Twitter’s Shoddy Fakery 130

Watch these three clips very carefully, focusing on the count on the retweet symbol. Do you see what is wrong?

This had been happening for hours when I realised I could record it with my phone. I was not filming continuously and it did this several more times inside the couple of minutes or so between these clips.

Earlier the “likes” had also been doing this even more obviously, but once over 10,000 the counter switches to 10.1k and as the deletions are in continual batches of under 100, it doesn’t show up.

All in all the counters reduce the likes and retweets by about 40 to 50 per cent. The reason appears to be simply to reduce the apparent popularity of a tweet contradicting the NATO fake narrative. Which of course begs the question whether twitter artificially boosts the like and retweet count of tweets supporting the NATO fake narrative.

Almost certainly the answer is yes.

Reducing the retweet count also reduces the incredible mismatch between the number of retweets and the number of people Twitter has permitted to see the tweet. Twitter measures this by “impressions”. This is the number of people into whose notifications or home page twitter has put the tweet the number of people twitter is showing it to. It is different from clicks which is measured separately as “engagements”.

Currently twitter analytics show only 2 million impressions from an admitted 13.1k retweets. That 2 million figure is astonishingly low for a tweet retweeted by 13,000 people. Hundreds of people within that 13,000 have individual follower counts of over 100,000 they believed they retweeted to. So do I.

Let me put it this way. This tweet has reached only 18 times my personal follower count, despite being retweeted by 13,000 people. Then consider that 13,000 people is probably really 25,000 people (see the videos above!)

This level of suppression is very sinister. It happens to me every single day.


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130 thoughts on “Twitter’s Shoddy Fakery

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  • Craig

    We should retweet this to Elon Musk. He believes that the Twitter algorithms should be transparent which would prevent this type of shenanigans…

  • Kitbee

    I noticed that something like this was going on when I used to comment in The National (I don’t read that rag any more). What was happening was that I was able to upvote an article eight times with one click. As I turned away from the SNP particularly after the Salmond debacle and realisation that SNP did not appear serious about Indy this seemed to be noticed by The National and my voting power slowly reduced to 1. I saw someone else’ s post with higher upvotes than reported reader numbers/circulation. That may have been generated from only one upvote from a National approved commentator.

    The National is now behind a paywall and who would pay.??

  • Nathaniel Van De Kamp

    My comment from other forum, it’s long but it is worth reading as it gives perspective of someone who lived both in Poland and Germany, with the latter being affected the most economically.

    Poland’s former disgraced Foreign Minister, imbecile and a guy whose wife is Atlantic columnist and who writes nothing but anti Russian articles and books for the living, officially thanked US for blowing it up.

    I don’t say that I’m 100% sure it was US that did this, but if we are looking for a motive, they would be the ones with the most to gain.

    I predict that all the support for Ukraine will end as soon as people get their first gas bill this winter.

    To hell help you better understand why, I’ll tell you a story. Gas prices in Poland are just enormous.

    When I was looking for a flat with friends for my first year at university, we went to see one, quite far away from the city but it was pretty cheap and quite spacious.
    When we saw it, it looked amazing, for this price at least, it was not modern or anything like that, but it had 3 rooms for a prince of one-room apartment.
    The woman was really nice too, she told us that she got divorced last year and she and her daughter do not need apartment that big (it was in September)
    She told us, she’ll prepare it and clean it from top to bottom, even though it was spotless when we came.
    We were almost ready to sign the contract, but we then figured out we forgot about something.
    We asked how is the flat heated in the winter.
    She reluctantly said with gas.
    Then we asked to show us bills from last year during winter time.
    She burst into tears.
    She told us the temperature never exceeded 15 Celsius and still paid twice as much as she wanted from us for the gas only.
    So we said bye bye and learned to ask about these kinds of things before we waste our time again.

    Gas heating is not popular in Poland, but in some places it’s the only option.
    The efficiency of the heating machine(?) is also important, but the problem is that if your machine is not efficient, then you pay more, then you can’t save money to buy better one and so on.

    We already see huge backlash among ordinary people against the politicians, and probably it’s the majority in UK, Germany, France etc. Do not support the sanctions because they know that it’s them who suffers the most.

    To pay for the heating of 70 sq meters and not freeze, it used to cost around 500$ and I doubt it’s less now. So it’s obvious that no one wants to work for whole month just to heat the apartment.

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