The Guardian Rejoices in the Silencing of Assange 509

The Guardian has today published a whole series of attack piece articles on Julian Assange which plainly exult in the fact he has now been silenced by the cutting of his communication with the outside world. They also include outright lies such as this one by Dan Collyns:

In fact Julian Assange was questioned for two days solid in the Embassy by Swedish procurators and police in November 2016. The statement he gave to them at that time I published in full. Following that questioning it was plain that there was no hope of a successful prosecution, particularly as the only physical evidence Swedish Police had was a condom Anna Ardin claimed he had worn but which had no trace of his DNA – a physical impossibility.

Dan Collyns is a freelance based in Peru, but the Guardian’s editors certainly know it is blatantly untrue that the investigation into Assange was dropped because he could not be questioned. They have knowingly published a lie. “Facts are sacred” there, apparently.

The Guardian article gives another complete lie, this time in the Harding penned section, where it says that “sources” reveal that Assange had hacked into the Embassy’s communications. That is completely untrue as are the “facts” given about Julian’s relationship with the Embassy staff, whom I know well. It is plain that these “sources” are separate from the Ecuadorean security dossier published in Focus Ecuador by the CIA. I would bet any money that these anonymous “sources” are as always Harding’s mates in the UK security services. That the Guardian should allow itself to be used in a security service disinformation campaign designed to provoke distrust between Assange and Embassy staff, is appalling.

I had a front row seat in 2010 when the Guardian suddenly switched from championing Assange to attacking him, in a deeply unedifying row about the rights and money from a projected autobiography. But they have sunk to a new low today in a collaboration between long term MI6 mouthpiece Luke Harding and the CIA financed neo-con propagandists of Focus Ecuador.

The Guardian pieces are full of truly startling revelations. Would you ever have guessed, for example, that Julian Assange was visited by his Wikileaks colleague Sarah Harrison, his friends Vaughn Smith and, err, me, and his lawyer Gareth Peirce?! This great scandal, Harding states in an assertion as evidence-free as his entire “Russia hacked the elections” book, “will interest Mueller”. Despite the fact none of these visits was secret and mine was broadcast live to the world by Wikileaks on Brexit referendum night.

The aim of the “Guardian” piece is of course to help urge Ecuador to expel Julian from the Embassy. There is no doubt that the actions of Lenin Moreno, under extreme pressure from the USA, have been severely disappointing, though I am more inclined to praise Ecuador for its courageous defiance of the US than blame it for eventually caving in to the vast resources the CIA is spending on undermining it. It is also worth noting that, post the Francoist human rights abuses in Catalonia, it was Spain and the EU joining in US pressure which tipped the balance.

Julian’s principled refusal to abandon the Catalan cause, against direct Ecuadorean threats to do precisely what they have now done, has not received the credit it deserves.

The same Blairites who supported the latest Israeli massacre will this morning be revelling in the Guardian’s celebration of the silencing of a key dissident voice. I have no wish to try and understand these people.

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509 thoughts on “The Guardian Rejoices in the Silencing of Assange

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  • N_

    @Peter N – Needless updating is for mental weakies. The price for extra flashing lights is always more surveillance and control. If this site can only be used properly by bang up-to-date versions of browsers, then that deters users with brains from coming here. If that’s the case, the system administrators need to refiddle whatever they recently fiddled with, so as to reverse the change and restore the position.

    In short – don’t follow fashion. The road of asking Alexa when you need to take a crap ends in mass graves.

    • Stu

      If you are on the internet you are under surveillance regardless of your browser status.

      What benefit do you think you gain by not updating?

    • Peter N

      “@Peter N – Needless updating is for mental weakies”

      I agree but only up to a point. Necessary updating is what computer savvy folks do — your Firefox version is so old that you are now experiencing problems because of it. Why should website builders hold back site development because a handful of people want to stick with outdated software come-what-may? The latest Firefox doesn’t have “extra flashing lights” (that kind of thing would never attract me). Blocking its so-called telemetry (aka ‘spyware’) is very easy to do and I did just that on my own system. As for its temp files I direct all of it to a ramdisk when I close Firefox and shutdown the computer it is all definitely gone — and at no point did any of it ever touch my hard-drive. If you don’t have a ramdisk you can do more or less the same thing by just setting up Firefox to write all its cache data into computer memory.

      You can try the latest Firefox as a portable and see if it solves your problems with this blog. Portable version can be got here:

      Though remember to read the install notes etc. here:

      ‘Installing’ the Firefox Portable will in no way interfere with your current Firefox as the portable doesn’t install the Firefox into your system in that way that a normal installer does. So you can give it a try and see if it solves your blog problem. If you decide you don’t want it just delete the entire folder you ‘installed’ it into and it is all gone.

      Good luck with your problems. :0)

    • Clark

      N_, accept the security updates, especially for your browser, because nearly all malware works by exploiting some bug, and security updates patch bugs.

      Websites and browsers have been updated a lot recently as HTML5 is being rolled out. Overall, this will improve security for most users, because less functionality will require scripts.

      To improve your security and privacy, use publicly licensed software; I’m using Trisquel GNU/Linux, which is mostly under the GNU General Public License. Use Firefox or a derivative (I’m using Abrowser) or Chromium (Google Chrome with Google’s spyware removed). Use an ad blocker because ad servers are none too clean,

      and install NoScript and learn to use it!!!

      • Clark

        N_, I know the team here, and they’re good. It isn’t about fashion. They keep WordPress up to date to maintain security, for both site and users.

    • Morton Subotnick

      The site PrismBreak ( should be your first stop for all security/privacy software issues.

      Combine whatever they recommend with keeping your OS updated, your drivers updated (, AVG free anti-virus (, Comodo’s free firewall ( and WinPatrol ( and you will be OK.

      Imaging the C: drive, especially after a clean install, can save literally hours of time should trouble occur. Clonezilla ( is the open-source option and Paragon’s Backup & Recovery ( the proprietary option, although there is a limited-feature free version as well. NEVER use Acronis imaging software: as I found out to my cost many years ago, the image files it produces are corrupted during defragmentation, an “undocumented feature” not mentioned in the ubiquitous 5-star reviews it receives.

  • N_

    Having a “sat nav” screen permanently switched on in car, e.g. showing a little picture of the M1 when you’re driving a couple of hundred miles up the M1, is a sign of extreme submissiveness and low intelligence. Frankly I have little in common with those who disagree. Whilst I have no huge objection to such people sucking in oxygen from the air, I try not to converse with them.

    • Jo Dominich

      Hi Sharp Ears! One of my very favourite sketches in Dad’s Army!! Don’t worry, I’ll come clean about my age – wrong side of 60yrs!

    • Tatyana

      Sharp Ears,
      Thanks for sharing the video! I’ve never seen it before and just re-play it again and again!
      Remarkable acting, witty humor, I will find and watch more.

      In my turn, here is German comedy show “Die Anstalt”, with English subtitles.
      Terrorism in the Middle East IRAQ | IRAN | ISIS

      ” -Then I’ll give him weapons?
      – Just a small problem.
      – What is this?
      – An arms embargo.
      – Bl**dy pacifists! I’ll only send components.
      – Not bad, right? One sends mustard, one sends gas, who can help it if Hussein uses musturd gas?”

      • bj

        From “the loss [sic] of life” jumps to “the dire situation in Gaza” and “the loss of medical care”, shortage of electricity, food, jobs,
        all this caused by … Hamas.

        So the dire economic and living circumstances are caused by Hamas, and Hamas cause a “loss of medical care” [sic], and this causes “loss of life”.

        Palestinians do not die from Israeli bullets. They die from voting the wrong way. Democracy kills.

        • Jo Dominich

          I don’t understand how they can rationalise this in any way as being Hamas’ fault. Firstly, no account is taken of the Israeli blockade of Gaza for the past 10 years. The fact that the Israelis control all the natural resources, gas, electricity, water, jobs etc (i.e. you cannot get a job unless you speak Hebrew). The USA is a rogue nation with a terrorist megalomaniac as its leader. They have axed all financial aid to Palestine at Israel’s request no doubt. How dare they blame the massacre and continued slaughter of innocent Palestinians on anything other than Israel and the IDF.

      • Steve M

        Some of those journalists actually ask questions that border on the basics of journalism. Whatever next. I wonder what happens between there and the article write-ups.

        Anyone know who the journalist is asking the first question at 6:12(ish) is? Bottom left, the psychopath govt spokeswoman calls him Matt. Whoever he is, here’s him previously asking another govt official why the White Helmets are supposedly lovely when their leader is on the terrorist list and barred from entry to the US:

        • thewoodsbeyondthetrees

          @ Steve M 23.55 : the journalist is Matt Lee, AP diplomatic correspondent. You will find a feast of Youtube videos of him scything through the ramblings of hapless press secretaries.

          • SA

            Yes Matt Lee always asks searching questions. At one point there was an RT correspondent there also asking good questions. Has RT been banned from third briefings?

    • Node

      BBC1’s Question Time glossed over the most recent Gaza massacre. The panel variously blamed Donald Trump, his daughter, Theresa May, the arms industry, and Hamas but not Israel. They were unanimous that we don’t have enough information to establish whether Israel acted disproportionately. Zionists in the audience made speeches uninterrupted by Dimbleby. Next question please.

      • SA

        It is interesting how the propaganda works, is unified and prearranged. The theme that comes out of this is the same from all sources, go on the offensive, blame Hamas for everything, regret loss of human life but don’t mention snipers shooting unarmed civilians. Palestinians are all collectively guilty of the crime of wanting thier homeland which has been claimed by colonialists.

  • John Goss

    Tonight I have been sharing the “Let Yulia Skripal Speak” petition with 72 groups up to now. During the process somebody commented on the link and FB recorded that there was “1 more comment” with a blue message. When I clicked to see the comment it disappeared. The person commented again. I left a message that I could not see the comment. The person commented again. On the third comment I managed to get a screendump before it disappeared. The person claimed, and the evidence seemed to be there, that FB was shadowbanning him.

    The petition is only 57 signatures short of reaching 1,000, after which I understand, those who sign can check that their signatures have been recorded.

    That sharing with 72 groups however only generated 3 signatures over a three hour period. I have advised signers to let me know if they sign but I suspect those too could be manipulated.

    • Tatyana

      John, yesterday I’ve checked – it was 945 participants, today morning – 960. Please, keep sharing it.
      There’s no surprise it goes so slowly, you may like to look here

      Make sure you’ve read all the answers and comments by clicking on grey lines under answers.
      It’s hard to calculate the total of ‘russian troll’-s and ‘russian propaganda’-s

    • Radar O’Reilly


      Some news processors still remember the Skripals, In my view remarkable for their unbelievable story about an amazingly flexible secret squirrel substance?, no – famous above all for the ‘Pablo’ DASM notice – coincidentally one website recently mentioned an earlier DASM notice on Steele himself. Things to avoid indeed!

      The news hounds are however dutifully limited today to the reporting Deutsche Welle

      The German media report said the BND had informed the US and British intelligence agencies about the case following the analysis, and small amounts of the poison were later produced in several NATO member states to test Western protective gear, testing equipment and antidotes.

      ‘Small’ being the word to test in court, or the court of informed public opinion- is ‘small’ 100 grammes (C) OPCW or several grammes (C) CZ intel or the 100 kilos allowed under the NBC/CBRN treaties.

      The take-home message is that NATO was fully aware of these ‘secret’ non-traditional agents for many years and had successfully made it many times”for defence”

      • John Goss

        “The take-home message is that NATO was fully aware of these ‘secret’ non-traditional agents for many years and had successfully made it many times”for defence””

        The word Novichok for a nerve agent is not even Russian. It was patented in the US about three years ago. And yes, the Steele, Pablo, Skripal story is banned from being told in our free media.

    • SA

      Are you surprised. Our own collaborators in torture have recently been bailed out by the taxpayers to the tune of £500000.

    • Charles Bostock

      Re Mr McGovern, any word finally (eg from the man himself) on whether his shoulder was dislocated or not during his eviction from the hearing? Was the eviction by the “fascist” Capitol Police “brutal” enough to dislocate his shoulder or was that just another bit of fake news?

  • FranzB

    CM – “Julian’s principled refusal to abandon the Catalan cause”

    Looks as if Julian is going to get a boost as apparently the Catalans have elected a hard line independista as president.

    Doubtless Rajoy has put his stormtroopers on alert. See link for 365 videos of Rajoy’s chaps doing what they enjoy most.

  • GoAwayAndShutUp

    O.T. Very funny, indeed.

    Facebook Announcing New Election Partnership with the Atlantic Council

    “Today, we’re excited to launch a new partnership with the Atlantic Council, which has a stellar reputation looking at innovative solutions to hard problems. Experts from their Digital Forensic Research Lab will work closely with our security, policy and product teams to get Facebook real-time insights and updates on emerging threats and disinformation campaigns from around the world.”

  • Hieroglyph

    The Guardian is like a feminist Daily Mail. I didn’t think this was possible, so kudos to Kath Viner, I guess. People are clocking the disinfo though. It’s way too stupid, and way too obvious, and even your average teenage girl (The Graun’s target audience) must be waking up.

    Luckily, they don’t make any money, so will probably be sold to vulture capitalists, and most of their journalists sacked. Shame for the good ones, but their only option is a bloodless coup. Do they have the cojones?

    • SA

      Vast crowd will be detained and charged with attempt at perverting the course of justice. Techniques for arrest may not stretch to snipers but may include BZ agent of a type developed In Salisbury.

    • Charles Bostock

      A good question but in practical terms a pointless one – despite all the fiery words, even fewer people would turn up than turned up for the recent pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel demo in London (and elsewhere)! Words are easy on the internet.

  • quasi_verbatim

    I note that the ‘Stans are in turmoil, an area of Mr. Murray’s expertise, with Kyz and Az in particular on the front line of the UK/US/ISIS Big Push out of Afghanistan into the soft underbelly of Russia.

    If you’re going to march on Moscow, take the Muslim Road.

    • Salford Lad

      The Chinese will be watching any move by the UK/US to create unrest ,prior to the regime change Colour Revolution in the Central Asia Republics.
      The agenda is the obvious one, to cut and control the One-Belt-One-Road hi-speed rail that traverses the region on the way to Europe.
      Preservation of the once mighty dollar is the plan. A futile cause as the US Empire is in terminal decline.
      Trump has done more than most to speed its collapse and is now at loggerheads with the former European allies. I am enjoying watching him behave like the proverbial elephant in a China shop, destroying every possibility of agreement as in Israel, North Korea and Iran.
      He surely is Putins secret weapon.

  • giyane

    May 18, 2018 at 03:01
    “Are sexual misconduct allegations a popular tool to subdue unwanted voices?”

    Having myself been the intended victim of a honey trap, which I knew full well was a honey trap, I can tell you that even if you do nothing even remotely wrong but were hovering over the construction and mechanics of the trap, they will log you as having fallen in. A blacklisting file will be created to add to the previous blacklisting files so that it will appear that you have a history of possible wrong-doing in which you have so far been lucky enough not to get caught. Needless to say the reverse is true for all who adhere to the Overton window, whatever that may be but I haven’t been in it consciously for a very long time.

  • N_


    If you are on the internet you are under surveillance regardless of your browser status. What benefit do you think you gain by not updating?

    Less surveillance and more self-respect and sanity than would otherwise be the case. It’s not so much a benefit as the absence of such a severe, semisuicidal deterioration in conditions. Give them an inch and they’ll take a light year. Do you know where the path of compulsive obedience to updating for fear of resource removal, dressed up as an improvement in your conditions leads to? It leads to zombiedom, an inability to distinguish between what you want and what you’re told, walking around like an advertising hoarding, and eventually the inability to think about anything, and then, as sure as anything, megadeath. Most people are already a long way along that path.

    Would you still post to this blog if you had to join Facebook to do it? Or install an “Alexa” machine in your house?

    • Republicofscotland

      “If you are on the internet you are under surveillance regardless of your browser status. What benefit do you think you gain by not updating?”

      Of course if you press the incognito button on your browser, you suddenly become invisible, say’s I tongue in cheek.

      You then appear to the GCHQ and every other data collecting agency, as the emperor with no clothes on. Only there’s no wee boy to tell you your in your birthday suit. ?

    • Clark

      N_ “Less surveillance…”

      Not so; check Snowden’s material. The NSA developed exploits to infiltrate people’s systems, and each exploit needs a bug to exploit. You don’t need to do the “other” updates, but do your security updates!, because they patch bugs.

      In the longer term, shift from proprietary software to Free Software. That’s libre software under licenses like the GPL or the BSD license, as opposed to gratis “freeware”. The works of proprietary software are mostly secret; you don’t know who it might be working for. Free software is software that respects your freedom; it’s about freedom, not price, and its workings have to be published, fully available to the public:

      • Clark

        If you want a browser that updates less frequently, that doesn’t keep changing its appearance and interface (but still gets security updates), consider using the Firefox Extended Support Release:

        Or use a Firefox related or derivative browser such as Abrowser or GNU IceCat. These derivatives can be written because Firefox is a Free Software project – everyone has the right, the freedom, to read, study, understand, modify and re-release the code. That’s also how Chromium can be derived from Google Chrome.

        If you want to try an entire Free Software system without installing one, you could try Knoppix GNU/Linux, which will boot from a CD or DVD without changing your installed system.

    • Tatyana

      They had to discharge Skripal sooner or later.
      This week Russia started several cases in the court agains Ukraine (russian journalist detained, Crimean constitution violence),
      Putin and Assad claimed yesterday “key points in Syria are liberated from terrorists, foreign military can go home”,
      Russian ‘Caliber’ weapons are brought into the Mediterranean sea, next to ‘Harry Truman’,
      EU searches the way to avoid Iranian sanctions –
      it is very convinient moment to Skripal be released, I’ll be waiting for his public statement.

    • Node

      From your link : “The Russian embassy in the UK, which has waged a Twitter information campaign on the Salisbury incident, provided no immediate reaction to the news of Skripal’s discharge. Rather, it tweeted a football World Cup quiz question.”

      The Guardian displays the depths of its shallowness, considering it a fault that Russia does not conduct diplomacy via Twitter

  • johnf

    From the above:

    “The Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal, who was exposed to a nerve agent, has been discharged from Salisbury district hospital, health officials have said.

    Skripal’s release follows that of his daughter, Yulia, and DS Nick Bailey, who were all exposed to novichok in March.
    Almost 100 police have received psychological help after Salisbury attack
    Read more

    In a statement, the hospital said: “While these patients have now been discharged, their right to patient confidentiality remains and limits us from giving detailed accounts of the treatment these individuals received. “

  • mark golding

    I have no wish either to understand these Blairites either and their interventionist neoconservative foreign policies. I look down on falsifiers like rendition supporter and war-monger Kamm who resigned from the Frontline Club after founder Vaughan Smith had given refuge to Julian Assange at the club and ‘Andrew Philip Cross’ later “Julian” on Twitter whose deceptive, refined yet malicious editing of Wikipedia turns my stomach.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the PM, is set to pack out the unelected undecomcratic troughers care home, in the coming days to gain an advantage with regards to Brexit.

    “Theresa May is expected to approve the creation of about 10 Tory peers and hand at least one to Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party in an attempt to improve her weak position in the House of Lords, which has already voted 15 times against her government over Brexit.”

  • Sharp Ears

    Whilst the sheeple’s attention in on the w e d d I n g. Theresa May is stuffing the Lords with more peers. The list includes Eric Pickles. the arch Zionist supporter, CFoI etc etc

    Lord help us! Theresa May poised to exploit Royal Wedding to unveil fleet of new peers
    EXCLUSIVE: A source said Prince Harry’s union to Meghan Markle will be “a good time to bury bad news” as the PM lines up loyalists for the House of Lords
    17th May 2018

  • Sharp Ears

    Mr ‘Shurrup and Go away’ Williamson is giving a £1billion contract to build two Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships to a foreign country The ships are to support the (redundant) aircraft carriers. The order for a planned third RFA ship is on hold.

    Anger at defence chiefs set to downgrade £1billion order for new Royal Navy support ships
    The formal tender document reveals only two vessels are guaranteed to be built, in a fresh blow to the armed forces
    16th May 2018


  • Sharp Ears

    Ref Facebook and Atlantic Council on here earlier…..To ‘protect democracy,’ scandal-fearing Facebook teams up with ‘unbiased’ Atlantic Council

    This is the Board From ex NATO commander General James L Jones to Henry Kissinger, they are all there.

    The names on the advisory board are even more scary …Albright, Aznar, Bildt…. oh, and ‘Mr Rupert Murdoch’. Nice.

    About Us.

    About the Council

    Working Together to Secure the Future. Renewing the Atlantic Community for Global Challenges
    The Atlantic Council promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic Community’s central role in meeting global challenges. The Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century by informing and galvanizing its uniquely influential network of global leaders. Through the papers we write, the ideas we generate, and the communities we build, the Council shapes policy choices and strategies to create a more secure and prosperous world.’

    • Republicofscotland

      Some dodgy characters there alright Powell and Rice to name few, and of course old nick himself the Kiss of Death, Kissinger, who has a iron in every fire.

      • bj

        It’s a disreputable NATO scare mongering agency, canvassing and recruiting for the Military Industrial Intel Complex. It often attracts so-called impartial scientists and journalists in an attempt to crank up its notoriety, the likes of Luke Harding et al.

      • bj

        On its website (“Working together to secure the future”), I came across this just now, which cheers me up tremendously:

        “The United States and NATO must take steps to preserve the unity of the transatlantic alliance in the face of a “complex and dynamic security environment,” said Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, supreme allied commander Europe and commander, US European Command.”

        Where preservation is necessary, extinction is nigh.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Sergei who?,

    Well that story conveniently put to bed in “other news”.

    That’s the last you will hear from them.

    “Both Mr Skripal and his daughter are now likely to be given full witness protection by the police and could even be given new identities to protect them from any further attacks.”

    Anyone heard anything about Assange today? It’s almost exactly a year since he has been publicly seen.


  • mike

    So when the state broadcaster tells us today that Sergei Skripal has “left hospital” do they mean that he just walked out the front door? Or was he whisked away by MI5 to a “safe house”? Where did he go and who was with him? The state broadcaster never bothered to tell us. I guess the D Notice stops them asking the VERY OBVIOUS questions. The state broadcaster also told us in the same radio news piece that Yulia Skripal “left hospital” several weeks ago. It said nothing about where she is now, again a very obvious question. The state broadcaster is complicit in this sinister charade.

    • Dan

      Interestingly, there are a couple of BTL commenters at Guardian Online who always respond to queries about the mysterious vanishing Skripals with the line “Didn’t the Skripals request a D-Notice to protect their privacy?” – useful idiots or deliberate misinformation about how and why D notices are issued…?

    • flatulence

      did I pass? I just pissed on my keyboard and the screen went blue. Does this mean I’m pregnant? I think there may be something wrong with the test, because I’m male and constipated at best. I’ll try again.

  • Anon1

    ‘Elections’ coming up on Sunday in Venezuela.

    Nicolas Maduro is expected to win, but that is hardly surprising given that the two most popular opposition candidates are banned from running

  • Sharp Ears

    H&M (aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex/Wessex/you choose) are moving from their 2 bedroomed grace and favour Nottingham Cottage, which is within Kensington Palace, to Apartment 1, a 20 roomed! pad. Imagine all the guests they can have staying for the rave ups

    A palace fit for a princess! How 21-room Apartment 1 at Kensington Palace has hurriedly been renovated for Harry and Meghan – making them next door neighbours with Kate and William
    Pictures from last November show renovations were already underway before Harry and Meghan announced their engagement
    21-room apartment is right next to William and Kate’s Apartment 1A
    Duke and Duchess of Gloucester have moved out to make way for newlyweds
    Harry is said to have kept close eye on work and is eager to move in

    21 rooms according to this. What’s one room between friends. They must keep the builders, interior designers and suppliers busy. Good for trade donchaknow.

    ‘On 6 November 2011, it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would move from their temporary residence of Nottingham Cottage on the Kensington Palace grounds, to the four-storey, 20-room Apartment 1A, formerly the residence of Princess Margaret. Renovations took 18 months at a cost of £4.5 million ($7.6 million). The building costs included new heating, electrics and plastering, and the removal of asbestos that required nearly everything to be stripped out internally, as well as a new roof. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kept many of the home’s original details, including crown moldings, but used a subtle colour palette of beiges, creams and earth tones. The royal couple moved into the apartment with their infant son, Prince George of Cambridge, in October 2013. On 28 March 2012, it was announced that Prince Harry had moved his residence from Clarence House to a one-bedroom apartment at Kensington Palace. The announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle included a statement that the couple will live in Nottingham Cottage after their May 2018 wedding.

    All the other hangers on live there.
    ‘Kensington Palace is a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England. It has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century, and is currently the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie of York, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.’

    I believe some of them actually pay rent these days.

  • Sharp Ears

    Prince Harry’s former regiment (‘We do bad things to bad people’ – the motto on his baseball cap) is forming part of the military complement in Windsor tomorrow. Any royal occasion has a military wrapping. That is why this country kills people. We are sending 400 more troops to Afghanistan. That means that some will be returning with PTSD or minus their limbs, or worse, in a coffin.

    Britain prepares to send 400 more troops back to Afghanistan to counter Isil threat

    The Chief Rabbi was licking royal boots this morning on Thought for The Day on Radio 4. In other words, he is accepting of our wars on civilians. At many public occasions, the royals are seen in their military uniforms. Tomorrow too, in all probability.

    Mirvis gives instruction on the festival of Shavuot, the Festival of Weeks.. The three crowns. etc.

    His previous TFTD was in March. Then it was about the Passover.

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