The Elephant In The Room 284

Nerve agents including Sarin and VX are manufactured by the British Government in Porton Down, just 8 miles from where Sergei Skripal was attacked. The official British government story is that these nerve agents are only manufactured “To help develop effective medical countermeasures and to test systems”.

The UK media universally accepted that the production of polonium by Russia was conclusive evidence that Vladimir Putin was personally responsible for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. In the case of Skripal, po-faced articles like this hilarious one in the Guardian speculate about where the nerve agent could possibly have come from – while totally failing to mention the fact that incident took place only eight miles from the largest stock of nerve agent in western Europe.

The investigation comprises multiple strands. Among them is whether there is any more of the nerve agent in the UK, and where it came from.

Chemical weapons experts said it was almost impossible to make nerve agents without training. “This needs expertise and a special place to make it or you will kill yourself. It’s only a small amount, but you don’t make this in your kitchen,” one said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commanding officer at the UK’s chemical, biological and nuclear regiment, said: “This is pretty significant. Nerve agents such as sarin and VX need to be made in a laboratory. It is not an insufficient task. Not even the so-called Islamic State could do it.”

Falling over themselves in the rush to ramp up the Russophobia, the Guardian quotes

“One former senior Foreign Office adviser suggested the Kremlin was taking advantage of the UK’s lack of allies in the US and EU. He said the British government was in a “weaker position” than in 2006 when two Kremlin assassins poisoned the former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko with a radioactive cup of tea.

The adviser said the use of nerve agent suggested a state operation…”

It certainly does. But the elephant in the room is – which state?

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284 thoughts on “The Elephant In The Room

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  • Eivind Carlsen

    Is Sarin used in the NHS nowadays??? The therapeutic spectrum was pretty slim – does it even exist anymore?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Doubtless Oliver Kamm will be back shortly giving his valuable opinion. He took the opportunity to tweet his first altercation with you, to which I added:

    “As I recall, Prospect Magazine had to alter your written article to remove the false allegations you made against @CraigMurrayOrg at the time. Remember that? J”

  • Edo

    The first newsflash I saw said that there had been an incident involving fentanyl.

    • N_

      Nurses handl Fentanyl every day without wearing chemical weapons and radiation suits complete with gas masks and oxygen tanks on their backs, as were evidence among responders in Salisbury.

  • N_

    Some observations

    As well as the utter hypocrisy over chemical weapon, what’s also hilarious is how Britgov and its journos are trying to limit the damage to MI6’s reputation among potential and actual sources. To that market, this story appears as follows: “British secret service recruits foreign source, gives him sanctuary in Britain, then fails to protect him”.

    They’re probably largely pissing into the wind, but here’s what they’ve done.

    a) At first, they put the words “Russian” and “spy” close together, e.g. in “Russian spy case”. In other words, they’re implying that Mr Skripal (not mentioning his daughter for a moment) is a dirty rotter. Of course agent handlers and other intelligence officers will view someone of his ilk as a traitor and a boorish foreigner to boot, even if they recruited him not using ideology or money but principally using blackmail. But it ain’t good policy to shout that from the rooftops if you want to continue recruiting sources and to keep your existing ones happy and at least reasonably trusting.

    b) Now they are coming out straight with the simple noun phrase “Russian spy”. The BBC’s “diplomatic correspondent” – a man who some might speculate receives a dual income – has spewed out some dribblings under this headline: “Russian spy: What now for the UK/Russia relationship?

    Odd, eh? Because they don’t often refer to Kim Philby, when he was living in Russia, as a “British spy”.

    MI6 have definitely taken a hit here. If Britain is behind this attack – which is only one possibility – you have to wonder why such damage would be assessed as worth sustaining, and what may be around the corner.

    Is Yulia Skripal a Russian citizen? If so, and assuming she is not also a British citizen, then she has a right to contact the Russian consulate. Has she? Or has she applied for asylum instead? Is she even conscious?

    • N_

      I offer the following as a hypothesis only.

      If Britain was behind this attack (which as I say is only one possibility), might they be sending a message to Russgov? “If you keep on hitting us with cyber and psywar, we’ll hit you with chemical and biological weapons”?

      The possibility of a Korean connection niggles. Look what happened after the Sochi Olympics. It can’t be a coincidence that the British statement that a nerve agent was used came only hours after the US statement that Kim Jong-Un’s brother was murdered in Malaysia using VX.

  • extreme builder

    Completely off topic sorry. I came by Mr Murray from a link from `The Needleblog` several years ago, a blog that informed the world re. child sex abuse in the UK. This site has a searchable database for institutions involved, or not, in the abuse of children. Take a look at those institutions near you.
    I don`t normally comment here because I made an early mistake and criticised Mr. Goss by error the last time I tried, sorry Mr Goss.
    I`m here today because the world seems to be sliding downhill into madness. I read the daily nonsense in the msm and am appalled at the COMPLETE LACK of any coverage of the ongoing child abuse enquiry. The IICSA website looks as if it`s designed to make it difficult to follow the precedings, have a look and tell me it`s not….
    A Swedish friend had a run in with the local French establishment today and asked what the English word/phrase would be for the attitude shown by the official twat that she had dealt with. We English don`t have a word for laughing at someone elses misfortune.
    Schadenfreude, is as good as it gets, surely the English have a word for that, we`ve been doing it for decades and still are, re. IICSA.
    A side note to Mr Opmoc, Thank you Sir for making me smile and for making me stand up and take notice.
    Mr Murray you are a gem.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      extreme builder, Thank you. If you want more evidence on child abuse, then the strongest I have seen is Dr Sally Baker, though I find it extremely depressing, and distressing to read. When you click on a link, you have to scroll down to read the detail. Not for the faint hearted. Tony

      “Behind The Facade – Service Shenanigans”

      “Thirty Years of the Mental Health Services – Mostly in North Wales”

  • Republicofscotland

    If indeed Skripal is actually in intensive care, and this glaring ommission by the media and government, suggests that the nerve agent could’ve come from a nearby area. One has to now wonder who’s actually behind the event.

    The rabid British media, has in the last 48 hours claimed it was Russia, no hard evidence however has been forthcoming to back up such outrageous statements yet.

    Still, it’s clear to one and all that Russia will be blamed no matter what.

    Looking at it from Boris Johnson’s point of view, even if Russia is culpable, what on earth could Johnson do about it? Spout a few condescending platitudes, or threaten that England would boycott the World Cup in Russia-the latter would save us all the usual 66 we won rhetoric, that we hear on a regular basis.

    • N_

      More will come out. Not “truth”, but stuff. Never mind Boris fucking Johnson. He’s just some front-of-stage wanker on the telly.

      Consider video footage. There must be loads. That they are putting out stuff that’s a week old showing Mr Skripal in a shop suggests they may be queering the pitch with regard to what else might appear from much closer to the time the hit occurred.

      They haven’t found the woman with the red bag and the guy she was with yet, right? They don’t seem to be shouting too loud that they want to find those two either.

      My feeling is that even if they knew the team were in a departure lounge, or more likely in several, they’d happily let them fly out.

      There are a few other possibilities here than a British job or a Russian job.

      • nevermind

        Yes I was wondering what the most CCTV’d country in Europe has done with all the footage. I’m also sure that this man and his accomplices, whoever that might be, are of some interest to those who want to know what he’s getting up to.
        Secondly, As a first response in a possible attack with chemical agents of any sort, if suspected, would be to bring in a decontamination tent.
        I did see many people in suits and masks, but no decontamination taking place, and I can’t see that the BBC would have failed to get such an ‘action shot’ the spread for all the bile they are throwing at Russia in gross generalisation.

  • Simon CH

    There is much to admire about Craig Murray the man, his writings and his courageous career, but his paranoid russophilia isn’t one of them.

  • N_

    I of course hope that Mr Skripal, his daughter, the injured police officer and anyone else hurt in this attack makes a full recovery.

    But there are some amusing sides to this. And one of them is that the posh scum who own Britain are running around looking like fucking idiots cowering behind dustbin lids, lying through their teeth, foaming at the mouth with double standards.

    As well as their obvious hypocrisy over chemical weapons, they’re also saying that members of the “royal” family might now stay away from a football match in Russia. Oo er!!! If the public schoolboys who used to run an empire on which the Sun never set decide that the Russian government sent an assassination squad onto its territory, straight into the middle of the army town of Salisbury, right close to the famous Cathedral and a few miles from Stonehenge, and hit some people with a military weapon, a nerve agent – and the victims may die as a result – then…watch out, Johnny Foreigner! The government of gentlemen’s clubs is going to wave an awfully big stick at you! The Navy? Nope! They’re going to pull some members of their royal family out of watching a football game!

    How they must be shitting their pants guffawing in the Kremlin.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      N_, Whilst that was funny, I very much doubt if the “posh scum” are concerned in the slightest. The have had no significant effect on anything, since Princess Diana was assassinated, except being kind of instrumental in an exceedingly good street party in our road, though none of them actually turned up. Tony

    • Sharp Ears

      Her Maj has been busy with the Chief Headchopper elect at lunch. Tonight he is dining with the next king and the one who follows..

      • SA

        The non-elected chief hradchopper in waiting receives blessings from a non elected queen. Reminding us that the Saudi Royal Family was created by the British empire, maybe not entirely in its image but to serve its purposes.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Whilst I considered the possibily of an accidental release, due to the proximity of Porton Down, that was a few hours before the identity of the first victim had been published, and all the press were blaming fentanyl, which was ludicrous when combined with the photography of Hazmat suits.

    Now that we know the victim is a spy, and his daughter, any accidental release theory makes no sense, unless the spy was actually working at Porton Down, which seems to me highly unlikely, given his history.

    Maybe Craig still has inside contacts, from his employment history, that may give him more information than the rest of us, but I can’t believe the British deliberately did it so close to Porton Down, and in almost all circumstances an accidental release is also ruled out, unless he was actually working there.

    That however leaves several other options, assuming the poison, was identical to that produced at Porton Down.

    The Russians had no incentive, particularly at this point in time.

    Other state actors may well have done, using their own sources

    The ultimate propaganda result would be to further divide the UK (we need Russian energy) and Russia (they think all the West has gone completely mad).

    The Americans are that crazy as are the other unmentionable lot.

    Personally, I think the entire thing was faked, with British connivance.

    Don’t believe a word that is published even if father spy and daughter are pronounced dead.

    They may both have simply been paid a lot of money, to relocate somewhere else, where no one will notice them, as was the case in Salisbury.

    It’s all in the propaganda. It is far safer, and less messy to fake it rather than to actually murder people. The propaganda effect is identical, and it would be relatively easy to pull it off in Salisbury, cos a significant percentage of the population would already be on “the team”.


    • N_

      I can’t believe the British deliberately did it so close to Porton Down.

      As I said above, in the “Britgov did it” scenario, they may have been sending a message to Russgov.

      What damage does it do to Britgov that the attack occurred close to Porton Down rather than somewhere else in Britain? In which market? It’s not as if half a million protestors will now march in Whitehall at the weekend demanding British chemical disarmament.

    • mark golding

      The subliminal seduction in this latest Hazmat ruse conveys a certain conditioning to chemical/biological warfare.

      Putin in his Presidential address broke the peacocks feathers in a mortifying US/UK check-mate that crushed our nuclear posture. With preemption, proxy, color revolution and regime change circumvented, consigned to yesterdays oblivion, Britain and America need a momentum, an impetus else god help us, succumb to Eastern dichotomy and Russian power.

      That final thrust is in this mad world is the witches henbane, the cardiac glycosides and the Porton Down apothecary. Truly terrifrying (I know) ‘cold cure (sic)’ genetic manipulation of pandemic viruses that will kill millions lacking the antigen keys.

      That my friends is todays new pair of antlers, a new mane; yes- positively heinous yet nevertheless intended to push back.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    I see I was right about the nerve agent ( which consists of an ACE or, more generally, MAO inhibitor , Goss – have fun with that). Whether or not it is manufactured at Porton Down, currently, I obviously don’t know, and I wonder how you do. Not much information gets out of Porton regarding its activities. There are other sources of nerve agents, of course, but naturally SIS prefers to shit on its own back door and open itself up to the all-too predictable conspiracy theory. Another state which has probable form for nerve gas is Syria, most but not all of whose stockpiles were handed over to Russia for destruction, and another is N. Korea.

    Means, motive, opportunity.
    Means, therefore, any of these, and let’s not forget that other ME paradise either.
    Motive: we paid rather a lot of money to Skripal to settle here, and almost certainly invested more in doing what we could to ensure his security. Bit of a waste to off him, then. The RT-endorsed version is that we did it to make Russia look bad. Russia stinks already. How could that work? Our relations with Russia are at an all-time low now, following the time two ex-KGB thugs were documented accompanying a trail of polonium round London and home again.
    Or maybe we did it to discredit Putin in advance of the forthcoming ‘election’? Fat chance. The nationalists would love him even more for following through on his recorded promise to kill traitors to his system. Or the Russians did it to show we couldn’t protect said traitors? That’s a little more credible, and it may even be true. The voices punting that one are distinctly trollish, and may be stating what Putin in handwashing mode, can never admit, if only because that would expose him as an aggressor, which is the persona he will deny to the death, or lose all international credibility, such as it is.

    There’s another story, though, and that involves Christopher Steele. Who was an SIS agent in Russia when Skripal was working for Russia… and maybe was responsible for turning him.. Steele was later the case officer for the enquiry into Litvinenko’s murder. And Steele, remember, published a dossier on the connection between Trump and Putin. If Skripal had supplied Steele with nuggets of information on this, contrary to a prior undertaking not to continue his work for the UK, that would be something of a motive for a public and painful wet job, too. By Putin. Or even Trump.

    Opportunity: Probably none at Skripal’s house; he’d have been securitied up to the eyeballs, and was probably watched by us. But SIS could have got in at any time they pleased, and been unsuspected, too. If SIS wanted to do away with Skripal, why do it with an extremely hazardous poison in a public place, exposing the assassin, public and emergency workers to the material? Unless they wanted to send a message to someone…and they didn’t, because they’d have to claim responsibility – and it really doesn’t look like they will.

    But the public-place murder is familiar, documented territory for our Russian friends, isn’t it? The only thing puzzling me slightly is the timing. Nerve agents act very fast, and a spray would endanger the assassin. Maybe further details will emerge of the delivery system Which may well be original. Russian murderers like original. With added terror.

    Blast from the past:
    With Russia under increasing pressure from sanctions and increasingly isolated from the West, the authorities are raising the spectre of traitors, turncoats and internal enemies to ensure that it’s not the Kremlin that Russians blame for their country’s problems. (2014)

    Yeah, yeah. I know. BBC liars, fake news, propaganda. Putin’s God’s Own Anointed Orthodox Tsar Illuminated by the Sun Shining from his Ringpiece. Yawn.

    • N_

      Another state which has probable form for nerve gas is Syria
      Supplied by?

      Unless (SIS) wanted to send a message to someone…and they didn’t, because they’d have to claim responsibility – and it really doesn’t look like they will.
      It’s not true that they would have to “claim responsibility”. You are assuming that the intended recipient for the message gets their information from taking what’s in the media at face value. If SIS did it and the intended recipient was the FSB, that wouldn’t be the case.

      (T)he public-place murder is familiar, documented territory for our Russian friends, isn’t it?
      So what?

    • Ben

      “The voices punting that one are distinctly trollish..”

      Do they notice their own body odor?

      • Ba'al Zevul

        They don’t have bodies, Ben. They are suprarational hyperintelligences operating in the woo dimension.

    • SA

      And another thing: Sarin makes you froth copiously at the mouth. Don’t know what VX does but the two did not have this symptom.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        The woman did, according to one later report. It’s not an invariable symptom – depends on dose among other things – but it is common to all the organophosphorus MAOI war gases as far as I know, because the mechanism of poisoning is identical at the cellular level.

        It may yet emerge that the hospitalised policeman -still seriously ill- tried to give one of the victims artificial respiration. If so , a strong pointer to the compound having been inhaled by the victim.

        More generally, to the various nitpickers who are extremely anxious that no hint of blame should attach to Mother Russia –
        look, I know all of you would love this to have been done by our sinister spooks, but you really haven’t a leg to stand on so far. You have no more information than I have. Apply Occam’s Razor to what we do have. And stop pretending that if Putin or anyone else were behind this they’d say so.

  • Bob Apposite

    I’m not really following this.
    Do they know for a fact they were “attacked”?
    I mean, is it possible that they tried to make a buy (or sale) of a nerve agent or something and got exposed?

    The fact that they were found on a bench 8 miles from a place that makes nerve agents suggest many other possibilities.

    • fred

      It is no mystery they were in Salisbury, that is where the lived so if they were assassinated it was always going to be in Salisbury as how it happened. They were probably housed there because there is a large security presence there associated with Porton Down, it would make sense.

      • SA

        Similarly Fred it wouldn’t make sense that they were housed there for security but at the same time his address could be easily found, and the daughter just comes and goes to Russia.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          ‘Came and went’, I think we’ll have to say. Even if she survives, the likelihood is that she will be severely and permanently damaged.

        • SA

          I made no such allegations Ba’al. It is hard to think that MI6 would do this as it is that the Russian secret services did it because there is no logical motivation. However the jury is out but the case has been highly politicised before we know anything.

  • N_

    The Zionists provoked the Russia-Georgia war of 2008. Gotta realise that WW3 is coming anyway.

    Did you get that according to an Ana Skripal lives with a Vladimir Gorkov? Banker Sergei Gorkov famously met with Jared Kushner, who’s having a spot of bother right now. I wonder whether they might be related. A US connection to Salisbury is possible., for those who don’t remember, were the first distributor of Richard Tomlinson’s book (published in Moscow) in Britain.

  • Je

    Which state?

    Lets see… which one has a history of carrying out similar assassinations… passed a law specifically to make this type of assassination legal… and views this man as a traitor…?

    I hardly think that thinking it might be that country,.. amounts to a display of a phobia. More like adding two and two.

  • Ben

    A famous Barnum and Bailey elephant was known as Jumbo, but he had nothing on the World’s richest oligarch Pootie , except shite production ..plenty of that is made every day.

  • Loony

    What difference does any of this make?

    The British are so mendacious as to be capable of almost anything – plenty of historical record to support this contention..

    The Russians have a prima facia motive and are almost as capable as the British of sending death squads around the world.

    Imagine if you could prove beyond all doubt (or to the same extent that you proved that Iraq was full of WMD) that this is a Russian operation. What exactly are you going to do about it? The Russians despise you and they regard you with open contempt. Maybe you could boycott the world cup – forego a chance of winning the big prize to prove your moral superiority. By happy coincidence you will buy yourself more time to expand and monetize the human trafficking operation that you like to call the Premier League.

    Anything more than this and the Russians will most likely kill you. The British are so spineless that even if this was a Russian operation then they may decide to blame themselves anyway.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      I assume you are an American, and have no great understanding of British culture. However, i do like a lot of your posts.

      This is from my own expereince, and of friends who have travelled to Russia. It is also from my expereince of Russians I have met in the UK, and in various other places in the world.

      The Russians do not despise us British. They actually rather like us – a bit like the Dutch – and The Feeling is Mutual. We also like The Dutch, and The Russians. Most of us can’t stand the French, we even slightly prefer The Germans, but that is only because they are slightly more polite…

      But the Russians, tend to have the same kind of sense of humour as us British. they are actually very generous, and can drink even more alcohol than the Scottish, and still make sense, whilst us English pass out under the table.

      I am not talking about politicians here. None of us ever dicuss those creeps.

      Just normal people, you meet socialising, on holiday, or through employment.

      Americans used to be great too. But you guys seriously lost the plot about 15 years ago.

      We meet far more Russians now.


      • Bob Apposite

        I’m American too – but since all you guys ever seem to whine about here is BBC “Russophobia” I’m going to assume maybe you guys aren’t the mainstream opinion in Britain.

        Plus, I think Loony’s probably more right than wrong. Sure, Russia “likes” you.
        But you don’t stand up to them – so why wouldn’t they? They like your passivity.
        Like is not “respect”.

        • Bob Apposite

          What exactly have Russians done to harm Americans?

          Well, let’s see. They poison our elections with all sorts of propaganda, misinformation, & madness.

          It appears that they export crime & corruption here as well.

          They stir up anti-minority sentiment against African Americans, Muslims, and LGBTs.

          And they express open contempt for us.

          None of that is “helpful” or “friendly”.

          “We all worked together in WWII to defeat complete and utter evil.”
          Don’t live in the past.

          I worked with an ex-Russian guy who immigrated to America with his family. Nice, intelligent guy. He had NOTHING good to say about Russia though.

          Sorry – Russia is not currently our “friend”. Their posture to us is not currently “friendly”.

        • SA

          You wrote:
          “What exactly have Russians done to harm Americans?

          Well, let’s see. They poison our elections with all sorts of propaganda, misinformation, & madness.”

          Even if they did, and there has not been any concrete evidence, they must have done it with the collaboration of some highly placed Americans, for example , your president who was elected by the American people.

          “It appears that they export crime & corruption here as well.”
          Crime and corruption has been rife in the US , have you forgotten the mafia and its links to the state?

          “They stir up anti-minority sentiment against African Americans, Muslims, and LGBTs.”
          The stirring of anti African American hatred is deep seated and only recently in the 60’s have racist laws been repealed in the US, nothing to do with Russia.

          The state wants you to have an external bogeyman to blame for its shortcomings.

  • N_

    @Craig – If Yulia Skripal is conscious and asks to contact the Russian consulate, then (if she holds Russian and not British citizenship) presumably the Brits must allow her to. But if she is unconscious, would it be normal to allow her to be visited by a medic working for the consulate if they so request? Surely somehow the consulate must be allowed to ensure the wellbeing of a Russian citizen who has experienced misfortunes in a foreign country – unless she has claimed asylum, right? Nobody has suggested she may have committed any wrongdoing.

    • N_

      No diplomatic expulsions yet, then. Nor any financial sanctions either. Lots of “dirty Russkies” stories in the British media, though. Are the poshies all mouth and no trousers? Maybe they got debagged?

      Wait a minute…some fucking “royal” duke might not go to a football match. That’ll teach the foreign johnnies, right? What’s next – will Prince Michael of Kent cease his activities in Russia? Trying to think what the equivalent of a duke is nowadays in that country. Putin hasn’t got any grand dukes in his government, but perhaps he can ask a gas sheikh not to watch a cricket match?

  • Dave Lawton

    Porton Down nearly had me for their experiments in the 1950`s .They said it was research on the Common Cold and the reward was two weeks free leave.My intuition told me to give it a miss.I`m glad I did.
    “Final agony of RAF volunteer killed by sarin – in Britain
    As the inquest into the death of a ‘human guinea pig’ at Porton Down opens, a witness breaks 50 years’ silence to recount the horrors he saw”

    • Dave Lawton

      Tony. Yes Porton Down were also involved in pushing LSD 25 and created quite a few acid causality`s and have a lot to answer for.

      “The Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, has paid thousands of pounds in compensation to servicemen who were fed LSD without their consent in clandestine mind-control experiments in the 1950s. MI6 has agreed an out-of-court settlement with the men, who said they were duped into taking part in the experiments and had waited years to learn the truth.”

    • mark golding

      Yes Dave we got £10 and a weeks leave – I was on HMS London at the time, a flag-ship and the admiral was a stickler for tradition hence ‘Queen and country’ was an inducement.

  • Ben

    Elephant in drag..

    “In August 1903, a small band of dedicated but argumentative political activists held a fractious conference in London.

    It consisted of Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and about 50 other committed agitators who wanted to overthrow the autocratic rule of the Russian Tsar. Their quarrels might have seemed minor at the time, but they have rippled out across history.

    This was when the Russian revolutionary movement divided into the two rival factions of Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. And a key vote happened in a pub in Islington.”

  • Sharp Ears

    Guess who BBC South Today had on to talk about nerve agents?

    Our very own Hamish de Bretton Gordon. How the nerves are destroyed. Only ‘a state’ has access to them. etc etc.

    Then they spoke to the Salisbury MP John Glen.

    ‘Early in 2004, he returned to the Conservative Party to work as Deputy Director of the Conservative Research Department in the run-up to the 2005 general election. He then became Director of the Department and set up the secretariat for the policy review that was established after David Cameron became party leader.

    He returned to business in 2006, managing his firm’s relationship with the World Economic Forum.

    He became a Magistrate (JP) at Horseferry Road, Westminster in 2006.

    In 2015 he completed a MA in International Security and Strategy, with distinction, at King’s College London through the Royal College of Defence Studies.’

    He is now a minister in the Treasury.

    They are desperate to see Russia’s name in the

  • David Marchesi

    it is preposterous to hint that the English would do such a thing !!! We are just too decent and much too nice to ever do anything caddish or underhanded.
    The comical thing is that my parody is, sub-consciously for the most part, the canon in this benighted post-modern country, where critical thinking has declined disastrously ever since the Empire (Swift, Cobbett, the Chartists etc) Essentially, a class matter, though there may well be a residual “race” element, with the Celts and Northerners probably less convinced than the Home Counties chaps and chappesses. The Augean stables of the public school boys and girls must be swept away. Truly, con-men.
    Always to remember that human beings are involved, even if they are “traitors” etc. A sad business.

  • Hieroglyph

    The Guardian is a joke. State disinfo, Big Trans, plus a whole Red Guard cadre of feminists, that’s what it’s become. Hey I quite like Van Badham, but much of the rest appear to be aimed for teen girls. And dare to query their wage gap mantra, and your comment gets axed completely. Never confuse statistics with facts: statistics are way more malleable, as any fule know. And anyway, if women are paid less that’s a shame, but hey men get killed more in wars, and die earlier – so, you know, life’s unfair. There is more than one issue in the world, feminists, think holistically.

    They are all a joke: The Oligarch Express, printing lies day after day, and smugly feigning to speak truth to power. If they ever glimpsed power, they would blow it.

    Rant over. It’s annoying though.

  • N_

    In the Independent:

    “(A) former associate, Valery Morozov, said he believed Mr Skripal had not completely stepped away from his old life.”

    “’Every month [he was] going to the Russian embassy to meet military intelligence officers’, he told Channel 4 News, claiming that that the former double agent was keeping ‘dangerous’ company and working in cyber security.”

    “The Russian Embassy said they were not aware of any meetings.”

    Probably because they didn’t happen. Valery Morozov is this guy, an exiled “construction magnate”.

  • Wirral In It Together

    Was this article by newbie Jim Waterson?

    When he bailed out of Buzzfeed recently, I accused him of fleeing his lifeboat only to clamber aboard the Titanic.

    My tweet was greeted by silence obvs.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Tim Veater,

      Best analysis I’ve seen. You go into great depth, and provide far more detail from local sources, rather than just the mainstream, and pose all the logical questions. Does this make any sense? How come the press interviewed her?

      Thank You,


      • mark golding

        Blogspot says it all Tony_Opmoc – I have been waiting for the agent Novichok-5 to appear; granted it is too fast acting for the narrative and timing is critical – remember the London bombings and the cancelled train?.

    • SA

      Good analysis but I disagree with you in two points, the Litvinenko case is not proven and neither is the Syrian Government’s use of Sarin.

  • S McDonald

    Yes why not ramp up tbe Russia-phobia when only last week ‘Comrade Corbyn was a Commie spy’ was the headline.

  • Ruth

    ‘ Not even the so-called Islamic State could do it” Sarin was sent from Libya along with masses of weapons to the West’s ‘moderate’ jihadists in Syria

  • Hieroglyph

    Galloway also stating that this Russian fella may have had links to the infamous ‘dodgy dossier’, which I presume means the stupid Trump one, rather than the stupid Iraq one. If it’s the Trump one, look for links to Clinton. She’s always in the picture, like a buzzard at a famine.

  • James

    I don’t believe this couple were attacked

    As far as we know they visited a restaurant in a shopping centre, a pub and were found in a public park, where they were observed by many passers by.

    How was this “nerve agent” administered – was there a struggle?

    When was it administered? They were in public places

    And by who – and why

    This guy was a nobody as far as the Russians were concerned

    The answer lies in his life in the UK as a British spy.

    Cut bono?? We don’t know enough about this guys life in the UK for the past 8 years to speculate

    Amber Rudd didn’t speculate she towed back from the nonsense spouted by Boris and the media

    Fentanyl is dangerous to those who take it and medical staff – look at the examples in the USA.

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