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I have spent only eight days in the UK in around the last five months. Driving from Heathrow to Edinburgh yesterday, we listened to BBC Radio 4 for over seven hours. In continued reports and bulletins on the Cabinet reshuffle throughout the day, the numerous people invited to comment on it were, without a single exception, Conservative Party politicians or avowedly conservative political journalists and commentators. Neither Labour nor SNP were asked for their thoughts.

Tonight I watched the BBC News at Ten. Again much on the Conservative Party. Not one mention of Labour at all, and the only mention of the SNP was an attack piece by unionist shill Sarah Smith on waiting times in the Scottish NHS over the holiday period. To top it all off was an astonishingly tendentious piece on today’s air attacks by Israel on Damascus in support of their increasingly desperate jihadist allies.

Flying in to the UK today and tuning in to the state broadcaster is like arriving in any one party state.

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  • Sharp Ears

    I see that my post linking to Jonathan Cook writing from Israel, telling us that Israel kills 16 Palestinian children a month, has been deleted.

    Will this also be deleted?
    Harrowing, heart-breaking, infuriating TRNN interview with Manal Tamimi
    It’s impossible for a normal human being not to be sickened by such sadistic torture and murder of Palestinian women, men and especially children. Manal recounts many instances of such crimes, but the video clip of the interview with 15 year old Mohammed Tamimi with his badly damaged head is particularly upsetting:

    Mohammed Tamimi: When we got to the villa, I stood up on the wall, and I didn’t know that the army was there. I didn’t see a single soldier, and then the soldier shot me, and I lost consciousness. They took us to Beit Rema hospital nearby. They didn’t know what to do with me, and they didn’t do anything, so they took me to a hospital in Ramallah where they operated on me for six hours. I didn’t get up for a week afterwards because of the pain in my head. Because of what happened to my head, I can’t leave my house for six months for school or to go into town. This is because I don’t have a skull here in my head.


    Craig. An appeal to do something about the moderation on here. You uphold human rights and that is the core of these posts.

  • John Goss

    I urge everyone to have a look at this. A Ukrainian man, Eugene Lukjanenko, has been on hunger strike for 48 days trying to get his son home from Medway Council Children’s Services. The reason his son was taken from him was because, and this seems absolutely ridiculous, is because the boy’s grandfather was a victim of the holocaust, and therefore the grandfather’s son is not fit to be a father. That was the reason a judge without a jury gave for handing the fourteen year old boy to Medway Council Children’s Services. Please sign.

    More details are presented here by those have taken up his case. I urge you to watch it.

      • John Goss

        According to the report the boy’s grandfather was a victim of the holocaust, and therefore the grandfather’s son is not fit to be a father. There was no bad relationship between the father and son. The suggestion is that Council Child Services like blue-eyed fair-haired boys of fourteen.

        If there is more it does not come out in the report. The father was a concert pianist but is now in prison. I presume he is in prison for trying to get his son back but do not know. Anyway people do not go on hunger strike for 48 days without being sure of the justice of their case and the head of Medway Children’s Services have told him (the father) he will never get his son back. I am not defending him because he is Jewish. I would defend anybody whose case I thought might need greater coverage.

        • John Goss

          Thanks for that Fred. I am still of the opinion that the boy (youth) is probably better off with his father. I don’t like the first case of being left alone at only ten (though it is considerably older than Maddy McCain). How often was he left alone and for how long? If his wife is in Thailand it must be quite difficult for him as a single parent. To my mind there are a lot more options available than putting the child in the care of strangers, however caring they might be.

          One thing that struck me is the boy’s violent behaviour appears to have started after the first year in care. Not knowing the full circumstances it is difficult to make a totally unbiased assessment but to take a child from his natural father is very cruel. His father would not be in hunger strike if he did not love his son.

          The UK is one of only two countries in Europe where ‘forced adoption’ takes place. here is the father on the roof of Medway Children Services.

      • Tony_0pmoc

        Stu, You can watch some Facebook videos including this one, if you click “Not Now” to “Create New Account”

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Welcome home Craig. You’ve been missed. The BBC is now far worse than you describe, but then so is almost everything. I won’t go into that now, but I will mention something I have just found, which is related, by the author Johann Hari.

    Johann Hari once made my journalist of the year, and then he was fired by The Independent on the grounds of plagiarism. Whilst he was undoubtedly guilty of plagiarism, this is not the reason he was fired. Almost any writer, artist or musician is guilty of plagiarism, at least to some extent. Nothing is completely original. We all learn from previous experiences, even if that learning is to some extent subconscious. Plagiarism, especially if acknowledged, is one of the highest forms of appreciation of others’ work.

    I know the real reason that Johann Hari was fired, because I followed him closely, but I won’t go into that either.

    He has written an extremely interesting article (and book) on the subject of Depression. The article is well worth reading, and so are the comments. I have personally never gone to a Doctor and told him I am depressed, because I have seen the effect, that such action has had on other people. Johann Hari, explains this really well. He also got it published in the Guardian, which however, is not a recommendation, but it’s probably made him feel better.


    • Macky

      Thanks for that Tony, as it’s a good piece by Hari, with surely (nevermind the scientists) not unexpected findings in that It turns out that all humans have certain basic psychological needs,and that depression is ever increasing because our culture isn’t meeting those psychological needs for an proportionally ever increasing number of people.

      I’ve stated here many times whenever religion has come-up, that our Human Condition (basically intelligent to ask why we exist, but not intelligent to know the answer), requires some sort of belief system to keep us from malfunctioning; the psychological need is ultimately as vital any physical need.

      I find it surprising that this is such a revelation, and reminds me of the supposed “revelation” that periods of solidarity confinement drives people mad; it’s as if nobody had noticed before that Man is a primate, one of the socially oriented life-forms on the planet.

      • giyane


        Since John was talking about fathers at the start of this discussion, I would point out that a father or a husband’s emotional withdrawal can sometimes be as difficult to deal with as the opposite, an excess of emotional tantrums. Anybody who knows me knows that I can’t stand lies, fudges or emotional withdrawal.

        They think they are smoothing over things and ignoring irrational feelings, but these actions grind down some people, but not others. The quiet ones are the ones to watch. The ones who jump up and down with rage for 20 seconds, for me, are the human beings. Does Mrs May realise that her mantra of strong stable government is serious aggression to the primates among us? no, I think she’s addressing the zombies who are Tories, and there are, thank God, only 70,000 of them all deployed in Tunbridge Wells in David Cameron’s dreams.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      J Galt,

      BBC Radio in my view, reached its pinnacle with “Listen with Mother” 1956, but was soon outclassed by Radio Luxembourg, and then Radio Caroline. BBC Radio made a bit of a comeback later with John Peel, and Tommy Vance (Friday Rock Show), but now all we have got worth listening to is Planet Rock, and occasionally Virgin and Radio X (ex XFM) – though the DJ’s cackle too much. Re talk Radio, LBC was always far better than anything on The BBC.

      Its a sad state of affairs when I would rather listen to the adverts, than the crap the BBC broadcasts.

      As regards Real News, I get more of that from both State Media TV and Press, when I visit India.

      UK Mainstream Media has become a complete Disgrace. I suspect it is now even worse than The USA.


  • Stu

    The BBC 6 O’Clock News leads with mud slides in California. A privilege that would not be afforded to a similar incident in Africa or Asia.

    The BBC has provided updates on the property of celebrities including Oprah and Ellen DeGenres. We are increasingly living in a society where the reality of life is determined by wealth and celebrity. A Hollywood star’s home being damaged is more real than a homelessness crisis in the UK or cancelled operations. Sexual harassment of famous actresses is more real than abuse of children in British care homes.

    • JOML

      Stu, the following link to a petition was posted in comments under Craig’s previous article. I was gobsmacked at the details contained, but not surprised that the BBC and other establishment media outlets bury this type of ‘news’. If the details are inaccurate, why are they still available? This should be a BBC headline, as you state.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        I am not going to click on that, because it will make me feel depressed, but I did read some of this, which I accidentally stumbled over a couple of weeks ago. I can’t verify this, but it seems pretty legit to me. It’s not that easy to read, because it has been written by an academic, who has been through the mill herself, when she tried to become a whistleblower. If you click on an item, it does not immediately appear, and you have to scroll down the page to read it.

        Meanwhile, despite this depravity, that had apparently been going on in the UK, that I was almost completely unaware of, I travel to foreign countries, and see young children happily playing in the streets, without any worries or cares, as I did in England in the 1950’s . Their local communities, in their villages and towns, naturally keep an eye on them, like a family to protect them from any danger.

        What have we become in The UK?


      • Paul Barbara

        @ JOML January 10, 2018 at 19:03
        The reason all three parties are dragging their feet on this is all three parties had, and still have, many paedos in their ranks, often high-ranking ones. As for the BBC, it’s nestled and cosseted Savile and it’s ilk, and has done at least one hit piece against an alleged survivor.
        What should come as a bigger shock is there are only 700 signatures, and I believe the Petition has been up for a long time (I can’t find a date for when it was first put up).
        It’s like Pizzagate – it goes right to the top. And that seems to have been buried in the MSM; so much for the Trumpeter (or Tweeter) in Chief’s pledges.

      • Stu

        I wasn’t actually referring to politicians when I mentioned child abuse. The fact that you automatically thought of celebrities I think further reinforces my argument that things are now only real if they have a level of celebrity.

        As far as those allegations go there are obviously some which are credible and it’s clear that cover ups have happened. However the reason that the issue was able to be kicked into the long grass is that genuine abuse was conflated with conspiracy nonsense in a similar vein to Pizzagate.

        Btw anyone who actually believes that the DC elite run a high level paedophile ring out of a pizza restaurant and communicate with pictures of fastfood has cognitive issues.

        • JOML

          Stu, the victims are not celebrities and they were the people I automatically thought of. If high profile abusers are punished, I suspect this will give hope to all victims of getting some sort of justice, albeit much too late.

          • Stu

            It is impossible to say who is guilty though as the government and the media have been happy to allow credible allegations to be mixed with the fantastical.

            There should be a focus on ensuring that children currently in care or who are otherwise vulnerable receive the full protection of the state. Yet when do we ever hear about the effect of austerity on the lives of the record high number of children in care? It is much easier to report on Meghan Markle or gender pay gaps.

          • JOML

            Thanks, Stu, I agree entirely with what you are saying, just frustrated at the lack of focus and action by our politicians and media, although I may be naive in hoping these people are not controlled by their paymasters.

    • K. Crosby

      No, that’s what the controllers of the corp-0-rat media offer. Fewer people watch and the deserters look at laptops etc instead. Game of Thrones ‘n’ Sex the day after for nothing and a warm glow that those fascist mountebanks at the state broadcaster aren’t getting £145.50 off you to pay celebrity liars on Newsnight.

  • Jan Kerr

    It’s a fascist, uktra right wing one at that. Esther McVey now in charge of the extermination of disabled people. Jeremy Hunt – health and social care is a passport to a privatised NHS. Need I go on?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    As regards Radio, in a Car, DAB has always been crap quality (it was never as good as FM). Now, they have made it even worse, downgraded it further, and almost completely eliminated stereo – to produce more rubbish channels.

    However, what does work reasonably well, even in a car most of the time (though probably not through much of remote Scotland – is Internet Radio – even through your mobile phone. Of course you need to connect it to your Hi-Fi system in your car, but you can do that incredibly easily, even in my old car. The quality is excellent, and in full stereo (if that’s what they broadcast it in) – even from Peru.


  • Margot

    You may have been spared from the Tory political broadcast this evenung, it physically made me cringe. I listened to the lies, about how they care for the NHS is, building thousand of houses and how the tory care about the environment.. It was poorly done, I thought they would have spent a few bob from the millions they receive, but no, they are so arrogant they couldn’t be bothered doing that.
    You may have been spared also by the SNP guy, and Ukip Cockburn nutter on RT video on FB, I would have pished mysel’ if it wasn’t so astounded what Cockburn was saying. What sort of world do they come from. I am not the sort of person to be shocked easily, but I have a feeling the horror show hasn’t even started.

    • Sharp Ears

      Totally agree Margot. It was excruciating stuff. Why now also? Are there elections coming up? 😉

      • Habbabkuk

        It should perhaps be pointed out that party political broadcasts are made by all parties every year; the only difference is that there are more of them in years when an election has been announced than in years when there is no election. Nothing, therefore, should be read into the fact that there was a Conservative Party political broadcast the other day.

  • Stuart

    The way the beeb are handling the equal pay issue is also dreadful. Who are these bosses who are neither impartial, fair or unbiased? There must be a way to withhold license fees – only then will these over-entitled under-performing goons get the message.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Still hope to make “Syria Lies & Videotape” in Frome on 1st February – starring my Joint Journalist of The Year

    Eva Bartlett

    “Syria Lies & Videotape
    Thursday 1st February Cheese and Grain
    Frome Stop War presents ‘Syria, Lies & Videotape’ – Discover what the mainstream media never told you about the Syrian conflict with award winning journalist Eva Bartlett. Since 2007 Eva Bartlett has covered issues in the Middle East, mainly occupied Palestine and Gaza where she lived for three years, and more recently Syria which has been engaged in a 6 year battle for its existence under a foreign war of aggression.
    Her early visits to Syria included interviewing residents of the Old City of Homs, which had just been secured from militants, and visiting historic Maaloula after the Aramaic village had been liberated of militants. In December 2015, Eva returned to old Homs to find life returning, small shops opened, some of the damaged historic churches holding worship anew, with citizens preparing to celebrate Christmas once again. She returned in the Summer of 2016, visiting Aleppo, Palmyra, Masyaf, Jableh, Tartous, Barzeh, Maaloula and Latakia. In October and November she returned to Aleppo gathering testimonies from Syrians liberated from the terrorist stranglehold of East Aleppo, which were in stark contrast to what we were told in our media.
    This internationally recognised independent journalist will relate findings of her extensive travels in Syria and her discussions with Syrian citizens inside Syria with regard to this dreadful conflict. ”

    This is her sidekick – Vanessa Beeley

    Both Top of The Class.

    The boy’s couldn’t hack it. They weren’t even in the same league.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    Well, after slagging The BBC off (rather strongly) I see Hawkwind have just made The BBC 9 O’clock News (my wife recorded it on SKY+) and just showed me…

    Well, we’ve Already got Tickets – not for Morecambe (yet) but for NEW DAY

    I did say a few days ago…but wasn’t expecting anyone to read it..

    The BBC still has some honourable people of integrity working for it. I know some of them. What I don’t understand, is how they can carry on working, with some of these evil creeps, that are totally destroying The BBC’s reputation.

    I think the people running this website are doing an excellent job. They ask serious questions, and want answers that make sense. They investigate and produce evidence and write about it. They give me the distinct impression of being professional journalists who walked away from the MSM, cos they could no longer cope with the stink.

    Well done.


  • penny

    Anyone know if the US ambassador to the UN is requesting a security council meeting on the riots in Tunisia? Does the US ‘stand’ with the protesters of Tunisia or do they toe the line?

    Anytime I hear Nikki Haley speak at the UN I immediately think – would Sara Palin raise or lower the bar if she was to replace Mrs Haley? And then a Palin voice appears at the back of my head – You bettcha.

    Make it happen el presidente. The world needs more of your humour.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    “*They may well serve Israels agenda but I would not go as far as you in labeling ISIS ‘servants of Israel’”

    Surely – regarding the Golan Heights there is a “servant” in the sense of occupying Syrians time and that country being an on-going enemy of Israel – then Israel has no problem in aiding and abetting that group which harms its enemy. Yes?

  • TonY_0pmoc

    I don’t think it is our fault, that most of our English Politicians are Rubbish..but look at the State of The Scottish and Welsh…

    We will start witjh The Welsh First – Neil Kinnock..He’s probably a nice bloke, but he should have stayed in The Welsh Choir. He is the most boring person Ever…So then we get The Scottish

    ANTHONY CHARLES LYNTON BLAIR – He is the most Evil Person Scotland has ever produced, and almost the Entire World thinks he is English (that is not fair, he was born and educated in Scotland)

    Now where do James Gordon Brown and David William Donald Cameron come from???

    There is a little bit of a hint in their Scottish names isn’t there???

    So don’t blame us English

    We have got Piers Corbyn, who Lectures in The USA about The Truth. His Brother is English too.

    Don’t mention this to any Global Warming Friends and Family who live in North America, Canada, USA even Florida, Texas, or Egypt , Tunisia, Sahara Desert etc currently covered in snow. (do you want to see the photos?)

    Sure, its lovely in London, for the moment, we are Blessed..but don’t expect it to last.

    It’s down to the Sun, and cycles, as Jeremy’s brother explains

    I voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

    Check Out Salford Lad, for the Economic Philosophy. He wrote it Brilliantly recently, very succinctly.

    If you want an online course (its free) but he asks really hard questions each Saturday

    Then its the Australian Economics Professor Bill Mitchell

    “Bill Mitchell – billy blog Modern Monetary Theory … macroeconomic reality”

    If you want an education in economics, and how it should (is designed) work


  • Baalbek

    Flying in to the UK today and tuning in to the state broadcaster is like arriving in any one party state.

    Yes, and the state is ever-further aligning itself with financial and corporate interests and transforming already badly damaged democracies into quasi-feudal states. In 2008 thee could have been a public debate about how to pry the economy out of Wall Stret and the City’s hands and governments could have taken bold and decisive action and fined tried and jailed the culprits. This did not happen. Instead, the state gave the banksters a green light to carry on “innovating” and massively increasing their profits. Governments effectively said to the banks and Goldmans, “we are on your side and will take money from working people and bail you out with it when you are caught breaking laws, bending rules and fleecing people. Governments could have reigned in the avaricious beasts in with stringent legislation. They did not do that either. The banks and finance sector have nothing to worry about Why on earth would they want to change?

    The mainstream media (including the BBC) have joined the state/corporate/finance bloc and provide the PR and misinformation for their new club. Their main duty is agenda pushing: the establishment is opposed to Scottish independence so the BBC dutifully beams the message to the masses. Murica, NATO and friends decide to destroy an “enemy” nation and the BBC, being part of that prestigious club, joins European and North American media in justifying more death and destruction.

    There will still be elections in this one party state, and they will be conducted with much hype about democracy and all the rest but they will be for show only. Governments have lost the ability to tax the wealthiest citizens, who move their money around through tax havens out tax collector. AI level computers buy and sell stocks and commodities in the blink of an eye, literally, and making a handful of rich people even richer. This is reality today.

    Even if Labour and Corbyn are elected, they may find the tools they need to implement their economc programme are gone and the best they can offer is slightly watred down neolberism. The BBC, unless there is a revolt from within, will continue fulfilling its role as an official PR outfit for the ruling class. Austeriy, crisis and the rich becoming even richer while the majority are locked in a war of all against all, conpeting for zero-hour contract jobs….this is what is coming if we can’t think of a way to stop it.

  • Xavi

    Yes, for years now the BBC has been filtering its news, politics and economics coverage through a festering nest of well-known Tories, both on-air/screen and off.
    The latest major independent content analysis once again found glaring rightwing bias across the board.. (Cardiff university report entitled Hard Evidence, 2013).

    Anybody still insisting that the BBC is a model of impartiality should be challenged to do one thing: provide a countervailing list of high-profile and influential left wingers at the BBC to balance the Hardings, Neills, Robinsons, Paxmans, Davises, Kuensbergs and all those news anchors who are either the offspring or spouses of Tory politicians. Or alternatively identify any independent content analysis of the BBC’s news, politics and economics coverage that has ever identified impartiality. Should be easy enough.

    • Stu

      Any accusation of BBC bias is usually met with the response “but both sides think it’s biased so it must be doing something right”.

      This argument essentially equates the left wing case which names BBC news staff with close links to the Tory Party and other right wing groups and has compiled a mass of evidence of reporting bias in favour of right wing political positions with the right wing case which amounts to little more than there being many of non white and non heterosexual people on BBC broadcasts.

      • Xavi

        Indeed, they rail at the Beeb’s self-admiring correctness on identity issues without ever recognizing that it doesn’t cost the rich a penny. Just the smily-face facade of “progressive” neoliberalism.

        • Baalbek

          In popular discourse the politically correct, idpol obsessed careerist feminists who take their cues from American Democrats are “the left”. Trump/AfD style ethnic nationalists who have their own less mainstream network of publications and YouTube channels are “the right”.

          The kicker here is that both these sides are fully on board with rapacious capitalism, which impacts their well-being of normal people much more than gender, race, melanin count, Muslim migrants and feminist fanatics. Bring up income inequality on an alt-right forum and they will denounce you as an SJW, snowflake Hilbot Marxist. The identity politicos will shout you down, depending on your ethnicity and gender, as a combination of misogynist, racist, white supremacist, Uncle Tom, race traitor and, my favourite, “brocialist”. Because only “bros” who want to deny women and “people of colour” their rights talk about the role of the economy in its impact on working-class and poor people. Suggest that Obama has more in common with a white person of a similar social standing than with a poor black person and the black person has more in common with a poor white person than with Obama, well, you can’t say that because it nulls and voids their deeply flawed race and gender essentialist argument.

          They don’t even see how labelling all white men as racist misogynists who oppress women and ethnic minorities just by being alive and breathing the same air exacerbates the very issues they claim to be fighting against. They are setting themselves and the people they say they champion up for a serious backlash.

          Another irony: The liberal feminist clique ensconced in US and UK academia and their alt-right arch enemies both advance a sexuality where women are weak wallflowers who simply cannot resist the rampaging libido of the uncontrollably virile male and must be protected from being assertive, being responsible for their choices and limiting their alcohol consumption while they are out. In short, women are too dim and fragile to take responsibility for their actions. What is called “campus rape” and other misleading non-legal terms is very often a young woman getting drunk out of her mind, engaging in sex and regretting that decision the next day or when she realizes the bloke she shagged has no further interest in her. (Yes, sexual coercion, sexual assault and rape as defined in the criminal code do happen at universities, but the majority of the incidents would never hold up in an open courtroom before a judge.) Hence endless committees, and convoluted “guidelines” that put impossible responsibility on the male partner. I have read cases where both partners agreed that sex was a pleasurable experience and coercion and threats or excess drink were not an issue. But a day or two later the female had a case of “buyer’s remorse” and filed a complaint stating that the male should have been able to intuit that she was not ready to have sex with him. This is insanity.

          The alt-right who thinks women are harlots and sluts at heart who can’t help submitting to the powerful male who, by nature, is unable to control his sexual urges need to be protected and taught how to say “no” again. The “progressive” feminists and the regressive alt-right both agree that neo-Victorian sexual mores and a puritanical attitude towards sexuality and sex are desirable because man are beasts who would copulate with a hole in a tree and young women are easily corrupted and manipulated and must therefore be protected from themselves. You can’t make this stuff up.

          Meanwhile the right and the “left” shout and jabber endlessly how THEY are the real victims and the other side is oppressing them. One coin, two sides, same mentality. Something like this happening was inevitable when the social-democratic left accepted a ruthless capitalism as “inevitable”. Should Corbyn and Labour form the next government will they succeed in rolling back corporate and financial power? I hope so, but I am also worried that the system has been altered beyond repair and that governments have given away the power they need to effectively serve the citizens.

          And so it goes.

          • Bob Apposite

            You just sound like a misognyist.

            No, Feminists on the Left are tired of the scams being run on them, including in fraternities with alcohol and whatnot.

            No, they did not consent to be raped because they had a drink or two or ten.

          • Bob Apposite

            And, of course, income equality is one of the major messages of the Leftist women that you deride for not wanting to be raped.

    • Habbabkuk


      “Or alternatively identify any independent content analysis of the BBC’s news, politics and economics coverage that has ever identified impartiality. Should be easy enough.”

      The problem with independent contents analysis is that when the analysis points to left wing bias, left-wingers say that the analysis was biased. And when the independent content analysis points to right-wing bias, right-wingers in turn say the analysis was biased.

      To that we can add the very human fact that people tend to agree with analyses which appear to show that they are right and disagree with analyses which appear to shpw that they are wrong.

    • Loony

      The BBC is a lying ,venal and corrupt organization and the people that work for it are, almost without exception, enemies of the people.

      However they are not alone and are often ably assisted by the full range of intellectual idiots that infest the now hollowed out universities. Who cares what either the BBC or the universities say – they are all lying.

      There is no right wing/left wing bias only a ruthless dedication to promoting cultural anarchism in all of its forms and an unswerving commitment to ensuring that sooner or later the UK descends into some form of civil war. If the government were concerned to actually represent the people and to maintain the fabric of society then it would ensure that its various hate speech laws were squarely aimed at those who masquerade as the British establishment.

      If you want evidence of all of this just ask why Tony Blair is given space and airtime to spew his views on any subject of his choice. Paying attention to Blair is like venerating the views of Peter Sutcliffe on women;s rights.

    • nevermind

      Thanks for the link to the Weiner laptop revelations, Macky, it paints a conclusive reason as to why the two Swedish Mata Hari’s were set upon to do their dirty deeds.

      “Tonight I watched the BBC News at Ten. Again much on the Conservative Party.”

      This carried on this morning as motor mouth school wrecker Michael Gove ex tolled how they will clean up the environment and ban plastic, maybe, in 25 years time, utter hogwash it was.

      Unless Gove gives a unequivocal commitment that the Conservative party will accept the ‘precautionary principle’ as well as the ‘polluter pays principle’, nothing they say on the environment matters one iota.

      They have already given offshore taxpayers Third energy and Ineos a free ride by removing planning law and environmental regulations from their operations so they can frack the Bowland and Rydale valleys as they see fit, polluting water and causing earthquakes as they go along.

      It is not good enough to talk green when all you have is blue kite ideas and no will to implement it, people are slowly waking up to this party political dumbing down before elections. And the BBC colludes and cooperates with this agenda, there was not one scrutinising question on the Toaday program this morning.

      • giyane


        govey, as he called himself in the interview radio 4, 08.15 this morning was talking about nature capital or some other such airy fairy idea. As you say just hot air since the Tories’ve no intention of stopping fracking, just make up some more tripe to spout.

        But in the middle of the night, when they know most of us are asleep, they were talking about educating the public about genetically modified yeast which could make less alcoholic wine but with more taste.

        Gove’s tried it, in fact he was brought up on it, and meat extracted from genetically modified yeast and oil-fracked spring-water and doesn’t he look good?

        • K. Crosby

          Govey? Last time he tried it on it was Guve. At least he got rid of the contact lenses that made him look like a child molester.

  • Sharp Ears

    How the Mainstream Media Whitewashed Al-Qaeda and the White Helmets in Syria
    By Eva Bartlett
    January 06, 2018
    On December 18, 2017, The Guardian issued a shoddily-penned hatchet piece against British journalist Vanessa Beeley, Patrick Henningsen and his independent website 21st Century Wire, Australian professor and author Tim Anderson, and myself.

    Many insightful writers have since deconstructed the lies and omissions of the article, which I will link to at the bottom of my own.
    Judging by the scathing comments on The Guardian’s Facebook post, the general public didn’t buy it either. The Guardian, like Channel 4 News and Snopes, whitewashes terrorism in Syria, employs non-sequitur arguments, promotes war propaganda, and simply gets the facts wrong:

  • Macky

    I’m supposed the compulsory BBC funding from the Public, is at least a more direct way for our Government to fund nearly all we heard, see & read;

    Comment from Bevin:

    “”The real story here, which the media pretends not to notice, is that if Intelligence services and corporations did not finance newspapers they would cease to exist. The old business model whereby newspapers covered their costs by selling advertising and paid circulation is finished.
    Under that model there were, to an extent, incentives for the publisher to preserve a modicum of credibility in order to keep readership, as well as reasons to publish sensational stories to beat competition.
    Those days are gone: none of the newspapers make financial profits, they now exist because they have patrons. They always did, of course, but now they have nothing else- the advertisers have left and circulation is diminishing rapidly.
    The days that Ulfkotte recalled were times when it took lots of money and careful preparation to put spooks into the newsroom, nowadays the papers are only too happy to publish the CIA’s PR and very grateful if the government pays their journalists’ salaries.
    As to competition that is restricted to publishers competing to demonstrate their loyalty to the government and their ingenuity in candy coating its propaganda.
    Anyone doubt that Luke Harding will be in the running for a Pulitzer? Or perhaps even the Nobel Prize for Literature?”

    • K. Crosby

      ~~~~~Anyone doubt that Luke Harding will be in the running for a Pulitzer? Or perhaps even the Nobel Prize for Literature?~~~~~

      The horror! The horror!

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Macky January 11, 2018 at 12:26
      I ordered it from Amazon in 2017, and I’m ‘still waiting’. They say ‘We’ll let you know when it’s available’. I contacted them by online chat, but no matter how I tried I could not get any more info from them, nor would they agree to chase the supplier up.
      This would be an excellent opportunity for a ‘Pirate Entrepreneur’ to publish the book in English.
      It’s surprising some country with a vested interest in it getting out doesn’t ‘arrange’ for a bootleg printing, with ‘Plausible Denial’.

  • David Allan

    I heard a radio version of what I assume was the same Sarah Smith piece about the NHS in Scotland. Although I didn’t pick up on the error in mentioning the figure of 100,000, I thought that the item was surprisingly balanced. Shonah Robiuson was given the opportunity to comment, an experienced nurse explained that the pressures on the NHS were the greatest she had encountered, and the item concluded with the statement that, “the winter NHS crisis is hitting Scotland hard”, implying that it was a problem of demand rather than of mismangament.
    I accept of course that there is frequent conscious and unconscious bias in the coverage by BBC and many others, but I didn’t think that this was a particularly striking example

    • Stu

      My issue with NHS reporting is that comparisons are made between Scotland and England without any explanation of the differing NHS structures in both countries and the outcomes they produce.

      There is no doubt that at the moment the Tories are deliberately under funding the NHS in an attempt to shift people towards private health care. The problem with this is that they do not have control of the Scottish NHS and although they can starve it of funds they cannot ruin it in the way they intend to in England. Therefore the Scottish NHS must be denigrated so that English voters don’t start asking why they don’t have our system.

      May recognised this problem in a speech a few months ago

      “We need to build a new ‘collective responsibility’ across the United Kingdom, which unites all layers of government, to work positively together to improve the lives of everyone in our country.

      As the Government serving the whole United Kingdom, formed in a Parliament drawn from the whole United Kingdom, the UK Government exercises a responsibility on behalf of the whole UK that transcends party politics and encompasses all aspects of our national life.

      While fully respecting, and indeed strengthening, the devolution settlements and the devolved administrations across the UK, we must unashamedly assert this fundamental responsibility on our part.

      So in those reserved policy areas where we govern directly for the whole United Kingdom, we will explicitly look to the interests of the Union – both the parts and the whole – in our policy-making.

      And in policy areas where responsibilities are devolved, we will look for ways to collaborate and work together with the devolved administrations to improve the outcomes for everyone.”

      The Brexit power grab will be the first step in an attempt at reversing devolution.

      • Republicofscotland

        Good points Stu, if I recall correctly the NHS in England was abolished in 2012, and replaced with a series of trusts. Isolate and privatise I think.

        You’re correct in saying that the more the health service in England becomes privitised the smaller its budget, this as you say has a knock-on effect and the budget see’s a reduction in Scotland.

        • Sharp Ears

          The trusts existed prior to 2012. It was Lansley’s Health & Social Care Act passed in 2012 (on April 1st no joking), with the aid of Clegg in the Cameron Koalition, that created the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

          Damn them all to kingdom come.

          The latest blow from the Tories is the introduction of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships. Little by little, OUR NHS is bring whittled away by the privateers.

      • Habbabkuk


        “My issue with NHS reporting is that comparisons are made between Scotland and England without any explanation of the differing NHS structures in both countries and the outcomes they produce.”

        That is a very interesting point – but you completely fail to develop it in the following paragraphs. Given, inter alia, that the Scottish govt is responsible for the structure of the NHS in Scotland (as you point out, the Tories ” do not have control of the Scottish NHS”) it would be helpful of you could provide the explanation you say is lacking.

        • Stu

          England has 200 Clinical Commisioning Groups which decide how to allocate resources. NHS providers compete with private care companies such as Virgin for funding.

          Scotland has 14 NHS boards which co-operate with each other and no internal market. The NHS boards also closely co-operate with councils to pool resources to care for patients in the community.

    • Republicofscotland


      Sarah Smith is a s balanced as Trump, the 100,000 figure was for a whole YEAR! Smith put it across without context, it was an attempt to blacken the Scottish governments work on the NHS.

      The BBC is in essence the EBC English Broadcasting Corporation, and its agenda regarding Scotland is one of lies and deception.

    • K. Crosby

      Scotland has had winters before so it isn’t demand, it’s the poor peoples’ taxes going in at the front and straight out the back into the pockets of the private speculators recruited by the state to do the thieving of the cash flow, now that the freehold and buildings have been stolen.

    • Sharp Ears

      So what the implications? He is still a prisoner even though he has been granted Ecuadorian nationality. I cannot see May relenting taking into account her draconian rule as Home Secretary. In any case all her energies are going into plastic bag use. A bandwagon which she managed to jump on at a late stage.

      Back to her sainthood. She vows….
      Theresa May vows to eliminate UK’s plastic waste by 2042
      Environmental groups say the target lacks urgency and does not match the scale of the crisis

      She’s 61 now. In 2042 she will either be 85 or deceased.

      • Republicofscotland

        Shsrp Ears, re Assange, I think the Ecuadorian government were hoping that by doing that, that Assange would be given diplomatic status. However the British government did not grant the request.

        As for Theresa May and her latest “make us feel good about her” plastics campaign, is it a diversionary tactic or a endearing one. When did the Tories ever care about the environment?

    • lysias

      The 9/11 thread is mentioned twice on the right side of this page. Once for “currently popular,” and the other time for “still discussing”. False advertising?

    • lysias

      Craig Murray opened his discussion at the top of the 9/11 thread thus: “Having complained of people posting off topic, it seems a reasonable solution to give an opportunity for people to discuss the topics I am banning from other threads – of which 9/11 seems the most popular.”

  • Republicofscotland

    Unsurprisingly figures for viewers of BBC Scotland news have collapsed. Along with the unionist news programme, figures show, its propaganda radio programme Good Morning Scotland has also saw listening figures plummet.

    I guess people are fed up with the constant barrage of lies twisted reporting, and propaganda spouted on a daily basis.

  • Macky

    @Paul Barbara, thanks for this; and yes I know, my comment is misleading at face-value, as it was intended to be.

    Anyone who is within striking distance of London may wish to protest the abominable Apartheid Regime’s treatment of children tomorrow:

    DATE: Friday 12th Jan 2018, 2pm-4pm
    LOCATION: Under Hungerford / Golden Jubilee Bridges on the Southbank (between London Eye and Southbank Centre) (near Waterloo station / across river from Embankment tube)

  • Republicofscotland

    So Westminster’s man in Scotland Governor Fluffy Mundell, left it too late to discuss the 111 powers coming back from the EU that are meant to go to Scotland, but will probably be power grabbed by Westminster.

    Mundell has stabbed his own nation is the back at the behest of a foreign government. Here’s why. The 1998 Scotland Act makes it clear that unless powers are specifically reserved to Westminster, they should be exercised at Holyrood by default. That would mean the 111 powers held up in Clause 11 should come straight to Holyrood, but now they wont.

    Instead the future of the powers and where they’ll lie, will be debated by, bishops, millionaires, party cronies and failed politicians, know collectively as the House of Lords.

    Where the SNP are devoid, they never nominate lords, and rightly so. The HoL, is the second largest body behind China’s which governs far more regions and people.

    The HoL, is unelected, and therefore completely undemocratic. The SNP will not have one voice in this unelected over bloated chamber. Therefore I suspect any meaningful powers will remain at Westminster.

    Surely Scotland will dissolve this union in 2018.

  • Republicofscotland

    The (PLO) Palestinian Liberation Organisation, could suspend recognition of Israel, at up coming meeting, due Trump’s declaration over Jerusalem.

    The PLO’s top man Saeb Erekat, claims that Washington’s backing of Jerusalem as Israels capital, has seen Israel speed up it building of illegal settlements on the West Bank.

    coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nickolay Mladenov, also slammed Israel’s decision to approve more settlement homes, saying it was an obstacle to peace.

    Trump’s inane decision over Jerusalem has just added fuel to a already blazing fire.

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