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At the High Court today the following joint statement was agreed.

On 29 April 2016, Jake Wallis Simons and Craig Murray appeared together on Sky News to debate anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom. Following that debate, Dr Wallis Simons issued libel proceedings against Mr Murray. Dr Wallis Simons and Mr Murray have now settled these proceedings.

By this statement, Mr Murray accepts that Dr Wallis Simons is not a liar, and Dr Wallis Simons accepts that Mr Murray is not an anti-Semite. They are both pleased to have resolved this dispute amicably.

I am genuinely happy with this outcome, which would never have been remotely possible without the incredible 5,000 plus people who donated to my defence fund and enabled me to be represented by a top legal team. It continues to be my view that the libel laws are appalling – had I lost the case I was very definitely looking at a cost of £350,000 plus.

I am also very grateful to the band of readers of this blog who arrived to support me, and in the end saw very little. When invited to open the case the other side immediately asked for an adjournment to discuss a settlement. The hour of delay which followed was occupied on our side almost entirely by my agonising over whether it was morally acceptable for me to agree this statement and use the defence fund to pay my lawyers, or whether those who donated did so in the expectation I would fight the case whatever.

There were a number of supporters at hand who had donated, many of whom were personally previously unknown to me, and the opinions I could canvass were unanimously that this was a good result and a good use of their money.

Having agreed to settle in this way, I have arrived at this following decision. If anybody who donated feels they have been unduly sold out, please let me know through the contact button above and your donation will be refunded to you.

When we started the defence fund, our “realistic” projection was a total of £12,000. That we eventually raised over £100,000 is astonishing. Equally astonishing, but in a bad way, is that my own legal team’s cost almost amounts to that – I will publish full accounts in due course. After all is settled and refunds issued to those who wish, if anything is left over I propose to split it between Andy Wightman’s defence fund and Neil Clark’s case against Oliver Kamm. Again please do let me know if you object. It’s actually your money not mine.

I did not realise how this has been weighing me down, until the threat has been lifted today. I have never claimed to be entirely without fault, and I would ask you to refrain from any comment here which detracts from the amicable spirit of the joint statement. It is a time for celebration not recrimination, and please confine any rudeness to remarks about me.

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  • fwl

    Sounds like a sensible outcome. Hope it was a drop hands or better on costs. Congratulations.

  • Alan Redman

    Hello Craig, fantastic to hear your ordeal is over. It doesn’t sound like much money will be left over but you can do whatever you like with the bit I sent. Perhaps take your family for a trip somewhere to celebrate?

  • John Edwards

    Well done. I am happy for my small donation to be put towards your costs. I am also glad to see a mention of the also courageous Neil Clark and his battle with News International.

      • Squonk

        As far as I know Craig is only paying his own legal costs. A lot of work has gone on in the background for a considerable length of time but happily all over now!

  • Alan Redman

    Apologies for digressing from the topic, but has anyone else here unable to comment on the Facebook post? I can comment directly to this blog but don’t have that option on FB for some reason.

  • ken

    Excellent news. So glad it worked out OK.

    “Again please do let me know if you object. It’s actually your money not mine.”

    No Craig, I donated it. As far as I know, that’s the same as “I gave it to you.”
    Yours to do as you please. And your proposal for any surplus seems fine.

    All good wishes to you.

  • kathy

    I am so pleased for you Craig and feel free to spend my small contribution as you see fit. At least one bit of good news among all the bad these days.

  • Anna Rose

    As a minor contributor, I’m impressed by the tone and content of your response, the tough heart searching suggested in relation to your part in the outcome, and in your proposals. Go well.

  • Scrum5

    That’s a good outcome, Craig, and I’m delighted for you and your family. So far as my donation goes I am happy for you to use any surplus as you propose.

  • X_Sticks

    Glad to hear you’re in the clear, not that I doubted it.

    Happy for any excess funds to go to Andy and Neil.

  • Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Craig,
    Good for you! Will we see you in Jolly’s on Saturday evening for the Wingers get-together?

  • Petra

    Well done Craig. Great news. It’s over for you and Stu Campbell. Cloud lifted.

    As to the money, as a donator, I’d say that with what little is left split the money three ways. Keep a share for yourself. You and your family deserve it X

  • Fran watt

    Congratulations and well done. Appalling situation to have found yourself in. You just need to put it all behind you and get on with what you are good at which is giving us informed honest articles.

  • Joyce Fraser

    So glad things have been sorted. Enjoy your peace of mind and I look forward to your words of wisdom and experience again. Congratulations, happy to help!

  • Sal Newton

    A good outcome for you and your family Craig. Please use any monies remaining as you see fit.

  • Anne lindsay

    So glad to hear it’s over for you Craig. Enjoy your relief with your family and friends.

  • Jon Carpenter

    I’m mighty relieved for you, as are you and your family! As someone else has said, the donation was a donation, it’s yours, and you look to be spending any leftovers well. But have a holiday first!

  • Node

    I’ll admit I’m surprised by this result – pleasantly, of course. I thought you’d be crucified, justice not withstanding.
    Congratulations. I’m happy for my small contribution to be disposed of as you see fit.

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