An Inspiring Day Fighting For Palestine 48

Eight years ago we had a massive demonstration in London of 200,000 people against the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. I was particularly proud of my speech that day.

But I am bound to note that the friends I was speaking with have been rather more successful than me in going on to change history.

I don’t think anybody had watched these videos for seven years, but nice to look back. Rather amusing to note that the Craig Murray one had 2,049 views on YouTube while the Jeremy Corbyn one got 1,325 views! The world has somewhat changed!

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48 thoughts on “An Inspiring Day Fighting For Palestine

  • Sharp Ears

    You were inspiring Craig as was Jeremy. You can see why the Israel lobby go after him,

    I was there with thousands and thousands of others in Hyde Park We marched to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington. It was a very cold day.

    Cast Lead. Named after the Israeli children’s toy, the dreidl, originally made of lead.

    Total killed:
    1,417 (PCHR),
    1,391 (B’Tselem),
    1,166 (IDF)

    Militants and police officers:
    491* (PCHR),
    600* (B’Tselem),
    709 (IDF),
    600–700 (Hamas)

    Civilians: 926 (PCHR),
    759 (B’Tselem),
    295 (IDF)

    Total wounded: 5,303 (PCHR)
    Total captured: 120

    Over 50,800 Gaza residents displaced.
    Over 4,000 homes destroyed; around $2bn worth of damage to Gaza

    A war crime for which no punishment was given and no action taken against Israel. Brown was PM and Miliband D was the Foreign Secretary. More of their wars have followed such as Protective Edge 2014. Such pretty names.

    • Brianfujisan

      Also Sharp Ears –

      The war Crime, Opp Protective Edge – 2014 – Palestinians Killed 2,205

      Palestinians Civilians Killed 1,483 (67%)

      Israeli Civilians Killed 5

  • Ishmael

    “Craig Murray one had 2,049”

    Don’t take it to heart, I’m sure it’s just many curious Americans lately.

    But kidding aside, On these kinds of things, great speaking. I don’t know why your not fronting some human rights groups or something.

    • Ishmael

      Ouch, I should have listend to the whole lot.

      Frankly, Not accepting the state of Israel is an untenable position.

      Full stop.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        Not accepting the State of Israel as it is currently based on apartheid and racism is a perfectly respectable position held by multitudes. It’s not the same thing as saying that you reject the idea that current Israeli citizens and Palestinian citizens should live together in a free and secular state with equality and protection for all its citizens. Whatever that state may be called.

          • John Spencer-Davis

            I do not agree. If you listen to the whole of the speech, that seems to me to be precisely what Craig is saying. “I do not accept the existence of the State of Israel any more than I accepted the existence of apartheid South Africa. Israel is based on ethnic cleansing. Israel is based on racism.” His position is quite clear.

            The nation of South Africa still exists, but its previous distinguishing political form – apartheid – has changed.

            Craig can speak for himself, but I do not think you will find that he advocates that the heirs of the settlers of Israel should all be kicked out and the land returned to the heirs of the displaced Palestinians – although in strict justice, of course, that is a perfectly equitable position. Justice, however, has to be tempered with mercy, humanity, wisdom and good sense. J

  • Ishmael

    Do you still feel this way Craig?

    It exists, And I don’t think this threatening position toward “Israel” (for long time now) can possibly help.

    It exists as much as any other state, apartheid was policy within a country not a country itself.

      • Sharp Ears

        Ishmael Even if you don’t have a heart, have you no humanity?

        Your comments are deplorable.

        • Ishmael


          Pardon? How are they deplorable exactly. ?

          I take a position similar to that of Norman Finkelstein on this….

          Seems more deplorable to suggest a whole state is essentially about ethnic classing and racism, even if these event are taking place out of Israel. One could say just the same about the USA, but what good does it do ? I condemn actions that are taking place, not generalise a whole country based on it’s founding and imply it shouldn’t exist.

    • laguerre

      Palestinians should have their country back. The problem in Israel is indeed the state as it stands today, not the existence of a Jewish community in that land.

  • Alan Redman

    Stand for election Craig. You would be fantastic as an MP or MSP and very much in keeping with the anti establishment spirit of the times. What’s stopping you?

    • Ishmael

      No he wouldn’t. He’s not a team player.

      Not that that’s necessarily morally better or not, it depends on circumstance. But in politics he’d make a good dictator.

      • nevermind

        I’m so glad that we have your word for it. what do you know of team playing and whether Craig can be part of one? have you actually met him?
        You come over a little depressed today Ishmael?

        • Ishmael

          Best not to assume mental state when all you have to go on is words on a screen.

          I did elaborate on why I think this (how Craig act’s in the political sphere) but those comments where removed. So I won’t go into it again. Just google George galloway for a similar example.

  • Shatnersrug

    Was that really 7 years ago? Seems like only yesterday. I used to love a traipse across town for a demo 🙂 sadly now I can’t walk very far.

      • Brianfujisan

        ” Ah well if we’re dragging up some Israel atrocities ”

        Shatnersrug… We would then be Up all night, And all day and night tomorrow..And the day after.

        Anyhoo..I’m off to bed For now..Peace all

        • Shatnersrug

          Peace indeed Brian

          Maybe we’ll have a government tomorrow or maybe not eh?


      • Michael McNulty

        @Shatnersrug 00:40. An American commenter said the Comey-Trump coverage in the US was to ensure the 50th anniversary of the USS Liberty’s attack would not be covered in the US press, because it could have been the main news. Then I realized our own election was on that very day, which made me wonder if both decisions were made by those who cannot be mentioned?

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Brianfujisan, Blimey..Craig Murray in Brilliant Form..and who did the sound? The sound is amazingly good quality for a Live demo. Any Rock Band would try and hire the Soundman.

    • Ishmael

      Isn’t it obvious? can you even read what a wrote above?

      Never heard of these who “ride the wave” of activisum?

      Noam Chomsky?

  • Ishmael

    Take Chelsea Manning for instance.

    What would that action have meant withought the people? And she always thank’s them back, Individually, thoes who are just as important.

  • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

    Is it the sage of Ecclefechan, Thomas Carlyle on heroes and hero-worship, or those like Maowho believe they themselves can change history who are the more ‘dangerous’?

    • Shatnersrug

      Blair wanted to change history, corbyn says vote for me and I’ll do me best for you.

  • Neil

    Oh gosh, that was the worst-organised demo I’ve ever been on. Stuck in a crowd in Kensington for hours, unable to get anywhere near the place where the speakers were. Very frustrating. Well, apart from that ultra-rich, ultra-Tory area finally electing a Labour MP…

      • Becky Cohen

        Your ears certainly look very red in the video, Craig. For future reference, wearing a pair of ear muffs might help.

  • Eric the Half Bee

    Andrew Murray is a supporter of “People’s Korea”. Not the sort of person I would want to describe as a “friend”.

      • Kempe

        The former chair of the Stop the War Coalition supports a military dictatorship…

      • Eric the Half Bee

        I fear you’re rather credulous if you believe that the aim of the Stop the War Coalition was to stop war. Do you really think that supporting “People’s Korea” is a decent thing to do? If you do you have lost all your moral bearings.

          • Sharp Ears

            ‘The Stop the War Coalition (StWC; informally Stop the War) is a British group established on 21 September 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks, to campaign against what it believes are unjust wars.

            The coalition has campaigned against the wars that are part of the so-called “War on Terror” of the United States and its allies. It has campaigned against the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. The demonstration against the latter on 15 February 2003, organised with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), is claimed to be the largest public demonstration in British history.’

  • Republicofscotland

    Craig less successful than the others, oh I don’t know about that, you may not be the wealthiest, but good people don’t measure others by the size of their wealth.

    As for the poor Palestinian peoples plight, that looks unlikely to change, the Great Satan (US) and its obedient minions, Westminster/Britain, being a prominent one, are unresponsive to the tragedy that’s unfolding in Gaza and the West Bank.

  • Hector

    Corbyn already keeping company with tankies, I see. He’s given them jobs since then.

  • Sharp Ears

    Shame on you if you are still sitting in judgement.

    ‘The main demonstration on 10th of January saw 100,000 people marched from Trafalgar Square towards West London on their way to the Israeli Embassy without any incidents of violence on their part. When they got near to Hyde Park, the police kettled and beat protesters under Hyde Park The protesters were also harassed when they left the bypass. Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) and other evidence gathering teams (EGT) thrust cameras in people’s faces. Police stopped and searched people without having any suspicion of them committing an offence under Section 44 of the terrorism act, which has since been ruled illegal by the European Courts (see SchNEWS 705 and indymedia london archive)

    In the months following the protests many were arrested in dawn raids on their houses after the police scoured hours of CCTV footage for snippets of violence. Whilst there was plenty of self-flagellation by the police following their handling of the G20 protests later on in the year, no such forensic examination of the much worse policing at the Gaza protests took place. The protesters were all Muslim, and for, the most part, all of working class immigrant origin. The state knows it would be easy to use the media to portray them as anti-Semitic nutters and get away with provoking them.

    Further sentencing will take place on Friday 19th and Friday 26th February from 10am at Isleworth Crown Court, west London, TW7 5LP (the nearest station is Isleworth). There will be solidarity rallies outside the court.’

    The state has begun handing down vicious sentences to men accused of participation in the rioting in London that occurred during a protest against the Israeli attacks on Gaza (see SchNEWS 661-662). Ten young men have been jailed for their role in protests demanding an end to Israel’s invasion of Gaza early last year – and more are to follow in the coming weeks

    I can remember being filmed. The police vans in side streets. The police dogs and their handlers. The police helicopter and the kettling which happened at many of the protests in Kensington High St,

    • Sharp Ears

      S/be Shame on you Judge Dennis if you are still sitting in judgement at Isleworth Crown Court.

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