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At the very beginning of the of the Skripal incident, the security services blocked by D(SMA) notice any media mention of Pablo Miller and told the media not to look at Orbis and the Steele dossier on Trump, acting immediately to get out their message via trusties in the BBC and Guardian. Gordon Corera, “BBC Security Correspondent”, did not name the source who told him to say this, but helpfully illustrated his tweet with a nice picture of MI6 Headquarters.

MI6’s most important media conduit (after Frank Gardner) is Luke Harding of the Guardian.

A number of people replied to Harding’s tweet to point out that this was demonstrably untrue, and Pablo Miller had listed his employment by Orbis Business Intelligence on his Linkedin profile. That profile had just been deleted, but a google search for “Pablo Miller” plus “Orbis Business Intelligence”, without Linkedin as a search term, brought up Miller’s Linkedin profile as the first result (although there are twelve other Pablo Millers on Linkedin and the search brought up none of them). Plus a 2017 forum discussed Pablo Miller’s Orbis connection and it both cited and linked to his Linkedin entry.

You might think that any journalist worth his salt would want to consider this interesting counter-evidence. But Harding merely tweeted again the blank denials of the security services, without question.

This is an important trait of Harding. Last year we both appeared, separately, at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Harding was promoting a book and putting the boot into Wikileaks and Snowden. After his talk, I approached him in an entirely friendly manner, and told him there were a couple of factual errors in his presentation on matters to which I was an eye-witness, and I should be very happy to brief him, off the record, but we could discuss which bits he might use. He said he would talk later, and dashed off. Later I saw him in the author’s lounge, and as I walked towards him he hurriedly got up and left, looking at me.

Of course, nobody is obliged to talk to me. But at that period I had journalists from every major news agency contacting me daily wishing to interview me about Wikileaks, all of whom I was turning down, and there was no doubt of my inside knowledge and direct involvement with a number of the matters of which Harding was writing and speaking. A journalist who positively avoids knowledge of his subject is an interesting phenomenon.

But then Harding is that. From a wealthy family background, privately educated at Atlantic College and then Oxford, Harding became the editor of Oxford University’s Cherwell magazine without showing any leftwing or rebel characteristics. It was not a surprise to those who knew him as a student when he was employed at the very right wing “Daily Mail”. From there he moved to the Guardian. In 2003 Harding was embedded with US forces in Iraq and filing breathless reports of US special forces operations.

Moving to Moscow in 2007 as the Guardian’s Moscow correspondent, others in the Moscow press corps and in the British expatriate community found him to be a man of strongly hawkish neo-con views, extremely pro-British establishment, and much closer to the British Embassy and to MI6 than anybody else in the press corps. It was for this reason Harding was the only resident British journalist, to my knowledge, whose visa the Russians under Putin have refused to renew. They suspected he is actually an MI6 officer, although he is not.

With this background, people who knew Harding were dumbfounded when Harding appeared to be the supporter and insider of first Assange and then Snowden. The reason for this dichotomy is that Harding was not – he wrote books on Wikileaks and on Snowden that claimed to be insider accounts, but in fact just carried on Harding’s long history of plagiarism, as Julian Assange makes clear. Harding’s books were just careful hatchet jobs pretending to be inside accounts. The Guardian’s historical reputation for radicalism was already a sham under the editorship of Rusbridger, and has completely vanished under Viner, in favour of hardcore Clinton identity politics failing to disguise unbending neo-conservatism. The Guardian smashed the hard drives containing the Snowden files under GCHQ supervision, having already undertaken “not to even look at” the information on Iraq and Afghanistan. The fact the hard drives were not the only copies in the world does not excuse their cravenness.

We know, of course, what MI6 have fed to Harding, because it is reflected every day in his output. What we do not know, but may surmise, is what Harding fed back to the security services that he gleaned from the Guardian’s association with Wikileaks and Snowden.

Harding has since made his living from peddling a stream of anti-Assange, anti-Snowden and above all, anti-Russian books, with great commercial success, puffed by the entire mainstream media. But when challenged by the non-mainstream media about the numerous fact free assertions on behalf of the security services to be found in his books, Harding is not altogether convincing. You can watch this video, in which Harding outlines how emoticons convinced him someone was a Russian agent, together with this fascinating analysis which really is a must-read study of anti-Russian paranoia. There is a similar analysis here.

Perhaps still more revealing is this 2014 interview with his old student newspaper Cherwell, where he obvously felt comfortable enough to let the full extent of his monstrous boggle-eyed Russophobia become plain:

His analogies span the bulk of the 20th century and his predictions for the future are equally far-reaching. “This is the biggest crisis in Europe since the Cold War. It’s not the break-up of Yugoslavia, but the strategic consensus since 1945 has been ripped up. We now have an authoritarian state, with armies on the march.” What next?

“It’s clear to me that Putin intends to dismember Ukraine and join it up with Transnistria, then perhaps he’ll go as far as Moldova in one way or another,” Harding says. This is part of what he deems Putin’s over-arching project: an expansionist attempt to gather Russo-phones together under one yoke, which he terms ‘scary and Eurasian-ist’, and which he notes is darkly reminiscent of “another dictator of short stature” who concocted “a similarly irredentist project in the 1930s”.

But actually I think you can garner everything you want to know about Harding from looking at his twitter feed over the last two months. He has obsessively retweeted scores of stories churning out the government’s increasingly strained propaganda line on what occurred in Salisbury. Not one time had Harding ever questioned, even in the mildest way, a single one of the multiple inconsistencies in the government account or referred to anybody who does. He has acted, purely and simply, as a conduit for government propaganda, while abandoning all notion of a journalistic duty to investigate.

We still have no idea of who attacked Sergei Skripal and why. But the fact that, right from the start, the government blocked the media from mentioning Pablo Miller, and put out denials that this has anything to do with Christopher Steele and Orbis, including lying that Miller had never been connected to Orbis, convinces me that this is the most promising direction in which to look.

It never seemed likely to me that the Russians had decided to assassinate an inactive spy who they let out of prison many years ago, over something that happened in Moscow over a decade ago. It seemed even less likely when Boris Johnson claimed intelligence showed this was the result of a decade long novichok programme involving training in secret assassination techniques. Why would they blow all that effort on old Skripal?

That the motive is the connection to the hottest issue in US politics today, and not something in Moscow a decade ago, always seemed to me much more probable. Having now reviewed matters and seen that the government actively tried to shut down this line of inquiry, makes it still more probable this is right.

This does not tell us who did it. Possibly the Russians did, annoyed that Skripal was feeding information to the Steele dossier, against the terms of his release.

Given that the Steele dossier is demonstrably in large degree nonsense, it seems to me more probable the idea was to silence Skripal to close the danger that he would reveal his part in the concoction of this fraud. Remember he had sold out Russian agents to the British for cash and was a man of elastic loyalties. It is also worth noting that Luke Harding has a bestselling book currently on sale, in large part predicated on the truth of the Steele Dossier.

Steele, MI6 and the elements of the CIA which are out to get Trump, all would have a powerful motive to have the Skripal loose end tied.

Rule number one of real investigative journalism: look where they tell you not to look.

967 thoughts on “Where They Tell You Not to Look

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  • Doug scorgie

    May 1st May 21:20

    “…I think the plan is to go to war with Russia…

    I agree James but the Russians must be weakened first hence the attacks on Syria tying up considerably Russia’s military assets.
    The projected attack on Iran, which Russia will feel obliged to defend against, will put further strain on Russia’s military assets.
    What comes next?

    • james

      hi doug,
      the proxy war is being fought in syria.. the usa/uk/france/israel/saudis/etc have used their proxy forces – isis, al qaeda, al nusra, and what they call the ”moderate” headchoppers, with a whack of propaganda – thanks the white helmets, violet syria, etc. etc. to sell it for them… of late, they’ve been forced to be more open about it – the missiles on april 14th.. it still isn’t working… this is the warm up still though.. meanwhile theresa may blames russia for skripal in the absence of any facts! the uk reps lock the skripal house up with cats and hamsters inside to die… the uk folks are very bad liars and not very friendly with house pets either… meanwhile for all we know the skripals will never be heard or seen from again… sorry – yes indeed… we are moving towards war and this is a late early stage of it.. what comes next – more gloves come off.. a good one would be another false flag chem attack in the golan heights area this time… i give it to 2020, before it is all very out in the open, for anyone who can’t see it already…

    • Sharp Ears

      Pray God. No more wars.

      From my favourite American poet, Gary Corseri.

      In a Time of Endless Wars – A Poem
      April 20, 2018
      Palestinian families take part of Gaza’s Great March of Return. (Photo: ActiveStills.org)

      I write for the men of a thousand years hence—
      and the women—and their healthy children.
      And…, if you are suffering, if night is day
      and day is night,
      I will drink the cup of despair with you,
      for I have tasted of despair.

      But…, if you are happy and wise,
      may my words animate your limbs;
      may you dance—as I danced
      in the spring of my days.
      In your dancing, my words will come again
      even as they came from the Old Ones long ago
      to fill my cup with dreams and desire.

      From the grunting in the caves,
      from the maker of the paintings
      and the reaping praise of critics–
      these words, crystallized over lifetimes,
      will come again….
      Outside, howling winds; inside, warming fire.

      And if you have kept the flame of comradeship,
      in spite of arrows and explosions;
      if you have nurtured the flame–
      I send salutations from a blood-drenched past.

      if blood has drowned your best
      and you find these strange and faded words—
      on microchips, or chipped on cavernous walls–
      then you have fulfilled the worst of us;
      then: drink these words with gall!
      May these words burn and die in your guts
      for they and you have dwelt enough in darkness.
      Enmity and fear will have hollowed us all.
      Let the words burn and fester like a dying star.

      Then, my son, my daughter: you will confirm
      we could not shake free
      of the chrysalis of war, entombing us,
      still-birthing you.…

      Never forgive us!


      – Dr. Gary Corseri’s articles, poems, fiction and dramas have appeared in hundreds of global periodicals and websites, including, The Palestine Chronicle, Counterpunch, The New York Times, The Village Voice, and VeteransNewsNow. He has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library, and his dramas have been produced on PBS-Atlanta and elsewhere. He has published 2 novels, 2 collections of poems, and a literary anthology (edited). He has taught in US public schools and prisons, and in universities in the US and Japan.

        • glenn_nl

          What??? You’ve got time for poetry, when there’s global torture going on – WTF is the matter with you?

      • Hatuey

        I think it’s inappropriate to post poetry on this forum. What purpose do you think that serves?

  • Emily

    What’s Julian’s address? For his supporters to offer support and encouragement?

    • Herby

      The Japanese use to ban the import of European manufactured skies on the grounds that they were not suitable for the Japanese “type of snow”.

      Perhaps the desire to cut down some trees adjoining railways lines is meant the prevent the “wrong sort of leaves” from falling on the tracks?

    • Twostime

      The tragic irony : Julian Assange’s globalist torture vs. Some sychamores felled… sorry but gob smacked.

        • glenn_nl

          Indeed – it beats me why some people think one cannot be concerned with more than a single item. Otherwise, we should all settle on the most important issue of all, and never talk about anything else, ever.

          Perhaps people like Twostime is such a person, in which case, why is s/he wasting time posting on blogs instead of dealing with the world’s most urgent matter?

    • Bayard

      I trust you will be sorry when a train hits a fallen tree at night at 100mph and the driver and several passengers are killed and I trust that the relatives of the dead will be suitably grateful for your sorrow.

  • Ben MacIntyre

    I don’t like to be a doomonger but I predict a major incident/attack between 26th May (Champions league final in Kiev) and 14th June (start of World Cup in Russia). The aim will be to try and force a military response from Russia which, if the bait is taken, will result in the withdrawal from the World Cup of many “morally outraged” nations and a big financial hit to the Russian people. If the bait is not taken Russia will be left looking weak and unable to defend its assets/allies.
    I sincerely hope I am wrong.

    • Hatuey

      Ben, if I was you I’d be more concerned about being a crackpot than a “doomonger”. Of course, as I understand it, there’s nothing to stop you being both.

      Get into drugs or something healthy, this is just stupid.

    • glenn_nl

      “Micron”? Hmm. What can that mean? Oh, I know – he’s not very tall! What a knee-slapper, Sharp Ears! Of course, he’s not tall – unlike that wonderful Mr. Trump for instance, well that compounds all his other crimes. I mean, short-comings!! (Geddit!!!???!?!?!?)

  • Tony_0pmoc

    You would think an accountant would have some idea about money, and what has seemed to me, an obvious danger, not just of endowment mortgages, but even worse than that, interest – only mortgages. Yet millions of people are in exactly the same position. They are sold a mortgage, by some sharp eyed salesman taking a big cut, and they only look at the monthly repayments, thinking yes, we can afford that…

    They don’t seem to realise, that the bank, will also want the full value of the loan paid back, nor that interest rates, may suddenly rapidly rise, and the value of property (including theirs radically fall).

    All these things have happenned numerous times in my lifetime.

    There are now millions of people on a knife edge, and they don’t even know it.

    It’s not nice being turfed out on the street, made homeless at the age of 76.

    For once a decent article in the Mail.

    “Interest-only mortgage crisis: Retired couple Len and Val never missed a mortgage payment – but now they face losing their home”



    • Tony_0pmoc

      John Goss,

      I suspected what you are complaining about was sometimes happenning to me on some politically charged web sites more than 10 years ago ie that the post I made was only visible to me. I actually thought it was a very clever way of silencing political views, that the website did not approve of.

      For over 5 years, I used to post mainly on American websites, such as Alternet, and I was never short of “likes”, when these things were recorded, yet some comments not necessarily on Alternet, appeared to go down a black hole, yet I could still see my own comment. What I should have done, but didn’t think about it at the time, would be to register using a completely different IP address, and ID, to see if my comment was visible. However, I have never approved of doing this, as it is quite obvioulsy the basis modus operandi of multiple trolls – with multiple different personalities arguing with themselves. Whilst some people think I am mad, no one has yet accused me of schizophrenia, but think there is a danger in such behaviour leading to it. I suspect there are a few who post on here. I admit I do have several slightly different “anoynymous” handles, going back more than 20 years, but they are all easily identifiable as me, even with a different IP address.

      You are very brave posting under your real name. It would be nice, if we could all do that without fear, but some political views are potentially highly personally dangerous, for all sorts of different reasons. About 20 years ago, I pleaded with the editor of a very highly read weekly computer paper, to not publish the article I submitted. He said why not its brilliant. I said if you publish that, I am almost certain to get fired. He said to me, Can I publish it under another name. I said, sure fine. I was extremely critical of Y2K. It was an absolute scam.


      • Paul Barbara

        @ Tony_0pmoc May 2, 2018 at 19:49
        ‘…What I should have done, but didn’t think about it at the time, would be to register using a completely different IP address, and ID, to see if my comment was visible. However, I have never approved of doing this, as it is quite obvioulsy the basis modus operandi of multiple trolls – with multiple different personalities arguing with themselves…’
        All you needed to do is get a friend to see if it was visible when they checked the site.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          Paul Barbara,

          Over 98% of my friends do not approve of my political views I expressed stronglu in early 2003. However, my son is extremely technically capable, and connected, and if the little teenage creep (not Gavin’s sone surely?) doesn’t stop slinging virus’s at me (only on this blog), I may get him to investigate, and have his Dad’s team (or the Police) to have a word with him.


      • jeremy

        Come only Tony.
        He was an accountant on the take.
        He knew what he was doing.

        Even took out £40k as a refi.
        Plus £200 pm. govmnt. subsidy.

        Sorry, but they deserve everything that’s coming to them

    • Paul Barbara

      I signed, and it now stands at 482. A trick that Change.org always uses is when you visit the page, the number shows, then keeps slowly increasing for a minute or so, to make it look like people are signing as you watch. That in itself indicates there is skulduggery going on.
      Ask people who sign it from noow on to say they have posted on here as well, then you can see if their votes have been counted. If five new signers say they’ve signed on here, but the number doesn;t increase by at least five, you will know the numbers are being massaged.

      • james

        change.org… an american info collection agency… private corp selling the info you give to whoever pays for it, or asks for it – like the cia and etc… always amazes me how people are happy to provide info to this ‘change.org’ site… i never have and never will..

        • John Goss

          I suspect that too james. Where then do we go? Is there any point in signing petitions? Do we know that everyone who signs gives the total one extra signature? Or do they give one signature for every ten, every hundred even? How do we know? But like you say they are probably garnering email addresses.

          Who knows of a petition site that is absolutely bona fide?

          • james

            john, it is a good question you ask and i haven’t come up with anything since asking it a few years ago. initially i was curious to know more about change.org and was disappointed in what i found out.. activism is good.. slackivism might be more what this signing petitions and signing away personal info onto a private corporation is.. it certaintly isn’t ”’change” one can believe in..

            would be good if the government had an outlet, but they would probably figure a way to shut it down quickly once they found out for example how no one believed any of the b.s. told about the skripal affair..
            i appreciate your efforts at change.. i am too skeptical perhaps.. i live in canada.. it is much the same nonsense here..

          • SA

            38 degrees is indipendence although pressure was applied to them in the past to withdraw a petition, I think it had something to do with Laura kuensberg.
            Ask also Paul Barbara.

          • bj

            Signing petitions never can substitute for not voting or voting the wrong way in general elections.

            People are swamped these days to sign petitions — each as well meant as the other, and eachas powerless as the other; yet when they need to vote they cannot be bothered.

            That’s how deconstruction of society works.

    • flatulence

      you can use something called an onion or tor browser (but may be worth trying an ‘incognito window’ first if you use chrome as your browser for example). Tor browser is very useful though and free. Google ‘tor browser’, https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en, download it, run it like any other browser to do your searches. It will give you a different IP every time you start it so may be good for your purposes. It’s quite slow so not for your everyday browsing, but I find it useful for running searches when I suspect the country I am in may be hiding some results or blocking access to some sites completely.

      • Canexpat

        Even better than Tor I have found is the Tails operating system. I was chastised on this site a couple of years ago for recommending it, as a download automatically puts you on the Xscore list of fame. It runs the Tor browser by default yet also allows Youtube etc. to be watched. I am not so naive as to imagine that I am anonymous as far as NSA/GCHQ techies are concerned, but it does protect me from targeted advertising. It has the added advantage that if I am unlucky enough to pick up something nasty from the dodgy (political) sites I visit, every new boot is a clean slate. It runs wonderfully off a USB memory key.


        • Radar O'Reilly

          Read Binney’s latest opinion on the NSA, basically they have succeeded and there remains no practical way to communicate even pseudonomously, but you’re welcome to try. I’d look into P2P 10 watt cree x-lamp based IR Li-Fi mesh MAN. sunglasses may be needed, could be great for everyone that’s lacking vitamin-D.

          TAiLS might help a bit for home banking. EFF Privacy Badger as a Chrome/Mozilla plug-in is simpler for the adverts.
          TOR used to ‘shout’ that it was TOR, and an TOR exit server is where Mr Assange started getting annoying to some.

          you (currently) get one free message, sent from a new unlinked phone/computer that you have bought with cash in a shop in a city that you have never previously been in, with no CCTV, such as Salisbury – then you’re hard-linked. Increment of your bulk-personal-datset. I did manage to buy a £10 SIM+2G Phone in Oxford with no-id but that was 2 years ago.

          In China it’s allegedly worse, they’ve introduced social-media voting, your peer-group are able to moderate your individual social-media score up/down, those with the lowest score (guess who) are supposed to be unauthorised to buy train or ‘plane tickets. You start with 5-points. There may be years in prison for those who contact a foreign-devil based TV/Radio station.

          How long before Sajid or Chukka propose self-censoring social-media in the UK?

          Anyway, as a son of a diplomat said “you have the right to free speech, as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it”
          – so carry-on, carrying on! Whilst you still can. /rant

        • flatulence

          thanks for that. I looked at running a linux virtual machine a while back but it gave me a headache. At the time it was because windows was doing my head in. Way things are going, may be time I had another look. Could download it on a burner phone, how exciting. Or maybe the mother in law’s computer. I’ll change my name to Dark Wind. Currently I’m not that dark though and Brown Wind doesn’t have the same ring to it.

          I’m sure you can never go completely dark without actually ceasing to exist, and appearing to try too hard may just make you ping on ‘their’ radar, but nice to think we’re not making it easy, and if enough people go brown (it’s growing on me), the resources required might make it impractical to trace everyone.

          • Canexpat

            I think brown wind would be appropriate 🙂 I have thought for a while that the only hope is to increase the amount of chaff so that the important signals have a chance to get through. I was reading recently of a possible ff EMP, but that would take down their control grid and I don’t think they’re are secure enough to do that.

          • anon,

            There used to be a ubuntu linux way , called WUBI, to run linux INSIDE a windows partition.. at boottime both linux and windows options would be offered. i am not sure if that option still exists.,

          • flatulence

            yeah ubuntu, that’s the one I was looking at. Never used Linux before though so I need to rewire my brain a bit first, though it should be more practical than windows, at least that’s what the nerds say. I want to say fellow nerds, but I don’t think I know enough yet, or get enough nose bleeds.

        • N_

          Thanks for this recommendation. Tails sounds useful.

          Tor and the Tor browser which is based on Firefox are useful for circumventing ISP blocks on downloading films and stuff from certain sites (although there are other ways involving mirrors), and for setting up email accounts and various other purposes, but they don’t work with Java very well.

          It was interesting how Tormail and two other similar email services were taken down, all around the same time if I recall.

          Of course none of the above gives protection from the NSA or GCHQ.

          I’ll have a look at Tails.

          • flatulence

            don’t forget Tor is also useful for surfing the Dark Web and buying druuuugz and guns and putting a hit on your next door neighbour. I have my bitcoin, but still haven’t done any of that stuff. I’m such a square. And yes, I bought my bitcoin just before the price crashed, of course. But at least if I am on anyone’s radar, they are looking at me and laughing.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ John Goss May 2, 2018 at 15:02
    ‘…I am trying with great difficulty to contact RT. There is no telephone number and emails to RT are. as has always been the case, going into a black hole. Anybody who has not signed the petition who wishes to do so can do so here. I hope….’

    RTTV London Bureau contact details:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Sixteenth Floor Millbank Tower 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP
    Tel.: (020) 7233 7938

  • Clydebuilt

    Cambridge Analytica is to close. Will that be an end to exposing their actions?

    • Codcarton

      Probably in the same way as the PNAC “closed”, or Blackwater “closed”.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Codcarton May 2, 2018 at 21:05
        Or the ‘School of the Americas’ ‘closed’.

  • Mark Russell

    Mark Regev is an odious individual whose noxious interview on BBC 100 Days should stand in testament as an example of an ideology that has no part in this world. Good luck to Iran, if they have a nuclear programme. Perhaps they should ask Putin for a loan of some of his – and send a few over to Gaza at the same time – because that will be the only thing that might avert the coming disaster in the Middle East.

    Despite alleging Iran was in breach of the agreement, Israel has an undeclared nuclear arsenal and has refused to sign up to the NPT or any other body. Did the BBC point out this hypocrisy or ask for evidence of Israeli WMDs? Dear me how remiss. What would Mark think?

    • Anthony

      A complaint of anti-Semitism wouldn’t have been long in being issued.

  • patrick kerrigan

    I detect sociopathic tendencies in Harding ie.he can lie so sincerely and shamelessly.Ifeel he has been bought and paid for.

  • Sharp Ears

    One Tory after another interrupted Diane Abbott as she spoke on the Windrush debate. They were under orders.


    In the BBC live report of today’s PMQs, I noticed this about a group of Tory whips strategically placed to barrack any opposition.

    ‘The PM came prepared for a Windrush grilling, with her new Home Secretary Sajid Javid by her side. She delivered her pre-emptive strike – a promise of a “lessons learned” report before the Summer Recess – early on. ++ And by the time the SNP’s Ian Blackford and Joanna Cherry raised the subject the pressure seemed to be off her – perhaps helped by heavy heckling from the group of Tory whips positioned at the bar of the House, on the left flank of the SNP bench.++

    That is how the so called democracy works. It’s a stage production.

    Where is William Cobbett?

    I also noticed in that report that the BBC give space to this Kevin| Schofield tweet. He was the one sitting alongside Pienaar and behind Smeeth when Smeeth staged her walkout.

    Kevin Schofield
    Don’t think Jeremy Corbyn’s scattergun tactic of asking about Windrush, the economy, the NHS, education and police budgets is very effective. #PMQs
    12:18 PM – May 2, 2018

    Undermining Corbyn again Mr Schofield?

    • Mochyn69

      I didn’t think I could become more outraged and incensed by the toxic tory scum who have hijacked this country but this is surely a defining moment.

      I am sick at heart at the endless vilification of Jeremy Corbyn and even Diane Abbott, although I am no signed up Labourite, the utter catastrashambles that is brexit and the irreparable damage it is causing, the faux outrage at anyone who can see the sheer hypocisy of the supporters of that dreadful iron-fisted promised land, the snide and deceitful pillorying of Scotland’s aspirations to become a nation once again, the callous and uncaring treatment doled out to our society’s weakest and most vulnerable members, be they residents of death trap accommodation like Grenfell Tower or hardworking British people of Caribbean heritage, the torment and torture of decent people who are prepared to sacrifice their all to blow the whistle on the misdeeds of the so called elite and so on and so on ad infinitum.

      Worst of all is of course the compliant media that simply will not or cannot hold the powerful who are responsible for all this mayhem to account.

      What is to be done?


      • Jo Dominich

        I agree with you. However, it is down to the people of this country to get on the streets in force – but firstly, we don’t do that and secondly, the MSM would report it in a negative manner and plant stooges to cause trouble which they could report and deflect away from the purpose of the demonstration. Other than that, the MSM are nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Tory Party now. This week’s antics at PMQ’s by Tory backbenchers in preventing questions and statements being made by constant interruptions, heckling and rowdy behaviour is appalling. our House of Commons in the hands of this lot is nothing more than a baying, out of control, ranting mob who are incapable of rational debate, asking questions, responding to questions – what is largely absent from the Tory Backbenchers is any concern for the British Nation at all – their sole interest, like the Republicans in the USA, is to stay in power and misuse it to their own ends. It’s a shambles, an embarrassing but serious indictment of the Parliamentary process and democracy itself and resembles an out of control school playground rather than a Parliament. Shame on them

  • Mark

    It’s an interesting article but you do seem to drawing a lot of conclusions and I see little evidence as to how you get there. It all seems based on half truths to me.
    The whole Guardian thing is a bit pointless as they’ve already reported on that themselves.
    It does read very much like you’re compiling a few known facts and a few vague unsubstantiated stories together in order to weave a narrative of your own.
    Time will tell I guess.
    I’m not going to give you a ‘pass mark’ on this occasion.

    • Anon1

      So you won’t be taking out a £100.00 GBP monthly subscription, then?

  • Paul Barbara

    I’ve just put Hohn Goss’ petition up on the Independent site:
    That business of multiple thumbs up/down is, I believe, a new phenomenon on the Independent ‘Comments’, I have noticed before that the majority of comments were good ones. That probably got up the bot’s noses, so they’ve started this ‘multi up/down’ business. That way they have virtual anonymity, except probably to the Independent.
    But they are not very active in posting ‘their side’ of the story.

    • Paul Barbara

      Sorry, I did a typo – should be ‘John Goss’ petition. It’s been up 20 minutes, and already got 5 ‘thumbs down – and it’s 23:30! Wait till the shift change at 24:00! On the brighter side, the petition now has 492 signees.

      • Gideon Blackmarsh

        It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? But so obvious, it’s farcical.

        I’ve just set the trolls hunting for comments I said I was going to post further down the page. That should keep them occupied for a while.

        • Gideon Blackmarsh

          The comment I made directing them to seek out new comments down the page has now disappeared, but looks like it had the desired effect. They’ve stopped downvoting my and your recent comments for the time being.

  • bj

    Let’s all think a minute about Julian Assange.
    I hope some kind of stoic stance may help him cope.
    His being forced to hide in the Embassy there, and the circumstances imposed upon him, are a real, savage crime.
    Shame on shady Ecuador!

    • BrianFujisan

      Pamela Anderson, On Jullian –

      “He’s cut off from everybody,” the Baywatch star told the Hollywood Reporter (THR) in an interview published Wednesday. “The air and light quality [at the embassy] is terrible because he can’t keep his windows open and he can’t get any sunlight. Even prisoners can go outside, but he can’t.”

      Actress Pamela Anderson attends the opening ceremony of the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco © Eric Gaillard ‘Julian Assange could die in Ecuadorian embassy’ – Pamela Anderson
      “He’s been wrongly accused of so many things,” Anderson told THR. “He’s so misunderstood… especially in Hollywood, and really hated, because of the Clinton monopoly on the media.”

      “I always try to humanize him because people think he’s a robot or he’s a computer screen or he’s not this human being,” Anderson said.

      This is not the first time the actress has raised an alarm over Assange’s isolation. Appearing on ITV’s ‘Good

      “There are people in the world that don’t question authority,” she said. “They just think, ‘Oh, somebody smarter than me has figured it out, and I’m gonna go on with my day and I don’t have any feeling about it because I’m too busy.’ I think that’s dangerous.”


    • Paul Barbara

      @ bj May 3, 2018 at 00:02
      The change has come about since Lenin Moreno became President. He is much more amenable to US ‘requests’, unfortunately.
      It seems he played a dirty game, pretending to be fully behind Rafael Correa whilst he was President. I was afraid the Ecuadorean Embassy might throw Assange out if the opposition won the election, but thought he would be OK if Moreno won (Correa could not stand again, but Moreno was in the same party).

      • BrianFujisan


        Thanks, Yes the worry of what is going on with changes in Ecuador must be adding to J.A’s Torture.. As an avid outdoor person I cannot imagine what his situation must be like. It’s Horrid.

        I also hear that Ecuador has just signed off on allowing the U.S military in.. I know that Moreno was considering such a move around this time last year.. Bad Idea methinks.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ BrianFujisan May 3, 2018 at 01:06
          I didn’t know that. It’s catestrophic, it means he’s totally gone belly-up (doubtless for ‘mucho dinero’ from Uncle Sam).
          I’ll have to bone up on Ecuador.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ BrianFujisan May 3, 2018 at 01:06
          Seems Nicaragua is also hotting up. I don’t know where some folk get the mistaken idea that the Neocon NWO One World Gulag merchants are running out of steam: they are rolling back Leftish governments across South and Central America: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras (they did that several years ago, with a Military Coup), Haiti (Caribbean, also several years ago), and now they’re going after Nicaragua:
          ‘Nicaragua: Next in Line for Regime Change?’: https://blackagendareport.com/nicaragua-next-line-regime-change

    • james

      equador had offered some respite.. it is the uk again that is one of the main culprits here..

  • Neil Howard King

    These “anti-Russian” events may be part of the Long Game view. In which the Petro Yuen replacing the Petro Dollar is what the US, and everything that represents; truly fears. Even if the US gets their Qatar pipeline through Syria, gets to sell more LPG to the EU… All will be futile, unless the predictable advent of the Petro Yuen can be thwarted.
    These anti-Russian, Syrian, Iranian, North Korean… operations are proxies regarding China. Whose most successful launch of Oil Futures in Yuen, at the end of March, was ignored by MSM. The same MSM that was “stunned” by the (also) predictable financial collapse of 2008.

  • Paul Barbara

    A very good point in a comment on John Goss’ Change.org petition put up by a signer:
    ‘Eileen Foulkes 2 days ago ago
    I do not trust our government or its propaganda arm the BBC . Their behaviour resonates more with the Stalin era than anything remotely connected with democracy . Mays laughable assertions only hours later ,that their could only be 2 possible conclusions to the alleged attack 1 the Russians did it and 2 the Russians accidentally did it . Imagine if she was a detective . Yet when it comes to the Westminster paedophile inquiry it takes years , files missing. destroyed or national security used as an excuse to publishing the truth.’

    Yes, indeed. Lightning fast, ‘shoot first ask questions later’ on the Skripals and Douma, snail with ball and chain pace on the Paedo MP’s.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Paul Barbara,

      From memory, Change.Org is Soros funded. Are You?


      • Paul Barbara

        @ Tony_0pmoc May 3, 2018 at 02:39
        I wish I was, but it would not affect my campaigns.
        I know very well Change.org is a sh*t site (I didn’t know it was Soros funded, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit), but since when does publicising a good petition on a crap website indicate support for either the website or the funder?
        Well, it is the early hours, so perhaps the booze has effected your judgement.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          Paul Barbara,

          ” but since when does publicising a good petition on a crap website indicate support for either the website or the funder?”

          I am not suggesting it does, but whenever you Paul Barbara, and me, are on Craig Murray website, at the same time, I get loads of virus attacks. It is entirely possible that either your PC or mobile phone has been infected, or it could be mine.

          Have you had a look down and done a virus check recently?

          I know, I need to reinstall mine. The condoms are no longer necessary (in theory)


  • Andrey Matseevskiy

    The idea that Putin ordered to kill Scripal can be seriously taken only by people, who read nothing but comics. In the chain this poison was developed in Russia->the portion used was made in Russia->was used by Russians-> this op was ordered by Putin himself each link is more than suspicious and has to force to think anybody with the tiny drop of common sense. Whatever Putin is- spiteful, vindictive, but he is not a moron. There are some people, who hold the much higher position in the list of assassinations. Suvorov (sentenced to death, BTW), Gordievsky, Kalugin, Belenko- oh, the fresh wound- Rodchenko. Why not these? But, one the other hand, immediate Britain reaction makes me think, that Mother Teresa (the bleak shadow of the Iron Lady) is in some way involved in this incident. Of course, I do not know how- but the old and noble art of provocation has many admirers.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Tony_0pmoc May 3, 2018 at 02:29
      ‘Putin’s surprise of the century “XXXX was an inside job”
      Just replace the X’s with the numbers and slash, and put in the search engine.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          My PC had been perfectly O.K. for many months, until Craig’s Blog wag was under a DOS attack, and someone posted a link to an animal porn site. I had no idea, until I clicked on it..and it really was…

          I may have been infected with this…I will ask my lad to investigate it..


          Some worms are really malicious. They not only slow down your PC, but they send out loads of invasive crap, to everyone on the same internet connection, as do their PC’s as if the are the originator of the trojan.


  • Silvio

    Comedian Handcuffed & Ejected From White House Correspondents’ Dinner (for shouting out his support for Julian Assange and urging the assembled presstitutes and establishment butt kissers do the same).

    Jimmy Dore interview with the guilty party, comedian Randy Credico here:

  • anon,

    ” A journalist who positively avoids knowledge of his subject is an interesting phenomenon ”

    Isnt there an old Navajo saying – you cant wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep ?

    • Sharp Ears

      RT’s earlier report.
      What could go wrong? Nuclear energy giant wants safety rules relaxed
      23 Jan, 2017

      A nuclear energy company is trying to keep Scotland’s aging power stations open years longer than is allowed under current government regulations.

      EDF Energy is asking the UK government’s nuclear watchdog to allow its power station in Hunterston, North Ayrshire, to continue running until it is 47 years old, and its facility in Torness, East Lothian, to remain open until it is 42 years old.

      Has this been covered at all by the UK MSM?

    • Charles

      From the the Time piece

      “Novichok was designed in Soviet times to avoid detection by devices used by the UK and its allies to identify nerve agents. Anything that may have been exposed can only be given the all-clear after a painstaking process of sampling and testing. Novichok nerve agents cannot simply be washed away by rainwater and must be specifically treated.”

      Reinforces the suspicion that the original official advice (low risk to public, baby wipes and wash is washing machine) was not just a lie but complete bollocks.

      Or most likely completely true as the people on the bench (whoever they were) were not poisoned by Novichock but Novichock was applied to the door handle after the Skripals had left home.

      • Doodlebug

        “Traces of the nerve agent were also found at the foot of Mr Skripal’s front door, indicating that the attempted assassination was done “messily”, The Times has learnt. This has raised the possibility that specks of novichok had been on the shoes of Mr Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, as well as on their hands, potentially widening the scope…”

        And potentially requiring the lifting of every footpath the Skripals are thought to have trodden? It sounds as if they stepped in a puddle of the stuff. Maybe it was Russia’s intention to eliminate the population of Salisbury and leave the buildings intact prior to, oh I don’t know, threatening Westminster with the same (cheaper than a neutron bomb and less flagrant a deed)?

        I haven’t heard this much blatant science fiction since Edward Teller sold Ronald Reagan on the need for an X-ray laser, ‘because the Russians (them again…!) have already got it’.

      • SO.

        Actually it just reinforces the idea that the times doesn’t have the first clue as to what it’s talking about (and neither does anyone else cos the entire topic has been 90% deliberately obfuscated by the US and UK governments) and are freely mixing myth, speculation and urban legend.

    • Charles

      Times piece well worth reading for other inconsistances

      Gain access by registering with email (no payment necessary)

    • Sharp Ears

      Gongs for the pair of scribblers! They have written endless bilge on the topic.

      Deborah Haynes, Defence Editor
      With Murdoch since 2010.
      https://twitter.com/haynesdeborah – warning – contains nasty anti-Assad and anti-Putin stuff
      Marr presented her with the Bevins Award – https://www.theguardian.com/media/2008/nov/11/rat-up-drainpipe-award

      Fiona Hamilton is the Times crime editor! One of her latest efforts.
      ‘Burglars steal £500,000 in jewellery from Rothschild home as children sleep
      April 26 2018, 12:01am,
      The Times

      Kate Rothschild lost jewellery worth £500,000 when her home in London was raided
      The banking heiress Kate Rothschild has been targeted by burglars who took £500,000 of jewellery from her bedroom while her children were asleep.
      Ms Rothschild returned to her £3.5 million home in London to discover that a box of valuables, including her wedding and engagement rings from her former marriage to Ben Goldsmith, had been stolen.

      What was that about not laying up treasure upon the earth?

  • Charles


    The Twitter account has proved to be fake

    Today someone asked that the troll take a photo of “her” tattoos. The reply came back saying they had been removed but couldn’t remember what they were

    A photo enhancement of the nurse’s name badge shows that other details on the badge had been manually redacted suggesting, to me at least, this wasn’t just a bored prick in his bedroom but I can’t think why an official agency would go to this trouble other than to provide evidence that she is alive and free to do what she wants.

    Top photo showing tattoos with just visible shoulder one.


    • Charles

      If anyone has a Twitter account (I don’t) and is interested you might send message asking “Yulia” to take photo of herself holding a recent newspaper front page

      • Doodlebug

        Good on you Charles! I don’t ‘do twitter’ either, but I dare say one of its subscribers will accommodate your proposal. I agree, there is most likely a ‘disinformation’ motive behind the fake account, which will have been followed by a good many more than the Skripal family.

      • bj

        Just don’t let her take it in the bathroom of the hotel where she’s staying, or Putin will immediately know where to direct his hit men.

        (For the interested, that’s a reference to a movie; quiz for anyone who knows which movie). 😉

    • Gideon Blackmarsh

      Yesterday I ran a few of the tweets from “Yulia” though Google Translate to see if I could work out what the motive behind them might be and did the same again today. They start off broadly in line with the police statement that had been issued in Yulia’s name a day or two earlier. The tweets praise the medical staff, thank well-wishers, say that the statement was Yulia’s own words (“Zakharova is lying. This was my statement. Yes, I was helped by British representatives”) and that the Skripals want privacy (“We are very quiet and not public people. What happened with my father was a shock to me and all of us.”). At this point you might think the account was being run to reinforce the British Government’s line, but then it starts to go weird…

      On 16th April, “Yulia” tweets that she does not trust the doctors and that they are trying to make her a vegetable, followed by “It seemed to me that they saved me, but now I do not believe them! They make me a vegetable!!! These blue pills destroy me!!! Force to drink!!!” and various appeals for help. “I’m like in a bunker!!! They stuff me with medicines!!!” “They want me to lose my memory !!! Help me!!!” “I’m like a drunk after their pills!!! I do not believe them!!!” “THE TABLETS ARE KILLING ME!!!! I’M LIKE A DRUNK!!!! HELP ME!!!

      On 23rd April, “Yulia” tweets (possibly in answer to a question I can’t see*) “My second dog stayed in London” and later says that her condtion has stabilised. The next day she tweets that she is in the USA, then nothing for a week until “I want to return to Russia!”

      In the last couple of days, we have “I do not remember anything after the Novichok poisoning. It’s practically a blank sheet”, “I can not say exactly where I am. They forbade me” and “Moved to another ward”.

      I’m not going to offer my theory about the motive behind the tweets because, at the moment, I don’t have one. I’m not even convinced this is an avenue worth pursuing. The motive behind them might simply be to sow confusion and distract attention from elsewhere. (I don’t count that as a theory, just a passing thought.)

      *As I don’t have a Twitter account, I can only see the tweets by “Yulia”, not any of the replies/conversations. I can’t, for example see the question about tattoos that Charles mentioned. They are are few bits I’ve skipped over, like her saying she’s lost her VKontakte password and a strange comment that Google (?mis)translates as “They are kicking me!!!”, but the above selection of tweets is the bulk of what’s visible to me. (Actually, I do have a Twitter account but I never use it and can’t remember the password, which amounts to the same thing as not having one.)

      • Gideon Blackmarsh

        It looks like the puzzling “They are kicking me!!!” tweet could be a result of a typo in the original Russian. If the tweet were “Они приносят мне их!!!” instead of “Они пиносят мне их!!!” it would translate as “They bring me them!!!” although I’m still unclear what it refers to – possibly the tablets, but it could also be a reply to some other tweet that I can’t see.

  • Sharp Ears

    No more wars? No chance. The mad men are in charge.

    US Air Force boasts testing of new nuclear gravity bomb going ‘extremely well’
    3 May, 2018 01:01
    Photo of a B-2 Spirit Bomber
    The US Air Force is boasting of progress in upgrading and testing of its atomic arsenal, under the new aggressive posture that lowers the threshold for use of nuclear weapons and sets Washington on a collision course with Russia.

    Plans to spend over $1 trillion to modernize the US “nuclear triad” – nuclear bombers and missiles launched from land-based silos and submarines – have received a boost, in the form of the new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and increased military budgets under the Trump administration.

    “We’ve already conducted 26 engineering, development and guided flight tests” of the B61-12 gravity bomb, Lieutenant General Jack Weinstein told the Air Force Association breakfast on Tuesday. “The program’s doing extremely well.”

    Weinstein is the deputy chief of staff for strategic deterrence and nuclear integration at the USAF headquarters in Washington, DC.


    • Sharp Ears

      The costs of the so called ‘Stealth Bomber’ –

      ‘The total “military construction” cost related to the program was projected to be US$553.6 million in 1997 dollars. The cost to procure each B-2 was US$737 million in 1997 dollars, based only on a fleet cost of US$15.48 billion. The procurement cost per aircraft as detailed in GAO reports, which include spare parts and software support, was $929 million per aircraft in 1997 dollars.

      The total program cost projected through 2004 was US$44.75 billion in 1997 dollars. This includes development, procurement, facilities, construction, and spare parts. The total program cost averaged US$2.13 billion per aircraft. The B-2 may cost up to $135,000 per flight hour to operate in 2010, which is about twice that of the B-52 and B-1.

      Don’t tell the homeless and the starving in the West.

    • Charles

      There is absolutely no GOOD reason for the British Government to refuse to give evidence that the Skripals are safe, recovering and not being detained.

      If anyone can think of one please let me know.

      Zero benefit, all it does is;

      Demonstrate Britain’s contempt for international law
      Makes a bad situation worse
      Defies logic, good sense and reason
      Further generates mistrust in government and the police
      Engenders suspicion and concern that something bad happened / is happening
      Causes unnecessary stress and worry for friends and relatives
      Makes Theresa May look a bigger fool

      • AntonyI

        They have been imprisoned because they might spill the beans on: a) details of the Salisbury gas attack being eye witnesses; b) the people they were with in the park and later in detention c) the Steele dossier that they helped create to blacked the present US president by some of his own underlings; d) the extent to which MI5/6/GCHQ are mere extensions of the US CIA /NSA & e) possible info they have about faked Assad chem attacks.

      • Node

        There is absolutely no GOOD reason for the British Government to refuse to give evidence that the Skripals are safe, recovering and not being detained. If anyone can think of one please let me know.

        They wrote out all the evidence and were going to hand it over but the dog ate it. Honest.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ John Goss May 2, 2018 at 20:09
    No, I can’t see your post. I’ve just used N_ May 3, 2018 at 03:27 ‘s advice, and put up the tinyurl link on RT. Check if you can see it. Also, my Independent comment managed 18 ‘thumbs down’ in an inactive 2-day old post in the early hours of the morning – can you see that post?
    I provided you the contact details, including phone number, of the London Bureau of RTTV, so you could phone them quite easily.

  • Charles

    Lets assume, for a moment, that the official narrative is correct and truthful and that someone said

    “Its important that nobody sees evidence that they are alive, safe, recovering and are free to do what they want. It is also important that consular access is denied and the cousin / niece should be banned from the UK”

    And everyone said “Yes that’s a good idea”

  • Hatuey

    So, whilst most of you or talking about stupid stuff, I thought I might give emphasis to some developments taking place right now in British politics which totally vindicate my assessment of Brexit given a few weeks ago.

    In short, it is now absolutely clear that a hard right clique is dominating the Cabinet and any prospect of a deal that keeps Britain in the free market has been torpedoed. This is a huge development in the direction which I expected.

    It is now clear that we are heading for a “no deal” scenario, that this was the plan all along, and Britain is doomed to be a low tax, deregulated, cesspit with no welfare or NHS, laundering money on the fringes of Europe for various despicable types. I believe they call this the Shanghai model.

    The spineless Jeremy Corbyn will, as usual, do nothing to oppose this. He could probably stop it if he built some sort of ‘alliance of the sane’ with the SNP and others but that would require more than the 3 or 4 brain cells that the useless thick poser appears to have.

    Yet again the rancid English electorate with its racist, war-mongering, xenophobic, money-grabbing, values is calling the shots and riding roughshod over the views of everyone else. The UK Union just evolved into a cage.

    • Xavi

      Corbyn is no idiot. The only way to get rid off the Tories is by winning the next election and virtually all the most achievable gains that would give Labour a majority are seats that voted at least 60% Leave. The only one within easy reach that voted Remain is Putney.
      If he ended Labour’s ambiguity over Brexit and adopted an unequivocal Remain stance he might satisfy people such as yourself, but he would become as electorally relevant as the lib Dems.

      • Hatuey

        Xavi, what you’re saying sounds very familiar. Sacrifice all your principles at the altar of expediency…. hmmmmmm The history of the Labour Party is the history of bending over like that. When you eventually get power — because you have become indistinguishable from Tories — you do nothing with it.

        Nobody is suggesting he tries to satisfy me or adopt an unequivocal remain stance. I am suggesting he doesn’t have the balls or the brains to find something in between that might save your grandchildren from a life of second world misery.

        Britain like the cartoon roadrunner just stepped over the edge of the cliff… just before it starts falling it has time to look at the camera and blink like an idiot as it realises what is now inevitable. That’s where you, Corbyn, and the whole rancid edifice of British society is right now.

        Blinking idiots.

    • glenn_nl

      Lucky we’ve got you to set us back on course, when we might otherwise be inclined only to talk about stupid stuff. You certainly have a winning method of engaging your audience.

    • flatulence

      haha, rancid English xenophobic electorate. Not too bright bless him. Although it could just be your raging xenophobia clouding your vision, or it may just be that massive flaccid phallus hanging from your forehead.

      • Hatuey

        If it’s true then I am not alone. Next to Israel, England is the most annoying country of deluded morons in the world.

        • glenn_nl

          Come on, don’t sell the Americans (or the Germans, for that matter) short.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Yes things have become clearer. It’s a No deal Brexit or a No Brexit. My money’s on the latter.
      Also, don’t be a twat and generalise about a whole people based on a sub-set (white, > 50’s)

      • Hatuey

        We generalise about people all the time, why not about English people? In actual fact, there’s a whole industry made up of people that make a good living our of generalising about people, we call it the polling industry. Many of these companies are actually in England.

        Generally speaking, English people are xenophobic, have a superiority complex (based, disturbingly, on their shocking role in things like the salve trade and brutal colonialism), despite pretending the opposite they are extremely nationalistic, they are generally not only uncaring towards the poor and disadvantaged, they are cruel towards them (as expressed by their choice in elections over the last 40 years), and most alarming of all, generally speaking they are war mongering crackpots who think nothing of bombing countries illegally (again, polls and elections show support for that [generally speaking]).

        Why then should we not generalise here on these issues when we generalise about so many other aspects of politics. And why indeed when the English themselves so love to generalise about foreigners, frogs, benefits scroungers, Scots, etc?

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