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The right wing bias of BBC Question Time tonight staggers belief, even for the BBC. One Francoist, two Tories, the still more right wing Chukka Umunna, all “balanced” by Akala, who thankfully has more brains, and certainly more compassion, than the rest put together.

Esther McVey, Tory. Champion of the rape clause, minister implementing benefit cuts and promoting privatised benefits assessments, lobbyist against regulating gambling machines. One of the very nastiest of Tories.

Chloe Westley Another Tory. Here representing the tiny far right fringe group the “Taxpayers Alliance”. Proponent of fierce benefit cuts. Studying the rampantly Islamophobic counter-terrorism course at St Andrews University. Her twitter handle is “LowTaxChloe” which is all you need to know.

Alejandro Agag Another Tory, invited by the BBC as a “businessman”. Former MEP for the Francoist Spanish Popular Party – the current government in Spain which is busy jailing as many political prisoners in Catalonia as they can get their hands on, and is happy sending in paramilitary thugs to club old Catalan ladies waiting to vote.

Chuka Umunna Full time taxpayer-funded right wing campaigner against Jeremy Corbyn.

Akala Very decent guy. Performing this year at our Doune the Rabbit Hole festival for which you should pull your finger out and get buying tickets now.

Why is the BBC permitted, day after day after day, to pump out programming which actively promotes a political programme far to the right of where the British population actually stand? With the continual over-representation of nutty right wing groups like the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Henry Jackson Society, while left wing groups of much larger membership such as Stop the War are completely ignored. Why low tax campaigners but no invitation ever to groups like Black Triangle who represent claimants interests? Not to mention the routine ignoring of the SNP, parliament’s third largest party.

I strongly urge you not to pay your TV license to fund this barrage of right wing propaganda. I and thousands of others in Scotland have refused to pay since 2014, and other than lots of silly threatening letters nothing has happened. Just stop paying for this nonsense.

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  • Jo

    How good was it when Akala speared that young Tory type in the audience by taking apart his claim that “working class” towns were turning away from Corbyn? How dumb did he make him look?

  • Isabel Newlands

    Agree about the right wing panel. I was immediately turned off by this farce and immediately went online for a more balanced view of things.

  • Dungroanin

    A general strike is the only way this establishment will even consider giving way.

    I have refused to renew my licence and expect to see them in court.

    It is diabolical that most pubs which don’t subscribe to Sky seem to have non stop bbc news coverage on – so even not turning on the tv at home doesn’t stop the propaganda constantly burning our eyes.

    Enough. Time to draw a line.

  • David

    I detest Question Time. That TV show must surely, nowadays, be under the control of some really dodgy, right wing, nasty, facist leaning Brit Nats luvvies but what I detest more about it is that it is a show where the most unelected personality of all, the Dimblebum, calls most of the shots. Sound bite political TV where mega paid, jobs for life, establishment egos run the game every single show has made a very serious contribution to the current dreadful state of politics in the UK. Drop that dreadful programme, BBC.

    • BarrieJ

      The BBC panel is chosen by Alison Fuller Pedley who is not without controversy herself, having come under a storm of protest in December 2016 when she was forced remove her Facebook profile and close her Twitter accounts.
      The protest came about as a result of the revelation that she had shared posts by far-right group Britain First, tweeted supporting Vote Leave and joined the Facebook group: “British Patriot Front”.
      Dimbleby is well past his sell by date but as an ex Bullingdon Boy and proud of it, he’s an establishment fixture and I suspect will die in the job.
      More on Alison Pedley here:

      • David

        Thanks for adding this info. I’m not a great believer in balance or neutrality. Even when the news item is about a cat stuck up a tree there will always be the opportunity to find the SNP politician who is a distant relative of the owner of the dog that scared the cat in the first place.

  • Bert

    I have not had a television licence for years.

    I will not pay to be fed tory propaganda.

    If the tories want to serve me this S**T they can pay for it; and I mean the tories can pay for it, not the tax-payers.

    I have not watched any BBC since August 2016 when it was made illegal to watch it delayed on iPlayer. So tory B**LS**T doesn’t reach me at all. QUESTION: am I missing anything?


  • Morton Subotnick

    Not “on topic”, but the 9th was Russia’s ‘V-Day’.

    There is a fantastic 1-hour lecture at which captures the almost incomprehensible scale of the fighting and suffering on the Eastern Front by one of the foremost Western military authorities on the subject.

    And the book Ratlines: How the Vatican’s Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence to the Soviets ( is a good introduction to the West v East espionage back-story from 1917 into the 1960s.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria in response to rocket fire’:

    ‘..The strikes came after 20 rockets were fired at Israeli military positions in the occupied Golan Heights overnight…’

    ‘…Russia, Germany and France called on both countries to exercise restraint, but the US said Iran bore “full responsibility for the consequences of its reckless actions” and that Israel had a right to defend itself…’

    ‘…The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that early on Thursday morning 20 rockets had been launched at its forward posts there by the Quds Force, the overseas operations arm of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps….’

    Oh, I get it. The IDF say something is true, so the BBC takes it as Gospel, and reports it as fact.

    However, they don’t bother to report that Iran denies the charges: ‘IRAN CLAIMS ISRAEL ATTACK WAS A FALSE FLAG’:

    Not unlike universal acceptance of US claims OBL was responsible for the attack on America (despite the FBI later saying there was ‘no hard evidence’ of OBL’s involvement. And Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice personally phoned round the main Media outlets to ask them not to cover OBL’s denial of having anything to do with it (not the action of someone if they had really pulled off such a spectacular hit on the US) which denial he had given to Al Jazeera and a couple of Pakistani newspaper days after the attacks.
    Powell and Rice gave the instructions on the basis that ‘OBL may have hidden a secret code to his followers’ in the denial.

    On Wednesday (‘Victory Day’ next to the Imperial War Museum) I tried to give the Russian Ambassador a letter and copies of previous emails with some suggestions I had already emailed to him and Minister Lavrov, but was told it was impossible. I’ll deliver them to the Embassy tomorrow (on the way to the Israe*i Embassy demo):
    ‘Protest: Stand up for Gaza – Stop the Killing’:
    But the Victory Day event was moving, as always (apart from the ramblings and chanting of the Orthodox priest or whatever), and there was the added bonus of free vodka!

    • Sean Lamb


      It need not be an entirely a false flag. The rebels hold territory abutting the occupied Golan Heights. Iranian or Syrian forces could have been aiming at rebel held positions and Israel’s Iron Dome system was just protecting theJihadist positions across the border

      They only claimed to have downed 4 of the 20 missiles, the rest fell in Syrian territory. For all we know if the 4 that were intercepted had been left alone they too would have fallen on Syrian territory

      • Bruce

        Its all Syrian territory though. Israel is illegally occupying the Golan Heights.

        • Sean Lamb

          Possibly, but aiming rockets at Israel positions in the occupied territory would be seen as aggression which they could legitimately respond to. In the same way as Georgians attacking Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia is still aggression by Georgia regardless of disputed status of South Ossetia.

          Whereas aiming rockets at Jihadist positions adjacent to the illegally occupied territories and Israel pretending that they were aimed at them would not be.

          Harping on on the issue of the nature of the occupation has the perverse effect of vindicating the Israeli actions in this instance.

  • Elliott

    The counter-terrorism course at St Andrews is Islamaphobic? How so? This is of interest to me, since I attend St Andrews. Although, I do maths, so I couldn’t comment on any international relations modules.

    • Iain Taylor

      Is it true that St Andrews University is planning to change its name to St Georges?

  • SA

    The BBC complaints procedure is a farce. Answers always patronising. The particular complaint on this occasion was on an interview by Justin Webb of Dane Cox who had been to Damascus with a church delegation and was saying how she spoke to many ordinary people and was exposing the media bias as these people were free to speak and were supportive of the government of Syria. Justin webb’s Attack centred on her meeting the grand mufti of Syria and the preposterous allegation of an amnesty international report on how the mufti authorised thousands of hangings of civilians. She told him she was unaware of the report but he kept going on about it with the aim of discrediting the message. The BBC answer was unconvincing do I complained again only to get this email:
    “Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate that you were dissatisfied with our previous response and felt strongly enough to write to us again.

    We have read and noted your points but don’t consider they suggest evidence of a possible breach of standards. Opinions do vary widely about the BBC and its output, but this does not necessarily imply there has been a breach of standards or of the BBC’s public service obligations. For this reason we regret we don’t have more to add to our previous correspondence, and so will not respond further or address more questions or points.

    If you are dissatisfied with this decision you may ask the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) to review it. Details of the BBC complaints process are available at where you can read the BBC’s full complaints framework.

    If you wish to ask the ECU to review this decision, you should contact it directly within 20 working days of receiving this reply. Please explain to the ECU why you believe there may have been a potential breach of standards or other significant issue to investigate. You can email [email protected], or write to: Executive Complaints Unit, BBC, Broadcast Centre, London W12 7TQ. Please include the case reference number we have provided in this reply.”

    It is time the BBC had an external complaints procedure to show how their bias works.

    • Tom

      You / we should persist!

      Reason why you cannot complain directly to Ofcom is something to do with the replacement of the BBC trust which I don’t fully understand, but it’s a example of the exceptional treatment for the BBC which means that you have to go through three rounds of correspondence before you can even begin to raise the issue with Ofcom.

      • Node

        Speaking from experience, Ofcom see their job as protecting the communications industry from the public, not the other way round. Ofcom is financed by the communication industry. How can it be independent?

        Ofcom are a buffer zone to prevent the public suing the industry. You have no case unless you first go through Ofcom, who obstruct and delay you every step of the way, then as a final resort offer trivial financial compensation. After involving my MP, I received more compensation from Ofcom themselves over the way I was treated by them than I did over my original complaint about Vodafone.

        The Ombudsman service is yet another example of Orwellian Britain, designed to do the exact opposite of what it claims.

        • BarrieJ

          Pretty much a spot on assessment and true of all government regulatory bodies; toothless sops to the public, intended to provide a cloak to transparency and a barrier to open criticism.
          Worse than useless.

  • certa certi

    ‘Here representing the tiny far right fringe group the “Taxpayers Alliance”’

    Here too. Not so tiny. 2018 Friedman conference

    Rightwing Libertarians, Austrian economics, Rothbart, gun freaks, climate change denialists etc

    • SA

      I am not sure what your point is? This is Australiannot Austrian, the alliance has 3300 supportersand the last Friedman conference was attended by 330 delegates. Also , yes all freaky extreme small state right wing movement, but hardly gigantic.

      • certa certi

        Austrian economics. In Australia TA is allied with the IPA and increasingly influential in the media and centre-right parties. Do not underestimate them.

    • James

      These “rightwing libertarians” (that’s Rothbard to you) are truly scary people.

      Would you believe they want to cancel the USA’s $886bn defense budget, close all US bases and bring all US troops home? I mean, I ask you!

      They would also end all US intervention in the Middle East, Ukraine and Korea etc,etc. And of course leave NATO.

      And all those carrier battle groups, tanks, planes and missiles…they’d be melted down into something useful.

      Just shocking. Simply shocking I say!

      • Skyblaze

        Libertarians are right on the facts that government spending on wars is terrible BUT they also seem to think the government cannot exist and businesses will treat everyone fairly if only they were left unregulated….a weird blend of excellent idealism mixed with well insane thinking

        • certa certi

          ‘Libertarians are right on the facts…’

          Sometimes. This is one of the reasons they get invited to media talkfests. The Left generally recognizes the strength of their ideas and it makes for good debates. They represent themselves as the vanguard of classical Liberalism, recruit on campus and try to present a youthful face. They network effectively and are bankrolled by industry and business. Dismissing them as a ‘tiny far right fringe group’ as Mr Murray does underestimates their influence and the need to confront their ideas. They support immigration, something unlikely to endear them to old fashioned labourite protectionists.

  • Sharp Ears

    The audience participation next week should be interesting. The programme comes from the RB of Kensington and Chelsea. How much weeding out of the strong voices from Grenfell Tower will take place?

    Incidentally the ex chief planning officer of the RBK&C is now working for HM Planning Inspectorate. His decided to support Waverley Borough Council’s decision to approve a large planning application. Many residents and all of the parish councils surrounding the site objected and Sajid Javid called the application in his last days as Housing Minister prior to his elevation to Amber’s empty chair.

    The application is for 1,800 houses on a disused WW11 aerodrome, Dunsfold where Top Gear was produced. It’s in the middle of nowhere without facilities such as a doctors’ surgery or shops and with an already overloaded road system, the A281 which is already a car park several times a day.. The local Tory voters are hopping mad. They are Jeremy Hunt’s constituents. LOL

    This is the planning inspector in another case. You see that he signed off the Grenfell refurb.
    ‘Previously Mr Bore was executive director for planning and borough development for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea where he signed off the details of the tower block’s refurbishment, including the new external cladding back in 2015.’

    Note the selfishness of this Farnham council woman. Displace the problem to another neighbourhood. ‘I’m alright Jack’ is the Tory mantra


    My impression is they are so in their own right wing bubble, they don’t perceive their own bias. Like a fish that is surrounded by water cannot conceive what air could possibly be like.

  • Sharp Ears

    I fell asleep half way through. Westley was weak in spite of the advance publicity as were Chuka and Agag. McVey is like one of those Speak Your Weight machines they used to have at railway stations. Tiring.

    Westley’s Linked In entry.

    Campaign Manager at The TaxPayers​ Alliance London, United Kingdom
    Aug 2017 – Present

    Campaign Volunteer
    Mary Macleod, Conservative Candidate for Brentford and Isleworth Apr 2017 – Jun 2017

    Change Britain Head of Campaigns Mar 2017 – May 2017
    Change Britain Digital Campaign Manager Sep 2016 – Mar 2017

    Gove 2016 (leadership campaign) Advisor Jun 2016 – Jul 2016
    Head of Social Media Vote Leave 2016
    Comms Officer for a Conservative MP 2015-6
    Freelance Writer Australian Times 2013- 2016
    Preceded by Internship at Hays, Administrator Trident Corporation, Sales Asst Lego Group, Legal Secretary Stockwin de Vere,
    Preceded by a BA 2.1 Philosophy at Heythrop College Univ of London 2012-2016 and an International Baccalaureate at a college in Queensland.
    There is much more inc campaign assistant for the Australian Liberal Party’s Dr Bill Glasson and Stuart Robert MP’

    The scariest bit as Craig mentioned.
    University of St Andrews
    Degree Name Certificate: Counter Terrorism Studies – 2017
    Cyberterrorism, Terrorist Use of ICT and Cybersecurity
    Key Issues in International Terrorism
    Terrorist Ideologies, Aims, Beliefs and Motivations
    Terrorism and Human Rights
    She has a few pats on the back on her Twitter inc one from the creepy Alex Deane who appears on Sky. He seems to be some sort of PR for the Tory establishment.

    She is certainly adept at self publicity and gaining entrées.

    I need to lie down now.

    • Emily

      “I fell asleep half way through.”

      This isn’t the first time you’ve said that about TV programmes. Vaguely reminiscent of you commenting in something in the detested Murdoch press and excusing yourself by saying ‘It was on the shelf when I happened to be at the newsagent’s and I just flicked through the first pages.’ LOL

  • Sharp Ears

    SA @May 11, 2018 at 05:25
    BBC ‘Complaints’ are dealt with by C(r)apita out of a shed in Darlington.

    A relative had yards of stuff back from a Lucia Fortucci, address Darlington with a postcode, in reply to his complaint about their misreporting of Ahed Tamimi’s case and some omissions. I think the Fortucci name is a blind.

  • Sharp Ears

    C(r)apita are also employed on the TV licensing admin.

    Official TV Licensing website – About TV Licensing – TV Licence
    The majority of the administration of TV Licensing is contracted to Capita Business Services Ltd (‘Capita’). Over-the counter services are provided by PayPoint …


    BBC orders investigation into claims of aggressive TV licence enforcement
    Capita faces allegations that staff targeted vulnerable people under incentive scheme to maximise collection of fees

  • Tom

    I don’t have a TV licence and a few minutes of BBC radio every day is about all I can take these days. Unfortunately, what was once the home to great and talented broadcasters who were prepared to challenge the establishment is now little more than the propaganda arm of Theresa May’s Cabinet and the people who control them. It isn’t just the political shows that I increasingly found poor – almost their entire output has become tame and lacking rigour, with complacent, smug and often outright stupid presenters.
    This morning my ‘red line’ came at Today’s habitual Brexit pep talk that they slip in masquerading as journalism – this one asserting that it wasn’t just older people who had voted for Brexit! The bosses are plainly getting twitchy that the plebs are waking up to the truth about their big project.

    • Loony

      I take it that you are not well disposed to Hitler. Among other reasons you probably have some objections to the fact that he led an expansionary Germany. Presumably you would have objected to any other figure that followed the same expansionary policies.

      If any of these assumptions are correct then you find yourself in remarkable alignment with President Trump. Here he is obliquely referencing German mercantilism and seeking to reign in German expansion via commercial means – which I am sure you will agree is preferable to reigning them in via military means

      I am sure President Trump will be delighted to know that he is accurately and diligently representing your best interests and addressing your concerns.

      • Ian

        So Angela Merkel is the same as Hitler. Haha, your logic becomes ever more surreal and ridiculous. Take a bow.

        • Loony

          Ian – you may have many talents but reading and comprehension does not appear to be among them. Perhaps you consider my comments to be surreal and ridiculous simply because you are unable to understand them. Alternatively perhaps you are doing on purpose for your own nefarious reasons.

  • jazza

    Incredible – why watch the bbc in the first place???
    stop paying the tv tax – NOW

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Well I do not think that the BBC should always mirror societal views, it should seek to air multiple views, indicate current polling data as to which are most popular and point out challenges such realities may result in.

    The things the BBc is certainly biased about are:
    1) Being anti Brexit – shameless impunity are the only words to describe that;
    2) The science of climatology – despite all the ad hominems, it is the BBC and warmists who are the flat earthers there. Nearly 30 years of denial that solar, lunar and oceanic parameters are far more important than carbon dioxide..l.
    3) Being shamelessly slavish to US foreign policy, including the current drive to see US take control of which sports should gain wide publicity in the UK.

    Different QT programmes have different biases, but my experience of people’s views is that there is considerably more latent resentful racism out there in whites, Indians use racist employment practices by always employing Indians, plenty of people want to criticise Israel etc etc. None of these realities are ever aired on BBC as the rottweilers are let loose if they had been…

    • James Charles

      “2) The science of climatology – despite all the ad hominems, it is the BBC and warmists who are the flat earthers there. Nearly 30 years of denial that solar, lunar and oceanic parameters are far more important than carbon dioxide..l.”

      “For climate change, there are many scientific organizations that study the climate. These alphabet soup of organizations include NASA, NOAA, JMA, WMO, NSIDC, IPCC, UK Met Office, and others. Click on the names for links to their climate-related sites. There are also climate research organizations associated with universities. These are all legitimate scientific sources.

      If you have to dismiss all of these scientific organizations to reach your opinion, then you are by definition denying the science. If you have to believe that all of these organizations, and all of the climate scientists around the world, and all of the hundred thousand published research papers, and physics, are all somehow part of a global, multigenerational conspiracy to defraud the people, then you are, again, a denier by definition. 

      So if you deny all the above scientific organizations there are a lot of un-scientific web sites out there that pretend to be science. Many of these are run by lobbyists (e.g.., Climate Depot, run by a libertarian political lobbyist, CFACT), or supported by lobbyists (e.g., JoannaNova, WUWT, both of whom have received funding and otherwise substantial support by lobbying organizations like the Heartland Institute), or are actually paid by lobbyists to write Op-Eds and other blog posts that intentionally misrepresent the science.”

      • Bayard

        Aha! I thought as much. Someone mentions man-made global warming in a disparaging manner and immediately comes the standard two part reply: 1) the science is settled, all scientists agree etc. etc. and 2) all people who deny MMGW are working for the big oil companies.

        • bj

          I have a variation on that:

          1) the science is settled, all scientists agree
          2) all people who deny MMGW are useful idiots for the big oil companies.

          Hope that’s more palatable?

          • James Charles

            “People typically talk about “the study” on consensus, when in fact there have been numerous studies, all showing a consensus, generally above 90% (In “Talking to Climate Skeptics” I summarize most of the studies and give links to them). Academies of science in 80 countries endorse the consensus position. None reject it.”
            “During a global cooling trend in the 1970s, climatologists came to a consensus of roughly 84% that CO2 was about to warm up the world. Today that consensus may be as high as 97%, at least among experienced climate scientists.”

        • James Charles

          “If you have to dismiss all of these scientific organizations to reach your opinion, then you are by definition denying the science”

  • quasi_verbatim

    SNP — Parliament’s third largest party and a finer bunch of forelock-tugging, trough-feeding, status quo hugging hangers on I never saw.

    • Alex Westlake

      It’s a regional party. When QT is held in Scotland they should and do get a place on the panel, but I suspect there aren’t that many votes for them in Kettering

      • Susan Smith

        Even if that view is accepted it is still the 3rd largest party at Westminster and many of its policies are the same as some of the ones on Corbyn’s 2107 manifesto . In addition it had been advocating staying on the single market and the customs union as the least damaging way of leaving the EU and something the EU would accept since November 2016. Something that other anti Brexit parties are only just coming round to accepting . Naturally enough the SNP never reached wives any credit for this consistent position which it has stuck to even though it has cost the party votes . Principle before power is something the other parties could learn from .

  • Sharp Ears

    I was told that Martha Kearney was on Radio 4 Today from Jerusalem. ‘East’ Jerusalem was referred to briefly, and so were 48 deaths in Gaza, but not the several thousand unarmed Palestinians who have been shot. Nothing about the lines of snipers. In fact – pure BBC with a veneer of ”balance” There is no running order these days, nor a transcript. Here she is with Amira Hass and Gil Hofman 50mins in. I don’t know where her other appearances are.

    I have a link somewhere of Martha Kearney introducing a gathering about holocaust remembrance for a FoI organisation. Emetic stuff

    She replaced Sarah Montague. We were hopeful that Mishal Husain would be a breath of fresh air but that has not been the case.

  • giyane

    Kettering. Why do they bother naming the place? Why not just put Shires of England, a generic term for the homelands of BBC right-wing bias?

  • James

    Awful boring programme – and an awful boring line-up, apart that is from Akala, who looks interesting.

    But I am not sure the BBC is “right wing”. I think it’s a bit more subtle than that.

    I think it would be better to describe it as “statist”; much of this is due to its bizarre method of funding, which BBC management knows could easily be changed in ways they would dislike if they ever questioned state policy.

    Currently we have a Blairite government. This would imply identity politics plus corporatist economics at home and neocon warfare abroad.

    And quelle surprise, this is what we get from the BBC in programmes like this.

    One can see a broadly similar process at work with the Guardian.

  • John Goss

    The Saker has produced a fine article on the Skripals never being allowed to talk.

    I added comments but due to recent experiences do not know if they aer visible.

    John Goss on May 11, 2018 · at 4:21 am EST/EDT
    Excellent article. I share similar sentiments that the Skripals are being held in some kind of prison incommunicado. And I likewise have less sympathy for Sergei than Yulia.

    My latest bogs have shown my concern for Yulia, since she is the innocent party in what I consider to be a false-flag event to denigrate Russia. I started a petition on her behalf. I will link it in an answer to this comment. But other people have been unable to see it and the petition after a promising start has died a death at the murderous hands of our spooks.


    John Goss on May 11, 2018 · at 4:44 am EST/EDT
    Here is the petition. Please sign and share if you can. If not please say that you cannot. Thanks.


    • Node

      I added comments but due to recent experiences do not know if they are visible.

      Your comment is visible to me, John, and yes, excellent summary of the abduction of the Skripals.

  • rogerglewis

    And what was This week all about. My Jaw hit the floor with the tool from the telegraph shaking his beans and smelling the smoke ejected from some ass hole probably Netanyahu’s. I was similarly disturbed by this question in PNQ’s about the Funding of the White Helmets. These establishment Rovian actors in History Types really do believe they can make Down Up and backwards forward.

    • BarrieJ

      I think most people now acknowledge ‘Labour’ under Tony Blair, was indeed Margaret Thatcher’s finest achievement.
      Ironic that it was Lenin who advised that the best way to control the opposition was to lead it.

  • joel


    Sorry, by there’s no subtlty whatsoever about the BBC’s right-wing bias. In 2013 its own Trust commissioned a major independent content analysis of BBC news, politics and economics coverage. The report, entitled Hard Evidence, identified glaring right-wing bias across the board.

    Hardly surprising when the Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, who decudes which stories get covered, and how they are framed, was a former editor of Murdoch’s Times .. a shrink the state fanatic called James Harding. On-screen, its chief political correspondent is a former president of Conservative Students; the anchor of its flagship political shows, the Daily Politics and This Week, another ex-Murdoch editor; the host of Newsnight for a generation an avowed Tory. His successor the author of a book calling for “streamlining” of the state. These are just a fraction of the well-known Tories parading in plain sight.

    A convincing denial of the BBC’s blatant right-wing bias would need to provide a countervailing list of similarly high-profile and influential left wingers filtering its news and political coverage. Or point to an independent content analysis of BBC news, politics and economics coverage that has ever identified balance, much less left-wing bias.

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