The Twitter Hack 163

The hack of my X Twitter account was definitely intended to reduce my reach on Palestine, it took place while the security services have possession of my electronics and access to my account, and it involved either complicity by Twitter or a security service backdoor.

I have now had to involve lawyers and prepare for legal action against X to get my Twitter account back. It took me 15 years to build up 138,000 followers despite continual suppression and shadow banning. Some of my individual tweets on Palestine were gaining over 10,000 likes. Subscriptions to this blog were increasing.

I understand why action has been taken to destroy all that, just as I understand why a laughable “terrorism” investigation against me has been launched to disrupt my work and try to put me back in jail. I must be achieving something, or they wouldn’t take all this trouble. I intend therefore to bash on.

When my account was hacked, the first thing that was done, immediately, was to change the password and then put out a tweet in support of Hitler and the Holocaust in my name. That is how I know that the motivation was related to the current genocide in Palestine.

I know that either Twitter complicity was involved or a security service backdoor into Twitter because the “hacker” was able, within ten minutes, to change the password, email and the very name and identity of the account, from to @matthuag. Twitter automatically blocks you from making all those changes at the same time, for obvious reasons. Also the identity of the account was changed while still retaining the blue verified tick, which is also not normally possible.

It is also consistent with Twitter complicity that despite my reporting the hack to X support within five minutes of the password being changed, and reminding them repeatedly ever since, there has been no response other than automated ones from X Support. Furthermore another victim of this crime, the real @matthuang, has also reported to Twitter the appearance of the fake @matthuag account from the renaming of @craigmurrayorg, impersonating him. Matt Huang also, a person of some note, has been unable to obtain any response from Twitter.

It is a matter of simple fact that X or Twitter employs numerous ex members of the US, UK and Israeli security services. The only thing in doubt about that statement is the “ex”.

It seems to me entirely possible that this action was undertaken by, or at the behest of, the police or security services, in order to bolster the “terrorism” accusation against me by the crazy pro-Hitler tweet. At the time of the tweet they held – and still do – my seized mobile phone. They seized my laptop and cloned it before returning it to me. They had direct access to my Twitter account at the time this was done.

Furthermore my solicitors reported the hack, and the pro-Hitler tweet, to Police Scotland at the time it happened. Police Scotland have shown no interest at all. I would remind you that this is the police force that prosecuted a man for training his dog to give a Nazi salute online. But they have no interest in discovering who sent out a tweet supporting Hitler and the Holocaust?

A final thought. After the hack and the pro-Hitler tweet, it is my strong suspicion that the account was offloaded or sold to other people entirely, who made the change to @matthuag for the purpose of perpetrating some kind of identity fraud on Matt Huang. This appears an entirely different kind of crime and motivation. Otherwise the original hackers could have simply done it to hide their tracks and motivation. Whoever now controls the account appears to lack either the ability or the motivation to disconnect the Twitter API which posts notification of new articles here direct to the account.

I have now asked the lawyers to consider action against the police.

I am sorry to say all this continues to come with a large financial cost, which is of course not an accident. The imposition of constant financial drain through legal and other attacks is a fundamental part of the state system of suppressing dissent. Our only defence against that is horizontal solidarity which shares the cost among hundreds of us. I do plead with the 98% of readers of this blog who still do not subscribe to see if you can afford a small amount – it can be less than a cup of coffee a month. But please do not contribute if it causes you any financial hardship at all.


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163 thoughts on “The Twitter Hack

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  • mark cutts

    If any erudite and informed media star (or even the grunt reporters?) could give me a clue as to how Hamas could ” Wipe Out” the State of Israel, I will give them a Toffee Apple.

    Perhaps Mr Regev could tell us all just how this could happen?

    The inverse is possible and it is being exhibited before the world’s eyes.

    Meanwhile the BBC pretends that Orla Guerin and Jeremy Bowen are in or near Gaza using Palestinian mobile phone footage as proof.

    A State Broadcaster in fine form at the minute.

    • Pears Morgaine

      Hamas’s threat to wipe out Israel is as unachievable as Israel’s intent to wipe out Hamas without killing tens of thousands of civilians; it’s still their stated goal though.

      The IDF are restricting media access to Gaza for obvious reasons. Besides, with all that hot metal flying around, would you want to be there?

      I don’t think anyone could accuse Orla Guerin of being well disposed towards Israel, the IDF once shot at her and her camera crew.

      Please donate toffee apple to nearest food bank. I’m trying to lose weight.

      • Aguirre


        What are those reasons for restricting media access to Gaza which you find so “obvious”?

        Please illustrate and specify for those poor readers like myself who don’t have access to the products of Tel Aviv’s narrative factory.

      • Bayard

        “Hamas’s threat to wipe out Israel is as unachievable as Israel’s intent to wipe out Hamas without killing tens of thousands of civilians; it’s still their stated goal though”.
        Do try to keep up, it’s already been explained how a country could be wiped off the map without civilian casualties. Perhaps you would like to explain why you think this impossible.

        • will moon

          The Empire was built on sugar activities which led to the fetishisation of sugar, eg toffee etc etc. A lot of 19 century candy was choc-full of heroin and cocaine.and other powerful narcotics.

          Apparently, at the back-end of the 19 Century, London’s slums were full of illegal sugar production – refining from brown to white. An overcrowded dwelling would have loads of people and a huge vat (10-12 foot!) of boiling sugar solution . Accidents were frequent, with hideous consequences. Some of these operations were the poor themselves attempting to make some cash but most were sponsored by entrepeneurs who provided the equipment and the unrefined sugar. The people who lived with the boiling vats got a fee for hosting them. It was the 19 Century equivalent of today’s ever-present residential cannabis farms.

    • Tom Welsh

      If my knowledge of world history serves, the Zionists are the very first people ever to establish a new state on the territory of existing indigenous people while continually complaining about their own suffering and suppression.

      Ever since 1947 there have been cries about how the Israelis are facing extermination, and every year during that time Palestinians have been killed, imprisoned, and expelled from their own country.

      Now that is chutzpah.

      • U Watt

        Indeed, but I think it may have run its course in the 2020s, even in the west. The Andrew Neil – Piers Morgan generation who are desperate to portray Israelis as victims have greatly reduced traction. All across social media young people are not only seeing endless slaughter but videos of Israelis “blacking up” as Arabs, mocking Gazans being bombed, denied water and having disease inflicted upon them. They see English subtitles to the bestselling Hebrew songs, all psychopathic genocidal anthems. Younger people are far more likely to hear the truth about the foundation and history of Israel. People don’t forget seeing and learning things like that, no matter how hard old British politicians, pundits and “media personalities” try and valorize Israel and Her noble efforts to defend “Herself”. These old zionists have little influence on minds that have seen and heard the truth about Israel.

  • Dan Souder

    Hello Mr. Murray, when I got banned last year, I had about 10 followers and tweeted 3 times a year to promote my website. I had written an article in favor of Julian Assange, is the only reason I can think of that they did it. I had never made a political tweet though. I got no response or explanation from them. Like you say, I must be having an effect, so I will keep on having an effect. Or in the words of Samuel Beckett, “I can’t go on, I must go on, I’ll go on.”

    Also, I read your book The Catholic Orangemen and I really admire you for the work you did ensuring free and fair elections in Ghana at the time. It’s a good book. Keep up the great work all around.

  • harry law

    Israel’s Gaza onslaught is Israeli policy of the “Dahiya Doctrine”, Its core is the application of “disproportionate force”. It amounts to a “mad dog” strategy of obliterating the Palestinians. Israel’s late Defense Minister Moshe Dayan once explicitly said “Israel must be like a mad dog”.
    It is Israel’s policy and nature to act with extreme rage, from extreme hatred. The “settlers” who attack the Palestinians routinely display this extreme rage and hatred while the IDF act as bystanders.
    There can be no discussion/negotiation with a mad dog, A mad dog must be put down. Israel was founded upon mass murder and mass expulsion and property theft, it is continuing this policy today and will continue this policy in the future until it suffers a defeat, Israel’s critics are routinely accused of “anti-Semitism” it is Israeli policy to equate Anti Zionism with Antisemitism making any criticism of Israeli policy a criminal offence. [ask Jeremy Corbyn] they are now dancing on his grave, as they hope to do with Craig Murray.
    It’s time for the world to apply Israel’s Dahiya Doctrine to Israel.

    • Stevie Boy

      People always allude to ‘mad dogs’ but the reality is always mad and bad dog owners. The same applies to the Israeli fascist dogs. So, there is no need for a Dahiya Doctrine against Israel. All that’s needed is for its numerous corrupt groupies/owners to stop supporting it and for it to be sanctioned for breaking UN resolutions. The USA and UK should take the overwhelming majority of the blame for the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians as they are the primary owners of these ‘mad dogs’.

      • Goose

        But the UK follows the US, like a dog follows its owner. On which, I was reading this:

        Financial Times: US, UK and Australia move to track ‘emerging threats’ in space (paywalled)

        What I don’t like about this deepening AUKUS alliance, apart from the fact nobody voted for it. Is how it’s built on an the basis of an assumption of continued shared geopolitical goals, or shared worldview, between the partners. They are locking us into a wholly undemocratic, highly politicised military/technological long-term alliance of at least 10-15 years. An alliance that will demand domestically, that certain political viewpoints aren’t permitted ,lest they imperil these costly long-term arrangements. Nor will democratic outcomes be allowed that threaten this or the FVEYs alliance. Should security matter more than democracy?

        • Goose

          AUKUS is not really an issue at the moment. But in roughly six weeks, January 13th, Taiwan has a general election. Depending upon the result and how China reacts, it could become a big issue. Few in the UK will understand why we’re being drawn into a dangerous naval conflict, should China choose to invade.

          In any partnership with the US, the UK and Australia’s role can only ever be that of supportive players, it’s obviously not an alliance of equals.

          The story is paywalled as mod noted. But I think if you clear browser cookies, you can read a few FT articles for free, as I did.

          • Tom Welsh

            The government of the PRC has no reason to invade Taiwan. The people of mainland China are Chinese; so are the people of Taiwan. Sooner or later they will be united. The fact that China is already the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world will not reduce its attractiveness to Taiwanese.

            There is not the slightest need for hurry. The Chinese are patient, peaceful people. They know that the fruit falls from the tree at the appropriate season.

      • harry law

        Stevie Boy, I am very disappointed with your reply. On other threads you have made some excellent comments; however, with this I cannot agree: “there is no need for a Dahiya Doctrine against Israel. All that’s needed is for its numerous corrupt groupies/owners to stop supporting it and for it to be sanctioned for breaking UN resolutions.”
        1. Netanyahu has been elected many times in the past; he has tremendous support in Israel who want the Genocide to continue.
        2. It is wishful thinking of the worst kind to think that the US or UK will sanction Israel for breaking “so called International Law”. Are you not aware the US/UK have vetoed every Resolution on Israeli war crimes over many years, including Article 49, paragraph 6, Geneva Conventions 1949, i.e. it is a grave war crime to transfer your own citizens into occupied territory. The US “Rules Based Order” – plus its veto in the UNSC – puts the Kibosh on any International action in the legal field.
        The only action which will work is the kinetic kind. The ‘Arc of Resistance has the firepower to destroy the Israeli economy, concentrated as it is in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. As Professor Uri Rubin emphasised, there are many targets within Israel which, when destroyed, would make the Israeli state unviable.

        • Bayard

          “2. It is wishful thinking of the worst kind to think that the US or UK will sanction Israel for breaking “so called International Law ”

          Indeed it is, but if they won’t do that, it is even more wishful thinking that they would do any insane canine extermination or permit anyone else to do it.

        • Stevie Boy

          Harry, you are right wrt the USA/UN and their fellow travellers. I certainly don’t want the genocide to continue, however, a kinetic solution means more death and destruction, possibly WW3. Probably not a good idea. There is no clean solution with our current crop of heavily armed, corrupt governments.

  • Brianfujisan

    This is so Heart breaking –

    Adam of 9 years age Murdered by a coward Israeli sniper whilst Playing in the street… Five Premature babies Dead because Israel ordered Parents and Staff out of the hospital. George Galloway asks how can they Sleep at night –

    Four weeks ago, I wrote this Haiku –

    How they sleep at night
    Dreams of Doing more Evil
    Slaughtering Children.

    • Greg Park

      They sleep fine, although I see the Labour MPs who voted AGAINST a permanent ceasefire are now feigning shocked devastation that the baby killing has resumed. Needless to say Bernie Sanders, another oppo, is staging a similar performance in the USA: “Netanyahu’s resumption of bombing is beyond the pale. The pause must be extended to get more humanitarian aid in and more hostages out.”

      The radical left “humanitarian” wing of genocidal liberalism.

      • Stevie Boy

        Virtually all American, and a lot of western, politicians have their mouths stuffed with silver from the Zionist regime. Money talks and it says: ‘kill, kill, if you want riches’.

    • Ebenezer Scroggie

      Can you imagine the grief of Adam’s mother?

      If he had an elder brother of teenage years, who do you think that guy will turn to? The Israelis? Or to Hamas? Will he look for a ploughshare? Or a sword?

      It’s well known that terrorism breeds terrorism. Who are are the grossest terrorists in The Palestine? Hint: it’s not the Palestinians.

      If you have a hanky to deal with the dust that you may get in your eyes, here’s a little song in honour of that innocent kid, Adam:

      Can you imagine the grief of that family? Grown men are allowed to cry.

  • Goose

    Palestinian human rights groups refused to meet the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor on Saturday. They accused Karim Khan of being biased towards Israeli accusations of war crimes at the expense of long-standing Palestinian grievances.

    “I think the way this visit has been handled shows that Mr Khan is not handling his work in an independent and professional manner,” said Ammar Al-Dwaik, director general of the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR).

    Karim Khan KC (born 30 March 1970) is a British lawyer specialising in international criminal law and international human rights law, who has served as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court since 2021.

    He would have to be British…

      • Goose

        On a more positive note.

        The US Vice President Kamala Harris’ speech today was unambiguous.

        “Under no circumstances will the United States permit the forced relocation of Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank, the besiegement of Gaza, or the redrawing of the borders of Gaza,” Harris said today.

        • Tom Welsh

          You may have noticed that she did not say that, “Under no circumstances will the United States permit the killing of all the Palestinians in Gaza”.

          To prevent them from exterminating the Israelis, you understand.

        • AG

          thx for the info Goose, but…

          MidEast scholar Rashid Khalidi in his great convers. with Chris Hedges on Nov. 7th (see our Ukraine disc. forum for link) points out that the US government´s request for a budget re: Israel on page 40 had budget allocated explicitely for Palestinians outside the occupied territories. By which he means to say that in fact the expulsion was already implemented on a legal level.

          Whether they sent Kamala in front of the cameras to calm the public is an entirely different matter.

          May be you are right and they have realized that it will hurt Biden´s 2024 campaign too much and that too much bad blood has been spilled in terms of geopolitics in the important MidEast.

          After 3 years though it has become clear that the Biden adm. is among the most dishonest regarding its PR work. Actually its like under Stalin If someone from the Biden team says black, it is most likely they in fact mean white.

      • U Watt

        Yes, he was recognised from the start as a placeman of the Nato states.

        Khan’s organisation has volumes of evidence of zionist war crimes, going back decades, yet instead he runs to Israel (a non-signatory to the ICC, btw) to undertake a 7 Oct investigation. Does he think the world can’t see him?

        • Bayard

          “Does he think the world can’t see him?”

          I think that they actually do think that the rest of the world is deaf, blind, or stupid. Either that of they believe their own bullshit so deeply that they think it’s the truth and that everyone else sees it thus. There is quite a lot of evidence emerging now that one of the main reasons the “counter-offensive” failed in Ukraine was that the military planners believed their own propaganda about the morale of the enemy and their level of equipment and preparedness.

          • Stevie Boy

            ‘They’ live in a bubble where the only inputs allowed reinforce their beliefs, they would not even consider assessing alternative views because they are ‘conspiracies’. For them it is the truth.
            Try explaining the real world to someone who’s only news inputs are, for example, the Daily Mail and the BBC. You’ll find shifting their viewpoint is impossible. On a larger scale, this is exactly the same for most of the establishment shills. They are ‘believers’.

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