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The day after I publish my article accusing the corporate media of being an active part of the conspiracy against Alex Salmond, and of giving disgracefully selective, slanted and biased coverage of the evidence of his trial, the Daily Record has decided to investigate my home and personal finances. Is not life full of little coincidences?

I received this email from the Daily Record’s political editor.

I replied to him politely. This was probably a mistake – I should have just told him where to go.

But I cannot get over the idea that this is absolutely illegitimate. It is a plain attempt to bully and harass me for having published the truth about what really lay behind the Alex Salmond case. Who put up the Daily Record up to launching an investigation into my personal circumstances? It is of course the paper to which was leaked the very detailed and most salacious of the false accusations against Salmond. Who trawled the land register to find my home purchase?

The key point is not one mainstream media journalist has even attempted to refute the facts of my article J’accuse. It is packed with facts. Might not the political editor of the Daily Record better spend his time researching the conspiracy against Alex Salmond, rather than threatening an independent journalist for the crime of doing journalism?

I greatly dislike bullies. I do hope you feel the same. Mr Hutcheon’s contact details are there. If any of you feel like phoning, texting or emailing Mr Hutcheon to suggest he might be better employed investigating the facts of my article about the Salmond fit-up, rather than pursuing a journalist, you would earn my eternal gratitude.

It goes without saying that this blog is free to read. I have always stated that I do not wish anybody to support my work if it costs them the slightest personal hardship. If anybody wishes to cancel their subscription because I am doing up a house to run as a b & b, I shall not be in the slightest upset.

UPDATE the Daily Record have now published their stunning investigative article, together with a large picture of my house. My wife and family are very upset by this.


What I am now waiting for is all these people to step in and condemn the publishing of my home and the subsequent risk to the security of my wife and family, with as much vigour as they today defended the privacy of the Edinburgh third house of the Head of MI6.

Tumbleweed rolls by.

With grateful thanks to those who donated or subscribed to make this reporting possible.

This article is entirely free to reproduce and publish, including in translation, and I very much hope people will do so actively. Truth shall set us free.


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280 thoughts on “Daily Record Investigates My Home and Finances

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  • Jim MacNicoll

    I wouldnt be too bothered re the comments from that rag,have you seen their circulation numbers,going down the drain and you can see why with “editors”like him.

  • Roy David

    Craig, take it as read that the decision to do a piece such as this absolutely confirms the thrust of your views on the Salmond case. You should write them a ‘thank you’ note for confirming your suspicions and those of many other observers of the darker aspects of the trial and its MSM coverage.

  • Mist001

    Would it be worth pursuing legal advice regarding the Daily Record article?

    It would be one thing if they’d published a picture of your house as street view amongst other houses, but to publish a specific photo of your house which makes it clearly identifiable may be actionable or at least, that’s my take on it.

    I’m sure you can think of things like privacy, safety and so on.

    Is the first 30 minute interview with a lawyer still free in Scotland?

    • Ken Kenn

      This is the same Daily Record that supported Kazia and all the Kazias in male form before her.

      And is the reason why The Labour party have precisely errr 0 MPs left in Scotland.

      The labour Rights Fiefdom used to stretch across hadrian’s wall down to Newcastle and Middlesborough.

      Milburn Mandelsohn etc etc.

      Apart from Mandelson the politicians that lost not a Constituency but a whole Nation mainly used to be on what is/was considered the Hard Left. Chancellor Darling and Milburn are standouts.

      A case of ” You train them – we buy them “

  • George Baxter

    This is disgusting. I will now subscribe to your blog because
    a/ you write so well and on subjects vitally important
    b/ just to help piss off the Daily Record

    So sorry you have to go through this.
    Dr George Baxter

  • Richard Swain

    If you do get your property up and running as a B&B let us know. We love Edinburgh and be honoured to have such a distinguished landlord.

  • Clark

    I have now seen the article at the Daily Record. It has nine links in it, five in the first section, but very weirdly, despite looking like citations for the various claims made, they all point at the same place, a Record article with the headline “Alex Salmond’s QC refers himself to legal watchdog after naming women accusers in ‘shock’ video”.

  • Jon

    Regarding the now published newspaper article, I would not let it bother you, Craig. It’s a standard “outrage” piece from an online paper trying to get a few more advert clicks. While pieces like theirs inadvertently support the status quo, I have a bit of sympathy for MSM journos – the suggestion that the UK security forces are tasked with undermining “enemies of the state” *is* entirely shocking. It *should* be shocking. So, it is not a wonder that some people can’t/won’t get their heads around it.

    Best wishes to you – sounds like you are getting a few more subscribers from this piece alone!

  • Kempe

    Run it as a B&B.

    I admire your courage. Anybody I’ve known who’s done that says what hard work it is and how it’s more a way of life than a job.

    You’re going to have to advertise it at some stage which will mean publishing the address and an image sooner or later. Why not thank the Record for the advance publicity? See how they react.

    • ramblingidiot

      I have to agree, a business boom is now assured with all this free publicity.

  • Kes Smith

    I think Mr Hutcheon is attacking you Craig becasue you are taking them down.

    By taking them down I mean that you are reporting what is going on, so consequently have fantastic readership numbers.

    By comparison, The Record is reporting nothing, engaging in personal attacks, and thus is failing.

    This goes beyond jealousy – their sales are collapsing becasue they won’t tell us what is going on, like you do Craig.

    Mr Hutcheon : give Craig a job, a column, and a free reign at your failing newpaper and circulation numbers will pick-up.

    Attack him and your circulation numbers will countinue to go south.

  • Alastair Stuart

    Hi Craig,

    Paul Hutcheon is now playing the victim card and whining that he is inundated with text messages and phone calls after his unsuccessful excrement hunt disclosed his phone number on a public website. His number is 07803 970293.

    The irony would be hilarious were it not for he fact Hutcheon has placed you and your family in harm’s way by publishing a photo of your home with incitement that may infract Public Order legislation.

    Craig, PLEASE consider reporting Hutcheon to Police Scotland? If they say not interested, report the police officer for NEGLECT OF DUTY.

    The very least this is, is within the aegis of a BREACH OF THE PEACE.

    It is surely about time we commence fending off the Coven Witches that conspired to pervert the course of justice and mopped up the reptiles such as Hutcheon.

    The sooner these people who break the law start realizing they too can be imprisoned, the sooner we will see the balance restored to decent society. Hutcheon would not be the first to face a custodial sentence…


    As for Hutcheon focusing in on you, I smell the same stench that Gordon Jackson QC referred to in the High Court.

    However, it might be this little slug is running out of money. He is well known as a lazy hack that relies heavily on low hanging fruit brought to him in terms of the Freedom of Information Act. Hutcheon moans and whines FOISA reply period has been increased from 20 days to 60 days. Shame for him, poor soul.

    Craig, I conclude with the best advice I can proffer and hardly news: bullies usually respond to force. Hutcheon + the false rape accusers + Nicola Sturgeon’s overpaid Scouse civil servant all require to be investigated by the police. They need to understand that the are NOT above the law. Every one of them are ELIGIBLE FOR FINE AND/OR IMPRISONMENT.

    A start can be made by reporting Hutcheon to Police Scotland. Going by that weasel’s Twitter account, you would have a lot of crowdfunding supporters for a contemporaneous civil action against him.

    One final thought, I BET your website hit rate goes up thanks to Hutcheon. That Amadan has shot himself in the foot (and seems to have depopulated Scotland of several dozen hedgehogs)

    Chin up and best wishes,


  • Dog biscuit

    Being an amateur historian I seem to recognise a Stasi harassment tactic being employed against yourself and Stewart Campbell so rather than the Scottish government acting like gangsters they and their tame media are more of a tin pot dictatorship I’m afraid. What the hell have we done? My best wishes to you and yours.

  • Mark Golding

    Interesting that all the link text (in red) displayed in the Daily Record Deficit that would normally relate to the link keyword all direct to another snide piece by Paul Hutcheon Political Editor, Daily Record attempting to weaken the acquittal and invoking the The Faculty of Advocates’ code of conduct https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/alex-salmonds-qc-refers-himself-21775122.

    It appears Craig has also opened the curtains wide on yet another malicious dice dealing tabloid newspaper.

    Bravo! Hat tip Craig.

  • David Llewellyn Smith

    Craig I have sent a reasonably polite email to P Hutcheon. I hope you take some legal advice about his blatant misreporting and his having published that photograph of your house. Keep up the good work!

    • Martinned

      If I may ask, how do you know there has been misreporting? There certainly isn’t anything in Craig’s post above that highlights anything about the article that is incorrect. The fact remains, Craig is just another rich conspiracy theorist who scams poor people out of their hard-earned savings, just like Farage and all those shouty Americans who make radio from their basements.

  • Doug Scorgie

    When things get back to “normal” my wife and I are looking forward to a break in Edinburgh. I assume a full Scottish breakfast will be on the menu.

  • brendan stebbings

    I love his take on us, the readers of your insightful articles/blogs/exposes…” Punters…’ Truly a badge of honour Craig, ‘Murray’s Punters..’ Love it! Hopefully my continued subscription will help to ‘Keep the wolf from the door’ Worth every penny! Stay safe, they have you in their x’hairs…

  • Martinned

    The key point is not one mainstream media journalist has even attempted to refute the facts of my article

    I notice that nothing in this blog post explains why you’re begging for money – even under this very post – while living in a massive mortgage-free house…

    • Mark Golding

      Glossed over facts again Martinned – “My mistake. I overlooked that bit” is no excuse for misunderstanding the finer points of Craig’s post.

    • bevin

      That really is cheap even by your, far from elevated standards.
      There is no begging here: Murray is requesting people to contribute to the funds needed to run the website and afford its staff the time to research and write stories. In other words he is a professional journalist.
      You, however are merely an insolent apologist for wealth and power. The fact that you earn your living, I believe, selling them legal advice is reminder that the legal profession has a very good claim to be as old as any other.

    • David Llewellyn Smith

      I see your reading skills are rudimentary, so in the spirit of charity I will help you a little. Here is what I wrote to P Hutcheon:

      Dear Mr. Hutcheon,
      I have just read your entirely misleading and careless article about Craig Murray. It is replete with the sort of untruths and misstatements that are usually associated with ‘Yellow Journalism’, some examples of which I bring to your attention:


      “A notorious blogger who is asking punters for donations bought a £600,000 gated mansion without needing a mortgage. ”

      ‘Notorious’ ? ‘Distinguished’ would be more appropriate, and after that unbiased opening the article only becomes worse. Craig Murray explained to you a) how he was able to buy the house outright, b) why did you not mention this in the article? c) As he explained in his reply to you, he only moved into the still only partially habitable house 8 months ago. Where do you believe he was living before then?


      “However, the 61-year-old is now asking readers for £100 a month to keep his “conspiracy” blog going.

      You must know this to be a misrepresentation, as you correct it later on in the article, and again in his reply to you he said the average donation was £3.12.


      “Murray was the UK ambassador for Uzbekistan between 2002 and 2004 before being removed from post after a fall out with the Foreign Office.”

      A rather disingenuous description of what really occurred. He was fitted up by Jack Straw among others for bringing attention to the fact that the British Security Services were happily accepting information known to have been obtained by torture.


      “As a blogger, he tried to dispute Russia’s involvement in the Salisbury poisonings and has written about Salmond’s acquittal on sexual offences charges.

      Murray has claimed “corrupt” institutions conspired against the former First Minister and insists the former First Minister’s female accusers lied.”

      a) The proof of Russia’s involvement in the Skripal poisoning is what, exactly? PM May’s word?

      b) Alex Salmond was found not guilty of all charges bar one, on which the verdict was not proven.

      This by a majority female jury sitting before a woman judge. Since he was acquitted, it is almost a certainty that some (or all) of the women lied (Woman H wasn’t even present at the occasion on which she said AS had tried to molest/rape her). As a journalist don’t you think investigating this would be more in the public interest than a third rate smear piece in your rag?

      I shall stop there as the article continues in this misleading fashion for far too long.

      You may be interested to know that the derogatory term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was introduced into the journalist lexicon by the CIA in the late 1960s to smear critics of the Warren Commission’s Report on the assassination of JFK, so you are wittingly or unwittingly using the tactics of the CIA to throw mud and silence discussion.

      Finally what on earth made you publish a picture of Ambassador Murray’s house? Wasn’t that a bit reckless, or have you no concern for his and his family’s safety?

      What an excellent example of ‘fake news’ you have produced. I am sure you are proud of yourself.

    • Kate

      You could, of course, try READING Craig’s blog. It’s all there. Ooohhh… you can READ, right?? Or have I assumed too much?? Ohhh… my bad. Oh dear. How sad. NEVER MIND.

  • terence callachan

    I think Paul Hutcheon has made a mistake showing where you live in the daily record.
    What is possible now is that people might go looking for his address and put it online for all to see as well and the problem with this kind of thing is that there are people in the world who will actually turn up at his address and cause trouble .
    This is why it’s stupid to do what he has done and why your family are angry.
    Of course if anything does happen he could be in serious trouble with the law.
    What foolish behaviour

  • Billy Bones

    A few weeks ago, I stopped my princely £2 per month to Angus Robertson’s (Glacial) Progress Scotland, a ‘soft Independence’ tar-pit.

    I am not at all surprised at Robertson’s robust, even fawning, defence of the British deep-state MI5, a principal player in the UK’s obstruction to Scotland’s independence.

    I sincerely hope Ms Cherry boots this ardent British State defender into the long grass.

    Anyone in the SNP who defends MI5 must be regarded with deep suspicion and alarm.

    So, galvanised as I am by Paul Hutcheon, I’m subscribing, as of tonight, the princely sum of £4 to Craig’s ‘notorious’ blog. Yes! £4! To hell with poverty! Throw another pea in the pot!

    Wings is ‘controversial’. ‘Notorious’ sounds far more exciting! You bad boy, you. And how very dare you buy a house you can afford and with your own money! The absolute nerve! There should be a law against people being able to buy a house without a mortgage! Lock him up. Lock up anyone who owns their own house outright and has the nerve to continue to earn yet more money! How very, very dare they.

    Piss off, Paul Hutcheon. Come back and then piss off, again. Then come back, and piss the piss right off, again, you utter piss-stain. Your article makes me cringe in embarrassment for you.

    • Billy Bones

      £5 per month Craig and worth every penny. I also look forward to staying at your B&B in the future. It looks amazing! You notorious blogger, you.

  • Jm

    Keep going Martinned,

    With each post you reveal yourself as a bought and paid for troll operating at exactly the same gutter level of drivel as Hutcheon and The Daily Falling Circulations.

  • Gerry Mohan

    The Daily Record article is a typical ‘ad hominem’ attack, used when the attacker has no argument, or has run out of them, with the aim of changing the subject, in this case from the trial of Alex Salmond to Craig’s finances. The Daily Record employing the desperate measures of a loser.

  • Gary Scott

    Yes, you’re right, they didn’t let any of the facts get in the way of their story. I’ve just read it and what facts ARE contained in it are neither new nor even ‘facts’ This is simply a hatchet job in revenge for your article criticising their lack of ability in reporting Salmond’s trial with anything approaching balance and honesty.

    We have to rid ourselves of this idea that this country has a ‘free and fair press’ it has neither. It simply regurgitates what the state wishes of it and nothing more. Even ‘The National’ failed to report on the Salmond case properly…

    • Cubby

      Gary Scott

      The excuse given by some is The National could not afford to send staff to the court. My question would be why then choose to re print the crap that ultra Britnats like Alex Bell produced. They could have taken info from Craig Murray or Grousebeater or James Doleman.

      Poor show by The National.

  • A name for this

    “Labour MSP Neil Findlay” didn’t hesitate to add a “Nationalist extremist” quote.

  • nevermind

    This will only increase the amount of £2,- subscriptions as the Daily Record has basically publicised your website all over Scotland.

    They have basically perverted the cause of justice, the way they portrait the trial to the public, and are now thrashing about.
    By having a Glasgi chap in charge of MI trouble makers, who can fagg any hoodlum and scum in his home town, we should really consider calling the newspaper ‘ Scaby Scumsquat’
    INDEPENDENCE NOW! Comprende? No pasaran…

  • Jm

    I know you probably know this already Craig but these scumbags in the gutter press have form for phone tapping etc.

    Dont give em anything.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Jm April 1, 2020 at 00:07
      And as Craig is aware, but everyone else should be as well, phones can be microphones while on the hook, or when switched off, both landlines and mobiles. Some computers and TV’s are also ‘dodgy’, operating as covert microphones and even cameras.

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