Muellergate Maps 86

I would be very grateful if someone with the ability to do internet topological node mapping could produce a couple of maps for me for “Russiagate” and “Integrity Initiative” over the past nine months. It is important that other parameters are the same for a direct comparison.

I am writing a piece on the collapse of the Russiagate narrative. I make the point that the MSM promoted the crazed and untrue “Russiagate” conspiracy theory to an astonishing degree. At the same time, the MSM almost entirely ignored the very real government funded conspiracy to pervert public opinion which is the Integrity Initiative.

That the MSM promoted the Fake News Russiagate conspiracy, while only the alt media reported the genuine news of the real Integrity Initiative conspiracy, is beyond doubt true. But it would nevertheless be good to have those internet node maps to provide a striking illustration of that truth.

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    • Charles Bostock

      By “good luck with that” you are presumably being ironical and hinting that none of Craig’s worshippers on here (Sharp Ears, Clark, Fuji-san……et al) are going to lift a finger to really help?

      Ah! The joys of being an armchair warrier 🙂

      • Rhys Jaggar

        It may not be a lack of desire rather lack of experience.

        I had to look up ‘internet node topological mapping’ which tells you clearly I have never done it.

        I might try and do it, but this time Mr Murray may need a quicker and better answer from someone with skills and experience….

      • Sharp Ears

        Why is this ad hominem on various well meaning posters/contributors on here being allowed?

        And Habbabkuk can’t even spell ‘warrior’ for that matter.

        • Charles Bostock

          As for spelling, I agree it’s not a problem for someone who only cuts-and-pastes… 🙂

    • Ken Kenn

      Speaking as an internet ‘ Worrier ‘ ( meaning that a lot of the info on the net passes for fact) then I suspect the reasons are different.

      It had to happen because the Democratic Party failed to sell the old political product to he American public.As in leaving things as they are.

      No surprise there as the leading Democrats don’t differ too much from The Republicans in terms of policy. All nicely touchy feely whilst
      pursuing a viscious neo liberal economic policy.

      Does it remind you of any party close to home?

      Remember the theories that the Russkies interfered in the Brexit election?

      Enter Carol Codswalloper and friends.

      And the Integrirty Initiative.

      All I can say about both affairs is that it is many years of my life I and others will never get back.

      Meanwhile the MSM and Internet not bothereders carry on as if nothing ever happened.

      ” Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away ”

      Philip K Dick.

      Can’t help with node routine as I’ve only just caught up with what a hashtag is.

  • Tom

    As far as I can see the ‘alternative media’ has largely ignored the Integrity Initiative. It’s been Kit at Sputnik who has kept banging away on that topic. As per usual, the ‘alternative media’ is too busy claiming that having a black person in a film is ‘cultural Marxism’, complaining about feminists, and accusing random people of being child molestors. The ‘alternative media’ being little more than a white Christian identity movement at this point in time…

    • craig Post author

      I think you are conflating the terms alternative media and alt-right. I would include this blog, Moon of Alabama, Another Angry Voice, Wings Over Scotland and arguably Sputnik as examples of alternative media.

      • Sopo, 21st century wire, grayzone project,, all covered Integrity Initiative in detail. Craig is right to contrast a conspiracy organized by elites for public consumption, i.e. a psyop, “Russiagate”, with the unmasking of a set of conspirators at the IoS and the almost complete lack of interest from the corporate media in what is by any criteria a major story. Why were none of the journalists named relieved of their duties?

        Of course, there was a common theme at work, demonizing Russia.

        • Tom

          21st Century Wire is pure poison. Their only substantive contribution to the Syrian war is to declare all White Helmets videos as ‘fake’ and thus deny the suffering of victims of Assad and the Russian military. They’re just the BBC in reverse.

          Yes, the Integrity Initiative is an important story, but a lot of the people covering it are vile pieces of shit. Just because someone covers an important story doesn’t forgive the thousands of other articles they’ve published that were full of misleading, race-baiting bullshit. I judge media outlets on how low they’re willing to stoop for clicks, and the alt media is willing to step very low (to the point of denying people’s deaths and people’s suffering).

      • Tom

        Sputnik are funded by the Russian government, that makes them mainstream rather than alternative. Plus they pump out not end of bigoted, race-baiting nonsense, no end of false accusations regarding sex scandals.

        Likewise, Another Angry Voice wholly supported the bombing of Syria due to paranoia about ISIS and hatred of Muslims. I would have thought you’d recognise this as a sign of promoting the very imperialism you oppose.

        You’re right that not *all* alt media is alt right, but these days the vast majority of it is, and most of it always has been. Alex Jones, Corbett, Natural News – all the big figures in alt media promote a hard right view of the world. There’s nothing to be heroised or lauded about alt media, it has caused FAR more damage than good.

  • Dennis Revell


    To fulfill a request of a technical nature it’s necessary to have full understanding of the request, which I confess, I do not have.

    HOWEVER, though I can’t remember where I saw it, and I lost a bunch of browser bookmarks following an unrecoverable browser crash, including the one I have in mind (which I put down to Windows 10 being crap – thinking of going to the more secure bells-and-whistles absent systems recommended by Wikileaks). The content of the lost article may well be related to what you have in mind.

    From memory, Vault 7 exposed by your friend and World Patriot Julan Assange, as well as the virtual entity ‘Gucifer ¿7?’ – or something like that – and that that entity was alleged to be based in Moscow – well somewhere in Russia – may all be very relevant to the enquiry you make.

    Analysis of the Internet Packets allegedly from Gucifer ? was made public or was leaked. All internet packets (i/p protocol packets) are time stamped as they hop from one viable node to another; if one transfer from a node holding a packet successfully received does not receive, after a few tries, an effective “A’OK” signal back from a node to which it is forwarding the packet that node is deemed not viable, and the “relay node” just picks another node, and so on (explaining the resilience and reliability of the Internet). The upshot of all this is that an internet packet successfully transmitted all the way from origin to final destination contains, in its “header” (kind of packet metadata), accurate information from which pretty exact total transit time can be extracted. Non viable nodes (may be still working, but too busy) hence give a somewhat statistics based characteristic to transit times between source and destination (wherever in the World the source and destination are, we’re talking in terms of less than blinks of an eye: microseconds and milliseconds).

    Well, well, Well, WELL, wouldn’t you know, total transit time, assuming all the best nodes are responsive, say from Moscow to New York is MUCH greater than transit time from, say, Washington DC to New York, and certainly, hint, hint, much much greater than from Fairfax Virginia to Washington DC. OOPS: A ‘shortest possible time’ is calculable, is knowable, between any two Internetworked points. The time-stamp on Gucifer ?’s packets published in the analysis make it technologically impossible for that alleged Russian based hacker to actually be based in Russia as the packet transit times were impossibly short!!! OOPS.

    Sorry for the lack of detail, and that I can’t give a link to the article. The actual transit times were published in the article, which times, of course, I have no memory of – I do remember, however, that the details triggered the thought that perhaps this represented a rather large fuck-up in the terrorist CIA’s ‘Vault 7’, which I believe was the bit of nasty from them that Wikileaks exposed as enabling them to spoof any source addresses in internet packets – so, obviously, making Internet traffic that the CIA terrorists generate appearing to originate from elsewhere – China? North Korea?, Russia? An extremely dangerous and almost completely occult tool to generate false flags with just a few key taps – except for the time stamps – these are applied by the Internet nodes. This is all somewhat flabbergasting if true that these Russiagate E-Mails were the work of the CIA’s Vault 7 – and they overlooked this time-stamp issue. Gives me some hope that after all they may be dumb-fuckers (Or may be Ed Snowden or some sympathiser designed that part of Vault 7 😉 ).


      • Dennis Revell


        Well, understanding where s’one wants to end up is not the same as having the ability to get there!?!

        The question to Deep Thought rings a bell with me here:
        Philosopher (P):
        “What’s the Answer?”
        Deep Thought (DT):
        “The Answer to What?”
        “You know, the Answer to Life, the Universe, Everything
        “Hmmm, Tricky, I’ll have to think about that … “
        … and as we know 10 million years later DT came up with an answer that the Philospher’s descendants found unsatisfactory. I assume that you too are looking for an answer other than ’42’! 😉

        – The time-stamp stuff wasn’t relevant to your quest then? That’s all that came to my mind on reading your query – that you’d be interested in transit times of internet packets between various nodes in your eventual map; and I hope that there aren’t more than 42 such nodes relevant to your purposes, but there probably are many more!

        I assume you’ve already googled pretty much all the relevant search terms. I wonder if Bolt, Beranek and Neuman are still intricately involved with the layout of the Internet?


      • Dennis Revell


        On reflection, and as posts aren’t ‘editable’ here, I figure may be I should not presume too much and clarify my HHGG reference.

        The exchange between Deep Thought and the Philosophers descendents after the answer 42 was produced went to the effect that the original question wasn’t properly formed, and should have been in the form of not what was the ultimate answer, but what was the ultimate question:

        This is not the bullshit you might initially think it is. Here is the map of submarine cables only from the Wikipedia link posted by Sharp Ears (Wikipedia is almost always completely fine on technical/scientific matters). Submarine cabling comprises a teeny tiny part of the network backbone over which Internet traffic passes. As Deep Thought might say: “big problem”.

        For your own good reasons no doubt, you seem to be coy about your purposes in wanting this information. What you are wanting to achieve (which I don’t know) may be next to impossible – barring some or even many whistleblower types providing you with every relevant Internet message passed during the period you specify, and I suspect all those messages would have to come complete with their original “metadata”.



    • bj

      You’re saying the actual packets have been inspected.
      I call BS.

      The analysis of Bill Binney et al are based on the timestamps of the files, not on TCP/IP packets.

      Said analysis, to be precise, resulted in the conclusion by Binney et al. that there can not be such packets,
      because the transfer (based on aforementioned timestamps, as well as a peculiarity of the FAT-filesystem that
      USB thumb-drives use) was local, and thus in all likelihood to a USB-drive.

      That conclusion is substantiated by the NSA never having presented a TCP/IP trace of packets you
      theorize over.

      • Dennis Revell


        Yah, it’s bad that I lost the article – but it was one that did contain Internet packet transit times Russia-US vs, US-US, and may be also Elsewhere-US. It occurred to me on trying to remember the darned thing that a lot of complete messages comprise mort than a single i/p packet – which may well come via different routes even though re-assembled back into the original message at the final destination. I was assuming, though I didn’t clarify, in my attempted recollection that the time stamp would correspond to the transit time of the FINAL arriving packet that COMPLETES the message – nothing else would make sense.

        We know this kind of information is transmitted. An E-mail sent to you may have a different UTC sending time than the UTC receive time perceived by the recipient.

        I understand your concern, and I was not theorising anything – I was simply doing my best to recall a fairly technical article that definitely contained transit times according to locations, and though sketchy on details, I am certain that the recollection correctly imparts the gist of the article – that Guccifer 2 – whoever the alleged hacker was could not possibly be located in Russia, or, as I recall even in Europe.

        Anyway, the point was to draw Craig’s attention to a timestamp issue (however inperfectly) in case that may be relevant to his purposes.

        I like Binney, and believe he’s trustworthy – I’m doubtful however, that the article I read, relates to the same piece of evidence to do with USB/local transit/transfer times.



        • bj

          The transit times and packets you talk of were part of a later effort to compare typical transit times of packets, to the ‘transit times’ implied by the timestamps of the files.

          The quotes around ‘transit times’ are there because Binney et al. concluded, from those file timestamps, that they implied impossibly fast network times (internet, TCP packets) (a).

          Further to that, the timestamps of the files all had a ‘2-second granularity’ (my term), which is a peculiarity (and exclusively so) of the FAT-filesystem used on thumb drives or SD-cards (the kind you use in a smartphone or in a camera). (Given the number of files, and them all having that 2-second granularity, the chance that this could have resulted from anything other than a transfer to a FAT-filesystem can be calculated as infinitesimal, i.e. virtually zero) (b).

          (a) and (b) together lead Binney et al. to conclude the files could not possibly have been sent over the wire that fast, and that the only plausible explanation is that they were transferred locally, to a thumb drive.

          Finally, this (and to which I add “plus presumably some other information they are privy to”) lead them to conclude the files were leaked, exfiltrated on a thumb drive or SD-card, not ‘hacked’.

          Hence, occam’s razor forces us to assume they were leaked by an insider, and as yet there is zero reason to assume any foreign involvement.

          • bj

            To which this small yet intriguing addendum:

            If it is true and correct that Craig Murray carried the USB-stick(s) and/or SD-cards to Wikileaks, and if Craig Murray does not have dual citizenship US/UK, then this represents the only thus far established foreign involvement.

  • Jack

    I would advice taking a look what the american journalist Aaron Mate have said throughout the Muellergate investigation, he has been very sharp and he has been spot on from the get go.

    But also, the liberals wont stop, just googled Mueller and found headlines like,

    * Mueller report: Why Trump’s “no collusion” victory lap is premature – Vox
    * Trump may not be a Russian agent. He’s just a Russian stooge. – Washingtonpost

    But..also some good stuff,

    Russia Hoax Queen Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Take 20% Dive

    • Anthony

      Yes, there is an excellent post-Mueller analysis by Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal on the Moderate Rebels podcast.

  • Andyoldlabour

    Russiagate happened because the US (and indeed the UK) are totally incapable of self reflection and self criticism. In the case of the US, they would rather blame someone else, than admit that it was their electoral system which is responsible for this fiasco. How could Trump win with 3 million less votes than Clinton? How interested were the American people, that only 56% of them turned out to vote?
    Rather than look at these facts, they simply pointed the finger at Russia.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      I think in the US there is actually a far greater issue of indoctrination based on socialism-phobia, which makes reasoned debate wbout anything with most Americans pretty impossible.

      A really striking example currently on WUWT (, a climate blog which too often lately has overspilled into Republican cheerleading.

      Today an article sneering a bit at a UK suggestion to engage young folk in non-military national service with one possible avenue being environmental work.

      Well over half the BTL comment suggests one of two things:
      1. Young people cannot get away from mobile devices for 5 minutes.
      2. All this is Maoist indoctrination of the worst kind.

      Americans are absolutely indoctrinated in three highly contestable theses:
      1. Capitalism as practiced by USA is the only answer to all world problems.
      2. Rich people got rich being brutally ruthless, so make perfect founders of charities.
      3. All charities are good, all government programmes are indoctrination.

      Not being open to reasoned debate is situation normal in USA, as is hatred of foreigners telling them what to do, as it is their job to conquer the world and tell everyone else what to do. I deliberately bait them by constantly telling them what to do as it is imperative they experience quite how unpleasantly annoying their overseas behaviour can be.

      Elizabeth Perrin’s 21st century role in global diplomacy….

      • Dennis Revell


        Indeed. A movie titled Stepford Wives, Stepford Husbands, Stepford Sons & Daughters, Stepford Aunts & Uncles, Stepford Cousins and Stepford Mothers & Fathers is a century overdue,


      • George

        Don’t forget the fundamentalist religious thing too. As in the case of one Mark Taylor, a retired fire fighter with PTSD, who seemingly had a vision that Trump would be president and wrote a book called “The Trump Prophecies: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow … and What He Says Is Coming Next”. This was inevitably made into a movie. Over to The Guardian:

        “Between graphic nightmares featuring demonic monsters and hellish flames, Taylor received a message from God in April 2011, while he was surfing television channels.

        As he clicked to an interview with Trump, Taylor heard God say: “You are hearing the voice of the next president.”


        Taylor has made other claims, which he calls “prophetic words”, including that Trump will serve two terms, the landmark supreme court ruling on abortion in the Roe v Wade case will be overturned, and that next month’s midterm elections will result in a “red tsunami”, strengthening Republican control of both houses of Congress.

        Barack Obama will be charged with treason and Trump will authorise the arrest of “thousands of corrupt officials, many of whom are part of a massive satanic paedophile ring”. Trump will also force the release of cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s that are currently being withheld by the pharmaceutical industry.”

        Story here:

        I showed this to a friend who refused to believe it was genuine and that it had to be a hoax. Which I reckon is the general reaction outside America. What other nation could deliver this kind of think without a deafening chorus of guffaws?

        • Kempe

          ” next month’s midterm elections will result in a “red tsunami”, strengthening Republican control of both houses of Congress. ”

          That article was written in October 2018.

          The November 2018 mid-terms saw the Democrats gain 41 seats and take overall control of the House of Representatives and an overall gain of two seas for the Republicans in the Senate.

          One out of five so far and I’m not holding my breath regarding the other three.

      • Andyoldlabour

        Rhys Jaggar

        I totally agree with that post Rhys, their arrogance, exceptionalism and capitalist fundamentalism is precisely why the US is what it is today.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    There is a primary motivating factor behind the ‘Russiagate’ investigation.
    This has been consistent over the entire Post World War 11 period and continued past the early 1990s Soviet Union collapse era.
    No less a person than the architect of the ‘cold war’ explained in quite lucid terms:-

    “Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.”
    ― George F. Kennan

  • Adrian Parsons

    “I make the point that the MSM promoted the crazed and untrue “Russiagate” conspiracy theory to an astonishing degree. At the same time, the MSM almost entirely ignored the very real government funded conspiracy to pervert public opinion which is the Integrity Initiative.”

    Chomsky made the same point vis-a-vis Watergate and CoIntelPro ( 40 years ago – the former was covered exhaustively by the MSM and represented ‘personal’ rather than ‘systemic’ corruption, while the latter received only sporadic and non-systematic coverage and represented a real threat to democracy (as understood by liberals).

    ‘RussiaGate’ was a panicked attempted ‘soft coup’ against a President who, even if his progress has been erratic and wavering, could still present a grave threat to the neo-liberal establishment (anti-open borders and anti-foreign intervention being the two most ‘dangerous’ aspects). For those able to think laterally, the fact that, during the ‘RussiaGate’ period, he never backed off is proof that the various US security/intelligence agencies never had anything on him.

  • mouwophouders

    “Internet topological node mapping” sounds like you’ve been in the presence of yet another bullshitter, Mr Murray. Although it’s highly involved technically, much of this stuff is conceptually straightforward.

    If your request is serious, and you’re prepared to pay for the service, I could recommend quite a few “outfit
    s” who would be pleased for your dollar in return for such diligence. Why the appeal on yourContact blog? Something for nothing?

    Contact me on the vinca email, but it will not be free of charge.

    • Stonky

      “Internet topological node mapping” sounds like you’ve been in the presence of yet another bullshitter, Mr Murray… HEY EVERYBODY! LOOK AT ME! NO SERIOUSLY! LOOK AT ME! If your request is serious, and you’re prepared to pay for the service, I could recommend quite a few “outfits”… EVERYBODY! LOOK! I HAVE A BEARD! LOOK!… Contact me on the vinca email, but it will not be free of charge…

      Look everybody. An archetypal sad git who imagines that coming across as an arsey condescending dickhead wins you friends, influence and business. No seriously. Look.

      • mouwophouders

        Are you unwell, Stonky, and moreover why do the Mods allow this kind of outburst?

        I was serious in offering advice to CM, but have so far received no email request from him. It’s not going to be foc, as it is technical, takes time, and it’s boring.

        Why do the Mods on here allow such tripe; I’m surprised?

        • Stonky

          Are you unwell, Stonky, and moreover why do the Mods allow this kind of outburst… Why do the Mods on here allow such tripe; I’m surprised…

          Calm down mouwophouders. Guardian is over there —>

          Oh and by the way. Word to the wise. I teach one-to-one courses in “self-awareness”. And I’m good.

          But I’m not cheap.

          • Stonky

            However, here’s your starter. And it is free of charge.

            Read this message:

            Hi Craig. I think I know what you’re looking for. And I think I might be able to help. But it’s laborious, time-consuming work, and I wouldn’t be able to provide it free of charge. However, feel fee to contact me via the email you have on file if you’re interested.

            Now go back and read your original post. See if you can spot any salient differences. No? Keep trying. Eventually the penny will drop.

          • mouwophouders

            What a bizarre and pointless exchange with you, Stonky.

            I did “go back and read my original post”, and noticed that my offer was to recommend to Mr Murray “some outfits” who could help, but not free of charge. Thus your rewording:

            But it’s laborious, time-consuming work, and I wouldn’t be able to provide it free of charge. However, feel fee [sic, and ?] to contact me via the email you have on file if you’re interested.

            misses the point entirely; I’m not offering my services, freely or otherwise.

            Obviously, my wider point was, for those lacking in self-awareness, that if Mr Murray wants his donkey-work done, he just needs to look in the Yellow Pages, and cough up. A bit cheeky (not to say risibly optimistic) to expect anyone on here with the necessary expertise to do his due dil free of charge.

            Feel fee to have the last word, Stonky, I’m looking forward to it!

          • Stonky

            So you went back and read my post, and then your post, and the two things you came away with were (1) a typo and (2) the one thing that was completely irrelevant to the point I was making.

            Obviously, my wider point was, for those lacking in self-awareness, that if Mr Murray wants his donkey-work done, he just needs to look in the Yellow Pages, and cough up. A bit cheeky (not to say risibly optimistic) to expect anyone on here with the necessary expertise to do his due dil free of charge…

            In the wider world this is known as “having friends, and asking them for help”. I’m not at all surprised that the concept seems to be entirely foreign to you.

  • Robyn

    Let’s not forget that it was the Steele dossier which kick-started the Russia-collusion story – Steele, Skripal(?), DNC, DOJ etc.

  • pete

    1: Re, internet topological node mapping.
    Not quite sure what you mean, are you just looking for an word cloud map showing the incidences of the phrases you have mentioned in terms of the frequency they were used by various sites, where the increased size of the media site logo shown highlights the usage of the particular word or phrase?
    If it’s a word cloud you want there is a site to do this for free: but someone would need to do the research to input the frequency the sites concerned used it. This means accessing all those sites historical pages, a lot of work to do manually and well as being beyond my limited expertise. I can’t help but think that the result would be kind of obvious anyway, I’m guessing most of your blog readers know what to expect when they visit certain news sites.

    2: Re Dennis Revel Gruccifer/Gruccifer 2
    Is it Gruccifer or Gruccifer 2?
    Gruccifer 2:
    Or is that also misinformation/obfuscation? GCHQ might be able to help you there.

    • Dennis Revell


      Yea, thanks for your mention.

      Well, as I said that timestamp stuff was from an article that I unfortuneately lost. And I tried to be accurate – hence my use of ? etc in various places – when summarising it for Craig – given that I haven’t got the article. I guess may be some web search along the lines of “Russiagate +Timestamp or similar might retrieve it eventually.

      My point is that the Guccifer I mean refers to the one in the lost article – whose Internet traffic timestamps make it IMPOSSIBLE that the traffic originated in Russia. I’m more than rusty on Internet Protocols, but I used to know them pretty well; I’ve no doubt many of them have changed substantially.

      May be the “group” here should have a contest: Guess why Craig wants this info; or “what is the ultimate question”. I rlready hazarded a guess, but I suspect we’ll never know ;-).

      Yea, I’d trust the links you posted about as far as I could vomit lead.


  • Michael Droy

    You should add New Knowledge to Integrity Initiative. An “independent consultancy” that produced a Russiagate IT report for (I think) the Senate, and then the President got caught providing smear material on the internet against a Republican in state elections.

  • Crispa

    Is the date relevant to this request for help on such an arcane matter? Like the Guardian’s announcement about a proposal for a Brexit Czar perhaps? but a piece on Mullergate will certainly be worth looking forward to.

  • PW

    This is all a bit technical for me.
    The question I’d like answered is why Craig’s explanation in late 2016 has been so successfully ignored by almost all media.
    The Clinton camp hates to be told that Bernie Sanders might have won but Hilary Clinton blocked his candidacy. Why everyone is everyone else ignoring this very simple explanation.
    Time for Craig to publish a “told you so” press notice?

  • TFS

    Don’t forget Russiagate started from a Dossier from the UK.

    That needs a Public Inquiry

    • Jack

      Steele dossier and also Luke Harding that pushed this BS from the start.
      Many people compare this to the Iraqi WMD hoax, and like the WMD, the propagandists keep telling you there was “collusion”/WMD.
      I am baffled there is no acknowledging by the media itself, stuff like this make the reader totally cynical, and they are the ones that have talked about the threat of fake news!

  • Jack

    Perhaps I am a bit slow but I am not sure what Craig means. Is it a map of how Integrity initiative leak has developed? The fundamentals of the Muellergate? I want to help but I am not sure I understand what the request is.

  • Dennis Revell

    I’ve decided that until I see Craig Murray’s final article that somehow relates to all this, that this is his idea of an April Fool’s joke.

    If so, well done, you “got” us!


  • Nicola

    Hi Craig,
    Depending what you are looking for, there is software e.g. mentionmapp (I used it about 8 years ago for a small project so don’t know now) gives maps from twitter but probably too basic.

  • Joris De Draeck

    This might help Craig… Pretty sure I saw a map posted by Max but so far failing to find it back [thanks to Google’s mainstream-biased algorithms!]. Will keep looking.

  • Alison Broinowski

    I look forward to the node map. If it was for II and IfS in Australian MSM, nothing would appear. But Russophobia is huge. Apart from the MSM role in propagating it, the Five Eyes governments clearly support the narrative. Why? The answer won’t emerge from a node map. But from the composition and objectives of groups like II and IfS on both sides of the Atlantic, it appears to be a frenetic effort to make the US and the UK ‘great again’ and undermine any competitor nation, blackening its reputation by accusing it of the very things they do themselves.

    • bj

      I do think the eventual aim to be a ‘surrender’ of what is known as Russia, to the Western-capitalist imperium. I.e. full access to its territory and its resources.

      China is the final foe.

  • Stonky

    Craig you appear to be drawing a blank here. Apart from Denis Revelll nobody seems to really understand what you’re looking for. Why not spread the request around a few more Alternative Media sites.? I’m sure there must be a techie out there who can help and will be happy to do so.

    • Dennis Revell


      Actually I suspect that ‘bj‘ may have more up to date and accurate knowledge than I do. I was struggling to remember a darned article I lost, which to this day I’m certain whose main concentration was on Internet traffic transmission times according to geographical locations, but as I lost the article (not any that bj referred to – it was very highly technical with few assumptions); but I was not happy with my recall, and bj (probably) rightly pointed out the small likelihood of inspection of every TCP/IP packet – so in a later post I hazarded what I admit was a guess – that “header” (kind of metalink) data from only the last packet that completes a message is retained and (sometimes) passed upward through to higher layers in a communications protocol “stack”.

      (The reason I’m pretty sure that the article emphasised transtit times and not file transfer times is because I do remember that the article said that Guccifer 2 could not even be located in Western Europe – let alone Russia – and such a ‘little’ detail would render data transfer times irrelevant to the main gist of the article.

      Well, my knowledge of something I used to be involved in is pretty old and more than sketchy, so to be honest, I can’t say I “really understand it” any more – protocols MUST have changed, and to be honest apart from ‘destination address’ (and usually source address information – though that invites spoofing) I can’t even remember what ‘metadata’ (sort of) gets transmitted. Still haven’t found the damned article; and I’ll know it when I see it. I wonder if it got nuked?

      In any case, I don’t know if anyone’s clear about just how this kind of information – ¿Relevant Nodal Intercommunication Frequencies, perhaps? – even if we knew precisely what the information is that Craig wants – would help in Craig’s eventual final goal of hammering in the final nail in the coffin of mainstream media impartiallity.


  • Dennis Revell

    – Anyway, until he denies it, I’m putting this down to Craig Murray’s idea of an April Fools’ joke.

    – If so, pretty good given the number of people scrathing their head over it, including me.

    Not as good mind you, though less obvious than the April Fools Joke that Mother Russia ran, oh, I dunno, a year or two ago. They changed their ansa-phone message to their Embassies – and I suspect let the ‘phones ring until the message system kicked in; something along the lines of (you have to imagine the Russian accent):

    “Welcome to the Russian Embassy Answering service,
    If you would like to apply for visa, press 1
    If you would like to enquire on the progress of visa application press 2

    If you are running for office and would like your opponent to receive calls from Kremlin, have Kredit Kard ready, and press 3”

    Sum’in like that (made it up except for the punchline which is more or less right).


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