I love you when you are trying to be funny Hab.

            The court jester/fool’s role is one to which you are clearly and uniquely suited. People are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Fairly predictable response so far. The press won’t be publishing wall-to-wall Phil coverage up until the election, though. TM will need a few more shots in her hip flask locker before then. I am sorry he’s decided to bow out, as he was during his career a bastion of political incorrectness and very poor at obfuscation – positive qualities IMHO.

    I guess as the election approaches yet more dastardly plots on the part of the Establishment will be unearthed. BTW I see that Blair is to address a meeting of the centre-right EPP Euro-grouping in Ireland on Friday. On Brexit and how awful it is. Not Establishment at all, of course.

    • Resident Dissident

      Given that the broadcast media cannot legally cover the election today they are probably grateful for Phil stepping into the breach on a slow news day.

    • fred

      ” I am sorry he’s decided to bow out, as he was during his career a bastion of political incorrectness and very poor at obfuscation – positive qualities IMHO.”

      Never mind, we’ve still got Boris Johnson.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Yes, but
        (1) Phil was never in a position to do any real damage
        (2) Johnson’s a serial, pathological obfuscator, concealing his rat-like cunning under the skinned-alive pelt of the Dulux dog.

        And Phil didn’t go to Eton. Big plus.

  • Resident Dissident

    I would have thought that the definition of infantile psychopathy was the issuing of death threats to unidentified people through blog comments.

  • michael boyd

    I actually thought he was stepping down because his role as a bigoted old racist had been superceded by May?

    Or the Tories were worried that he was Germany’s place man?

  • Habbabkuk

    Whoever wrote that if you’re a republican and wish to get rid of the monarchy then offering purerile insults is not the way to go about it is absolutely right.

    Knowing the “commenters” on here, they are just sounding off again. If the country were a republic with a non-royal Head of State, they would be banging on about that Head of State as well. Or possibly banging on about needing no head of State at all.

    It’s just pixellated negativity, occasionally leavened by humour of the more puerile sort.

    No wonder there are no young posters on here (with the exception of Anon1) – they’re too mature to bother 🙂

    • Zeke

      Considering how they have been banging on of late about Trump, I would think you are correct Habnub.

  • Habbabkuk

    Do all these references to Prince Philip’s non-British origins offer an insight into what the posters concerned really think about foreigners?

    Even” foreigners” who’ve lived here for over 70 years…?

    • Republicofscotland

      No just what we think about drooling old Phil, which isn’t very much.

      Hopefully he’ll now fade into obscurity, the best funded carehome in Britain is the House of Lords, though I doubt Phil will go there.

    • JOML

      Habbabkuk, I’m completely indifferent to the actual ‘Royals’, I just think it is bizarre in modern times to have such a concept. I feel sorry for the zoo-like life they have to live. However, I do find the establishment surrounding the monarchy, along with their assumed entitlement, objectionable. For those ‘commoners’ who fawn over the royals, they are similar to those who fawn over TV celebs, etc.
      As for being foreign, the whole scene is foreign to me! ?

      • Habbabkuk

        What is your definition of “fawning” in respect of the Royal family? Can you give a few concrete examples of how the citizenry “fawns”?

        Are RoS’s comments examples of how to not to “fawn”?

        • JOML

          Definition: (of a person) give a servile display of exaggerated flattery or affection, typically in order to gain favour.
          Example: Habbabkuk
          How not to fawn: see RoS

    • Habbabkuk

      “Why do you think that Prince Philip is so important?”

      Surely that question should be addressed to others, and in particular to RoS?

      After all, the subject seems to have got his middle-aged juices flowing 🙂

      • Harry Vimes

        …..and yours Hab on the evidence of your own offerings.

        If you had any sense of hubris on that point you would be attending to the beam in your own eye rather than the mote in someone else’s.

  • Laguerre

    Hilarious. Le Pen went to Britanny today (Dol de Bretagne in particular), and got pelted with eggs. A hostile reception was inevitable, as Bretagne is the heartland of Macron (look at distribution maps of votes in the first round). Theresa May wouldn’t have done it; she sticks with only being seen in favourable circumstances.

    Will Le Pen get a sympathy vote, or will the French think: what a fool, going to make yourself look ridiculous in the last days of the campaign? If it were Britain, I’d go for the sympathy vote. But the French are, or think they are, more worldly wise than us. They may think, making a fool of yourself is not an argument for being elected.

    It’s an interesting question.

  • reel guid

    Retiring at 95.

    I hope it doesn’t give Theresa May and Damian Green any ideas.

    • JOML

      Reel guid, We’ll all be retiring at 95, with the ‘triple-lock’ on pensions being picked by the Tories! ?

    • Laguerre

      If I had the medical support that the royal family has, no doubt I would still be alive at 95. However I, and the rest of us, don’t. Piss off and die is what they say about people like me.

      • Republicofscotland

        Yeah the royal spongers are definitely not as popular as their acolytes in here make them out to be.

        I vaguely recall Dobby HRH prince Charles and Camilla, being chauffeured around somewhere in England, can’t quite recall where and someone reached into the royal car and poked them with a sharp stick.

        • Sharp Ears

          London in Theatreland when the protests were at their peak.
          The couple had to go home in a police van. LOL. Bet that was a first.

          Royal car attack: Charles and Camilla’s terrifying ordeal
          It should have been a relaxing night out for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at one of their favourite events on the royal calendar.

          The Crocodile Wife was referred to ‘as our future Queen’ by one of the toads in today’s fawning MSM coverage of the Royal Retirement.

          • Resident Dissident

            Shouldn’t you be delivering election leaflets/knocking on doors for Corbyn?

        • Laguerre

          Yeah, but if they’d been really injured, they would have had all the best medics of UK in attendance to take care of them. I seem to remember that the NHS doesn’t offer that.

  • Harry Vimes

    On the basis of the court jesters 17:43 offering it seems the poor chap is in such dire straits he is having to moonlight as the Queens private Secretary

    Who said sycophancy newer got you anywhere.

  • Anon1

    Some of the nasty, spiteful types here like RoS who accuse Prince Philip of having done and achieved nothing in his life (“dressed up with more medals than an African dictator”, according to RoS) would do well to remember that as a 21-year-old lieutenant in the Royal Navy, Prince Philip saved the lives of the entire crew of the British destroyer, HMS Wallace.

    I would bet that’s a lot more than RoS has achieved in his miserable life.

    • Laguerre

      The version of Wiki is:

      “During the invasion of Sicily, in July 1943, as second in command of HMS Wallace, he saved his ship from a night bomber attack. He devised a plan to launch a raft with smoke floats that successfully distracted the bombers allowing the ship to slip away unnoticed.”

      Royal exaggeration? Perhaps it was really the non-commissioned warrant officer who came up with the idea, but such people were not credited.

      In any case, by the time of the invasion of Sicily, the Luftwaffe were pretty much defeated in the region, weren’t they?

  • RobG

    Opinion polls in France for Mélenchon, when you include Hamon, came to over 26%. The majority voted for the left.

    Point being that France should have had a leftist President, as opposed to a neocon and/or a neo-fascist President.

    Revolution is now inevitable, particularly in the USA.

    • Resident Dissident

      They also probably voted for schools that taught people what a majority actually is. Just a clue it isn’t 26%.

    • Zeke

      Want to bet on that one RobG? The Americans are absolutely convinced that they live in “The land of the free”. No revolutions are likely there.

      And remember, each and every one of those Americans ran away from their own countries to go and live in the land of the “free”.

  • Velofello

    There does seem here to be a lack of concern over his retirement home arrangements, such facilities are costly, indeed some families find the need to sell the parental home to fund their parents’ retirement home residence. So what will it be for Philip, Windsor or Balmoral? Or both?

    And Habbababbabbak, or whatever, loyally responds, , or should it be pens, baa baa baa.

    Yeah, I know, I’m being sarcastic

  • giyane

    The idea that when a soap changes story-line , introducing a new character and killing off old stars has anything to do with today’s election, has anything to do with today’s elections seems a bit far-fetched to me.
    New story-line is that Queen lookalike baby Charlotte will inherit the Queen’s legacy, skipping two generations of seriously f…ed up male heirs. Matriarchies choose their successors. I come from matriarchal family. I know. The story in the soap is about the Queen having a Nunc Dimitte moment, You males can now disappear.

    The Queen after all chose a stiff upper twit for a husband , educated her sons at dysfunctional public schools, and has reigned a lot longer than Craig. Look in the ancestry. Were there any powerful female figures? The ones in my family ancestry were the wives of sailing engineers who constantly travelled abroad. I suppose there might be a bit of a royal reminder in there that Mrs May’s soap is no more than a cheap commercial break compared to hers..

    • giyane

      ..repeating myself like a 95 year old.. obviously time for me to disappear.

  • Resident Dissident

    Will people please notice how Jeremy Corbyn went on TV to say nice things about Phil the Greek even he isn’t as daft as some of the commenters here. Just wait until the Tories start quoting some Momentum idiot he said something similar and then reflect on your contribution to the cause.

    • giyane

      Des Res

      You aren’t the weakest link. You are like a nest of bubbles fused together with powerful hydrogen bonds.
      Your motto, ‘Trolls unite. Divided we pop’ hasn’t got a chance against ‘strong and stable leadership’ motto of TM.

      Tuning in this evening to the political blogosphere I got wafted, I know not how to here:
      and from there to here:

      It seems that Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson have more in common than we thought. Both of them have supported the use of violence to break the mould of the establishment. Obviously with the benefit of hindsight we can categorically state that the troubles in Northern Ireland were entirely the product of UK covert violence. The mould will never break the mould it made itself.

      Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity , n’est-ce pas?

      Talking of which, did anyone hear the 2 Syrian lasses debating on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning? We heard all of the Yankee side’s cowgirl saying how Al Qaida and Daesh are just hippy-peacey-hashish lovers, but when the recording of the Syrian People’s army’s girl got on air she started saying things uncle BoJo wouldn’t approve & she got cut off with a loud electronic clunk to convince us plebs the line had faltered.

      Actually Beeb you can’t convince any of us any of the time any more . You’re time for being believed is over.

      Moving forward

      • giyane

        Yes, moving forward.
        Comparing Jeremy Corbyn who apparently took the side of the IRA against the UK establishment, and Boris Johnson who publicly backed Al Qaida in parliament this year, you find that Boris is a died in the wool , Toff, Tory , Divider and Ruler , like David Cameron, who start conflicts in order to reap the spoils of conflict, while Jeremy is so politically naïve that he picks a side in an artificially started Divide and Rule conflict and he instinctively chooses the party with the biggest grievance.

        This is the choice in this election. The UK has a choice between an extremely devious, and dishonest establishment party which recklessly lights the flame of conflicts across the globe, caring nothing for human suffering or migration, in order to reap the spoils of colonial treasure, and on the other hand Jeremy Corbyn who is so politically innocent that he fails to comprehend fully the bastardness of that grasping, thieving, manipulative UK establishment.

        Do you want the divide and rule party, or the inclusivist of all citizens in the world party.
        I have no idea how the UK will vote, but that’s the choice, and obviously the establishment has told Blair to divide and rule the inclusivists. Blair the old tart. It was ever thus.

  • Jim'll feck it

    “Here’s an ass to kiss! Now run along and vote.”

    Britons just love to kiss ass. Any interchangeable grandee will do. Remarkable.

    Will it work on Scottish people, though?

      • giyane

        Britannia is a term Julius Caesar would have been familiar with. And so your point is..?

        • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

          The firs tEmperor of Britain was a Roman commander in the third century

          • Macky

            Just keeping with the Greek connection ( 😀 ), it was a Greek explorer who really gave Britain its name;


            Also for Scotland, the most likely explanation is that during the Roman period, they employed some Greeks during the construction of Hadrian’s Wall, and to them the land beyond the Wall seemed always covered in fog/mist, generally very dark & foreboding, so they called it Skotos or Scotos, which in Greek, means ‘Darkness’; Scotland, etymologically means the Land of Darkness.

            Damn Greeks, responsible for almost everything ! No wonder some people carry sore-grape chips on their shoulders !

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Like the rest of the Royal Family I hope the old bastard lives forever – can you imagine the media when he croaks

  • Chris Rogers

    It’s not often we witness a Triple-Tag team match of the GCHQ Bunker Boys, but one whiff of an article in anyway critical of the Royals and our resident State-sycophants are out in force in defence of the Realm. May I, an agnostic as far as our parasitic Royal Family are concerned, congratulate our arse-wipes for defending the House of Windsor. I also look forward to our resident arse-wipes promoting Ms May as a suitable replacement for HRH Elizabeth II once the monarch dies. In the meantime, I look forward to the GCHQ Bunker Boys promoting our compassionate-Tory leader as she leads us to War with any nation or group that dares questions her suitability to destroy our nation in the interests of our Ruling Elite.

    • Harry Vimes

      Noticed that too Chris.

      Someone has a real sense of humour though, cloning Jim Breaks three times.

  • Hieroglyph

    I always thought the Spitting Image portrayal of The Queen was possibly the most accurate. And Herr Philip’s public persona is, I’m quite sure, nothing like the cold, dead eyed extreme right winger that he really is. Bunch of in-bred wastrels and fuck heads if you ask me, and I’d wish they’d all piss off back to Germany, especially the dumb arms dealer one that knows Epstein a bit too well.

    My anti monarchy stance is so bad, I even find Kate Middleton unattractive. I mean, she is clearly a beautiful women, and entirely out of my league, but she’s a royal posho, so I thus find her average. This is, I concede, a little weird.

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