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A NATO summit approaches that brings Donald Trump to Europe and then on to these shores, and brings the usual clamour for more of the taxpayers’ money to be given to arms manufacturers.

Yet NATO is a demonstrably useless institution. It’s largest ever active military deployment, for 12 years in Afghanistan, resulted in military defeat throughout 80% of the country, the installation of a pocket regime whose scrip does not run further than you can throw the scrip, and a vast outflow of heroin to finance the criminal underworld throughout NATO countries.

Look at this chart closely, and marvel at the fact that the NATO occupation began in early 2002.

In invading Afghanistan and boosting the heroin warlords, NATO countries destabilised themselves

NATO’s second biggest military operation ever was the attack on Libya, where NATO carried out an incredible 14,200 bombing sorties using high explosive munitions and devastated Libya’s infrastructure and entire cities. Here is Sirte after NATO “liberation”.

The direct result of the devastation of Libya and destruction of its government infrastructure has been the massive untrammelled exodus of migrants, especially from West Africa, through Libya and across the Mediterranean on boats. This has not only led to the appalling exploitation and tragic death of many migrants, it has fundamentally weakened the governments and indeed governing public ethos of European NATO member states and led to a right wing populist surge throughout much of the EU.

In short, in destroying Libya, NATO members destabilised themselves.

The direct result of NATO’s destruction of Libya.

Now NATO is focusing once more on the original “threat” it was supposed to combat, a Russian invasion of Western Europe.

Russia has absolutely no intention of invading Western Europe. The very notion is ludicrous. It does not require NATO to deter a threat that does not exist.

Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia alone have a combined GNP as big as Russia. On a purchasing power parity basis, if you add in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania those Eastern states still match Russia economically. On a PPP basis, the combined GDP of all NATO states is 12 times that of Russia.

Russia does have disproportionate military power for its size – but not that much. Russia’s defence spending is one sixth that of NATO defence spending, though it is slightly more efficient because, despite corruption, less of Russia’s defence spending goes into the pockets of arms company shareholders, lobbyists, politicians and other fatcats than happens in the West. But that cannot outweigh Russia’s massive economic disadvantage. Nothing can. Russia is very well placed to defend itself, but in no position to attack major powers.

Russia’s foreign policy successes – in Crimea, Syria and Georgia – have been based not on massive military strength – the NATO powers far outweigh Russia there – but simply on much better statecraft. And NATO, for all the trillions western taxpayers spend on it, has been unable to do anything about it, despite the fact that Russian actions in Crimea and Georgia have been illegal in international law.

In fact if anybody has not worked out by now that our famed nuclear arsenal is a chocolate teapot, then they have not been paying attention. In none of the recent foreign policy crises – including the North Korean nuclearisation issue – nobody, anywhere, ever has mentioned Trident missiles as part of the solution. They are utterly worthless.

The threat of a Russian attack on NATO itself is non-existent. The EU is not officially a military alliance but the idea that any part of EU territory could be subject to invasion without the rest of the EU reacting is a political impossibility. It is very plain that Vladimir Putin’s policy is to reincorporate into Russia those bordering pockets of ethnic Russians in former Soviet states. But this has been approached piecemeal and avoiding major confrontation. There is no practical threat to the Baltic states whose security is already de facto guaranteed by EU membership.

So NATO’s role of defence against Russia is otiose, and its wider military adventures have been a total disaster.

Finally, a thought about China. I cannot think of a parallel to China these last two decades, where any country in history has obtained so much economic pre-eminence in the World and shown so very little interest in military expansion. The invasion of Tibet occurred before China’s economic flowering, and the South China Sea dispute is hardly the invasion of Iraq. I do not claim any expertise in Chinese culture or thought, but they appear to realise that dominance can be achieved by more subtle means than the sword. It is going to be a fascinating few decades as China rapidly overtakes the USA in the superpower stakes.

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  • Kempe

    Not still pushing the “NATO carpet bombed Sirte” myth still? I though that had been laid to rest.

    ” Russia’s foreign policy successes – in Crimea, Syria and Georgia – have been based not on massive military strength – the NATO powers far outweigh Russia there – but simply on much better statecraft. ” Russia has kept Assad in power simply by propping up his regime with arms and supplying most of the air support. Georgian forces were outnumber seven to one by Russia. So much for statecraft.

    ” It is very plain that Vladimir Putin’s policy is to reincorporate into Russia those bordering pockets of ethnic Russians in former Soviet states. ” Whether they want it or not. Didn’t some German bloke try to something similar in the 1930s?

    • laguerre

      “Not still pushing the “NATO carpet bombed Sirte” myth still? I though that had been laid to rest.” How else did the West get rid of Qaddafi? It wasn’t done through Jihadi efforts.

        • giyane

          Troll bridges using traffic counters now? Looks like the troll tax is going to get put up. I thought the odd copper would enough for grumpy establishment shills. We’ll tax the water under yer bridge. you’d look pretty silly with a bridge with no water under it. ya booh!

    • Phil Espin

      Wasn’t it statecraft that saw Assad destroy Syria’s chemical weapons at Putin’s suggestion, that prevented Obama (and us!) from having the excuse to bomb Syria back in 2013. It also led to Cameron’s humiliating defeat in the HoC on permission to do said bombing which caused the Yanks to back peddle too.

      Wasn’t it statecraft that led to the set up of the Astana process and deconfliction zones that have allowed Syria to pick off the terrorists piece meal.

      It was statecraft too that locked the Ukraine conflict via the Kiev 2 process.

      Burble what prejudice you wish about Putin but he’s streets ahead in statecraft to any unbiased observer.

      • Andyoldlabour

        He is indeed a long way ahead of most of the Western leaders when it comes to “statecraft”. Anyone can listen to his speeches on Youtube and seriously judge him by his well thought out comments. Sadly, few will because they have a quite definite, preconstrued image of Russia and Putin – the ultimate Bond villain, the most evil man on earth, ruling an ignorant, backward country – plenty will choose to believe this version.
        Europe, UK and the US is full of career politicians looking to make as much money as they can, or in the case of Trump, misuse of power to forward his own narcissistic, evil agenda.

      • Kempe

        Claim to have destroyed all Syria’s chemical weapons. The jury’s still out on that one and Assad should never have used them in the first place.

        The Astana process hasn’t yielded any concrete results and the Syrian government and opposition leaders both rejected the deconfliction zones. Similarly the Minsk II (not Kiev II) process hasn’t stopped the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

        So, one abject failure after another.

        • Kiza

          Assad has never used chemical weapons. Did you mean he should never had them? Perhaps Israel should have never had nuclear weapons but it does. Assad sacrificed his cheaper WMD deterant for the sake of preventing a bombing campaign like the Libya’s.

          Syrian chemical weapons were always purely a balance to Israel’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. When Syria recovers from the terrorist war that Israel & US&EU&GCC unleashed on it, then it will need the same deterant again, but not now.

          The scheming about Assad’s chemical weapons is just the usual in which Israel and its Western puppets want to both have the cake (WMD dominance through opponent disarmament) and eat it (accuse Assad of its use to justify bombing campaigns).

        • SA

          “The Astana process hasn’t yielded any concrete results and the Syrian government and opposition leaders both rejected the deconfliction zones.”
          The Astana process has yielded very concrete results. If you look at the map of Syria now you will find that the legitimate government of Syria has regained control of large parts previously occupied by Isis which is now contained in only small pockets of dessert in Syria. Al Qaeda is now confined to Idlib mostly. What you seem not to understand about Astana is that the peace process excluded the terrorist factions and thier puppet masters but included Turkey, which remains somewhat duplicitous but at least less blatantly so. Astana has split the external sponsors of the war in Syria.
          Also what has been poorly reported in the MSM is that the Russians have set a reconciliation centre whereby in many areas those who wanted peace but who have borne arms before, could either return to the fold or be exiled.
          Astana and the Russian tactic throughout, has also served to expose that there is no meaningful independent opposition in the Syrian war, and that the west’s tactic was to rely on their association of the so called moderate opposition, on the much greater military success of the supposedly Islamic, terrorists. The hypocrisy of this was very clearly exposed by Astana.

          • Nick

            “…Syria has regained control of large parts previously occupied by Isis which is now contained in only small pockets of dessert in Syria.”

            That’s still a trifle worrying.

          • SA

            Of course it is still worrying but In 2015 Isis controlled most of eastern Syria and was knocking at the doors of Aleppo and in control of Raqqa, palmyra and surrounded Dier Ezzor completely. In fact it was the Russian anti Isis operation and exposure of the extensive oil trade with Turkey that shamed Turkey into reversing support for Isis and later led to the active campaign by the US also to attack Isis in order not to let the SG control all of this part of Syria.
            I can only see that Isis is now a threat only in so much that the US will try to use it to create distractions when other successful campaigns are being waged by the SG.
            The most worrying bit remains the Yarmouth Pocket controlled by Isis next to the Israeli occupied Golan. One wonders where they get thier weapons from?

          • Nick

            SA, thanks for the reply and the info. I’ve always wondered what caused Turkey’s (apparent) volte-face.

            Now I have to admit a shameful weakness for feeble puns – a trifle is a dessert

            Autocorrect is not your friend, it was probably invented in secret by the CIA 😉

          • SA

            I have to admit that I suffer from autocorrect sloppiness, I trifle inconvenient I say.
            Another autocorrect disaster in my answer to you was Yarmouth instead if Yarmouk. I did not mean for a moment to question where the Royal Navy is getting its weapons from.

    • Jo Dominich

      Kempe, Sirte is not a myth. There is nothing wrong with Russia assisting Assad – Assad invited him to that. Notwithstanding that, it is the FUKUS that are responsible for the war in Syria, not Assad. Why shouldn’t Russia assist him? the USA prop up and assist seriously corrupt regimes such as Pinochet, Ukraine and others. You seem to think it’s ok for the USA to destabilise and invade countries it doesn’t like or whose current Government it doesn’t like but not Russia. It was, if you remember, Georgia who started the aggression with Russia not the other way around. Another thing, the countries that used to form part of the Soviet Union have generally very poor economies and poor living standards since independence. Ukraine has a totally fascist Govt and an aggressive one who is involved in killing Russians in the Donbass region. They are totally dependent on USA money. So, give me Putin anyday – at least he is a Statesman, interested in dialogue and is the only Leader presently, quite frankly, who is acting with any diplomacy. He has formed an economic alliance with five other countries previously part of the USSR and that will expand. He has more intelligence and integrity than many other Leaders on the world stage and a million times more than the Orange One.

  • Anon1

    This must be the 54th time Craig has led into a blog with that misleading image of Sirte, so once again I will have to point out that the indisctiminate destruction shown in the photograph is the result of heavy exchange of artillery fire between regime and rebel forces, not air attack by Nato forces.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      You sometimes write a lot of sense, and I sometimes agree with you. Now you probably won’t do this, but I would appreciate it, if you did. I don’t know how to do this, like a poll, though I am sure I could learn if I wanted to.

      How do you rate these videos – eg

      a) strongly approve,
      b) couldn’t give a sh1t.
      c) strongly disapprove.

      First Video (11 seconds)

      “Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died”

      Second Video (23 seconds)

      “Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it” wins Medal of Freedom”

      Thank you to anyone who replies, and to Craig Murray, for allowing me to ask the question (if he does).


      • Tatyana

        Tony, my reaction to these videos- I feel ashamed about the fact that Mrs. Clinton and Mrs.Albright are females.
        It is not only unhuman, but something is deeply wrong to say this sort of words, to bear this type of ideas in their mind. Totally wrong and scaring. Especially realising they are not mentally ill persons under medical surveillahce, but mighty persons in power, leading countries!
        The first woman seems happy with her power to kill a human being.
        The second woman must have never lost her child, to apologise childrens’ loss in such a cynic manner.

        • Michael McNulty

          What gets me about Madeleine Albright is she was evacuated from Europe early in WWII, who as a young girl from a diplomat family was endangered by the Nazi advance even though the family had converted from Judaism to Catholicism. Her family followed her to the US a few years after the war.

          Having her own life saved by evacuation, then saying half a million dead Iraqi children, “if it was in America’s interests” was worth it, is no different from her saying her own life is worth half a million Iraqi children because she had no empathy at all.

          • Tatyana

            Statements made through media, the screen is like a shield, it works like a muffler for emotions, as if it is a show, not the reality. But just imagine, what if you had to hear it directly, standing face to face?

            I mean, if I meet her in the street and she said “We killed a man! Mua-ha-ha-ha!” I would be very scary of that woman living anywhere near me.
            If another woman, e.g. sitting next to me in the bus, said “I believe my goal is worth a child’s death” – even this far more moderate statement would scare me to my guts.
            How is it possible to have these ideas and stay respected at the same time?

    • laguerre

      Who’s to say whether the destruction was NATO attack or local forces? Since then we’ve discovered in Syria that most of such destruction is due to Western air attack.

    • Kiza

      How many angels can dance on a tip of a nidle? Would Sirte have been destroyed like this if Israel, with Saudi money and Western logistics, did not initiate the proxy war in Syria? If Sirte was destroyed in battles between the Western proxy “moderate” mercenary & terrorists forces and the Syrian defenders would this make it any less of a Western achievement?

    • Jo Dominich

      Anon1 – exchange of artillery fire between regime and rebel forces? I don’t think so.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Secretaries General of NATO.
    The worst of the bunch IMHO is Lord Robertson of Port Ellen. NATO SecGen 1999-2003 (Afghanistan & Iraq covered)

    His current register of interests in the HoL. Says it all.
    Category 1: Directorships
    Non-executive Director, Western Ferries (Clyde) Ltd
    Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
    Senior Counsellor, Cohen Group (US-based consultancy)
    Adviser, BP plc
    Occasional journalism
    Member, International Advisory Board, Equilibrium Gulf Ltd (provision of geo-strategic advice to governments and companies)
    Adviser, North Asset Management
    Category 4: Shareholdings (b)
    Liberty Global plc (acquired Cable & Wireless Communications plc) (telecoms)
    Weir Group plc (engineering)
    BP plc (oil and gas)
    Category 6: Sponsorship
    The Member receives a limited amount of secretarial assistance from BP plc (I bet he does!)
    Category 7: Overseas visits
    Visit to Macedonia, 24-25 April 2018, at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Macedonia; travel and accommodation paid by Government of Macedonia
    Category 10: Non-financial interests (a)
    Director, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Trading Company
    Non-executive Chairman, BP Russia Investments Ltd (subsidiary company of BP plc)
    Vice-Chairman, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
    Chairman, Ohrid Group (of former politicians, diplomats and officials) advising all parties in Macedonia
    Category 10: Non-financial interests (b)
    Elder Brother and Member of Court, Trinity House
    Category 10: Non-financial interests (d)
    Member, Advisory Council, Centre for European Reform
    Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)
    Trustee, British Forces Foundation
    Chairman, Council of Management, Ditchley Foundation
    Member, Advisory Council, International Institute of Strategic Studies
    Member, Advisory Council, European Council on Foreign Relations
    Chairman of Trustees, FIA Foundation
    Trustee, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust

    Several of the warmongering connections in that list, and some lucrative of course.
    Always a charidee or two and a royal connection for these types.

    Q? What’s the attraction in Macedonia?

    Cohen Group – ‘The Cohen Group is a business advisory firm providing corporate leadership with strategic advice and assistance in business development, regulatory affairs, deal sourcing, and capital raising activities. The firm covers major business sectors and critical regions of the world, including the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Europe. The firm is based in Washington, D.C., with offices in London, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, New Delhi, Beijing, and Tianjin. The Cohen Group also has a strategic partnership with DLA Piper, a global law firm with over 4,200 lawyers and 71 offices in 30 countries throughout the world.

    The firm was founded in 2001 by former United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen to help multinational clients expand overseas. The Cohen Group has a strategic alliance with DLA Piper, a global law firm specializing in business, real estate, and technology. ++In June 2016, Secretary Cohen joined BBC as a World Affairs Analyst and appears regularly on the flagship newscast BBC World News America and other programs.++!

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Sharp Ears,

      “His current register of interests in the HoL. Says it all.”

      It doesn’t actually. All it illustrates is his legal interests.

      I am not suggesting you dig deeper, cos I think you already know.

      There may or may not, be something about it below

      I am not suggesting you read this either.

      It is not very nice, but most of it is probably true.


      • Sharp Ears

        Yes Tony I do know about Hamilton et al and the allegations.


        :No child shall be harmed’ is what I say and have said on here.

    • IrishU

      Why is he the worst of the bunch, apart form having lots of legal (and declared) interests? You know, people might soon start to suspect that you are bitter and jealous of people who have lots of things to occupy themselves with in their post-middle age years…

  • Nevermind

    Strewth, says Anon1, 14.200 intensive NATO bombing runs and not a stone was turned in Sirte, what a waste of my money, why should anyone want to increase arms spending when they can’t hit anything.

    Just to create chaos and send some Immigrants to destabilise Europe, shirley not….

    Still no ideas who stole Libya’s 150 plus billions that Ghaddaffi banked? Is Howard Adelmann right with his claims that it is in South Africa? or was it in Swiss banks?
    Who stole Libya’s assets?

    • Charles Bostock

      Was it Colonel Khadaffi who banked the 150 billions in South Africa or Switzerland? And if so, why and how much was in the name of Libya and how much in the name of himself and his sons?

    • Kempe

      NATO aircraft attacked Sirte on just twenty occasions. Most of the aircraft were French and not capable of carrying out carpet bombing, a tactic which hasn’t been used since Vietnam anyway. In the meantime Sirte was under heavy siege for 5-6 weeks during which it was continuously pounded by artillery and mortars and afterwards the scene of vicious street fighting but none of this did any damage. It was all NATO!

      If Sirte was heavily bombed why have most of the buildings in Craig’s picture still got their roofs?

      • rod1

        Anon1 claimed

        ” indisctiminate destruction shown in the photograph is the result of heavy exchange of artillery fire between regime and rebel forces, not air attack by Nato forces.”

        Kempe follows up with

        ”NATO aircraft attacked Sirte on just twenty occasions”

        So it is possible the destruction was caused by both NATO airstrikes and artillery fire in that image provided. Do we need a blackboard brought in to help you two slow learners out?

        Or is Anon1 going to tarnish his ‘credibility’ on here…….and claim 20 aircraft attacks (fully (un)loaded) would not leave the level of destruction pictured above?

        Not to mention the origin of the munitions used both by the regime and rebel factions on the ground. Your NHS is funded by the murder of Middle Eastern children from Yemen to Syria. Think of them the next time you visit.

        • Anon1

          Anyone with even the most basic understanding of munitions can tell you
          that the picture shows damage from heavy and sustained artillery fire, as was experienced in Sirte for weeks on end, not air strikes. That there were 20 airstrikes in Sirte does not mean this was the result of them.

          • rod1

            That would rule you out and yet here you are.

            And absolutely no credible expert in the world would ever look at the image of Sirte provided above and claim an airstrike did not do ANY portion of the damage contained within, as you are attempting to do.

            YOU ARE WRONG. Again. Anon1. Take a day off.

            I did not claim the above was ALL a result of airstrikes. Do not be dishonest. You did claim NO airstrike took part in the above destruction. Which is just your uneducated fact free opinion. Behave.

          • Ray Raven

            Rod has to dig a long way down to reach the depth of your (Anon1’s) depravity.
            Why Rodney, why not Roderick ?

      • The OneeyedBuddha

        Not exactly, carpet bombing was mostly done in WW2, a Lancaster had a bomb capacity of 6,400 kg. French Mirage planes have bomb capacity of 6,300 kg, so could be down,

        Carpet Bombing is more a technique, rather than hit specific targets, you just pick an area and drop over that, regardless of targets you can see on the ground.

        • Kempe

          Except that the RAF would send 1,000 heavy bombers in one raid and the French only have 133 Mirage 2000s and even fewer Rafales.

      • Andyoldlabour

        Carpet bombing was carried out by US B52 bombers on the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan form 2002 onwards, and on Raqqa in Syria very recently.

        • Michael McNulty

          Even as young kid in the ’60s I noticed on the TV news it was US planes carpet-bombing S. E. Asia, not Russian planes. I was too young to want to listen to the explanations for it, so unlike many adults the lies passed me by but I remember what I saw. From those days on I always considered it was the US who were the killers, the threat to peace. Not the Russians.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Nevermind July 2, 2018 at 18:46
      ‘…Who stole Libya’s assets?…’
      Who normally steals the gold? But on this occasion it was France particularly that had their eye’s on it.
      What happened almost immediately after the Western planned coup in Ukraine? Ukraine’s gold was airlifted out to Germany; whether it stayed there as part of the gold owed by the US to Germany, or was transshipped, I don’t know.

      • Tony_0pmoc

        Paul Barbara,

        I am not that bothered about people who steal gold. At the end of the day, it is just a shiny metal with few uses, beyond electrical contacts, and artwork.

        What really upset me for several weeks, about 10 years ago, was not the death of a relation or friend (but that did too), it was the details of what happenned in Serbia. Initially, I found it unbelieveable, but the reports I had read, by someone – perhaps an independent journalist trying to bring it to the attention of the world, which I did not take too seriously (he could have made it up – some people do), was later on digging, backed up by an Official EU report.

        The details, are too horrific, to mention here, and I have never told her – my Ex-Girlfriend who’s family comes from Serbia.

        She just texted me. Her major operation in hospital, went fine, and she is now back home. It did not involve the replacement of any human body parts, just their removal – but she can live without them.

        She has no complaints about The NHS. In fact they just saved her life.


      • AntonyI

        France stealing Libyan gold? No, you mean Sarkozy, who got his election campaign financed by Gaddafi – which fact had to be erased.

  • Charles Bostock

    I’m baffled by the glee with which Mr Murray seems to view the prospect of China overtaking the US as the number 1 superpower (or even becoming the only superpower). I wonder if he could explain why that would be a good thing for Europe or indeed the world?

    Let’s face it, Chinese economic power in Africa should hardly inspire feelings of great confidence that the rest of the world will be treated altruistically.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Charles Bostock July 2, 2018 at 18:48
      As per usual, you give opinions without links.
      ‘…Let’s face it, Chinese economic power in Africa should hardly inspire feelings of great confidence that the rest of the world will be treated altruistically….’ Where does this info come from?
      Probably some of the wildly exagerated and just plain false MSM articles; the following article tries to set the issue straight:
      ‘5 Myths About Chinese Investment in Africa’:
      But how about US activities in Africa? More and more bases; more and more ‘Special Forces’; and more and more destabilizations by Uncle Sam’s proxy Jihadi mercenaries.
      ‘U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) Is the Question. Military Forces of Most African Nations under US Control’:
      Just as they did in South and Central America, they mainly operate through the Military, offering them training in what used to be called the ‘School of the Americas’, and though ordered to be dismantelled by Congress, it just changed it’s name (like the West’s proxy mercenaries in Syria are always doing).
      And there is no excuse not to be aware of the hell-hole they turned Latin America into in the ’60’s, 70’s and ’80’s, and even more recently with US backed Military coups in Honduras and Haiti.

    • Anon1

      While we have a fit about a new runway at Heathrow, China wants to build 137 new airports by 2025. It’s like a gigantic Hoover sucking up the world’s resources, laying waste to whole worlds like one of those huge alien spaceships from the sci-fi movies. People are going to long for the days of American hegemony once China really starts to assert itself.

      • Republicofscotland

        Chinese President Xi Jingping, must be sniggering at the puny impotent British empire, and thinking to himself, we’ll pay the British back soon enough for the actions of its East India company, and the flooding of China with opium.

        The Boxers are coming. ?

        • Anon1

          I doubt President Xi has heard of Scotland, but he might have heard of William Jardine, Scottish co-founder along with fellow Scot, James Matheson, of the Scottish company, Jardine Matheson, which still trades today, and which pretty much established and maintained the opium trade to China. Scottish business partners Matheson and Jardine were quite simply the biggest drug dealers in history. And they were Scottish. Matheson retired from the drugs trade one of the richest men in the country and bought the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland, with his fortune. Jardine wrote of his time as a Scottish drugs dealer:

          “Opium is the safest and most gentlemanlike speculation I am aware of.”

      • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

        The new second major Beijing Airport at Daxing is expected to open next year after construction began in December 2014. It will start with seven runways and expand to nine eventually.It does not seem to have attracted much attention in the general media in Britain,where there has been talk new London airports or runways these last

        • Anon1

          Heathrow just needs to open 24hrs and there won’t be a need for another runway.

          • Republicofscotland

            It won’t open a third runway, zealous truthful honest and loyal Boris Johnson, the FS, has said he’d lie down in front of the bulldozers, if need be and I for one believe BoJo.

            The ardent Brexiteer wouldn’t lie now would he? ?

      • Jack

        I like when westerners like “Anon1” and “Bostock” that come from and support states that have colonized the whole world and now they worrying about meeting the same prospects from China. Hilarious double standards.

      • giyane

        It’s like a gigantic Hoover sucking up ‘our’ resources. Spot of bother on the North West frontier, old boy.

      • Jo Dominich

        Anon1 I have to say this post is nonsense not supported by a shred of evidence. What world resources is it sucking up like a Vacuum Cleaner and which ones are they laying west to? I doubt ever, truly, anybody will long for the days of American hegemony – the Orange One is the only person on the planet (other than Netanyahu) who poses a serious threat to world peace. You must be living in a parallel universe with posts like this one. Building airports is hardly in the same league as building military bases is it? Is it not the USA’s consistently self-serving aggressive foreign policy that is laying waste to nations and the world? I don’t see China imposing sanctions on countries it doesn’t like seeking regime change, I don’t see it invading countries like Libya for the oil, I don’t see it running international relationships via twitter. Get into the real world and out of your parallel universe.

    • Republicofscotland


      China in Africa, I’ve yet to decide if it’s a good or bad thing.

      However European powers in Africa, hmm? The likes of Henry Morgan Stanley who colluded with Belgian King Leopold II, to mount a huge land grab, and enslave the indigenous people of the Congo, under the guise of a philanthropic mission, doesn’t exactly show Europeans in a good light. King Leopold II, never actually setfoot in what was to be called the Belgian Congo.

      • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

        Perhaps with the amputated limbs of so many Africans failing to meet their rubber quota falling to the ground, he felt it unnecessary to add his own weight.

        Unlike Craig, Sir Roger was repulsed by Brussels before turning against London, rightly so in both cases.

      • certa certi

        ‘China in Africa, I’ve yet to decide if it’s a good or bad thing’

        You’ve had plenty of time to decide. Over a decade ago Charles Taylor’s armed militias fomented conflict in neighbouring countries to open up forests for illegal logging. Prominent in trafficking arms and timber were the Chinese Djayanti and Global Star which had begun with illegal logging in West Papua and switched to illegal fishing when the Merbau resource in the Birdshead was logged out. The PRC could, if they wished, stop much of the illegal logging in Africa. They haven’t.

    • rod1

      I’m baffled that you conclude ”the glee with which Mr Murray seems to view the prospect of China overtaking the US” by the use of ‘fascinating’. How does an intellect like yourself conclude ‘glee’, son? Maybe you should stop reading craigs posts with such premeditated hostility. Didn;t work out too well for Habb, you seem to be going toward a similar cliff Charles.

    • Jack

      “Anon1” and “Bostock” that come from and support western colonization worldwide are worried when they might meet the same behaviour by China, which there is zero proof of to begin with, hilarious double standard.

      • Kempe

        Yet you seem to revel in the prospect of China doing to us what the British Empire did to its colonies which is even more inexplicable.

        • Jack

          Thats what I am trying to say to you, you are ok when you do it (states that you support) when China is accused of it by you, oh then its wrong.

      • Anon1

        It was always a great privilege to be colonized by the British. Now with China you have a plague.

        • Jack


          Yeah evil China hasnt raped, pillage, commited genocide all over the world yet, are you hired to be here? No more time spending on this troll.

        • Andrew Ingram

          “It was always a great privilege to be colonized by the British.”
          Try saying that in Dublin.

      • Loony

        The concept of “zero proof” is interesting. Sometimes it may be possible that zero proof simply sounds better than saying “I am too ignorant and too lazy to search for any proof”

        Take a look at this Chinese person and his views of Africans

        Next up take a look at life inside the west – all pretty multicultural supported by a raft of anti discrimination laws and minority rights laws. Now look at China:

        There was an attack by Muslim extremists in Xinjiang Province. A large crowd armed with knives, swords, and machetes swarmed into a small, police station. In China.. Several police were killed and others severely wounded. China got serious. As part of their program to stop religious extremism before it starts, they went into the households. The families of the criminals were told that they would be held responsible for the crimes if they knew about the radicalization, or should have known about it. They are required to report anybody who starts displaying the signs of radicalization or get arrested.

        They just had a trial of 2000 extremists in a large sports stadium. Some of the criminals were taken outside the sports facility immediately after the guilty verdict and executed in front of the civilians. The others were transported to jail.

        Lime I say zero evidence appears to be a flexible concept.

          • Loony

            Really Jack – care to point out where the racism can be found? Or do you prefer simple slurs to seeking an understanding of complex issues.

            My purpose is to highlight the juxtaposition of the concepts of “zero evidence” and “idle ignorance” However you do a much better job than me so thank you.

          • Jack


            The racism you spun about the chinese people, I wonder, again, what is the purpose? Could you respond to that?

          • Loony

            Not really Jack, for the very simple reason that I am unable to discern any racism against either the Chinese or anyone else.

            Despite my request I note that you also have been unable to identify any racism. One more go Jack and you qualify for this years St. Peter’s prize.

            Simply repeating an unsupported statement does make it true – but it does make the writer appear somewhat unhinged.

          • Jack


            Everyone can see your racism and your trolling, no more time spent on you.

          • Anon1

            It’s always the same. You wipe the floor with them and they start crying ‘racist’

          • Jack


            Well it goes for you too, your support for apartheid regime in Israel here says it all. Now you are going to tell me that Israel isnt racist nor was South Africa.

        • Jo Dominich

          Loony – any links to that have you? Maybe we should start to take a tougher line with certain matters such as fascism, the extreme right wing USA evangelical Christians and other forms of radicalisation including racism. We need to stop viewing other countries laws and governments as though we know best. Each country is run in accordance with its principles and laws just because they are not compatible with ours it doesn’t mean they are wrong now.

          • Loony

            There are no links to my racism because that is a figment of Jacks imagination – he has obviously been reading up on the Alinsky rules for radicals.

            There is no shortage of links regarding the Chinese attitudes to radical Islam. Try these, but you can find plenty more if you wish.



            It is highly unlikely that anyone will take a tougher line with fascism – as the people love it and cannot get enough of it. Almost everyone accepts that Mussolini was a fascist – and as a fascist he defined fascism as “the merger of state and corporate power” This is exactly what you see in all aspects of western society, and the solution to every problem is an increased fusion as between the state and corporate interests. This is the EU. This is NATO, This is the British NHS. This is Siemens, VW, BMW etc. And most importantly of all this is zero interest rates, and the protection of insolvent banks at any and all cost.

            The problem that the fascists have is that they are fascists but will deny this to their dying breath and so desperately need to redefine fascism as something else entirely. Their current favorite is to define reason as fascism,

            This will not end well.

    • Jo Dominich

      Charles, China is practically there – when the petroyuan really takes off and their international payment system also, you will see China consolidate their position on the world stage. They also hold $1.3trn worth of USA debt/treasury bonds. Chinese investment in Africa has been intelligent and focussed and has not sought to interfere with Governments or seek regime change – the same with their involvement in Latin America. They are not an aggressor like Trump/Bolton/Pompeo are. People have to stop thinking that Socialism is bad per se just because it is Socialism. China overtaking the USA would be a very good thing for Europe in terms of building trading relationships, advanced technology and a myriad other things. At least they have a responsible Leader and are setting a good example, in collaboration with Putin, as to how international politics and relations should be run: intelligently, peacefully and collaboratively. Russia and China are developing very strong economic ties – slowly but surely – the Dollar will decline as will the USA and that will come sooner than you think with the Trade Wars Trump has started with China and Europe and the sanctions (let’s call the USA protectionism rather than sanctions) he is imposing on countries without any rationale or necessity. China and Russia are in the slow, intelligent game – the USA is in the gung ho ‘we are the most important power in the world we will do as we like when we like. Give me Russia and China any day to the creeping fascism (did I say creeping I meant to say rampant) taking hold in Europe and the loss of important civil liberties not to mention the MSM propaganda machine.

    • Sharp Ears

      China is now supplying Israel with bulldozers. One has just been used to raze the village of Khan al Ahmar to the ground.

      Israeli forces assault Palestinians, prepare to demolish village
      At least 35 Palestinians wounded as Israeli forces prepare to demolish the entire Khan al-Ahmar village near Jerusalem.

      Some graphic photos.

  • RuilleBuille

    “Let China sleep for when she awakens the whole world will tremble.” Napoleon.

  • Andrea Daley

    “And NATO, for all the trillions western taxpayers spend on it, has been unable to do anything about it, despite the fact that Russian actions in Crimea and Georgia have been illegal in international law.”

    Both were responses to acts of provocation by the Zionist-controlled West. US urged Georgia to attack South Ossetia. Obama sent Neocon Nuland to recruit Neo-Nazis to pull a coup in Ukraine.

    I can’t think anything more illegal than the West invading Iraq, smashing Libya, and aiding terrorists in Syria, but the Power can do as it pleases.

    • Kempe

      Now, had NATO intervened in Crimea and Georgia, neither of whom were NATO members. I wonder who would’ve been amongst the first to complain?

      • SA

        NATO did not intervene in Georgia and Ukraine because they couldn’t. It showed no such restraints in acting outside it’s charter in Yougoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya.

  • Moocho

    Someone on here recently commented that suppressing cannabis use through law is proven to increase demand for heroin. hmmm, I wonder why Gordon Brown made a sudden u-turn on cannabis laws and reclassified it from grade c after it had been downgraded. Why would he suddenly do that? They are the crimnals, simple as that. The world is run by high end gangsters.

    • Anon1

      I do love this blog for the various “theories” you see advanced. I mean where else do you get to read stuff like this?

      • Andrew Ingram

        And you of course are the voice of reason? Awa’ an bile yer heid ya muppet.

    • Republicofscotland

      Actually it was Leni Riefenstahl, who was the the Nazi master of propaganda. Frank Capra, was her opposite number in the US.

      • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

        If we take Leni Riefenstahl or Capra as masters of propaganda rather than as very talented film directors, then we must similarly view Sergei E isenstein or Noel Coward(In Which We Serve).I think none of them really understood the uses to which their art was put.Otherwise we end up in the Cultuaral Revolution situation where film directors such as Cai Chusheng were persecuted for perceived incorrect attitudes.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Kerch’ee Kerch’ee Coup July 2, 2018 at 22:05

          Allan Francovich also got some ‘persecution’; the American ‘contracted’ a heart attack on arriving in the US for a visit at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, on 17th April 1997. He was young, only 56.
          But he had upset the PTB, ‘Big Time’, having made a string of films which exposed the CIA and it’s dirty deeds worldwide.
          Here are a list of them: The Maltese Double Cross – Lockerbie (Nov. 1994); Gladio (1992); Secret History: Murder in Mississippi (12 Dec, 1991); Dark Passage (1990); Short Circuit (1985); The Houses Are Full of Smoke (1987): Inside the CIA (1987); On Company Business (1980); San Francisco Good Times (1977); Chile in the Heart (1975); The Lobster Pot (1973)

          I’ve watched four of them: Maltese Double Cross; Gladio; Inside the CIA and On Company Business.
          Researching for the list, I had not realised how many of his films I hadn’t seen,; I must correct that situation. I may have watched The Lobster Pot, I’m not sure.

          RIP, Allan – you were a truly intrepid spreader of the Truth.

  • lysias

    The U.S. and its allies have blown it. They no longer have any rightful chance to lead the world. Let China have its chance. That would in any case be preferable to a rerun of World War One in a world with nukes

    Before anyone makes any further complaints about Russian and Chinese violations of international law, let them remember that NATO started first, with its blatantly illegal attack on Yugoslavia.

    • Loony

      No-one has blown anything.

      For a brief period the US was the global hegemonic power, much like the roles assumed by the UK, Spain, Rome and I presume even Egypt in the past. Nothing lasts for ever and the time of US dominance is drawing to a close.

      Next up will be a period of multi polarity with important roles for the US, China and Russia. One of the few people in power in the west to understand this is President Trump. With his wise guidance there is hope for a relatively peaceful transition of powers. In a time of great change there are many risks and many dangers and no outcome can be guaranteed.

      Nonetheless however this ultimately plays out the closest thing to a guaranteed outcome is that Europe is a busted flush with nothing to contribute and no-one much cares what happens to it. It has no role to play.

      • lysias

        There’s a strong case that can be made for the view that World War One happened — or at any rate became a world war — because Britain was unwilling to be superseded by Germany. It’s called the Thucydidean trap. Let us hope it doesn’t happen again. There are plenty of people here in the U.S. who would prefer going to war to being superseded by China.

        Myself, I am busily learning Chinese.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ lysias July 2, 2018 at 22:38
          Tip: if you do go to China, don’t let them catch you practising Falun Gong or campaigning for a Free Tibet.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ lysias July 2, 2018 at 22:38
          And the same with WWII. Churchill must be turning in his grave (not that I have any time for him – he was a monster; but he was a good wartime leader).

      • giyane

        USUKIS have blown any respect they might have once had by serving only the interests of Zionism for the last 30 years, crushing and decapitating Muslim country after Muslim country, despoliating them and ransacking the lives of their inhabitants.

        To a Chinese mind it must look like the Anglo-saxons have a local deity in the Middle east , like Ba’al, that must be propitiated by vast amounts of human gore. The local tribes must be forced by destitution and torture rendition into devotion to the great totem of the Western powers. If all they wanted was oil, there are much cheaper and easier ways of getting it.

        but they didn’t just want oil, did they,? They wanted the total humiliation of their own totem’s rival. The Lord they God is a jealous God and anyone who refuses to worship the Zionist totem will be ravaged and spurned like a rat in the teeth of a pit bull terrier.

        Physically , mentally , spiritually blown is how USUKIS must appear to the outside world.

      • Jo Dominich

        Loony, Trump knows nothing, absolutely nothing – the trade wars he has started with China, Mexico and Europe are in the process of spectacularly backfiring on him.

    • Jo Dominich

      Lysias, we in the West should not make any complaints about any violations of international law on the part of Russia and China as you say, the USA breach it every day one way or another. They have no respect for UN Resolutions or NATO decisions, they simply do what they want regardless of international law.

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘Former Ukrainian neo-Nazi leader speaks at NATO think tank event as it laments rise of right
    2 Jul 2018 | 17:37 GMT

    The Atlantic Council hosted a top Ukrainian official with deep ties to neo-Nazi groups days after he lamented the rise of far-right violence in the country, underlining how the NATO-funded think tank continues to enable Kiev.

    Andriy Parubiy, chairman of Ukraine’s parliament, spoke at an Atlantic Council event in Washington, DC last week entitled “The Frontlines of Freedom: A Conversation with the Speakers of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.”

    During the panel discussion, Parubiy stated unequivocally that Russian President Vladimir Putin “has challenged the whole civilized world” and that Ukrainian soldiers were “the shield of Europe.” He also warned that Moscow was bombarding the Western world with devious disinformation. “This war is for hearts and minds of people, tanks are coming later,” Parubiy said.’



    • rod1

      It is reassuring Facebook has teaming up with these good Atlantic Council folk to root out ‘fake’ news and such………………….

      • Jack

        One wonder, is it fake-news-propaganda to point out that Atlantic Council aligns with former nazis?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Jack July 2, 2018 at 21:44
          Not at all. Apart from all the war criminals the US and Vatican helped escape to South America and the US, they also used ‘ex’-Nazis and Fascists as the backbone of their ‘stay-behind Gladio forces’ in many European countries, and protected them from war crimes charges. The ‘Colonels’ Coup’ in Greece, and the various coups in Turkey were controlled by these forces, one of which was the ‘Grey Wolves’ in Turkey.
          Some folk have seriously referred to the US as the ‘Fourth Reich’, not without cause, in my opinion.
          The Vatican, too, has seemed to have a very close relationship to Nazis and Fascists – Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Ante Pavelić, Pinochet and other Latin American military murderers.

  • Jack

    If I could add,

    Western/Nato supported coup (in Ukraine) was of course also illegal.
    And regarding Gerogia,

    “Georgia ‘started unjustified war”

    Also when Craig say: ” It is very plain that Vladimir Putin’s policy is to reincorporate into Russia those bordering pockets of ethnic Russians in former Soviet states”,
    I cant agree with that, and that there is “plain” obvious only benefit the hawks on Russia.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Jack July 2, 2018 at 21:14
      And Georgian mercenary snipers were (by their own admission) employed to shoot at both sides in the Maidan Square.

  • laguerre

    Unfortunate that they couldn’t find a justification for their war crimes.

  • Gary

    Afghanistan CAN be viewed as a success if you wish to control the price/flow of heroin in the world. But then, why would THAT be advantageous…

    • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

      Bond(s) and steel(steal?) perhaps in the territory where Bush andBlair are heroes?Not for onward public distribution.

    • Loony

      Heroin has been pumped into Iran – a pretty cheap way of weakening Iran. The same trick was tried in Russia in the 1990’s but the Russians wised up.

      Getting into the heroin business also gives you a lot of dirty money – ideal for funding dirty projects that could never possibly be authorized by Congress.

      Nothing in this world is new and it was the CIA cocaine smuggling business that freed up a lot of money to arm, train and fund people like the Nicaraguan Contra forces back in the 1980’s. Funny how at the time the left hated the Contra’s and loved the Sandanista’s. Now that the Contra’s have morphed into MS-13 with their catchy slogan of “rape,control, kill” the left can’t seem to love them enough.

      Strange days indeed – Most peculiar Mama.

      • SA

        “Now that the Contra’s have morphed into MS-13 with their catchy slogan of “rape,control, kill” the left can’t seem to love them enough.”
        You take this out of context and you know it. Enough said.

        • SA

          And whilst we are at it let us not forget that Regan, no doubt one of your heros, finances and armed the Contras.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Gary July 2, 2018 at 21:43
      The CIA were genuinely worried when the Taliban cut the flow of opium to, if I recollect correctly, 80 tons per annum. Drugs, followed by arms sales, are the main source of funds for the CIA’s world-wide Black Ops.
      And, to indicate how far back drugs have been an important money-spinner to the US PTB, the Skull & Bones society was built up with opium profits from the China Opium Wars.

  • bringiton

    Excellent as always Craig.
    Some claim that NATO has kept the peace in Europe rather than the EU since WW11.
    However,I didn’t notice that effect in the Balkan conflict,Srebrenica in particular.
    Despite the efforts of the UK government,the EU has survived intact and continues to try and promote peaceful coexistence between it’s constituent members and neighbours.
    NATO,as with the UK government need a bogey man in order to justify the continued expenditure on military hardware,driven by the USA miltary industrial complex.
    This weeks bogey man is Russia,next week……

    • Paul Barbara

      @ bringiton July 2, 2018 at 22:06
      A lot of people do believe ‘NATO kept the peace’; but a lot of people also believe that the attempt by Russia to station nuclear missiles in Cuba was a war-like act.
      This was far from the case; Russia had seen the US encroaching nearer it’s borders with aggressive forces, and when they stationed Jupiter nuclear missiles in Italy and Turkey, Khrushchev agreed to station nukes in Cuba, to both deter another attempted invasion, and as a quid pro quo. Russia agreed to cease the attempt in return for the US removing Jupiter nukes from Turkey.
      It is very clear now (to many, anyhow) that far from preventing war, NATO is deliberately trying to provoke one, with Russia (and maybe China).

      • Jo Dominich

        Paul, Very well put. NATO, under the control of the USA, is a war mongering machine in its own right. Little to do with peace more to do with war and supporting terrorism when it suits them.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Sharp Ears July 2, 2018 at 18:42
    ‘…The Secretaries General of NATO.
    The worst of the bunch IMHO is Lord Robertson of Port Ellen. NATO SecGen 1999-2003 (Afghanistan & Iraq covered)

    His current register of interests in the HoL. Says it all.….’
    Hmmm, he has some other ‘interests’ too:

    ‘Savile isn’t the only obnoxious paedo**ile being covered up by the system. Thomas Hamilton.’:

    ‘…In 1999, an international investigation of child pornographers and paedophiles run by Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service, code named Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed “under caution” by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation. In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair’s government.

    However, Blair issued a D-Notice, resulting in a gag order on the press from publishing any details of the investigation. Blair cited the impending war in Iraq as a reason for the D-Notice. Police also discovered links between British Labour government paedophile suspects and the trafficking of children for purposes of prostitution from Belgium and Portugal (including young boys from the Casa Pia orphanage in Portugal).

    Tony Blair: stifling investigations of paedophiles in his Labour government….’

    Where there’s muck there’s money (and Bush’s and Bliar).
    It has been suggested that Bush had ‘the dirt’ on Bliar, which was why he was so gung-ho in following the Bush narrative which he must have known was a ridiculous pile of pants.
    The things these ‘creatures’ will do to get power and keep it is truly revolting.
    ‘Ronald Bernard – Former Dutch Banker @ ITNJ Seating’:

    It is rare for someone in such a high position to spill the beans – and continue living.
    But, despite the info being in the public domain, nothing serious is done about it; reason being, so many other high-ranking people in all fields are ‘at it’ (or at least cover up for their ‘friends’ and ‘peers’ – the Judiciary, Police, Military, Corporations, Lords and Ladies, Churchmen (and women); Politicians, right on up to the top of the Establishment.

    • Jo Dominich

      Paul, if my recollection is correct, Operation Ore was an FBI initiative and a very successful one. Amongst those ‘caught’ of course were the two Detectives who ran the Soham Investigation. Strange that!

  • Anon1

    Mexico has elected a socialist president. That settles the question of the wall – Mexico will build it.

    • Loony

      Don’t be silly – Mexico will soon become a paradise on earth. All those Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn supporters will be packing their bags to relocate to Mexico, just like 100’s of thousands of western socialists who emigrated to Venezuela.

      I have always admired socialists for their principles and their forthcoming mass migration to Mexico garners my undiluted admiration.Some of them may need to learn Spanish – let me offer them a head start

      “Toma mi dinero, pero por favor no me mates”

    • giyane

      Appeasement obviously does not work with Nazis. What is about Nazis that they always have problems with their hair? The internal dichotomy being expressed outwardly in outward projections of dis-creative hair.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ giyane July 2, 2018 at 22:50
        Maybe the crafty Russkis have infiltrated Western countries with dodgy hairdressers.

        • giyane

          Paul Barbara

          I was thinking of Hitler’s moustache.

          Anyway did you m’luds talking about dodgy car washes last week?
          They know most car washes are run by asylum seekers, hard work, skilled work, but not too much English required. Will these revolting Tories never stop devising ways of harming the working poor. First Govichok wanting to smell the recycled wood I use on my stove and now health & Safety concerns for hard-working immigrants. They never have any health and safety concerns for the people of Sirte… which is why they come here…

          Yes and next week they’ll be checking of the mathematical qualifications of immigrant hairdressers in techniques of splitting hairs.

    • Jo Dominich

      Eric I hope a lot of us on this site would like to help you. Need a major game plan though about how to cut through the MSM propaganda machine, the spooks, the various Govts and escape assassination or a Julian Assange type situation! In order to get the message on as many platforms as possible, all these venerable institutions would prove very serious adversaries.

  • Deb O'Nair

    Georgia’s South Ossetia had a UN approved Russian force to safeguard the trade route to the Caspian Basin nations. This was agreed by NATO after the breakup of the USSR in recognition of the vital interests of the Russians. Georgia attacked these forces without warning or provocation with the full support of NATO.

    Crimea was leased *back* to Russia after the breakup of the USSR for the obvious Russian interest of being the base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Khrushchev (a Ukrainian) had made it an administrative part of Ukraine in 1954 for domestic political reasons. The NATO backed coup was an attempt to deny Russia access to Crimea and it’s naval base.

    Syria is home to the only Russian naval base outside of Russia. The attempt by NATO countries to destroy Syria was a continuation of NATO’s undeclared war against Russia, which is being waged not just through direct kinetic action, but also by economic sanctions and mass media propaganda.

    All this is being done primarily because Putin kicked out US energy firms from Russia and nationalised most of the remaining resources and assets.

  • FranzB

    CM – “I do not claim any expertise in Chinese culture or thought, but they appear to realise that dominance can be achieved by more subtle means than the sword.”

    If the English were using the sort of ‘subtle means’ to realise dominance in Scotland that the Chinese use in Tibet I don’t suppose Craig would regard it with such equanimity.

    Latest news is that Tashi Wangchuk has been sentenced to five years in prison because as a Tibetan, living in Tibet, he believes that his children should be taught in Tibetan rather than in the foreign language Mandarin.

  • J Galt

    Bismark saw it coming

    “One day the yellow men will water their camels on the banks of the Rhine”

    • Nevermind

      What’s the big deal, J.Galt? Gen. Alfred von Waldersee, after all, lead an eight nation expeditionary force to appease the Manchurians who wanted to see the back of the Imperialist Foreigners/their trade in their midst.
      BTW. have you ever been on a Rhine cruise and did you see the Chinese tourists who leave their Yuan at the shores of the river Rhine.

      don’t know about Horses.
      Bismarck, thanks to the German people, has not much to say anymore.

  • Godfree Roberts

    ‘Russian actions in Crimea and Georgia have been illegal in international law.’ International law is even slipperier than settled domestic law, and strong cases can be made for and against the Georgia escapade. Crimea is more clear cut: Russia did nothing illegal, de facto or de cure.

    As to ‘appear to realise that dominance can be achieved by more subtle means than the sword. It is going to be a fascinating few decades as China rapidly overtakes the USA in the superpower stakes,’ you are correct. Chinese governments have always sought (and succeeded more frequently than any other) to follow Confucius’ admonition: “If you rule with regulations and use laws to bring order, the people will avoid punishment but never develop a sense of shame. If you lead them by virtuous example and bring order by assigning appropriate responsibilities then, in addition to developing a sense of shame, they will order themselves harmoniously because human affairs only prosper in harmony with the moral nature of the cosmos. Superiors and inferiors relate to each other like wind and grass: grass must bend when wind blows over it”.

    By June 1, 2021, China will be a society a society in which no one is poor and everyone receives an education, has paid employment, more than enough food and clothing, access to medical services, old-age support, their own home and a comfortable life. Between 2021 and 2035, their President promised, they will focus on bringing their GINI below Finland’s, creating a moral breeze that will blow across the global grass.

  • Dr. Ip

    Stop feeding the trolls who nitpick about who shot what kind of artillery or dropped how many bombs on whom. Rather droll I would say when you should be illuminating how the capitalist machine that regurgitates war in order to profit from death and destruction is actually the culprit. (Wait, do I hear one of the trolls revving up the old USSR thing?) The USSR was state capitalism. China is state capitalism with some quirks that are rather too complex to describe succinctly here. Nevertheless, no Marxist state has yet emerged, and no leftist government, no matter how mildly leftist it may be, is allowed to survive for long in this brutal world we live in. The brutality and soullessness most evident in the comments left by the trolls. I shall leave you with a slightly modified version of a Bertrand Russell quote: Life [under capitalism] is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.

    And the criminals are winning.

    • Moocho

      Paul craig roberts says NATO’s role is to provide cover for Washington’s war crimes….bout right

      • Jo Dominich

        Moocho, yep, it is about right. it also covers for those Israelis commit against the Palestinians on a daily basis.

  • Phillip Henry

    Great blog, Craig. Just some minor criticisms.

    You say: “the idea that any part of EU territory could be subject to invasion without the rest of the EU reacting is a political impossibility.” However, member state Cyprus is indeed currently subject to invasion.

    Secondly, the rise of China presents us with a Thucydides Trap. That is, when has a rising power that challenges a hegemon ever in human history not lead to war? I would be interested in hearing your opinions on this.

    • Radar O’Reilly

      @PH, Нет. Cyprus was invaded in July 1974, a few days after the destabilising coûp d’ètat by the other majority of locals.

      It is now being negotiated (slowly) out of the partition. There are many ‘reunification failed’ headlines – but I think eventually it will work out, better than BREXIT, with suitable compensation to both sides and a boost in the economy and increased tourism to the anachronistic northern beaches. [Feb 2018 ‘positive’ news]

      For a parallel to the Chinese slow-vasion, I wonder if there are parallels in the Berbers accidentally invading Spain, around AD700s?

      The southern town folk ran for the hills, fearing a pirate attack, but it turned out to be a societal change.

    • Jo Dominich

      Philip, interesting point. I would say, and I am not Craig and not nearly as knowledgeable about world affairs, but it looks to me as though China are in it for the long-haul that is, they are not challenging the USA they are biding their time, they know the collapse of the dollar is coming, the end of the dollar as the reserve currency and the rise of the petroyuan. They have quite rightly responded in kind to Trump’s ridiculous trade sanctions but have not yet released USA treasury bonds and debt onto the markets which would cause havoc in the USA economy. They know patience is a virtue and it’s beginning to pay off with their also building a strong alliance with Russia.

  • Walt King

    Nobody has picked up on Craig’s comment on China, so perhaps I, from Shenzhen, may do so.
    China’s actions in the South China (or West Philippine, take your pick) sea, illegal under international law, must be seen in the light of its encirclement by the US military. Just google “US encirclement of China”. Here is one graphic link, from the Sun of all sources, and you’ll get the picture.

    So I for one have sympathy with China on this one.

    • Walt King

      I should have made it clear that I was referring specifically to comment on China’s actions in militarising islands.

    • certa certi

      ‘encirclement by the US military’

      The PRC’s illegal construction of structures on reefs, and their militarisation in the SCS is driven by their ahistorical and expansionist nine dash line claim and determination to become regional hegemon.

      • Walt King

        “Regional hegemon”.
        Yes, in place of the USA. Nobody else can do it.
        Illegal but understandable from their point of view.

  • Jack

    Craig said: Now NATO is focusing once more on the original “threat” it was supposed to combat, a Russian invasion of Western Europe.

    I rather think that Nato, as much as they want to focus on Russia, won’t simply because Trump is in power of that organization and he rather have good relations with Russia and instead seek to steer Nato on the terrorist “threat” and being supportive in american wars, but overall I don’t believe Trump likes Nato at all.

    ‘Continued Underspending’: Trump Slams NATO Over Inadequate Defense Expenditures

  • Sharp Ears

    Going Underground
    Three times a week Afshin Rattansi and his team go underground to discover the stories that aren’t…

    Human trafficking in NATO-bombed Libya, Wimbledon distracting Brits from austerity & cuts (E630)

    ++We talk to Libyan Mission Chief of the International Organization of Migration Othman Belbeisi about the post-NATO war descent of Africa’s richest per capita country. ++

  • Sharp Ears

    Monsieur Micron is the warmonger-in-waiting of choice for Bolt-On, Mattis, Trump. May and Williamson. Forget them!

    US-UK special relationship at risk? Mattis hints France could edge out America’s closest ally
    2 Jul, 2018 16:08

    The US could dump the UK in favor of France amid fears of Britain’s eroding military power, a leaked letter between American Defense Secretary James Mattis to his British counterpart Gavin Williamson has revealed.
    In the letter, Mattis raises concerns over the UK’s military spending and power. The letter also saw the being UK compared to France, with Mattis highlighting France’s significant increases in their defense budget.

    ‘As global actors, France and the US have concluded that now is the time to significantly increase our investment in defense. Other allies are following suit,” Mattis said. “It is in the best interest of both our nations for the UK to remain the US partner of choice.”

    The leaked letter comes as John Bolton, who has been Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor since April, made the same demands to his British counterpart Sir Mark Sedwill during a meeting last Monday ahead of a much-anticipated NATO summit in Brussels next week. The meeting also included French and German security chiefs.

    During the meeting, Bolton voiced concerns from the White House that Britain’s deterioration in defense spending was causing unknown damage to the British Armed Forces, with one UK official telling the Daily Telegraph that there were “some frank conversations about our spending on defense.” Another source quoted said Bolton made it “abundantly clear what the Trump administration expects from Britain in terms of defense spending and its future military capabilities.”

    Trump will put pressure on NATO members to up defense spending at the NATO summit. The UK currently meets the NATO target of spending 2% of GDP on defense. France currently spends 1.7% of GDP on defense, below the NATO target, but the president, Emmanuel Macron announced in February that billions more would be spent through to 2025.’

    • glenn_nl

      Why do you continually call him “Micron” – a mistake, or do you hold some prejudice against Macron for not being as tall as, say, great leaders like Blair, Bush, Trump and so on?

      I swear you carry more petty, casual prejudices than the Daily Mail itself.

      • David Avi


        They’re not really prejudices. just feeble attempts at “humour”. A bit like what Private Eye used to do, but not as funny. There’s no one less funny than the truly humourless.

    • Shatnersrug

      You have to ignore that bullshit really, when the French people weren’t up for joining Iraq, Bush famously ordered French fries to be renamed freedom fries in the whitehouse canteen. When the British people have no appetite for war in Syria or back out of the EU, the Americans will apparently run to France…

      If they’re so all fucking powerful why do they need us? The truth of the matter is that these leaks are made on behalf of the British and French governments probably at their request, allowing them to turn to the public and say “look, the Americans won’t love us anymore if we don’t …blah blah blah”

      But it’s politiking from a different era, re-enacted by politicians who have not sensed the world moving on. The USA does not have the support it once garnered in either the Uk or France.

      I can only presume that, seeing as the USA is always asking for help from both European powers then it doesn’t have the capacity to do it on its own.

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