A Great Day 1137

My body and mind are still in Ankara, fully engaged with the Syrian peace talks. But my heart is in Catalonia.

A great day. The achievement is colossal – a pro-independence majority achieved despite the leadership being in jail or in exile, and on an 84% turnout. The lies being spewed out day by day by the neo-liberal media about a “silent majority” are well and truly exposed, as is the EU’s contempt for democracy.

I guess now they have to charge over million people with sedition.

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  • Sharp Ears

    Is UK in talks to join Pacific trade group after Brexit? Liam Fox responds to reports
    The International Development Secretary talks down reports that informal discussions are under way on joining the 11-nation bloc.

    Wish Craig was around to comment on this slimeball’s activity. It sounds like another version of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which was abandoned when Trump came on the scene.


    • Republicofscotland

      So we’re more than likely leaving a market (that we know) just on our doorstep. To trade with nations thousands of miles away. The TPP members are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.


      The TPP, also contains the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism, which we know allows companies to sue governments.

  • Kempe

    Over 50% of ISIS weapons and ammunition originated n Russia and China, less than. 2% came from the US..


    Over the past four years Toyota exported over one million vehicles to the middle east. Hardly surprising that some have found their way into ISIS hands.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Kempe January 3, 2018 at 16:41
      Are you suggesting Russia and China supplied them to ISIS? In case you are not aware, the US has a vast stock of Soviet and Chinese weapons, especially small arms. Also, much of the ISIS weaponry was from raided ex-Libyan stocks, courtesy of the West.
      The ISIS Toyotas were mostly brand-new US-built Toyotas, and some good second-hand ones also from America (one guy sued the Auction Dealers who stopped him from erasing his logo from his Toyota, saying they would do it. They didn’t, and it ended up being photographed in Syria, causing him loss of business and threats.

    • John Goss

      Indeed Frankywiggles. You have just highlighted the continued master-race policy of apartheid Israel and its nastiest of world leaders. Have to be careful not to say too much or comments go.

      Happy New Year to you.

    • Loony

      Well that is one way of looking at things. Another way is to ignore the mendacity of the Guardian and look for the truth. Like the truth that Israel has struck a (not so) secret deal with Rwanda allowing it to deport unwanted migrants in exchange for cash.


      This would be the same Rwanda that is guilty of manipulating its “poverty statistics” thus allowing for increasing authoritarian rule and also to suck in a whole range of western idiot aid agencies who all want to donate money so that they can bask in the glory of an African success story.


      I guess that Rwanda needs the cash as sending assassination squads to the UK probably does not come cheap


      Obviously this would all be the fault of the US as it would be wholly unreasonable for anyone in the UK to ask why they are funding Rwandan assassination squads to come to their country and kill people to whom they have offered asylum.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Loony January 3, 2018 at 18:13
        Agreed the Rwandan Regime is rogue.
        ‘Congolese President Attacks Peaceful New Year’s Eve Protestors’:
        ‘…“We know that the neighbors destabilizing our country are Rwanda and Uganda.”

        This is one of many contradictory reports as to whether or not the Congolese and Ugandan armies have been working together against the “alleged ADF” in Beni, but maybe we shouldn’t expect consistency since they claim to be attacking a ghost militia in the first place. Can you help us make any sense of this?

        BM: In reality, Uganda has always held the Congolese army in low regard. The Congo under Kabila could not create an army powerful enough to stop its aggressors from the east, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi since 1996. The armies of these three countries, and even of Angola on Congo’s southwest border, are accustomed to penetrating Congolese national territory and then leaving without being bothered by the Congolese government. However, my information is that the Ugandan army has not yet engaged troops on the ground, and that they continue instead to amass at the border….’

        Since 1885, the Congolese have been persecuted, enslaved and massacred, right up to the present day (and that’s ignoring previous abominations such as the slave trade):
        ‘…At the Berlin Conference of 1884–85, the European powers allocated the Congo Basin region to a private charitable organisation run by Leopold II, who had long held ambitions for colonial expansion. The territory under Leopold’s control exceeded 2,600,000 km2 (1,000,000 sq mi) and, amid financial problems, was ruled by a tiny cadre of white administrators drawn from across Europe. Initially, the colony proved unprofitable and insufficient, with the state always close to bankruptcy. The boom in demand for natural rubber, which was abundant in the territory, created a radical shift in the 1890s—to facilitate the extraction and export of rubber, all “uninhabited” land in the Congo was nationalised, with the majority distributed to private companies as concessions. Some was kept by the state. Between 1891 and 1906, the companies were allowed to do whatever they wished with almost no judicial interference, the result being that forced labour and violent coercion were used to collect the rubber cheaply and maximise profit. A native paramilitary army, the Force Publique, was also created to enforce the labour policies. Individual workers who refused to participate in rubber collection could be killed and entire villages razed. Individual white administrators were also free to indulge their own sadism…..’
        Truly a case of the ‘Curse of Riches’, but of course, the foreigners get the riches, and the people suffer the curse.
        It must be the longest, and worst, suffering of any country on earth.
        And Israel wants to pay Rwanda, one of the Congo’s predators, to ‘accept’ Asylum Seekers’? What asylum seeker would wish to be ‘accepted’ by a country such as Rwanda? Who would monitor their welfare?
        Wouldn’t surprise me if any ‘Asylum Seekers’ sent to Rwanda would either find themselves used as slave labourers, or just for them to ‘disappear’.
        Black Agenda Report is a truly left wing, ‘tell it as it is’ Black and Oppressed People’s site.

      • nevermind

        “Well that is one way of looking at things. Another way is to ignore the mendacity of the Guardian and look for the truth. Like the truth that Israel has struck a (not so) secret deal with Rwanda allowing it to deport unwanted migrants in exchange for cash.”

        That is called slavery. The subjects to be traded for money have no say in the matter and impunity rules minds, nobody is going to pull them up for it.

      • Stu

        “Obviously this would all be the fault of the US”

        Considering that Kagame is a US client then they should take some of the blame.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Kempe January 3, 2018 at 16:05
    ” That article didn’t do much to discredit Bartlett. ”
    Oh I think it did.’

    Why don’t you go to Frome on February 1st. and ‘discredit’ her yourself?
    ‘The AMAZING Eva Karene Bartlett will be speaking for Frome Stop War on Thursday 1st February at the Cheese & Grain in an event entitled ‘Syria, Lies & Video Tape’.
    I’m sure she would make short work of you! She does not take prisoners!:
    ‘”FAKE MSM lies about Syria exposed by Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett”:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXWvVxv9hKs (4 minute video).

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Paul Barbara,

      We love that part of the country. It’s in the week so we won’t be missing any bands. I may ask my wife if she fancies a night in Frome

      more info


      Eva Bartlett @ Frome February 1st

      Posted by Mary on January 2, 2018, 8:57 am

      Eva Bartlett is giving a talk in Frome on February 1st.

      ‘The amazing Eva Bartlett will be speaking in Frome on Thursday 1st February in an event entitled: ‘Syria, Lies & Video Tape’

       Frome Stop War presents ‘Syria, Lies & Videotape’ – Discover what the mainstream media never told you about the Syrian conflict with award winning journalist Eva Bartlett & Syrian Broadcaster and Middle East Expert, Kevork Almassian.

      Since 2007 Eva Bartlett has covered issues in the Middle East, mainly occupied Palestine and Gaza where she lived for three years, and more recently Syria which has been engaged in a 6 year battle for its existence under a foreign war of aggression.

      Her early visits to Syria included interviewing residents of the Old City of Homs, which had just been secured from militants, and visiting historic Maaloula after the Aramaic village had been liberated of militants. In December 2015, Eva returned to old Homs to find life returning, small shops opened, some of the damaged historic churches holding worship anew, with citizens preparing to celebrate Christmas once again. She returned in the Summer of 2016, visiting Aleppo, Palmyra, Masyaf, Jableh, Tartous, Barzeh, Maaloula and Latakia. In October and November she returned to Aleppo gathering testimonies from Syrians liberated from the terrorist stranglehold of East Aleppo, which were in stark contrast to what we were told in our media.

      This internationally recognised independent journalist will relate findings of her extensive travels in Syria and her discussions with Syrian citizens inside Syria with regard to this dreadful conflict.

      Syrian Kevork Almassian was born in East Aleppo. Of Armenian origin, 100 years ago his ancestors moved to Syria during the Armenian genocide. Given full Syrian citizenship, the family continued to live in East Aleppo until 2012 and the arrival of ‘moderate rebels’, the Free Syrian Army, who kidnapped his brother, at which point his family relocated to Lebanon.

      Kevork created his own Syria Analysis YouTube channel which draws 1.8 million views per month.

      He will be discussing the conflict in Syria, his personal experiences and the geopolitical machinations that plunged Syria into the conflict from which it has suffered for 6 years.

      Cheese & Grain,
      Thursday 1st February
      7.30pm (Doors open 7pm)

      Tickets: £8
      Concessions: £5

      For tickets book here: https://cheeseandgrain.ticketsolve.com/shows/873583423


    • Kempe

      Got better things to do with my time and money. My guess is she’d refuse to address the matter in the same way she refused to respond to C4 News and how Beeley refused to engage with The Guardian. They both know their position is indefensible.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Kempe January 4, 2018 at 01:02
        ‘…same way she refused to respond to C4 News and how Beeley refused to engage with The Guardian….’
        Links? My understanding is the MSM won’t engage with them (they don’t want the truth to be aired, after all, do they?).
        I bet that smug ‘reporter’ in the video wished he’d used his time differently as well, after Eva finished with him.

        • Habbabkuk

          Re Eva Bartlett, lionized above and indeed eslewhere

          If one examines her Facebook page, she gives the appearance of just being an anti-western activist. It is difficult to find any stories linked to her outside of anti-Israel, pro-Assad and pro-North Korea.

          She appears to only present one side of any story, which tends to be a hallmark of activism rather than actual journalism. There are elements of conspiracy theory riddled throughout her stories which again call her objectivity into question.

          I find her credibility as a journalist to be dubious at best.

        • Kempe

          C4 News and The Guardian invited Barlett and Beeley respectively to respond to their articles. Both declined. It’s in the link to these articles already posted.

          • K. Crosby

            Good for them, C4 news is as much a freak show as the rest of their programmes. There’s no chance that they would be licked like that dastardly Australian fascist Mark Regev.

  • Republicofscotland

    A few months down the line will see the marriage of a unemployed cosseted royal and a jobless foreigner, who will surely not meet the Home Office criteria for citizenship, as better people who’ve lived on these islands much longer and contributed far more to their communities have been denied permanent residence.

    However the leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, home to Windsor Castle, Eton College and Ascot racecourse, has demanded police use legal powers to clear the area of homeless people before the royal wedding in May.

    It would appear than down on their luck homeless Brits will be forcefully removed, to allow a cosseted royal and his bride to be pass by, with casting an eye on those less fortunate.


    • Habbabkuk


      “…and a jobless foreigner, who will surely not meet the Home Office criteria for citizenship, as better people who’ve lived on these islands much longer and contributed far more to their communities have been denied permanent residence”

      With great respect, you seem, yet again, to be conflating (or perhaps just confusing) two separate things. Let me try (once again) to explain.

      The criterion for granting residence to a foreigner who marries a British citizen living in the UK is that of family income. The minimum income of the family has to be over ca. £ 25.000. I think most people would agree that Prince Harry pulls in more than £ 25.000 a year. Hence the criterion for granting residence in clearly met and therefore whether the incoming resident is “unemployed” or not is entirely irrelevant.

      British citizenship can arise in several different ways – I’m sure all commenters on the subject of British citizenship are conversant with the provisions of the British Nationality Act 1981 and will therefore be aware that a foreigner can achieve British citizenship through registration. As such registration is at the discretion of the Secretary of State, the question of meeting the criteria governing other ways of achieving British citizenship does not arise and no one should therefore doubt that the Missus will be granted British citizenship without trouble. As, I should add, is only right and proper.

      • Sharp Ears

        ‘ I think most people would agree that Prince Harry pulls in more than £25.000 a year.’

        From the taxpayers, most definitely. A parasite.

        • Habbabkuk

          The source of the income is irrelevant for the purposes of my explanation, Sharp Ears.

          • Courtenay Barnett


            “The source of the income is irrelevant for the purposes of my explanation, Sharp Ears.”

            So – based on your argument – all the Russian mafia in London and any Nigerian scammers definitely fit your monetary criterion.

          • Habbabkuk

            Mr Courtenay Barnett

            Fact check : it’s not “my” criterion, it’s the Home Office criterion. The idea, I believe, is that the incoming spouse will not become a charge on the public purse – the first poster was referring to Prince Harry’s future wife. The Russian oligarchs were of course not granted residence on the basis of being incoming spouses, so while I agree that many of them probably made their money in highly dubious ways, your observation is irrelevant to the point under discussion.

          • Habbabkuk

            Thank you, RoS – I stand corrected. The income requirement is £ 18.600 and not £ 25.000 as I stated. Even easier for a potential incoming spouse, therefore, because of the lower requirement.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Maybe ask Craig Murray to Frome too on 1st Feb? He doesn’t have to speak, but can if he wants.

    The Cheese and Grain is a Big Place (they had the Foo Fighters on last year)

    Just an idea. I hope he is O.K.

    I am writing on Craig Murray’s blog and would love to meet him.

    There’s a Great Band on The Next Day. 2nd Feb.

    Fleetwood Bac

    check it out..

    We will be there unless she’s about to drop.


  • Paul Barbara

    @ Tony_0pmoc January 4, 2018 at 00:52
    I posted a reply to your ‘shorted stock’ info on your earlier post (now seems to have gone the same way as my reply!) and Mods told me to put ‘conspiracy theories’ on the 9/11 thread, so I have.
    Hope to see you in Frome. I checked the band, ‘Fleetwood Bac’, and it does sound great, but a bit too pricey for me!
    I have been to Frome once before, to hear Vanessa Beeley.
    If only Frome Stop the War ran the National StW Campaign, we’d be up and running for a real change in Brit warmongering.

  • Paul Barbara

    Here’s one for those who vilify Iran and it’s ‘Human Rights Abuses’:
    ‘Freedom Rider: Who Killed Erica Garner’:

    Eric Garner was brutally murdered by NYPD. His daughter Erica ‘socked it’ to Obomba, and upset the poor old git.
    She herself died the following year after her shaming Obomba.
    The guy who filmed the original killing of her father was ‘fitted up’ and jailed for four years in a ‘drugs bust’.

    ‘Ohio Police Officer Recorded Brutally Beating a Black Motorist Is Finally Fired’:
    But he wasn’t fired for the beating (although it was filmed) but for continued ‘violations’.

    ”This is my vehicle, sir’: Shocking moment black Northwestern University PhD student is beaten and cuffed when cops refuse to believe he owns the Chevy he’s driving’:

    ‘White Georgia cop is fired after he’s caught on camera STOMPING on the face of a black man as he lay on the ground in handcuffs’:
    The only thing unusual in this is that the cop was fired. Generally, even when such events are filmed, the cops still are not fired.

    And the US has the audacity to accuse other far more humane countries of ‘Human Rights Abuses’.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Apparently Luke Harding of The Guardian is The (UK’s – Left Wing) Mainstream Media’s Main Representative…

    Have you seem him on The Telly?

    He even gets slagged off by both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

    Have you seen his debate with a Real American Journalist

    He ate him for Breakfast


    caityjohnstone saw it and provided the link. She’s an Aussie. i do like Aussies, and I always Realised your Girls had Class..but Blimey she is a Total Treasure.

    She has got it.

    Can’t ask for more than that.

    Australia should Be Proud of Her.

    She is Seriously Brilliant. She analyses, cuts through the sh1t and writes it as it is.

    Such talent should not be wasted.

    You Aussies should give her an Award, alongside John Pilger, and maybe even Julian Assange, if he ever gets released

    Caitlin Johnstone is Class. She is Firing Now.

    Read Her.



    • Paul Barbara

      Tony_0pmoc January 4, 2018 at 03:59
      ‘..and maybe even Julian Assange, if he ever gets released…’
      Why wait? An Australian Award could only help him get released quicker.

      • Habbabkuk

        May I point out that using the word “released” in connection with Mr Assange is erroneous? Mr Assange is not a prisoner. Right from the start – and even more now that he is no longer wanted in Sweden – his stay in the Ecuadorean Embassy is entirely self-inflicted. Why does he not leave?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Habbabkuk January 4, 2018 at 12:36
          Because the moment he steps out of the door, he would be arrested, and then the toadies in No. 10 and Parliament would ‘honour’ their ‘obligation’ to extradite him to the US, as if you didn’t know, already.

          • Habbabkuk

            I don’t know anything of the sort, actually, and more to the point, nor do you or anyone else posting on here. You are simply making an assumption as far as the extradition aspect is concerned.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Tony_0pmoc January 4, 2018 at 03:59
      By the way, did you check my reply to a previous post of yours, which was removed and mods told me to relocate it to the 9/11 thread? I think it will interest you.

    • Stu

      Harding is fairly clearly an MI6 agent or asset.

      Given how clueless he was when he had to think on his feet against Aaron Mate i’d wager they just write his copy for him.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘The history of empire isn’t about pride. It’s about truth’:
    I wonder if Nigel Buggar is a limbo practitioner, trying to show just how low he and Oxford can go?
    Of course, if people start questioning our ‘sanitised’ past, they might begin to question what we are actually doing in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan. NATO and God knows where else, and that would not suit the PTB, including those who occupy the Ivory Towers of Oxbridge, or their paymasters.

    • Habbabkuk

      Mr Paul Barbara

      Trust me, you’d be astonished at the number of intelligent, articulate and level-headed Lefties teaching at Oxbridge.

      The proportion of that type of Lefty contrasts very favorably with that in other institutions and with that of those seeking to influence opinion whether in the MSM or the alternative media.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Habbabkuk January 4, 2018 at 15:13
        Faux ‘Lefties’. probably members of ‘Common Purpose’.

        • Habbabkuk

          “Faux” because they’re intelligent, articulate and level-headed as opposed to being daft, verbally challenged and inclined to wild conspiracy theories, you mean?

    • giyane

      Paul Barbara

      I totally agree with you that what we are doing now informs us about the past and vice versa. Buggar and the PTB want to block such insights by smothering the historical end with fake pride while the government hides their criminal exploits behind a veil of absolute secrecy. Boris Johnson’s large toad presence obliterates the view of modern criminal policy and his constituency and Oxford are in close proximity.

      Fortunately nobody believes a word Buggar or Johnson say. We wince so much at the Awxward accent we have no idea what they are talking about anyway.

  • Republicofscotland

    “David Mundell has been accused of “partying on the public purse” after the Scotland Office’s hospitality budget jumped by 585 per cent in a year.”

    In 2015-16, the department, who allegedly promote “the
    best interests of Scotland within a stronger United Kingdom” spent £8987 on hospitality.

    But in 2016-17 that skyrocketed to £61,641.73.


    Westminster’s man in Scotland Fluffy also saw his staff rise from nine to seventy-one I think. Seventy-one staff members all doing their damnedest to thwart Scottish independence, rather than promote Scotland and its products around the globe.

  • Republicofscotland

    So Britain has fallen to 40th place in the Press Freedom Index, below the likes of Ghana, Namibia and South Africa.

    Still, there’s plenty of freedom for skewed rubbish journalism, from the likes of the Daily Mail, and Express newspapers.


  • nevermind

    Oettinger: The term is certainly not objectionable. Plus, Martin Schulz didn’t invent it himself. Konrad Adenauer also spoke of the United States of Europe as did, much earlier, Victor Hugo. What they meant is more relevant than ever: There are challenges that we Europeans can only meet together — controlling migration, for example, and making research more effective, and our militaries. To put it in the language of business, in the competition with the Pentagon and Silicon Valley on the one hand and China on the other, only Europe in its entirety has the necessary operational size.


    Unelected EU Commissioner Oettinger does not seem to see the need for a democratic mandate, but then he believes that a degree of autonomy can help the issues Catalunya has raised by Its Independence referendum.

    Herr Oettinger and his colleagues should all be elected and the idea of a United Europe should be decided by voters in a fair and proportional manner. Once again impunity, although allowing a naughty Catalunya some autonomy, is reigning large.
    The EU countries who are not willing to take their quota of refugees and asylum seekers, who increasingly model themselves on certain Apartheid practises In Israel when it comes to dealing with unwanted immigrants, will very likely be fined and have their EU funds withdrawn.

    Whether this includes us here, is another Brexit question not being raised by anyone.

    • Habbabkuk

      All in one day or the total number over a period you omit to mention? And for how long on average – a few minutes – an hour, a whole day? Sorry to have to de-dramatise.

      • Habbabkuk

        Thank you for that post, duplicitousdemocracy, although I regret the several ad hominems it contains.

        I’s sorry to hear about your father’s NHS experience but to generalising from the particular is not necessarily a very fruitful approach to examining a problem or possible problem. After all, I recall seeing various posts on here going in the opposite direction to yours in that they gave examples of prompt, excellent and effective treatment by the NHS of their friends and loved ones but it would be equally unwise to use those examples as proof that everything is well in the NHS.

    • Sharp Ears

      I keep saying RoS that the NHS is being dismantled deliberately. Check out Letwin and Redwood’s book and Thatcher, Prof Enthoven and the Kaiser Permanente model of health care in the USS, or privatised.

  • Paul Barbara

    [Mod: Passed on. If Craig is interested will ask for contact details of organisers.]

    @ Tony_0pmoc January 4, 2018 at 00:52
    ‘…Maybe ask Craig Murray to Frome too on 1st Feb? He doesn’t have to speak, but can if he wants…..’
    It has just occurred to me what a brilliant idea that is, as Craig is involved in the Syrian Peace Talks.
    Whilst I’m sure he knows a lot about the situation, if he could tear himself away for a day to come and hear Eva, and as you say, perhaps say a few words, that could only be for the better.
    I’m sure Eva and the Frome group would love for him to come.
    Mods, can you pass on the message to Craig?

  • reel guid

    Corbyn is reported to be about to join the Lords game and nominate some new Labour peers. After he called for Lords abolition on becoming Labour leader and said he wouldn’t nominate anyone.

    Still, at least that’s consistent with his pro-Trident renewal and pro-hard brexit stances as well as his disinterest in Catalonian democracy.

    He’s about perfect for the Brit establishment. A tame Labour leader who won’t rock the boat but is at the same time perceived as being too left wing by middle England, so he’ll never lead Labour to a majority.

    • Stu

      When did he say he wouldn’t nominate anyone?

      There is no point in boycotting the upper chamber, it has to be reformed.

      • reel guid

        Participation is what gives it a semblance of validity and therefore perpetuates it. The SNP alone have consistently refused to nominate anyone to go there.

        • Stu

          The Lords is currently part of the political process and has done some good things recently such as the Tax Credit changes and NHS reform and it will hopefully place a brake on Tory Brexit legislation.

          It should obviously be abolished but boycotting it now makes no sense when it has legislative power. Corbyn is clear that he supports an elected second chamber and that should be in the next Labour manifesto.

          • reel guid

            Many countries have unicameral legislatures, with parliamentary committees ironing out problems in legislation instead of it being done by a second chamber.

            With independence the at present unicameral Scottish Parliament will likely continue with such a set up, although the number of seats might be slightly increased.

            I’m not bothered if England or rUK retains the HoL after Scotland resumes independence. It’ll be up to them. I only highlight it as another instance of Corbyn’s somewhat fake radicalism.

          • K. Crosby

            The Lords was emasculated in 1910 so Britain has a unicameral legislature in al but name, just as it has an executive president. England became a republic in 1688.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ reel guid January 4, 2018 at 18:37
            Doesn’t Jeremy have enough enemies and ‘friends’ dying to stab him in the back, without decent people such as yourself having a pop? J C is the best thing that could happen to the UK, until the REAL J. C. returns.
            No body is perfect, even you or I; who do you see on the horizon who would keep us out of aggressive wars for resources, who would champion the NHS, who would, in short, do his utmost for the ordinary people, and wouldn’t be ‘on the take’ or blackmailable? Whose opinion of Banksters and Shysters is the same as ours?

  • Sharp Eyes.

    Great Blog Craig has here…Cos you learn every day..

    Paul, And Tony..

    What exactly is this Frome on 1st Feb?..it sounds very interesting

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Eyes. January 4, 2018 at 18:27
      Eva Bartlett is an extremely brave, intelligent freelance journalist who is in and out of Syria like it was Macey’s at Christmas.
      These two videos should give you an idea, but there are plenty more online:
      ‘Canadian journalist exposes MSM’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz7WACbu2mg
      ‘Western media lies about Syria exposed (Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett)’:
      The talk has been arranged by Frome Stop the War, an incredibly good group – if they ran the National Stop the War Campaign, we would NOT be getting involved in all these wars and interventions. I have been down to Bristol to hear Vanessa Beeley, a talk arranged by Frome StW, and to a talk in London with Vanessa, Peter Henenson and others also arranged by Frome StW group.
      If you decide to go, here’s the booking info:
      Here’s Frome Stop the War’s Facebook page:

      • Kempe

        ” Eva Bartlett is an extremely brave, intelligent freelance journalist who is in and out of Syria like it was Macey’s at Christmas. ”

        Six times since 2014 according to Wikispooks and two of those in a guided tour with mainstream journos. It hardly makes her a regular commuter.

        Based in Gaza she has long history of anti-west activism. Independent she might be but not unbiased.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Kempe January 6, 2018 at 01:53
          Independent and truthful. She is biased towards the truth. If she is based in Gaza, that is all the more reason to respect her bravery and ‘heart-in-the-right-placednes’.
          Anti-Western activism is honourable and just, considering the abominations committed by the West and Isr*el against
          Indigenous people and foreign countries. She, and others like Vanessa Beeley, have my utmost admiration.
          I would be over the moon if I had 1% of their courage and integrity.

  • Anon1

    Even the Groaniad (circulation equivalent to population of Blackpool) has had to admit that the US economy is positively smashing all expectations and predictions as it surges into territory previously unknown.

    The same people who said the economy would collapse if Trump was elected – are now saying its unprecedented success is “thanks to Obama” !! You have to laugh.


        • glenn_uk

          Well, freedom isn’t free. In any case, as Cameron himself was only too happy to explain – we have very many more billionaires these days – he crowed about having 100 of them in the UK now. Many are Russian crooks, but let’s not split hairs! Didn’t you know, heck, even the mere millionaires are very much more wealthy these days?

          As Stalin said, you can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs. So you end up with an impoverished underclass, meh. Who gives a toss? Oh sure, you’ve got to pretend you’re working on it as a politician. It’s only the brave souls like Habbakuk and Anon1 who’ll freely admit they really don’t care anything at all for the less fortunate in society. The rest of them blow smoke to provide cover while they – and their mates, or at least the people they work for – rob the rest of society blind.

      • Sharp Ears

        Thanks very much Brian. I admire Dr Bob Gill greatly. He is spot on and has been fighting for OUR NHS for a long time.

        I liked ALL of your photos.

        PS listen to this lovely Welsh lady speaking about the NHS. She was born at one minute past midnight on the day the NHS was inaugurated.

        2hrs 55mins in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09k0njz#play

  • Alan Knight

    Good to see you back and recovered Craig, hope all went well in Ghana and that you are in good health now. Best of luck for 2018.

  • giyane

    The MSM who became true devotees of the death-cult of the matriarchal Earth goddess Hillary and her ritual Spring renewal partner Obama, are now feigning great surprise and wonder at a male mind being in power in the White House. One who shockingly goes bald, speaks with necessary toughness to upstarts like Kim Jong Un, who attaches himself resolutely to the Judaic tradition oh! and who tells journalists and Asians off for not telling the truth, which in fact sometimes they don’t do if you pardon me for mentioning..

    What kind of Disney twinkle drops are these Americans on, where it is shocking that a 70 year -old man is bald??? They had mutated themselves into a convoluted knot of political correctness which required them to create a mad Islamist Salafist principality in the absence of the existence of their bogeyman, and now they are manufacturing the real, unquestionable reality of the guilt of the goldfish in the goldfish bowl, in front of the assembled court of US and world opinion that US BogeyBogeyrealreal viz Russia has interfered with the inner workings of the American political system.

    Woowww! Trump is in deep shit now. 2 bogeys!!! I hope the Potus wakes up tomorrow morning and picks both bogeys out while his hair is being done over coffee. The White House is, oh my God!, occupied by a man. And men in general don’t get wound up by the journalistic writings of arseholes on methodone

    • Paul Barbara

      @ giyane January 5, 2018 at 00:13
      I was wondering who had nicked the Kool Aid! Tip: don’t drink it all at once.

      • giyane

        Paul Barbara

        I sipped the Islamist kool aid a long time ago and decided it was chemical loo aid. They are still serving it in Alum Rock free with your £1 burger. I don’t know about your neck of the woods. Probably about £5. As for the USUKIS true blue cruel aid I tasted it about nine years old when it was being applied to my backside like a sheep but decided I wasn’t going in the pen , nor eating the worming medicine nor drinking it nor wearing it on my bum.

        If what you’re saying is I have to accept either one of the two, or I’m not a proper human being 1/ fundamentalist political Islam or 2/ fundamentalist political Democratic/ Blairite crusader juice, my answer is I’m not thirsty right now. Either Trump or Corbyn or both together at the same time , would be preferable. We kicked out slime-bags Cameron and Obama, and we will kick out blue rinse Treeza very soon.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ giyane January 5, 2018 at 07:52
          Corbyn is a decent man, who will work tirelessly for the good of the people.
          Trump is an a**hole, who will support the racists, brutal cops, Corporations and Isr*el.
          I was glad he beat that murderous, Luciferian moo Clinton, but now she’s out of the way, it’s well over time to get shot of the ‘winning’ slimeball, Baldylocks.

          • Loony

            Corbyn is a communist.

            If he obtains power (and he likely will) then he will do what all communists have done everywhere. The UK would seem particularly ripe for the type of consequences that follow from communism. You have a delusional population infused with a toxic combination of self loathing and bone idleness, and an economy that is propped up by coordinated global money printing.

            Trump will instantly pull the plug on communists and then the population will get to understand exactly what it means to consume over 50% of its food and energy from imports all paid for with funny money.

            There is always a reversion to the mean and ultimately reality will make its presence known. You go around identifying “racists, brutal cops, Corporations and Isr”el” Reality will identify people too lazy to feed and warm themselves

          • giyane


            Communists Fascists bum-blisters :- all the same thing IMHO,
            Corbyn is nothing like a communist so you might as well calm down.
            I tell you what is beyond the pale, MI5 seeking to impose Islamism on the Syrian people as an alternative to fascism.

            Why can’t the Syrian people elect MPs from themselves to represent themselves in civilised parliamentary debate? Mrs May has no claim to be a democrat or a Christian until she stops trying to empose Theocratic Fascism on her neighbours. Jeremy Corbyn is, as Paul Barbara rightly says, a decent man who will seek to do unto others as one wishes to be done to ourselves.

          • Loony

            @ giyane – Perhaps you are correct, although that would mean that the Communist Party is wrong.

            For the first time in almost a century the British Communist Party did not field any candidates for the last General Election. The decision not to field candidates was predicated on their belief that Corbyn was capable of fulfilling their revolutionary aims.

            British foreign policy is deranged – but it is perhaps explicable as a policy that arises from within a country that elevates delusion and cowardice as the highest of all virtues. British foreign policy is little more than a symptom of a wider societal collapse.

            Syria cannot elect MP’s to engage in “civilized parliamentary debate” because it is a country riddled with sectarianism. As I am not Syrian it is really not my problem – any more than the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland was a problem for Syrians.

            I am not aware of any reports of Syrian bombing raids on Belfast or Syrian special forces operating in Northern Ireland. Yet look at the British some of them want to bomb Syria, some of them want to import Syrians, some of them have wise things to say about Syria and substantially none of them recognize that it is not their business. Yet whatever their preferred solution for Syria they would all be going crazy if Syria had opened fire in Ireland.

          • giyane

            No Loony, Syria is not a country riddled with sectarianism. It is a country which the UK sustains David Cameron’s 70,000 moderate UK Muslims, fuck knows how many Al Qaida agents, vast armies of foreign agents i.e. Israeli UK US Turkish German etc all stoking sectarianism where all that was there before was pluralism. Grrrr Hisssss shout the Salafists.

            You don’t know what it’s like being a Muslim now in Birmingham. All the mosques are riddled with USUKIS jihadist supporters up to their eyeballs in MI5 promises that their cause will prevail. But as we see in Libya the only thing that prevails is USUKIS.

            The UK Muslims are seething with indignation because of the sufferings meted on them by the previous generations of wankers from their own countries who sucked up to British colonial rule and sold their countries to the Crusaders. Now this generation of wankers see their chance of profiting from safe house with haram mortgages to sell another generation of Muslims to a new generation of Crusaders, viz Bo Jo Bliar Cameron etc.

            The heat generated by their indignation at the British is misdirected. They should direct their blame upon their own countrymen who sold them to the colonial powers. But it’s not easy to blame themselves, so they carry on hating us.

    • Kempe

      Yes saw it the first time you posted it. More of a diatribe against C4 rather than an attempt to defend Barlett’s original claims which were really little better than the stuff we get from Troofers; that if you squint sideways at a grainy screen shot of a Sandy Hook victim it looks vaguely similar to another grainy screen shot of somebody who died at Bataclan so therefore they’re the same person and all 10,400 people at the Manchester Arena were crisis actors.

      But then you probably believe that too.

      • SA

        Your are practicing the well known art of diversion. Have I ever mentioned Sandy Hook or Bataclan ? This was in answer to Eva Bartlett and channel four which addresses the supposed debunking if Eva. Please stick to the subject.

  • Habbabkuk

    I do very much like the BBC using guest presenters for its daily “Today” programme and hope that this will become a permanent feature of the programme; it’s rather stimulating to have a bit of change rather than just having to listen every day to the old quartet of Justin, Sarah, Nick and another chappie whose name escapes me for the moment.

    I note that the guest presenter this morning is the excellent BBC correspondent Frank Gardner. It’s always a treat to hear his intelligent analyses, to see a subtle mind at work and, last but not least, to be able to listen to the kind of cultivated accent so sadly lacking from the airwaves these days.

    It has been said in some quarters that Frank Gardner used to be a part-time spook. But even if that’s true, I say “so what”. At least he was working on behalf of his country rather than for the benefit of others.

  • Sharp Ears

    What we already knew but this made me smile.

    Parasites invade Houses of Parliament
    A bed bug expert says an infestation of the insects in people’s homes has been traced back to the Houses of Parliament.Managers at Westminster say action was successfully taken to tackle the parasites, which live in upholstery as well as bedding. Bed bugs are not dangerous, but can cause itchy red bite marks.

    03 Jan 2018

  • giyane

    I doubt if John Worboys will survive long in society . If you trash 100 people’s lives, inculcating fear and distrust for the rest of the victims’s and their families’ lives you are basically a sexual terrorist. No other country will ever give you refuge to terrorise their citizens and you will face victim revenge and social mobbing wherever you live in the UK. The people in the parole system will be forced to resign.

    I notice MSM are offering the feeble excuse that many of his victims were scantily-clad clubbers. I wish do-gooding females who think men can be reformed by going of probation courses, would listen to the prison officers who work in our jails. No man who is the centre of attention of a probation course is going to be placed in the same emotionally deprived place as a man sitting in a black cab watching frivolous youngsters enjoying themselves.

    The parole board’s decision demonstrates everything that is wrong about UK society, in which drinking, gambling, promiscuity, fraud are all glorified by the media and celebrity culture. I’ve wired the lights and installed the air-con units for a porn studio. When I asked the owner what they were for, he replied ” I don’t know”. That’s the position of the Parole Board, ” I don’t know “. They will know when they are made to resign.

    • nevermind

      Somewhat disconcerting that victims of Worboys, who gave evidence in court, had no inkling of his release. Was he banned from ever driving a taxi again? because he will try,imho.

      • Kempe

        Well he’d have to undergo the usual DRB/CBS checks so I’d have thought it very unlikely.

        I suppose Uber might have him.

  • nevermind

    I’m sure that MP Brendan lewis, in charge of immigration , was talking about these multinational fraudsters and organised crime racketeers when he said in the conservative home magazine that he ‘wants to deport foreign criminals back to their country’. Cause if he does not, they will align and live it up with our very own offshore jet setting law abiding non taxable entities and hurray Henry’s.

    how much does it take to undermine a country…..

    • Habbabkuk


      Fact check : it’s Brandon Lewis, not Brendan.

      From what I read in Wikipedia, he sounds like a rather good Norfolk constituency MP :

      “Lewis has run a variety of campaigns as Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth. Campaigns have included opposing the removal of free bus passes for school children in Belton & Burgh Castle,[22] cutting fuel duty,[23] protecting Norfolk bus services,[24] and improving Great Yarmouth railway station.[25]”

  • fedup

    Strange this “Islamic State” cretins have more franchises than the chicken and burger outlets put together, and surprisingly they all only fight the enemies of a certain “Only Democracy in the universe and beyond”*. As the latest info provided by Rita Katz and running her own “private intelligence organisation”** and as reported in :
    The Islamic State’s (Isis) arm active in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula has issued a threat against Hamas, the powerful organisation*** controlling the Gaza Strip, with a brutal execution video. As their long-running conflict erupted into the open, the Sunni extremist group said it is declaring war on Hamas and vowed it will be removed from the region .

    Also note the “Sunni” angle getting pushed fact that Palestinians are mostly Sunni too somehow doesn’t come into the equation, after all the ill informed readers won’t know the difference. Hence the “long running conflict”, they say even lies contain a modicum of truth. Although who/what is conflicted with the Palestinians and for the last seventy years? This is left to the imaginations of the said “ill informed readers” thus; on goes the charade

    *The group of 40 Ugandans had been scheduled to arrive in Israel in late May on the free 10-day trip available to young Jewish adults from around the world. But Birthright officials are now concerned the group may be turned away upon arrival, just as 31-year-old Yehudah Kimani was, because the immigration authorities do not consider them Jewish.
    read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.833017

    ** Publishing on SITE; Used to be Search Internet for Terrorist Entities that is now some how morphed into Search International Terrorist Entities

    *** Note the “unbiased” reportage of the most powerful organisation, apparently Hamas as a political party is a kind of Arab Mafia operating in the open prison camp we all know as Gaza

  • Republicofscotland

    So the Donald, is desperate to stop the publication of a damning book by Michael Wolff.

    It’s alleged that Trump is a self-gratifying egotistical idiot. It’s also alleged that Trump’s daughter Ivanka is as dumb as a brick.

    Other allegations the book claims are, that Trump didn’t actually want to be POTUS, that he just wanted to boost his image, and that Trump’s wife cried tears of sadness when she found out he’d won.

    Trump is also alleged according to the book, to be a notorious germophobe, and fears being poisoned. Other alleged revelations are made by Whitehouse staff, claiming that Trump’s a complete idiot, surrounded by idiots, and that Trump never reads any memo’s, briefing papers, and when bored of entertaining world leaders, he gets up and just walks away.

    Tony Blair also features in the book, it’s alleged, he warned Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, that the British had Trump’s campaign team under surveillance monitoring all their communications.

    The book is called Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse.

    By Michael Wolff.

    • John Goss

      “Other alleged revelations are made by Whitehouse staff, claiming that Trump’s a complete idiot, surrounded by idiots, and that Trump never reads any memo’s, briefing papers, and when bored of entertaining world leaders, he gets up and just walks away.”

      While all that the book says might be true Trump did get one thing right shortly after 9/11 but a week later he was gagged for the gaff and has never spoken of it since. More shameful is that no journalist has asked him.

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