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I am prepared to acknowledge that, given the gate design, they could have passed through different gates in exact synchronicity and this may be a red herring. I am leaving this post up here as it is good to acknowledge mistakes. Please read my updated post Skripals – The Mystery Deepens

Russia has developed an astonishing new technology enabling its secret agents to occupy precisely the same space at precisely the same time.

These CCTV images released by Scotland yard today allegedly show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov both occupying exactly the same space at Gatwick airport at precisely the same second. 16.22.43 on 2 March 2018. Note neither photo shows the other following less than a second behind.

There is no physically possible explanation for this. You can see ten yards behind each of them, and neither has anybody behind for at least ten yards. Yet they were both photographed in the same spot at the same second.

The only possible explanations are:
1) One of the two is travelling faster than Usain Bolt can sprint
2) Scotland Yard has issued doctored CCTV images/timeline.

I am going with the Met issuing doctored images.


A number of people have pointed out a third logical possibility, that the photographs are not of the same place and they are coming through different though completely identical entry channels. The problem with that is the extreme synchronicity. You can see from the photos that the channel(s) are enclosed and quite long, and they would have had to enter different entrances to the channels. So it is remarkable they were at exactly the same point at the same time. Especially as one of them appears to be holding (wheeled?) luggage and one has only a shoulder bag.
I have traveled through Gatwick many times but cannot call to mind precisely where they are. Can anybody pinpoint the precise place in the airport? Before or after passport control? Before or after baggage collection? Before or after customs? The only part of the airport this looks like to me is shortly after leaving the plane after the bridge, and before joining the main gangway to passport control – in which case passengers are not split into separated channels at the stage this was taken. I can’t recall any close corridors as long as this after passport control. But I am open to correction.
Please read my updated post Skripals – The Mystery Deepens

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  • Harry Clark

    Perhaps there were two cameras in one or more gateways running on slightly different times. They may rely on local machine time, not a network signal. That woukd explain the slightly different angle

    Even if we assume that two Russian assassins did the job (botched it) the questions only begin. They certainly weren’t “Russian agents”. One theory is that the Russian mob ordered the hit. But the main party to profit were the western Russophobes. Then there’s the question of Skripal Sr’s ongoing ties to Orbis, authors of the Steele dossier

    • Mike

      “two Russian assassins” ? You already found them guilty and labeled as “assassins” ? Is this way western justice working, without investigation, without facts, without judge ?

    • Paul Greenwood

      “the Russian mob” ??????????

      which mob are you thinking of ? Simyon Mogilevich ? Mikhailov ? Kumarin ? The Chechens ? the Georgians ?

      Maybe they were simply curious tourists visiting Edward Heath’s former home Arundells ?

  • The Integrator

    The photos clearly show this is two people walking through two different channels AT THE SAME TIME as you would if you approached immigration together as you would having just got off the plane together. Check out the angle of the cameras which show it is two different cameras in the two different channels. FFS people.

    • Indiana Withail

      Sir, you are on the right track but for the wrong reasons.

      The time code has been doctored in an infantile manner. Take 5 seconds to see the original Met photos, they are on BBC, Youtube etc.

      This is pathetic and hardly worthy of the St Petersburg Troll Factories – more like some dimwit closer to home with too much time on his/her hands.

    • Ray Raven

      With no one behind either of them ?
      The chutes / corridors are rather long, and it beggars belief that there are no other passengers passing through these two separate corridors. From what I recall in my limited experiences with airport terminals, they are congested spaces, with people everywhere.
      Also interesting is that both these two are photographed here with single strap shoulder bags (could be laptop bags ?); however in another photo of these two together (somewhere in Salisbury apparently), one of them is shown wearing a back-pack (and different jackets). Large mount of ‘stuff’ these assassins take with them on assignments – unlike the best o British 007 (as portrayed in the movies).

  • Incendiex

    This is very obviously two different gates. The cameras are on completely different angles.

  • Maria O'Connor

    If you look carefully at the gates it is clear that one background image is the reverse of the other (the background image has been flipped over) and it is therefore obvious that the images of the two men have been added afterwards. So, I agree with Craig: TOTALLY DOCTORED IMAGES.

  • HLT

    I am wondering about the fact that the BBC has deleted the time stamps (or trimmed them off) from the gate corridor photos of the two suspects. The original Scotland Yard ones published here by the Guardian: show the time stamp identical at 16:22:43 but on the images published by the BBC they have disappeared: . Why ever that is, one British state agency has definitely photoshopped the images. That pretty much disqualifies the credibility of the whole story.

  • Rockhaggis

    I am a digital photographic and photo-shop expert.
    There is only one image which has been flipped.
    The the same body has been redressed with faces added last.
    You can see the stance of their bodies is mirrored.
    The reflections on the left of one image appear on the opposite side on the other.
    As for any perspective distortion or difference … a trivial function to achieve.
    This is a very clumsy attempt at image manipulation.

  • Michelle

    Hi I may be seeing things but… in the top photo, person with luggage, is there a shoe in the passage way behind him?? I’m looking on a phone so I can’t see properly, but there is something white on the floor but not in the second pic… I may be seeing things!!

  • Z Mumby

    I’m going with the Russisns having learnt to time travel, makes as much sense as the story given out by TM. Bet the person who made the mistake with the photo gets sacked though lol

  • Skytten

    How can you believe London after all the provocations with chemical weapons in Syria. With the chemical weapons in Iraq, as a result, a whole country was destroyed. “Suicide” Berezovsky a few days before his departure for Israel and so on.

  • Barry Johnson

    well I can see that it must be two gates because if they are the same static camera there are differences in the angles of the picture that you would not get if it was the same static camera.

  • remo

    I am no expert, but if you get the two photos up on seperate pages
    and flip between them, there is argument to make that this is the same background at a slightly skewed angle. Especially in the grainy ‘interference’ patterns in the darker ‘door-jamb’ areas..apart from colour filter difference and angle, the red pattern bottom right corner is the only real difference
    As with all things psyop’
    it is hard to know who is playing who.

    • nemiom

      Look at the door handles, left and right , they have slightly different angles. on the handle bars. then flip one of the photo horizontally in a photo browser. Now the handles in both photos look exactly the same. then twist the angle of one photo to mach the other … and all looks the same. Then look at the persons nose in both pics. exactly the same. etc..

  • Yeah, Right

    Just on a side note, but if you really are a GRU (and therefore, presumably, higly trained) assassins would you walk through the security procedure of Gatwick Airport practically screaming out loud I’M WITH HIM!!!!

    Or would you take separate flights and only meet at a prearranged location far from any ccd cameras?

    I mean, heck, I’d know to do the latter and I haven’t received any training whatsoever.

    I have no idea who these two guys are, other than being pretty sure they aren’t GRU assassins.

  • Ian Leyland

    Oh dear, you obviously don’t know Gatwick that well. There are two separate corridors, if you look closely there are slightly different camera angles with both subjects captured at the same moment. Nice try but no doughnut.

  • Sharp Ears

    The BBC is heavily promoting ‘Whispering’ Nick Robinson’s half hour podcast of his interview with BLair, in which BLiar knifes Jeremy in the back, in the sides and in the front.

    They are featuring it on BBC Breakfast, it is on the top of their Politics page and it is the top item on the front page of their website.

    Pure evil.

    Tony Blair doubts Labour can be ‘taken back by moderates’

  • GBryant

    Interesting that you demand proof that these are two identical locations, but offer no evidence to support your theories. #zebras

  • Andrew

    The pictures don’t appear to be from the same camera. They are at different angles and cropped differently.

  • professor knowone

    Look at the different camera angles and spots on the carpet. Two different but similar gates.

    • Garth Carthy

      The apparently different camera angles could just as easily have been created in Photoshop.
      I’ve done it myself.

      As has already been pointed out, these photos look very suspiciously flipped.
      There is a inward bend in the handle on one of the gates on the right hand side of one photo while an identical bend shows on the opposite side in the other photo. Almost certainly a flip.

  • Anton P


    You go through these channels as you enter the main terminal after baggage collection. These channels are not that long as you can clearly see. Probably around 4 metres long. If you have two people walking alongside each other, as people do when they travel together, and they go through two identical parallel channels, they will be entering and exiting these at the same time. It takes less than 3 seconds to walk through them.

    And the reason most people do not remember these is because I think Gatwick is the only airport to have these channels. And at this point most will be more excited about seeing their friends or relatives standing right in front of them as you are walking through these.

    • Garth Carthy

      I don’t buy that. I still think it extremely unlikely that the two would have been snapped in precisely the same position (within inches) at precisely the same time. I can’t offer proof, of course and you may be right.
      Please don’t overlook the point I made earlier about the suggestion of flipped images regarding the gates. (I might add that others have also given plausible ideas on flipped images before me)

      • Anton P

        Are you telling me that if you are walking together with someone, it is likely that in roughly 3 seconds you will end up behind or ahead of that someone? Unless you are racing, it is pretty much impossible.

        And I have done the flipped images too if you go to the beginning of the discussions. But these channels are identical. Cameras are identically placed, but one is tilted. These cameras can be controlled, so they can point at different angles in different channels. No wonder the images overlay. It’s like overlaying a picture of a red bmw on a blue of the same model and saying it’s the same car. The reason I attempted to overlay, was because I didn’t realise what these channels are.

        I am confused why people are not getting it. They are travelling together and are walking together!!!

        This is the one I did – and talked about it on page 6. But once I realised what the channels were, it’s clear why they are so in sync.

        • Garth Carthy

          “Are you telling me that if you are walking together with someone, it is likely that in roughly 3 seconds you will end up behind or ahead of that someone?”

          Yes – in terms of inches.

          • Anton P

            Haha! OMG!!! Have you never walked alongside a human being? As in with someone you know and are actually walking with. These two are travelling together. They are walking together. Not just random strangers heading for the terminal.

            Average walking speed is 1.4m/s. So within 1 second, they go through 1/3 of this channel. You can rewind back and forth frame by frame within a second and see them go 1/3 of the length. Not hard to get them aligned.

            But I am done. Yes, it is the same channel. Yes, one of the images was flipped and rotated. They then photoshopped the red sign on the flipped image to be on the right wall. And just forgot about the time.

      • Anton P

        Also, the red sign is visible on both pictures and it is on the right wall. [] There are no signs on the left wall which would happen if one of the images were flipped. So that rules the whole flipping theory out.

  • Wullie B

    One of the photos used , has the pair walking on a pavement beside double yellow lines, there are some pretty rubbish photoshops about but this one takes the busicuit, blurred lines on pavement, halo around the suspects bodies. Check the photos below 13:05 and 13:08 on this link Craig and its the one where the suspects are facing ou, not the one beside the railings

  • Jimmy The Pict

    As a child I used to love ‘Spot the Difference’ puzzles (T.V. being new and limited to three channels at the the time, no computers games so had to pass the time somehow). These two images could have been captured by someone one using software where you move to an point in the stream by entering in a date/time. The two images appear to have differing camera angles, one slightly higher than the other. The two gate barriers appear to be opened at different angles. There is a corner of one of the images that has a dark triangle due to the camera angle.

    Still doesn’t rule out tampering and without access to the images and forensic tools impossible to easily determine.

    So likely to be authentic.

  • Jordan

    Don’t understand why a CCTV footage would create two photos when rewinding back through their footage.

    Surely they would just rewind until that second – and therefore there would only be one photo.

    Silly conversation.

    • Oliver Behrend

      Anyway, here is it again:

      Craig, this piece is as good as ever. You are raising the right questions, as it is being done in the recent article on the matter by Moon of Alabama. I do also agree with most of your conclusions. I disagree with one. You write: “only Theresa May stated they were Russian agents: the police did not…It appears very likely their appearance was to do with the Skripals on that day”. Please, where is the logical bridge leading to that conclusion ? Or, am I dealing with a mistake in writing ? Likely instead of unlikely ? Anyway, we now got the third version concerning the “perpetrators”. At first, they named a certain “Gordon”, perhaps having been inspired by Hamish de Bretton-Gordon. Then, suddenly again, they re-identified the footage showing the Skripals in front of the restaurant as showing “the perpetrators”, a man and a woman. Now the third version.
      The whole thing reminds me as well as many others not only of Tony Blair and his lies about Irak. It reminds me also of the alleged attack on a German radio station by Poland (Station Gliwice) in 1939, an invention by Goebbels. And it reminds me of an an article in the The Guardian which they would not publish again on the alleged Zinoviev letter >
      But isn´t useless to demand evidence or even prove ? One headline in the UK government´s paper, the Independent (4 April 2018), has already fixed it all: “Whether we can prove Moscow´s involvement in the Skripal case or not is irrelevant”.

  • Nikita D

    You British as always deceive, a feeling that Russophobia will never end. This is another attempt to impose new sanctions against Russia, so that it ceases to prevent the US and Britain from robbing Syria and neighboring countries.
    How good it was for you when Yeltsin ruled the country, thanks to him, your servants Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky and others quietly plundered Russia to please their masters in London and Washington.
    You will continue to brainwash about the terrible Russian, through the media and Hollywood. Because Russia has 30% of the world’s resources.
    Do you really believe that a man who was released from Russia 20 years ago and in fact nothing useful for Western intelligence agencies is not in Russia suddenly decided to kill him ?
    Or do you think that the Russians are so stupid that they decided to poison him with poison that began to spread throughout the city that cats die?

    • William Beedie

      Dont worry, many of us dint believe the narrative put out by our Westminster government. In fact i they told us it was dark outside we would look out window to checj. They re smearing everyone, look at the job they are doing on Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Salmond, the two men who are the most dangerous to the UK establishment,

      • Nikita D

        As for me, Russia should abolish visas for the UK, so that people can visit Russia as often as possible, study it not from TV screens or the Internet, but in life to meet people, study culture. And then the rulers will not be able to impose their propaganda and deception in favor of personal interests.
        A good example of the 2018 world Cup. How many of you are frightened by a terrible Russian that you are beat, or something. And in the end, people left happy and with a completely different idea of the mysterious Russia. No bears and bandits, no homeless, ordinary people who also want to live happily, work, start families, new friends.

    • MaryPaul

      There is little coverage of Russia in the UK press except in relation to events I Syria and Ukraine . Most people take more interest in affairs in the US and Europe if they take any interest at all in foreign affairs. The Skripal incident has been under a total news blackout until recently when the second supply of Novichok agent surfaced, and those official updates which have been released to the public, have been so disjointed and inconsistent that most people now simply tune it out. Everyone in my immediate circle does. Most people in the UK are not interested enough in Russia to be phobic about it. This does not include politicians of course but most people are not politicians.

  • Norfolk Eagle

    The chemical brothers tour of Salisbury, a recap.
    Saturday 3rd our intrepid assassins do a recce. We don’t know when they arrived or where they went, good spycraft there but we do know when they left as they conveniently posed for a picture at Salisbury station.
    Sunday 4th, the big day. We have a picture of them arriving and then, really fortuitously, a date stamped picture outside the petrol station on Wilton Road. (personally I think the shadows are not right). Maybe the spycraft on the recce wasn’t so good. To get this far they managed to avoid the cctv camera at the juction of S. Western Road and Fisherton Street, just down from the station and the camera on St Pauls roundabout. They should have used Google maps, this would have directed them via the A360 and not Wilton Road.
    A quick bit of daubing/spraying of the most deadly nerve agent known to man and they were off. Back to the station, of course not. Lets go sightseeing in Salisbury. A very quick 30min hike into the town centre passed all the cameras mentioned and probably a few more and they are next seen on their way back to the station on the bridge at 13.05pm. Except there are doubts on this photo too.
    Time for a bit of window shopping at the coin shop, probably the only shop in Fisherton Street with cctv, these guys are really unlucky. Why did the Daily Mail not ask about the time stamp and how did they get the footage so quickly?
    They then hang around for 40minutes, coincidentally on the street corner Serei will pass on his way to the carpark. Then back to the station and away, of course carefully missing the camera pointing up S. Western Road.
    What pisses me off is that this account takes at face value the information we have been given. The Police have had 6 months to get this together and this is the best they can come up with?

  • Omar

    Craig, hello, having traveled through Gatwick on a few occasions over August this little “tunnel” appears to be the spot after customs declaration, just before you hit the arrivals hall. There’s a duty free shop on the left just as you’re going into the tunnel.

    There are several of these tunnel lanes side by side.

    Mind you, this was at the South terminal. I’ve no idea whether North looks the same.

  • Garth Carthy

    Anton P says: “It’s there on the original from MET –

    I don’t think you “get my drift”. The photo that I reckon is flipped would quite possibly show the sign on the opposite side if it hadn’t been cropped so tightly.

    • Anton P

      – Left column: with the two men, the red sign is on the right on both images.
      – Right column: red signs are on the right hand wall, which fits with the above.
      – Right column: no red signs on the left hand wall.

      So what drift am I not getting? If one of the photos was flipped, there would be no red sign on the right, since the left wall, that has not become the right wall has no signs at all.

    • Anton P

      I’ll be honest with you, I spent like 4 hours or more on this on Wednesday, so I know pretty much every single thing about these images 🙂 BTW, when you flip, you also need to rotate and deform in order to make them overlay. And considering the channels are identical, no wonder they will eventually overlay. The shadows however are not in line. But I thought photoshop at the time. If you go back to page 6 and search for me, you will see I was where you are now, until I realised what these channels were.

  • Garth Carthy

    Obviously, I can’t prove anything here but am simply pointing out potential discrepancies.

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