A Great Day 1137

My body and mind are still in Ankara, fully engaged with the Syrian peace talks. But my heart is in Catalonia.

A great day. The achievement is colossal – a pro-independence majority achieved despite the leadership being in jail or in exile, and on an 84% turnout. The lies being spewed out day by day by the neo-liberal media about a “silent majority” are well and truly exposed, as is the EU’s contempt for democracy.

I guess now they have to charge over million people with sedition.

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    • Courtenay Barnett

      I think that you are right – because these Western inspired “revolutions”

      Urkaine – Syria – etc. all seem to be a combination of:-

      1. Genuine local disgruntlement – coupled with
      2. Some CIA – NGO – Western intelligence agencies help.

      Yeah – so what’s new in the world?
      Oh – Happy 2018!

  • Courtenay Barnett

    All – consider this:-

    When the UN Security Council resolution on North Korea reads in part – that the “proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, as well as their means of delivery, constitutes a threat to international peace and security.”

    Why – pray tell does that imply and is directed solely against North Korea ( which does not want to end up like another Iraq or Libya) while the “Rulers of the World” – US – UK – et. al. – keep producing and doing precisely what they implore that North Korea should not be doing?
    Any rational and/or logical answers?

    • Habbabkuk

      Well, there does seem to be one difference at least, ie, the existing nuclear powers have run down their arsenals to some degree whereas the North Koreans appear to be expanding theirs.

      • Courtenay Barnett


        Sure – no one is threatening to destroy the states with those nuclear capabilities – but – the US is threatening annihilation of North Korea. Isn’t that a difference you might consider?

        Yet you may focus on the hyperbolic expressions of ‘Little Kim'( as ‘The Donald’ might call him) – and – even then annihilation is a certainty if the US unleashes its nuclear power on North Korea.

        So what would you do if you were the North Korean leader? Give them up and become another Libya or Iraq?

        • Habbabkuk

          Mr Courtenay Barnett

          I would certainly consider it if I thought there was the slightest chance that the US would actually turn Mr Trump’s threat into action.

          But as it happens, I do not think that there is that slightest chance, absent a concrete attack by North Korea on the US or one of its allies in the region.

          Personally I feel that it is always wise to distinguish between threats and action. If one does not do so, how should we have reacted, for example, to Mr Krushcheiv’s threat, made against the West in the 1950s, that “we will bury you” ?

          • Kempe

            Well the missiles removed from Turkey were well obsolete, it took something like four hours to prepare one for launch, and Khrushchev made his “we will bury you threat” in 1956, six years before the Cuban missile crisis.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    There is something weird going on here, since midnight last night, that I don’t quite understand, and cannot explain…

    Admittedly last night was completely totally f’cking awesome.

    Is it the Moon? (It Really is Beautiful Tonight)

    Maybe its just synchronicity, coincidence, random chance, and love, friends and family?

    Or maybe it’s just because it is now 2018

    “James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good)”


    “The Who – I Can’t Explain”



      • Tony_0pmoc

        Courtenay Barnett,

        Sure, I might be a Granddad – Are You?

        But I am writing about real things happening now…

        Actually Being There and Experiencing it Live.

        Don’t you get bored shitless living in an island in the carribean trying to fight these f’ckers in courts?

        Its about changing minds – doing their f’cking propaganda back at them with TRUTH and EVIDENCE

        Wake up sleepy Courtenay. Don’t Drown in Their Bureaucracy and Bullshit.

        Sure its a mountain of sh1t to climb, but that’s mountains are there for.

        I Know You are a Good Man

        Happy New Year,


        • Tony_0pmoc

          Couteney, This is something to Really Depress You about the Extent of Evil and Depravity in The UK..and what can happen to you – even if you have got a Ph.D…if you Tell The Truth..

          This academic website is not that obvious to navigate…you need to scroll down to read the Detail..

          Yes, it needs editing – but she is obviously not making it up..She names names and everything with lots of evidence..but when you have been taken so low – you either die or You Fight Back, with Words, without any Fear whatsoever. What else can they take from her.

          Sally Baker
          About The Author

          Dr Sally Baker is Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences at Bangor University.



          • Courtenay Barnett


            I list in my career experience 2 death threats and 1 indication of arson on my home. All related to the kinds of cases I choose to defend.

            Now – if I did not live on an island – would my life be safer and significantly different? Probably not, in the sense of the public interest and human rights cases I choose – or – which gravitate to me – and – the consequences arising therefrom. For example:-


            Is it right that this still happens? Surely not. If left unaddressed it would probably fester for another decade. I think I can have it changed in short order ( a couple questions in Parliament can’t be bad either).

            Will systems fuck with you when you challenge? I think I have answered that already.

            Do we live on the same planet in the same world? So what if I have chosen the lifestyle I have? Would living in London and practising my profession there be all that great? Who knows. I am contented where I am and with what I do.Wherever we go on the planet – there is always a worthy cause to be addressed.

            ALUTA CONTINUA!

          • Tony_0pmoc

            Couteney, Couldn’t agree more. My only saving grace, is when they thought I had gone mad, was to largely keep my mouth shut, be nice, smile and occasionally ask a sensible question. I had seen it all before as a visitor. Tony xx

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Courtenay Barnett January 2, 2018 at 03:13
            ‘…Now – if I did not live on an island –….’
            Not Timor Leste, by any chance?
            A Luta Continua!

          • giyane


            Who’d have thought in an area where every tiny village had at least three different-denomination chapels so much sexual and psychological abuse would be going on? The UK establishment’s understanding of religious rule-making and depradation of those who failed to meet their impossible standards, make them experts in running Al Qaida and Islamic State.

            Obviously all good and upright citizens should support all institutions that whitewash predatory behaviour, whether it be North Wales Mental Health Services or the Taliban.

          • giyane


            Keep agreeing with them until they let you out. You have the rest of your life to totally disagree.

    • Courtenay Barnett

      Can I make a point?
      The girls are journalistic Agathas ( they sacrifice much to do what they do).
      But – back to an earlier point.
      Historical slavery of the Atlantic African Slave Trade vis-a- vis Modern day slavery.
      Imprisonment of the mentally ill in a British Colony vis-à-vis mistreatment and neglect of the mentally ill in North Wales.
      We could continue ad infinitum.
      I have had these debates over and over and over again.
      It simply is that two wrongs do not make a right and the attempts to excuse or mollify legal wrong by juxtaposing other legal wrong is nothing more or less than a tool of argument and convenience; it avoids the immediate issue and deflects to other atrocities.
      The issue that is – and which one is addressing – is that which has to be taken care of – thus – even when reducing evil in the world infinitesimally – the effort did succeed to that small extent. Without that approach we would all be holding our heads, doing nothing and being absorbed by inertia. When we weigh the options and then consider the fact that:-
      For the man with one leg
      There is the one who has lost two
      There is then the one who lost two legs and an arm
      Then 2 legs and 2 arms
      And so on….
      So what do we do?
      So, assist the first one we encounter ( if we are so minded and/or motivated) and hope that other Samaritans will work their way down the line.
      But – most are not our brothers ( or sisters) keepers –are we?

      • Tony_0pmoc


        My Son spent 3 months in SE Asia inc Cambodia with a backpack and a girl from school he hardly knew. She got robbed – passport money and everything from the basket on the front of her push bike. He was a bit in front on his. He heard her scream, dropped his bike, saw them coming on their motorbike – and he launched a full frontal body attack – and sent them flying off their motorbike..

        He said – do you guys want to argue?

        He got all her stuff back.

        He’s a good lad.


        • Tony_0pmoc

          When I travel in foreign lands, I have got his Mum for protection. She is only a little slim blonde thing, but she kind of emanates an auroa like she’s a Princess or something. We have been to loads of places, I wouldn’t dare to go alone. We never have any trouble…Everyone is really nice, even if they don’t know a word of English and we don’t know a word of their language either. We read faces, we gesticulate, we make nice friendly sounds, and it is reciprocated, and we touch, and we laugh and we embrace, and they ask us into their homes and make us very welcome and cook us a meal.

          My Wife and I are English, and we Speak Oldham/Wigan Lancashire.

          Most people in the world seem to be able to understand us…even The Scousers.


    • Paul Barbara

      @ Tony_0pmoc January 2, 2018 at 03:22
      Eva Bartlett is giving a talk in Frome on February 1st.:
      ‘The amazing Eva Bartlett will be speaking in Frome on Thursday 1st February in an event entitled: ‘Syria, Lies & Video Tape’
      For tickets book here: https://cheeseandgrain.ticketsolve.com/shows/873583423

  • Courtenay Barnett

    And Tony,

    Think about the evil that Edward Heath got away with.

    And what was the DJ’s Top of the Pops fellows name again?

    Yes – it exists – and would only be worse if no one stood up.

    Sad truth is that the official system cossetted it for so long.

  • Sharp Ears

    The BBC is spending £8m of licence fee payers’ money over 9 years in training and supplying ‘journalists’ to local newspapers including the execrable Trinity Mirror and Archant chains. The Scotsman’s publishers are also in the scheme.

    ‘The award decisions were made by senior editorial BBC figures across the UK.’

    No names. No pack drill. No democracy.

    Most of 150 new BBC-funded Local Democracy reporters go to Trinity Mirror, Newsquest and Johnston Press
    The lion’s share of contracts for the pool of 150 BBC-funded “local democracy reporters” have been awarded to the UK’s largest local newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror.
    The Manchester Evening News publisher has picked up 24 contracts, giving it 64 reporters from the 144 assigned in this first stage, the BBC has revealed.
    Newsquest and Johnston Press have won the bid for 37 and 30 reporters respectively.
    A total of 58 news organisations in England, Scotland and Wales have successfully bid for the new staff, who they must now set about recruiting with a view to having them on staff in the next few months.

    Scroll down for full breakdown by publisher and region
    The news organisations will receive funding from the BBC to cover employment costs of the reporters

    Orwell is alive and well.

    • Stu

      I don’t particularly welcome this but I can understand why it is being done. The BBC dominates British news media to the extent that even without engaging in takeovers it naturally verges towards monopoly. The solution is to scrap the license fee but if that doesn’t happen then it’s sensible to use some of it to support – at least the appearance of – a plurality of sources.

      • Geoffrey

        It is a bit more basic than plurality of sources it is about being able to afford to send a reporter to spend days sitting in council meetings etc and keeping a check on those who wield local power.

        • nevermind

          If it only was that, Geoffrey, these reporters will drown out those few independent voices that are currently holding council responsible, with a monotone cocktail of acceptable words and phrases.
          I also doubt that these local democracy watchdogs will have any idea of electoral laws, nor would they break the media bond to local elected politicians who might or might not want to curry favours with one or other specific reporter or journalist. Within weeks these elected party politicians would get to know what direction reporters are leaning and those who report their discrepancies more leniently would be favoured with stories and or blue kite ideas to report.

          Unless these positions are open to everyone to apply for, not just trained journalists, this move will go further down the ministry of truth path,imho.

  • giyane

    Boris Johnson supports Al Qaida in Syria. How is his voice helpful about Iran? Why doesn’t he get on with trying to release British citizens, instead of political point-scoring over Syria? Iran’s financial problems are caused by volte-face regime change in the US. And Western Democracy will carry on doing volte-faces until the Muslims understand that our politicians will never keep any promises to them.

    Kissinger summed it up when criticised for letting down the Kurds who rebelled against Saddam Hussain. ‘Some people make the mistake of confusing covert (political) operations with social work.

  • Sharp Ears

    Why there are few Christians left in the holy town of Bethlehem
    Israel’s blockade has eroded the number of Palestinian Christians upholding ancient rites in the birthplace of Jesus, writes Jonathan Cook
    December 24, 201

    The people are Imprisoned by the Israeli Wall aka Barrier.

    This is a 2011 image. Magnify it and see how many settlements had been created within the so called West Bank, how much of the wall had been built and what was projected. Also the checkpoints. Watchtowers not indicated

    It is an open air prison like Gaza.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    Paul Barbara said:-

    @ Courtenay Barnett January 2, 2018 at 03:13
    ‘…Now – if I did not live on an island –….’
    Not Timor Leste, by any chance?
    A Luta Continua


    • Paul Barbara

      @ Courtenay Barnett January 2, 2018 at 12:21
      I campaigned for East Timor from 1983/4 (when I first heard about it; although Indonesia invaded in 1975, and I was a Human Rights campaigner, I didn’t know about it until I was given a leaflet at an Amnesty International meeting in a Liberal Synagogue in St. John’s Wood by Carmel Budiardjo, Organising Secretary of Tapol, which I subsequently joined), till they gained their Independence around 2000.
      I knew José Ramos-Horta when he was living in London.
      The Timorese are still getting screwed by Australia re the oil, as you will well know.
      I hope you can assist the remarkable people of Timor Leste – they have lived through hell.

  • Republicofscotland

    Thousands of people in England are being transferred to Scottish hospitals, for treatment, otherwise they wouldn’t receive medical attention. Some have even been told to move and live in Scotland, because if they don’t they could die due to lack of treatments available in England.

    Scots patients are also transferred to English hospitals for specialist treatments. However Oxfordshire alone has sent over 500 patients north of the border for treatment, and that’s just one county.

    I think it’s disgraceful that the Tories can find over £1billion quid for a DUP bung, and build two aircraft carriers costing £7 billion quid, not to mention the billions of pounds still to be spent on the aircraft for them.

    Plus the new generations of nuclear subs and Trident, yet the b*stards can’t properly fund the hospitals, it’s a f*cking disgrace.

    The good people of England really need to wake up, and stand up and fight for their NHS.


    • Habbabkuk

      “Thousands of people in England are being transferred to Scottish hospitals, for treatment, otherwise they wouldn’t receive medical attention. ”

      And for many decades in the past, thousands of Scots = perhaps hundreds of thousands – have moved to England to find work otherwise they wouldn’t have found employment in their own country..

      • Republicofscotland


        Yes a very good question, would I be way off the mark in saying, in some cases, slush funds, bribes and pay-offs disguised as overseas aid. The Kenyan elections being a recent example.

        Not to mention financing overseas NGO’s and of course proxy fighters, or am I overly sceptical in this new year.

    • Habbabkuk


      I am glad to note that we are both humanitarians at heart. You worry about the health of Mr Assange and I worry about the health of journalists imprisoned in Russian gaols (it is unfortunately too late to worry about the health of Russian journalists killed on the street or in the entrance of where they live).

      • Republicofscotland

        Not just Russian prisons, but also Chinese prisons as well. Of course we could extend, our humanitarian feelings to those also held in Israeli, Saudi, and of late Iranian prisons, I’m sure you’ll agree Habbabakuk.

        • Habbabkuk

          I most certainly do, provided always that we examine each individual situation on its own merits and, even more importantly, keep a due sense of proportion.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Republicofscotland January 2, 2018 at 13:09
      I heard about this as well; I suspect it is much ado about nothing, disinfo.
      But Craig will be in a position to find out, when he has time, and will hopefully relieve our worries.

  • reel guid

    An FOI request from The Times has found that former members of the House Of Lords can still use the Lords dining rooms whenever they want and bring up to six guests. The Lords catering is subsidised by taxpayers to the tune of £1.2 million a year.

    Former peers can also still use other facilities such as the Lords library.

    This unelected chamber has more say on Scotland’s constitutional affairs than the Scottish Parliament and the people of Scotland. The members get a generous daily attendance fee, however little they do or how long they stay. But now it turns out Scotland is paying for former members and their pals to get partly subsidised nosh and champagne.

    • Republicofscotland

      Ah reel guid, yes, a new year same old story, the HoL, is an affront to democracy.

      “A total of 58 news organisations in England, Scotland and Wales have successfully bid for the new staff, who they must now set about recruiting with a view to having them on staff in the next few months.”

      “The news organisations will receive funding from the BBC to cover employment costs of the reporters.”


      What do you make of the BBC, funding journalist for the unionist press? They shouldn’t be financially supporting failing unionist news rags, it’s inevitable that the press will be even more favourable the BBC’s propaganda agenda now, and in turn the agenda of the British government.

      • reel guid

        Yes Ros. It is sinister when a state broadcaster starts paying for the staff of newspapers.

  • Sharp Ears

    9 tweets from Trump so far today and it’s only 10am there.

    Donald J. Trump
    The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime. All of the money that President Obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their “pockets.” The people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. The U.S. is watching.

    LOL Sounds just like one of the countries the US has smashed. The Iranian leadership does not intend to allow Trump to do the same to their country.


    Returning to Washington at 4pm their time.

      • Republicofscotland

        Using human rights as a pretence, yes Sharp Ears, but what about the US Coast guard ships holding and torturing prisoners off the coast of America, where may I ask is their human rights. Or the prisoners of Guantanamo bay, some held for years without charge, where also is their human rights?

        Lets not mention them, it doesn’t fit the righteousness of the Great Satan’s hypocritical agenda.

      • glenn_uk

        SE: “US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria

        Indeed. But how odd – I gathered from most people here that it was entirely Hillary, Hillary, Hillary’s fault.

        Furthermore, the same people were very happy to see a white supremacist, Nazi-loving, ignorant savage like Trump in the White House because of their Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS).

        I hope you’re all satisfied.

          • glenn_uk

            RoS, Trump is a Nazi. He thinks they are – in his own words – “good people”. Even if they really were the same (which is an exercise in false equivalence best left to the experts of that nonsense in the MSM), Trump’s policies in the ME, stirring up a possible nuclear war with NK, stirring up race hatred in the US to an extent not seen since the 1960s, encouraging the Saudis in their genocidal behaviour in Yemen, and much more besides – all achieved in less than a year.

            Did you take no notice of what I wrote about SE’s comment? The policy is continuing. So how was it all HC’s fault?

            It’s not just you, RoS. There are so many people of good faith who are giving a Nazi bastard a pass, just because of the continuation of US policy which has been hung around the neck of Hillary Clinton.

          • zoot

            Surely it’s time to get past this childish obsession with Trump and focus instead on America’s entrenched systemic and institutional failings. No question Trump is an abomination, but it wasn’t him who put 90 percent of national wealth in the hands of the top 0.1%. Nor did he create America’s racist mass incarceration / felony-branding system (that was Hillary’s husband). Nor did he turn America’s political system into an open corporate and financial oligarchy. It was not Trump who established US military bases in most countries on earth or who instituted an age of endless war.

            Those are the fruits of DC’s “adults in the room”, its responsible men and women of power, and they are maladies that will likely become even more deeply entrenched in the years after Trump’s departure.

            When American “democracy” got rid of its last gangster/monster president, Nixon, the country plunged headlong into the vicious neoliberal era, which has brought about this new Gilded Age of plutocracy and savage inequality. The ached-for resumption of responsible neoliberal progressivism will only keep this terrible trajectory rolling, and in time will certainly produce another of the Trump’s ilk, probably something worse

          • Republicofscotland


            I’m not giving Trump a pass, lets not forget outside political circles the Trump’s and Clinton’s are friends.

            Clinton is a far-right war hawk, and Trump is attempting to push for more war’s Iran, NK etc.

            In my opinion Trump is just the latest of a long line of warmongering presidents of the US, lets no forget that Obama, a pretendy Democrat, hold the record for the POTUS longest at war.

            I see no great distinction between Trump and Clinton, the Jerusalem declaration aside.

    • Republicofscotland

      Sharps Ears.

      Yes Trump does like to tweet, as for Iran I’m no fan of the theocratic regime that pulls the strings in the background. However I’m wondering if this is the beginnings of a intended coup in Iran, a 1953 Mossaddegh Operation Ajax (US) operation Boot (UK) type rerun.

      Pahlavi, who was shunned by his western backers post 79, is no longer around, so I’m wondering who the West/Saudi’s/Israeli’s, would like to see replace Rouhani/Ayatollah, as leader.

      Anyone have any suggestions as to who?

        • Republicofscotland

          Hasn’t Libya got an offical government, even though it is sponsored by the West et ál?

        • SA

          The creation of chaos is also a well known method of regime change when there is no government in waiting. If you read Pepe Escobar you will see how he explains this theory.

      • SA

        The theocratic regime in Iran is somewhat better than the extreme theocratic medieval monarchy of KSA, at least they have a parliamentary election and women in government and professionals. They also seem to be tolerant to religious minorities.
        Yes this is obviously orchestrated from the White house. The demonisation of Iran started in earnest when it was clear that Daesh was defeated and now the SAA and allies are turning against the Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Idlib. One of the pockets of rebels near the Occupied Golan has been recently cleared. Israel has been making noises for the last few months and bombing some bases in Syria and saying they will not tolerate the presence of Iran in Syria. The recent goings on in KSA are also part of the greater plan with attempted destabilisation of Lebanon which appears to have failed. As the US and Israel’s (and I may add UK and France) plan in Syria appear to have been foiled they are now activating plan B which is another attempted colour revolution in Iran to be probably followed by some false flag atrocity that will allow direct military interference. However I think this will be not be easy to carry out as Iran will not be a walkover.
        By the way, what is known to the West as the ‘Shia axis: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon (or at least the Hezbollah part of L) is really not all Shia and in these countries it is known as the Axis of Resistance. Of Course Syria is not a majority Shia country.

          • SA

            Sorry yes Shia Crescent. I take your point but in that region there are not many places that have elections of any sort that are meaningful.

          • Republicofscotland


            No need for an apology SA, yes I agree that in the region they’re not big on democracy.

        • giyane

          Chatham House on the Radio 4 10 pm News did not deny foreign involvement in Iranian protests. She said it was irrelevant to the protesters ‘ if ‘ it were happening. I take that ‘ if ‘ as a right-wing NWO neo-liberal think-tank confirmation that USUKIS is interfering in Iran. We do after all so desperately need Al Qaida in power in Damascus, don’t we children?

  • reel guid

    More data from the Panelbase poll commissioned by Wings Over Scotland shows 57% of Scots think the Scottish Parliament should get to decide on having another independence referendum.

  • Windy Miller

    The troubles in Iran are very saddening to me as I spend most of the year working in this very beautiful country. I was speaking with friends today as emails have been suspended and I wanted to check for their safety (the recent deaths have been next to where I work) and they all was saying that the riots was started due to the price eggs going up 25% over night.

    I never knew that basic staples were Governmentally controlled and it’s nots been mentioned on the news here in the UK, unless I have missed it, but it this was obviously a spark that’s started a fire And underlining issues have surfaced.

    Iran has always come across to me as very tolerant but a little distrusting (understandable), very welcoming, extremely safe to get around (I have never felt threatened) and has a treasure of ancient sites to see.

    The press and Trump give Iran a very poor rap, some deserved but a lot not. Can you imagine what the US would be like if it had Iran’s neighbours, so I would just like to say that nearly all the countries that I have the pleasure in working in have been fabulous once you get the know the people and you respect their culture and Iran is no different.

    I just wish Mr Trump would learn to keep off twitter and bury his prejudices, he would be a better person and the so would the Middle East

      • Windy Miller

        It’s troubling but true, i’ve Heard a similar statement before ☹️. Quite a few years ago I used to deal a lot with Libya, in the Saddam days, and the bidding for the leases used to be very compliant (believe my or not) and very transparent. Petroleum Canada was winning most of the concessions, the uk a small amount but the US was losing out big time.

        This was causing a great deal of issues and 2 years later there was a war and who picked up most of the rebuild contracts. The oil and gas fields are only just coming on the market and I won’t be surprised as to who wins those.

    • Macky

      All this newly expressed concern by the usual pro-war mongering suspects, for the ordinary Iranians currently protesting over inflation and high food prices, is belied by their silence in never asking for the crippling sanctions on Iran to be lifted.

      • fedup

        “is belied by their silence in never asking for the crippling sanctions on Iran to be lifted.”

        The sanctions were set in place in hoping to push the country into this corner. Fact is the current neo liberal bunch in charge in Iran have been far too busy trying to push the “privatisation” agenda and follow the IMF and world bank remedies; aka “austerity”. Fact that these august constructs have been put in place to maintain the status quo and to keep the few rich arsouls in their lofty positions at the expense of all others, somehow has gone missing on the sadid Davos attendees of WEF in charge of ruling Iran.

        The revolutionary Iranians will put up with such a nonsense from their government hence the demonstrations just to let the neo liberals know; they can only rule by the consent of the people of Iran!

    • Anon1

      “Iran has always come across to me as very tolerant but a little distrusting (understandable), very welcoming, extremely safe to get around (I have never felt threatened) and has a treasure of ancient sites to see.

      The press and Trump give Iran a very poor rap, some deserved but a lot not.”


      You are mixing up the people and the culture with the leadership.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Windy Miller January 2, 2018 at 18:34
      ‘..they all (were) saying that the riots was started due to the price eggs going up 25% over night….’
      The reason the price of eggs (and chicken) went up, is a bad case of ‘Bird Flu’ hit the country. It does every year, but is is obviously very easy for saboteurs to bring it into the country, which I very seriously expect they did (would the US and it’s ME cronies be averse to using biological Warfare against their avowed enemy?).
      None of our MSM picked up on it, but it has been reported:
      ‘Iran imports tons of eggs amid bird flu outbreak – Trend News Agency – Google News – 01/01/2018’:


      Notice ‘unknown snipers’ at work, killing both sides (shades of Egypt’s ‘Arab Spring’, Ukraine, Syria 2011, Venezuela – more ‘Regime Change’ targets).

  • Courtenay Barnett


    ” Surely it’s time to get past this childish obsession with Trump and focus instead on America’s entrenched systemic and institutional failings. No question Trump is an abomination, but it wasn’t him who put 90 percent of national wealth in the hands of the top 0.1%. Nor did he create America’s racist mass incarceration / felony-branding system (that was Hillary’s husband).”
    To answer only in part:-
    1. ” Surely it’s time to get past this childish obsession with Trump and focus instead on America’s entrenched systemic and institutional failings.”
    Trump is a part of and the manifestation of that entrenched systemic and institutional failings ( failure).

    2.”it wasn’t him who put 90 percent of national wealth in the hands of the top 0.1%”
    Surely, by resurrecting regressive taxation policies he is going the “Reagan route” again of short term rise in the stock market ( backed by what) – back to 2008 bust again ( only this time much worse).

    3. ” Nor did he create America’s racist mass incarceration / felony-branding system (that was Hillary’s husband).”
    You are correct about Bill Clinton. The point is that Trump is exacerbating the problem as I state here:-


    So a President such as Trump is not just a manifestation of America’s problems he is the epitome of what H.L. Mencken had foreseen some 98 years ago when he wrote:-
    “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

  • Anon1

    It’s absolute rubbish that the protests in Iran are part of a “Western-orchestrated” attempt at regime change. I haven’t seen any popular uprising in the Islamic world more downplayed in the West than this one. Just look at what Boris Johnson had to say earlier:

    “We regret the loss of life that has occurred in the protests in Iran, and call on all concerned to refrain from violence and for international obligations on human rights to be observed.”

    We regret. All concerned. Loss of life.

    It is reflected entirely in the media coverage, which only yesterday got off the ground and is seeking to make as little of the protests as possible within the obligation of having to report them.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Anon1 January 2, 2018 at 19:28
      Yeh, right. Have you heard about WHY prices of chickens and eggs was raised? No?
      Hardly surprising – our MSM is, shall we say, ever so slightly biased against Iran?
      ‘Avian Flu Epidemic Forces Cull of 17m Chickens’:
      I suspect not too many of the general public read the ‘Financial Tribune’; it has, to be fair, been on Reuters.
      So why have not any of our MSM picked it up? Oh, right, it wouldn’t help the anti Iranian Government propaganda effort.
      Just off the top of my head, I very strongly suspect that that Bird Flue was ‘introduced’ into Iran, by the West or it’s Middle East cronies.
      Then I think some 20 people have been killed in the Demonstrations – but by who? Sure enough, we have ‘unknown snipers’ firing into demonstrators, and killing demonstrators and police – where have we heard that from before – Egypt, Venezuela, Syria, Ukraine…the Modus Operandi of the US-led ‘Regime Change’ recipe.
      Many pictures of Demos, claimed to be anti-Government, have in reality been pro-Government. But then what’s truth, if the object is propaganda for ‘Regime Change’?
      And the unemployment – do you think that might, just conceivably, be because of Western (illegal) sanctions put on by the US despite Iran abiding by the Internationally agreed nuclear deal?

    • Windy Miller

      I have only ever met the people and some business men so I can only comment on that experience.

    • Republicofscotland


      BoJo says, and the press play the protests down, so it must be genuine then. Phew!!!!!!!

      Must be truth then ehh.

      The fact is it much to early to tell.

    • giyane

      You forget to mention that Boris Johnson is a frequent liar. He never knowingly speaks the truth, so I will do it for him; “We do not regret the loss of life that has occurred in the protests in Iran, and call on all concerned to not refrain from violence and for international obligations on human rights to be observed, unlike USUKIS actions in Iraq, Libya and Syria.”

      Of course he doesn’t insert my nuances since it’s already obvious from his wearing a blond wig, big shoes and a big red nose that he’s a clown, not a foreign secretary.

  • John Goss

    “It’s absolute rubbish that the protests in Iran are part of a “Western-orchestrated” attempt at regime change.”

    Anon1 said something similar about the Maidan protests in Kiev. I won’t go looking for it. Some people seem, for whatever reason, to automatically oppose anything that is not mainstream. How sad is that?

  • Paul Barbara

    But Haley says Iran Demos spontaneous, and Haley is a lying c*w:
    ‘Haley lauds ‘tremendous courage’ of protesters against ‘Iranian dictatorship’ (VIDEO):

    Wouldn’t it be great to get some of these ‘politicians’ to undergo a pukka lie detector test in public, with a mandatory jail sentence if they refused to answer all the questions? Bliar? Bush? Cheney? Rumsfeld? ‘Netan-yahoo’? And, for good measure, Prince Charles?
    And no ‘Taking the Fifth’!

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Iran – Regime Change Agents Hijack Economic Protests? Like Ukraine, Syria, Libya?’:

    Short and sweet video showing pro-Government and anti-Government demos. The Pro-Government are far, far larger, and as Tony Gosling says, you wouldn’t get 10 people out on the streets of London in praise of May and her Tory regime (well, perhaps he’s exaggerating a wee bit, you might get a few hundred (they must have that many relatives!).

  • Sharp Ears

    The thin lipped Nikki Haley is now threatening the Palestinians. Bow down to the Israelis and accept the Occupation or else.

    U.S. Threatens to Withhold Aid for Palestinian Refugees
    U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks during a brief press availability at United Nations headquarters, January 2, 2018 in New York City. She discussed protests in Iran and the North Korea nuclear threat

    U.S. President Donald Trump said in tweets on Tuesday that the United States may withhold future aid payments to Palestinians, accusing them of being “no longer willing to talk peace” with Israel.

    • SA

      It is now clear that the Jerusalem embassy relocation announcement also served the purpose of provocation to get at the hated ‘Axis of Resistance’.

    • Loony

      Interesting to learn that Nikki Haley is “thin lipped” I wonder what could account for such an observation.

      On a completely unrelated matter I note that the birth name of Nikki Haley was Nimrata Randhawa.

      I do not know the extent to which Nikki Haley is threatening Palestinians, however here is a Palestinian who would appear to be threatening Palestinians. Perhaps he has some facial features that would disqualify his words from being taken seriously.


      • Sharp Ears

        The gentleman speaking, Mosab Hassan Yousef, is exactly correct. A fine speech.

        The PLO are the bloated stooges of the USUKIsNATO axis. They are loathed by the Palestinians.

  • Sharp Ears

    Has Donald got some ‘personal’ problems?

    Donald J. Trump
    North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!

    12:49 AM – Jan 3, 2018

    • Stu

      These kinds of tweets are measured propaganda.

      It seems ridiculous to us but that doesn’t matter. It will appeal to many Americans as plain speaking, it’ll appeal to Americans who love war (ie the majority) and it means more media battles about language rather than tax cuts, health care or environmental destruction.

      Every word from that twitter account is considered and calculated.

    • Clark

      From Robert Parry:

      “My Christmas Eve stroke now makes it a struggle for me to read and to write. Everything takes much longer than it once did – and I don’t think that I can continue with the hectic pace that I have pursued for many years. But – as the New Year dawns – if I could change one thing about America and Western journalism, it would be that we all repudiate “information warfare” in favor of an old-fashioned repect for facts and fairness — and do whatever we can to achieve a truly informed electorate”.


  • Republicofscotland

    Although I’m no fan of the strict theocracy that’s running Iran. I have to say that I don’t agree with the sanction placed upon the Iranian people, which is hurting them.

    One could make a case that their are similarities between the plight of Iran and Venezuela. In that, in order to regime change you must cause the people to suffer greatly enough to rise up and create a change. The US is one of the major problems facing Venezuela.

    However much as I dislike Iran’s theocracy, one has to say that a weak Iran, will leave the entire region open to the machinations of the Saudi’s, Israel, and the West in general.

    The question is how to remove the omnipotent theocracy, without severely weakening Iran, and its people?

    I think the ayatollah realises that if he becomes too heavy handed, especially with the world watching, it may hinder his cause. As usual the US backed NCRI, is very busy reporting all manner of incidents and wrongdoings.

    If the protests, (probably outside backed) don’t peter out, then the ayatollah, will eventually unleash the Revolutionary Guard, which could lead to a bloodbath.

    • Loony

      You are correct in that there are a number of issues with the Iranian regime for example the high number of judicial executions for all manner of crimes including the “crime” of homosexuality, together with the severe restrictions placed on women’s rights.

      As you point out some care is needed as a bad situation can always be made worse. Whilst there is no obvious way to proceed with regard to Iran I guess that few people would seek to actively embrace a regime that with such an unpleasant record with regard to human rights. No doubt some people would disagree – and some of those people would be senior figures within the SNP


      At least the SNP have the benefit of consistency as it is widely accepted that in the past leading figures in the Scottish Nationalist movement were well disposed to one Adolf Hitler.

      • giyane


        Whatever gripes one may have about Iran, and recognising their right to self-determination, and nuclear power, would they have decided to take on Saudi Arabia in Yemen or Syria if Saudi Arabia didn’t treat all Shi’a so badly? This is a problem created by the West always poking at Islam’s sectarian divisions. USUKIS Divide and rule.

        If China is going to become more assertive on the world stage, they need to not get sucked into the garbage chute of USUKIS divide and rule. It has brought our civilisation not power, but disgrace, not wealth, but unpayable debt, not long reach, but Brexit xenophobia.

        My hope is that China can see that neither Saudi Arabia nor Iran exemplify Islam in any way, and they refuse to continue the West’s Zionist agenda of destroying Islam. Islam’s monotheism is a deep truth, and truth is a commodity that can empower any nation. It is USUKIS’s loss that they abandoned this cornerstone.

        • Loony

          I am not an expert on Islam, but my understanding is:

          The Sunni-Shi’a split first emerged in AD 632 as a consequence of disagreement as to who should assume the role of Caliph.The Sunni’s favored Abu Bakr and the Shi’a favored Mohammed’s son in law Ali. Abu Bakr became Caliph a role he held until his death. The next two Caliphs were assassinated paving the way for Ali to become the 4th Caliph.

          If the foregoing is true then that would seem to indicate that the Sunni-Shi’a split descended into violence relatively soon after the death of the Prophet Mohammed. This would predate by hundreds of years any ability for the US and the UK to exploit this particular sectarian divide. It is very hard to see how the US can be held responsible for a problem that emerged over 1,000 years before the US came into existence. If, in recent times, they have exploited this divide then it is only because Islam created the divide and failed to close it over a very long period.

          I don’t think China cares about Islam one way or the other. They seem to want to be left alone and hit back at the Uyghur’s anytime they seem disinclined to leave the Chinese alone.

          If neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia exemplify Islam then exactly where should we look to find an example of a successful society governed by the tenants of Islam. Your defense of Islam sounds ominously similar to the defense of Communism mounted by a vast swathe of intellectual idiots. Not enough Communism, the wrong kind of Communism, look past the mountains of corpses, give it more time, project destroyed by outside intervention etc. etc.

          • Republicofscotland

            “If, in recent times, they have exploited this divide then it is only because Islam created the divide and failed to close it over a very long period.”

            Oh well that makes it alright then, so the Great Satan’s sinister action in the region, is in your warped opinion all the fault of Islam?

            I suppose by your bonkers logic, that it was all Saddam’s fault and Gaddafi’s fault that the US invaded them.

            Or by your un-Spock like logic, it’s all Mexico’s fault that Trump’s building a wall.

            Or that South American nations, just can’t seem to get ahead, not because the US constantly interferes with them, but because they’re hopeless.

          • Loony

            No – it is not “alright” – it is an attempt at an explanation.

            Hardly anyone would disagree that the US is seeking to exercise the role of global hegemonic power. In order to do this it needs to exploit divisions where ever it may find them. An oncologist will explain cancer, only a lunatic would view oncology as a profession that justifies cancer.

            The original comment claimed that “Islam’s monotheism is a deep truth, and truth is a commodity that can empower any nation.”

            So it seems reasonable to ask which countries this deep truth has empowered, and what kind of things would you look for that would point to the truth of this statement.

            As I understand matters the Prophet Mohammed said “My Ummah will be fragmented into 73 sects and all of them will be in the Hell fire except one”

            Either this is true or it is not. If it is true then it would seem to form the very bedrock of the divisions currently being exploited by the US. Divisions that the US could not exploit were they not buried so deeply and so fundamentally within the Islamic tradition.

            Turning to South America: The economic history of Argentina is one of the most studied in the world as no consensus explanation exists for the decline of an economy that in 1913 was the 10th wealthiest in the world on a GDP/Capita basis. I feel it unlikely that your explanation will materially advance understanding.

          • giyane


            It’s an awesome responsibility on every human to track down, identify and adhere to the truth, a mission of a life-time. The wonks in Islam tell you to switch off your brain and obey the imam, who will therefore become your protector against further questioning. Even Blair said he would take full responsibility for invading Iraq, so sadists MPs who voted for the invasion can hide behind him.

            Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and every individual has to check by knowledge and by their own inner conscience whether what they are being told is right or wrong. Wonks, my word for those who want to make the religion a power platform, have completely and deliberately misunderstood the religion as a vehicle for power, as did the children of Israel with their prophet before them.

            If you separate power from truth, all you get is politics and we know that the enemies of Islam are supreme in politics because we have our eyes open. The jihad/ fighting for Allah is solely for the defence of righteousness and it is completely impossible to ally oneself with the enemies of righteousness in order to achieve the objective of righteousness. You can do it, but you might be wasting your time…

            11,500,000 souls buried under the rubble of Mosul, unknown millions of souls, piles of skeletons,, in the years building up to Mosul, and unknown millions of lives destroyed going forward, to use CEO language for this project on an industrial scale. Al Qaida and its off-shoot Daesh know full well they are not permitted to make a confederation with the enemies of Islam. Wonks in this life, and fuel for the fire of Hell on the Day of Judgement.

      • Republicofscotland


        Trade deals with Iranian firms, I’m pretty sure other nations also have done trade deals with Iran, nothing uncommon in that. Nations around the globe, including wherever yours maybe, have, all signed trade deals with China, a serious offender with regards to human rights.

        As for this spurious drivel.

        “At least the SNP have the benefit of consistency as it is widely accepted that in the past leading figures in the Scottish Nationalist movement were well disposed to one Adolf Hitler.”

        Im sure Loony a person of your integrity will produce clear and precise evidence to back up your assertions.

          • Republicofscotland

            Ah yes Loony I’ve dealt with this before, the picture of Donaldson with the Hitler youth movement wasn’t that uncommon at that time. Thousands of young members of the movement visited cities all over the UK, and no doubt many British people had their photo’s taken with them, before the movement turned sinister.

            As for the other claims surrounding Donaldson, they too lack credibility, he was never charged, and to this day not a single shred of evidence has ever been produced against him, by his detractors at MI5.


            As for Gibb, he stood as a unionist candidate, before realising that Scotland was and still is poorly served by this ill fitting union. He did often quote Hilter in 1934, before the unpleasantness began, but then again I’m sure other cited his orations at that time as well, hardly incriminating.

            The Express carries a, or, several anti-SNP stories daily, I’ve encountered similar cleverly word crafted stories in this unionist rag since around 2007- when the SNP came to power coincidence?

          • Phil the ex-frog

            “He did often quote Hilter in 1934, before the unpleasantness began”

            Political executions, book burnings, Jewish boycotts, purges of communists and Jews and Dachau concentration camp. Ah yes, the fond memories of 1933 Nazis.

          • Republicofscotland


            Yes you are correct, though from what I can see (Nazi timeline) it was mostly internal at that point, (not in any way an excuse for their actions)and no one could foresee just how monsterous the regime would become.

            It is possible that anyone quoting Nazi’s from those particular years 33/34, could’ve been unaware as to what was really going on, or for what was to come. Information I suppose took longer to reach the masses than today.


            However around the same time that Hitler was purging in Germany. The British were outwardly slaughtering proud tribesmen who would not yield to British imperialism in Waziristan.

            John Coleridge was the British commander, I doubt they’d be any outcry if anyone quoted from Mr Coleridge.


        • Republicofscotland

          Re Gibb citing Hitler circa 1933/34, and the long article surrounding it from the Express newspaper.

          One wonders if the Express newspaper would’ve been so vociferious in their article if Gibb, had quoted Mao, or Stalin, who both killed tens of millions, or even Churchill, who gave no thought to using chemical weapons, or starving a million Indians to death?

          The answer is of course they would have.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Loony January 3, 2018 at 11:21
        You are right that Iran’s Human Rights record is lamentable; so of course is the US, Saudi, Bahraini, and Israel’s (to name just a few).
        ‘..I guess that few people would seek to actively embrace a regime that with such an unpleasant record with regard to human rights…’
        The same could be said for the US and Israel etc.
        ‘…At least the SNP have the benefit of consistency as it is widely accepted that in the past leading figures in the Scottish Nationalist movement were well disposed to one Adolf Hitler.’
        Hmmn, so have members of the British ‘Royal Family’; the one-time head of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman; many American Banksters (the US even had an attempted Fascist Coup, the so-called ‘Business Plot’ in 1933. One of the plotters was Prescott Bush, G. W. Bush’s grandfather, who went on to serve as a director in a Nazi front bank right into WWII).
        Then of course, the US Admin gloated in the Regime Change machinations in Ukraine, which brought in a Fascist regime, and also the US has a long history of installing or backing Fascist military regimes in Latin America and Central America, as well as Neo-Fascist parties in Europe and Turkey (Operation Gladio).
        The plot thickens!

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