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This blog remains, as far as I am aware, blocked in Russia. (Am receiving messages it is not currently blocked, at least on several major ISPs, which is good news). It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only western political blog of wide readership which advocates stripping Russia of all the colonial possessions it obtained contemporaneously with, indeed in competition with, the growth of the British Empire. That a blog which champions Independence for, inter alia, Dagestan, Chechnya and Tatarstan, and which says Crimea should be given back to the Tatars, is condemned by the political Establishment as pro-Kremlin is, on the face of it, paradoxical.

The reason for it is, of course, that this blog also views Russia’s opposition to neo-con Western militarily enforced hegemony throughout the Middle East and developing world, as an essential though inadequate counter-balance. It also combats the rampant Russophobia of our media and political class, and the widespread, deliberate whipping up of hatred against a great culture and people, central to our European heritage. That involves exposing propaganda lies like Salisbury and Douma. The Establishment really do hate that. As neither Salisbury nor Douma, nor much else in the Western narrative, stands up to even a little intellectual scrutiny, the media and Establishment seek to demonise this blog as in some sense a Russian agency. The amusing thing is, of course, that neither this blog nor its author has ever received a penny from any Russian source, while the Establishment rolls around in oligarch cash.

There was an amusing new twist this week where the Times newspaper claimed that Russian trolls were behind the “attacks” on Nicola Sturgeon, otherwise known as telling the truth about Nicola Sturgeon’s actions. Why the Times, and most of the unionist media Establishment especially the BBC, has been so very keen to defend Nicola Sturgeon and under-report the evidence against her (and continue to make wild accusations against Alex Salmond) would be an interesting digression. Suffice it to say, that after five years with a pro-Independence majority at Holyrood, after Brexit, and with a clear mandate for a referendum on Independence, Nicola has not called one.

One of the Integrity Initiative’s on-call Russophobes, David Leask, wrote in the Times:

Mainstream Scottish nationalists have long suspected pro-Kremlin social media of targeting the first minister, particularly since her criticism of the Salisbury attacks in 2018.
However, analysts have rarely been able to draw a significant direct line between so-called troll factories and tweets aimed at Sturgeon and her party.
New data published by Twitter on hundreds of Kremlin or Iranian accounts removed for attempting to “manipulate the platform” show some activity with a Scottish flavour.
About two dozen accounts linked to the authoritarian governments tweeted or retweeted pro-independence or other Scottish messaging and have been banned.
Two accounts Twitter linked to the Iranians, each with many thousands of followers, have repeatedly retweeted Craig Murray, a blogger and former ambassador to Uzbekistan, who is one of Sturgeon’s most ferocious critics. There is no suggestion Murray, who has a substantial online presence, was aware of or sought such support.

So there we have it. It is the Russians targeting Nicola, because my 90,000 twitter followers included 2 “linked to” Iran, who retweeted some of my tweets.

Which twitter accounts were these? Which tweets did they retweet? We don’t know. One of Sturgeon’s acolytes tweeted the “evidence” for this, which was a link to a twitter statement on its website on the suspension of Russian-linked accounts. That gave a link to what it claimed as “evidence”, but that was simply a cache of 1.5 Gb worth of tweets, very many thousands of them, with no explanation as to why they were said to be Russian linked. How the “Iranian-linked” tweets involving me were pulled out of this enormous cache – and why – is a very interesting question. [I can’t actually rediscover the tweet or the report page on twitter with its unevidenced assertions. If anybody can, please post it in comments below]

The Times report is an entirely evidence-free zone, but its principal complaint appears to be that “Kremlin-linked” accounts have been tweeting material under the hashtag #dissolvetheunion. It then gives this quote:

Joanna Szostek, who teaches political communication at the University of Glasgow, described it as the latest move in a game of “whack-a-mole . . . It’s interesting that a few of these accounts are also pushing #dissolvetheunion tweets. Anything that weakens a major Nato member would presumably look good from Russia’s point of view.”

But the longest bit of the article, its substance, is the quote from the SNP’s own uber-Russophobe Stewart MacDonald who gives a disquisition on how terrible it is that the evil Russians should – advocate for Scottish Independence. MacDonald, who carries a British Army issued visitor ID in his wallet and has snaps of himself in combat fatigues observing British Army exercises, both of which he has been known to show hopefully to impressionable young people, is far better known for his enthusiasm for NATO, Israel and the corrupt government of Ukraine than he is for Scottish Independence. I suspect deep down he fantasises about going to war against the Russians with the British Army. Why he is in the SNP, nobody knows. Why anybody thinks that Russia advocating for Scotland’s Independence would make Russia Scotland’s enemy, is quite beyond me.

There is an extremely bad history of misidentification of Russian trolls by the right wing loons paid to undertake such work, particularly Leask’s old comrade-in-arms Ben Nimmo, who famously outed Ian the Russian Bot. This ought to be the most famous video of all time and be played weekly in schools to vaccinate children against government propaganda.

Unfortunately, very many governments do actively sponsor social media and mainstream media disinformation. The Integrity Initiative was one major such secret black propaganda operation, linked to the Salisbury event among other things, and it is hilarious in a dark sort of way that journalists like Leask, who took the Integrity Initiative’s shilling, get upset at alleged Russian initatives which are essentially the same thing.

Almost entirely unreported in the British media was last week’s revelation by The Grayzone of a new FCO covert propaganda operation involving (and funding) Bellingcat, the BBC and Reuters Thomson.

The UK FCO projects were carried out covertly, and in partnership with purportedly independent, high-profile online media outfits including Bellingcat, Meduza, and the Pussy Riot-founded Mediazona. Bellingcat’s participation apparently included a UK FCO intervention in North Macedonia’s 2019 elections on behalf of the pro-NATO candidate.

The intelligence contractors that oversaw that operation, the Zinc Network, boasted of establishing “a network of YouTubers in Russia and Central Asia” while “supporting participants [to] make and receive international payments without being registered as external sources of funding.” The firm also touted its ability to “activate a range of content” to support anti-government protests inside Russia.

The new documents provide critical background on the role of NATO member states like the UK in influencing the color revolution-style protests waged in Belarus in 2020, and raise unsettling questions about the intrigue and unrest surrounding jailed Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

Twitter not only suppressed dissemination of this information, it put a warning on those tweets it did allow into selected timelines, that information came from hacked material. It has never done that to the pro-Western outpourings of Bellingcat. But my profound congratulations to our friends at Anonymous for bringing more of this murk to light.

You might like to compare this document from an FCO-funded contractor, with Stewart MacDonald’s horror that Russia should allegedly sponsor a few tweets favouring Scottish Independence:

Or this from another FCO-funded contractor:

The FCO role in Belsat, the entirely NATO member funded “Belarussian” TV channel based in Poland, is also of great current interest,

Do read through the Grayzone article, which is excellent. Remember this: when it comes to every form of devious behaviour, it is the British state which wrote the book.


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580 thoughts on “Mote in Your Own Eye

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  • Ker Garoosky

    “This blog remains, as far as I am aware, blocked in Russia. (Am receiving messages it is not currently blocked, at least on several major ISPs, which is good news).”

    I have just tested this hypothesis using tor with an exit node set in Russsia (Mockba unsurprisingly). The blog is perfectly accessible.

    Tor entry and exit nodes can be forced to any countries of interest so claims of X is blocked in country Y can checked fairly easily.

    • Ken Garoosky

      That comment was from an exit node in the UK, and this is from an exit node in Russia.

      • bevin

        Craig must know that the blog is accessible in Russia, if only from the regular postings by Russians. I’m bound to think that he is happy to perpetuate the myth that the blog is blocked in order to burnish his anti-Putin, moderate credentials. The sad truth is that every instance of anti-Russian propaganda, including going along with HMG’s dishonest assertions of a Putin dictatorship only contributes to the incredibly dangerous build up of public opinion behind sanctions and, in the end, military provocations.

  • Crispa

    Not passing judgment but does the motes and beams story fit NS’s performance today?

    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye;
    and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    Also does not after her claiming not to know to this day who all the complainants are / were suggest that no-one else could either and squash the idea that there could be any contempt of court?

  • doug scorgie

    This information is news to me. Does anyone know anything further?

    *”Lawyers demand Labour explain hiring of Israeli spy”

    *”A leading British human rights law firm has written to Labour demanding answers on the party’s hiring of a former Israeli spy.”
    “Jamie Potter from Bindmans announced on Tuesday that the firm was acting on behalf of Adnan Hmidan, a British Palestinian Labour member.
    “In January, The Electronic Intifada exclusively revealed that the Labour Party had hired Assaf Kaplan to help run its social media operation.
    “The position Kaplan was hired to fill is based in the office of party leader Keir Starmer, putting him in close proximity to Labour’s highest officials.
    “Kaplan has admitted online to being a “veteran” of Unit 8200, the Israeli military’s cyberwarfare division.
    “Unit 8200 is directly implicated in the killings of Palestinians, as well as mass surveilliance, blackmail and harassment targeting the entire Palestinian population living under Israeli occupation.
    “A Labour job description stated that Kaplan would now be responsible for “social listening” – monitoring members’ social media.”

    • Goose

      It’s both odd and sinister.

      Odd in that where are MI5/6 in all this, allowing a intel expert from a foreign state close proximity to potentially sensitive information Starmer is privy to as leader of HM’s opposition? The leader of the opposition is sometimes invited to MoD briefings etc. There’d have been one helluva outcry had Corbyn hired someone with this guy’s past and expertise. And sinister, in that who’d want to be a member of a party that scours social media looking for reasons to justify your expulsion if you’re believed to on the Corbyn-sympathetic left?

      Unless, Starmer’s hired him just to secure his home network and devices, fearful of being hacked by Anonymous maybe?

      • intp1

        Really, why not give over running of our political system for others to subvert ? Like the Americans.
        What’s the harm?
        I’m sure it suits some, including Tom Welsh.

  • DunGroanin

    A quick aside on the first post BrexShit budget that most of the population has been put through 10 years of austerity hell to get to, just for one thing.

    *‘However, the zones can stretch as far as 25 miles (40km) and link other areas in new designated “tax sites”.’

    Says the Guardian, as will the rest of the MSM, blowing a lot of smoke up our collective fundament, about all the supposed great things about the illicit Freeport’s for these poor regions who can ‘fabricate and export’ raw materials tax free !

    I just did a ‘as the crow flies’ distance between London Gateway and the City of London, overflying all the manufacturing populations and factories.

    It is exactly 25 Miles.

  • giyane

    Wow! If synchronised lying was an Olympic sport, I think I’ve seen two potential gold medallists today.

    • giyane

      As the show’s most famous characters, N.S. and J.W. have been central to many of the series’ biggest storylines. They are depicted as a covetous, egocentric, manipulative and amoral oil barons with psychopathic tendencies, who are constantly plotting subterfuges to plunder their foes’ wealth.

      In the PBS series Pioneers of Television, Hagman claimed the character of J.R. began its development when he played a similar character in the film Stardust, and that he was also inspired by a mean boss he once had.The focus of the series was initially the feuding families, with J.R. just a supporting character, but his popularity grew and the producers acknowledged he became the breakout character. Two highly rated 1980 episodes became part of a cultural phenomenon that year known as “Who shot J.R.?

    • Tom Welsh

      Actually, you have something there. You could really define politics as the art of synchronised lying.

  • Jack McArthur

    Is it true that Craig is now recommending people vote for the current SNP regime? If he truly thinks he made a mistake and Sturgeon is now to be believed then that is honourable even if he be mistaken in that belief for his undoubted courage in defending the truth as he sees it is admirable and he has suffered through defending it now in the past however, please tell us that this claimed support is not the politics of idolatory i.e. independence at all costs no matter if the country ends up an ethical wasteland like Westminster.

    • Goose

      Even Alex Salmond doesn’t want her to go 8 weeks out from critical elections. The BBC had to issue a correction for claiming he did want her out. It’s called pragmatism, I’d imagine watching the hypocritical unionist media swarm all over this, purely in a desire to dash inde hopes has brought home the stark political realities.

      And no, an independent Scotland won’t end up like Westminster. for starters it’ll use proportional representation, and new parties can and will emerge post-inde. UK parties’ Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems will disappear, along with the politicians associated with them if they’ve opposed independence, and new politicians will take their place, Craig might even be one. Exciting stuff.

      • N_

        Alec Salmond like everyone else on this planet doesn’t get to choose the conditions in which he makes decisions. I am expecting the sh*t-fight to continue, and for it not to be plain sailing for the SNP administration between now and the election, but we shall see. It is possible though probably unlikely that those with influence in London actually want Scottish independence. Not because they give a sh*t about the long term (remember what John Maynard Keynes said), but because they can grab lots of money in the short term. I offer this as a hypothesis only. Maybe only 10% probability but we shall see.

        Comparing “an independent Scotland” with “Westminster” suggests you need to sort your concepts out.

        But here is the big bit

        And no, an independent Scotland won’t end up like Westminster. for starters it’ll use proportional representation, and new parties can and will emerge post-inde. UK parties’ Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems will disappear, along with the politicians associated with them if they’ve opposed independence, and new politicians will take their place, Craig might even be one. Exciting stuff.” (Emphasis added.)

        So you want to “disappear” the Scottish politicians who lead the Scottish political parties that are currently the SNP’s main rivals. Or at least those among them who don’t come across and support the SNP’s drive for independence prior to a referendum. That’s what you just wrote. That’s fascism.

        As for promising “proportional representation”, that’s just saying let us walk all over you, don’t worry, we’ll change our army boots for plimsolls once you’ve submitted. The SNP has no intention of handing over control to other parties in the event that it wins an independence referendum.

        • N_

          George Galloway is completely right in the attitude he is taking. I suspect he easily has enough political education to know that what he is calling for is an anti-fascist popular front. Personally I am beyond all the “nicey” talk and I will call it precisely that.

          As I have said before, a popular front is not always the best policy and there have been times when it has been a disastrous policy. (One need only mention the Spanish civil war.) But in this current time right now in Scotland when people like “Goose” are openly envisaging the disappearance of opponents of the SNP (which would include for example Galloway), as they imagine some kind of massive great Kristallnacht after the Nation Rises Again, a popular front certainly is the correct line to take. NO PASARAN.

          The point is whether the fascists are going to be allowed to rise and take over even more than the local state bodies that they have already taken over, or whether they are going to become losers drinking in some loser bar somewhere “reminiscing” about the fascist dictatorship that in their view would have put the world to rights but which didn’t actually get off the ground because some guy dressed as a Pict caught his spear in some other re-enactment guy’s tights, that memorable night outside Edinburgh Castle when we all ended up in the back of a police van, and then we shouted “Freedom” when the judge asked us how we pleaded, etc. etc. yawn blah yawn. Let’s hope that’s the SNP’s future, because if it isn’t then watch out.

          • Goose

            George Galloway’s position on independence nonsensical given his strong denunciations of Westminster; its political class; his contempt for the immovable (under FPTP) ‘big two’ parties, “two cheeks of the same arse”, to use his words.

            He’s probably best known for being infuriated by UK foreign policy and military interventions; our subservience to the US. His RT show Sputnik: Orbiting the world with George Galloway concentrates on this topic. And yet, he wants to remain in this union which has brought him so much shame and misery? Why should anyone take him seriously?

          • Jeff

            Nya nya nya now he’s siding with George Galloway…GEORGE GALLOWAY! Hilarious.

            And the SNP’s opposition at Holyrood are not Scottish parties, they are London-based parties desperate to keep Scotland in your poxy ‘union’ at any cost.

          • Squeeth

            I fear that your post is allowing people to get in touch with their inner fascist. If anyone votes Snat under these circumstances, they will get what they deserve but their children won’t.

        • Goose

          You’re right, I should’ve put Holyrood vis-à-vis Westminster.

          And no, I don’t want anyone to ‘disappear’, I’m just being realistic about the political prospects for those Scottish politicians who oppose independence, if independence comes about. And it seems inevitable the parties associated with the UK(Con, Lab,LD) will disband. That creates a gap in the market which could be filled by new genuine challengers to the SNP, parties without the historical baggage of those unionist parties. At the moment the SNP is maintaining its high support because its ‘the only vehicle’ for independence. Post independence, few will feel the need to cling as tight to the SNP.

          • Observer

            Yes, there’s a big difference between predicting a political party will “disappear”, and wanting your political opponents to be “disappeared”.

            Perhaps your interlocutor “Marxist” assumes they’re the same because that’s what would happen to all the “fascists” if he got into power.

            Amazing how similar “fascists” and “marxists” are when you get down to it.

    • james

      sounds straight from integrity initiative, or is it bellingcrap?? one or the other..

      • Goose

        Why so?

        The point is there’s no point obsessing over Sturgeon’s removal when there’s an ‘on record’ commitment to hold a referendum ‘early in the next parliament’. The majority of MSPs want it and the membership certainly do. The alternative is either not voting or voting for a unionist party and never knowing whether a referendum and independence would’ve happened. In terms of self-sabotage that second option would be far worse.

        • Wikikettle

          My country right or wrong. My SNP right or wrong. This is not the sound foundation. I strongly advise Craig not to be pulled into politics. Its a dirty place, beneath him.

          • Wikikettle

            NS has decided to brazen it out and its up to the Scottish people to decide. I only want the best for them and the best for Craig.

          • Squeeth

            Quite so, getting rid of a corrupt partei leader matters more than a hypothetical vote to remain in NATO and the EU.

        • Garry W Gibbs

          Can somebody please tell me why Scotland would be better off outside the Union?
          They want to keep the pound and, presumably, HM the Queen yet they want to be in the European Union without agreeing to the Euro and appear to be unable to meet almost any of the requirements needed to join the EU, they cannot print their own money and do not have a central bank.
          Is this a rational and sensible wish which will help people to a better life?

          • giyane

            Garry W Gibbs

            Could it possibly be something about British politics which it isn’t quite british to discuss in front of the family, the little question of the North West Frontier, the arms sales to the Saudis to kill Yemenis, the “””” internationally recognised “””” leader of Libya from the nest of spies in London who got in by bribery and corruption maybe? The waste of good gun metal on throwing statues of African slave-owners into the harbour? And the recidivist nature of the failed Empire series , marks 1, 2 and maybe 3?

          • Tom Welsh

            I agree, Garry – and I think I have a right to an opinion, as I am Scottish as it gets. (Although I have been informed by readers of mr Murray’s blog that I am not Scottish as I currently live in England).

            My family have always thought of themselves as Scottish and British. We used to joke about the Scottish Empire – and it would be a rash Scot who tries to wriggle out of all responsibility for imperial atrocities.

            My Dad (born in Giffnock) used to tell one of his pawky stories about a Scots businessman who goes down to London for a week of meetings with wheelers, dealers, movers and shakers. When he gets back he dives with some relief into his favourite bar and is sipping a wee dram when his friends come along.

            “Tell us, Jock,” says one, “And how did ye find the English?”

            Long pause. Eventually…

            “Ah dinna ken. Ah didna meet ony”.

          • Marmite

            I know Americans who have permanently left the USA because they cannot stand what the country stands for. I also know Americans who criticise them, calling them escapists, saying that they ought to have stayed and helped the decent kin that are left, and fought from within rather than futilely trying to wash their hands of the blood.

            I don’t think there is any easy answer to the Scottish question either. I can see both sides of the argument, but generally sympathise with those who want to establish their own intentional community outside the poorly imagined and very sick one that is Great Britain. I therefore wish the Scottish Independence movement every success. I also dream of a united Ireland and separated Wales and North, because the more pressure on Westminster, the better chance England has of becoming less of a force for evil in the world.

          • Observer

            From what I can determine, the majority of Soots want (even) more government intervention in their lives, and believe they can get that if they leave the UK.

            I’m sure many of them also want “out” of the UK’s warmongering, but then: so do a lot of English, Welsh and Irish too.

            Polities coalesce into larger ones, then split up when they discover the larger polity is even more corrupt than the old smaller ones and staying within it loses popular support. It’s a cycle. We appear to be entering the “fragmenting into smaller pieces” part of history.

          • DunGroanin

            You ask good questions. Allow me to point you to the answers.

            There has been a Bank of Scotland for quite some time now, as there is a BoE, you will know.

            There is also Scottish Pounds. A country can choose what ever suits it.
            Though a truly National Bank (not privately owned or manned.) is what would be needed.

            That alone would upset a few of the Originals.

            Talking of which, why retain a monarchy?

            Why let that imperialist Crown retain all the Cleared Lands, Estates and Natural Resources?

            What is it about subjugation and being exploited for ever more, that many people seem to love?

            It’s almost as if they have been bred, selected, for these soft headed sucker traits – like so many Aberdeen Anguses – to forever be the minions and grouse beaters and Whisky makers and Bru guzzlers for these Old uns.

            Time to raise that slave mental head and look the Owner and Masters in the eye and destroy their hold upon your future generations as they have had on your forefathers.

            Or carry on obeying them as a good slave, hoping to be a House slave, or a rewarded one.

            That answer your questions?

          • Stewart

            @Dungroanin 11:39

            The “Bank of Scotland” is a regular commercial clearing bank, It is not the Central Bank of Scotland. That would be the …er Bank of England.

          • DunGroanin

            Talk of motes in the eye!

            ‘ Bank of Scotland was founded by an Act of the Scottish Parliament on 17th July 1695. It is Scotland’s first and oldest bank, and post-dates the Bank of England by just one year. The Bank was set up primarily to develop Scotland’s trade, mainly with England and the Low Countries.’

            And you didn’t even mention the Scottish Pound.

    • BrianFujisan

      I Agree with Paul K – Wee Ginger Dug –

      *..” There’s an election coming which will decide whether there’s enough support for an independence referendum. That’s it, that’s all anyone who supports independence needs to know. Do you want another independence referendum and the opportunity to escape this dysfunctional and increasingly right wing inward looking and insular British nationalist state, or don’t you? If you are an independence supporter then Nothing else matters, or at least nothing else should matter…”

      Hardly Rocket Science ..

      Full WGD piece @

        • Observer

          It’s ironic when supporters of Scottish NATIONALISM decry UK’s (supposedly) right-wing politics.

          Isn’t Nationalism right-wing?

          • Giyane


            Brexit proves that Nationalism is not right wing. But right wing can be nationalist.
            A Jeremy Corbyn Brexit would have left all the benefits of membership of the EU, such as free movement if goods and people , and sensible policies on human rights, in place. While excruciating us from Napoleonic fantasies of France and others under the guise of Federalism.

            The right wing were shoe horned back into power by Nick Clegg in 2010 , and by Peter Lilley in 2019.
            Absolutely nothing to do with popular opinion imho.
            There is a word for it, rotten boroughs, but the Brits don’t care if the clock is forced back two centuries, breaking its delicate electoral mechanism.

    • giyane

      Jack McArthur

      It’s fine to move on , now that the whole world has seen James Wolffe and Nicola Sturgeon lying through their teeth. The problem is that nobody will believe for her now that everybody knows she’s accused Salmond of wanting her to suppress the accusations against him, accused the jury of being wrong, accused Craig of prejudicing a fair trial by his parody of Yes Minister, defended the Lord Advocate’s lying and incompetence, defended the devolution mechanism of scuppering Scottish government by politicising the role of Lord Advocate, defended the lies of the Salmond’s accusers, and continued to do so right up and until 2 months before the May election like a demented dog.

      Stubborn cow. She will never resign as First Minister , busted flush. Is Craig supposed to go in now as maintenance man, put his hand round the bend and get a doctorate in toilet maintenance?
      Yes! Craig Murray MERDE Master of Emergency Repository Dung Extraction. No job too big or small.
      Free quotes. Generous Discounts for LGBT and OAPs.

        • giyane


          He’s used to it. Baby size wet wipes for lovely little Oscar : jumbo size ones for Scottish Indy.
          What a hero Craig has proved to be!

      • Tom Welsh

        “She will never resign as First Minister…”

        Indeed. Politicians, like professional criminals, know never to confess and never to admit anything they don’t have to.

    • N_

      If you ask an SNP member why they want independence you won’t get an answer that is both sane and truthful. Many of them don’t even know what “independence” is. They wouldn’t be able to hold a grown-up conversation about it. They know they want a bigger budget though.

      Remember they have run the devolved administration since 2007.

      They make no distinction between Partei and Volk. And if anyone thinks I’m exaggerating, please listen to the way they use the word “we”. Listen to an SNP politician working their prey. They use the word “we” to mean both the party and the “people”.

      Those Scots who stand in the way of the party are viewed as willing or unwilling agents of foreign interests, either traitors or fools. Hence the widespread non-public use in SNP circles of the term “branch office” to describe the other Scottish political parties. They believe and encourage others to believe that the Scottish Labour Party, the Scottish Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party are all totally under the thumb of English people based in “London”, a city that is viewed as some kind of pit of perfidy stirred together with racial intermixing. Deep down of course the SNP scum know they are parasites on the Scottish people. The Scottish people are simply viewed as an irritating mass they want to manipulate to their own ends. They’d hand out free glue to sniff on the estates of Glasgow and Dundee if it meant they’d get more votes.

      A person who considers themselves “leftwing” who supports the SNP would support the National Rally (formerly the National Front) in France right now, and they’d support one of the far-right “movements” in Italy too, such as the Five Star Movement or La Lega. In 1930s Germany they would have been a Strasserite.

      What is clear now is that not only do SNP types not distinguish between Partei and Volk, but Nicola Sturgeon – and the crowd associated with this exceptionally annoying liar who any decent person wants to see get her comeuppance – make no distinction between Party and State. You can see that from the way they were basically using a state court as a party court.

      The big question is whether the SNP’s electoral effort falls apart by May. At the moment it doesn’t look as though it’s doing so, but the night is young.

      I offer this as a hypothesis only, but what if those with influence in the British state actually assist the SNP to a victory in May? I’m not sure that’s likely, but it’s possible. The key thing is that profits are not only made from continuous economic growth. Big profits are also made in times of contraction and indeed in times of “catastrophe”.

      It will be interesting to see whether Salmond jumps ship. The laws of strategy seem to suggest that his opponents in the SNP need to destroy him and they aren’t seeming able to do so.

      Imagine if the SNP win the election with a majority of seats and votes. I doubt they would hang around for a year or two producing some toilet roll of a document as they did last time. (The document was called “Scotland’s Future” – summary: “We know we love the monarchy and NATO, but don’t ask us about a currency, or even the Financial Services Compensation Scheme”.)

      Voting for something that you don’t know what it is, but you just know you hate people of a different ethnic group from your own, is f***ing stupid. It makes people wonder about the merits of an introducing an intelligence criterion in the franchise.

    • DaveyTee

      That appears to be the case and of course he’s absolutely right. Craig wants Independence as soon as possible.and is man enough to realise that in spite of all he has been through voting SNP is the only realistic way to get independence. I remember canvassing before the 2014 referendum and being dismayed by the number of people who said thay wouldn’t vote Yes because they didn’t like Alex Salmond. I remember thinking then how petty and small minded that was to put personal prejudices and dislikes above the main picture. That’s still the case today. Are you going to put your personal dislikes of NS or whoever above Independence, particularly when we now have a real chance of grasping it? I truly hope not.

      • vin_ot

        Had she succeeded in having him locked up on bogus charges she would now be even more admired by true independence supporters.

  • Mary

    Watch out for this state operative tonight on Sky. The Salisbury and the Skripals case is being regurgitated.

    ‘Into The Grey Zone: MI5 boosts protection from Russia but can’t guarantee another Salisbury-style attack won’t happen
    The latest Into The Grey Zone podcast is the first time anyone involved in MI5 counter intelligence has agreed to an interview.’

    Deborah Haynes
    Foreign affairs editor @haynesdeborah ‘

    • Tom Welsh

      “MI5 boosts protection from Russia…”

      Ah yes. Just as the vaccine boosts protection from The Virus. (Without, you understand, any guarantees that it stops you getting infected, getting ill, or passing the virus on to others).

      What a great deal. Who else could have done such a good job?

    • Tom Welsh

      It took me far too long to realise that all the “Novichok” nonsense has the main purpose of distracting people’s attention from the fact that Russia finished destroying all its chemical weapons in 2017 (as certified by OPCW). Whereas the USA has failed to meet its solemn commitment to do likewise (it has only a few thousand tons left); and HMG has not said a single word.

      I think the mere fact that Porton Down is still busily in operation speaks for itself. They are, of course, just taking steps to protect us against the chemical weapons those dastradly Russians don’t have any more.

      Nothing to see here. Look, a shiny Navalny scandal!

      • Penguin

        According to our tame Russian, “Novichok” is what they call any new boy joining your work. It’s a basically meaningless term with no actual connection to chemical warfare of any kind.

        He also thinks that our Yuri is a traitor to Mother Russia who deserves extremely unpleasant things happening to him. Not just being the victim of a fake chemical attack and being officially disappeared.

        • Observer

          “Our” Yuri – as you put it – really does appear to be “our” Yuri.

    • Goose

      Imagine the conversation in these agencies trying to justify the monitoring of ordinary citizens who’ve simply expressed their own opinion…

      : Does Russia have a guiding ideology these days?

      : Er no, not as far as I can tell…hmm?

      : Well, we can say they’re sowing division then, yeah, that’ll do, sowing division, using social media and Russian-linked bots.

      : But societal dissent and division has always existed, certainly pre-internet, as have independence movements. Some of the biggest protest movements were in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and you may recall poll tax riots in the early 1990s. No internet back then instigating any of it. It’s not a new phenomenon it’s natural, organic, protest doesn’t need some ‘guiding hand’ in the Kremlin.

      : Er…, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. It’s social media and the internet causing it!

      • Observer

        I doubt “Russia” (as a proper noun) has a guiding ideology, but its leaders can see the encroachment of NATO, and can read the White Papers discussing how best to nuke (or at very least dismember) it. So the Kremlin (the politicians residing there rather than the proper noun) are doing their best to undermine every country in NATO in turn, because if they don’t, they have a good chance of seeing their kleptocracy end, or at least become smaller. Civil war isn’t impossible, either, and that’s bad for their place in life.

        The irony is that most Western citizen’s interests are more aligned with Putin’s than they are with their “own” leaders in this regard. What profits the average Glaswegian to see Libya, Iraq and Syria turned into failed states and floods of traumatised non-English-speaking refugees enter his country?

        • Goose

          I was mocking how they keep telling us Russia is seeking to divide us … We have an adversarial political system that encourages confrontation and Sir Mark Carleton-Smith claims its Russia that’s trying to divide us?

          Division is built into our system. If he and others want to limit division in society start by campaigning for a more consensus based political system, like those in other countries, built on proportionate voting systems. Any plurality voting system that allows a favoured minority(Tories) to dominate in perpetuity is going to cause division.

      • Piotr+Berman

        Before the Internet, I have seen a cartoon with Secretary of State, Haig, lamenting “In El Salvador, the campesinos were happy cutting sugar cane and singing duda-duda until those outside agitors came in”, with a massacres (check El Mozote, Maryknoll Sister + El Salvador) in the background.

        So we have themes

        imperial population is docile and trusting in its natural state

        control of information is essential in maintaining this natural state

        outsiders, witches etc. should be rooted out, as they harm those good works

  • Wally Jumblatt

    Nicola Sturgeon: “the people will judge me”
    Craig Murray: “Vote SNP”

    I think you need to play a longer game, CM. The most important step is to clean out the Sturgeon Murrell Stables. You cant remove them if they win, she is insufferable enough already.

    • DunGroanin

      Nicola is bath water.
      Independence is the baby.
      SNP is the bath tub.

      Think carefully before answering. What do you throw out?

      • Shatnersrug

        I think sitting this one out would be wiser than voting SNP this time. If the SNP win another large majority (probably will) then you’re not really endorsing indie are you, because you’ll have sturgeons fake indie. I’d late them take a hit, they’re not going to get anything more than a bloody nose this time but that bloody nose might bring them back in line

        • DunGroanin

          Fake caviar sturgeon is never going to make Indy happen. Indy supporters need a focus.
          Can you imagine their ire if NS fails to progress it immediately with a consistent show of support?
          Fake Caviar Them is NOT the cause, just a bad faith driver away from that cause.
          I expect the SNP members to use their party rules to unseat her. They have plenty of choice from their grassroots, wholly untouched by Westminster or the Auld City.

          Any call to weaken their resolve by asking them not to vote as they do to achieve Indy – is a call for a Unionist cause, in my opinion.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        Dun Groanin
        If you keep Nicola you will not get independence anyway if she can help it.

      • Piotr+Berman

        Nicola is bath water? Perhaps Lady of the Lake? And how is the baby — crying or gurgling happily?

        • DunGroanin

          Baby is very angry, the bath water is dirty and cold. Baby is going to piss and shit in it, until the bath tub pays attention and empties itself – being careful about retaining the baby it was made to deliver as the clean and happy future , long delayed.

  • John Ure

    So we kick out the Russian empire from Crimea and welcome back the Golden Horde? Why stop there, we could go back to Ottomans, Genovese, Goths, Byzantines, Persians, Greeks. Where should we draw the line?

    • Tom Welsh

      The British and the French – helped by the Turks, whose cause they were supporting – already had a damned good try back in 1853-6 when they invaded Crimea without even a plausible pretext. Just to take those damned Russkies down a peg or two.

      The Russians lost over 450,000 dead and 80,000 wounded.

      The British lost about 22,000 dead and 18,000 wounded; the French nearly 100,000 dead and 40,000 wounded; and the Turks over 45,000 dead.

      All the British remember of that little picnic is Florence Nightingale and the Charge of the Light Brigade.

      The Russians remember, though.

      • Tatyana

        I’ve started an off-topic in the forum section on the 90s in Russia and it turned again to the discussion of the Crimean Tatars!

        Really, as if there’s no other people, but Tatars 🙂 Well, I realise it may sound racist, but really, Tatars are not the only nation living there, hey! What about the rest?

        ***I notified people that I’m translating and publishing their stories on this site. Guess what? One of them said “Thank you”, another said “Thanks and what sort of website is that?” and one more person said “I hope the context hasn’t changed”.

        You see it? People don’t trust translators, they expect the message might be mispresented if put in another context.

        • Tom Welsh

          “Really, as if there’s no other people, but Tatars…”

          Just as there is no disease but Covid-19.

      • John A

        It brought raglan sleeves, cardigans and balaclavas into the English language as well.

      • Kempe

        Worth remembering that the majority of deaths on all sides were due to sickness rather than enemy action. In Russia’s case about 380,000.

        • Tom Welsh

          True, but all the deaths and injuries were ultimately due to enemy action. Because if the British and French had not invaded Crimea, they wouldn’t have happened. Anyway, dead is dead.

          Pottery Barn Rule.

    • Tom Welsh

      Meanwhile, back here in Blighty, we Celts could go around with placards and badges saying “Anglo-Saxons go home!”

          • Tatyana

            It has no end. Even in Africa, people would probably argue who is more worthy to live on the mountain – those who wear earrings in their left ear, or those who wear a bracelet on their right leg. These are questions of privilege, it’s extremely foolish to attribute them to nationalities, as well as to races.
            We need to learn to coexist.
            I propose that we all take over the land of the dinosaurs and let’s be done with it. There’s enough space for everyone.

    • Deb O'Nair

      “we could go back to Ottomans, Genovese, Goths, Byzantines, Persians, Greeks. Where should we draw the line?”

      The Hittites?

  • Vicky

    It appears as if Nicola Sturgeon has attended the Matt Hancock School of Acting. “I think it’s best that I stop there”. 🙁 Pass her an onion. She was trying so, so hard to muster a tear but it just wouldn’t come out. A masterclass in how not to act. There will certainly be no Oscars for that performance.

    [ Mod: This person has also submitted comments to this thread as ‘Karen’, ‘Bob’ and ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher”. Those comments have been removed.

    From the moderation rules for commenters:

    …. the adoption of multiple identities within the same thread is not to be allowed.

    Please use one identity only. ]

      • Wikikettle

        Empire Games. Its always about keeping the Bear in chains. Those chains primarily being its lack of warm water, ice free ports. Water wars have already started. Ukraine has cut off water supply to Crimea. This actually originates from Russia.

      • J Galt

        Sincerity is everything in politics – once you can fake that you’ve got it made.

        I rather think Ms Sturgeon requires some more tuition.

    • pretzelattack

      you’re right that’s tough. i almost mustered a tear of laughter at her performance, though.

  • DunGroanin

    I didn’t follow the proceedings this week at the ‘inquiry’ – pathetic that oaths are given as in a court but no professional lawyers are involved.
    A judicial inquiry it certainly is failing to achieve the standards of.

    Any website I can get a comprehensive report from?

    As for Lady Dorian. What is the recourse for the massively denied Justice?

    Can some kind of a mandamus be served upon her court?

    Can I write to her about her lethargy? Does she need a hand? Would a referral to an International Court help?

    Just trying to help, you understand, M’Lady.

    • Wikikettle

      DunGroanin. The game is fixed. The dice are loaded. Separation of Powers, Independence of the Judiciary my a__e.

      • Wikikettle

        We live in a Fake World. For some like us in the North, we push a trolley along the isles of a Super Market, able to buy fish, fish farmed in the Pacific, and flown all the way to UK. Just think about it.

      • DunGroanin

        I’ll do better. I’ll pick up her dainty dropped handkerchief and help her restore it as a blindfold that she was using it as.

        She is obviously too dazzled to find it herself.

  • Leif Sachs

    “Independence for, inter alia, Dagestan, Chechnya and Tatarstan, and which says Crimea should be given back to the Tatars”

    The descendants of Bell-Beaker people just called, reasserting their claim to British Isles and demanding that the Anglo-Saxons and Celts sod off back to where they came from.

    To put it politely, this is not your brightest idea, Craig. If you’re advocating for the Balkanization of Russia (how very Brzezinski of you) but not advocating for giving back the United States in its entirety to the various indigenous peoples, then you’re just a hypocrite.

    The Tatars are not the original inhabitants of the Crimea and Tatarstan. They were just as much colonists as the Russians, but the Rus were in these territories much earlier. Why not claim that Hungary should be given back to the Mongols while you’re at it, and Uzbekistan back to the Greeks.

    There has never been a sovereign nation of Dagestan. The Republic of Dagestan exists purely as the result of a Soviet invention for administrative purposes only. There is no Dagestani ethnic group: instead the territory is inhabited by Avars, Dargins, Kumyks, Lezgins, Laks, Azerbaijanis, Tabasarans, Russians, Chechens, Nogais, Aguls, Rutuls, Tsakhurs, and Tats.

    The problem is that every form of control of territory by an ethnic group is a form of colonialism. Making claims for a specific group will always be historically arbitrary and thus politically motivated, based on how far you choose to go back in time, and which dodgy criteria (language, religion, DNA, skull measurements) you choose over others to define ethnic groups.

    • Wikikettle

      Leif Sacha. Thanks a lot. Yet again I am minded to increase my subscription to Craig’s site for the rhetorical devices he uses to generate such quality of information from his readers. Diamond Geezer…..

      • Pigeon English

        I obsessively read about 99% of comments and I 100% agree with your post.We might disagree with CM or each other but his posts and comments are so enlightening and I learn a lot. Confession I don’t do subscription but time to make donation again!

      • Piotr+Berman

        “In those times Polyans lived separately and were governed by own family clans; and so those brethren (of whom we will talk further) were also Polyans and all they lived by family clans in own places and each was governed independently. And there were three brothers: one was named Kyi, another – Shchek and third – Khoryv, and their sister – Lybid. See of Kyi was the hill where today is Borychiv Descent, and see of Shchek was the hill which today is called Shchekovytsia, and Khoryv on the hill which was named after him Khoryvytsia. And they built a city in honor of their older brother and called it Kyiv. (actually, the chronicle uses “Kiev”, it was written before replacing various “o”s and “e”s with “i” that occurred later in Ukrainian. All this happened around the time that Slavs started to spread in all directions (according to Kievan archaeology), so Polans who created Poland could be related to those who created Kiev. “Rus” initially referred to Varangians/Vikings who came later.

        • Tatyana

          Ros is a river, the right tributary of the Dnieper. The Laurentian Chronicle directly says
          «Поляне яже нъıнѣ зовомая русь»
          *Polans which are now called Rus*

          So, Piotr, you said, Poland? Well, I don’t mind giving Poland back to Russia too, why not? Together with Kiev 🙂

          Actually, I find this blog an absolutely wonderful place, where lands are generously thrown right and left, as soon as I manage to interpret a piece of history in a very favorable way 🙂

        • Tatyana

          By the way, there are rumors that the Orkney ship, which transported gold to Russia in payment for Alaska, sank. I’m wondering if this creates an opportunity to file a lawsuit and recognize the sale of Alaska as a pending deal? 🙂
          Has America already built something of value in this area? 🙂

          • Tatyana

            Alexander Myagkov, oh, that’s a pity. We’ll, I have to abandon Poland and be content with only Ukraine …

            But wait, you seem to have said that Rus are the Vikings. That is, Sweden, do I understand correctly? If the Russians are the heirs of the Vikings, then it might be worth considering transferring Sweden to Russia? To restore historical justice, so to speak.
            May the brothers, who lost each other long ago, finally reunite! Like an Indian melodrama. “Look, I am your twin brother, we were separated in childhood, here is my birthmark, and now my forty elephants will sing you a song … ” Great idea! 🙂

          • Piotr+Berman

            I wrote that it is p_o_s_s_i_b_l_e that Poland of Poland and Kiev are related, but of course, there are no proofs of that. Ethnonyms appeared and disappeared, and some were traveling so to speak and spreading. Concerning the expansion of Slavs from a presumably compact territory in 5-th century to a very wide territory in 8-th century, this happened in a zone without written records and with sketchy contacts with people who wrote down names and dates. It seems that an offshoot of Balto-Slavs (not yet differentiated) had intense contacts with Sarmations (like Alans) and Goths, and the language changed its grammar (perhaps by going through a “pidgin/creole” state and absorbed vocabulary from both Sarmatians and Goths. Migrations and epidemics of 5-th century created a demographic vacuum in Central Europe, and numerous small groups were leaving the core territory. The ethonyms Serb/Sorb and Horvat/Khorvat appeared in numerous places, this is attributed to those migrations. Polans could be a similar case, but they are attested in only two places, plus the name is meaningful in Slavic, unlike Serb and Horvat, so it could be independently adopted.

            Concerning Rus, the name was observed by Byzantines when leaders with Germanic names appeared too, like Oleg and Rurik. Moreover, a trade route from Sweden appeared too, etc. In Finnish, Ruotsi is a term for Swedes. Additionally, until that time, 8-th century, social organization of Slavs was very fragmented. During centralization process, names like Rus, Polan, Serb etc. spread to name larger territorial entities, Rus being the largest by far. And it seems that it was a non-Slavic term like Horvat and Serb (both attributed to Alans), and a newer, so plausibly attributed to Varangians. But it was not a migration but a process of forming war bands, “druzhyna”s that initially were lead by the immigrants who completely assimilated in two-three generations — like Franks in France.

    • Kempe

      ” There has never been a sovereign nation of Dagestan. The Republic of Dagestan exists purely as the result of a Soviet invention for administrative purposes only. There is no Dagestani ethnic group: ”

      I don’t see that as a barrier to the current residents wanting independence.

      • Palestinian

        So do we current inhabitants of the West Bank deserve independence from your herzl polish khazar invaders? And return of the 700k expelled on Nakba.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        “I don’t see that as a barrier to the current residents wanting independence.”

        No, but do they?

    • pretzelattack

      oh you mean the fossil fuel propaganda? yeah, they do that all the time. For example, for a long time they were claiming 1935 was the hottest year ever, then they claimed everything should be measured from 1997 which they claimed was the hottest year ever. cherrypicking constantly to obscure the obvious facts of the matter, which is that the climate is changing. it’s amazing how readily some people fall for the corporate funded bullsh.. if nicola sturgeon wants some lessons in how to play the victim, she could do worse than go to the pr departments of british petroleum and exxon; they’ve been doing it for decades.

      • J Galt

        Nearly as many times as the Maldives were supposed to have disappeared under the Indian Ocean since the 1990s!

  • Goose

    On the subject of Bellingcat. Be interesting to see someone like journalist Aaron Maté, Chris Williamson or Declassified’s Matt Kennard interview Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins.

    He appeared recently on the BBC’s Politics live but presenter Jo Coburn, unsurprisingly, just flattered him and gave him soft-ball questions, it was more like a love-in tbh. Higgins said in that ‘interview’ he wanted to see more questioning of stories, more investigative journalism. If he’s so sure of the veracity of his work why won’t he defend it against someone who’s more sceptical?

    On which, credit to Luke Harding for being interviewed by the meticulous Aaron Maté. It has to be said that Harding didn’t do well against a skilful well-researched interviewer like Maté, Harding was exposed and left floundering for answers as Maté dissected his ‘collusion’ allegations. MSM journos are the biggest purveyors of ‘fake news’ out there, unlike bloggers, the audience for their manufactured reality is in the millions.

      • Goose

        I rarely watch Politics Live, I was making lunch and there’s a little wall-mounted TV in the kitchen which was on in the background( it was either Pol Live or ITV’s Loose Women).

        • Goose

          On the subject of interviews: what to make of Meghan Markel constantly calling the royal family “The Firm”, what with all the mafioso-esque connotations that go along with that term.

          • DunGroanin

            Presumably she refused to take the oath and bow before the ancients court.
            Good for Harry on passing on his mother’s fate of abandoning him and his bro, when equally refusing to partake in the charade.
            Either that or he is playing a deep game at widening the international approval of the ‘royals’ with his Everyman persona, he couldn’t carry on sharing the limelight with the heir apparent, could he?

          • Kempe

            I believe it’s the shorthand the Royal Family use themselves. Make of it what you will.

          • laguerre

            Someone said today it The Firm was first used by George VI to his daughter, present Queen.

            I don’t care that much for Markle; she should have known what she was getting into. She wanted the fame and privileges, but expected the family to adapt to her, which was never going to happen. She didn’t even have the excuse of Diana of being young and naïve.

          • nevermind

            who cares about this Royal soap, but the few blue rinsed hangers on and dependents. Its another blanket thrown over an abysmal state of affairs, were chancellors rewarding Tory areas with ‘levelling up, whilst we are looking at 10 tears plus of local austerity, anual rising council tax and ill treated and ignored care staff, nurses and doctors
            Good Tv time is being wasted. when thete are more important issues to be dealt with
            For example Freeloaders and tax avoiders ports. This will create a lot of bad future, when prices of goods and services, why should companies that do manufacture nothing be allowed to use freeloaders ports?
            why should those who might, or might not pay a slightly higher corporation tax be lounging it out in these tax avoidance areas?
            And why should the Crown estate profit from another good wheeze, the Royals will get a 25% kickback from any new venture of the Crown estate, just because they get away with it?
            This is the modern version of the enclosures act, yukm..

          • Bayard

            “just because they get away with it?”

            Because that’s the new morality. Nowadays, it’s not whether something is right or legal that counts, it’s whether you can get away with it.

    • Iain Stewart

      If you mean N_ then this blog has provided him with free therapy for years, but judging by his latest contributions the beneficial effects are wearing off. What are all the other former resident nutters doing, one wonders. Or have they been quietly banned?

      • Giyane

        Iain Stewart

        Everybody loves a nutter. Ask Dominic Cummings. I was watching Lee Evans last night , taking the piss out of a washing machine.
        Comedy is the exploitation of incongruity.

        It doesn’t necessarily mean Lee Evans is racist against washing machines. It means his nutty imagination can even detect incongruity in the behaviour of a machine.

        N_, imho , is mining a rich seam, mostly for comic, rather than political reasons.

          • Wikikettle

            Argue against N_ points not denigrate him. First they ignore you, then they ……

          • glenn_uk

            Why? Mystic N_eg never deigns to discuss anything. He just writes out lengthy prognostications multiple times a day, all of highly dubious worth, do you really expect people to treat them seriously and go around discussing them?

      • Wikikettle

        Iain Stewart. Thats the longest post from you I’ve read for a while. Usually they are very short and cleverly sarcastic.

        • Iain Stewart

          Why, thank you kindly, Wikikettle. My few humble contributions tend to be along the lines of the thick straightmen Plato had asking Socrates questions in his dialogues. May my dimness enable the light of others to shine.

  • Vinnie+Pooh

    Viewing your blog from Russia this very moment.

    I find it rather curious that you are championing giving Crimea back to the Tatars, who are 12% of the population there, and/or independence of Tatarstan, which has been part of Russia since 16th century, and in a symbiotic relationship since the 15th, pre-dating the concept of national states and, thus, colonialism, by a couple of centuries. But hey, everyone is entitled to his/her own views.

    • Marmite

      It was probably just to draw attention hyperbolically to the fact that no modern nation state with global influence can try and present itself as innocent. I don’t know much about the regional politics, and agree that it is perfectly silly to talk about giving land back, as if it were some sort of posession or commodity. It is rather about acknowledging that there is something extremely sick about propertarian thinking to begin with, and that this is what indigenous peoples have to teach us really stupid civilised folk with our beautiful civilising missions (hiding all the rape and plunder behind art and culture, of course). I don’t want to idealise indigeneity in some superficial new-age fashion, but there is some truth in the fact that, wherever you go, the non-coloniser has morally superior ways of living in just about everything. What we are seeing in Britain right now seems to me far worse than the past’s enclosures. Why shouldn’t it be okay to hold up indigenous practices like hospitality and stewardship as a way of shaming the little-minded Britains and Russias of the world.

      • Observer

        “… but there is some truth in the fact that, wherever you go, the non-coloniser has morally superior ways of living in just about everything.”

        The problem is that there do not appear to be many societies that actually are “non-colonisers” – even small groups have been happy to invade other’s lands and plunder/rape/kill all the inhabitants. Indigenes were regularly at war with one another, and even when they were isolated on a pacific island, say – often had astonishing amounts of homicide between members of rival groups.

        But I agree its ridiculous for countries to claim “ownership” of areas of land if the majority of the actual inhabitants want to secede.

        • Marmite

          This is of course true and shouldn’t be shoved under the carpet, but just taking the present moment, it would seem that indigenous societies almost everywhere have set themselves up as morally superior on issues like trade, governance, and environment. Without being too much of a naive romantic about it, I suspect this owes to having worked very hard over the past two centuries or so with varying degrees of success or failure to steer clear of evils brought by capitalism (which they would have associated with the coloniser and what used to be called civilisation [BBC is about the only institution that still uses such a term, I think]), and develop alternative practices, relations, or ways of survival and getting by together. Who is spearheading the fight against big oil, agri-business, deforestation, and trawler over-fishing, for instance?

          • SA

            Indigenous people generally valued the land and nature as an indivisible part of their life and world whereas colonisation is about treating land as a commodity and for exploitation and ultimately disposable for gain.

  • Fwl

    I don’t get this attempt to suggest that the oppression of the Tatars of the Crimea is just something from history. Wasn’t it only because Gorbachev married Raisa that the state lifted off?

    • Wikikettle

      Gorbachev went for walk with Reagan in the woods and proposed they agree to rid the world of Nuclear weapons. Ronald said I will talk to my people and get back to you. Gorbachev said Russia will pull out of the Eastern European countries if you promise not to advance NATO to our borders. Putin offered to even join NATO ! Iran agreed to indefinite inspections for the blockade to be lifted. Looks like all the European Americans and Europeans love war.

      • Fwl

        We know about what is said as to Gorbachev’s misplaced confidence in the word of the West, but that is a different point. I don’t know the whole story, but have read Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznik I was just commenting on Crimea. The suppression and forced migration of the Tatars is recent not ancient.

      • Wikikettle

        I use the term European Americans as I always hear the term African Americans. Also should start using the term European Canadians and European Australians. Why is Canada and Australia got troops in Afghanistan ?

        • Tom Joad

          “Why is Canada and Australia got troops in Afghanistan ?”

          As always: “Defence….”

        • Mary

          Q. Why HAVE Canada and Australia got troops in Afghanistan?

          A. NATO and Australia have been engaged in dialogue and cooperation since 2005. Australia is one of a range of countries beyond the Euro-Atlantic area – often referred to as “partners across the globe” – with which NATO is strengthening relations.
          3 Nov 2020

          A. Canada was a founding member of the Alliance and has remained as a member since its inception.9 Oct 2020

      • Stevie Boy

        The MIC in the USA is one of the biggest employers, is one of the biggest lobby groups and is one of the biggest corrupt channels for transferring government funds into the pockets of the rich establishment. That’s why they need endless wars.
        A declared defence budget of over 700 BN dollars every year, work it out , follow the money.

      • Courtenay Barnett


        My, my you took the words out of my mouth for I have been thinking that for a very long time.


  • Tatyana

    If we leave the talk about historical events and nationalities for a moment, but look from the point of view of modernity, then it was only a political decision of the population:
    the Crimeans had no reasonable alternative. What government options did they have to choose from? An anti-Russian, ultra-nationalist government in Ukraine? No thanks. Or, as Mister Murray suggests, Majlis, Kurultay and imams of Tatatras? Thanks, but also, no.

    I’m not surprised that the Crimeans chose to join Russia. I am surprised that their choice is not obvious to others.

    Perhaps if you imagine such a fictional situation in Scotland: England would proclaim you an enemy, ban your language, cut off fresh water and electricity, trying to keep you inside the kingdom, while bombing your fellow countrymen on the other side of the island.

    At that moment Mr. Murray would jump out with his idea … I’m not sure if you have a Muslim minority in Scotland, but let’s imagine that it is, and has lived there long enough, some descendants of the Crusader wars.
    Well, that would be complete absurdity, wouldn’t it? Would you argue who has more historical rights to this land? Or, would you be looking for a way to live without war?

    Crimea found this.

    • Dom

      I doubt Craig really cares about Crimea one way or the other. Do not take his prescriptions to heart.

      • Tatyana

        Thanks. Dom. I don’t.
        I just dislike being called silly. I feel that the attitude of the commentators is much more benevolent, than the host’s.
        *There’s a portrait of Mr. Murray on the wall of my studio, and I find it difficult to resist the temptation to draw on tongue and horns, as we did with textbooks at school.*

        • Wikikettle

          Tatyana, we all have our differences. I won’t draw a tongue and horns on your face, even though your views on Palestine are not those of the humane and civilised world.

          • Tatyana

            I would draw horns on anyone who thinks that some are more worthy than others, regardless of whether we are talking about Palestine, Tatars, true Aryans, Jews, blacks, whites, and so on. I often see the conversations about the need to stop discrimination – instead of reconciling the parties – turn into open calls for war.
            I’d say I’m pretty damn good at drawing pig faces, too.

      • Colin Smith

        Is is certainly quite odd that independence campaigners use British imperialism as one of their core criticisms and reasons to split, yet have extremely strong ideas that they wish to support/impose on the middle east, asia and various peoples around the world.

    • Wikikettle

      Pretty much what the Israelis do to the Palestinians. Its shocking that the UN and EU doesn’t say or do anything as Israel as the occupying and responsible power in Palestine does not vaccinate Palestinians and openly says we will do our population first ! And Gaza, what about their boots on the neck there ! The UN and EU are not worth the superficial suits and smiles and councils of civil societies they act to be.

    • Pigeon English

      Better example is Northern Ireland. If 80% was either Catholic or Protestant there is no doubt of which country NI will be part of.Since It’s about 50/50 we have problem with Brexit and NI situation and GFA.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Bang up-to-date polling numbers. YouGov, Westminster voting intentions, field work 3rd – 4th March.
    Tories open up a 13% gap on Labour..
    Johnson doubles his lead over Starmer in the “who’ll make the best PM” question (4% to 8%).
    Jings, crivens! That’s what happens when you remove the whip from the previous leader and appoint an acknowledged Israeli spy to your coms team.

    • Wikikettle

      Vivian O’Blivion. The polls are a herd mentality device. Pump a population with half truths and lies, then ask them questions ! Come on.

      • Squeeth

        Elitist bosh, the public aren’t fooled they know that all political options are the status quo and act accordingly.

    • DunGroanin

      Polls are Balls.

      In the current era they are more about perception management, advertising and story building, gaslighting in short, for the ever more ‘sophisticated’ vote rigging.

      THEY, don’t actually want to take chances with a free un-manipulated vote.

    • J

      As I’ve been pointing out for some years now, Tory founded vehicle YouGov (Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi) exists partly to shape opinion via the ‘social proof’ effect and partly to make election rigging less visible. While Labour’s low polling is entirely believable, Tory approval ratings really aren’t. England is not a democracy. It’s probably time we stop talking about it as though it were.

  • Wikikettle

    I hope China Russia and Cuba are allowed by Israel to flood Palestine with their respective Covid vaccines as soon as possible before thousands die.

  • DunGroanin

    So what Power can gag the second most senior Judge in Scotland?

    Fit for purpose?

    Or fitted up on purpose?

    • John Cleary

      DunGroanin, I can hypothesize.

      Imagine an agent* of the Crown gives sight to Lady Dorrian of a writ by Her Majesty, in which Her Majesty makes clear that a “not guilty” verdict for Mr Murray will cause a constraint upon her, and is therefore unlawful.

      What outcome would you expect? Something like what we are at present seeing?

      *Possibly the Crown Agent, possibly the Lord Advocate, possibly Baroness Smith of the Secret Intelligence Service

  • Ingwe

    So another week has passed without the judgment on a hearing that lasted just over an hour. Given that a person’s liberty is at stake, the unforgivable and inexcusable delay amounts to nothing less than torture. And official silence continues on the awful plight of Mr Assange.

    We should aspire to a justice system a run-of-the-mill banana republic.

    • Wikikettle

      South African News channel popped up on You Tube interviewing Iranian Professor Marandi about the nuclear deal and sanctions. Who would have thought among the AA members in Trafalgar Square all those years ago that the ANC would morph into the corruption it did and now obey orders not to buy Iranian oil.

        • Wikikettle

          What does Independence mean ? If ex colonies like India are tied into the global financial system, with the dollar being the only trading currency allowed. Then you are told to obey orders. If you don’t, you can’t buy or sell anything. First it was a UN Sanctions declaration. Now its blockade without UN vote.

          • Mary

            Some time back my brother wanted to send money to one of his Palestinian friends in Palestine. His bank (one of the clearing banks) refused to make the transaction. PayPal carried out the transaction.

          • N_

            An independent Scotland within the EU would have to its own currency before it joined, because applicants are required to run a monetary policy that takes them towards integration. Of course it could peg that currency to the euro (or any other currency) on independence day if it wanted.

            An independent Scotland within the EU would also have to impose customs duties on goods imported from Rump Britain, because Rump Britain is outside the EU’s customs union. This is important because it would probably be sufficient in itself to ensure that the result of a second referendum would be the same as the first time round.

            Northern Ireland is a special case because of a pre-existing treaty, the Anglo-Irish Agreement, under which both Britain and the Republic of Ireland have rights and responsibilities that all subsequent treaties between Britain and the EU are legally bound to respect. (The only “out” would be if all parties to the AIA agreed to amend it or tear it up.)

            An independent Scotland could of course sign a treaty with Rump Britain that puts the two countries in a customs union. It is obvious that most people living in Scotland and most Scots who live south of the border don’t want customs to be imposed on cross-border trade, so such a measure would be quite popular. Unfortunately for SNP nutters, it would also prevent Scotland from joining the EU.

            The “elephant in the room” here is what kind of relationship an independent Scotland would have with Rump Britain. That would be a really important question for many many people who live in Scotland, who are grown-up enough to want the relationship to be friendly. Indeed many would want many aspects of the relationship to continue as before – e.g. including not being treated as foreigners as far as say work or health are concerned if they spend time down south. The SNP can’t touch this issue. Guess why. Hence we get idiots talking out of the side of their mouth about Norway or even Iceland. (Why not EFTA member Liechtenstein too?)

          • Bayard

            N, I expect that most independence supporters are hoping for an independent Scotland to have the same sort of relationship with the rUK as did the newly independent state of Eire.
            However, as you say, that would cause problems with EU membership. Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

  • Max

    I live in Russia, I’ve been a regular reader of this blog since at least the Skripal affair, and I’ve never had any problems accessing it despite using multiple ISPs in multiple cities.

    • Wikikettle

      As the three motorcycle policeman with their dark glasses surprise Clint Eastwood and give him an ultimatum “either you are with us or you’re against us” to be repeated by George Bush to the whole world prior to the onslaught on Afghanistan and Iraq. So if someone lays out the problems of Independence for Scotland, he is not speaking as a British Nationalist, a term I don’t understand, nor as someone who wants or agrees with Scotland being a colony of England. Perhaps he as an ordinary subject and doesn’t want Scotland to leave and fears ordinary Scots would be worse off. I have this gut feeling, but it’s the Scottish peoples decision and respect it. It doesn’t mean I am against Scott’s. Clint replies “gentlemen, you have misjudged me”. Then the cool moto guzzies ride off…

  • N_

    Nicola Sturgeon accuses opposition of prejudging outcome of inquiries“.

    She’s out of her depth. That’s not how to fight. She’s pretty much sounding like a defendant and that’s not good for her, even if at the time of writing she still has some amount of support from lawyers who are about four ranks above her (or more) in the legal hierarchy, quite possibly because she’s holding on to their gowns as she plummets downwards. [*]

    She doesn’t get to pick and choose what kind of being held to account by the Scottish parliament she likes and what kind she doesn’t like. If she can’t cope with the heat of being questioned in the chamber she can resign. Yes it’s stressful but don’t whinge about it, because nobody is making you do it. Who votes for a whinger?

    In the past she once said the Scottish Labour Party wasn’t fit to be in opposition. Well that’s not for her to decide, stupid form-filling solicitor that she is. Soon she’ll be whingeing that her opponents are using dirty tricks against her! Perhaps they tell lies and hide behind anonymity or something like that?

    The only question is whether she’ll leave office before or after the election. If she falls before, and assuming it’s other than by losing a vote of confidence – e.g. Party “men in grey suits” give her her cards – what then? Who will lead the SNP into the election? John Swinney as caretaker? It surely can’t be Alec Salmond, coming back from “Strichen les Deux Eglises.” He’s already played De Gaulle once.

    “This is just about desperate political games for the Conservatives,” she says. But she is the desperate one here.

    The strategic brains in Scottish Labour and Tory circles will want her to remain in office until the election. That much is clear. She’s a liability.

    The Strasserites in the SNP can leave the party any time they want, but they won’t be leaving any time soon. In the event that the SNP gets walloped in the election – not necessarily losing its plurality of the voteshare, which seems unlikely, but losing so much voteshare and so many seats that there seems to be little or no possibility of their forming a government again before 2025 – the Strasserites could for example leave right away. They could form a new party (which would be one of the opposition parties at Holyrood, along with the SNP and the Greens) and argue for the second referendum that our host here called for after they lost the first referendum:

    At the next referendum – which is only five years away, after the UK has voted to leave the EU – we will not be putting forward Salmond’s Independence Lite, (I am not criticising, he carried it superhumanly far). We will be proposing a fully independent Scottish Republic, out of NATO, with its own currency, sweeping land reform to give Scotland’s land back to its people, nationalisation of railways and public utilities, a genuine minimum wage you can live on, a humane benefits system and strict regulation and controls on banks and bankers.” (19 Sep 2014).

    Have the Strasserites got the guts?

    (*) Do Scottish barristers’ gowns have an “honorarium” pocket for slipping money into, the same as English ones?

    • Giyane


      ” Nicola Sturgeon, do you promise to tell the integrityinitiative, the whole Integrityinitiative, and nothing but the Integrity initiative?”

      ” I do. “

    • Garry W Gibbs

      Isn’t this a glaring example of victim culture which deliberately attempts to position women always as victims of men?
      Isn’t Sturgeon persistently speaking from some artificial moral higher ground with a safety net beneath her both constructed specifically by the #Me Too political movement to make shortlists female only, appoint women to power then aggressively hound traditional masculinity as being toxic and always threatening and inappropriate?

    • DunGroanin


      If you accept a working hypothesis that NS is run by the English apparatchiks the M15 and indeed 6, gals and guys, as they are KNOWN to be, than that leads to an answer as to what her actions are intended to achieve – Maximum Damage to the right to Independence and its Structures and Leaders, she will be well rewarded.

      Such is the game and has always been in the history of Power; put a spy in the highest office you can and subvert from the inside.
      I was led back to Elizabethan times, and was thinking the BoE and Dutch and English East India companies were the root cause – but it seems not – now I have followed the trail back to 1213!

      It seems King John’s history has been re-written, thoroughly traduced, by the winners against him…and no I don’t mean the Runnymead Barons.

      And from 1213 to 1066 is only a century and a half.
      A thousand years comes to an end in the next generation.

      The movers and shakers unbroken ancestry and structures endure from these days. Everything, absolutely all of what you or I believe to be ours, including the fake history, academia , law and religion is THEIR’s.

      Willing minions and sociopaths are recruited early in childhood, as are super intelligent infants searched out and ‘guided’ to work within the fold (with dire consequences if they refuse).

      They don’t fear us – why should they when they have all the Power, Money and Brains in their camp?

  • alexey

    Quick question to those who are following this more avidly than me. Suppose there’s a newspaper article like this which talks about newly released documents and then quotes from them. Where exactly can I see the actual documents released? I’ve tried the committee website but can’t find them and deep googling brings up other files. Where is it?

  • T

    The Times would not be defending Nicola Sturgeon — even smearing her critics as Kremlin and Iranian trolls — if it believed she wanted to break up the Union.

    The British establishment only goes to these lengths to protect its own. Wake up.

    • Garry W Gibbs

      So Nicola Sturgeon is a double agent working for the United Kingdom establishment by posing as a supporter of independence?
      What would motivate her to do that?

      • Iain Stewart

        There is a long tradition of patriotic Scots who believed that the union with England was the best defence of national interests, of whom Wallter Scott is probably the most familiar historical figure, and which led ultimately to present day devolution. Those who benefit the most from the existing set up have the most to lose, so would be quite pleased to organise as many doomed referendums as necessary to keep the electorate docile. A hopeless quest is not always futile, as any sportsman will explain, and Scots are good losers.

        • Sir Jimmy Riddle

          Iain Stewart – don’t see what that has to do with Garry W Gibbs post – Sir Walter Scott would never have dreamed of joining the SNP – let alone leading it. I’m not at all sure even that Sir Walter Scott would have welcomed the devolved parliament …..

          • Iain Stewart

            If you don’t see what I’m getting at, Sir, then you may need another 10 minutes to ponder the reason why a First Minister might prefer devolution to independence, Jimmy.

          • Sir Jimmy Riddle

            Iain Stewart -my point of difficulty is that (a) I don’t believe that she is particularly patriotic and (b) anyone who prefers devolution to outright independence has no business belonging to the SNP (irrespective of how good or sensible it may be).

            I think we’ve more or less established that Nicola Sturgeon is a fraud pure and simple and doesn’t belong to any honourable tradition (either pro-union or pro-independence).

          • Iain Stewart

            I can’t be explaining this too well, so do forgive me.
            It goes like this.
            Devolution: SNP.
            Independence: SNP no more.
            Or: why was Stalin (amongst others) less keen on attaining the classless society than on maintaining the dictatorship of the proletariat?

          • Sir Jimmy Riddle

            Iain Stewart – ah ha – when you bring Stalin into it, it becomes perfectly clear …….

        • Senga

          Is this the same Walter Scott who has a column/seagull perch/pigeon roost in George Square, Glasgow?

          • N_

            “Nicola Machiavelli” – nice one 🙂
            In her dreams, though.

            Sturgeon says the SNP will fight the election on people who live here must decide, not Boris Johnson’s Tory party…and yet the SNP has been in large part responsible for pushing many in Scotland to vote Tory. Tory voteshare figures in British general elections:
            2010: GB 36%; Scotland 17% (4th party), Con minus Lab -25%
            ***2014 Referendum***
            2015: GB 37%; Scotland 15% (3rd party), Con minus Lab -9%
            2017: GB 42%; Scotland 29% (2nd party), Con minus Lab +2%
            2019: GB : 44% Scotland 25% (2nd party), Con minus Lab +7%
            Where is this support for the Tories coming from, one might reasonably ask. Some Unionist Calvinists in Scotland voted Tory because whilst they support state handouts (to themselves), they believed that Jeremy Corbyn was to all important intents and purposes a member of the IRA, eager to swing the incense at them. (And I have met Calvinists who believe that, lest anyone think it is a fantasy.)

            From the point of view of someone who would like to see a Labour majority at Holyrood, and failing that a Labour-led coalition excluding the SNP and Greens, one of the key considerations in the election must be for Labour to dissuade those who give Labour their constituency vote from giving their list vote to either the SNP or the Greens. The Greens are a big danger. Voters who plan to give their constituency vote to Labour but who are hellbent on withholding their list vote from Labour (for goodness knows what reason) should be encouraged to give their list vote to the Alliance For Unity – and even giving it to the LibDems or Tories is better than voting SNP or Green.

            Reminder: last time the Greens scored ELEVEN times more votes on the lists than in the constituencies. I am optimistic they will get fewer votes this time. There isn’t really much of a “nicey nicey savy planety” vibe in the air at the moment.

      • T

        She’s working for herself, to preserve a status quo that is tailor made for her. Untrammeled power for her and hubby, along with hero worship and zero opposition. Material comfort and high status for the rest of the gang..Nothing is broken from where she’s standing, so why fix it?

        The British establishment is equally determined to keep her firmly in control of Scotland’s “independence movement “.

        • Squeeth

          “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” (Acton)

          There is no point in her trying to compromise. From the moment that the die was cast, it could only end in triumph or catastrophe for her. Compare her model coherency with that gutless poltroon Corbyn. Her behaviour is as rational as it is contemptible.

      • Sir Jimmy Riddle

        I found an article over at Wings by Denise Findlay which gives an explanation that fits known facts. Whether it makes sense or not is a different story …..

      • DunGroanin

        GaryG you ask ‘WHY’?

        For a SEAT AT THE TABLE.

        Does that answer your question? For recent examples I offer:
        the Oik and his troupe of Gideon,
        Mandy and ‘her’ cohort the Bliarites,
        And Clegg and the one shit tits band.

        I trust that is a balanced selection to show I am not because by party political.

    • Goose

      An alternative explanation. It could be that they respect her slavish devotion to: official UK narratives; unquestioning support for NATO and UK security services’ views on Russia. Contrast her behaviour to that of her predecessor.

      In 2016 as Chilcot’s long-awaited report neared publication, a number of MPs led by Alex Salmond tried to use an ancient law in an attempt to impeach Tony Blair.

      Salmond said at the time:

      “[MPs] believe you cannot have a situation where this country blunders into an illegal war with the appalling consequences and at the end of the day there isn’t a reckoning. There has to be a judicial or political reckoning for that.”

      So, regardless of her support for independence, she’s seen as much less troublesome to the establishment than her predecessor.

      • T

        If the Times thought she was intent on breaking up the Union it wouldn’t matter a jot whether she shared their foreign policy views. They would demonize anybody who they thought was going to take Scotland out of the Union.

        • Goose

          Fears that the SNP are led by a bunch of closet unionists are probably misplaced.

          Last year those views were being widely expressed about SNP MP Alyn Smith, until private emails leaked, one of which showed his passion for independence undimmed.

          • T

            Does the Times fiercely fight his corner too, or just the person who controls the “independence movement “?

          • Iain Stewart

            If only some other north European country had gone through a similar process within the past century, I’m sure we could all learn from its history, and what to avoid, or imitate; or avoid imitating as a farce. Dominion status? Free state?

          • Sir Jimmy Riddle

            Iain Stewart – you mean – like Norway? (which became independent of Sweden in 1905? They’re doing all right (and they’d probably also have been OK if they had stuck with the union with Sweden).

          • Iain Stewart

            Not Norway, no. They just sent a letter of resignation. Must be somewhere else. Didn’t go too well. The sort of messy settlement an ex Imperial power would do anything to avoid repeating.

          • Sir Jimmy Riddle

            Iain – if you’re referring to the Republic of Ireland – well, I spent 4 years in Cork – and it seemed quite all right.

            Of course, they duffed it up by splitting off Ulster and keeping it in the UK – so you’re right – it isn’t going so well up north.

            On the other hand, if they gave us independence, but kept Glasgow as part of England, I’d be very happy.

  • Fwl

    Would an independent Scotland have an open duty free border and if not then will it see the return of triple distilled border reivers? Distilled once over hundreds of years on the Scottish border and debatable lands, distilled twice during exile in Ulster and then thrice in the Appalachian Mt states of the US.

    • JohninMK

      Maybe to probably but definitely a hard border if in the EU (no NI fudge available). Passport/Customs booths on the M74 etc.

      Maybe even a fence like Trump’s to keep us English heathen from the sunlight uplands other than by invitation?

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        The penine way would run along the border at the Cheviots water shed.

  • DunGroanin

    Whilst we patiently wait for the great barrage to emanate and support us into battle, let us this Sunday morning acknowledge the motes that the MSM are sharing into our eyes as they get their little drummer boys & girls, (evil little devils) rat-a-tatting.

    Here is Tisdall doing his shift at the ii gobshittery front, with direct lies about Syria this morning,

    Whilst his fellow sewer king rat Yawnsley tells us how he and his pack have ‘greased up’ Bozo so the Opposition can’t wrestle him! Great fluffing work there by Andrew, spaffers little sock.

    And here is King Billy Keegan – the master of hairsshirtery doing his bit to pull the curtains back over the magic money tree that THEY have been forced to reveal . In their decades long fluffery of the Maggies economic porn.

    This as the Statistics Authority and any number of independent reports show the graft and corruption and lies of this government.

    Instead of actually holding these ministers to account. The MSM turns the blind eye and tells us that they are untouchable!

    So listen to that rat-a-tat, that’s the next stage of leading to War, HK on Thames and another year of boot filling.

    Not a single ministerial resignation in sight for any of it and not one of the ii controlled mouthpieces saying anything but the fake news to join in Bidens crusades.

    Oh and they are worried enough to start playing with their poll balls on Indy, readying the narrative to fix the next referendum they may be forced into ‘arranging’ as they aim to destroy the SNP as a force with their controlled moles at the very top of the Holyrood hierarchy, elected and others.

    I know that as Grouse Beater readies to leave the cares of the world to others that he has inspired, that we must gird our loins and sing his song to counter the drummers of doom.

    • Natasha

      At root, its all about energy cost of energy, in other words fossil fuels are getting less efficient to pull out the ground, there’s little to replace them, (wind water & solar are way too inefficient are rely entirety on fossils from mining the rare earths & sand they need to grid stability to the fact they ‘aint liquids) and ii know this very well indeed, hence promoting war to secure the last few decades of viable supply before….

  • Mary

    An aside. Gareth of the Grousebeater is terminally ill. Very sad news.

  • joel

    Great clip of Ian the Russian Bot. He rightly scorned the accusation he is anti British by pointing out Britain is not a minute clique of politicians, war profiteers and their propagandists. Pretty depressing though that even after Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya so many still want to identify with every fresh war crime of this tiny self serving clique.

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