Scotland Must Defend Carla Ponsati; Sturgeon Cannot Play Pontius Pilate 1033

It is sickening that Spanish courts continue to jail, and remove from political life, Catalan politicians who are the victors in democratic elections. That the European political class and media is almost entirely complicit and supportive in this truly vicious repression of the Catalan people, has shocked many of us to our core, and made us realise how thin is the veneer of democracy and how fragile are the rights we believed we held.

If the UK were any kind of a democracy, opposition parties would have held firm against the rush to conflict with Russia, until serious and thorough investigation of the Skripal case had yielded real results. At the very least, you would expect to see a select committee of the House of Commons call the head of Porton Down to give evidence and quiz him about the level of certainty they have of the identity and the Russian manufacture of the substance which poisoned the Skripals.

Instead, we have seen all the establishment parties fall over themselves to appear as belligerent and faux-Churchillian as May and her pipsqueaks, in order to placate the tabloids. This is ludicrous. You cannot out-jingo the Tories, and the rush to increase international tension benefits nobody except the armaments and security industries.

I am obliged to say I was disgusted by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP leadership and their premature condemnations of Russia. By coincidence I spent much of last week at pro-Indy events and I have to say I found this disgust almost universal.

The odd voice was prepared to offer the usual Nicola excuse of “She is trying not to alienate the Unionists”. But what is the point of not alienating the Unionists by, to all intents and purposes, becoming a Britnat yourself? The continued failure – for years now – of the SNP to argue to the public the case for Independence, the attempt to dodge Indyref2, all of it leaves me to feel that the SNP leadership have got their feet under the table within the UK, as a form of controlled opposition.

The SNP leadership are far happier talking about which powers devolve to Holyrood from Brussels, and which stay at Westminster, than they are talking about Independence. I don’t give a damn about the precise contours of the devolution settlement; I want my country to be free of Westminster entirely, and soon.

We are not yet subject to the extreme state repression afflicting our counterparts in Catalonia, but you can be certain the Tories have noted the template, and that other Western political leaders will support them if they start putting people like me in the pokey for thirty years for sedition. Sadly it has become abundantly clear that there is no danger of the highly paid SNP elected representatives, their SPADs, and party bureaucrats, ever putting themselves in that position.

They would be with those handing down the sentences, as their attitude to Carla Ponsati shows.

Just as MEPs lined up one after another in the European Parliament to defend Francoist thugs batoning grandmothers trying to vote as the “rule of law”, and use the same excuse for lengthy sentences for political prisoners, so there was an echo of this distancing in Nicola Sturgeon’s response to the extradition of Catalan campaigner Carla Ponsati through the Scottish courts, potentially to spend the rest of her life in a Spanish jail just for peacefully campaigning for freedom for her country.

Nicola referred to “the fact our justice system is legally obliged to follow due process in the determination of extradition requests”. She too is hiding behind “the rule of law” and thus turning a blind eye to the Francoist attack on fundamental rights.

Very few voters of the SNP put Nicola Sturgeon into parliament in order to warm her toes at the Robert Adam fireplaces at Bute House, while Catalan leaders are dragged from Scotland to a terrible repression. The SNP leadership have become far too adept at speaking with British Establishment voices and thinking with British Establishment minds.

At some stage they have to accept that achieving Scottish Independence is in itself a revolutionary act, and that it will never be achieved without real constitutional conflict with the UK, the sort of political conflict which has attended the birth of every independent state. If you are afraid to do something “unconstitutional” under the present repressive system, you have no right to pretend to be a part of the Independence movement.

For Sturgeon to hide behind the Edinburgh High Tory Scottish legal establishment and wash her hands, Pontius Pilate like, over the extradition of Carla Ponsati is simply unacceptable.

Saving this brave woman is as noble a cause to launch a constitutional crisis as one might wish for. The Holyrood parliament must pass a Bill forbidding the extradition of Ponsati and the Scottish government must order Police Scotland to enforce it. We need finally to show we are serious about challenging the UK. If Sturgeon declines, then the Scottish people must physically defend Ponsati. And the Independence movement must fundamentally reconsider its leadership and strategy.

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  • knuckles

    You come across as confused. You ‘despise most of what Gerry Adams has done’ which is what? Respond to British imperialism and state funded terrorism. What’s wrong with that? Irish people responded to an attempt by British imperialists and their kin to ethnically cleanse the north of the island of Irish people. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Murder the locals and take their property and expect a response.

    See also Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan……………………………..

    Bogeyman Adams, the IRA, the Irish ‘border’ were created by imperialist adventurism (the gun). You shouldn’t really complain about such people or organisations when they react.

    • N_

      “Respond to British imperialism and state funded terrorism” doesn’t say what Gerry Adams has done. All it says is what he responded to. Not every response to bad stuff is good.

      Even then it’s not wholly accurate and doesn’t take account of the fact that the majority of the NI population was and is pro-British (are they “imperialist”?), nor the IRA running heroin in Dublin. The IRA was a fascist gangster organisation. (Ditto the UVF.)

      • N_

        The act of terrorism by British forces that recruited more young Catholic guys from the North to the IRA than any other wasn’t just state-“funded” but carried out openly by the British parachute regiment, wearing their uniforms. The poshboys must have counted that one as a success, thinking better to boost the IRA than the kind of ideas that had arisen in “Free Derry” only three years before, which were part of the same international wave of struggle as May 1968 in France. The British elite may well be even more evil than you think.

        And in your analysis you need to factor in the Protestant paramilitaries. They were by far the strongest Irish armed force, and they could have easily defeated not just the IRA but the entire armed forces of the Irish Republic. According to one assessment, they could, if they wanted to, have occupied Dublin within two weeks.

        The paramilitaries on both sides were mostly funded by extortion rackets and other business activities. Money from the US accounted for no more than a small proportion of the IRA’s funding.

        The Belfast punk band Stiff Little Fingers got it right in their great song, “Wasted Life“.

  • knuckles

    Does anyone know if US Ambassador to the UN Sarah Palin Nikki Haley has called an emergency meeting of the UNSC to condemn Iran Israls recent actions against people protesting? No…….I’m shocked, shocked I tellz ya……..

  • N_

    Bye-bye any hope of a socialist revival in the Labour party… The leaders are falling over each other in their efforts to brown-tongue the genocidalist Lobby that has just committed its latest massacre, shooting protestors inside the Gaza concentration camp. If the present leadership ever gets elected, they’ll be just as shit as Blair.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ N_ April 1, 2018 at 23:21
      Why are you so negative?
      If you have links to ‘leaders leaders are falling over each other in their efforts to brown-tongue the genocidalist Lobby that has just committed its latest massacre, shooting protestors inside the Gaza concentration camp…’ I’d appreciate it if you put them on here, though I don’t doubt that Bliarite New Labour tw*ts would be that way inclined.

  • Charles

    Change through Dystrophy

    That was going to be the title of an essay I had been mulling over.

    Saw this and thought I’ll use that;

    “First of all, there is no such thing as international law”

    I was on a roll, the title, a theme, a quote …. and then my literary ambitions were quashed.

    In the last exchange, I discovered, my essay had already been written;

    “Sputnik: Let’s hope that common sense will finally prevail.

    Janusz Korwin-Mikke: No, don’t rely on that. Democracy is in power. And when democracy is ruling common sense is powerless.”

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Before posting this, I had absolutely no idea where the Cult came from. wiki said Bradford 1981. I spent over a year in Bradford 1980-81, going to all the rock clubs with my Yorkshire Girlfriend, who came from Bradford. I don’t remember them. I thought they were an American band. I must have met them. It’s only a small town.

  • SA

    BBC R4 with its usual ‘balance ‘. After a discussion about the murders in Gaza with Oren repeating the same lies about unarmed protestors being a danger to the state next door, the balancing bit was discuss the ‘humanitarian disaster’ in East Ghouta pocket, now reduced to the town of Douma. The BBC has obviously not been following the joy of over 150,000 civilians on being liberated but wheeled out the advocate of humanitarian bombing surgeon,John Nott, to tell us how is Lavrov has been used to target the rebel hospitals in East Ghouta. The other discussant was also anti regime but Lyse Doucet was somewhat more balanced. The Syrian government of course did not get the benefit of someone like Oren to represent thier point of view. But of course the BBC is never biased.

  • SA

    April 1, 2018 at 14:21
    “Simple fact that liars give themselves away by changing their story. Through their usual propaganda outlets …….”
    There is no doubt that what you say is true. But the facts are that lies have been extensively propagated in a much bigger way than practiced by Moscow, in the West. Surely you are familiar with the lies that led to the Iraq war: lives lost over 1 million, destruction of a functioning state and creation of Al Qaeda and IS in Iraq and Syria as a continue tragedy, the humanitarian bombing of Libya that turned Nato into an effective air force for the Islamist rebels who morphed into ISIS, etc…., I could go on.
    So for the sake of honesty let us acknowledge that lies are an instrument of international diplomacy and are used by both sides.

    • Paedo Hunter

      just ask Madeline Albright……”we believe the one million lives sacrificed were worth it”

  • N_

    The Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders will be standing down. When appointed she had run the Organised Crime Division of the CPS, so presumably she knows a thing or two about Russian money in London.

    Compromised, Alison?

    • Sharp Ears

      Joining Linklaters, a global law firm with 29 offices in 20 countries, headquartered in London. £1.3bn revenue in 2016 and each ‘equity’ partner brings in £1.4m profit. Nice little earner.

      I expect you heard Janner Jnr wearing away about her. Best advised not to remind us of his father. Saunders’ delay meant that Janner was never tried.

  • mike

    Excellent questions from Russia on the very obvious false-flag attack in Salisbury. True to form, our state broadcaster runs for cover, ignoring the story and the questions. Even a child can see the huge holes in this nonsense.

  • MJ

    “I have no idea what their religion is based on, and I do not know what they are trying to achieve”

    The objective may be to bring about a neo-feudal global society. Someone once said that we should look out for the sign of the rose, it will be the trigger for the final push. The Florida shootings were on February 14.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Tony_0pmoc April 2, 2018 at 03:48
    ‘…However, they seem to be far worse than us Catholics – it may have been tough, but at least we were educated..but even most of us gave up this nonsense when we were 15….’
    Surely you don’t really believe it was ALL nonsense? Fro instance, the answer to one of your rhetorical questions lies in what you were previously taught: ‘…What the hell is Theresa May, Boris Johnson and their Apprentice Gavin on?…’
    A Luciferian Power Trip. Luke IV: 5-8
    ‘….5 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.
    6 And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.
    7 If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.
    8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve….’
    That is the key to why the world is as it is, with rotten sociopaths running the show, and people who try to do good get it in the neck, or face Sisyphusian hurdles.
    Not for nothing is the main ceremony at Bohemian Grove ‘The Cremation of Care’.

    • Republicofscotland

      Re my above comment, and not for one second am I taking Israel’s side, however with regards to the UN, and now the EU, who are looking for an international inquiry into Israeli actions along the Gaza Israel border.

      We have Turkish president Erdogan remonstrating on the recent shootings, whilst his forces slaughter Kurds in Syria. We have the UN which sits by almost silently as coalition forces murder, rape and pillage in Yemen, and Syria.

      The UN’s credibility has been at stake for years now. Intervening or speaking out on one conflict, but staying quiet or giving lip service on others.

      Israel can flout the recent outcry from the UN not just because of their US backing, but also the UN’s inconsistentcy with regards to other conflicts.

  • knuckles

    @ N

    ”Not every response to bad stuff is good.”

    If the response ends ethnic cleansing, an apartheid state and the murder with impunity of the native population by the ”state” it is.

    ”doesn’t take account of the fact that the majority of the NI population was and is pro-British (are they “imperialist”?)”

    Fact, eh? ”Northern Ireland” came into existence by a gun ballot after Ireland declared Independence. It was a fraud. Backed by the gun, that denied Irish catholic people in Ulster the opportunity to cast a vote during the sham ‘vote’, let alone the whole island. Is that legitimate democracy in your mind? The ”majority” cleansed the province of people identifying as Irish or Catholic to make sure their ”majority” remained. Just like the West Bank today. And FYI they are no longer in the ”majority”. That is why the Unionists are so desperate not to honour the GFA denying the holding of a border poll. And yes annexing another countries land by fraud and force and holding it is imperialism. At no stage in history did the majority of Ireland ever willingly accept being apart of the ”Union”. Either you support democracy or you do not?

    ”IRA running heroin in Dublin. The IRA was a fascist gangster organisation”

    And this is just desperate stuff on your part. Yes, the IRA has rotten apples and was not in a position to access tax payers funds like the British Army/UVF/UDA/OO/loyalist death squads so they resorted to many forms of criminality. But you know some people think along the lines that drugs should be legalized, regulated and taxes so …………… maybe MI5 agent Stakeknife was involved, who knows?

    • N_

      Me: ”Not every response to bad stuff is good.

      Knuckles: “If the response ends ethnic cleansing, an apartheid state and the murder with impunity of the native population by the ‘state’ it is.

      No. The end does not justify the means.

      Me: “doesn’t take account of the fact that the majority of the NI population was and is pro-British (are they “imperialist”?)”

      Knuckles: “Fact, eh? ‘Northern Ireland’ came into existence by a gun ballot after Ireland declared Independence. It was a fraud. Backed by the gun, that denied Irish catholic people in Ulster the opportunity to cast a vote during the sham ‘vote’, let alone the whole island. Is that legitimate democracy in your mind?

      What vote are you referring to? Ireland wasn’t partitioned by referendum.

      Anyway what have the circumstances of partition nearly 100 years ago, or what is or is not “legimitately democratic”, got to do with what I said about it being a fact that a majority in the six counties are pro-British?

      The ‘majority’ cleansed the province of people identifying as Irish or Catholic to make sure their ‘majority’ remained.

      There has thank goodness been very little ethnic cleansing in Ireland. The Protestant ascendancy was maintained partly by using the Protestant-biased electoral property requirement and gerrymandering.

      Just like the West Bank today.

      Oh please.

      Yes, the IRA has rotten apples and was not in a position to access tax payers funds like the British Army/UVF/UDA/OO/loyalist death squads so they resorted to many forms of criminality. But you know some people think along the lines that drugs should be legalized, regulated and taxes so …………… maybe MI5 agent Stakeknife was involved, who knows?

      If you meet sussed people from working class Catholic communities in Northern Ireland, who may or may not have run with the Republicans in the past, the same word comes up again and again with regard to the IRA and INLA. That word is “gangsters”.

      Stakeknife was Army, not MI5.

      Do you think the Stiff Little Fingers were snakes in the grass?

  • knuckles

    100 IDF snipers deployed before the protests in Gaza began. The IDF claims to have killed 10 Hamas members out of 17 protesting among thousands. Along with hundreds injured. All unarmed or the footage would be all over the BBC and Sky?

    Begs the question, did the IDF use facial recognition tech to ID Hamas members protesting within the crowd before their death by firing squad?

    • N_

      It doesn’t matter whether some of the people killed are Hamas members or not.

      The huge number of people wounded with live bullets compared to the number killed (something like 30-40 times more) shows what the IDF’s game has been. I wonder whether they’re going to go behind the wire and steal credit cards as they did when they carried out the flotilla massacre.

      How things will progress as we approach Nakba day is anyone’s guess.

  • N_

    Here we go (from the Times, citing the Sun 🙂 ):

    Russian spy poisoning: Skripal friend questioned over request for porridge

    Mr Skripal had asked his daughter to bring the porridge, along with bay leaves and spices, but she forgot to pick up the items and instead asked the woman, who arrived with her husband on a different flight, to bring the buckwheat. According to The Sun, officers ‘interrogated’ the woman about the gifts. A source told the newspaper: ‘Police had suspected gifts from Yulia to her father might have contained the novichok nerve agent.’

    I wonder why the couple were flying to Britain.

    Did someone then smear the porridge on the doorhandle? And were they a special kind of bayleaf?

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Protest for Gaza: Stop the Killing’:

    Join us this coming Saturday to call for an end to the siege of Gaza and ask UK government to condemn Israel’s actions!

    When: Saturday 7 April, from 1pm – 3pm.
    Where: Opposite Downing Street, SW1A 2AA.
    Nearest Station: Westminster.

    Hopefully there will be a Demo at the Is*aeli Embassy before long – seems ages since I visited the ‘Goat’.

  • Republicofscotland

    Damning testaments from head teachers from England and Wales, of the extent of child poverty in poorer areas. Children are filling their pockets with food at school because they’re so hungry.

    Teachers say that the malnourished children are gaunt, greyish in skin colour, with poor teeth and hair, and are visibly very thin.

    Still I’m sure they’ll take comfort from the billions that are to be spent on renewing Trident, nuclear subs, the two aircraft carriers, and the hundreds of billions still to be spent on jets that launch from the carriers.

    • What's going on?

      Read between the lines of the story:

      The country is too poor to carry out Brexit.

      I’m a remainer and I realise how damaging Brexit will be, but it’s interesting how the NHS and schools are suddenly in crisis at this time.

      • Republicofscotland

        “The country is too poor to carry out Brexit.”

        Yes I think you’re correct, however the front bench of the Tory government are mostly millionaires. Brexit isn’t for the benefit of us, but for the benefit, of them.

        Regardless, of how bad things get economy wise, no matter how much the poor and disabled suffer, they’ll still do alright, you won’t see them go hungry, with the heavily subsidised HoC and HoL at hand, and corporate donors, who’ve benefited from their judgements, waiting in the wings to give them a well paid cushy consulting job, when the public tires of them.

        Or a short jaunt into the HoL, awaits them, of course the job title of consultant for a ex-politico, is really just cash for access to the political process, via the consultant.

        • reel guid

          And they’re on holiday again. No sooner were the MPs back from the February recess. And then there’s another week or so break in May. Unbelievably they’re on holiday – or recess as they euphemistically call it – again straddling late May into June. Then a nice two month paid holiday awaits in the summer.

          The Commons only sits for about 150 days a year. And a lot of them swing the lead when they’re there. Then there’s the ermine brigade and their £300 a day allowance.

          The Scottish Parliament works a lot harder, is not the boys club WM is, and has to put up with far more denigration from the MSM.

          Make Scotland’s Parliament independent and not dictated to by the troughers by the Thames.

        • knuckles

          Hey, leave will and kate alone. There’s a wedding coming up and they’re stressed…

          By the way Goodwin, are you happy that a large chunk of your tax pay goes straight into the pocket of a Lockheed Martin exec? Those Davos ski trips don’t pay for themselves.

        • N_

          Hungry weans = full bellies for the rich

          Oops sorry. By “rich” I mean “tiny minority of highly community-spirited people-servers who deserve everything they’ve got and who are making a personal sacrifice every time they allow a prole any kind of dignity, food, or shelter”

  • reel guid

    The Times reports that Australia is telling the English government that a post brexit trade deal would entail accepting hormone treated beef from down under. At present Scotland is protected from such beef by the EU. And the returning powers rightfully belong to the Scottish Parliament under the 1998 Scotland Act. So we would still be protected from such beef.

    SNP minister Mike Russell points out that the English government plan to impose an agricultural & food safety framework on the Scottish Parliament means we’d have that dodgy Aussie beef with no say whatsoever. That’s only one example of the kind of things that will be imposed.

    Scotland did not vote 75% Yes to a parliament in Edinburgh in 1997 in order to have it rolled back and that we’d become a full colony of England twenty years later. Even the pre-devolution Scottish Office had more powers than what the Tories now intend Holyrood to end up having.

    Tell people.

    The Powers Are Ours. Not England’s.

    • reel guid


      Yes, they’re slowly learning the meaninglessness of the Take Back Control phrase in an interdependent world.

    • fred

      “At present Scotland is protected from such beef by the EU. ”

      We get nothing but the best Polish horse meat in out Tesco lasagne.

      • reel guid

        The nation of Scotland voted to remain in the EU but is being forced to leave. Scotland , people and parliament, does not seek devolution being undermined but that is being attempted. If there was a genuine British government none of that would be happening. But it is being done by a government Scotland does not support and it is the government of England, even if it does not officially call itself by that name.

        An English government minister likens the parliament of Scotland to Lincolnshire County Council and regards them to be on a par with each other. Only an English government would take such a line.

        There is no British government. If there ever was one, there certainly isn’t one now. Nor will there ever be another.

        England wants a Euroref. ‘British’ government decides Scotland has no veto. England votes Leave. ‘British’ government Scotland didn’t vote into office denies Scotland an indyref. ‘British’ government attempts devo power grab. Ergo ‘British government’ is a fiction, a front, a charade, a con trick, a fake.
        It is English government that runs Scotland. Now more than ever.

        P.S. English Votes For English Laws. Yet SNP amendments for Scottish legislation at Westminster voted down by the massed ranks of English MPs. That’s English government. Not that I’ve at all got anything against English government………………..for England.

        “I don’t understand why we let someone else rule our land, cap in hand.”
        The Proclaimers

    • Rhys Jaggar

      You can leader a UK citizen to hormone treated beef from 10,000 miles away but you cannot make them buy it….much less eat it….

      All that needs to happen is people not to buy it and find places which sell the beef they do approve of.

      It also requires strong advertising telling people what Tescos et al are selling.

      We are not in some prison, we have the right to choose.

      Now exercise it!

  • nevermind

    O/T Watched last nights BBC awful hatchet piece, their twisted ways of re directing the guilt from the goons that let him die Seth Rich in hospital, to the Russians and their interference in the DNC selections, allegedly.

    The attack on him was mention fleetingly and a neighbour saw him lift his head and make a gesture as to say ‘what was that?’. Then one sentence explained his death in hospital, nothing about the ambulance that got him there. All that followed was conspiracy series that were backed by scrupulous money men within the republican movement trying to make out that it was all done to hurt Trump. Off course Julian Assange and the email trail came up, but unfortunately balance went out of the window as nobody dared to interview an incommunicado Julian who could not defend himself, the usual BBC stitch up.

    Questions remain.

    Was Seth Rich moved to hospital by ambulance, by the police, or by another unknown vehicle?
    Did one of the surgeon spoke out saying’ that he was alive and well, sitting up talking to doctors and nurses’.?

    Were doctors and nurses ushered out of his room by persons unknown who demanded that all medical staff leave?
    What happened to Seth Rich and who was present in his room during his stay?

    Seth Rich did not dies on the streets were he was attacked, so who is covering up events leading to the end of his life, his last hours?

    Lastly, when will the BBC start being dismantled and aligned to the security services they serve and cooperate with? Why not change its name to the ‘Hawhaw corporation of perceived believes’?

    • Sharp Ears

      Missed it Nevermind. Could you say on which channel and it’s title?


      • nevermind

        You have missed not very much, Sharp ears, but I’m sure its available on iplayer.

        Panorama BBC 2, who killed Seth Rich.
        Have that sick bag handy…;)

  • Loony

    Your writing on the Skripal case is admirable and displays great insight. Why then muddy the waters by banging on about Spain? – a country which you manifestly know little about.

    Whatever your opinion may be, Spain will never surrender Catalonia and will pay absolutely any price to maintain unity. As neither you nor the Catalans are prepared to pay such a price then Spain wins. End of story.

    Scotland has become a sick joke – a country that all decent people recoil from in disgust and horror. By subterfuge, by lies and by deceit Scotland has managed to successfully criminalize comedy. If recent court cases are anything to go by how long will it be until Scotland starts demanding the extradition of John Cleese and other members of the Monty Python team in order to prosecute them for “hate comedy”?

    Hey Scotland don’t you think the joker laughs at you?

      • Republicofscotland

        Or it could be Kelvin Mackenzie, you know how much he loves the Scots.?

    • kathy

      If you are talking about the Glasgow bin lorry tweet, the guy was from Sunderland (in England) and he was arrested by the Northumbria police. Apart from the sick subject matter which you appear to think is funny what has this to do with Scotland? You are loony alright.

      • Loony

        If I am a loony pray tell what is someone who cannot distinguish between Coatbridge in Lanarkshire and Sunderland in England.

        Before you leap up and down in moral outrage over a “sick subject matter” try to remember that Sheriff Derick O’Carroll has some form in the Scottish justice system. For it was Sheriff O’Carroll who criminalized a homeless man in Stirling (also in Scotland) for being in possession of a toy gun that was fluorescent orange and constructed entirely of plastic.

        It is possible that the gun was fluorescent orange and plastic because under the law that was deemed sufficient to distinguish it from a real gun and hence make its possession legal. Luckily none of that stopped Sheriff O;Carroll from handing down a guilty verdict.

        What we have for entertainment is a Scottish judicial system that despises both comedians and the homeless. Maybe the population are content with this as they are still struggling to determine whether Coatbridge and Stirling are in Scotland or England.

        • kathy

          Why pick on Scotland particularly when England’s judicial system is even worse?

        • fred

          When you’ve nowhere warm to sleep and you haven’t eaten lately prison can start looking more like a reward than a punishment.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            People have been taught that to be treated decently smacks of socialism, and they despise that.

            Is Craig locked up somewhere?

    • Rhys Jaggar

      Well perhaps if the english made it a hate crime for Jocks to insult the English……

      Oh and make it a crime to vote SNP and work for the hateful English…..or in England whatsoever for that matter……

  • Node

    Winnie Mandela, R.I.P

    I wonder were the smears and media attacks justified, or was their purpose to discredit her in case she spoke about her husband being a British agent?

    • Republicofscotland

      She certainly loved her jewellery, well according to this she did.

      “In 1986 Winnie Mandela, then-wife of the imprisoned Nelson Mandela, stated “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country” which was widely seen as an explicit endorsement of necklacing.”

  • mike

    Strange. BBC radio news has been punting the “UK might have done it” line from Lavrov all day. Wonders never cease. I suppose it was such a spectacularly inept false flag that even the beeb can’t swallow the fairy-tale indefinitely. Silence from the Maybot and her clowns. What now for the “strong and stable” Iron Lady Mk2?

    Maybe MI5 outsourced the job to Vic n Bob.

    What is the French connection?

    Don’t say an early 70s thriller.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      The BBC are in self preservation mode: thay have no loyalty to UK, only themselves…..

  • mike

    Perhaps it’s because today is Easter Monday.

    The media will get a new steer from Madame Wrexit tomorrow to put a stop to any wayward lines of inquiry.

  • Aidworker1

    Following Craig’s DDOS attack I note David Icke’s site has been down 2 days now.

    He also reported Craig’s doubts that Russia was responsible for the Skripols.

      • BrianFujisan

        Sorry Aidworker 1

        I went to check it out and it was fine..Now I see from my link it is Down again.. I think we can expect more of this targetting Non MsM sites..Craig may indeed have great techies onboard

        • Aidworker1

          Thanks Brian,

          I’m no expert but the link says he’s using Cloudflare which should protect him DDOS – perhaps it’s something else?

  • Sharp Ears

    Should I say thanks Nevermind? Wasn’t it dreadful. The BBC must have spent a fortune making it. It had high production values. All those talking heads and faces but saying nothing. Nobody was any the wiser at the end and far too many quotes from Murdoch’s Fox News.*

    It would be better if they all did a proper day of real work.

    * Murdoch has been shedding some of his empire which comes under the umbrella of 21st Century Fox. “Spun off”!!!

    ‘On December 14, 2017, The Walt Disney Company announced plans to acquire 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion after the spin-off of certain businesses; this will include key assets such as 20th Century Fox, FX Networks, National Geographic Partners, its regional sports networks, and its international networks. Assets such as the Fox television network, Fox News Channel, and most of Fox Sports will be spun off into an independent company run by the Murdoch family.’

  • nevermind

    yes Sharp Ears, I feel like a collar joint doused in sweet marinade, and now after twelve hours or ‘madinattion’ my buttered underside is screaming on a hot Grill whilst the top is hoping that the BBq’er is not too pissed to remember when to turn me over.

    wakey, there are some forces at play trying to mull us into empirical acceptance.
    Gove and Cambridge Analytical are pals, the lot is a logistic means to get to a required end, their requirements that is.

    The UN knows that Israel is committing war crimes right now, its obvious by the twisting turning US vote, because Bibi has just given his third explanation in six hours as to where he would like to shove off African migrants to, some of the Jewish faith. I’ll give him till the weekend, but lets beware of Liebermann, he will want the top job and he’s and ex bouncer/

    • N_

      Lieberman – the guy who threatened to nuke Gaza.

      (And yes this could be done with low-yield nukes which wouldn’t endanger Iςrael’s own population much.)

      I wonder how those African migrants entered “Iςrael”. Have second-level gangsters in the Znazi pyramid been running their own operations? Or have the rulers rushed to import labour to do the shit work, replacing Arab labour (there are already large numbers of Filipino and Thai workers in “Iςrael”, as well as Russians and Chinese), to such an extent that they imported more than they needed? This is after they drove millions of native inhabitants from their homes. It’s crime against humanity for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

      • Laguerre

        “I wonder how those African migrants entered “Iςrael”. ”

        I think most of them crossed the Egyptian Sinai border, before Israel put up a continuous fence.

  • bliss_porsena

    “I am not a criminal” wails Puidgemont from jail.

    See how close you came, Quisling Sturgeon?

    There’s an EAW with your name on it, if you relapse into secessionism.

  • Dan Japan

    If Sturgeon hasn’t got the Gahonas to take us forward, then ship out and let those who lubricate for the Scottish people resolve her impending doom, treading water is dysfunctional, seems she’s stuck in a groove with no intention of taking the bit in her teeth and creating the momentum we need now, sooner rather than the cop-out of later, as the opportunity fades and slips away.

    In my opinion the SNP leadership are in such a rush to point the finger of blame at Russia, reference the Novichok Nerve agent nonsense, even some of the most hard-line ardent supporters are aghast at the knee jerk reactions played out before the “Actual proof of evidence” has been laid on the table, and that has not been factored into any coherent sensible decisions, making people wonder what this SNP government are up to, as everything to date is conjured up by supposition followed by assertion. To suit what can only be an agenda that is far greater than the basis of the actual truth.

    I very much wonder, at those we gave support for, and our expectation of them to do the right thing for us, on the mandates and promises we were given by them to support firstly our main objective of independence, however that same support for the SNP seems to be getting lost in Scottish minds and our interpretation of those promises are becoming broken as they seem to be following into line all to easily toward Union ideology, and presenting themselves to a Westminster union of consensus.a sense of pending betrayal looms.

    These revelations are being taken for granted by the SNP and all other party colours, without first observing outside the media frenzy and government suggestions, that are impressing propaganda from sterile media environments without any credible challenge being allowed to express the other view point, very much in tune with the fair access to balanced media platforms during the Indyref 2014, where an unfair bias was employed to structure a heavy unfair balance toward Union support, Such as Alex Salmond being twinned with Koreas “Kim Jung Un”. So I’m wondering why Nicola Sturgeon supporting Theresa May’s views, would impress her stance on Russia without that final proof of irrefutable evidence after the facts, and not before the seal of guilt has been stamped displaying that evidence of proof.

    Others last week who were more than peeved about the information that was circling on the Skripal nonsense fed in from a clouded agenda, not noticeable until that veneer of democracy starts to fade, as the opaque covering will never reveal a meaningful transparency, because a convoluted system is in place, and the one sided field event in action because the other side have been refused access to play the UK security services game of hide and seek, not appreciated by those who don’t like people to have an opinion, and when the BBC gave Porton Down a sterile platform to reassure the public they have it all under control, the face of “Gary Aitkinhead” who is a new employee at the chemical laboratory site, where his previous post was at motorola communications, it begs the question with that experience, how is he really positioned to comment on Nuclear biological and chemical exposure with any credible worth, the guy’s employment history on LinkedIn does not instill the confidence one would expect from a seasoned laboratory boffins.

    But regardless all that aside, the tightening down by interfering security agencies from GCHQ MI5 and MI6 will be causing far greater mischief if there ever is a further indeyref2, there will be much tighter control over freedom of speech and controls on social media, and will be tight bordering on impossible to air the truth.rules of purda will be broken immediately, and propaganda will be pouring out the media and all nooks and crannies. Then the dream of those who support and want independence will evaporate, and certainly wont happen in this lifetime, for those who think that it will, you have a serious struggle ahead as the net is closing in tight. as Sturgeon is loosing the grip of intention, and the momentum as she settles for complacency and secure personal interest, we have got all they are willing to give, and that is what the senior SNP have settled for.

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