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Locked In Trailer 2017 from Nadira Murray on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy this brief trailer. Nadira’s debut short film, Locked In, will be having its first screenings shortly. It is a drama which examines the plight of asylum seekers placed in immigration detention. The film is based on true stories, including in part Nadira’s own experiences. She also interviewed not only former detainees, but also NGO’s, lawyers and policemen to research the story. It is filmed in a Category 2 prison, which astonishingly some of the detention centres are.

I am proud of the film. Nadira has always supported my work, including on individual cases of asylum seekers. I have given evidence before immigration tribunals in many of these, and one in particular is the major inspiration of this work. My reaction to these cases is more legal and political, whereas Nadira’s is more personal and emotional, which is why the screenplay she has written is so powerful.

The film will be screened during an event in London for Help Refugees on 18 June at 6pm. This is organised by Musicians Against Racism and Apathy and sounds quite fun. Nadira will be among the speakers at the event, which also features Roxanne Tataei and Nithin Sawhney, who contributed their musical talents to Locked In, plus many others.

If you can’t make that, Locked In will also be screened at the Euro Shorts Film Festival on 15 June at 6pm at the Genesis Cinema, 93 Mile End Road, London.

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40 thoughts on “Locked In

    • Clark

      Please contact appropriate venues and film clubs and recommend a showing; that would be very helpful. You’d be amazed how much work a project like this generates for those involved; it can be difficult to keep up.

    • craig Post author

      Hopefully. Filmed entirely in Scotland. To my stunned amazement, it was rejected by Edinburgh Film Festival.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Just the way it is everywhere, Craig, as anything approaching the truth is subjected to moderation and then is either rejected or simply disappears.

        Truths are out out of favor these days.

        • Phil Ex-Frog

          The many awards heaped on I Daniel Blake seem to suggest that film festivals do not reject films for being politically challenging (or the truth if you want to use that phrase).

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            The film you are apparently referring to says: struggle ahead no matter what shit is thrown at you, and you will make a difference. Just what everyone is now being told, and the film will get accolades.

            I haven’t seen the film and don’t intend to.

            Still haven’t recovered from Bridge of Spies which ignored Colonel Rudolf Abel aka Gordon Lonsdale,a very successful spy for Moscow, and didn’t make out out that Captain Gary Powers was set up for a showdown with the USSR, but still got all those accolades.

            Someone always has to get them no matter how bad they are.

          • Ian

            Of course a complete travesty of that film, from someone so confident of what it is about, that they haven’t bothered to see it. #fail.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Of course, a complete travesty of the film by arrogant me which shows all the injustices we have to endure.

            Though I have not seen it, and don’t intend to because of all I have read about the Loach film, and have experienced for 87 years, and it isn’t funny or enlightening no matter scenes or one liners are added.

          • Phil the ex-frog


            I am very sympathetic to the notion that faux challenges are nurtured while art/ideas that genuinely threaten power are always suppressed. I would be interested in an opinion that looks at IDB’s success through that lens. However, I’m pretty sure that would require having seen it.

            Ken Loach might be a bit of an annoying knob (ain’t we all) but many of his films are remarkable.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            I still offer this opinion since I am no where near Glasgow, and have no interest in seeing the film.

            My life Is a great focus on the film, and more since I experienced it. Leaving life in America and academe in the wake of the Challenger disaster, and the Palme assassination in 1986, divorcing my wife and running off to Europe with my new love, only to discover that my problems were only compounded.

            Had all kinds of difficulties getting any new research published, as my first book was met with a chorus of disapproval. It was so bad allegedly that the reviewer for The American Historical Review announced that she refused to review it, and the historian colleague who had gotten me on the faculty at Holy Cross College would never believe it no matter what. I thought of adding: what if someone found A, V, Dicey’s real thoughts about his life, but had mo means of publizising It.

            Still Barry Rose. despite turning down a subvention demand that he allow peers to review the first work before it provided the money, went ahead with publiziing my two-volume biography of Brougham which reviewers and journals ignored except one who complained that it was just a daily life of what he did and said!

            It was still the most productive period of my life: retirement!

            At the same time, my new love life was falling apart. She apparently wanted someone everyone looked up to, hardly me. In short, she had too much bagage from her previous life to accept anyone really new .We stilt stayed together until my retirement plan ran out for her if I died.

            Came back here, only to discover that conditions are far worse then I anticipated, especially after I suffered a mild stroke on Christmas Day. The treatment was so costly and depressing that I was at wits until until i took advantage of my vetertans benefits to avoid going bankrupt. Had never thought it was necessary while living in Europe.

            They are the thing to have in USA’s declining empire.

            It’s just fuck everyone else except the rich.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Should have filmed it in Burkino Faso, added a grime soundtrack, rewritten it to include an LGBT encounter or two (perm any three participants from four) and lots of jump-cutting, with a cast of Azeri oil workers, and you’d have been accepted for Edinburgh. Honestly, do we have to tell you this?

  • Salford Lad

    We can expect more asylum cases from the recent news from the EU. They have approved 90 day tourist visas for the Ukraine and Georgia.
    With the present economic chaos in Ukraine from the aftermath of the US/Nato inspired coup, there will be a flood of the Ukrainian youth into the Schengen area, some to avoid conscription,others for economic reasons. The majority will not return to Ukraine on expiry of their visas ,but will vanish into the black economy of Europe to be exploited in so many ways.

    • John A

      Ukrainians are already doing the jobs in Poland Poles don’t want to do or are needed because so many Poles have already left for Britain, France etc.
      Although it is visa free to the Schengen zone, I understand Ukrainians need to provide proof of a return ticket and funds to support a 90-day stay in the EU. I doubt many can actually do that.

      • Salford Lad

        It is easy to circumvent the Ukrainian EU 90 day funding rule. Purchase a 2 day accomodation and travel return ticket and leave the return part unused. These people are desperate to escape the Neo-Nazi and corrupt Oligarchy system of the Ukraine.

    • nevermind

      No there will not be a screening at DTRH, obvious innit, its not a cinema or political its to have fun, so eat your heart out, Kraut……..

      • Clark

        Nevermind, there might be. There was a sort of cinema tent last year, showing experimental films, and I expect Jamie would like it to be shown.

        • nevermind

          looking forward to the special, invited media only, but very public to this unique art and cultural event promoting Scottish talents, poets, and and at DTRH, incl. social responsibility, because its important to show the next generation what excesses humans are capable off+….. We have to teach our kids to be human, unless we want to digress to Neanderthal ethics of biggest wins/eats all, testosterone challenged ethics.

          If it takes reality or the depiction of reality, so be it! well done Nadira.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            Objection. The Neanderthals (been there) were probably a lot nicer than Michael Gove, and certainly more environmentally aware.

  • N_

    Hilarious bullshit from the BBC:

    One of the reasons for the delay (of the reading of a summary of the government’s legislative programme by the queen) is also believed to be because the speech has to be written on goat’s skin parchment paper

    Can’t the monarch read shit that’s printed out on ordinary A4 paper?

    If you can’t present your legislative programme in good time, you ludricously lying Tory scum, get the fuck out of office! Go and stab each others’ backs somewhere else.

    • N_

      Now they’re saying it’s not on goatskin parchment, but it’s on high quality paper (don’t you just know it?) on which ink takes days to dry.

      Again from the Bollocks Broadcasting Corp:

      It is not on vellum anymore. It is on ‘goatskin parchment paper’ but confusingly it’s not actually goatskin. However it is very high quality, thick paper, which is why the ink takes several days to dry, and it then needs to be bound into a booklet, before being sent on to Her Majesty for signing.

      Use some of the blotting paper you used to stick down your trousers when you were at prep school, you Tory cunts! And never mind binding it! Just staple it in the top corner! Ask one of your office cleaners to show you how!

      Talk about making the country look like a laughing-stock!

      • N_

        The two real reasons are probably

        1) the Tories want to sack Theresa May but haven’t worked out how to install a replacement
        2) the “queen” doesn’t want to miss Ascot

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Posibly as much a function of the ink as the paper. A traditional iron salt/”gallic acid” formulation takes some time after application to darken to its intended colour, no matter how absorbent or otherwise the paper. If our noble traditions can be subverted to the extent that we no longer sacrifice a goat to record the bumptious maunderings of No.10’s spindoctors, then I feel it is time and past time we used a super whizzo nanoparticle ink instead of a Stone Age pigment.

        Or perhaps the blood of discarded Cabinet members would suffice?

  • Sharp Ears

    Anything known about these Board members? There are no biog. notes.
    The Edinburgh Film Festival Board
    Just pondering if there is any history, political or other, behind their decision. Surely they should support a film maker who lives in Scotland.

    Carol Flockhart (Acting Chair)
    Sarah Baxter
    Alison Cornwell
    Gavin Davis
    Phil Denning
    Jim Dunnigan
    Brandon Malone
    Ian Tudhope

    https://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/about-us/patrons Tilda Swinton is one of them. Craig wrote about her in a most complimentary way some time ago.

    • Brianfujisan

      Cheers For the info / links Sharp ears

      Maybe we could send an Email to enquire as to the snub. of this very Important film –


      To add to RoS;s Suggestion for possible showing, the Grosvenor Cinema – Glasgow could be another candidate.. They had a First showing ( in Scotland )For Scottish CND,
      of ‘The Man Who Saved the World’ .. The Stanislav Petrov story.. The best film I ever seen..Very powerful stuff.

      Nevermd’s Idea is Kool too, as Confirmed By Clark.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well the inks not even printed yet on HRH’s goat skin parchment speech, and already the Orange Order and making demands from the DUP’s new found influence on the Westminster government.

    The O/O, wants the DUP, who have at least seven members affiliated to the O/O, to allow them to march past Drumcree church, flutes in full flow and drums a banging loud. In what is a largely Catholic area, in which the march has been banned.

    I say again well done to those Scots who voted Tory, your vote will probably add to the flare up of the troubles in NI.

    • Sharp Ears

      John Major has put his spanner in the works.

      ‘But former Conservative PM Sir John said he was “dubious” about the proposed deal and its impact on devolution and the peace process.

      He told BBC Radio 4’s World at One that if the Conservatives “locked” themselves into a deal with one of the main parties in Northern Ireland, there was a danger the government would no longer be seen as an “impartial honest broker” in restoring the power-sharing arrangements and upholding NI institutions.

      Peace in Northern Ireland should “not be regarded as a given” said Sir John – whose government laid the foundations for the peace process in the 1990s – and nothing should be done to “exaggerate the differences” between the unionist and nationalist communities.

      He urged Theresa May to consider governing on her own, saying this would not “carry the baggage” for the Conservatives that an arrangement with the DUP would.

      He suggested the DUP would be asking for money and that would be seen as the “government paying cash for votes in parliament” and would be received badly in other parts of the UK.’


      PS The troughers, old and new, are back in the HoC. probably to re-elect the slimy and loquacious Bercow. He never uses one word when a dozen would do. Wonder if he’s been to Israel again in the interim.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Think that Major’s warning is what the Queen has already warned.

        May is hoping to get the French President to help arrange a soft landing for Brwxit ,while Arlene arranges a soft one for the pressing UDA’s recent feud.

    • Phil the ex-frog

      “I say again well done to those Scots who voted Tory, your vote will probably add to the flare up of the troubles in NI.”

      Waldo says, for the first and only time, well done to the SNP for being so disliked that voters were driven to the tories.

      The tories ffs. It’s almost as if the people who live in the land called Scotland are not quite so exceptional as you nationalists keep banging on about.

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