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Last week many were genuinely shocked by the news that the UK’s major company directors had awarded themselves average earnings increases of 49%, while most ordinary people suffered a significant drop in real income.

If you need further evidence of the callousness of society’s haves towards ordinary people, look at this from the USA. A Bank of America “foreclosure mill”, law firm Steven J Baum, makes its money by having families evicted from their homes onto the streets. These wealthy lawyers decided to have a Halloween party where they would dress up as – homeless people.

These two were by no means alone – if you google you can find plenty of pictures of other bastards at the party.

We are likely to see a major increase of home repossessions in the UK next year. There are signs that society is rediscovering the notion of horizontal solidarity. The highly effective role of social media in rapid political organisation leads me to think it ought to be possible to set up an organised system of resistance to evictions, with people rapidly converging to aid those under threat.

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41 thoughts on “Callous and Twisted

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    Btw, we had the same breed of disgusting bastard having knees-ups during the 1980s, eg. at Tory Party conferences, where they mocked the unemployed. The ‘let them eat cake’ brigade. Perhaps then, the unemployed/homeless should dress-up as police and evict them permanently!

  • Komodo

    Off topic, sorry. Palestine becomes member of UNESCO.107-14 for the motion. France for, Israel, US against, we abstained. US to withdraw funding from UNESCO….if you won’t let me and my best mate make up the rules, we’re not playing…

  • Vronsky

    “I suspect many people in the US will be a lot angrier.”
    Last summer I spent a short time with family in St George, Utah. Reposessions (‘bank purchases’) must be publicised there, and the local newspaper had a couple of pages of these ads, each ad about two column centimetres. Do the math (as they say over there) and that’s a lot of misery. Based on the conversations I heard, the angry Americans have the same problem as the angry Brits: what to do? The leading idea is a move to Canada, which hardly seems like dealing with the problem.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Komodo, thanks. In terms of the voting, exactly what I predicted – it’s the normative approach: The USA and Israel vote against and the UK abstains. A cosy arrangement.

  • Komodo

    Suhayl Saadi – not quite. Our usual option is to vote against resolutions critical of the terrorist state. This is an improvement, amd not what I would have expected in the wake of Osborne and Willetts’ recent trip to Tel Aviv with the begging bowl. Public opinion may actually have had an effect. Inshallah…

  • Graham Campbell

    We should now rest assured that our interests will be looked after; Prince Charles (a nice man with his heart in the right place)will have a veto on legislation. It does however beg two questions; what happens when the next guy isn’t so nice and if Government can give such power to an individual, Royal or otherwise, why can’t they allow the electorate to express itself via the odd referendum.

  • John Goss

    “The super-rich have evolved into something like an aristocracy living in a parallel world of unimaginable luxury as the rest slide into poverty.”
    Writerman, But wasn’t it always likes that? Historically there has always been a ruling elite. Those who opposed the elite were, and are, in some way, eliminated. And a new elite emerges. The status quo remains and the liberal, and I write that not in a partypol sense, fortunately-educated beings strive to make “this best of all worlds” better.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Ingo – absolutely right – it spoke volumes that the Israeli government were willing to release convicted terrorists but didn’t release people who’re advocating a peaceful solution like Barghouti. Terrorists are what Israeli governments want to face – it makes their propaganda easier as they can pretend all Palestinians are terrorists and distract from Israeli war crimes killing and even often targeting civilians, including children.

    Keeping up the blockade in Gaza and refusal to negotiate with Hamas till it gives up it’s only negotiation card – recognition – before talks even being, is a way of distracting from the constant land grabs in the “peaceful” West Bank, where Israeli forces and settlers continue to kill such dangerous Palestinians as children and teenagers throwing stones at watch towers full of body armoured soldiers – and to bulldoze Palestinian houses and orchards, making their former owners homeless refugees.

    Barghouti wants a peaceful one state solution and that is anathema to the Israeli government who want a “Jewish state” so much like apartheid South Africa that it’s treatment of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians sometimes makes the “Islamic state” of Iran’s treatment of non-Muslims look mild by comparison (though they do their share of killing proven and suspected armed Sunni rebels/terrorists and recently persecute some Christians too)

    Vronsky – Interesting but sad to hear. Sometimes people who are completely ground down are too weak to rebel, but if they get a bit better off later, then the rebellion comes – e.g the most famous Peasants’ revolt in England came after the Black Death had reduced the supply of farm labourers to the point that they could demand higher wages. The monarchy then brought in laws to cap their pay – and the rebellion began. Unfortunately they still hadn’t freed themselves of the idea that Kings were innately good and their rule divinely approved, choosing to believe the King was ‘badly advised’ instead – and he managed to kill most of their leaders and defeat them.

    I think (and hope) any modern revolutions in democracies won’t be so violent – but we need other kinds of rebellion and mass demonstration (e.g the occupations of factories and workplaces and banks in the US during the Great Depression that led to the New Deal managing to get through congress)

  • ingo

    It is now that one should pressurise the Friends of Israel to make good for their dastardly deeds and their secret plans for war. Last nights Newsnight attendance of Mr. Moulton vouches for Liam Fox’s incincerity, Mr. Werrity is obviously some broker of information, Mossad or not, so why don’t the Friends of Israel join in with those influentual jews who are calling for the release of Marwan?

    Such a move would change the scene as it has never changed. Barghouti would ‘really’ re-unite the two factions and Jews, once again, can share their neighbourhood with Palestinians, once again can their children play and go to school together.

    Israel, by its own policies, has for decades imported their diaspora, although they failed to entice Irans jews with $10.000/head. In refusing the shekel they made a point for their rights, enshrined in the Iranian Constitution, a vital part of their society Israel can’t provide.

    Now it must realise that it is multicultural as the rest of us and that it will have to accomodate all that live in Palestine.
    Whatever Israel is planning in future, they will be better served with Marwan Barghouti being a free man. He respects his people like they respect him and it is vital that Hamas realises that their hardline days are over.

    Israel has historically calmed those behind its back before it went to war, so it is very likely that they want to release Marwan. This does not mean that he’ll agree to do their calming, but it would throw a buoy into rough seas, for others to cling on.

    Further, for the first time in seven years, according to Sharon’s hardline deputy Dov Weinglass, who attacked Bibi for his pathetic record of doing nothing, there would be a chance to please the great big sponsor in the sky, the US, who is exasperated into following up one stupid veto in the UN Sec. with another withdrawl of Unesco cash. For decades now the US has paddled against the stream of many UN decisions, for its allegiance to Israel, despite hardline policies and its ignorant state visa vis UN resolutions, two naughty boys thumbing it at the whole class.

    If Mr. Murphy wants to make a mark within hios own party, as shadow defense minister, and as a sign to Israel that he wants a to see a more peacefull relation between all in Israel, then he speaks up for Marwans release NOW!

    This goes for any other FoIsrael who has yet not grasp the idea that it takes two to Tango and that its not good to refuse negotiations.

    Hamish, thank you. This is a very powerfull message we should send to the MET, signed by many, indeed to all police derpartments that have ‘occupy’ tent villages. Very good positive stuff

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