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I have spent only eight days in the UK in around the last five months. Driving from Heathrow to Edinburgh yesterday, we listened to BBC Radio 4 for over seven hours. In continued reports and bulletins on the Cabinet reshuffle throughout the day, the numerous people invited to comment on it were, without a single exception, Conservative Party politicians or avowedly conservative political journalists and commentators. Neither Labour nor SNP were asked for their thoughts.

Tonight I watched the BBC News at Ten. Again much on the Conservative Party. Not one mention of Labour at all, and the only mention of the SNP was an attack piece by unionist shill Sarah Smith on waiting times in the Scottish NHS over the holiday period. To top it all off was an astonishingly tendentious piece on today’s air attacks by Israel on Damascus in support of their increasingly desperate jihadist allies.

Flying in to the UK today and tuning in to the state broadcaster is like arriving in any one party state.

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  • Macky

    Further abominations from “the only democracy in the Middle East”:

    Yesterday, Israeli occupation forces killed two Palestinian boys – one in the Gaza Strip, & one in the West Bank.

    Israeli forces have now killed three Palestinians in 2018 – all unarmed kids.

    Musab Tamimi, 16
    Ameer Abu Musaed, 16
    Ali Qino, 16

    There will be no accountability.

  • Sharp Ears

    Kezia collected £70k from ITV.

    I’m a Celebrity: Kezia Dugdale paid £70,000 for appearance
    ‘Kezia Dugdale received a fee of £70,000 for her recent appearance on I’m a Celebrity, she has disclosed.

    The former Scottish Labour leader also declared between £10,000 and £15,000 worth of travel, accommodation and living expenses, which were paid by ITV.’

    Giving it to charity Kezia?
    ‘She has donated £5,100 of her appearance fee, as well as £2,500 of her MSP salary, to charity.’

    Wow! Such generosity.

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