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The government is putting up the Chief Scientist at Porton Down to give a press interview on Sky News this afternoon on the Skripal affair.

If the government were not confident he would implicate the Russian state, they would not be doing this. But nevertheless I would be surprised if the Chief Scientist were to lie outright*, and we need to study his language very carefully. Much of course will depend on the questioning, and undoubtedly Sky News (a Fox affiliate) has been selected as unlikely to be be forensic or difficult. I have however passed to the producers, who contacted me for potential comment, the three questions I would ask given the chance:

Are you saying definitely this can ONLY be made in Russia?

How long from contact would this agent take effect?

If it is an extreme military grade nerve agent (according to Boris Johnson “novichocks” are “ten times more powerful”) then why was it thankfully comparatively ineffective?

We shall see if Sky are anything like this challenging. My fear is they will rather feed him questions like “How do you react to claims it was Porton Down that produced this nerve agent” in order to allow him to appear pained and wronged.

I shall post again after the interview. Thank you to the many people who expressed concern for my welfare at my recent sudden silence, following the rather nasty personal attacks I was encountering – I traveled last week to a family funeral at my childhood home, and was just reflecting for a few days.

*On the other hand another Porton Down scientist, Dr David Kelly, told the truth to a journalist in a broadly comparable situation and met an extremely suspicious death as a result.

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422 thoughts on “Breaking News: Porton Down to Make Public Statement

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  • Dave G

    Johnson said “They do. And they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself, I said, “Are you sure?” And he said there’s no doubt.”.
    But Johnson was lying, as today’s interview with the top man at Porton Down, where he said that Porton Down couldn’t determine which country it was made in, clearly shows. But nothing will happen. They can lie with impunity, sad to say.

  • LondonBob

    Israel assassinated JFK. Angleton was a Mossad mole in the CIA and Jack Rubinstein tidied things up by offing Oswald.

  • Jones

    Highest respect to Craig Murray for courageously maintaining honesty and integrity against the full weight of the uk government propaganda machine, and condolences to him on his family funeral.

    • John Goss

      My seconding too with the addendum of highest respect for our future Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn. for going against the ‘blame Russia’ philosophy and asking first for evidence.

      • FobosDeimos

        Many thanks to Craig Murray and congratulatuons for your integrity. Porton Down’s admission that they cannot trace the alleged CW to Russia is a sensational rebuttal to May and Johnson. The part where Aitkenhead insists that this is “military grade” looks as an outright lie, given the fact that out of three affected people only one is still in critical condition, while the other two have recovered quite rapidly. Also, the fact that only three out of hundreds of people who where exposed to the “agent” developed symptoms. Let us hope that tomorrow’s meeting of the OPCW sheds some more light!

        • N_

          Some of you are reading this wrong. Porton Down have not said they cannot trace it to Russia. They said that kind of work isn’t what they do. Theresa May will say she is relying on a combination of “scientific” advice from Porton Down and intelligence product and analysis from MI6. Attention should be on MI6 now. Are they going to do another “45 minutes” job?

          Unfortunately Labour members of the Foreign Affairs Committee are unlikely to demand that MI6 boss Alex Younger comes to account for himself. For the record, they are Ian Austin, Chris Bryant, Ann Clwyd, Mike Gapes, and Ian Murray. Priti Patel is also a member, just so we all know that a certain foreign country will be kept informed.

          Why are the media focusing on the fact that Gary Aitkenhead of Porton Down said he hadn’t traced the material to Russia?

          Well it could be that the government is about to get into the biggest mess any British government has got itself into for a very long time. If it has to admit that there weren’t and aren’t proper grounds for concluding Russia was responsible then Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd will all have to resign. They will have made the biggest foreign policy fuckup for generations, or perhaps the second biggest since Brexit but they can blame the proletariat for that one. No member of the cabinet, whether they’re on Cobra or the NSC or not, has resigned. So they’re all co-responsible. So either Jacob Rees-Mogg will take over and form a cabinet with many new faces, or, more likely, there will be a general election. Given how events have run, this would probably be the end of the NATO Article 5 system. Nobody would want to hear whatever those arrogant British fuckers thought about anything any more. The MI6 brand would practically be finished.

          Personally I don’t think that is likely. I think they knew exactly what they were doing when they blamed Russia, when they to most intents and purposes invoked NATO’s Article 5; they knew more or less what the Russian response would be; and they knew what a dickhead in a white coat at Porton Down would say, possibly because they knew exactly what the substance was because they had ordered it to brought to Salisbury in the first place. They also know what the OPCW will say, as does the Russian government, as it has already indicated in its press releases including concerning France. So they know their own next move, even if we don’t.

          A lot of money is riding on this, in weapons contracts.

          What might their next move be? The concept behind how the Aitkenhead interview was run and how it is being reported may well be CONTRAST. That’s a powerful theme in propaganda. In this scenario, telly watchers today think “oh perhaps it isn’t Russia”, their attention is glued to their sets (or phones), and then when “new” news appears about how Russia is really really bad, even worse than was thought, it will have EVEN MORE emotional effect on them.

          The new news could come from Syria, the Ukraine, the Baltic region, Sweden, Belgium, EU institutions, Turkey, or elsewhere. It is likely to involve the themes of unexpected weapons use, chemical weapons, Russian lying, terrible danger, and the need for western warmongering unity.

          • Crackerjack

            With any luck, that list of Labour MP’s is a who’s who of deselection!. Bin the traitors

  • Dave G

    So Porton Down can’t positively tell us what country made the Novichok, but those helpful and honest people in the intelligence services (remember them from the Iraq war?) were able to positively ID it as Russian made. And they wouldn’t lie to us, would they?
    Porton Down is only eight miles from the scene of the crime and Porton Down’s main man has just refused to say if they have any Novicok. So in theory a British spook could pop into Porton Down, pick up some Novichok and the equipment to apply it and look for the nearest target with connections to Russia and do the deed. Then the politicians can all erupt in faux-outrage in Russia’s direction.
    I have no idea how likely that scenario is, but it is another feasible option. The only way Russia is the only feasible perp is if you ignore the fact that the chemical formula is in a publicly available book and then ignore all the countries in the world with the capability to make something like Novichok.

    • Stonky

      I don’t buy the idea that this was a UK false flag operation. That’s not because I think our government is too noble and decent to do such a thing – I haven’t forgotten how David Kelly was hounded to death.. I just think this current lot are a bunch of venal cowardly filth who wouldn’t have the backbone to do it, no matter how much they might want to.

      But I haven’t the slightest doubt that Porton Down is riddled with people serving all kinds of masters – why wouldn’t it be a key target for other country’s intelligence services? (some of them our ‘allies’ as long as it suits them) So I think it’s possible that the stuff was stolen from PD. That’s the question I would like to have seen posed to Mr. Aitkenhead – “Can you be certain this agent was not obtained from Porton Down by clandestine means?”

  • giyane

    May and Johnson are burnt toast which tested the smoke and mirror alarms on CM’s blog. HMG like to guage public gullibility from time to time. World leaders are of course told it is a test in advance.

    • N_

      It struck me that the Aitkenhead interview could be a barium feed – as well as to provide contrast for a second big horror story about Russia.

      By burnt toast do you mean only that alarms are being tested or that this will finish May and Johnson’s careers?

      • giyane

        Since you ask, obviously the attention feeds the egos of the damned. Lasa ba’d all kufri dhamb/ their disbelief in God far exceeds their other crimes so I’m using the present tense as their ultimate destiny, not their imminent destiny. They might be nobheads now but ultimately hellfuel.

    • Durak

      He blatantly lies…. and what consequences?

      Why doesn’t the media care?? They should be shouting for his resignation!

      • Sharp Ears

        State Broadcaster (BBC) downplaying it BY ORDER!

        7th item down on the 10pm ‘News’

  • Madeira

    I think it’s very interesting (and revealing) that the individual chosen by the UK Government to “explain” the situation knows no more about the science of chemical weapons than I do (his only academic degree is in engineering, so actually I trump him with my masters). Thus, whereas any (honest) scientist with a knowledge of the subject would have unequivocally confirmed that such a substance could be easily produced (e.g., by some Iranian scientists, as we know), Aitkenhead mindlessly repeated what he had been told to say, that only a “state actor” could have done it.

    After all, just have a look at what his job entails, according to Her Majesty’s Government:

    “The CE role is ultimately responsible for ensuring:
    — the financial viability of Dstl
    — that customers are satisfied
    — that Dstl’s staff are suitably engaged and rewarded for their contributions”

    • Crackerjack

      To be fair Madeira Aitkenhead used the word “probably” when referring to state actors. He basically qualifies every “statement” – not that the press will pick up the subtlety in language. Even RT managed to miss that one.

    • N_

      Yes – it’s ridiculous…if it’s not in his remit to say who did it, how can he say it was a “state actor” that did it? Also which state actors are on the list, out of the world’s 200? *wink*

      Goodness…imagine if this flips on to Iran…

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The US Government remains totally divided, especially in its foreign policy. The current UK Government would appear to be aligned, with The DNC, Clinton, CIA etc and there are some strong elements/connections / with Skripal / Christopher Steele and Pablo Miller and The US Democrats on one side, and mainly President Donald Trump on the other, who is even more heavily vilified, than Jeremy Corbyn.

    The current UK Government, may not be too pleased with Donald Trump’s most recent Statement on Syria. They have invested an exceedingly large amount of money, on The White Helmets propaganda team, whilst being heaving supported by the likes of The BBC and The Guardian, with almost only Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett having the courage to actually go to Syria to find out and report what is really going on, with the largely UK trained headchoppers.

    They are not going to like this, especially as their current load of anti-Russian propaganda is falling apart by the minute.

    The World is getting increasingly strange.


    “Trump doubles down on his challenge to US military leadership: “I want to get out of Syria, bring our troops home””

    “© Keven Lamarque/Reuters
    US President Donald Trump has confirmed his intention to pull the country’s troops from Syria, explaining that the US military presence on Syria’s soil benefited other countries more than Washington itself.

    “Our primary mission in terms of that was getting rid of ISIS [Daesh]. We’ve almost completed that task and we’ll be making a decision very quickly in coordination with others, as to what we’ll do. Saudi Arabia is very interested in our decision ” Trump stated during a press conference with the heads of three Baltic states. “I want to get out. I want to bring our troops home.”

    The president specified that he would consult with the US-led coalition allies on the military withdrawal, aimed, as he claimed, to rebuild the US.

    The statement follows previous Trump’s announcement made on April 29, pledging to allow United States’ withdrawal from Syria “very soon” and “let the other people take care of it” instead. The surprising Trump’s decision contradicted previous comments coming from his administration, including senior Pentagon and State Department officials, saying that American troops would maintain an open-ended presence in Syria.

    The US has been maintaining a military presence on the Syrian soil since 2014, leading a coalition of allies fighting against Daesh without either a UN mandate or the Syrian government’s authorization. Damascus has consistently called the US military presence in the country “illegal.”

    *Daesh, also known as ISIL/ISIS/IS, a terrorist group banned in Russia and many other countries

    Comment: It’s quite the world we live in when Trump makes the most sense compared to his competition. The truth is, a decision to stay would be very, very stupid. But then again, the U.S. deep state is very, very stupid. Maybe these stories are relevant: “

    • Sharp Ears

      I see that it has received 5,938 views. When I posted it on here this afternoon, there were only 270 views. Wow! The word is spreading. The liars are caught out.

  • Valerie

    ‘Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together’..IS NOT what you will be hearing in Westminster tonight! 😛 Take care Mr M. dont eat any food you ain’t made bought yourself! lol

    • N_

      ‘Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together’..IS NOT what you will be hearing in Westminster tonight!

      Are you sure of that, @Valerie?

  • Durak

    Yulia Skripal could bring down the government.

    They will not let her speak freely her mind I suspect.

    And speaking of her… where the heck is she? Why *no* consular access?

    The Government played with fire…. and they are about to feel the consequences…..

    • Madeira

      It will be very interesting to see what happens with her. I can’t see her returning to Russia (too dangerous for the UK), so I imagine we will learn that she has requested political asylum in the UK.

      • Mark

        She will request lifetime political asylum in a British mental hospital until she’s ready to be found in the woods having committed suicide.

    • JakeMorris

      I can only assume she was “brought back to life” in order to vocally support May and Johnson’s fingerpointing campaign.

      However, this Porton Down interview seems to indicate something’s not going well (duh), and some sort of damage control might be initiated.

      Skripals are not out of it by far, and it seems Novichok might be the least of their worries: highly likely it was either used in a sub lethal dosage or not at all, but if things go south Skripals will be the first to go, cause of death conveniently prepared.

  • JakeMorris

    And here’s how the story is being spun by BBC:

    Essence of spin:

    By Frank Gardner, BBC security correspondent
    The man who runs the government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down chose his words carefully today.
    Speaking strictly as a scientist, Gary Aitkenhead said that his staff had not yet verified that the nerve agent used to poison the Skripals had come from Russia.
    It was not his scientists’ role, he said, to work out the source of the poison, implying that the government had reached the conclusion that Russia was to blame from other sources – notably secret intelligence.”

    1) Not “yet” verified that it came from Russia;

    2) “Not their role” to identify the source;

    3) Gov-t has “secret intelligence” that nobody’s seen.

    Putting glitter on a turd basically, but you can clearly see how they’re planning to work this new angle, presumably in anticipation of OPCW meeting tomorrow.

    • Sebastian

      GA not a scientist. I’m waiting to see how all this fits with Dr Davies assertion that no nerve agents were involved

    • Madeira

      “Speaking strictly as a scientist . . .”

      Fake news at its best: he is not a scientist at all, as I have pointed out earlier, his only degree is in engineering, and it seems he has never even worked as an engineer. Here is one of his recommendations on Linkedin:

      “Gary is one of those rare leaders who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for everyone with whom he comes into contact. With an enviable breadth and depth of experience in the PMR business globally, Gary exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate not just his business line but the wider business to care about key issues and be invested in the Group’s collective success. Gary is the go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving; when tensions mount he steps in to diffuse tension and induce compromising. Though he’s never one to draw attention to himself, Gary’s positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him are palpable.”

      Here’s another:

      “Gary and I worked closely together as peers for over 5 years up to the end of 2014. He has deep domain knowledge across the entire sales, product development and services cycle in the ICT services sector and was a great sounding board over the years as our respective businesses developed and grew. He is a very strategic and considered thinker, has a great deal of integrity, and knows how to execute achieving significant results every time. . He has a good mix of both IQ and EQ and is a great leader.”

  • Iain Crawford

    It was stated that they can’t prove it came from Russia and can’t identify the precise source which is not a denial that they do not know where it is likely to have come from.
    Is this why France was involved?

  • Mary Paul

    So, we are still left with, if it wasn’t Russia who was it? TBH I am not totally buying Israel, on the grounds of realpolitik, unless Skripal had double crossed them is some way. Nor am I buying the assassination of Skripal and daughter as part of some complex US led false-flag plot to bomb Damascus and force the Russians off the UN Security Council. Why pick an obscure Russian agent in London to use a nerve agent against? Plenty of more dramatic examples available, all over the place. How about one in France, no love lost between Macron and Russia we are told?

    I think May and Jonson are just acting on the briefings they have been given. So by whom and why,? i’m not buying it is a ploy to divert the British populace from the travails of Brexit – as such it is a waste of time – or because they are simply warmongers who want to start a Third World War. Stupid maybe, incompetent maybe but crazed warmongers, no.

    They give every impression of being bystanders who, once the murder attempt had taken place, were briefed it was the master plan of a power mad vengeful Putin who needed to be stopped before he wreaked more chaos. But even I would need a good deal more evidence than we have been given and Theresa May is at the end of the day an experienced politician and knows bureaucrats can mislead ministers ( I shall discount Boris.) Who did it, who is briefing them and with what aim in mind?

    • Norfolk Eagle

      I still think it could have been an accident. Yulia doing a bit of freelance bringing it over for Sergei to give or sell to his handlers and something then going wrong. There is no clear motive and cock-up theory fits as good as any other.

      • John Goss

        Unfortunately Norfolk Eagle your theory does not account for how the UK was able so quickly identify it and administer an antidote immediately. I know we’re good on this sceptred isle but the antidote must have been given before it was discovered what the ‘nerve-agent’ was. Otherwise the pair of them would be dead. Hmm.

        • Norfolk Eagle

          I thought in the interview today it was stated that no antidote had been given? We still do not know what the agent was, if from old soviet stock who knows how effective it would be.

          • John Goss

            Yes, I very much doubt there was a nerve agent. They would have locked-down Salisbury straight away, which shows they knew exactly what it was.

            What interests me is what the OPCW inspectors have made of it. Questions like:

            Were they allowed to take their own samples from the Skripals?
            Was a nerve agent introduced into samples of the Skripals’ blood and given to the Inspectors?
            Have the inspectors been allowed to see the Skripals?
            Why was the table from Zizzis destroyed (allegedly too badly contaminated) when it could have been quarantined and kept for inspection by the OPCW?

            There are so many questions if answers were provided the UK would be in real shit. But it will go the same way as WMDs and vanish for a few years. Then they will say something to the effect that it was our best knowledge at the time and the majority will have forgotten there was no knowledge at the time.

      • G.Bng

        I agree an accident is a real possibility… perhaps one or both was selling it to UK intelligence… or another!

        Certainly to date there is no plausible explanation of how they became contaminated at the house and no evidence of how they became contaminated elsewhere either. There doesn’t appear to be any no cctv of an attack, there has been no search for suspects until today for the porridge courier, and no evidence it was in the food and drink they ate while out. On the other hand, the luggage, clothing, perfume, bouquet of flowers, car, porridge, door handle, or the supposed gift from Russia with love, are just too hit and miss for a state targeted assassination, and for transport the nerve agent would have had to have been in some kind of protective container so as not to leak en route, while an intelligence officer would surely be suspicious if any gel, powder, liquid, or fumes were released on opening it and would have called for help immediately which he didn’t.

        And then there is the so far unsurmountable problem of timing on not one but two fronts: 1) the time it took for the agent to take effect when experts say is immediate and 5-10 times more toxic than the VX that killed Kim Yong Un’s brother in less than an hour; and 2) unless direct contact by way of a spray, gel, dust or liquid which brought both into contact with the agent at the same time, or mixed in food they ate at the same time, (not the porridge since it would either have to have arrived in a sealed tin or with instructions saying, “prior to eating mix pack A with Pack B”!), so that they both, hours later, fall ill at exactly the same time.

        Yes that one or both the Skripals had the nerve agent seems a very plausible possibility to me at least.

        • John Goss

          G.Bing it is certainly a possibility. It is my theory that Litvinenko was smuggling polonium 210 on behalf of Berezovsky and that Scaramella was involved in the operation.

          With the Skripals though I suspect it is a botched CIA/MI6 job. The politicians were too fast onto the Russia did it job they had to have been briefed by the spooks. God, has it backfired on them! Nobody seems to care any more about what is presented as news and Russia Today is having a field day.

    • JakeMorris

      My guess would be U.S. Deep State working in tandem with its British counterpart, doing what they do best – undermining enemies and rivals, instigating conflict, sowing chaos, dividing and conquering. Russia is their no.1 enemy as it has the power and the gall to oppose their destructive politics. They want to demonize Putin – like Assad, Quaddafi, Hussein, Milosevic and others before him. They want to fabricate an international cause belli against Russia. At home, they want to quash free speech, labeling any opposition as “putinbots” and eventually enemies of the state. They want to bring down politicians with some remaining common sense and integrity, like Jeremy Corbyn. They want to finish installing a new totalitarian regime hiding behind a pseudo-democratic facade. And for this they need to whip the people into a hateful frenzy, by staging some atrocious crime. White helmets in far away Syria no longer cut it – something closer to home is needed. And so come in their old assets Skripal and Mirzayanov, so come in the scientists of Porton Down and the chemical weapons battalions engaged in Operation Toxic Dagger on Salisbury Plain.

      Unlike you, I’m quite certain May and Johnson are not innocent, misled bystanders, but active and conscious accomplices, like Blair before them. They are accomplices to the crime and should not escape justice.

      But, like Blair and others before them, they likely will escape. And probably not even dignify the people of the world with an apology.

      • John Goss

        “Unlike you, I’m quite certain May and Johnson are not innocent, misled bystanders, but active and conscious accomplices, like Blair before them. They are accomplices to the crime and should not escape justice.”

        You are right. They should not escape justice. Neither should these traitors (not all Labour).

        • Pete M

          unsurprisingly see a few Neo Labour shitheads in there, but surprised to see 3 SNP members signing . would i be right in guessing that most of the names on the list are LFI ?

    • Steve Evans

      Perhaps Theresa and Boris have both been played, with the aim of bringing down the Government.
      It seems to me that the country is becoming fairly equally split politically, but with Tory voters seeing through the lies and switching to more Right Wing parties, rather than support Corbyn who is being portrayed as Traiterous to the UK by the media.
      But who and why? I’m with you, on your assertions of who its not.
      What if it was to incite some form of civil war, societal breakdown between right and left? It would certainly spread to Europe and The USA, I don’t think any of these places are too far away from major civil disobedience right now, could this scandal being exposed be the straw that breaks the camels back?
      Who would benefit? Who would come and clean up the mess?

    • lysias

      Israel could have been doing the dirty work that the U.S. and or the UK and or the deep states of one or both of them wanted. After all, they are not subject to inspection.

    • Crackerjack

      Try the Ukraine. Gazprom have pulled out of a gas transit deal that will take a large chunk of their GDP apart from other things. They would love to see Russia in the dock and the lunatic facists running the show are not exactly stable of mind

    • james

      mary paul, in the absence of proof, a few signs point to israel… things have not gone their way in syria as they had hoped and i think they might want to blame russia specifically for that… outside israel, the ukraine and of course the usa/uk are the most likely culprits..

      here is basically what i just said at moa…
      ” Israel has not signed the chemical weapons ban, and is not subject to inspection by the OPCW.” immediate suspicion ought be cast on israel as a consequence… what a friggin’ team player they are .. i guess that’s why usa/canada and a bunch of other loser nations love them so much!

      may quote – “”As the Prime Minister has made clear, the UK would much rather have in Russia a constructive partner ready to play by the rules.” what bullshite! she means like how israel plays by the rules, by not being a member of the opcw and not being subject to inspection? what a gang of lousy thief’s and liars they all are!

  • JakeMorris

    Media blackout: CNN’s front page – Prince Philip’s surgery and dinosaur footprint in, Porton Down interview out

    It really is quite ridiculous. Freedom of the press galore.

  • bliss_porsena

    Aitkenhead is off message. Take no walk in the woods. Otherwise…”there is other plausible explanation”.

    • Durak

      Aitkenhead in the interview looks like a man on the verge of cracking.

      Pressured immensely no doubt to stay on track as much as possible.

  • J

    Came across these claims last week:

    Porton Down scientists test chemical gas on London Tube passengers

    Chemical gas was released on thousands of unsuspecting commuters during a military experiment on the London Underground, documents reveal. These chemical tests were performed in 2013 by scientist from Porton Down.

    The UK government never informed the British public of the military experiment on the London Underground. Thousands of people were exposed to chemical gas without their knowledge. Nor did the Ministry of Defence ask for their consent to participate in such military experiments. Information about the project can be obtained from a 2016 US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document entitled Environmental Assessment of Proposed NYC Subway Tracer Particle and Gas Releases for the Underground Transport Restoration Project.

    Testing for precautionary measures you might argue. Every time we don’t do what Ms May’s bosses request we’re threatened with terror attacks, so who’s to say?

  • Peter N

    I’ve followed all the links given in the comments and haven’t seen video showing what Craig says is the camera being moved as the concluding ‘segment’ of the Sky interview of Gary Aitkenhead.

    Anyone know of a clip where that part is still there?

  • Republicofscotland

    So what will happen when Russia demands access to Russian citizen Yulia Skripal. Will Yulia hold up under intense pressure from officials at the Russian consulate, or will she fold and spill the beans.

    It very likely that Yulia will be threatened and coerced by the British security services to remain quiet and push the British narrative.

    Either way, I’d say Yulia and her fathers future, is a very uncertain one.

    • Peter N

      I kind of wonder if she (and her father if he comes to) would claim amnesia over everything in the run-up to and the day of the incident. Claiming this must be some kind of side-effect of this kind of poisoning. Sounds like fiction, of course, but a possible way of ducking the line of fire — a fantasy the spooks might press on them, and us.

      “I don’t remember,
      I can’t recall,
      I’ve got no memory of anything at all!”
      (Peter Gabriel)

  • Ahimsa

    Well done Craig on being an honest explorer of this situation, amidst a web of lies from 3rd rate actors posing as politicians…

    Whoever carried out this attack, then it’s clear that Boris and Theresa’s blatant and arrogant narrative of lies, tell a massive story in themselves and that there was a wider political agenda being staged against the Russian state…. Perhaps in response to their stance in Syria and foiling the agenda of UK/US controlling the region along with Saudi Arabia…

    Highly possible it was a rogue Russian agent stirring up trouble amongst everybody… A few people somewhere know for sure.

    Much love and power to you in amidst all of this and in dealing with your family bereavement along with the dark forces working against you for exposing their lair…

    Massive shout to Jeremy Corbyn for standing up to this from the very beginning also, amidst the den of frothing wolves..

  • Scottish Intelligence Service

    The whole “Skripal Affair” has been a Psychological Operation (Psy Op) from the start to finish. If there had been a “military grade nerve agent” deployed against the Skripals, they and many other people in Salisbury would be dead.

    First the “poison” was said to be “in the car”, then “from the house front door handle”. The Skripals supposedly left the house early in the morning, so whatever they touched in Salisbury would have been contaminated, which it was not. Of course, this alone shows that the whole thing is a Psy Op. The intended target outcome of the Psy Op has either been achieved, partly achieved or missed.

    The constant changing of the story is deliberate to sow confusion. It also shows how incompetant those who are running the Psy Op have been.

    The Porton Down statement is simply backtracking and arse covering. They have released this statement, as the OPCW report will further discredit the corrupt Tory government. The Porton Down statement also backs up what Craig has already stated about this before, in another post.

    May and Johnson must go. Shame on them for carrying out Fabricated Terror in our country. Fabricated Terror last year at Westminster, London Bridge and Manchester. Now this.

    Do your own research, make up your own mind.

  • Seanchaí 33

    Condolences from here, it seems when it rains it pours, As if professional actor Ddos attacks are not enough.
    Any comment planned on the timing and proximity of this training? A convienient coincidence regarding the above narrative?

    It’s also on the waybackmachine:

    • sibbaldi

      Interesting how these events always seem to coincide with official training exercises taking place at the same time..

      “This is no small point. An incredible percentage of major domestic or international terror attacks have involved simultaneous “training drills.” This list includes, but is not limited to, the infamous NORAD drills of 9/11, the 7/7 London Bombings, the 2011 Norway shooting, the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. Though none of the aforementioned events can be confirmed or denied without a doubt, they bear a striking resemblance to previous false flag attacks and should be looked at with an investigative eye.”

  • BrianFujisan

    Good to see Craig Back on Top form.. And Condolences.

    Great Video too on RT… Disturbing how far and wide the Circus of lies has travelled.

    Regards This Sordid Sorry Story, here is another Exellent Interview on RT.. with our Friend Niel Clark ( his Fund Raiser has time yet )

    • Merkin Scot

      Craig’s RT interview gave pause for thought.
      On checking the Aitkenhead interview again I could see quite clearly where the ‘money shot’ was tacked on at the end to implicate a state player. If the background had shown Corbyn in a Russian hat doing some practice on an Israeli baby I would not have been surprised.
      These government actors are out of control.

  • nevermind

    Thanks again Craig, you have deflated a massive tyre the Government had overblown, filled with malodorous methane, and holed the moment it turned round and round. In the process they churned/picked up all sorts of flotsam along the way, some more, others less, but when it burst, all the bad smells were still there lingering like a stubborn mist.

    I’ve said it once and I shall say it again.
    Foreign secretary, you are awful, resign. Amber Rudd PLC., join him, he’s your best mate, as for you, Theresa, call an election and go away.
    PS: take that pip squeak Williamson with ya.

    If this bad bit of propaganda disaster has poisoned history to such an extent that we are being enticed to contemplate war, then there must be some two bit fcuked up minds who think that we are going to accept their shit storm.

    I’m not. I’m with Tony, time to re boot.
    I’d only wish the Canaries would play better together, that’ll cheer Craig up.

  • Karel

    Somewhat saddened by the fact that the contributors to this great discussion somehow fail to understand that “novichok” as a binary agent is not manufactured for storage, or for “hodling” to use the demented BTC newspeak, but synthesised from two common and relatively innocuous compounds just seconds prior to its application. Typically, chemical components, say A and B, would be placed in two separate and sealed compartments of an artillery shell to be automatically mixed only after the shell has been fired. Hence, there is no typical footprint for the final product of this fast synthesis, let me call it “artichoke” for a change, as the purity and contaminants of the two precursor compounds will hardly be the same, not just for different suppliers, but also for different batches of the compounds. Furthermore, the conditions for their synthesis will almost certainly differ. My guess is that the artichoke, produced by the automated synthesis within two different artillery shells, that have been just fired, would have a different footprint. In conclusion, it is all a stupidly designed hoax to fool the fools.

  • A Biochemist writes

    The BBC have finally begun to report this matter, but predictably it comes with a predictable volume and flavour of spin:

    Thus in addition to minimal reporting, we have the obfuscation and spin posing as:


    By Frank Gardner, BBC security correspondent
    “The man who runs the government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down chose his words carefully today.
    Speaking strictly as a scientist, Gary Aitkenhead said that his staff had not yet verified that the nerve agent used to poison the Skripals had come from Russia.”

    In the first few lines we have at least two misleading statements:

    1. The intrusion of the word “yet” is there to suggest that it will be only a matter of time until scientists can prove the toxic substance (whatever it is – and they as yet have not told us what they think the chemical is – Novichok – tells us very little in scientific terms) was produced in Russia by Russians.

    As numerous scientists on this site, including myself, have indicated – scientific analysis was never likely to provide information about the alleged origins of the agent. This did not prevent the UK regime from claiming the opposite – and trying to compel Porton Down scientists to support their lies.

    2. In whichever capacity Mr Aitkenhead was speaking, it was certainly not that of a “scientist” involved in the analysis. In their own website, Porton Down Describes Mr Aitkenhead thus:

    Gary has spent his career in the development and supply of mission-critical wireless communications solutions to public safety, industrial and transportation sectors.
    He has previously held senior global positions at Sepura and at Motorola Solutions, where he had commercial responsibility for sales, services, operations and product management

    Mr Aitkenhead is no chemist – and appears to have a background in sales and marketing.

    It would appear that the UK regime is having difficulty persuading actual scientists – even ones whose salaries it pays – to speak up (lie) on its behalf.

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